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Featured Interview

Featured Interview

 Cynthia Ray


Interviewed in July 2008

Cynthia Rae is intuitive. She had a near-death experience as she was being born and has always "known" things. Later, she had another near-death experience which expanded her gift. Then, in the early 1990s, Cynthia trained as a massage therapist and began receiving intuitive messages as she worked on clients. She found that she was able to help people heal themselves. Her goal is to empower people so that they are courageous in their living.

Cynthia is based in Tucson, Arizona.

My questions are in Italics and Cynthia's answers are in the regular font.

Psychic Development

How and when did you know you had psychic abilities?

I don't care for the word "psychic." I like the word "intuitive." Psychic is different. Intuitive means "a knowing;" psychic is closer to the ability "to see." Intuitives work with people and say things, and the vibration is very important so that clients understand what is being said.

What was your childhood like?

The first time I knew there was something different about me was when I was about eight years old. I was walking down the road with a couple of girls who I had met for the first time that day. We were headed to a ranch down the street and I said to them, "Doesn't it feel like we've done this before? Doesn't it feel like we have known each other forever?" and they said, "No." It was my first cognitive understanding that there was something more than just this world.

My "knowing" is that when I was born I had a moment of death, a near-death experience (NDE), and I believe that there were understandings which I don't know how I knew. For example, when I was five, my grandmother had a stroke. When they drove her away in the ambulance, I knew that I would never see her again, but I felt a sense of peace, not fear.

When I was born, my mother had been in labor for a very long time and she needed a C-section. In 1952, they didn't have health insurance so everybody had to pay in advance. My parents didn't have the money, so my father had to borrow the money for the surgery. It took a long time to go 35 miles to get the money then take it back to the hospital so that the doctors would perform a C-section on my mother.

The story I heard was that there was a moment when they didn't know whether or not I would breathe. I was in the birth canal, probably compressing the cord. I believe that when you have a death experience you come back with a level of gifts that people don't understand. I am in an NDE support group and every person reports that their life is different than before they had the experience. Perhaps that contributed to my gift; I don't know.

When I think about my abilities, I also think about my father's father who was a spiritualist minister with healing abilities. My grandfather shares some traits with me. I have accepted the fact that I can lay hands on people and they just feel good.

My granddaughter also had an NDE. She died on the way to hospital, and I recognized the changes in her after that experience.

I also tried to commit suicide.

Can you tell me more about your childhood?

I was very abused as a young child and I don't know if that squashed a lot of stuff or if it instigated a lot of imagination to be elsewhere. I really knew that I was different when I realized that I had an imaginary family in the top drawer of my dresser. I was about 10 years old at that time. I don't know how to determine if this was a childhood coping mechanism for dealing with the abuse, or if this was reality. I believe that we have friends from other planets who walk among us and we don't know who they are. They look, talk, and act like us. They have children. They just move into a new city and start living. There are different reasons for my belief in that.

After I was 8 or 10, I started finishing my friends' sentences. I was more alert than my brothers. For example, my mother was a smoker who fell asleep on the couch while smoking a cigarette. It started smoldering and I was the one who woke her up. We all grabbed the couch and threw it outside.

Does this talent run in your family? Does that make things easier or harder?

I have a cousin on my father's side who is very gifted. I also have two brothers, but I think they were born too late; they chose to come at a time that wasn't the right time for them, so I don't think that they chose to use their abilities. My youngest brother has been missing since 1987. My other brother is in prison for drugs and alcohol. 

One missing and one in prison? Do you think they were also abused as children?

And, of course, they made different choices which formed their lives.

What are the pluses and minuses to being psychic? To working as a psychic? How has this shaped your life and your personal relationships?

At first I thought that there were pros and cons. One of cons was that my ex-husbands did not like the fact that I knew things. Now, I think of my abilities as gifts. It's all pluses. Whether or not the outcome is a challenge or a reward for someone else, that's their life. As for me, no matter what information I am given, if I give the information with the purest of heart, no matter what the information, that's my gift. Whatever clients do with that information is their responsibility. 

You feel like you are able to help people?

I have not chosen to be the one who sees the negative parts. There are people who only see death coming, or accidents, or dangerous things. I don't often see that.

