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Thursday, July 27, 2017

9th Blogiversary!

9th Blogiversary!

This weekend is the ninth anniversary of "My Psychic Search" blog. During that time, I've interviewed 37 psychics and shared information from their interviews, along with tons of ideas from psychic fairs and channeling events. Sharing this information only matters if someone dips into the material, so thank you so much for reading this blog!

What is new since the eight blogiversary?

Last summer, I compiled and printed each year's blogs into an annual "Blog Book" so I have a review-able record. I also compiled and printed books of the "Psychics Speak" interviews. My work, through 2015 can be found in bound volumes.

In August 2016, I interviewed John Hunter. We had worked side-by-side at monthly psychic fairs for 18 months prior to our interview (and we continued working for four months after our interview). I am drafting our interview/book.

I wrote 100 blog posts.

I've transcribed messages from 18 channeling sessions.

I did two Book Talks with small groups. I love doing these events. If your group needs a speaker, let me know.

I sold items and chatted with people at 11 psychic fairs.

I stopped setting up my work at the Tucson Museum of Art show. They changed the Fair's arrangements. I was terribly sad to stop doing this show. I loved the prestige of being a Museum artist. I loved talking with the people I met. And, selling art brought in income to cover the costs of "My Psychic Search" Project.

In March 2017, Randy, one of my channeling friends, passed away. The amazing thing was that we communicated with him on the other side and I was able to share his information on the blog.

As mentioned above, I am working on John Hunter's interview and folding in our many conversations from the psychic fairs. I can see strong themes in John's work. Here are a few:

1) Life presents challenges so we can grow. We grow by seeing the positive aspect of every situation and letting go of the rest. How do we let go? We realize the situation no longer serves our growth. We retain the positive lesson and move on to the next challenge.

2) We are conscious energy in a physical body. Energy has the drive to move, grow, and be free. We keep moving forward. We keep growing. We are responsible for our growth.

3) It's all about vibrations. Each soul starts as a low vibrational energy, then works its way up to a higher vibration. It's important to retain our independence and not allow low vibrational energies to attach to us.

4) Our lives and experiences are the outreach portion of a universal energy Source. When we learn and grow, Source learns and grows.

5) As souls, we move in and out of bodies and other objects, having growth experiences on both sides of the Veil: physical and non-physical. The Veil allows us to believe that these worlds are separate. Because we don't remember our past lives, we can look at situations with fresh eyes and make choices about how to handle them.

6) One of our major jobs is to learn to manifest. On earth, we manifest at a small scale so that, later, we can move out to the cosmos and manifest on a larger scale.

John's information mirrors what I've learned from other psychics, expands on it, and provides a great depth of knowledge about the mechanisms for receiving, processing, and delivering messages from Guides. You'll read more about his work in future blog posts and books.

For me, I have to remember to pull the positive out of "My Psychic Search" activities. The interactions with psychics are usually positive and the information which comes through at channeled events and in personal readings, is fascinating.

My challenge is to find a way to grow readership. I leave that work to the universe and to you. Feel free to share these blog posts with your friends. After they are posted on the website, I post them on "My Psychic Search's" facebook page. Facebook is an easy way to share material, so feel free to share these posts on your facebook page.

Cheers! Here's to another year of spiritual discoveries, psychic interactions, and personal growth for all of us.


1:47 pm mst

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Balancing Matter and Energy

Quote from a Psychic - Balancing Matter and Energy

"Creative energy floats around the universe and runs into low-vibrational, solid matter. It intertwines and becomes a mix of the creative free energy and the dense matter, allowing life. Life is the balance of physically dense low vibrational matter and high vibrational energy. We are the combination of a low vibrational physical body and the conscious, high vibrational energy inside of it.

"The key to life is to understand that we are a high vibrational energy which chooses to exist in a dense body so that we can experience the balance of it. Our true self is the free energy. We can leave the body any time for other experiences.

