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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quote from Kelly - Warriors of the Light
Quote from Kelly Lydick - We stand as
"warriors of the light"

I subscribe to Kelly Lydick's monthly newsletter and she wrote something you may find useful:

"The energies of the New Year are such that old patterning is still clearing out in a big way. This may take the form of old systems and beliefs breaking down. Please surrender to these changes as they are making room for greater capacities in the near future.

"There is much energy being spent on politics with the recent changes occurring. It's imperative to remain positive and do not despair despite any events that are occurring. Remember that we are here to raise consciousness and stand as warriors of the light regardless of the form external events take."

Kelly Lydick, M.A., is an Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Master, Past Life Healer, and Certified Gateway Dreaming Coach. You can find her at to schedule a private session.

Also on the website, you can subscribe to Kelly's "Fields of Dreams" newsletter.


4:51 pm mst

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Undermining our Perfect Manifestation

Undermining our Perfect Manifestation

Manifestation. The idea of manifestation is that we co-create our lives with the universe. We can bring items (such as cars or homes), or a states of being (such as health, wealth, or peace), into our lives. When there is something we want, we can work towards it, envision it, see ourselves as if we already have it, become in vibrational harmony with what we seek, and work with the Universe to bring whatever we want into physical reality.

Recently, I was part of a conversation about how we can, unknowingly, undermine our manifestation. It's all about attitude.

When we focus on a goal, we slowly put energy into its manifestation. This energy can build and build, then "pop" we get what we were seeking. Sometimes, after we've spent a long time bringing something to fruition, we can be surprised and overwhelmed at its appearance. All of the sudden, things happen. We react, "I don't know if I can handle this. It's too fast. It's too much." This is a fear-based response to our perfect, beautiful manifestation.

As observers, it is important to notice this kind of reaction so that we can counter it, and retain whatever it is that we have manifested.

I remember making "Wild Girl!" artwork, then selling it, wholesale, to stores. I received a slew of orders. I panicked. I told my husband, "It's too much! I can't handcraft all these art pieces!" He reminded me that this was success. I had orders. It was a good thing. Whew. Okay, settle down. He was correct. I got over my initial panic, went to the drawing board (literally), and made art. It all worked out. His advice helped change my mindset.

Once we say, "Look how efficiently I created this," we change our perspective on the manifestation so we are not racing to catch up; we are right where we need to be.

I asked John Hunter about this situation and he commented that, in some cases, the mind wants things and the body has trouble keeping up. This can lead to a mind/body separation. The mind thinks we can worker harder, work faster, do more. The body is exhausted and ready to give up. This separation creates stress.

John remarked, "Our pattern is to manifest something, then react, ‘Oh my G-d, it's happening.' We freak out and we end up separating from ourselves. We think we have to manifest other things to make this work. Then we manifest things not out of love, but out of stress or fear. Things happen, but not in an ideal way. When we think, ‘I don't want to deal with that yet,' something may happen so we can't deal with it. Instead, we should look at the positive possibilities."

We can reconnect our mind and body by recognizing that, "All I'm doing is enjoying my creation." When we remember to love our manifestation, the universe steps in with support. Physical and non-physical energies help get things done. We align with what we want to accomplish.

John added, "A lot of our problem is that we are not prepared to handle success. We are always fighting, pushing, building, but how about receiving?"

When we remember to enjoy our achievements, the energy of the universe helps us move further along our path.

Have you had this kind of experience - receiving what you want, then having trouble handling it? You can let me know how you worked through this scenario by sending an e-mail to


11:29 am mst

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Evolving Together

Quote from a Conversation - No one Evolves unless the Whole Group Evolves Together

 I overheard a conversation between two psychics.

Psychic 1: I keep hearing: "Ask her about the state of the planet and what the ancestors are saying."

Psychic 2 answers: We are in a time when we are confused about what we are doing. On one hand, a group is trying to fight and keep it in ego. On the other hand, a huge group is growing and the ancestors are happy about that. They [the non-physical energies] are confused why the ego group doesn't understand how dangerous ego can be - why these people are living in fear and living in ego. They are confused as to why we don't get it. Many people do get it.