Here are some examples of things that I do see:

I have a couple of friends who I have had for a very long time. Sometime around 9/11, they were off to Bali and that's when all of the airplanes were delayed. As I was dropping them off at the airport, I asked who was going to pick them up when their flight was canceled. They told me that they would be fine, but 10 minutes later they called to see if I could pick them up at the airport.

For another example, these same friends were talking about going into business with some guy and I asked if they thought that that was a smart thing to do. Several months later, they told me that they wished they had listened to me. These were just off-the-cuff remarks of mine. They come out of my mouth and I don't know why.

Here's a third example: I had taken my truck to a mechanic to have it fixed and the mechanic was having a heart attack, but he didn't know it. He thought he had strained his back and that he just needed to stretch. I told him that I thought it was something else. I didn't know if it was my intuition or my medical training which made me think it was his heart. I told him what I thought, but he didn't think it was his heart. I said, "Whatever." Later, a friend of mine told me that whenever I say, "Whatever," they know to listen closely. I say what I can say, but not everyone listens.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "not much" and 10 being "incredible," how psychic do you think you are?

There isn't any way to scale that. I don't know that I'm psychic at all. I think I'm pretty intuitive and I think that I have a very bright, clever mind so when the information comes I can glean it and provide it for my client. I can't compare myself to anyone else.


What happens when you do a reading? What do you do? Do you see future events? Communicate with the dead?

When a client comes to me at the Psychic Fair, I take a moment and ask the Higher Realms to bring me the information that this client is seeking. I also ask for a bit of information which validates who I am.

When you talk about the "Higher Realms," what is it?

Guides, angels, G-d by any name. 

How do you get the answer?

Sometimes I see a vision, sometimes I have an emotional feeling, sometimes I get a physical feeling. Sometimes I need to clarify the question. There's an internal conversation. When the conversation ends, I ask for something else and I might get a vision.

One time, a lady came to me and I gave her all the information I could give her. I closed my eyes and said I needed more. Most of the time I can give people an answer in five minutes or less; they usually ask a "yes" or a "no" question. It's not, "How can I go about becoming more spiritual?" It's mostly, "Am I going to get a life partner?" "Am I going to have money?" "Am I moving?" etc. So I sat there asking for more. I had given her the answer so quickly that I wanted to give her more so she would get her money's worth. Finally a big yellow circle, a ball, appeared and I asked what it meant to her. She said it was the exercise ball in her front room. It was a validation.

Do you communicate with one person at a time, or a group?

I don't have a list of Guides and angels. However, I have a parking angel named Clarence who helps me find the best spaces in a parking lot! [LOL]

When you give the entities who are providing information a name or a label of any sort, you narrow down the information and the opportunity to get information. If you only call on Archangel Michael, then that's all you are going to get. I take whomever is out there and wants to give information. There are a lot of people who have entities with whom they have an affinity. I just love everybody out there. 

Where are they? Is there a physical location?

Not here and not there. There are different dimensions. We are in the 3rd dimension and they are probably in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th? I don't have any remembrance of it. If you asked someone who spent a lot of time on the other side for that information, you might get an answer.

Do you think G-d is involved in your work; if so, how?

Yes, but I don't know that I want to use that label. That's such a defining label and I think that there is more than that. I think that the Jewish religion has an astute handle on that issue where calling "it" G-d, is putting G-d in a box. They never write the name of G-d. It makes it smaller, and G-d is not small.

Can you turn this ability on and off at will?

It's with me all the time; I know it by those flippant comments. However, I did tell my patients at work that I had promised my boss I wouldn't do any mind reading.

When you walk down the street, or go into a hospital, are you barraged with things?

No, I'm not a Medium. I don't generally see spirits although I will occasionally see a ghost. I don't need to turn it off; it would be a disservice to the information that is always coming. No one turns it off, they just don't listen. It's always coming for everyone; it's just a matter of learning how to hear the information.

How do you prepare for a reading?

A long time ago, when I realized this was part of my life, I said to the Universe, "If you want me to do this, you will have to keep me safe." I don't get up every morning, meditate and surround myself in the Light. This is part of our contract. Because I don't turn it off, when the client comes to me and puts their hands in mine, that's when I ask for the information to come. I ask to be given the information I need for this soul. Sometimes, the night before a Fair, I ask for guidance for the next day. When we do our circle [before opening the Fair], we ask for protection and guidance for everyone.