"It's so beautiful. It's so powerful. So pure. If we hone in on that vibrational process, we are enlightened. We accept it. We take responsibility for the knowledge. Then, if we can express that knowledge and share it, we can spread it. That is why we are here."

John Hunter

1:05 pm mst

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Energy is the Tool we use to Create

Energy is the Tool we use to Create

In March, one of my connected friends channeled a message with a wealth of fascinating ideas. I want to share some of these concepts with you, so I have summarized the basics points. Those of you who wish to read the entire message, can find it below the summary.

The Summary

1) Everyone has the ability to reach out and connect with non-physical entities. Try it. Think of someone in spirit who you admire, then attempt to contact them. Because everyone is connected, the one out there is a part of you.

2) Remember that we are unlimited. People hear this so often that they brush it off. Keep in mind that it is true.

3) Energy is a tool. Our thoughts form energy and coagulate it into a structure.

4) Think about the power it took to create this universe. Think about the power it takes to keep the cohesiveness of all things. Think about the power it requires to keep and develop the various dimensions, frequencies, and beings who interact. It is the consciousness of The One, interacting with itself, and working through us, which holds the fabric of consciousness together.

5) Consciousness organizes energy. For example, our thoughts create the illusion that our house is solid. The collective consciousness of humanity has a pre-arranged thought that each house is a solid structure.

6) Atoms are mostly empty space. Tables, lamps and walls are made of atoms and are full of empty space. They are not solid objects. Through thoughts, the wall, the lamp and the table are solidifying and dissolving a trillion times a second. Because that frequency is so high, it gives the illusion of the object being solid.

Just like other objects, bodies are constantly fading in and out of reality. They re-form a trillion times a second.

Healing is a matter of changing your thought, reorganizing the energies, believing in what you want, and knowing that you are the guide, the creator.

7) It is fun to explore ourselves. Source created us to learn about ourselves. Because we are a part of Source, through us, Source learns about itself. We shouldn't stagnate or accept a condition where we are not growing. We should expand. Expansion is driven by our desires during each incarnation. Our desires are at the forefront of the expansion of Source. Our individual input expands Source.

8) Every life is important for our own growth and for the expansion of All That Is.

I love thinking about the ideas which come through. And, if I read the messages again, several months later, I have new epiphanies.

Let me know what you think.


The Full Message

Good evening one and all.

We are very pleased you enjoyed Sofia (Mother Earth) coming in. Remember that each of you has the ability to expand and to contact other beings who may interest you for a personal relationship. We recommend that you extend your mind to others who intrigue you, even if it's just for more of a personal contact than to share with others, but we, of course, always would encourage you to share.

A couple of points. We were not able to hold the energy together very well. So a few thoughts.

Remember that you are unlimited. We say this constantly, but sometimes it seems to come across so frequently that it is normal to brush the saying off. Do you really understand what that means? The magnitude, the depth, of what you are?

With the veil being very thin, now is a great time for you to go into your Higher Selves so that you can have a more realistic feeling, a knowing, of the expansiveness of what Source is and how you can go anywhere, be a part of anything. Have you thought about joining with Helios and Vista (the solar sun) or Alpha and Omega? Wouldn't that be just a fantastic touch, fantastic communication? I am sure there are some who would think that may be a little daunting, maybe overwhelming, but these are gentle beings who have your best interest at heart. They are working constantly to help uplift you and humanity. It would be a wonderful gift to bring that voice, that insight, to this group and maybe to other groups as well.

The power that you have . . . think about what it took to create this universe. Think about the power it takes to keep the cohesiveness of all things together. Think about the power it requires to keep and develop all the various dimensions and frequencies and all the beings who interact, together. It is the consciousness of The One that interacts with itself, and thus through you, to hold the fabric of consciousness together.

We would also like to expand a little bit about the subject of energy, for we feel the idea was not fully expressed.

