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The Current Blog, 2010-2017

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hospice Help

Hospice Help

At the last Psychic Fair, I met a pediatric nurse who psychically communicates with babies and toddlers. She understands why they are here and why they are ill. She helps them heal. If healing is not possible, she walks them to the edge of the Veil. To the edge of the Veil. Wow. I gave her my card and I hope she contacts me so we can talk again.

I've spoken with a few hospice workers who have shared phenomenal stories with me. One woman told me that at the moment of death, she feels the soul leave. When she actually sees the soul exit the body, it looks like a mist.

There is a quick whoosh out of the body as the soul departs. Sometimes, the soul hangs around after death, but it always leaves the body quickly.

People who are passing need a soft, supportive energy. There shouldn't be any drama in the room. They know what they need to do, and they need a supportive environment in which to do it. By choice, they often pass when their loved one is out of the room. They don't want the loved one's last memory to be of them gasping for breath.

The hospice volunteer I met a few years ago told me that dying people ask her questions. She turns the questions around and rephrases them because people know the answers. Someone might ask, "Will my daughter be okay after I pass?" She will respond, "What do you think?" They are clearing out issues before they go.

She suggests that when holding hands with someone who is passing, the dying person's hand should be placed on top of friend's hand so the friend can't hold the person back.

If you work with hospice and have had interesting experiences, I would love to hear from you. I was recently told, "Everyone who works with hospice has these kinds of experiences. It is one of the reasons they do it."

I learn so much when people share their experiences with me. I want to thank each of you for your willingness to add to our understanding of life.


10:42 am mst

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Quote from Karreen - Connecting

I asked Karreen Martin how she connects with her client's energy. This is her answer:

"Visually, I connect right away. I look in the eyes. I look at the face. I look at the skin tone. Eyes tell me a lot. Then I connect with my Guides and angels and I become neutral to give them the messages they need. Then I connect with their angels and Guides and ask permission to communicate on a spirit level. I also ask for permission on the physical level.

"From there, I can use my Tarot cards or pendulum, or people can simply ask questions. Clients can ask whatever they need to know, especially something for soul level healing. It can't be spying into people's lives. It has to be something on a spirit level to raise their vibration. It doesn't matter if the people have passed away or if they are still here. They can ask any question and Spirit will answer it.

"My gift is pendulum work. That is how I hear Spirit; that's how I channel it. Sometimes, I would like to do it another way, through writing or talking, but Spirit says, "This is your gift. This is what you must use." It's very natural to me. It's simple and easy. No stress, no worry.

"People get answers and their whole face shifts. I could take a picture before and after the session, and they would look different. They have shifted. Their vibration has been raised. It stops the worry, the fret, the indecision, and maybe some of the guilt or pain. It helps them let go. "

Thank you, Karreen!


Karreen is a regular reader at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair. She also works with Tarot cards and performs Spiritual Response Therapy, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy. You can contact her through her website:

11:58 am mst

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Banking Good Will

Banking Good Will

When someone could use a little help, we often send them "good vibes." We hold them in love and light. We send them the energy to do whatever it is they need to do for their growth, with ease and grace. From our viewpoint, we can't know why people choose various roles, problems, or issues, but we can wish them success in their endeavors.

The energy we send can give them the boost they need to re-align themself with their greatest good. Perhaps they are ready to give up. The extra energy from an outside source might give them the strength to soldier on.

However, this loving assistance only works if the person is willing to accept the helping hand. "Accepting" means that their total being accepts the energy. It's not just a mind/brain decision. Everyone has free will and can decide whether or not to accept outside energy. In addition, for things to work out, their choice must be in alignment with their life plan.

When we talk about someone not being willing to accept energy, we are not necessarily talking about a conscious decision. We are talking about someone desiring encouragement, then thinking maybe they really aren't worthy of a positive outcome, or they are not sure what they want. Doubts and negative self-talk creep in.

If we all sat together and prayed for somebody, the energy would be available to them, although we might not see our desired outcome. If we sent healing energy and the person didn't want to heal, it wouldn't happen. It's their choice.

If the individual isn't willing to accept the outside energy right now, what happens to that energy? It is stored and can be accessed at a later date. It never goes away. It is as if the good will goes into a bank. Later, when they are ready, they can withdraw the support.

People can assist each other on the physical level, and non-physical energies can also send aid. A deceased relative, angel, teacher, or Spirit Guide can help someone on the physical plane. Their power can add to the person's energy, and help the person manifest their goals (if he or she accepts the energy).

It's as if each person's aura forms a flame. When one person's flame flickers or diminishes, another entity's flame can touch and strengthen it. Think of a candle lighting ceremony at a wedding. Each person lights their candle, but when the flames combine to light a third candle, a stronger, brighter light bursts forth.