Do you put special objects on your table? How do you select them? Why do you use cards, crystals, etc?

There's stuff that comes along with me and I just ask the crystals what I should bring today, then I pick what I like. I think it makes the client feel better. I don't use cards or numerology. I'm just out there on my own and if I have stones around me maybe clients think I am a little bit more legitimate.

Do you do things to improve your abilities? psychic exercises? workshops? training? Are there workshops for groups of psychics or is all of the work individual? Do you have a mentor?

Yes. I sure do. Not trainings or workshops. More about listening to inner guidance. Right now, Patricia Kirkman is my mentor. She sometimes tells me that I talk too much and that I am not hearing what is coming in. The quieter I get, the more I can hear. When I am not feeling low self esteem, the information comes. The more my mind is open, the more I can hear. If a thought is there, it's a reality. Somebody's reality. If someone said to me, "I think my soul is going to walk away and another one is going to enter my body (a host to a walk-in)," how could I not help them with that? You have to be open to what could be a reality. Being open helps expand your knowledge of possibilities.

So, when you are working with clients, what are your goals? expanding possibilities? A reading that benefits them and benefits you too?

Sure! That's what humanity is about. We are listening to our intuition and trying to help each other.

I think of intuition as being more like a hunch about a small matter. To me, it sounds like what you are doing is a much more powerful communication. 

I think that makes me sound more important than I am. I don't feel that I am that important. I am very important to the people who come and need my help. But people who think they are too important also have a responsibility to be gentle with their information.


When clients come to you, how long does a reading take?

It is usually runs from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. People set up an appointment based on their personal need to spend time exploring a particular subject, and the time and money they want to spend.

What should clients expect?

I like to figure out what they expect in the beginning. What are their goals? Then we can meet those goals. What questions do they have? I truly believe that everyone is intuitive and already has the answers, but they don't trust them. What answers can I give to make someone feel like they are on the right track? It's all about confirmation. My job is empowerment.

What do people ask about? Are there common themes and topics?

At the Psychic Fair, people generally ask if they are moving, about their health, or about the health of their family members. They want to know if they will win the lottery. There have only been a few people at the fair who have asked for guidance about their spiritual understanding.

How should a client select a reader? Should a client select a reader based on the type of information they are seeking, such as a reader who communicates with the dead or who can see the future? Or, should a client select someone because they work with a specific technique, such as Tarot cards or numerology?

We tell them to walk around and use their gut to see who they are drawn to. That's the quickest and easiest way to go.

What about people who don't feel drawn to anyone?

There's always something that brings you somewhere, and if you don't feel drawn to anyone, you don't have to pick a reader that day. However, it doesn't really matter who you pick as long as you connect with the reader.

Are there times when you can't read a person? What does that mean? What do you tell them?

Sometimes, I don't connect with the client. I have had to tell several clients that I was not the reader for them. I had to send them to someone else.

To me, it means that I am not the one to deliver the message. Someone else has the correct vocabulary, or the heart connection, to be able to give them the information which they need.

I tell them that today is just not the day for us to connect. Some people think it's because they are too skeptical, but that doesn't have anything to do with it. Often, I give information to people who are skeptical and later they tell me that the information was correct.

Does a client need to do anything to prepare for a reading?

When people come to the Psychic Fair, they can ask the Higher Realms to bring the information they seek to the right reader. A lot of people are just curious because they haven't had a reading and they don't know what to expect. They don't know how to accept the information. People who have had previous readings often have specific questions.

Many people are too scared to have a reading. Is there anything you can tell them to allay their fears and help them feel more comfortable?

I don't think so. I think that if they are a fear-based personality and they are looking for the worst, they are going to get the worst. If they come looking for something joyous, then we can find something joyous.

Most of the time, no matter what happens, it's an interesting experience. If it's perceived as a challenge, a silver lining to the cloud can always be found. The information can be the fertilizer a client uses to help improve their life's garden. I have rarely been given information until after a client has left, that something horrible was going to happen to them.

One time I had a client who asked how long she and her husband were going to live. I said that that was up to them and up to G-d, and that every time I gave her an answer, it was her opportunity to change it. People have a destiny, but they also have free will. If a person wanted to change the length of their life, they could change the way they lived that life.

