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Featured Interview

 Trish Silay

Intuitive, The One Brain System

Interviewed in January 2009


As a child, Trish Silay had intuitive abilities, but she was told that they were just her imagination. She tried to live a "normal" life, but never felt that she fit in. As an adult, Trish discovered the One Brain system which helped her integrate both sides of her brain. As soon as she began using both sides of her brain, she was able to connect to her Higher Self. Now, when working with clients, Trish feels as if she is an open vessel. She can connect to her client's physical, mental, emotional, or essence self, in order to assist their healing. Trish uses the One Brain system to help clients clear their issues.

My questions are in Italics and Trish's answers are in the regular font.

Psychic Development and the One Brain Work

I know you work with the One Brain system, but I don't know if you consider yourself to be a psychic.

I don't think of myself as a psychic.

How long have you been doing your work in the Tucson area?

I just moved to Tucson a year ago. Before moving here, I lived in Oracle, AZ, for five years. Before that, I was in Oregon for 18 years. I began working with the One Brain system while I was in Oregon.

How did you know that you had special abilities?

When I was younger, I recognized that I had some abilities, but I didn't understand them. I saw things like fairies, but I didn't know what they were. It scared me, and my mother told me it was just my imagination. When someone tells you it's only your imagination, and it scares you, you shut it down. Imagination can equal intuition and other abilities.

It took me a while to get back to what I know I am, and to begin with this work called One Brain. Once I began using One Brain, it helped me to integrate both sides of my brain. I was more right-brain dominated (intuitive and imaginative) than left-brain dominated and I would not go into the left-brained world of practical things. I tried to stay in the right-brained world which is a very confusing place for adults. It is mostly children who are right-brained. Being right-brained is about intuition, imagination, and not having fear. Imagining things became more of a fantasy than anything else.

How did you manage?

I thought I was crazy! I couldn't understand what to do with myself. I was a mother and I focused on that. It brought me craziness because I felt that I didn't fit into the world. When you ask if I am psychic, I respond that we all have psychic abilities which we may, or may not, know that we have. The One Brain system opened that psychic aspect for me, but I don't come from a place of saying it's "psychic." It's about empowerment. Once you can tune in to your own Higher Self, those abilities come out.

What is the One Brain system?

The One Brain system works with muscle testing to diffuse the emotional body, on a cellular level, of what we believe we are. We have stories about our own belief systems, and those belief systems block us from being fully who we are. 

What does muscle testing have to do with this?

Muscle testing provides bio-feedback from the body system. I use muscle testing to get information from the body. I work with the client's body to clear issues by accessing their information. I don't know what someone's truth is, or their story, but their body knows it. I use muscle testing to gather information. It is the body's validation of the person's own truth.

If someone comes to you, does this work take a single session or many sessions?

One session (about an hour and half) can clear a lot of things. It age-recesses the person back to the time when their body changed. I access the time when the person began to feel a certain way about an event and began doing something based on survival. Our belief system helps us with survival and it blocks us from our truth. I can clear the blocks and diffuse the emotional energy around the blocks. When a person experiences the emotional energy, they are reacting, not responding, to life.

This is a new concept for me.

This system has been around for 27 years even though most people have not heard about it. Most people hear about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), such as tapping. I have been working with the One Brain system for 25 years. I had an incredible practice in Oregon where I was teaching this system. Here, in Tucson, it's a whole new way of offering this information.

How did you end up in Tucson?

A friend of mine lived in Tucson. Her mother had this house. When her mother passed away, I helped my friend to clean this house and clear it out. In the process of moving things out, I connected to her mother's spirit and she brought me the message that if we were to live here, we would be helping my friend and we would also be helped. This was the place we needed to be to expand ourselves. It was through this spirit energy that we chose to move here. Now, we feel that this is a good place to be.

Do you travel to do readings or do you stay in the Tucson area?

I can travel and I also do phone readings.

This works over the phone? What about the muscle-testing?

I can muscle-test myself. It's like pendulum work. I muscle test myself as a surrogate, then I work over the phone. I recently worked with man from Oregon over the phone. He was in a sad space. We worked over the phone for an hour and a half and he transformed. It was amazing. I know it works over the phone.

How and when did you know you had psychic abilities? Did you have a mentor?

I knew I had psychic abilities as a child. I knew I was going to be in a health-related field, but I didn't know what I was going to do. When I began doing the One Brain work, I began to develop my creative powers. The One Brain system was my "mentor."

How did you find out about the One Brain work?

