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The Current Blog, 2010-2017

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Quote from a Psychic - Gurus

"Sometimes clients look to psychics for all of their answers. People need to understand that they are all part of this. No one is a guru; we are all in this together."

Gigi Sample

5:49 pm mst

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Aura Photography and Chakra Energy Centers

Aura Photography and Chakra Energy Centers

Each of us lives within an energy system. Our body is surrounded by an energetic aura, and we also have energy flowing though our anatomy. Our body has seven major energy centers, known as chakras, which convey internal energy.

Some psychics see auras and chakras. Those of us who can't see those things on our own, can be the subject of Aura Photography. This computerized system isn't exactly an aura photo, but is based on information coming through the hand as it is placed on a conductive metal base. I won't go into the technical details because I am not familiar with them. The more-interesting thing is what aura photography shows and how it differs from person to person.

At the last Psychic Fair, Cindy Rost was set up with a computer system for aura photography. She invited me to sit down and have my aura analyzed. What did we see? Red. We saw red. My red aura indicated an emphasis on grounding, stability, and security. Red can also indicate fear, but I didn't feel fearful. This photo was taken less than two weeks after my mother had passed away and I had spent those weeks arranging a funeral, dealing with finances, contacting people, and putting one foot in front of the other to get through all that needed to be done. I was not surprised to see that my aura focused on dealing with the basics. I have posted this photo above and labeled it "Aura Photo 1."

Let's take a deeper look. Beyond the red aura, the photograph also shows my seven major chakra energy centers. When we talk about chakras, we often begin from the bottom of the body and work our way up. This is what you can see in Aura Photo 1:

The root chakra is wide open, indicating a focus on the basics.

The sacral chakra, which is about self-worth, sexuality, and creativity, is closed down.

The solar plexus chakra, about emotions, is pretty open.

The heart chakra, about love and compassion for ourselves and others, is small.

The throat chakra, about speaking our truth with compassion and love, is wide open. (Thank goodness! I was at the Fair and wanted to spend the day talking with people).

The third eye, about intuition and psychic images, is closed.

The crown chakra, about spiritual connection, is open.

Cindy told me that, ideally, all chakras should be about the same size, and they should be about the size of my crown chakra. When the chakras are balanced, no chakra is much larger or smaller than the others.

I would like to try this again in a month or two, after I've finished all the paperwork, etc., which comes with settling someone's estate.

In contrast to March's photo, you can see a photo above which was taken several years ago in which my aura was a high-vibrational purple. Cindy reminded me that aura photographs are a snapshot in time. As we change, they change. And, on any particular day, we may be more focused on one area of life than another. The photograph reflects our current thoughts and emotions.

Now, I want to show you two other aura photographs.

Aura Photo 2 is from someone who is very psychic. You can see all the white in this photo. White indicates a strong connection to Source. This strong white reached down to the ground. However, she had colors too; red, green, and yellow. In addition, her chakra energy centers were of various sizes indicating that she had work to do on herself. Just because someone is strongly connected to Source and very psychic, doesn't mean that they don't have their own issues tied to life on earth.

Finally, the third aura photo (Aura Photo 3) is from someone else at the fair. This photo has a cerebral, yellow, energy which comes from the solar plexus.

You can see that everyone's photo is different in terms of the color of their aura and the size of their chakras.

I hope Cindy returns to the Psychic Fair. Cindy is based in Sierra Vista, AZ, where she is working on her Ph.D. She is analyzing her work from a scientific perspective. However, she finds that her intuition assists with data interpretation and presentation. Cindy runs the "Unique Body Balance Wholeness Center." You can contact Cindy at

If chakra-balancing jewelry interests you, check out the Chakra Jewelry Page.

If you get a chance to try aura photography, go for it. It's fascinating.

Let me know what you think.


12:39 pm mst

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What do Psychics Do? Kaci answers

What do Psychics do?