Energy, as it is thought of in your dimension, is a wave that can become a particle if you look at the scientific aspects of it. But energy is also like pouring a cake into a pan to be baked. When you are pouring it, it flows in every which direction possible. Up, down, left, right, in and around itself. Energy is a tool for you to utilize. Your thoughts are what form energy and makes it coagulate into a structure.

Many of you have heard about how empty an atom is, or how empty matter is. We will give you an idea, or try to give you an idea, of how your thoughts control energy.

If we take a table or a lamp, that lamp or table is not solid. The walls are not solid, but through your thoughts, the wall, the lamp, the table, is solidifying and dissolving a trillion times a second. Because that frequency is so high, it gives the illusion of being solid. Through your thoughts, your mind, your control of energy, it is possible for you to walk through the walls, the table, the lamp, or even to put your hand through. We wouldn't suggest just running out and trying it without practice - the wall might not give in. But energy is very fluid.

Consciousness is the controller, the organizer, of energy. It is your thoughts, your consciousness, that keeps this house where it is. The collective consciousness of humanity has a pre-arranged thought that this house is a structure here, and you feed off that collective consciousness, but it is truly your thoughts that give this home its physicality. Your thoughts, to expand that a little further, are what gives your body its physicality. For your body, too, is constantly fading in and out of reality. It is forming constantly, a trillion times a second.

Healing is truly just a matter of changing your thought, reorganizing the energies, believing in what you want and knowing that you are the guide, the creator. We say this in passing all the time, but how do you take it to heart? We think most in this room do, but is it deep-seeded enough that it becomes the fabric of your belief system?

Of course, there are things, ideas, thoughts, beliefs that you were raised with that do run interference, shall we say "road blocks," to some of what you try to create. We won't go into those specifics, but we encourage you to expand your thoughts. Expand into what you touch while you meditate, before you sleep.

Go out and identify a spirit that you admire, one who may have incarnated on this planet, or one that helped you in the angelic world, or even one of the Watchers. Any of those beings that have given themselves to be suns or planets.

We not only recommend this for (1) your own curiosity, but (2) to expand the understanding of what a superb being you are. The one out there is you, in essence. The power that is maintained out there, you have. Without restrictions other than the restrictions you place upon it. We encourage you to expand into further exploration of yourself and not to be caught in the proverbial rut.

We are all currently experiencing fifth dimensional energies and you will not be limited to the fifth dimension. There are opportunities to go into sixth and seventh. Or beyond. Depending on your desire.

It is "fun," that is the term we would like to use, to explore oneself. For that is what Source has done with itself in creating all of you. For what you experience through this life, through all past lives, through each of the dimensions that you exist in, is to learn of itself, not to stagnate in accepting of a condition or existence without growth, but to expand itself also through you. That expansion occurs through desire. Through these incarnations that you have. That is true for every being that has ever been created. Your desires are at the forefront of the expansion of all of Source. Your individual input expands Source to a greater degree and that is why it is so vital to keep the network of consciousness ever-developing, ever-evolving. You are so important, each and every one of you, for that: expansion of yourself and expansion of All That Is.

With that we will close. We love you. We bless you. Amen.

12:12 pm mst

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Earth is a Schoolhouse

Quotes from a Psychic, Medium, Shaman

"Intuition doesn't come from knowing; it's sensory. It aligns with the truth.

"‘Psychic' is about possibilities. It is an energetic interrelationship. If you come to me and tell me that you have a problem, there are holograms which print out. ‘If you do this, this will happen.' ‘If you do that, that will happen.' We have possibilities. I think ‘psychic' means you can see the probability of something happening if a person makes a certain choice. That is the reading. You have choices."

* * *

"When I was four years old, I had an awakening. I heard a sound in my head which I didn't recognize. It was like a ricochet. I realized I was not home. I didn't recognize Earth. This was my first trip to Earth. I wondered where I was. Two spirits came and told me that I was at a place called Earth and that I was here to do my work. I asked, ‘What work?' and they said, ‘You'll find out when you get big.' They disappeared. I was freaked out. I saw colors. I pinched myself to see if this was real. I didn't recognize this. After that, I became conscious.

