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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Greetings from The Other Side

Greetings from The Other Side OR Absolute Freedom and No Judgement

These ideas are adapted from Susan Sampson's January 2018 channeling:

What happens when you move from this third dimensional existence and leave your body behind?

At death some people say, "It is so beautiful, I see it from here. It is so lovely. I see people waiting for me. I see my aunt, my uncle, my grandmother." These people are standing at the doorway between this life and their next incarnation in the spirit world. They are telling you exactly what happens.

Those who pass over are welcomed by an untold number of souls. Some souls are people they did not meet in this life, but who have been with them in untold numbers of past lives as parents, lovers, spouses, children, or extended family. Those who are in spirit arrive. Hundreds, upon thousands, upon millions, of souls welcome the returning soul. They weep with joy. The person recognizes them, knows their name, and knows their relationship from every past life, in every dimension. Endlessly.

Some people think they are bad. They have made bad decisions, such as abandoning families and children. They have treated other human beings with disdain or judged them. They are not quite sure if they are going to Heaven or if they are going to Hell. Well there is no Hell, so we can get rid of that one. What is this concept of Heaven put forth by religion? If you have no religion, do you go to Heaven?

Let me explain, there is only one destination. It is not called "Heaven" in Heaven.

Those who take their own lives, are given a group which works with them to explain how they could have used their thoughts to change their life. How they could have taken opportunities not to become the depressed soul who only saw one avenue of escape. They are nurtured. Over time, they take their place as a healthy soul.

What about a person who is religious, but hasn't always been nice? This person may pass into spirit upon his or her death and wait to be welcomed. They can invent whatever experience they want. They can invent St. Peter at the Gates.

However, someone who is convinced that they are truly evil and thinks there is a Hell, will go to what they think is Hell. They will be there very, very briefly because it is not a nice place. Suddenly, they will say, "I need to get out of here," and souls will pull them out saying, "You are fine. You are not in Hell. It doesn't exist." Because you are manifesting "gone," you can create whatever you want.

If you need to be an evil person on Earth for 10,000 years or a million years, you are allowed to be that person. After death, a band of souls will be there to help you. This band helps those who are stuck and have chosen to experience being evil.

Some people choose a life in which everything unfolds with joy. It's a very nice life, but you can imagine how little growth happens. That's okay. Everybody needs time to relax. There is no time. You can sit in a rocker for a hundred years if you so choose. There is no judgement. Absolute freedom and no judgement. Isn't that interesting?

Those who do not have issues are welcomed and meet their Higher Self. The Higher Self, the soul, and the perception of this individuality that they have in three dimensional life, integrate into the Higher Self.

In this amazing place, you can attend school, you can speak to animals, you can speak to people who prefer to manifest as animals because it is so comfortable. As an animal, you don't need clothing. It is much freer. You can soar with the birds. You can be a bird. You can be a disembodied soul who doesn't need anything to fly or to travel. It is absolute freedom. Absolute freedom.

You are a soul with absolute freedom. You can do anything you want. Good, bad. No one is going to judge you, not even the people you harm.

You are allowed to be as good or as bad as you wish. However, there is one caveat: human beings were designed to be good. Compassionate. Empathetic. That is the human lineage that came into being when humans were created.

You have absolute freedom and no judgement. You can do anything you want and still get to Heaven, where you will continue to have absolute freedom.

Susan Sampson

My Note: While you have absolute freedom and can do whatever you want on Earth, you will have to live with the repercussions of the things you do. Your life might not be as fulfilling as you had hoped. You may incur Karma. When you have your after-life review, you will have to take responsibility for your actions. You are the one who will judge you. - Gail

Comments? Send them to me at

11:08 am mst

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Carolyn Munson's Work

Quote from a Psychic

I asked Carolyn Munson, "What do you do at the Psychic Fair?"

Carolyn answered:

"It's up to the client. If I am something they need in their lives, I work with that. When they see blocks, I turn their ideas around into positive affirmations. If they come in and say, ‘What am I doing here? Am I doing the right thing?' I ask them, ‘What are you doing?' If they say, ‘I can't do that,' I ask, ‘Why?'

"I help with affirmations, changing a negative thought to a positive one. Helping their way of thinking; helping them process and clear the path they want to move towards. That is my focus.

"It's funny how things process as we sit and talk. Things make sense to the person who comes to the table. Basically, they figure it out themselves.

"The cards assist. They are a guide. I use regular card decks. Then, I end readings with an angel card deck. The whole reading comes together with the angel deck.

"I am the instrument. I channel and pick up things that people need to hear. I talk to people until they figure out what they want to do."

Most months, Carolyn is at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair. You can contact Carolyn at 520-465-5785.

3:20 pm mst

Thursday, April 19, 2018

An Interesting Life

An Interesting Life

Time moves forward and so do our lives. We work, we raise families, we relax. As life flows, we can choose to integrate the known and the unknown. Being open to the possibility that there is more to life than what we see, brings a richness to our experience.

