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Wild Girl Cards and Pins

In addition to my work with psychics, I am also an artist. I make "Wild Girl!" art. The "Wild Girls!" can be worn as pins, or framed as artwork. I make more than 200 styles of "Wild Girl!" pins. You can view an assortment of "Wild Girls!" on my Kushner's Kreations website,
I also produce Greeting Cards based on "Wild Girl!" artwork. A few examples of the "Wild Girls!" are shown below.

Wild Girl Artist
Ballet Dancer on Pointe
Yoga Girl

Zodiac Cards (blank inside) are available for all 12 signs for only $4 each, plus postage and handling! These cards are 5" x 7" tall and are suitable for framing.

Zodiac Cards (blank inside)

Zodiac Cards (blank inside)

Zodiac Cards (blank inside)

If you like these Wild Girls!, check out the hundreds of other Wild Girls! I create at 

To keep track of your readings and your thoughts, I also produce these notebooks:

My Psychic SearchTM Notebook

Available for $7.50 plus postage and handling.

My Psychic Search * Tucson, Arizona * USA * Phone: (520) 544-4690 

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