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Thursday, November 30, 2017

How Psychics "Know"

Announcement: The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, December 3, at the DoubleTree Inn at 445 South Alvernon Way, in Tucson, AZ. The Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. I hope to see you there!

How Psychics "Know"

I've asked many psychics how information comes to them. How do they know what to tell a client? Here are two very different answers from people who were interviewed after the publication of the book, My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives.*


Kermie Wohlenhaus - Angelologist

I usually ask to speak with the client's Guardian Angel. However, if I'm answering a specific question, I will ask in different areas. For example, I'll ask, "Does she have any love angels?" and, poof!, there they are. They don't really pop in, but they become clearer. When the angels are through, they tend to fade from my view. I may ask, "Does she have any healing angels?" They show up too! There they are. Once I see them, I know I am asking the angels whose job it is to be of service in that area. Some people have many, many angels working with them; others have very few.

In order to talk with someone else's angels, I need to have an angelic being around me who enables the conversation. Specific angels help with readings.

It seems to me like I am going directly to the person's angel, but I will ask, "Is someone working with me on this?" and they will be right there saying, "We are the ones who make sure that you are safe and that this message comes through clearly." Having my own angel work with me allows me to contact the client's angels without being drawn into their energy. It is like a buffer, a safety net, for the information and for me. Everything is filtered through the angel who works with me to facilitate the communication from many different types of angels and sources.

Angels also act as sentinels. They hold the energy. They know my intentions are of service, for the highest and the best, and for love. They have the same intention.

Angels are over everything in creation. Every plant, animal, human, and relationship has a special angel.

If I am talking to someone about their love life, I will talk to their love angels. These entities are a part of a person's "angel band." The Guardian Angel is the director of each person's angel band, or group, and also helps with soul missions in this incarnation. People have different angels to call upon to help with their various needs.

Financial angels are loud and clear. I also talk to house angels.

Everything has an angel. Every blade of grass has an angel. This table has an angel. Every relationship has an angel. When people make their wedding vows, there is another angel to uphold that intention. When you met your husband, there was an angel there, just like Cupid, opening both your hearts. There are angels over co-workers, friendships, parents, and children.

The angels may tell me something to relay to their "charge" (they call their human their "charge") and I will ask, "Are you sure you want me to tell them that?" The person doesn't realize that I am having a conversation with the angels as I am talking to them. I may be talking aloud to the person about a particular point the angels are sharing, while having a different conversation with the angels as I try to understand the message clearly.

Sometimes, angels express their ideas very quickly. If the angels say something a bit more difficult, I will ask for another, more-detailed way, of saying what they mean. We all have filters, and I never want to interpret messages my way. I just keep asking until I receive clarity and details. Clarity and information help my clients.

When I work with clients, I tell them that readings are like business consultations. People don't have to do anything I, or the angels, say. This is a free-will planet and people are responsible for their decisions. The angels might be very direct and tell them to take certain actions. I tell clients what the angels say, but people are in charge of the physical plane. The angels may be direct about certain guidance, but they can't do things for us; they can only suggest.

John Hunter - Intuitive Massage Therapist

I feel information.

We are energy beings in physical bodies. We receive energy through the pituitary gland; it is like an antenna for energy. When we see a physical antenna, we don't see the energy going into the antenna. That transmission happens with radios, TVs, and cell phones. A tower collects the energy which is moving around. We work exactly the same way. It's just that the energy comes into us through the pituitary gland.

Then, we have to take that non-physical energy and express it in a physical way, with our voice, or with a drawing. Either way, we use our physical body to express a non-physical thing.

When energy comes through the pituitary gland, we feel a change in vibration. Then we either see a picture and can draw it or describe it in words, or we can feel the scenario through our heart, then voice it in words. Seeing and feeling the information are the same thing. We have either developed our mind's eye so we see pictures like a television set, or we have developed our heart so we feel the energy as a scenario.

When I receive information, I try to feel the best way to express it. I pick up energy vibrations, then convert them to voice vibrations. I can channel information and express it as a vocal vibration. The non-physical energy is made physical through the vibration of the voice box.

With clients, instead of using cards or the palm of the hand, I work on the body. Things present themselves. I find things that are physically stopping people from moving forward. Then, we can look at the issue emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We are unlimited on where we go with that. If someone has a question, we can hone in on that, plus they get a shoulder released.

Our bodies record life. We are spirit in a physical body and our body records everything we go through. It's always there for us to have a record of the issues we are addressing and how we are handling them. By releasing things physically, we release them energetically.

Bodywork allows us to connect with something without fear or pressure from the environment. For example, we might think, "It's not right to believe in angels." We park that fear-based idea, have a massage, and connect with our subconscious. It's cool.

