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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Connecting with Clients

Connecting with Clients

At the April Psychic Fair I asked seven psychics, "How do you connect with your client’s energy? Do you connect directly, or do you go through Spirit Guides and angels?"

These are their answers:

Kaci Pielstick

I have a deep connection with people. I’m an empath and I feel everything. I can feel what they are going to go through in the future, as well as what they have gone through in the past, depending if I’m predicting the future, or working on past issues.

I also see things when I do readings.

I can connect even if I haven’t met the person. I do online and e-mail readings. I don’t have to see the person, I just have to know their name. I put the intent in my cards and it works.

Kat Reigel, Animal Communicator

I go directly to the animals, then I pull their energy back. It feels very empathic. It’s hard to describe how I connect. I know I have them because the energy of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions comes through for me.

If I’m in an okay mood and suddenly I feel happy or springy, I know it’s the connection to an animal. Once I’m done talking to them, that feeling goes away and it’s just me again.

Laurie Hays

I ask people to open themselves to receive, like turning on a light switch in their chest. Then I ask my Guides to connect with their Guides so they have their little "kumbaya." I ask that the words which come through be in a language and an understanding that sounds familiar to them. I tell them, "If it doesn’t sound correct or accurate, disregard it." They shouldn’t give their power away to anything or anyone.

A reading should confirm things they have been thinking about that sometimes, because they are so emotionally attached, they can’t see. I ask them to have it resonate within them as their divine truth, or not accept it. People have been very receptive.

You can tell in the vocabulary, or the surprising ideas which come out, that people are very touched. People are very touched.

Riverlark Scott

As a claircognizant (clear thought) Intuitive, I have a spirit helper. Energies connect with me through voices. I connect with my personal Guides and I like to explain the Guides as a football field full of people. I can also see energies waiting to speak to me. I‘ll know it, and I’ll think it, and there it is.

My Guides speak to me and my client’s Guides speak to me. Their ancestors play a very big part in that conversation. I ask a bunch of questions and answers flood in. I’ll have to process the things which come to my head.

Then, I tell them everything. I don’t like to pick and choose because it’s not mine to do. If I think something and it might be a little blue, I rarely say it, but maybe that is what they want to hear, or maybe it’s what they need to hear.

Also, I’ll get colors, spirit animals, or names of perfume. "This is what I’m getting." It’s not always the question they put forth that gets answered. I work with clients on that. Some folks don’t know what question to ask.

My spirit helper acts almost like a megaphone, helping me get the most-appropriate answer.

Karreen Martin

Visually, I connect right away. I look in the eyes. I look at the face. I look at the skin tone. Eyes tell me a lot. Then I connect with my Guides and angels and I become neutral to give them the messages they need. Then I connect with their angels and Guides and ask permission to communicate on a spirit level. I also ask for permission on the physical level.

From there, I can use my Tarot cards or pendulum, or people can simply ask questions. Clients can ask whatever they need to know, especially something for soul level healing. It can’t be spying into people’s lives. It has to be something on a spirit level to raise their vibration. It doesn’t matter if the people have passed away or if they are still here. They can ask any question and Spirit will answer it.

My gift is pendulum work. That is how I hear Spirit; that’s how I channel it. Sometimes, I would like to do it another way, through writing or talking, but Spirit says, "This is your gift. This is what you must use." It’s very natural to me. It’s simple and easy. No stress, no worry.

People get answers and their whole face shifts. I could take a picture before and after the session, and they would look different. They have shifted. Their vibration has been raised. It stops the worry, the fret, the indecision, and maybe some of the guilt or pain. It helps them let go.

Carolyn Munson

I let people come to their own conclusions. I work unconditionally. I don’t judge. I let them come to their own revelation.

When I allow people to be themselves without judgement or interference, they seem to get some clarity as they talk things through themselves. I am their sounding board. Then, I start pulling cards. The cards are always right. My brain might get in the way, or I could have an opinion. The cards tend to be more accurate.

Clients connect with themselves and I facilitate it. I allow them to talk things through in a safe place until they have "A revelation of Aha!" The Aha moment.

Jane Seybold

I went into a church one time and they put me into what they call a box, like a tent. I was blindfolded. I couldn’t hear or see the person and I was told to connect to them. I was reading the person before they sat in the chair. Because it’s energy, I didn’t have to see the person. I am a psychic Medium, not just a Medium.

I also like to use psychometry. Psychometry and energetic field. Everything is stored in the energetic field. Once I access their energetic field, all that information is available.

When you put it out to consciousness, you want something so evidential that the person will believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could not know that information.

I love what I do.

Patricia Kirkman

I ask for their birth name and birth date. From that, I start getting information. Some of it is physical; I am writing it and looking at it. Other comes to me intuitively and I’ll ask them questions. They validate the information for me. It comes from different directions. I’m not looking for anything specific, other than their name and birthday. As soon as I get that, I start receiving other information.


Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


11:02 am mst

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spiritual Evolution

Quote from a Psychic - Spiritual Evolution

"Spiritual evolution doesn't always have to do with psychic phenomena. I think that some people are good at math, or running; I think it is like that with intuition. It doesn't say much about you as a human being, but some people just have the talent. And some spiritually-evolved people are not psychic; for example, they can't see the future or talk to the dead. They are just very evolved."

Leah Taylor

10:28 am mst

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Steve Ballmer and Me

Steve Ballmer and Me

Steve Ballmer and I have something in common. He's the former Microsoft CEO and a billionaire . . . and I'm using a Windows computer while eating potato chips. That's not what we have in common.

Steve Ballmer is developing a nonpartisan database of governmental information so that we all have a common set of reference numbers when looking at issues. It's called USAFacts.

And me? I'm trying to develop a common set of ideas and definitions relating to psychic ability so that when we talk to each other, we understand what we are discussing. The basics. I'm collecting information on the many ways psychics connect to the spiritual world. I am listening for commonalities in near-death experiences. I am defining the words we use. Through my conversations with psychics, I hear what it is to be a Medium, or a ghost, or a spirit. I am pinning down these definitions and their variations. In fact, I have compiled a Glossary on this website.

Talking to 40 or 50 psychics about what they do and how they do it, has helped me understand the wide fluctuation of what we call "psychic ability." This ability ranges from hearing voices about a client's personal situation, to flashes of insight, to channeled information about how life works.

Steve Ballmer and I are independent and curious. We both want to provide a valuable resource. Yes, we are working on different scales (his project is huge), but we both want to understand the basics in our areas of interest and provide neutral information so that people can have intelligent conversations about interesting issues.

You can go to each individual government agency and check their statistics; similarly, you can ask one psychic what they do. Steve's work brings together data from multiple agencies, just as my work brings together ideas from many psychics.

Everyone works in a unique way, but there are common themes:

*Psychics have discovered a way to tap into energy and information which lies beyond our five senses.

*They can communicate with people who are no longer alive on Earth, confirming that the soul survives the death of the body.

*They can't completely control the information which comes to them, but they understand there is a reason why they need to know whatever they receive.

*They glimpse things beyond the material world. Not complete pictures, but each psychic contributes a piece to the puzzle so that we begin to understand our lives and our place in the universe.

The non-physical world is the deep mystery which I explore. I can't quantify anything. All I can do is collect ideas and lay the groundwork for those who want to do further scientific research.

This Project has moved from research on what psychics do, to what they know, to channeled universal messages, to losing a friend on this side who may become a Guide for our group of Intuitives. What's next? I wish I knew. I should ask a psychic Wink.

Years ago, I worked for a Regional Planning Agency. I compiled a "Community Information Database" so that politicians and planners had a common set of reference numbers. I was light years ahead of Steve Ballmer in compiling these kinds of statistics, and I'll bet I'm light years ahead of many people in thinking so deeply about what psychics do and what they know. In my mind, I am forming a unified theory of connectedness. The pieces are coming together nicely. Someday, I'll write that second book.

Thanks for reading, and sharing, this blog.

You can check out Steve Ballmer's work by clicking here:
The Verge:
or here, CNN:


12:34 pm mst

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Quote from Karreen Martin about her work

Quote from a Psychic - Karreen Martin,Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Spiritual Response Therapy, Medium

I asked Karreen what she does. She answered:

"I work with Tarot cards, pendulums, and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). My gift helps people in the here and now.

"When someone touches my Tarot cards, their energy goes into the deck. Then, they select cards and I pick up a story about them and what is going on in their life. Most of the time, I pick up patterns. After that, I talk with the person and discover additional helpful information.

"If someone wants to spend more time with me, we can do Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). I love SRT because it is so powerful. SRT connects people with their Guides, Guardian Angels, and High Self Committee. Once the person asks, these energies can help them.

"SRT works best for people who have overactive minds, or people who find themselves in the same situation over and over. SRT helps people clear and break old patterns, and this clearing raises their vibration. Some people think, 'I don't have programs,' but everyone has programs and patterns. SRT even works for skeptics.

"When someone lets go of old patterns, they can have a beautiful, fulfilling life. Whatever 'beautiful' is to them. After clearing these issues, life can shift in amazing ways.

"I am also a Medium. Through pendulum work, I connect with people who have passed away. I ask all kinds of questions and get full answers.

"I don't predict the future. I help people have more fulfilling lives, here and now. I love this work."

Most months, you can find Karreen at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair. Or, you can visit her website,

12:26 pm mst

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Meet a Psychic - Trish Silay
Meet a Psychic - Trish Silay

It's been about six months since I've posted an interview with a psychic, so today is the day. On the Featured Interview page, you can find out about Trish Silay and her work with the One Brain system.