Both of my stepsons were dyslexic and I was told that if I did Touch for Health, and the One Brain work, it would help them. It could clear dyslexia. I took the One Brain courses to help them, but they really helped me.

Is there a training course for the One Brain system?

There are teachers for the program. The system provided the insights to help me become my own authority. I took the classes in Oregon. I took the whole series of classes so I could become a facilitator and an instructor. It took about four years to get all of the training and to become certified.

What does it mean to be certified?

It means that I can teach all of the classes I have taken. My certification goes up to "Structural Neurology." In order to remain certified to teach, I have to take classes every two years.

How does the system clear dyslexia?

People with dyslexia reverse numbers and letters. What we understand with the One Brain system is that there are areas of the brain which have visual, auditory, speech, and other functions. If a person is stressed when learning, stress comes on line in those areas of the brain, and it begins to block the neural pathways. Stress causes the eyes to go into a disruptive pattern where they really, physically, can't see correctly because the eyes aren't tracking the way they should be tracking. It's based on stress, emotional stress, and pressure.

To diffuse that stress, the emotional charge must be taken off of it from the time when it happened. For example, if there was a young child who was learning how to read, eat or do some other function, and they became stressed, the areas of the brain used for those functions may have become more and more blocked. Dyslexia is an outward sign of something going on in the brain. People say you have to cope with it, but you don't, you can clear it.

Does this work in adults too?

Yes. It's about brain integration. You have to integrate the brain in order not to be dyslexic. 

What was your childhood like?

I have a sister who is 14 months older than me and we were treated like twins. I was the risk-taker. My mother told me that I was always the one who got in trouble, and my sister was the good one. So, guess what happened?

You were always the one who got in trouble and she was the good one!

That's right!

Five years later, my brother was born. My sister and I were treated as twins and I always wanted to break out of the mold, but every time I did that, I got into trouble.

Do you see psychic ability in other members of your family?

Our ancestry is Hungarian and this ancestry includes gypsies and fortune tellers. My mother told me that my great aunt was a fortune teller who used Tarot cards and a crystal ball.

As for psychic ability, I didn't see it in my mother, but my grandmother might have had some talent. She didn't speak much English so I am not certain. Back then, if people were psychic and heard voices, they were probably considered crazy.

There seems to be genetic component to psychic ability and it seems to come down the mother's line.

It does.

What are the pluses and minuses to being psychic?  

As a child, I was picking up on everybody's energy, but I didn't know that. I couldn't tell the difference between what was mine and what was somebody else's energy. It overwhelmed me because I was always feeling other people's feelings. Your greatest gift becomes a challenge until you realize what it is. As I got older, I was able to separate what I was feeling from what other people were feeling. I could tune it in and out.

Now, I find it is all positive because I know how to use it and to work with it. I can open up when I need to, but I don't just walk around feeling energy. I can't keep it open all the time. I don't want to pick up other people's thoughts and energy all the time. I have to be able to turn it off.

You can turn your abilities on and off at will?


On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "not much" and 10 being "incredible," how psychic do you think you are?

Now you got me because I said I'm not psychic! [LOL] I guess I'll have to go with a 10. 

That was a change!

I don't see myself as psychic.

What would you call it?

I think I am attuned to my Higher Self and my Higher Self knows what I need to do and that gets me connected. When I am connected to my own spirit, I know that I can help others.

Several people have told that they don't consider themselves to be psychic and that the word "psychic" has a negative connotation. Yet, they have a lot of abilities which fall under the umbrella of being psychic. So I guess one of the things we are here to do is take that negativity away from the word "psychic" so we have a term that we can all agree is an umbrella for a variety of abilities.

A lot of us don't want to be labeled. Some people tell me that I am an incredible healer. I don't want to be known as a healer because I am not the one who heals them; they heal themselves. I just facilitate the process.

Readings and Sessions

How do you prepare for a reading or to do this work?

I just begin with the person. They have to be willing. If they are willing, I am ready to work with them.

You don't meditate first?

No, I just have to be in my present place. I have to be in present time.

When you are connected to your Higher Self, does that allow you to have insights about the person you are reading? Do you connect to the other person's Higher Self? What do you do?

Sometimes I hear voices relating to the person I am working with. That allows my abilities to open up so I can work with the person and their Higher Self for their healing process. If I hear a voice saying something, or if I see an image, I will tell them what I hear or see. My greatest gift is my kinesiology, my kinetic ability. My body becomes a rod and I feel things. I will tell them what I feel. For example, the heart center might be feeling something, or the head, and then I see images. I relay that information to the person and see if it means something to them.