When I do bodywork, a reading goes with it. I address core issues. I ask what your body is trying to tell you about how it is going through your life. You have your consciousness, your subconscious, and your way of dealing with things. Your body also deals with things. As you go through issues, your body records them. Your body stores that energy.

If you didn't deal with some emotion when it occurred, you can address it later. When you identify an issue, a window opens showing how you might approach it. Maybe you found the situation overwhelming at the time. You wanted to approach it at a later time when someone could help. This is life. Your vehicle is a recorder, making sure you don't miss anything.

On our journey, everything is important. Everything is arranged for us to have the opportunity to move to the next level of understanding. We start with the body. That is the most-dense, smallest aspect, of ourselves. If we start there, we can walk through that journey of "Why am I storing this energy?" We get beyond that, to balancing it, then we get beyond that, to understanding the next step. It's evolving our self.

* Information from 26 psychics is included in the book, My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives. Click here for book ordering information.

11:15 am mst

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Going with your Gut

Conversation with a Psychic - How do you "Go with your Gut"?

A few weeks ago, Kaci Pielstick helped me understand how to read Tarot cards and how to listen to my gut.

Kaci: I teach Tarot card reading. It's important to know that every card has an infinite number of meanings. It's not just what the book says. It's not just what you think, or what the pretty picture says. It's what your gut says.

For example, you might pull The Lover's card. If I get that forward, it could mean traditional lovers, like falling in love, or that you are already in love. It's your soul mate. Or, it could mean you are longing for love. If I'm looking at this deer overhead [part of the drawing], it could have a completely different meaning, like "You need to go outside more."

Gail: So people have to go with their gut. What if they don't know what their gut says?

Kaci: Everybody knows what their gut says. Everyone has a feeling like "This is a bad thing," or "This area is scary." Or, "If I get in my car, I'm going to get in an accident. I have a bad feeling." Or, "If I do something, it makes me really happy." That's your gut.

Gail: Yeah, but if I listened to that I'd never get on an airplane.

Kaci: That's your brain, not your gut.

Your gut will say, "This flight is going to be fine because I don't have a bad feeling about it." That feeling is literally in your gut, where it is churning because you know something is wrong. That is your gut instinct. Everyone has it. It's a matter of tuning into it and depending on it.

With the Tarot cards, some people see things, some people hear things, some people know things or feel things. That is their intuitive gift. It's a matter of tuning into that. If you always visualize things, look into the card. If you hear things, listen to the card. If you know things, feel the card.

Gail: Wow.

Kaci: I teach psychic development, as well as Tarot reading. Focus on what you do best.

9:49 am mst

Thursday, November 23, 2017


My Personal Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Today's the day. Can't wait to eat and eat . . . but first, a few thing for which I am eternally grateful.

I am ever-so-grateful for:

Family, friends, and pets.

A home with heat, air conditioning, running water, and indoor plumbing (all the good stuff!)

A life where I have the flexibility to choose where to spend my time.

For people who read this work.

For people who share their stories with me so I can share them with you. The artist who said that the stone told him what it wanted to be. The home renovator who said the home told him what needed to be done. The woman who told me she walked babies to the edge of The Veil. The people who told me about their near-death experiences and the messages they brought back to share with us.

For psychics who live their lives listening to Spirit.

For psychics who provide personal insights for me.

For psychics who channel messages so we can all learn about life.

For Mediums who speak to those in Spirit, confirming the other side exists.

For the beautiful weather in Tucson, AZ, where we can sit outside and enjoy birds singing on Thanksgiving Day.

For daughters who are old enough, and competent enough, to host Thanksgiving dinner so I don't have to clean my bathrooms.

For a husband who supports my inquisitive work and laughs at my quirky observations of life. My observations? Little things, like the joy of seeing someone beaming as he leaves Costco with two huge, flat screen TVs, knowing the recipients are going to have a very good holiday. I smiled at this man. He smiled at me. Life is good.

For grocery stores stocked with food, and a reliable car to take me to these grocery stores every day of Thanksgiving week.

For a dog who keeps me company as I write. Who pretends, along with me, that I'm talking to her and not just rambling aloud like a lunatic.

For meditation time -- a chance to connect with myself, my Guides, my angels, and the Universe. Occasionally, I have a brilliant insight. Mostly, I enjoy peace and calm. Unfettered thoughts drift through my mind. I pray for other's healing, and express gratitude to the Earth for providing us with such a lovely home.

For a world where we can experience a full range of emotions. Peace and calm in our homes. Anger and turmoil in the world. Compassion for sick or suffering people and animals. Joy for a beautiful day.

For books which entertain, fill in the gaps in our understanding, and provide fresh perspectives.

For the good health and financial security which underpin my life and allow things to flow.