I recently wrote about the soul contemplating coming into a body. A huge, expansive soul has to compress itself to enter a baby's body. It has to agree to go through infancy and childhood, not the easiest of things. Interesting to mull over, don't you think?

After death, the soul rises from the body and re-expands into the infinite realm.

To me, life is more interesting when I ponder these possibilities, than when I take a straightforward, un-ambivalent approach.

Sometimes, people tell me extraordinary stories which open my perception. Other times, I have my own experiences.

I hear from people who have traveled to places for the first time, yet known where old buildings were located.

People tell me about souls who appear to them and bring messages. Sometimes these are souls of the departed. Other times, it is the soul of a living person who is having a partial out-of-body experience to convey a message.

People tell me of rainbows mysteriously appearing when visiting the home of a deceased loved one.

They tell me they heard a message, but don't understand how they heard it.

They tell me about dreams which came true.

Karreen Martin shows me photos and videos of colorful orbs moving through her home.

Mediums bring messages from my deceased parents.

At the time of death, people have seen spirits escort their loved one to the other side. Other people have seen the soul rise as a mist from the body. I am not talking about psychics. I am talking about ordinary people who are having extraordinary experiences.

My life is richer for hearing these real-life recollections.

In general, I have an analytical mind and I am somewhat skeptical. That's fine. You may also feel that way. Then, something happens. Something we can't explain. We wonder how, or why, it happened. Was it our imagination? A door cracks open in our ability to accept that there might be more to life than could be picked up by our five natural senses.

We can examine these odd incidents and choose whether or not to accept them as real. It is this questioning, this openness, which enriches our lives.

This is not about "faith." This is about experience.

I haven't asked for a while, but if you have a supernatural story to share, I would love to hear it. If you've experienced something too personal to share with most people, this is a safe place to share your story. You can e-mail it to me at It can be just a few sentences.

If I receive several stories, I'll share them anonymously as a blog post.

The occurrence which you feel is unique to you, may actually be something other people have experienced which they are reluctant to share because they fear they will be judged. This is true for me too. When I share my mother's death as something other than "Oh what a tragedy!" I fear I will be judged as uncaring. Other people don't share those kinds of stories. However, I believe that some people have similar, unspoken, experiences. Let's shed a little light on how life really works.

Thanks in advance for anything you care to share.


12:27 pm mst

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Quote from a Channeling - Birth

"When souls come into this world, they are anxious. They have to take the magnificence of who they are and condense it down to fit into this tiny little baby. Sometimes they don't enter the tiny little baby until the moment of birth, or two weeks before, or a month before. Generally, they don't join that baby until very close to birth.

"You may ask, ‘What about the baby that is born at 23 weeks?' Yes, the soul is in there. They have joined the body. It is an experience for the soul, the parents, the doctor, the grandparents, and everybody who comes in contact with, or hears about, that baby coming early.

"Coming to this third dimensional reality, the soul has to condense itself, has to quiet itself, has to prepare to be non-communicative. They can't speak. How do they get their diaper changed? They holler. They learn that very quickly."

Susan Sampson

5:04 pm mst

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Since January, I have had a lengthening list of odd body issues:

My right shoulder hurts.
My left knee hurts.
My left ear itches.
My body buzzes.

In February, my mother died.

Now, I have a head cold, a cough, and back spasms. Last week, I had a stomach issue.

I think I am going through a rebalancing process. Perhaps a grieving process. Maybe more of a celebration, recalibration, and reset.

I am using this time of illness to lay in bed and process my mother's death. I needed a week off to allow my body to catch up with my brain and my emotions. Mentally and emotionally, I feel great. I am looking forward to the future. Physically, I'm tired and coughing.

People tell me I have to go through a grieving process, but I don't feel grief. I feel elation that we are both free. My mother is thinking and moving again. She can play cards. She can limbo dance. Meanwhile, I am returning to my own life without needing to take care of her, visit her, and wait for "the call." I feel like she is happy on the other side and that I am happy on this side.

In fact, it's more than a feeling that she is okay. Three psychics have brought messages from her to me, telling me that she is happy. When I look at the big context in which all of this life and death stuff occurs, it makes her passing a time of celebration. I am excited for both of us.

That part of me which was angry and resentful, yet still wishing her the best, is gone. Without that part, my body is off balance. I am adjusting to a new normal. It's like being a four-legged stool and having one leg removed. The three remaining legs can shift around to provide just as much support as before, but they have to complete that movement.

When I asked a psychic about my body issues, she told me: On some level you knew that your mother's death was coming and your body reacted. You knew you were going to have shoulder this burden, then work to move forward. The pain in your left knee reflects a fear of moving forward.

Shoulders indicate that we are pushing through something. Knees have to do with forward movement. This woman told me that as soon as I could release the stress, my body would heal. I am working through the things which must be taken care of after a passing. Not only do these things have to be done properly, but I found that I had to be in the right frame of mind to do them. I had to accept my mother's death before I could deal with her papers. Who would have thought I would have trouble trusting that she had passed? Not me.