When you are seeing and feeling things, are you connecting to their energy or is it something your Higher Self is telling you to relate to them? Do you know how the connection works?

What I know is that if my ego and personality are out of the way, and I am connecting to my Higher Self, I am an open vessel. As I am open, I am receiving the total energy of who they are. I am connecting to their physical, mental, emotional, or essence self. In the process of their healing, this information comes to me so I can relate it to them in a way which makes sense for them. In order to heal, they need to understand what is going on. These things may be hidden in them. I tell them what I hear, see, or feel. Sometimes colors and sounds come in and sometimes I receive combinations of these elements.

Do you connect with people who have passed?

Yes. If their loved ones offer them a message, it can come through me. I can also access past lives. It is strictly according to the needs of the person with whom I am working.

If you are just chatting with someone, can you access this information without doing the kinesiology work?

I prefer that it come when I am doing the work. I can access it, but I want it to come from their source, rather than from something else. I can pick up on other people's energy, but I don't chose to do that. There are people who do intuitive readings on the body, but I choose not to do that.

When you are hearing messages, or seeing images, who do you think you connecting with? Spirit Guides?

I am connecting with my Higher Self, with universal intelligence, and nature's intelligence. I also have many Guides around me and I know who they are. I am always connecting to one or two of these Guides.

Where are Spirit Guides located?

They just come and go. There are some who are always around me and there are others who come and go. When I call on my Native American medicine person, she is always there, but I think she is just another aspect of myself. I used to think that she was separate, but then I recognized she was part of me, another aspect of me, perhaps that I had lived in another lifetime.

I'm confused. When you talk about Spirit Guides, do you feel that they are separate from you or that they are a part of you?

Some are separate. For example, Archangel Michael is not an aspect of me, but he is a Guide who comes from time to time bringing aspects of truth.

How can you differentiate between information coming from the "outside" and your own imagination?

When you imagine something, you make it up.

How can you tell the difference between what you are making up and what is real?

That is the key to true integrating. When you begin to use all of your faculties, and you are integrated, you trust that you are getting the information from a Higher Source. The key is not to have ego in there. Ego and personality mess things up. If we become too ego-involved, we add in some intention about what we think is right. We put in things which may not be appropriate. Information has to come from pure energy. I think that's the trick for all of us.

Do you think G-d is involved; if so, how?

The word "G-d" is something which everyone interprets in their own way. To me, G-d means universe, higher power, and the natural order of all things. When we include that energy in our readings, we have to know that information comes from a source like that. Ego has to step out. We are given a gift from that Higher Creator. G-d can be thought of as pure energy.


When clients come to you because they want to work with the One Brain system, what should they expect? What will the experience be like for them?

Everybody will be different. They are coming for a myriad of things. They are either in pain, have some sort of disease, or have some other problem. I ask a few questions to find out what they really want to clear. They tell me what their issue is. I tune into their body and I use their  arm to access information. I am tuning into their body's system. What they get from this is surprise, self-discovery, and access to information. When they clear and diffuse their issues, they are more "at choice" in the present time. When they are at choice in present time, they no longer need to be confused. When they clear their issue, their whole system changes.

Here is an example:

I had a gentleman who I worked with over the phone by doing the muscle testing on myself. He was very depressed and ready for suicide. He couldn't even think that life had any positive aspects. His issue came up about being in pain. His whole life was in pain, and pain had become his life. I asked how I could help him. He answered that he wanted to be rid of pain.

We age-recessed him back to three years old which is when he started getting beaten. He had been an abused child. His whole life had been about pain. When we diffused and cleared it, and we balanced his polarity, he started sobbing. When he recognized that he had put this on himself because he had to survive those beatings, it changed his image of who he was; it empowered him. He became incredibly enlightened. It shifted his whole energy from having a negative response within himself to having a positive response. It empowered him and facilitated his healing. We identified and cleared his problem. We balanced his body system. The positive and negative charges of his body's electrical system had been off.

Our body's cells have positive and negative charges and they need to be in alignment. When they are out of alignment, a person feels disconnected from their Higher Self, their lower self, and their mental body. When a person's electrical system is aligned, their whole body is aligned. People begin to feel centered and integrated. They stop reacting to specific events in their lives and they feel like they have a choice in life.

What kind of tools do you use for this process? How do you do the muscle testing?

We sit in the chairs and I test them by touching their forearm.

Do you use some sort of machine?

