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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How Morgana figured out she was Psychic

 Quote from a Psychic - How Morgana Figured out she was Psychic

I asked Morgana how she figured out she was psychic. Her story:

"I've always been fascinated by Tarot cards, but I wasn't sure I was psychic.

"As an army brat, I learned to close my psychic doors because we were always moving from one place to another to another. I didn't want to be hurt when we moved from here to there to there. I didn't want to make connections.

"Back in the sixties, I had a fascination for the cards. I thought I had to memorize all of them to do readings. Then, I found a teacher who taught me to let go of the memorization and just pull from the person opposite me. First, he had to teach me how to connect with that person in a psychic manner.

"After a while, I found that I didn't really need the cards. They just gave me a clue and got me started. By making that connection with the person opposite me, I dropped the barriers that I had built over the years as an army brat so I wouldn't be hurt.

"Some people who come in and call themselves natural sensitives don't know how to erect walls around themselves. They catch impressions from everybody around them. It's uncomfortable for them because they are always picking things up. I came from the opposite direction. I had already shut everybody out. I had to learn to drop the barriers.

"I had to have a teacher who told me to throw away the books, connect with the person in front of me, and draw from them. Use the cards as cues. I was probably in my twenties."

12:23 pm mst

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Set Up

The Set Up

I've written about this topic before, but I always find it thought provoking. I hope you do too.

We live in a world where we can't know everything. We interact with our physical surroundings, and we appear to live in a physical world. We have friends, family, and co-workers. We use our brains and have ideas and insights, but most of us can't see the underlying, non-physical reasons why events happen.

I think there are several explanations for why things happen.

1) Simple Cause and Effect: You treat someone well and they treat you well. You don't pay your bills, the collection companies call.

2) Experiential Learning: We come to Earth with a group of souls so that we can learn with each other. On the other side, we set up situations so we know who is going to play the good guy or the bad guy in each scenario.

We set up our childhood events, and select the families we are born into, so that we can create the challenges which allow us to learn. Not realizing that we pre-arranged these conditions, we think of them as "things which just happened to us." We may feel like victims as we spend our lives overcoming childhood issues.

Then, as adults, we set up new challenges.

Did things just happen to us or did we pre-arrange them to provide growth opportunities? When we change the way we think about events, we can change our perspective. We can look at events and ask, "What can I learn from this? What experience did I need to try?"

Maybe you and your boss decided, pre-birth, that you were going to have a rocky relationship so that each of you could learn to look beyond the roles and see each other's humanity?

We might be playing the villain in someone's life, the victim in another person's life, the hero in somebody else's life. These are all roles and illusions which we set up. They are different games which allow our growth. We learn and we teach.

If we work at it, we can see how relationships and challenges benefit us.

We are here to learn to love ourselves, faults and all - the complete package. Then, we can extend that love to others. We are not here to judge ourselves or others. We are here to feel joy and happiness. We are here to see what we are capable of manifesting.

While life on Earth may be an elaborate illusion, it is an illusion which allows us to experience everything, and to grow through these experiences. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

3) Karma: Karma from past lives, and from our current life, plays a role. If you injured someone in a past life, they might injure you in this life. You get to see both sides of the situation. Same thing about parents and children: maybe you were the parent last time, and you are the child this time, so you get to see the challenges from both sides in relation to the same person. If they were an overbearing parent, will you be an overbearing parent? It might balance your Karma. Or you could choose to be a patient parent to provide a role model for the other person's next life.

Everyone chooses the basis for their life experience. Each person has a contract for their life outline. Free will is used to fill in the details.

Remember, while we have set up the things we want to experience, so has everyone else. We may not want to live in war or poverty, but other souls may be curious about those experiences, or may need to rebalance Karma from a previous lifetime. As long as they aren't harming us, we should give them the grace to play the game they chose.

Some souls are new to Earth. Others have had multiple lifetimes here. New souls are often at a lower vibration. They do things which alarm us. They have to start somewhere so they can evolve through their series of lifetimes. At one point, we did those things too (war, murder, etc.). Through those experiences, we decided we didn't care for those activities. We evolved to a higher vibration.

Thinking about coming back? Are you doing anything in this life that you might have to rebalance in your next life? Are you taking care of your personal relationships so that when you have a life review, you will be pleased that you did the best you could? You might not have achieved what you consider to be "the ideal relationship," but sometimes only so much can be done within a scenario.

Are you taking care of the environment so that the next time you come to Earth it is a pleasant place?