"Like everyone else, I shut down; but there is a part of ourselves which doesn't shut down."

* * *

"Spirit told me Earth is a schoolhouse."

Y (chooses to remain anonymous)

1:27 pm mst

Wednesday, July 12, 2017



Have you taken photos and seen round orbs in them? What are those whitish spots? Two explanations:

1) Orbs are spots of dust which are captured on film by the camera's flash.

Wikipedia explains that:

"Orbs are captured during low-light instances where the camera's flash is used . . . The orb artifact can result from retroreflection of light off solid particles, such as dust or pollen, or liquid particles, especially rain. They can also be caused by foreign material within the camera lens."

2) Orbs are spiritual evidence of visitors from the non-physical world. explains that:

"Some people believe that orbs are more than dust particles or drops of moisture on the lens--they are proof of guardian angels, captured on camera. When these "spirit orbs" or "angel orbs" appear near a single person or a group of people in a photo, it's a sign that they are blessed with the goodness, positive energy, and protection of angels. When orbs appear in a particular location, it's also a sign that angels are hovering nearby and the location is particularly blessed."

I've heard a few things about orbs from the psychics.

In 2011, I asked April Cunningham, "When you look around, what do you see?"

She answered:

"I see spirits."

"There are layers. It's like layers of spirit. It is almost dimensional. Sometimes, there will be a little round thing which is a confirmation of someone around you. This little round thing will come up close and I can see within that dimension."

More recently, at the July Psychic Fair, Karreen Martin presented orb photos which she had taken the previous evening. She can call orbs in for photos. Karreen takes people on photo tours to see orbs.

She asked, "Have you ever done something and felt your scalp tingle? That is what they feel like. You can feel them when they come in. I can feel them when they get close. Some orbs are really bright."

She added that orbs can be attracted to an area by music, and that dogs always know where orbs are located.

John Hunter had more expansive ideas about orbs. He thought that things which happened on a small human scale, also happened on a universal scale.

John said:

"There is a race of people, or entities, which exist in orbs. Huge orbs move in and out of our solar system. We have a space program which is trying to get to a high enough level to deal with the orbs. Orbs come in all shapes and sizes."

John explained that orbs are energy. His ideas:

Small orbs might be used for individual transportation. For example, they could move people between the earth and the moon.

Orbs occur on a small scale on Earth. On a planetary scale, there is no difference. Orbs as big as the sun, can exist. Planets are alive, just like people are alive. They have consciousness, just like people have consciousness.

Just as high vibrational beings can exist without physical bodies, planets which no longer need physical representation, can exist as huge, pure-energy orbs.

There are orbs as big as Jupiter. There are huge world orbs. The sun is a high, dense energy. However, it is only one form of energy. There are a billion other forms of energy. A race of humanoids could exist in a high vibrational orb planet, instead of a physical planet like ours.

If the earth was threatened by radiation, an orb could cover the planet to protect it from the radiation's effects.

I have seen orbs in several photos taken at the Psychic Fair. Elvia Martinez had one over her table as she performed Reiki. Emmy Morgan had one over her shoulder as she provided a reading. John Hunter had one on his chest.

In addition, one of my favorite photos shows an orb moving over my shoulder while I was visiting relatives in a cemetery. I managed to post three of the photos at the top of this page, two more can be found on "My Psychic Search's" facebook page. Click here for the link.

Please let me know about your experiences with orbs.


8:49 pm mst

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Psychic Surprise?

I asked Kaci Pielstick, "What is the most surprising thing about being psychic?"

She answered:

"I was shocked to find out that I was psychic. A psychic had to tell me that I was psychic. I was that oblivious, or blocking it, even though I had had psychic visions and provided intuitive guidance for people my entire life; since I was a little kid. I didn't know that that was ‘psychic.'"

