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The Current Blog, 2010-2017

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Psychic Prediction for 2018 - Richard Schickel

Psychic Prediction - Richard Schickel

I asked Richard Schickel if he had a prediction for 2018. He replied:

I'm hearing, "Continued chaos."

That's what I am hearing, "Continued chaos as part of the reorganization," I think people are going to start dying soon. So many people are frustrated.

Trump is good as a destroyer. He's coming in to destroy everything, but he's not replacing it with anything.

Richard Schickel

Richard is the author of the recently-released book, "Gifts of the Spirit, My Mission as a Healer."

9:45 am mst

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Psychic Predictions for 2018 - Morgana Dragonfly
Psychic Predictions for 2018 - Morgana Dragonfly

What will happen in 2018? I asked several psychics for predictions and I will post their thoughts for the next few weeks. Let's start with Morgana's Tarot Card Reading.

Morgana asked, "Where are we going this next year, as a Nation?" She drew 12 Tarot cards and told me:

"The cards are laid out like the face of a clock. One for each month. Of the 12 cards, six of them are Major Arcana. That means there are a lot of spiritual energy transitions coming into play. Transitions force us to change our habits, our life plan, our direction. They offer lessons to learn.

"For instance, in January, The High Priestess opens the door for psychic intuition and for communication with the Higher Self or the spirit. In everybody. This is a general reading for everybody. If they are willing to listen, the psychic door will open for them.

"February is a month of abundance and growth. It is the most advantageous month for growth and expansion.

"March brings up a lot of hidden stuff. Secrets will come out.

"April brings in The Fool. The Fool tries to teach us faith in something higher, but what he tends to do on an earth level, is make us really stupid about where we are going. We make bad choices. We play the fool.

"May finds us wanting to get away from it all. May might be a good month for trips. Go play somewhere.

"June brings good news.

"July wants us to take a chance in order to make things better in our life. It is a chance.

"August is the month of happy families. This would be the month for the reunion, when family wants to get together. It might be the month of new births in the family or new marriages. A time for family to want to get together.

"September brings new ideas and mind expansion. Everyone gets gung-ho. It's also the month of going back to school. Learn something new. Open your mind. Be open to something new.

"October The Hermit plays. The Hermit is very anti-social. He says, ‘Look within. Know yourself. Get acquainted with who you are, then you can go out in November and look at everything you've got.'

"November brings curiosity for what is outside of the world you know. It's a month of optimism and hope. [There will be an Election.]

"December . . . we come into the year on a high note. We leave on a low note. There is disappointment. Emotional loss. I don't know about our high hopes in November. December seems to be very emotionally disappointing."

Morgana recapped:

"January: Be open to intuitive communication. February: Expect abundance. March: Don't be so secretive. Let go of those secrets, they are going to come out anyway. Present them on your turf, not by someone else finding them. April: Time to develop faith that Spirit will catch you if you fall, if you do something really stupid. May: Good month for trips. June: A good news month. July: Take a chance. August: Family reunions. September: New ideas. October: Find yourself. November: Take a good look at what is around you. Be curious. December: Count what you've got."

Thanks for your insights, Morgana!

You can contact Morgana at


9:40 am mst

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Unique Perspective on God

Channeling - A Unique Perspective on God

Recently, I was seated at a channeling session when a woman asked where G-d fits in with all of the spiritual ideas. This was the channeled response:

"There is a grander energetic awesomeness at play in every cell of your body; in every molecule that exists in the universe and in the spaces between every molecule. That is G-d. G-d is non-gendered. G-d is a kindness which permeates absolutely everything, with no judgement; with endless love and kindness. Endless, endless, endless. No judgement. No whisper your ear saying, ‘You shouldn't do that.' The whisper in your ear is you, repeating the socioeconomic view of life that you inherited from your family, your parents, your civilization, and your country.

"Religions teach subjugation to G-d. G-d does not wish subjugation. G-d wishes companionship and a loving relationship, a relationship of equality. There is no ego in G-d. There is endless love. There is endless kindness. There is endless everything."

Channeled through Susan Sampson

11:37 am mst

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