From My Psychic Search book:

"To summarize, we create a contract for our life before we are born. We set up our life situation with all of the challenges and opportunities which we will need. Then, we come to Earth with our outline and our free will. We use our free will to fill in the details of our life while fulfilling our contract. We have a life purpose to work on, personal lessons to learn, and Karma from previous lifetimes to re-balance. All the while, we are allowing G-d to learn vicariously from our experiences.

"Our life purpose is often a project, while our life lesson is to learn to love our self. We circle through incarnations with a group of friends and help each other achieve our goals. If, mid-way through our life, we realize that we are not enjoying our journey, or think we made a mistake when we set up our life, we can change the circumstances of our life and change the roles we are playing. We can sow new seeds. Yet, even as we change our circumstances, we continue to fulfill our contract, work on our project, learn our lessons, burn Karma, and allow G-d to work through us."

What do you think? Does this ring true for you? You can send your comments or questions to


P.S. Remember to send your name and e-mail address to me so I can add you to the e-mail list. Each week, you'll receive a note telling you what's new on the blog.

12:44 pm mst

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How Spiderwoman figured out she was psychic
 Quote from a Psychic - How I figured out I was Psychic

I asked Spiderwoman Ilise how she figured out she was psychic. She said:

When I was about 8 years old, my sister used to say, "I had this dream . . . " I would respond, "No, that was my dream." Then my mom would say, "I had this dream . . . " "No, mom, that was my dream." It was my first hint of something, but I didn't know what was going on.

The next clue came as a preteen: what was far away looked close up; what was close up, looked far away. I could see beyond what was there. I could see two planes at one time. It distorted things. It was weird. Basically, it was a melding of different planes. I didn't know what it was. My parents thought I should see an eye doctor.

Then, when I was 25, I was in a really bad a car accident. I was very aware of what was going on with my body. I hit my head on the steering wheel three or four times -- I was counting. I hit my knees under the dashboard. I had a concussion. But I had my wits about me the whole time, and I was aware of some guy in back of me. I had a feeling about who it was. The face stuck in my mind. Actually, there were two people. It was this gentleman and then another guy who I still don't know.

After the accident, I kept experiencing deja vüs. Several a day. I asked my dad if I could see a photo of his grandfather. I recognized him as the Guide who I had seen during the accident -- one of my guardians. That was the key moment that I knew I was psychic.

I decided to explore things. I took a class in Boca Raton, FL. I learned to read Tarot cards. I learned to read photographs and to do hands-on healing. I was light years ahead of everyone else in class because it came to me very naturally.

When I went to my 20th high school reunion, people told me that I had helped them through really difficult situations. I didn't remember giving them advice, but I kept hearing that.

My freshman year in a college dorm, I was known as the floor psychiatrist. Everyone came to me. I listened to them and gave intuitive advice.

Apparently, I have done this my whole life, but I wasn't aware of it until that moment when I saw the picture of my great grandfather and knew that he was the Guide who had been with me in that car accident. Now, I understand that he is in the background as a facilitator.

* * * 

You can find out more about Ilise and her work on her website,


10:28 am mst

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Meet a Psychic - Cyndi Clarke

Meet a Psychic, Teacher, Table-Tipper -

Reverend Cyndi Clarke

Cyndi Clarke is a reverend, a psychic, and a metaphysical teacher who works with psycho-kinetic energy. This kind of energy is used in a form of spiritual work known as "table tipping." This is the same energy which powers pendulums and, in some cases, can be used for healing. Cyndi uses her psychic abilities to see and hear the entities who wish to communicate with her students.

Cyndi survived a very difficult childhood in an alcoholic family. She had no idea she was psychic until much later in life. However, looking back on some of the "normal" things she had done as a child, she realized that she had always been connected to the spiritual world.

The big "aha" moment came when Cyndi's mother was dying. Cyndi began to hear her mother, who was in a vegetative state, communicate with spirits on "the other side." Turns out, she was hearing this communication telepathically - a huge surprise for Cyndi. At the moment of death, Cyndi saw the spirit lift from her mother's chest. The soul lifted out and went straight up, like a mist which evaporated.

After that incident, Cyndi began studying with parapsychologists and discovered her gift. Her husband's grandmother was a world-famous parapsychologist.

According to Cyndi:

"Everyone has a group of souls whom they have worked with throughout their existence as a soul. They come in and out of lifetimes together. They decide who is going to come to Earth and what their lesson is going to be. When people go back into Spirit, they confer with this group and discuss whether they did their job or learned the particular aspect of what they went to Earth, or any other planet, to learn. I also believe in other places and planets."

I interviewed Cyndi in August 2012 at the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Center in southern California.

For the next two weeks, Cyndi's interview will be available on the "Featured Interview" page of this website. It is also available as Kindle e-book. You can find the book by clicking here.