After she left, I received a message that she was not really asking for herself, but wanted to know if she was going to have to be alone after her husband died (which was not going to be too far in the future). If I had told her about her husband, she would have lived every single day in fear of waking up and finding him dead. That's not my goal. My goal is to empower people so that they are courageous in their living, not fearful in their living.

Is there something you can tell people who are skeptical to help them to be less skeptical?

No. I think that they have skepticism for a reason. 

Do you ever follow up with clients to see if the information was accurate, or to find out what choices people made based on your input?

No, not really. However, I ask people to take my business card and let me know if they have any comments. When I hear from clients, they usually thank me for the information or let me know that it really helped.

It's good to ask for feedback. It would be nice to know how people used the information.

On the other hand, the whole point of this is trust. As a reader, you have to trust that the information you are giving is the right information. Whatever they do with the information is up to them. I just have to know that I have done the best I could do. It doesn't help me to know if I was right or wrong, because it might have been how they perceived and used the information.

Personal Life

Are you married? How has being a psychic affected your marriage?

I have been married three times and I am single now. Being psychic did not affect my marriages well. During my first marriage, my husband didn't appreciate it when I used my intuition.

During my second marriage, I used my psychic abilities and he really didn't appreciate it because he was having an affair. I could tell every time he had gone out on me. I still talk to him every five or six years. Neither one of us could handle the fact that I knew what he was doing.

Didn't they know in advance that you were psychic? Didn't it come up when you were dating?

At that time I wasn't doing anything professional with it. What should I have said, "Don't make any mistakes because I will know"?

When I was with my third husband, I didn't want to use my abilities. Then I started doing massage therapy, and it scared him. I started using my intuition and he couldn't understand it. I wasn't into it when we were dating; it surfaced during the marriage.

I would think that when you were dating it would be important to find someone who appreciated and understood your gifts.

Everybody who is in our life is a soul mate of a sort. At the time, my marriages were choices I made in order to have growth-producing experiences. I didn't hide my abilities; I just didn't know it was important to share this information. We come together for each one of us to learn through this process. For example, we both are learning a lot about me today. It is a learning experience.

What I am learning is that I had thought that knowing things would enhance your life; make life easier. What I am hearing is that it's been a rocky road.

Hasn't it been that way for everyone you have interviewed? Psychics are just the messengers for information; we have lessons to learn just like everyone else.

I've only done a couple of interviews. I would have thought that being intuitive would make a person's life easier.

There's a story from long ago about gods and goddesses who were put on the planet to help people. In addition to helping others, they started helping themselves and accumulating things. Eventually, one of the higher gods decided that this gift could not be used for personal gain. In the memory of who we are, from millions of years ago, the idea is that you can't use this gift for your own gain.

But it's not your own "gain" to have a happy and fulfilling life. I'm not talking about winning the lottery.

Difficulties don't mean that life isn't fulfilling. My philosophy about being here on Earth is that we come to learn certain lessons. The Source of Life has never lived every single moment on this planet; has not lived every single moment in a different refraction, a different life, a different emotion. If you look at each of us, there are millions of different opportunities. That's why everyone is so different.

If you look at Source as in the middle, and know that everyone is connected to Source, you understand that every person is allowing Source to live vicariously through them. Source can feel the emotions, can see the things we see, and can understand because of our brains.

We are here to learn for ourselves and for Source. We can call the Source "G-d", or any other name: the Creator, the One who has the pulse on everything that is going on in the whole of existence. G-d might be the name of what is only the CEO of this space and He might have a higher somebody-else to talk to. Who knows? I don't know. I'm just doing my part.

We are all fulfilling the contract we made with our souls before we came down here. Whether or not I am happy and joyous every single moment of the day doesn't matter. It is the human essence of what I have chosen.

Do you have children? Are your children psychic?

I have a 34 year old daughter. She is intuitive. She has children who see ghosts, and her youngest daughter was the one who had a near-death experience when she was about eight months old. A year or so after she had this death experience, she was in a pool playing and she said to the other toddlers, "Hey guys, let's play like we're dead, and then we'll really have fun!" She's been on the other side; she's seen the bliss. She tried at that young age to share how different it is on the other side.

How has being psychic affected your family relationships?