For my supportive group in the unseen world which moves the props so I can go anywhere and it is the perfect place for me to be.

For an air conditioning unit which made it through another Tucson summer. Good job!

We live in a physical world of cause and effect, and surprise. I like to believe that magic is a part of our lives. That we will hear just the right story at the right time. That we can discover people who walk between worlds, and who understand how the seen and unseen support each other. We can travel the arc of our lives, the arc of our careers, the arc of our family duties, then return to the other side. From there, with a broader view, we can choose to dip into physical life again; living, learning, and experiencing every kind of situation.

I am grateful to have the kind of life where I can explore these ideas and still feel awe and wonder with every discovery.

I hope that you, too, are enjoying a life of family, work, and wonder. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


10:50 am mst

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Turning off Psychic Ability
 Quote from a Psychic - Turning It Off

"Most people who are born with psychic ability, can't turn it off. For the first year or two of learning about your intuition, you need to learn boundary issues and how to turn it on and off. If you are born with it, you can't turn it off, but you can make it minimal so you are not really listening to it. You can keep yourself open and you will only be bothered by something if it is critical that you know about it. It's like a radio on low volume which gets louder if there is an emergency."

Jeff Sonnenburg

1:01 pm mst

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Psychic Fair Magic

Psychic Fair Magic

On the way to Sunday's Psychic Fair, I asked the Universe for a little magic. I wanted to sell a few things and hear a few insights. I heard wondrous stories. Here are six highlights:

1) One woman told me that she had had a near-death experience when she was only 11 or 12 years old. She had been sleeping when the room filled with light. She followed the light, rose up, and saw her body in the bed.

On the other side, she faced a large arena of people. She was asked what she had done with her life. She was only a child. All she had done was go to school and grow up, so she answered, "Nothing." The crowd gave her a thumbs up and she was sent back to her body.

While in the Light, it was explained that people form something like a pyramid. Each person has a special role to play and these roles build on each other. One person may have a place at the bottom of the pyramid, but it needs to be there so others can build upon it.

In our roles, we share wisdom with each other. Each encounter gives us a little bit of understanding so that we can move wherever we are supposed to go.

I felt like her story helped me understand my role in all of this and my insights helped her understand how things work. I also wondered how I would answer the question: What have you done with your life? Fascinating conversation.

2) I chatted with someone who I hadn't seen in quite a long time. He told me that he had had three near-death experiences. Two years ago, his doctors told him that he didn't have much time left. Since then, he had left his job and done all the things he had wanted to do. He had traveled and seen friends. He looked great. He was surprised to still be alive. He said that the key to being alive was doing the things he wanted to do. Actually living life ALIVE.

Then, he gave me a spontaneous message: It will be easy to write a book in 2018. I don't think he knew I was contemplating another book. I didn't know he was psychic.

3) I had a reading with a psychic who told me something I didn't want to hear, then provided a few coping strategies. She reminded me not to put my life on hold while waiting for certain events. Instead, I needed to grab life and move forward. Shortly afterwards, I spoke with the gentleman who illustrated how to live life fully.

4) I asked several psychics for 2018 predictions. Once I have them transcribed, I'll post them here.

5) I took lots of photos at the Fair, and orbs appeared in many of them. Two psychics had orbs on their heads as they were working.

6) I also had a good sales day. Three people purchased the book I had written. So cool.

A big "Thank you" to everyone for helping me have such a nice day at the Fair. If you would like to see photos from Sunday's Fair, they are being posted to the Mystic Messengers Facebook page.

Take care.


11:03 am mst

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Three Insights from Psychics

Observation from a Psychic

"I think I made my life too small." [It's never too late. This can be corrected.]

Another Insight

"You are all evolving. It is the only direction you can go."

Which Religion is the Correct One?

"I am comfortable in a Tibetan place, I am comfortable in a church, and I would go to an Ashram. To me it isn't the name of the faith or the church. If the thread is love for self and others, that works for me. How you practice it may not be how I practice it, but I'm comfortable in all of those places."

10:15 am mst

Thursday, November 9, 2017

How Many Thanksgivings?

On My Mind

A few things I'm thinking about:

* I am ready to move on. Wherever I go, people are angry. It's like they are looking for something to be irritated about. Yes, I understand. I get angry too. But, I'm exhausted. Let's move on to something joyful.

As for the mass shootings, I'm over them. I feel terrible for each situation and every victim. Yet I'm getting to the point of "been there, done that." America, find another way to release your aggression. Please move on to something more productive than hurting others.

Anyone else feeling this way?

* Love is the missing ingredient. Add it to everything.

* Jingle in my head (hum it with me): Where we live, where we play, we shall prosper every day.