If you have questions or comments, send them to me at


10:52 am mst

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How John Hunter figured out that he was Psychic

I asked John Hunter, "How did you figure out you were psychic?" He answered:

I had to admit it to myself when I gave a reading as a teenager to another teenager. I did it nonchalantly. We were just talking. I was feeling a little jealous that this person was interested in a relationship with someone other than me. I said, "This is what you have to look forward to in your life." It was a feeling which became real and deep. The person knew that when I said these things, they felt real. They were going to happen.

I felt bad after I gave this reading. The person was taken aback by it. We felt that energy. It was too much. We had a reaction. That's when I had to decide if what I had done was wrong. Was it appropriate? What kind of guidelines applied to this kind of communication? I had no clue. I didn't know anything about this, about the appropriate way to deliver information.

I told her what her life would be like with that person. It was just a feeling. It was very natural. It was her reaction that stuck with me. I had to learn from that. I processed that for many years. I didn't want to do that again until I knew how to do it properly. I was probably 18 at that point.

With this gift, comes responsibility. It took a long time to understand what was going on. In the meantime, those types of events would happen, but I would try to limit them, or be aware of what I as doing.

From that moment, I started a 20 year process. I read. I listened. I asked questions. I prayed about it. I was trying to open myself for that journey. I wanted to understand that event. It led me down the rabbit hole. That one event led me to this point.

When you ask, "How does this work? Where does this come from? Why do I have it?" those are monumental questions. You are going to spend your whole life answering those three questions. You get down in the rabbit hole and think it's too much. You ask, "Is this too much for me to handle? Do I still have questions inside me? Do I have this? Where did it come from?" That keeps you going. Are you going to hide from the answers? You asked for it. Now you are going to receive it.

That was the moment I discovered it. I had felt something my whole life, but it wasn't until I was 18 that I took responsibility for who I was.

9:10 am mst

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Celebrating Perseverance

Celebrating Perseverance

Here's to everyone doing it their own way, working hard to create, to produce, to master a craft, and/or develop intuition. Here's to Perseverance in the face of not-so-much success.

I talk with a lot of psychics who are financially successful, and many who are struggling. As entrepreneurs, we all prefer financial success - income from the work of our hands and heart. We know we live in an abundant universe.

We are not the ones on magazine covers or QVC. We don't have movies made about us (yet), but I believe our work is important. We are assisting people with consultations, tools, and artwork. Expressions of our heart. Our work lights up the world. We cultivate our spiritual understanding and hope to benefit others. We push forward.

At the Psychic Fairs, I talk with friends, healers, and psychic counselors. We confide in each other. We share important ideas, universal concepts, and our personal challenges. We laugh. We enjoy our time together.

When attendance at the Fair is light and I don't sell much, I wonder, "Why am I here?" Is the Fair just for me to interact with others? Is that enough to keep me coming back? I wonder if there is enough paying work to motivate the Intuitives to return? Are the Fairs just for us? No. The work we do at the Fairs, whether with clients, or with each other, raises the vibration of the community. 

As clients, consultations with psychics allow us to view our lives in new ways. We can sense the larger cosmos in which we live. We can see how a lifetime can be devoted to working on a single facet of ourselves. Or, we can see that this is just a single lifetime in a chain of lifetimes. We are dipping in and out of the physical and spiritual worlds. A huge concept.

Artwork is displayed at Fairs. Art is an exploration, combining physical materials and non-physical ideas in new and exciting ways. Artwork allows Spirit to use our hands to create items in a physical world. Some of those pieces move out into the world, others are in boxes in our closets. So sad for the ones which are not purchased and never loved by new caretakers. All potential, waiting to be released. As are we: Potential, waiting to be expressed, then taking a deep breath and releasing our energy into the universal flow.

So far, a wonderful band of devoted blog/book readers have let me know that this work matters. Those of you who stop at my table and tell me how much you enjoy the blog, and those of you who respond to the blog posts, make this journey a joy. I appreciate all the people who buy books, art, chakra-balancing pendants, and pyramids. Thank you so much!

Where is this blog post going? Support your local psychics and artists. If you love a psychic reading and feel it's made a difference in your outlook or solved a problem, tip the psychic. If you love talking to me, but don't need anything I sell, make a donation on the website's contributions page, or buy a couple of Kindle books. Or help me build readership by sharing this website with your friends. If you enjoy a particular blog post, share it on your Facebook page.

Come to the Psychic Fair just to support the psychics and artists. In fact, if you have the resources, go to ANY fair and support the artists. Join the energy exchange. The give and take. Money is a form of energy. Keep it flowing. We shape our life through our actions and intentions. When we are reluctant to spend money, we can create lack. When we are generous, we might create abundance. I love abundance.