Psychic 1: They are saying you have to wait until they all come up; they all grow. They have to grow. No one evolves unless the whole group evolves together.

My take: Because we are all connected, every time we raise our personal vibration, we raise the vibration of the entire group. We must continue working to elevate global consciousness.

10:37 am mst

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Conversing with the Deceased

Conversing with the Deceased

All the puzzle pieces fit together, we just don't know how. Recently, I had a fascinating conversation with a guy whose mother had passed when he was about eight years old. There were three kids in his family, along with his father. This guy had experienced a tough life, though things had improved significantly in the last few years. He was in a good place now.

What makes his story so cool? A couple of months ago, he went to a Medium who contacted his deceased mother. Through this Medium, he and his mother had a long conversation which answered many questions and helped him understand the interplay of people and events in his life.

According to his deceased mother, before being born, she had known that her life would be short. She had a brief list of things she wanted to experience in a physical body, but she knew that much of her growth would come from reviewing these events from the other side.

Prior to birth, she had planned a life which had not included having children. However, her Guides had asked, as long as she was coming to Earth, would she mind giving birth to two children? She had thought about it and decided she could accommodate their request. Two spirits had jumped at the chance to come though her. They had rushed over, "We'll take that train! We'll take that ride!" They were aware that this meant a tough life because their mother would only be there for a short time. They were willing to accept that circumstance in exchange for the opportunity to be born. Okay. Two children. One of them was the guy telling me this story.

His mother also conferred with the spirit who was to be her husband and he wanted a specific third child, a daughter, to come through their partnership. He had work to do with this soul. The father and daughter were soul mates. The parents were going to experience life together and what he wanted out of the agreement was for her to birth the daughter. Could the mother birth this third child to fulfill his destiny? Yes.

With this story, we can see how things are set up on the other side. We can list experiences we seek and we can accommodate requests from other souls who will be part of our life.

The mother was born, eventually met the father, and they had three children. The mother passed away when the boys were around 8 and 10. The daughter was younger. Everyone's agreements had been fulfilled. Now, the mother is back in spirit working through her life experiences.

She is also a Guide for this guy's family. She watches over her grandchildren. The guy had known that he had an undisclosed Guide, but he hadn't realized (until this conversation via Medium) that it was his mother.

What a grand opportunity he had to understand the reason for his mother's short life, and the implications of her death, by actually speaking with her.

Another point he made which I had not previously heard, was that life is full of emotion and emotional reactions. On the other side, things are more matter-of-fact. Souls have to work to remember the emotions involved in their lifetimes. By focusing on the memory of an event, they can partially recapture the feeling of the moment. I asked, "Is it like Mr. Spock?" and the answer was "sort of." Emotions are a human issue based on the interaction of energies. On the other side, there is less emotion and more analysis.

So interesting. Stay tuned. There is more to this story.

Have you spoken to someone on the other side and received this kind of clarity in your life? I would love to hear about it. You can send your note to me at


P.S. I'll be giving a talk on my work next Wednesday afternoon at a meeting in Marana. If you are interested in attending, let me know and I'll provide the details.

1:32 pm mst

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Coming to Earth to Teach

Coming to Earth to Teach

This quote relates to a section in last Tuesday's post where someone was talking about a baby coming to earth and renegotiating its contract as time passed. That message was channeled in 2016. Back in 2015, I heard this message.

I asked, "Why do people come to Earth? Is it to have experiences and to learn lessons?"

The Answer:

People are not always here to learn something. They may be here to teach. They have volunteered to go from a life of true essence (be anywhere they want), to take the physical form, which is extremely limiting for energy and spirit. They take this small form, they contain themselves, because they have something to teach.

Maybe their only purpose is to teach attachment to someone who has never felt attached to anyone.