* In the last two weeks, I've been to two art festivals and to Phoenix. I found that the fun wasn't in the event, but in the people. I spoke with interesting people, live and in-person, not on a computer. We often talk about connecting with The Other Side; sometimes it's fun to connect on THIS side too.

* The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, November 12, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the DoubleTree Inn in Tucson, AZ, across from Reid Park. At this Fair, you can connect with folks on this side and the other side. What a nice combination. Come and chat with me. I would love to hear your interesting tale.

How Many Thanksgivings?

If you count the Thanksgiving celebrations you have had this lifetime, then add the Thanksgiving celebrations from previous lifetimes, how many Thanksgivings have you had?

The next few paragraphs are based on a message channeled through a psychic:

Be thankful for all the things, all the feelings, all the individual parts of life which are interwoven. Everything in your life, every experience, every relationship, every thing (the food you eat, the flowers you smell, the breeze that blows in your face), every feeling, interweave within your being to create that which you call "this life." When giving thanks, consider all the vibrational energies that you draw in and have allowed to become part of you.

When talking about life, we generally focus on the time spent in this individual vessel. If you can, take the next step. When giving thanks, expand your focus past just this lifetime. Give thanks for all the other times that you have lived in a separate vessel. Experiences in those vessels were stepping stones to the awareness you have now. You gained understanding through lifetime after lifetime.

In addition, give thanks for the constant showering of love energy that flows to you from the Universe, from the cosmos, from the Source of all that is. What greater gift can you give thanks for than the energy which comes from Source, the energy which interweaves through everything you experience in this lifetime and everything you experienced in past lifetimes? For every experience you will have in the future?

Give thanks for that wonderful interweaving energy from that love, from that breath of life. So much to be thankful for. As you expand your mind to become aware of all these blessings, your heart will open to truly give thanks.

At Thanksgiving, a wondrous energy flows out from the whole nation. It is a vibration of gratitude. Allow your energy of thanks to fill the cosmos and to enlighten your vibration in this vessel.

My Past Life

On Tuesday, I posted a few paragraphs about a past life I may have had. It's fascinating to think about how our lives build upon each other to culminate in our current lifetime.

Can you see the forward momentum in all that you have learned and experienced? You are welcome to share your experiences with me via e-mail,, or at the Psychic Fair.


12:33 pm mst

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Past Lives

Past Lives

Someone offered to read three of my past lives and I jumped at the chance to know more about myself. This is the first life she shared with me:

"I see is you as a business owner: a bakery. You are rather OCD in the sense you are always moving from baking, to display, to dealing with customers. You are an entrepreneur in a time when women were not generally in an entrepreneurial business. Your husband is a sailor. He comes home after months at sea. He is a laid-back kind of man who just delights in your bustle and active life. You've given up on him rising to your standard of work, focus, and activity. When you finally slow down, he is there to hold you, and it is then that you realize that he is your rock in the midst of the storm that you make of your life. Although, you enjoy your manmade storms.

"You have three daughters and one son. Two daughters are like you and the other children are like their dad. Without your husband's calm, grounded demeanor that life would have been harried. With your kind man, you lived a very satisfied life. This was in Massachusetts in the very early 1900s."

I thought that summary was pretty interesting. I don't remember that life, but I identify with my self-made hustle and bustle.

If you are looking for a past-life reader, let me know. I've found one.


3:54 pm mst

Thursday, November 2, 2017

It's so Simple

It's so Simple

Tell the truth.

Don't blame other people.

Work for the ideas you believe in; not against someone else's ideas.

Guard your time wisely.

When you don't know something, ask a person who knows.

Sending good vibes helps; so does action.

Your intention drives everything. How you deal with others is how the universe deals with you.

Be a force for good in the world. Be a beacon of light. Raising your positive energy vibration affects everyone, everywhere.

If you catch yourself criticizing others, refocus on your own work.

Kindness counts.

Don't get sucked in to negativity. It becomes who you are.

Love the Earth. Minimize pollution. Pollution hurts plants, animals, sea life, and people.

Take responsibility for your life and your actions. You are not a victim. It's okay to have a few minutes of self-pity, but don't get stuck in it. Move on.

Play fair. You might not "win," but you'll sleep at night (a clear conscience is winning).

If your life is good, spread the joy. Be generous.

It's easier than you think.

Refrain from gossip. If you are gossiping about them, they are gossiping about you.

You get what you look for. What you focus on, expands.

You never get it all done.

The only life you control is your own. Instead of trying to control other people, inspire them.

"Live your life in joy and love and gratitude. It may sound simple and it really is. Humanity makes it complicated, and there is no need. Love each other. Live in peace." (Can't remember where I read this.)

"A failure is when you're not learning from it anymore." Artist Elaine Alt

"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about." Charles Kingsley

Enjoy your week.


11:02 am mst

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