She went on to say:

"The thing which most surprises now, is the timing of things - when people are told about something which is going to happen." She explained that sometimes she gets message months ahead of an event. Other times, the information comes to her right before someone needs to know it.

Wrapping up, Kaci said, "I used to be surprised by how accurate I was when things came true for other people or for myself. Anymore, I expect it to come true."


1:46 pm mst

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Where is "The Other Side"?

Where is "The Other Side"?

It's easy to think about The Other Side in terms of Heaven being "up there," and Hell being "down there." But the psychics explained that Heaven and Hell don't really exist. They are human constructs created to remind us to live moral lives.

So where is "The Other Side?"

When I interviewed Richard Schickel, he looked to his Guides for an answer:

"They say, ‘We are right next to you, but at a higher level.' People are at a slow physical level because of their skin and bodies. Entities are at a higher, freer level of just spirit."

Other psychics commented there was a veil between worlds and that the other side was right here. One person thought that it was all around us, at a higher vibration and about three feet off the ground. It was a question of being able to sense a higher vibrational energy.

In April, I looked to a psychic channeler for a fuller explanation. I asked, "When spirits are on the other side looking down on us, what do they see? Do they actually see us as physical beings? What do they see when they look at us?"

She channeled:

"First, they are amongst us, not above us, not below us, not near us. They are amongst us. They cannot not be anymore than the air cannot be. We are here. They are in a collective energy. It would be like a light, a color, a vibration, next to you. That is all you are: a light, a color, a vibration."

"If you were to ask a match when you see the flame burning, ‘Are you the blue, the orange, or the red?' It is all. You might be the red part of the flame which will change to blue in a little while, then yellow.

"When a light starts to dim somewhere, vibration or energy-wise, they are drawn there.

"Similarly, you came in to support each other, to be a back-up for each other. You may see one of your ‘fellow lights' dim. There are those who are called to raise up that light, that vibration, that energy."

The channeler clarified that whenever we feel a dip in our energy, whenever we feel a little low, both people and unseen energies are available to boost us up. They are with us and, when we ask, they respond to our needs.

She went on:

"It isn't another side. It's merely a difference in vision and a difference in feeling. It is how we view and feel. It's a knowing. It's a sensing."

"We are amongst you always. If you only knew the power that you have and the abilities, which are stored in banks for you, with spirit, with Guides, with illumination. ‘Ask and you shall receive' is not just a comment written in a bible. If you want to know, ask."

I responded, "It's so easy to think of them being on a plane above us, but to think they are amongst us . . ."

She channeled, "Amongst us. Within us, around us, amongst us, and we with them."

This conversation changed my view of the other side. We are conscious energy in a body. We are surrounded by conscious energies, including our Spirit Guides, who assist us on our journey.

Does this makes sense to you too?


12:15 pm mst

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Doubling of the Soul
Quote from a Psychic - The Doubling of the Soul

I asked Maryushka, "What do you think happens when people die? at the moment of death? after death?" She answered:

At the moment of death, their energy leaves the living plane that we are on. It goes to the next level of energy. From there, most people hook right up with the people who love them. They see the white light, they go down the tunnel. There, they are with their people.

I believe in the doubling of the soul so that all of your people, your relatives, are there waiting for you when you go. There is no "Never Never Land" where you are stuck. I know that there are ghosts who are stuck, who can't move on. I don't know why. I know you can help them let go of this plane and move on to the next plane. Most people have people waiting to greet them and help them. The thousands of reports of near-death experiences all tell the same basic story of the white light, the tunnel and the relatives. There's Jesus, there's Mary. It depends on who you are looking for. They are there to get you to the place you are supposed to be. You stay there.

When you are ready to reincarnate, a piece of you stays there and a piece of you comes down to do more Earthly learning because there are situations which you can't learn there. Plus, you need to test your free will. There, it's not necessary. You are all-empowered. Your learning is different. I can't tell you how it is different because I am not there. I don't remember the other side.


10:28 am mst

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