The baby dies. The baby's only lesson was to teach someone attachment. They may not have gotten the lesson, but that is not the point. That baby went through the process of change from essence to physical, to teach. Maybe the baby came to teach responsibility, compassion, or love of self. How many times has a parent stood up for themselves or for their child? There are so many lessons.

Spiritual energy transforms itself into physical energy to be able to touch and teach so many.

Thank you.

2:12 pm mst

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Adventures in Communication

Adventures in Communication

Once a month, I set up a table at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair and wait to see who shows up. I am not a psychic reader. I sell books, jewelry, and art. And, I talk with people. Let me share a few anonymous examples of the kinds of conversations I have. These are truly "Adventures in Communication."

At last Sunday's fair, I chatted with a stone sculptor. This work came very naturally to him and, in the course of our conversation, he mentioned that during a past-life reading he had been told that he had done this work in previous lifetimes. It was no wonder he was an expert in stone carving and restoration.

He told me another fascinating thing: when he works creatively with a stone, it is a conversation. He and the stone communicate their ideas about the work. When a piece is complete, it is not just a statue; it is evidence of a conversation between an artist and a rock. Wow.

I also chatted with a woman who communicates with trees and Saguaros. They have messages for us. Think about that. We talk about "communing with nature," but I love the idea of actual messages being exchanged.

I met a paranormal investigator. She searches for non-physical entities and, sometimes, finds evidence of their existence.

Last Sunday, I also had a reading with a psychic: everything looks good. Another adventure in inter-realm communication.

It is any wonder I enjoy setting up at the Fair?

I talk to psychics and intuitives about what they do and what they know. Their insights often show up on this blog. I learn about how the universe works from their real-life, extraordinary, experiences. This work stretches my understanding and expands the joy in my life. I very much appreciate the interesting people who share their spiritual experiences with me. A big "Thanks!" to all of you.

One more thing: Later this month, I'll be going the Tucson Gem show to look for baubles and metaphysical tools. Let me know if there is anything you would like for me to look for, for you.

And then another: I met a woman who is starting a Metaphysical Meet-Up Group in the Marana area (northwest Tucson). If you are interested in joining this group, let me know and I'll pass your name and e-mail address to her.

Take care.


8:09 am mst

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Exceptional Times
Quote from a Channeled Message

"These are exceptional times. Be joyous that you incarnated during this time. So many souls wanted to be here, incarnated, for this event. You were chosen. You were special. You have worked lifetimes to prepare for this. Now it is 'game on.'

"Go forth. Spread the love and the joy that you have in your hearts. Acknowledge the change. Acknowledge the perfection that you are. Acknowledge that you are here to help others get through this period.

"You are on a mission to assist. A mission to experience. A mission to be part of the ascension from third dimensional energies into the fifth and sixth dimensions.

"The Change of the Ages is occurring and is going extremely well. Beyond what was believed possible. Participate. Allow yourself, your energies, to flow freely with those energies which are being beamed in to Mother Earth and to you. Mother Earth has made her ascension (we will use that term). Participating with these energies, you too can be at the same level she is, and higher if you wish.

"We are very joyous over what you have achieved. We support you. We are here for you. We will assist you in any way we can, and every way we can. We are there at a moment's notice. The instant you think of us, we are there. We never, ever, leave your side. Be aware of how much we are there and how much we want to be integrated into your life to help you. Allow yourself to be free. Allow yourself to feel fulfilled, for you truly are."


10:10 am mst

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Near-Death Experiences Happen all the Time

Announcement: This Sunday, I'll be set up at Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair at the DoubleTree Inn (across from Reid Park) in Tucson, AZ. The Fair runs from 9 a.m until 4 p.m. If you are interested in what this new year holds for you, come talk to a reader. If you would like a fresh piece of chakra-balancing jewelry, come talk to me. I hope to see you there!

Near-Death Experiences Happen all the Time

Today's post presents a unique perspective on near-death experiences (NDEs). This is a different way of thinking about our choices. During a channeling session, I asked, "Why do so many people have NDEs?"

