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The Life of Words


Akashic Records: The non-physical Akashic Records contain information on each soul's thoughts, words, and actions. They are the vibrational records of each soul and its journey.

Angels: Angels are messengers who have not lived life in a physical body. Angels offer advice and wisdom, but don't interfere with our free will unless we are in mortal danger. People have Guardian Angels who protect them, along with angels who come in for special purposes.

Animal Communicator: Animal communicators are able to connect with pets (living and dead) and other animals. They act as interpreters for the animals.

Ascended Masters:  Ascended Masters are individuals who were formerly embodied on Earth and learned their life lessons during their incarnations. They are enlightened beings who have undergone a process of spiritual transformation referred to as Ascension. From the realms of spirit, the Ascended Masters teach mankind. Examples of Ascended Masters include Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, Djwal Khul, Elijah and Saint Patrick.

Ascension: Ascension is the concept of awakening to a higher level of consciousness. Some people liken it to entering Heaven alive, with a body. Death is normally the end to an individual's life. Eventually, all people will go through the ascension process and move forward in spiritual evolution.

Astral Plane: The astral world is the realm into which we pass on the way to be being born and at the time of physical death. This is the realm of angels, spirits, Devas, nature-spirits, and fairies.

Aura: The personal energy field around the body.

Bodhisattvas: Those who are on the path to Enlightenment, but have not yet attained it and become buddhas.

Chakras: Chakras are circular, rotating, energy vortices in the ethereal body. Seven main chakras in the human body circulate the energy of life, along with many smaller chakra points. These chakras connect our personal energy systems with universal energy systems.

Channeler: A person who communicates with non-physical entities such as Spirit Guides, angels and the deceased. "Conscious Channeling" involves a conversation in the mind. "Trance Channeling" allows spiritual entities to enter a person's body and speak through their voice.

Clairalience: Clear smelling. Psychic perception through smelling without a physical cause for the smell.

Clairaudience: Clear hearing. Psychic perception through hearing. This can either sound like an inner voice or an actual voice.

Claircognizance: Clear knowing. Psychic perception through "knowing." It is the feeling of simply knowing without clear evidence of how or why the person knows what they know.

Clairgustance: Clear tasting. Psychic perception through taste, without anything physically touching the tongue.

Clairsentience: Clear feeling. Psychic perception through feeling, such as intuition, a hunch, or a gut feeling. Also, the ability to feel another person's emotions or physical pain.

Clairvoyance: Clear seeing. Seeing an image in the mind's eye.

Cords, cording people: Cords are attachments which are created by thought. They are energetic links between people and they can be positive or negative. Frequent, obsessive, or emotionally-charged thoughts can create permanent energy cords between people. Cords can continue after death and into future lifetimes. Healthy relationships are free of cords.

Devas: The flower angels for each type of plant.

Djwal Khul: Djwal Khul was a Tibetan Master. Now, he is a Spiritual Guide for mankind, an Ascended Master. Djwal Khul is working to further spiritual evolution on Earth.

Empath: A person who feels the emotions of other people. They don't just think they know what someone else feels, they actually feel it.

Empathy: The ability to experience another person's emotions.

Energy Worker: Each person lives in an energy field and has energy moving through his or her body. Energy workers direct energy into a client's body in order to assist the client. They can also remove blockages which thwart the flow of energy. Energy workers may, or may not, receive intuitive information while working.

Ether: The upper regions of space; empty space.

Ethereal Body: The ethereal body is the lowest layer in the human energy field (aura). It is an energetic duplicate of the physical body.

Etheric Plane: The etheric plane is one of the planes of existence. It represents the fourth sub-plane of the physical plane, the lower three being the states of solid, liquid, and gaseous matter.

Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP): Extra-sensory perception is the power to know by some means other than the five senses (taste, smell, touch, vision and hearing).

Gaia: A reference to the Earth, or Mother Earth.

Gifted: A person who is gifted works with intuition. This word is often used as an adjective. People think of themselves as "gifted" astrologers or "gifted" card readers. They work with a tool, but in addition to understanding the information presented through the tool, they also receive intuitive information. This information comes in at the right time and goes out at the right time. It's not always there.

Healer: A healer uses psychic, intuitive, or energy connections to assist patients. There are many kinds of healers. In general, these people facilitate healing by guiding energy into clients' bodies so that clients can heal themselves. The patient has to accept the energy in order for healing to begin.

Higher Realms: Spirit Guides, angels, G-d.

Higher Self: The Higher Self is the non-physical portion of a person's spirit. The Higher Self knows why the person has come to Earth and the lessons he or she needs to learn. It provides a direct connection to universal energy and knowledge.

Ho'oponopons: This is a prayer with roots in Hawaiian culture. It is a simple prayer which clears energy blocks and helps people take responsibility for what they have created on Earth.

Intuition: The ability to know things without knowing why. People with intuition say that information just pops into their head or comes out of their mouth. The information comes and goes at the right time.

Intuitive: Intuitive means "to know." Intuitives have the gift of spontaneously knowing or saying things, but don't feel like it is a talent that they can summon every time they seek information. Many Intuitives don't think of themselves as psychic. They explain that intuition provides a specific piece of information or a focused view of a situation, as opposed to the broad view of issues which can be seen by people who are psychic.

Karma: Karma is the energetic law of cause and effect. Through words and actions, people can create positive Karma or incur negative Karma. The energy which a person generates can be reflected back to that person during the present lifetime or carried from one lifetime to the next lifetime.