As a child, Trish had intuitive abilities, but she was told that they were just her imagination. She tried to live a "normal" life, but never felt that she fit in. As an adult, Trish discovered the One Brain system which helped her integrate both sides of her brain. As soon as she began using both sides of her brain, she was able to connect to her Higher Self. Now, when working with clients, Trish feels as if she is an open vessel. She can connect to her client's physical, mental, emotional, or essence self, in order to assist their healing. Trish uses the One Brain system to help clients clear their issues.

I interviewed Trish in 2009.

This interview will be available for two weeks on the Featured Interview page. It is always available as a Kindle e-book. If you are curious about other interviews which are available as Kindle e-books, check out the Psychics Speak page. The page includes short summaries of each psychic's life and work, along with a link to their e-book.


10:57 am mst

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Chaos in the World

Chaos in the World? Three Channeled Quotes on this Theme

"From some perspectives, not only your nation, but the world itself, can seem to be in chaos. If each of you could rise above in your perspective, and look down with the eyes of more time and more space, seeing both that which has happened in the past which has led to this point and that which this apparent chaos will lead to in the future, then you would be much more comfortable and much more at peace with what you see as apparent chaos."


"Society has reached a point where it no longer wishes to be in opposition with each other and will find a way to heal itself. It is as if this was a scab that needed to be lifted and removed in order for things to heal, from inside on a deeper level. It is not something that can be done from the outside to you, nor for you. It is simply a matter of taking truth as you see it and understand it at this moment, and applying it in your divine arena."


"Why are so many laws made? If people would treat each and every other person as a divine being and respect that each individual has their own path and that they don't need to press in and push their own opinion upon anybody else, there would be no need for laws. To live, to give, your brother, your sister, respect. To have your concerns and not try to invade others' space or push your opinions on them. Respecting each others' opinions. There would be no wars. There would be no hostility. There would be only the joy of sharing. That is where humanity is heading. Will it occur tomorrow? No. Will it occur in 100 years? Maybe. There is no timetable.

"Follow your heart. Use your voice, your emotions, and bring the world to this higher vision that you see."


12:08 pm mst

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ten Ways to tell if YOU are Psychic

Ten Ways to tell if YOU are Psychic

People ask me, "How can I tell if I am psychic?" The psychics' first answer is "everyone is psychic." While that may be true, everyone experiences abilities in their own way, and everyone has a unique role to play.

Here are a few obvious examples that you are psychic:

1) You hear a disembodied voice, see something unusual like a deceased relative, or smell something which isn't physically present but reminds you of someone you used to know.

2) You spontaneously know things without knowing where the information came from. You will be talking with someone and you suddenly understand their backstory. Or, someone will be speaking and their words won't seem to make sense, yet you understand the deep meaning of what is being said.

3) You know things in advance. Maybe you have prophetic dreams, or flashes of insight.

4) When the phone rings, you know who is calling.

5) You see, hear, or sense angels or Spirit Guides.

6) You see auras around people.

Here are a few more-subtle clues to your abilities:

7) You think of someone and later in the day, they call you. This is known as synchronicity.

8) You feel for others beyond ordinary levels. When talking to someone, you experience their emotions.

9) You have deja vu. You remember having the experience you are presently experiencing.

10) You write, or speak, and the words just flow. You barely know what you are saying until you hear yourself say it. If you sit down to write and words pour forth, this is known as automatic writing. Creative flow is often a moment of intuitive connection.

You can get a different kind of clue to your abilities if you listen to yourself speak. If you often say, "I see . . ." that is a sign of clairvoyance. If you often say, "I hear . . ." that is a sign of clairaudience. If you say, "I know . . . " or "I understand . . ." that is a sign of claircognizance. If you often say, "I feel . . ." that is a sign of empathy.

How do I think I am psychic? It's all about interviewing and writing. When I chat with people, I find interesting questions to ask. I am genuinely curious about their lives. When I have trouble writing, I can ask for a better way of presenting material and that "better way" comes to me. My psychic ability is as a scribe.

Everyone expresses their intuition in a personal way. I have heard many surprising stories which demonstrate the ways people have discovered they are psychic. If you have an interesting story, I would love to hear it. You can e-mail it to me at


12:56 pm mst

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Quote from Melody Krafft

Quote from a Psychic - Melody Krafft

I asked, "How can you differentiate between information coming from 'outside' sources and information coming from your own imagination?"

Melody answered, "If you are making things up, your mind is active and you are creating a story. 'This happens then that happens . . .' You are pushing it along. Spirit doesn't work that way. Spirit doesn't push things along. It comes instantaneously and it's an expansive feeling. Generally when people make things up in their imagination (like when they are visualizing something in the future), people worry about what is going to happen and that is a constrictive feeling. Whenever I get any kind of constrictive feeling, I know that is not real."

Melody Krafft

12:53 pm mst

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