The answer:

"That's like asking, ‘Why do people dream?' It is their reality. Everyone has NDEs, whether they recall them or not. Everyone has dreams, whether they recall them or not. Everyone breathes, whether they know it or not.

"This is not anyone's first incarnation. [Let that sink in for a moment.]

"People choose to pass, or not to pass, and when and how. There are close calls that are ‘wow-awarenesses.' People recall and share some NDEs, but others are held close to their hearts because they don't believe they happened, much less believe anyone else would believe it. It is more common than not. Only now is it being spoken about. People will realize there is a force greater than themselves, within themselves."

I responded, "Thank you for that answer, that was illuminating. I didn't realize they were so common. A couple of people have told me that their NDE was about renegotiating their contract for life on Earth. Is that one reason people have NDEs?"

The answer:

"It's not the reason they have it. It is something that they do in that time. Most people recheck their contracts often. Contracts with children, spouses, employment, and self. That is checking in with your contracts. Some use that NDE time and recall having done it, but every single person renews their contracts at all times, within themself.

"It is a matter of awareness. Things comes to a fruition, a certain point of energy, where we need to make a choice or take a different direction. Sometimes there are life experiences that push us, nudge us; sometimes there are triggers. Sometimes it is just the energy reaching a point where something has ended and something new begins. Whether that be illness, marital contracts; whether that be children and how long they live. All of it is a renegotiation of contracts.

"If a child chose to come into life and was supposed to live five years, but something surprising happened at six months, the child might renegotiate their contract. If the individuals involved got the message without it taking five years [the child might leave sooner]. It‘s all a matter of choice. If the child had accepted the responsibility, but saw that the others weren't going to get the message in five years and "other souls need me now," exit stage right. There is always the constant higher knowing that allows us to choose and to pick.

"Every day, you choose whether to get out of bed. Every day, you select the clothing you wear. You choose and select whether or not you are going to come home to the same house and the same marriage. Even though that marriage, and the relationship, and you, are changing continuously, you choose to be there, or not. What they call ‘the mid-life crisis' is merely the energy coming to a certain point. People look at it and say, ‘Is this all there is?'

"NDEs are the same thing. ‘Is that all there is?' ‘Is there more I can do?' It's a point in which the energy can no longer sit as it is. It requires a choice.

"Many have walked away from commitments, careers, families, whatever it takes, to find their highest and greatest good and purpose. NDEs provide an avenue to address that. But less dramatic things also bring people to those points.

"NDEs are not that unique. An actual physical injury is not necessary. People are not exaggerating when they say someone died of sorrow. Someone died of grief. Someone died of loneliness. There comes a point of reckoning within the energies. Individuals in the physical form can tolerate and handle much, but there is a breaking point.

"Some break. Some get stronger. Some continue in their darkness. All of that is choice and also a matter of fortitude. Some people can live to 100 and not give up. Others give up out of tenderness, gentleness, kindness, love. There are many reasons to give up, just as many as there are reasons to stay and keeping putting one foot in front of the other with love and faith."

So much to think about. Let me know if this rings true for you.


11:07 am mst

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year, New Mantra

New Year, New Mantra

Emmy Morgan shared something which works for her. Everyday she says, "God, I am . . . whatever it is." For example, "God, I am feeling terrific today," "God, I am really happy." "God, I am attracting the best people into my life." "God, I am filled with excitement and love and it just gets better and better."

More examples, "God, I am the best massage therapist ever," "God, I am the nicest guy." "God, I am attracting huge amounts of money."

Emmy added, "You start believing it and you start drawing to you exactly what you are saying. It's that simple. It is so simple."

"My whole life changed. Everything changed. I feel positive. I'm in the best place in my life. It feels wonderful. The more I expect the best, the more the best happens. It's amazing. It's wonderful. That's what I think."

Thank you, Emmy, for sharing your thoughts and positive attitude with all of us.

You can contact Emmy

11:14 am mst

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