Kwan Yin: Kwan Yin is the Bodhisattva of compassion. She is commonly known as the Goddess of Mercy. She is one of the Ascended Masters who is helping humanity.

Kundalini: The spiritual force in every human being that lies at the base of the spine, coiled like a snake. Once awakened, it rises through the chakras, producing spiritual knowledge and mystical powers.

Light Energy: Light energy is the essence of all things. It is the essence of Spirit before it manifests into form. It is where all things begin and all things return. It is experienced as matter, energy vibration, thought and emotion. It is the energy which flows through humans.

Light Workers: Light Workers are people who volunteered, before birth, to help heal the planet and its population. They draw light (as energy and information) into this physical universe. They help human consciousness evolve. Many Light Workers are discovering innate spiritual gifts, such as psychic communication skills and spiritual healing abilities.

Mala Beads: Prayer beads.

Manifest: To create by thought.

Mediums: Mediums talk to people who have died and crossed to the other side. They communicate with the spirits of the deceased and bring messages from the other side to this side. All Mediums are considered psychic, but not all psychics are Mediums.

Metaphysics: Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy dealing with theories of existence and knowledge. It attempts to answer fundamental questions which go beyond the scientific explanations provided by physics.

Metatron: An Archangel. In Biblical myth, Archangel Metatron is considered to be the most supreme of angelic beings. He serves as the celestial scribe and maintains the Akashic Records.

Open Readings: During these types of readings, the psychic prefers to relay messages from Spirit Guides at the beginning of the session and allow clients to ask their questions after having received the initial messages.

Oracle Cards: The use of Tarot cards for divination has inspired the creation of modern oracle card decks. These are card decks for inspiration or divination which contain images of angels, fairies, goddesses, totems, etc. They do not follow the traditional structure of Tarot decks.

Precognition: Seeing the future; the ability to have thoughts or visions about events before they happen.

Presentiment: Having feelings about the future; like a hunch about what is going to happen.

PRISMS: This acronym stands for Psychics, Readers, Intuitives, Spiritual Counselors, Mediums and Shamans. It also encompasses Healers, Energy Workers, etc. PRISMS take the light (energy and information from the other side), bend it through their minds, and shine the colors so everyone can see them.

Psi: Psi consists of extra-sensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis. Extra-sensory perception is the power to know by some means other than the five senses. Psychokinesis is the ability to use thought to impact physical things. Examples include hands-on healing, levitation, and using mental powers to bend spoons or to sail furniture across a room.

Psychic: Psychics can see the future or see the energy, and the flow of energy, around a person. These people can reliably tap into an unseen information stream. They can ask for information from their Spirit Guides and other entities and bring that information forward. They see where people are in their lives and the direction that their lives are going. Some psychics are clairvoyant (able to see images), clairaudient (able to hear messages), clairsentient (able to feel), and/or claircognizant (able to know). Some psychics are also intuitive.

Psychokinesis: The ability to use thought to change things or to move things.

Psychometry: Knowing information about a person by holding one of their belongings.

Reader: Anyone who does psychic or intuitive readings or consultations. Readers talk to clients and provide information and insights for them.

Reiki: A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which also promotes healing. This technique allows the practitioner to transfer universal life energy to a patient either distantly or through the palms of the hands.

Reincarnation: Reincarnation is the concept that people lead multiple lives. They can live one life, die, become spiritual entities, then decide if they would like to be born into new bodies. Each lifetime presents lessons and opportunities. After people die, they review their lives and decide if they need to come back into bodies to learn additional lessons.

Remote Viewing: The ability to see what is happening in a far away location using just the mind.

Shaman: Shamans are "way showers." They are aligned with nature and help people find their way on Earth.

Soul Braid: Soul braiding allows a second soul, or another aspect of a person's spirit, to enter the person's body so that new information can be shared. This is a cooperative agreement with permission from the person's original soul.

Spirit: A universal source of energy and information. The word can either be singular or plural, depending on its use. Some psychics think of Spirit as a universal energy source, while other psychics believe Spirit is made up of multiple energies.

Spirits: Souls who have crossed to the other side. While alive, people have souls. After death, they are spirits.

Spirit Guides: Spirit Guides have lived on Earth, crossed to the other side, and chosen to aid others on their path to spiritual enlightenment. Spirit Guides can be completely separate from a person or they may be another aspect of a person. They are neither male nor female. Some Guides remain with people for a lifetime while other Guides come in to work on special projects and assist with particular events. 

Spiritual Counselor: Spiritual Counselors talk with clients and help them understand why things happen in their lives and how to cope with problems. These people provide a new way of thinking about issues. Problems often surface because there are lessons which people need to learn. Spiritual counselors see the big picture of clients' lives and, perhaps, their past lives or the reasons why they are here, and can help people understand how to deal with current issues.

Tarot Cards: A deck of 78 cards with images and symbols used as a tool of self-reflection and divination. These were originally used as playing cards and later became associated with mysticism and magic. Tarot card decks bring information and inspiration to readers.

Telepathy: The ability to know other people's thoughts.

White Brotherhood of Light: Supernatural beings of great power who spread spiritual teachings through selected humans. The use of the term "white" refers to their advanced spirituality and the fact that they have a white-colored aura. It has nothing to do with race.

Let me know if you have different definitions of these words and concepts. Send an e-mail to

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