I asked Kaci Pielstick, "What do you do at the Psychic Fair?" She answered:

"I do Tarot card readings. I have been doing this for seven years.

"My readings are a little different from what other people might do. I do transformational readings.

"If you are struggling with something specific, I am going to tell you the steps to take to overcome that struggle. I'll tell you about the roadblocks to move through to solve the problem. Big picture, small picture.

"It's not just answering the question of whether someone is coming into your life, it's talking about what you need to work on to attract that great person into your life.

"It's transformational.

"I also have crystal energy.

"Outside of the Fair, I do life coaching. I teach Tarot card reading and psychic development. When I teach Tarot, it's about how you use your intuition with the Tarot cards. Everyone does it differently. That's what I teach, more than the Tarot cards. However, I don't do this at the Fair. Here, it is about the healing with the Tarot cards."

10:05 am mst

Thursday, March 8, 2018

After Passing, my Mother's Story Continues

After Passing, my Mother's Story Continues

I want to share a few things which happened after my mother crossed to the other side two weeks ago: a funeral insight and messages from mom.

Funeral Insight

My mother had a beautiful, traditional, religious funeral. One of the most-touching parts was a prayer of forgiveness. My brother and I were asked to walk up to the casket, individually, and say a prayer of forgiveness. It was suggested that this be a two-way prayer, with two parts.

We were to forgive the deceased person for anything they had said or done which had offended us. We were also asked to forgive the person for not being the person which we needed them to be; for not meeting our idea of what the perfect parent would be. So it wasn't just forgiveness for what they had said or done, it was also for what they had not said or done, which we wished had happened.

The second part was to ask for forgiveness from the deceased person for the things we had said or done which had offended them. Then, we were to ask forgiveness from them for not being the person they needed us to be. No one is perfect. We all have blinders and challenges.

This set of prayers is meant to wipe the slate clean and to release all grudges. As we forgive, we ask that no one suffer or be punished on our behalf.

I also asked that my mother be supported on her journey to the other side. I wished that she feel happy and free.

This prayer had a profound effect on me. Wiping the slate clean and moving into two-way forgiveness helped re-frame my thoughts. My mother and I had a difficult relationship. I'm tired of focusing on the slights and the lack of support. I want to move forward. However, I am human. I still say and think things about my mother which are less than generous. I am working on this.

Messages from Mom

Towards the end of her life, my mother had dementia. I thought that when she passed, she would go into a period of healing and I would not hear from her for a while. Turns out this was just my idea, not how things actually worked. Yes, she is in a transitional period, yet I have heard from her.

On my own, I received a surprising message. As I walked my dog, I received an impression in my mind. I didn't hear a voice, but she conveyed, "Good game, Gail. You were a worthy competitor. We played this game all the way to the end. No one gave up. No one gave in." Wow.

Then, at Sunday's Psychic Fair, a couple of psychics brought messages from mom to me. One message came from an energy worker who I didn't know was psychic. I just wanted someone to check that my energy system was clear. I wanted to be certain that "no one" from the cemetery had attached to my energy and come home with me.

As this woman began working in my aura, she asked, "Has your mother passed?" Then her faced clouded up and she tentatively questioned, "Was it recent? She is still in transition." It had only been 10 days. This woman had not known about my mother's passing.

The energy worker went on to tell me that my mother had not wanted to leave this world. My mother knew she was dead, but had not accepted it. She was taking time to complete her transition. This made perfect sense. While alive, my mother never believed she would die. She fought to stay here. Over the years she had exit points, but she refused to go. It was fascinating to hear this message from an intuitive energy worker with whom I had never before spoken. The Intuitive provided additional confirmations from my mother.

I know this kind of inter-realm communication happens, yet it surprises me to experience such a clear connection to someone on the other side, and to hear from them so quickly after their death.

It's a world of wonder.