At first, my daughter Crystal could never lie because I always knew what was going on. I was a very angry mother. I wasn't a loving, kind person and that was part of what I had learned from my family of origin. However, I knew that what I had to teach her in life was going to be important. I taught her to be self-sufficient. She left home when she was 16 because of my rules and regulations, and because of my choice in my last husband. I knew that self-sufficiency was going to be important. She recently lost her father and I know that, because of my experiences, she will be more open to connecting with him when it is time.

Do you think she can connect with him by herself, or will she go through you?

She will be able to do this on her own.


Do you feel safer, or more vulnerable, when you know things other people don't know?

I have never thought about the difference - it just is. I don't always know, or not know, so when I do know something, I have to figure out what to do with the information. I always have to ask about the next step.

Are you pleased to have these abilities or are they a burden?

I'm grateful that I have them. I've never felt that they were a burden. Maybe I knew from the beginning that this was who I was and what I was going to do. If I could be of service, then I was fulfilling my life's destiny.

Day job

Do you have a "day job?"

I am a medical assistant/receptionist/co-office manager for a homeopathic medical doctor.

Does being psychic affect your job? How does it make you better at your job? Does it provide a different approach or a unique tool?

The doctor I work for is "outside the box," and if he gets stuck, he knows what I do and he will ask for my intuitive hit. It doesn't mean he always goes with it, but it often prompts his intuition and supports his abilities. For example, sometimes he tests patients to determine if a they might benefit from the use of certain supplements. I just get up, pick up a supplement, knock on the door and say, "You might try this." And I'm often right.

In the mid-1980s, I went to school for medical assisting. I was a medical assistant for about six years, but I didn't care for the allopathic work world. I knew that I had intuitive gifts and that I could share those gifts, but the doctors would not listen to me. In order to work one-on-one with patients, I went to school for massage therapy. That was where I received hands-on training and found that I could feel things through clients. I had the opportunity to lay my hands on clients and help them heal themselves. I was guided in that way. I received the medical training I needed, then I went to massage school to get the license to be able to lay my hands on people in order to use my medical intuition.

How do you think it works when you lay hands on people?

I can feel pulses between each section of the body. Each section has its own rhythm and if the rhythm is off, it is not right. The rhythms need to be in sync.

Is it a blood pulse or an energy pulse?

It's how I feel it, as a pulse. If there's a pain in a muscle, I can put my fingers on the patient in a particular way and I can feel the inconsistency. I hold my fingers until there is a consistent pulse. When I take my fingers away, there's no more pain.

Do you try to put energy in or take it out?

I just hold it there. Someone taught me how to do it a long time ago. It's probably some sort of named therapy, but for me it's just something I gleaned, held onto, and kept ready for the person who needed the therapy.

Can you tell me more about your NDEs?

I had a death experience when I was being born.

In addition, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had pre-eclampsia/toxemia. At the hospital, my blood pressure was very high and they were expecting me to have a stroke or go into convulsions. They put me on IV blood pressure medication and my blood pressure stabilized, but when they took me into the ER, my blood pressure dropped to zero. At that point, I was in the blackness. Most people talk about seeing a light. I was in the tunnel and it was black. I was conscious. That was when I was about 21 years old.

After that NDE, things really started happening. I began to know more things, but I also knew things before that experience. After the NDE, I would make up recipes without knowing where the information had come from. Small things; bits and pieces of déjà vu. It's a mystery to me too. I don't want to know. I like it the way it is. I like the mystery. I believe there was a time when I knew it all.

When I was working for a chiropractor in CA, the Indigo kids were showing up and I had a chance to sit with one of them while her mother went in to see the chiropractor. I asked this Indigo child what I had forgotten. At that time, there was lots of information about the year 2012 and what our lives would be like after that.

As I talked to this Indigo child, and I looked into her eyes, I had an out-of-body experience which was very similar to what people talk about in the tunnel. I didn't see the light, but I knew I was going towards it. It was like Star Wars where you can see the stars flying by.

The next thing I knew, I was being transported back and there were no questions. I had no questions; I didn't need them. I knew. I still know. But to ask me a specific question . . . . Why are we here on this earth? To experience and grow in ways that no other soul has the opportunity to do. I think that we are very honored to be here. No other souls that we know of, not even the angels, Guides, or masters, have the opportunity to taste. They can't spit, they can't make love, they don't touch. They don't have the senses we have.