Take care.


1:38 pm mst

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August is the month for reviewing 2016

Reviewing 2016

I heard from several psychics and astrologers that August is for reviewing and processing all that has happened this year. Expect issues from earlier this year to show up again. Work through them again. After August 23, things will change.

10:51 am mst

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Moving Forward: Together or Separate?


1) I have finished compiling, printing, and binding, five books which contain eight years of blog posts, and four books which contain 31 interviews with people with psychic abilities. These are the Blog Books and the Psychics Speak Books. I will bring them to this Sunday's Psychic Fair for anyone who wants to thumb through these pretty packages of insights. The books chronicle Spirit communication through humans. Messages of life, love, and everlasting evolution. Life among the stars, for we are the stars.

2) The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, August 7. The Fair will run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the DoubleTree Inn on South Alvernon Way in Tucson, AZ. Many readers and healers will be happy to work with you.

Moving Forward: Together or Separate?

Over the years, psychics have emphasized that we are all connected. We are one. We are connected to each other and to the same universal energy Source. Sometimes it's easy to see that connection, other times it seems like just a theory.

In a recent session with a psychic I asked about Oneness. This was the answer:

"Here you are. The eyes are a completely different cell makeup than other parts of the body. If you have pink eye, you can still run. We will give you a different example. If you have a fungus on a nail, it doesn't affect your teeth. It doesn't affect your writing. However, you can't say that nail isn't part of you.

"People are so busying saying, ‘That's not me, that fungus nail is not me,' but it's a part of the whole. It's all in the same body.

"In the body, there are different cells for different purposes. In the world, there also different cells/people; all are a part of one body. You are in the same Milky Way, same Universe, same vibration, same physicalization, same manifestation. Together, you are that vibration, that energy."

So, I look around the world. I look at politics and headlines. I wonder if I want to think of myself as connected to everyone and everything, or if I would rather think of myself as separate. I really don't want to be involved with the craziness in the world.

The psychics tell me that there are many dimensions to our universe. We are in a physical dimension to experience touch, taste, and love; to see how we react as events challenge us, and to learn to create lives we love. We are here to play the game of physicality in a world where it looks like we are separate.

Beyond this dimension, there are other realms. We can entertain the possibility that we are all part of the same Source and hope that this will be evident when we have a broader viewpoint. From the higher dimensions, we may see the connection. Here, we may not see it. We may not need to be aware of how things are set up.

On this level, we don't HAVE to acknowledge our oneness, but since we are aware of the possibility, it's good to keep it in the back of our mind. It's good to act "as if."

Remember what the psychics have said: This life, we might be one race, but over all our lifetimes, we try everything. We are black, white, Asian, rich, poor, farmers, factory workers, etc. It's wise to consider the circumstances we are setting up now, which we may have to live through in another lifetime.

We can decide to see humanity as individuals struggling towards common goals, or we can choose to see humanity as individuals and groups to be pitted against each other. Our outlook influences our community's consciousness, which influences the broader consciousness. Every positive and negative thought adds to the group consciousness.

For our individual peace of mind, we can't get involved in every fight. We don't want to engage with discordant energy. When we become too involved, we take on that energy.

So, what do we do?

One psychic noted:

"It is a question of focus. Focus on what you want to multiply. If there is distress on Mother Earth, focus on how people are coming from the woodwork to assist, to help. Focus on the good of it. How it touches people. Compassion. How it teaches us all to be gentler and to count our many blessings.

If you don't need its energy, send it love and blessings."

Instead of asking, "How could they do that? Why would they say that?" send peace. Bless the situation and the people, and go on. Don't judge. If you can't change the situation, don't give it energy. The people whose actions you don't understand are on their own journey towards enlightenment. Give them the space to do what they need to do. Speak with respect for all parties.

Back to real life: I love rooting for my political team, especially when we are winning! And I enjoy critiques of the other team. "That other team is nuts!" - whichever side you are on. I have to remind myself not to wish for others what I wouldn't wish for myself.

Whether we recognize it or not, we are connected. We all contribute to the group consciousness. Beyond that, we are all connected to the same universal source of energy.

Let me know what you think. You can send your thoughts to


1:12 pm mst

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Holding on to Grief

Overheard at the Psychic Fair

"When you can't make peace with the fact that someone is gone, you keep a portion of them there. Grief is one of the most selfish emotions you can have. Your grief is for yourself, not for anyone else. Not for the person who had died. They are in a better place. When you hold onto your grief for a long time, you keep a piece of them here.

"If they are dying, and you are too attached, it's harder for them to move on."

10:25 am mst

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