12:30 pm mst

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Information Highway
Quote from a Psychic Medium - The Information Highway

To connect, I need to get on what I call "The Highway" where all of the information lies. It's like an energy field of the universe where information is held. Every reader has a different way of getting there. As far back as I can remember, the breath gets you to a different level. Once you've done it for a while, you can get yourself there quickly because you know how to do it. You just reach up and ask for assistance with information for the person with whom you are talking. "There goes Martha Lou! Can we have Martha Lou back here please?" Then Martha Lou comes back and stands behind the client.

On that information highway is where I personally see someone or get a feeling. Some [deceased] people are very animated and show up how you would recognize them, then they revert to how they look now. If your grandfather shows up with his pipe and his hat and his beard, I'm going to explain that to you. Then, he's going to go back to how he looked at 35 or 40, which is how he looks now. They assist us in identifying them. The first image is just to get recognition. They understand skepticism. They know that people are skeptical. After I convince you that I am talking to your grandfather, and you confirm, "Yes, he smoked a pipe with cherry tobacco. He loved it," then he can give me whatever it is that he wants to say to you or your family. Or, he can answer a question.

Not everyone shows up with the hat and the pipe and the tobacco which I can smell. It's almost like the readings; there isn't a set way that spirits show up. Sometimes it is just a ray of light behind someone. It just depends. There is no one way.

Nancy Parsons

6:22 pm mst

Thursday, March 1, 2018

My Mother's Passing

My Mother's Passing

Where to begin? I'll begin near the end. A little more than a week ago, my 94 year old mother had a stroke. Five days later, she passed away. Because she was elderly and had health issues, her passing wasn't a shock, but it was a test of my beliefs.

In the days between her stroke and her passing, I spent time with her. We sat together. I called in her angels, Guides, and Higher Self, along with the unseen energies of her support system. I asked anyone on the other side who could ease her passage to come and help her. I called in her best friend from "the old neighborhood" (who had passed years ago). I called in my mother's parents and my animals who were in spirit. I asked that they help her transition to the other side with ease, grace, and peace of mind. I think they took my request seriously and stepped up.

On the living side, my family gathered to say good-bye. We visited my mother and told her the stories of our lives. We thanked her for the role she had played. It was very touching.

I was not there when she passed. I had always hoped to able to see a soul rise from a body, or to see a person connect with loved ones when they came to escort the soul to the other side. I had wondered, "Would I witness my mother talking to her parents?" I did not see any of that. Someone was with her when she passed; it just wasn't me.

The caregiver opened a window to allow my mother's soul to fly free.

After her death, I was there to say good-bye, pray for her soul, and watch the body being respectfully and professionally removed from her room.

I am grateful that hospice care was available. My mother spent her last few days in her room at a Memory Care Center, not in a hospital. She was surrounded by her photos, her furnishings, and the caregivers she knew. It was peaceful. No IVs, no beeping monitors, and no emergency measures. Just a bit of morphine and some anti-anxiety drugs. No one wants to be anxious while their body is deciding what to do.

The following days blur together. Family flew in. Neighbors brought food. My mother was buried.

The funeral was lovely. Until the funeral, I had not been aware of our religion's traditions regarding death. These traditions were very respectful to the person's body and soul, and very comforting to the mourners. I may write more about that next week.

What I want you to know is that, when put to the test, I felt that all I had come to understand about life and death, and the survival of the soul, made this passing a very serene process. No drama, no regrets. Just a simple knowing that my mother was leaving a well-worn, used-to-the-max body, and passing into another realm where, with time, she would be completely healed. She will bask in love.

I feel that she is in a period of healing. She had dementia and may have been confused when she passed. Through a generous healing process, and with gentle guidance, her confusion will lift. She will grow to see a wider perspective of her life, her role, and her accomplishments.

My mother never believed in an afterlife. I hope she is pleasantly surprised. Please wish her well on her journey.



P.S. On a totally different note, the Mystic Messenger's Psychic Fair will be held at the DoubleTree Inn across from Reid Park, in Tucson, this Sunday. I plan to be there and I hope to see you. The Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

11:40 am mst

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