I am so lucky to have a supportive family and a set of spiritual coaches to help me through this time!

Curious about what came through when different psychics connected with my mother?

Shortly after my mother died, one psychic said:

"She's already transferred to the light. When you told me, instantly, I felt her very happy. Very happy. Very happy. She is really happy."

The same day, another psychic told me:

"When she is gone longer, she is going to get close to you. She is going to ask forgiveness. She did a lot of things that made the separation between you. She is going to accept what she has done and feel bad, and she will want to be around you, to help you. She's not there yet. She is going to get there. She can recognize it, but she needs more time.

"She had to accept she was dead. She didn't accept that right away. Your mom did some fighting. Now, she accepts she is dead, but she doesn't want to be. She still has to accept the totality of it."

About a month later, another psychic shared that my mother was apologetic. She had been through her life review and seen her missed opportunities to love and be loved. It was an eye-opener for her. In fact, the psychic said that my mother had gone through this life review a dozen times to better understand what had transpired.

The psychic choked up as she said, "She is showing me a big, wide smile and she say's, ‘I'm free. I'm healed. I have no pain. You have gone above and beyond being my daughter.'"

Ah, acknowledgment. This is a two-way street. I know I played a part in this relationship, and it's good to hear that she sees that she bears some responsibility too.

If you have ever wondered about the healing aspect of Mediumship, this is it. A chance to hear that the person who has passed is okay and is thinking about their life.

Now, as I am moving through this head cold, I expect to feel better . . . my lungs, my sinuses, my shoulder, my knee, and my back are improving. Thank goodness. I need these bits and pieces to be well so I can enjoy the years to come.

That's the news from my life. What's new with you?


2:53 pm mst

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Kelsey's Lithomancy

Kelsey's Lithomancy

I asked Kelsey, "What do you do at the Psychic Fair?"

She told me:

I practice lithomancy, which is old, old, form of stone reading. I learned it through a dream. I dreamed I was giving a reading. When I woke up, I knew how to do it. I had never done it before. I hadn't even heard of it. I researched what I had seen in the dream, and it ended up being lithomancy.

Lithomancy uses 16 stones to provide a 12 week reading. There are ten planetary stones and six personal stones.

On my table, I have a basket which is divided into 12 sections. The person stands over the basket and releases the stones. I read the stones according to where they fall, where they point, what they lay next to, and their alignment.

Afterwards, I write up the reading and e-mail it to the client with a photo of the stones. I write a couple of lines to remind them of what each thing meant. A lot of people don't take notes, and it can be hard to remember 12 weeks of information. I write a sentence or two about each week, then send it to them. They get the picture and the little write up.

I have been doing this for several years.

I asked, "Do you know how much of the information is based on how the stones drop, and how much of it comes from your intuition?"

Kelsey answered:

Before someone throws, I have them hold the stones. I say, "Don't tell me anything. Don't ask me anything." When they throw the stones, information starts coming in. It's like data starts loading.

There are times when their Guides say, "This is what this means." Then, the Guides want to tell us something else about the situation. I ask to be the conduit. I don't put myself into it. It's whatever the Guides want to share. They are very chatty. It's like sitting with a window between us and they are all banging on the window saying, "Wait, I've got something to say!" I'm sorting it out. It always works.

It's a 12 week reading.

Kelsey, thank you so much for sharing your process with us!


10:51 am mst

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Cherie Fraine
 Meet a Psychic - Cherie Fraine

In January 2009, I interviewed Cherie Fraine. Cherie is a Psychic and a Reiki Master. She also takes people on Shamanic Journeys so that they can have their own psychic experiences. In the 1970s, Cherie went through a testing process and was certified as 95% - 100% accurate.

In this interview, Cherie discusses the difference between "spirit time" and "people time," and explains how she uses Tarot cards to determine the timing of future events. Cherie noted that many people with psychic abilities are here as volunteers to help other people get to the place where they won't have to come back anymore.

In the past, Cherie worked with the FBI and with police to solve crimes.

For next two weeks, you can read Cherie's interview for free on the "Featured Interview" page of this website. After that, her interview will be available as a 99 cent Kindle e-book.

Let me know what you think of the interview.


12:42 pm mst

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Choose the Positive

Quote from a Psychic - Choose the Positive

We have to stay up-to-date. We have to claim responsibility for ourselves in this present day and say, "If I have the option, I choose to see things out of love, not fear." Our choice will determine our whole experience on this planet. Everything else is just details which can be adjusted. Choose to see things out of love, or to take the positive view.

Negative vibrations are in the minority at this time. They try to convince us, "This is how you have to see things." If you say, "I don't think that is the truth," they gasp.

Look in your heart for a positive, warm feeling. Look for things which make your heart feel alive. Things which make your heart feel good are reality. That is the love vibration. That is the new vibration in which we exist. We have a chance to grow better, faster, and stronger, than ever before.

Stay positive. Believe in love. Choose love, choose faith, choose loving yourself and your brother.

John Hunter

12:11 pm mst

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