I think that we are the honored ones. There aren't very many people on this Earth who have joy every day of their lives, who get up and skip. If they are doing that, they are not experiencing; they are not learning. All of the knowledge already exists on the other side. Here, we are learning, we are taking knowledge in. Every leaf we look at is different from another leaf. Each of us is different. We are here to experience things. We each have the opportunity to affect other people's lives and whether we do it in a positive way, or a negative way, is up to them and up to us.

Back to the chiropractor's office. The phone rang and I jumped up. The rest of the day, I was euphoric and I was also sad because in that essence, it's like an extended orgasm. You know where you are and you know the euphoria. You know you are in touch with something higher than yourself.


Can psychics help people with autism to express themselves?

In the last week, we have had five new people with autism come into our office. There is a program sponsored by the University of Arizona called Chapel Haven. We are seeing high-functioning adult men with autism. They are here to learn how to live on their own and to separate from their families.

Every child is the center of their own universe. Autism is no different. The children's brains just don't change as they mature, and the children remain the center of their universe.

Do you think there would be a benefit in having psychics working at schools for children with autism?

People are teaching baby sign language to autistic children and it is helping the children to communicate. They can learn to communicate without using verbal language. Some of the autistic children have memories that are not from this life. I believe that if parents listen, they can telepathically communicate and deal with their children. They probably do this already.


Where do pets go when they die?

I think their little souls go and they do the same thing as people. I think that each and every creature on this planet has their own soul and their own experiences. I believe we will see them again in Heaven.

Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

Only in the sense that Heaven would be out there and Hell might be here on Earth. Not that we were thrown down here, biblically. I don't believe in Heaven in the biblical sense, only in the sense of what we have already been discussing. Hell could be our life here, making restitution, taking care of Karma, learning lessons. Basically, we are here to learn lessons and it really doesn't have anything to do with a biblical version of burning in Hell.

After physical death

What do you think happens when people die?

There's an author who wrote about life between lives. He used hypnosis to ask people what they did. He discovered that people went to school, reviewed how they lived their lives here on Earth, and made plans for their next incarnation. I think that's what happens.

At the moment of death, there are different experiences. From all that I have heard from people with NDEs, there is a life evaluation and they determine if it is time for them to go. If it's their time, they stay on the other side. If it's not their time, they come back and are sometimes told that they need to change their lives.

Are you comfortable with death? Afraid? How do you see it?

I am very comfortable with death; I am more afraid of life. If my philosophy holds true, I really need to be cognitive of what I am doing. If I am messing up, there will be consequences. Living life is about being human. Being human is often about self-judgment and judging others. In my deepest spiritual understanding, I know I shouldn't be doing that.

Wrapping Up

Do you have a particularly interesting story to share?

I don't know. I think that everything that happens has little stories. I can remember when I was 13 or 14 and I went to a ranch with my parents. We were checking on bow hunters. There was a brook and I asked my Dad if it was safe to drink out of the brook. When I took a drink out of the water and I lifted my head, all I could see was the death and destruction of my tribe. I didn't know what had happened. I was an Iroquois warrior out hunting for food. When I returned from hunting, I found that there had been a massacre of my village.

Some years later, I was in massage school and there was another female student. I had this reticence to work with her which I couldn't figure out. I stepped back and saw her as one of the woman in the tribe; I was a white woman who she was jealous of, and she would be killing me. Even though I was a hunter/warrior in one memory, I was a white woman living with the same tribe in another memory. What that told me was that our lives and our souls are lived simultaneously. Time is not linear. We can have multiple experiences in our souls at the same time, gathering information.

You didn't think you were remembering things that happened a long time ago? Your soul was actually experiencing both lifetimes simultaneously with this lifetime?

Yes. That's the way it felt to me. After I had that experience, I was able to talk to the woman in massage school who also admitted that she had felt something weird too. In the other lifetime experience, I had been a white woman taking her life, her husband, away from her and she could not forgive me. That's why she killed me. A lot information and understanding came to me at that time in my life. It was like being in an ocean of information.

Do you have any predictions for Tucson that you would like to share?

I don't know that Tucson is going to be any different than the rest of the U.S. I think Tucson might survive better than other communities because we are such a spiritual community. I think we are a bunch of survivalists and that we will make it even if there were a war on the country or if our finances crumbled. We would know how to survive. Tucson is very spiritual. Every time we have an election, there is a lot of fear and I think that a lot of us don't buy into that. We think that whatever happens, happens, and we will make the best of it.