No, I just touch their arm and I ask "yes" and "no" questions. I talk really fast so that their brain doesn't get in the way. I do a light touch and it is almost like a pendulum test. I ask the body how it signifies "yes" and "no" then I ask questions and allow the body to answer them. Their forearm provides biofeedback. In Chinese medicine this is known as pulse testing.

How long does a One Brain session take?

About an hour and a half.

What do people ask about? Are there common themes and topics?

Everyone comes with something different. Sometimes they have health issues or  emotional issues.

In general, how should a client select a reader? What is the best way to match a psychic and a client?

I have people ask me who to see at the Psychic Fair. I ask them what they are looking for and I recommend that they walk around the room and ask the psychics what they do.

What kind of a client should pick you?

Anyone who wants to heal, integrate, or resolve emotional issues should come to me. Anyone who wants to access their own Higher Self and their connection to their source should come to me.

Are there times when you can't read a person? What does that mean? What do you tell them?

I test the person and ask permission to do this work. If their body says we can't do it, we can't do it. If their energy is blocked, they need to shift their energy. If their body is telling me it's not for their highest good because the timing is wrong or the person isn't ready for the information, we can't work. I have to trust that the body knows best.

Does a client need to do anything to prepare for a reading?

No, they just need to come in and be willing.

Many people are too scared to have a psychic reading or try something like One Brain. Is there anything you can tell them to allay their fears?

Yes, I can tell them that nothing is going to hurt them and that they have the chance to discover who they are. Wouldn't that interest them?

Is there something you can tell people who are skeptical to help them to be less skeptical?

I love skeptics because once they learn that there is something to this, they feel different and they become big believers. Converts are my best advertisement!

Are there ways for a potential client to tell if a psychic is legitimate?

Clients have to feel comfortable with the reader they select. Clients should feel that the reader has their best interest at heart, that they are being respected, and that they are being heard.

Do you ever follow up with clients to see if the work helped them, or to find out what choices people made based on the work?

I either call them, or they call me. I usually call within a few days of our session. Many times, they call me.

Do you have a sense as to how many people have positive experiences? Is there a return rate?

Most people have a positive experience. People come back when they are aware that they have moved to another level. They know when they need to come back. I have people who return every three months or every year. It just depends on the client.

Do people come for a different issue every time, or do they come back to continue working on a single issue?

The first issue has already cleared up, so they come back for a different issue. For example, someone might come for nutritional healing, then come for an issue such as food allergies.

Personal Life

Are you married? How has being psychic affected your marriage?

Yes, I am married. I have been married for 22 years and he feels incredibly fortunate that I have this ability because he has cleared many things in his life. However, he also says that he can't get away with anything. I know all about the things that go on [LOL].

Do you have children? Are your children psychic?

I have three children from a previous marriage: two girls and a boy who are all adults. I have five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I am seeing psychic abilities showing up in each generation. One of my daughters is very attuned and one of my granddaughters is just beginning to tune into her abilities. Mainly, I see abilities in the women. However, my grandson is 28 and he is very attuned to what I do and he recognizes people's energies when he meets them.

How has being psychic affected your family relationships?

It has connected us and made us inter-dependent on each other rather than co-dependent. We respect each other.


Do you feel safer, or more vulnerable, when you know things other people don't know?

I feel at peace when I know certain things. I keep the things I know to myself unless people let me know that they want the information.

Do you see the future?

I don't see the future. Sometimes I feel events which will be taking place, but I don't choose to think about what is coming. If people ask me about the future, I can tell them about it, but I don't normally go there. I don't just see what is coming.

Are you pleased to have this ability or is it a burden?

I love it! It makes me more fun!

When you think about your psychic abilities, what do you see as your future?

I want to do more of it. I want to expand who I am. I see my business growing because people are looking for this kind of work and they want to be validated. I am pleased to offer the wisdom I have gathered over the years.

Day job

Do you have a "day job?"

Yes, this is it! I love my work. I am also involved with Amazon Herbs. The herbs create a pH balance in people's bodies. The Amazon Herbs help bring alkalinity to the body system. People need to stay more alkaline than acidic. Cancer and bacteria live in acidic systems. The herbs give the body the chance to stay in a more alkaline state. This is a separate business, but it is related to the other work which I do.

I also help balance land energy and clear negative energy out of buildings. My husband and I do these clearings together. I also work with the Mayan Calendar and the meaning of 2012.

What does 2012 mean?

It is the ending time as we know it. We won't have to be concerned with clock or calendar time because we will be in another dimension of time. The Mayans understood the evolution of the cosmic human and we are becoming cosmic humans.

Will we still be here?