If you need assistance, ask. Then be open to accepting energy from the physical and spiritual planes. Physical and non-physical assistance both work the same way. If we are willing to accept the gift, the extra boost of energy can help us achieve our goals.

Let me know if this rings true for you.


P.S. Information in this post came from the combination of several channeled messages.

P.P.S. - It was wonderful to see so many of you at the Psychic Fair last weekend. Laughing

12:29 pm mst

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Quote from a Channeling - Abundance

Quote from a Channeled Message - Abundance

"We were not meant to live here in scarcity. We were not put here to get another job. We were not put here to work harder.

"We are here to manifest abundance, prosperity, well-being, health, knowledge, intuition, gifts of spirit, with thought in every breath we take. It is believing it. It is knowing it. It is not trusting and hoping. That is a whole different level. It is a knowing that it is your divine birthright, and demanding and commanding."

12:32 pm mst

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Magic in the Mundane

Announcement: The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be held this Sunday, May 7, from 9 AM until 4 PM at the DoubleTree Inn across from Reid Park in Tucson, AZ. I will be set up at the Fair with all kinds of merchandise. I hope to see you there.

Magic in the Mundane

You never know how Spirit is going to show up in your life.

I live a pretty mundane life. Lots of domesticity: grocery stores, cooking, family time, bill paying. Right now, the laundry is in the washer. I like this life because it allows time for me to think and write. Composing requires quiet concentration. I love the part of my day when I can meditate, open a computer file, and draft something. Lately, I've been working on John Hunter's interview which is why you've seen his quotes showing up on the blog. His crazy-good story is like a movie playing in my subconscious.

Last week I received a message, through a psychic, that my quiet life is not as unremarkable as I imagine. She said:

"It feels as if there is a vibrational energy, very ground-basic, taking care of your home. As if you are cleaning and sweeping, and the broom you are using is made of sticks and twigs. A very simple element that you think is part of a mundane thing that you are doing, but Spirit shows you doing it while Spirit dances all around you on an upper level. You are busy taking care of the things that you consider important and your job, and what you do, but if you were to look up for a minute, you would see how Spirit dances around you. Spirit fills your head. Spirit guides you, illumines you, and gives you creative ideas. While you are busy doing the little mundane things that you think are your job in life, you are creating on the thought vibration. You need ‘down time' to write because there is so much happening in the creative realm.

"You are very good at quoting other individuals. It would be wonderful if you were to interview yourself and allow the mirth of Spirit to come through to you. It dances all around you, in your thoughts, all the time.

"I leave that with you and bless you."

Thank you.

A lovely message. It gives me hope.

Then, there's sleep. Ah, sleep. We all do it. It's a third of our life; pretty routine. Yet, we never know what might happen when we open to the dream world.

Recently, a friend shared this story. I won't use her name, but it doesn't matter. This kind of thing might happen to anyone.

My friend's daughter-in-law (DIL) was pregnant for the second time. The first baby had been delivered by C-section and the second baby was planned to arrive via C-section. A delivery date had been set.

Then, my friend had a dream that the baby was born vaginally, not by C-section. In the dream, the daughter-in-law freaked out at the idea of a vaginal birth. She demanded her C-section!

My friend told the DIL about the dream and it upset the woman. The DIL was going to have a C-section no matter what. No vaginal birth. My friend was told to stop talking about the dream because it upset people. In my friend's mind, she was sharing this dream not to upset people, but to mentally prepare the DIL for what might happen.

The morning of the C-section, the DIL went into labor. Surgery was moved up. You know where this story is going. The baby arrived so quickly there was no time for a C-section. The prophetic dream had come to pass. Though she had fought the idea, at least the DIL had an inkling of what might transpire.

Things happen when we sleep. Things happen when we meditate. Things happen as we live our lives. Sometimes we are aware of our connection to the spiritual world and sometimes we are just enjoying a quiet moment when magic arrives. It's wonder-ful.

Thanks for listening. If you have a story to share, please send it to


1:18 pm mst

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Quote from a Psychic - Success

Quote from a Psychic - Success

 I asked John Hunter, "What do you think success is? How would you define success?" He answered:

"Success is measured by the amount of love you are able to express in life. That is what you are here to do. Money comes and goes. We've seen that throughout history. If a natural disaster comes, what good is money? We cannot measure anything by money which comes and goes.

"Your consciousness is always here. You have to measure a successful life by your ability to express all the positives in your life. That's it. That is what allows you to move on and grow. Knowing that, I can't judge anyone and I can't rate them by material things. If someone has all the money in the world, but cannot express the love they have, what good is that? None. That's it."

John Hunter 

12:28 pm mst

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