You mentioned the year 2012 earlier. What is that about?

The Hopi and Mayan calendars end on December 21, 2012. The I Ching also points to that date. There are lot of philosophies as to what will happen. I believe that life as we know it will be different. The world may not come to the end, but there may be a re-birthing . . . like 1929, when everybody had to work together if we wanted to make it.

We have been on this planet for 35 million years as human beings. I don't think we are going away. I think that life as we know it is going to be very, very different. We may not be able to live in the desert anymore; that kind of thing. Or it could be the reverse. 2012 is another Presidential election year. Who knows? It might be that we elect a new kind of President. It could be that we become more prosperous, or more psychic, or more intuitive. People look at it as a doomsday, but it doesn't have to be that.

Life as we know it is going to change.

Another story?

This is an example of my intuition helping other people to become more empowered. Before I started doing readings or hands-on work, I was in massage school and I was working with one of my teachers who had shared that he was really afraid of water. I asked him why he was afraid of water and he told me that he had lived in NY as a child and when they had swimming class, the boys were naked. He couldn't swim, and he couldn't learn to swim, so the other boys made fun of him and tried to dunk him. It scared him even more. He told me that he was okay with showers and tubs.

I suggested that, in his mind, he envision a brook which he could step over. He was fine with that. So we made the brook wider and wider. After a while, we added rocks which he had to step on to cross over the water. Our mental brook was only 2-3 inches deep. After several massages, he continued to ask for help and I helped him with this image of the brook. Two or three months later, I told him that I thought he would be taking a trip to the ocean, but he didn't think so because he didn't like the ocean.

A few days later, a friend invited him to Rocky Point, Mexico. On that trip, he managed to sit in the water up to his waist. That was the deepest water he had been in. He couldn't swim in the water, but he was no longer afraid of it. That was my first experience with being able to empower someone.

I want to get back to what you said earlier about touching people's hands in order to do readings. How does that work?

It's an adjunct to doing massages. I touch someone's body and information begins to come through. My first spiritual teacher . . . I had laid my hands on her and she asked me where I had learned that? I didn't know . . . G-d?  It's just a natural talent. I wasn't yet massaging her, I had just laid my hands on her. Later, she told me that she had been guided to invite me to "polish up my bag of tricks."

What do you think happens? Do you tap into the person's energy?

I am being of service to them, bringing them the information that they already know; the confirmation to them. That's empowering them to use what they already know.

I don't know that anybody knows how this works. It works because it's the truth. It's as automatic as breathing. My purpose is empowerment and that is what I have asked to do. That's why I don't believe in Hell. I believe that everybody is here to learn things.

Do you have another story?

Back in 1997, I went on a wild dolphin dive in La Paz, Mexico. I had been afraid of water although I had grown up near the beach in San Diego, CA. I had heard about a woman who had searched the world for her dolphin partner. Dolphins are supposed to be very healing. I felt that I had emotional problems and I hoped that a dolphin could help with my healing. On this dolphin dive, several pods of dolphins followed the boat, but we were never able to swim with them.

While we were in the bay of La Paz, a 40 foot whale shark showed up. They are plankton eaters. We were able to swim with the whale shark. It was a very rare shark and it was curious and kind, and hung out with us.

There were 18 women in our group on the boat, but I didn't know any of them. We all had different personalities, but every one of us had a spiritual bent. We all knew that thoughts could create reality. Hurricane Margaret was off the coast and coming around the bend from the Gulf of Mexico into the Sea of Cortez. It was due to hit Cabo San Lucas at any moment.

The gals who had put this group together were confident they could get us back to shore without a problem, but we didn't want to do that. We sat on the boat and we held hands, and each one of us had the same vision of turning the hurricane away from the land. The Captain kept providing updates on the hurricane and he told us that the hurricane would be hitting Cabo and hitting us shortly.

We sat there and turned the hurricane back out to sea. It did not hit land anywhere. It had only been moments before it was about to hit. We held hands and envisioned the hurricane leaving. Some girls were blowing and pushing the air. We had energy flowing through our circle and we were able to pick up our arms and push that energy out. The Captain came back and said, "You won't believe this! The hurricane turned around!"

Nothing I do is scientifically proven, maybe it's coincidence and maybe it's truth.

Thank you so much for this interview!

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