Of course! It's not an Armageddon. It ends time as we know it. Instead of mechanistic time, we will work in natural time. I do workshops and lectures on the Mayan calendar.


Can psychics help people with autism to express themselves? Do you know what autism is?

In Oregon, I worked with some children with autism. I find that autistic children have brains which are very open to everything. They are getting a lot of information and then we label it and call it autism. These children are very gifted, we just need to figure out how to access their information. I think that computers are helping some of these children to communicate. We need to look at these children and see their gifts instead of their disabilities. They can teach us things.

I think that psychics can help by contacting the child's psychic center.

Do you think there would be a benefit in having psychics working at schools for children with autism?

I think so, if that would be accepted. We need to find out what gifts these children have to offer.


What about animal communication? Do you work with animals?

I can do muscle testing with animals. I also do energy clearings on animals. I talk to them and they talk back. I work with many kinds of animals.

I also work with nature spirits. There are many realms of nature. Nature has its hierarchy. The nature kingdom includes fairies, devas, and elementals (earth, fire, water, and air spirits), and they are all related to the natural order of nature itself. People can tune into these energies. I connect to them by feeling them in my head, and I can also break the code of connection by muscle testing on myself and talking to the spirits of those beings.

Do you see them?

I used to see them, but not anymore. I hear them, I feel them, and I know they are there. I call on the nature spirits, including the fairies and the elementals to help with my garden. I don't assume that I know what needs to be done with my garden, I ask the elementals about the time to plant, what to plant, where to plant and how much to plant. Through muscle testing on myself, I test the soil to find out what it needs.

Where do pets go when they die? Will we see them again?

They are in the spirit realm just like everything else. They can be our Guides, assisting us in different ways. I don't really know about all animals, I just know that my animals have been Guides for me. I can still communicate with them.

After physical death

What do you think happens when people die?

It depends on how they die. They all go to a level of transcendence. If they have crossed over in a peaceful way, and they were ready to cross over, they go to the Light. Then they transform and review their lifetime of information. In their spirit's time, they come back to this realm or go to a different realm. They may go to other places, other realms, or other dimensions. There are many dimensions to reality. These realms are being discovered by quantum physics. We are also in those other dimensions. We can stay in those dimensions and still be here on Earth. We can access that all the time, we just don't know that we can do that yet. After we physically leave our body, we can chose when we want to come back to physical form again.

Do you have the direct experience of knowing this?

On some level, I do. When you know, you know. I remember my lives in other places.

Are you comfortable with death? Afraid? How do you see it?

I think death is just another transformation. I am not afraid of it.

Can we eat chocolate after we die or should we just enjoy it now?

I would like to enjoy it now. Maybe we can enjoy it on another level too, but it's best to have it right now.

Wrapping Up

Do you have a particularly interesting story to share?

There are so many profound stories of working with people. Working with my family has been the most profound thing. Our lives have changed.

My husband was an adopted child and when we first got together he was very angry. There was a sharpness to him, yet I knew he had a great soul. We have been together in other lifetimes. We came together in this lifetime to do something, but we weren't sure what it was. I learned this work and started clearing him. At every level of his clearing, I saw a brighter person; a person who I realized was opening up. This work has brought us together to be our individual selves. If not for this work, we would have been so enmeshed in our dysfunction that we would have separated or made our lives miserable. This work has helped our lives.

Do you have any predictions for Tucson that you would like to share?

Tucson is a growing place. Tucson has a strong energy of minerals. I see Tucson evolving to become a broader, more-inclusive community. Instead of so much emphasis on the military, or on immigrants, I see people becoming more blended and multi-cultural. I see more people healing here, and more people who are going to do healing work. The community is going to transform and this is going to be a beautiful place. It's going to take some time, but it is going to be a healing place for people.

One of the things I find disturbing is the murder rate. It's unfortunate, but I think it is some sort of a cleansing. As Tucson changes and some of the old structures break down, Tucson can evolve as an incredible jewel.

What do you see for the economy?

Same thing. It's got to break down structures first. The old structures, things which don't work, have to break down. When we see things breaking down it scares us, but to create a new world is awesome. What if we didn't have any blueprint? What if we could start all over? We could have more green businesses and more solar energy. That is what is happening. People don't know how it is going to work, but our world can be a better world than it is right now. It's a scary time, but we have to have faith and trust in what each of us does. We all have to become empowered to do the things that are our greatest mission. This includes art, music, gardens, and engineering (building buildings). We need to keep the hope, and we need to focus on what we want.

Thank you for this interview!

* * *

For more information on Trish, you can call her at 520-886-1239, or contact her at

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