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Thursday, July 28, 2016

8th Blogiversary

8th Blogiversary!

Project Update

This week is the 8th anniversary of this blog. For eight years, I have been sharing all I have heard from psychics, Intuitives, and energy workers. I hope you have found this information as fascinating as I have found it.

In honor of the blogiversary, I am printing a library of this information in the form of Blog Books. I want a physical copy of the information for myself. In the digital world things can be lost, so I'm printing books. I hope to have the completed set available at the August 7 Psychic Fair. Anyone who wants to thumb through the Blog Books will be able to do so.

The blogs will remain on the website and can be read here. However, the printed format is in chronological order, making it easier to follow than reading the online blog which always begins with the newest entry, then reads backwards in time. With the Blog Books, people can read the information at their leisure, without a computer, without interruption, and in sequence. They can also physically highlight important points.

All of these blog posts can be found in the archives on this site. Feel free to randomly click any link on the left side of this post to find something you might not have already read. There are eight years of posts about psychics, Mediums, my life, and writing.

If anyone is interesting in purchasing a Blog Book, let me know. If not, I'll have a library for my own use.

In addition to the Blog Books, I am also printing out the Psychics Speak interviews, 10 to a book. I have the first two books (the first 20 interviews) printed. I need to compile the third set next week. I also hope to have these books at the August 7 Psychic Fair.

I am excited about having a whole library of information in printed form. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

What is not in the books? The channeled material. Some of the channelings are posted on the blog, but I have many more channelings in digital form on my computer. I'm not certain what I am going to do with this information. Anyone interested in a book of channelings? I suspect that some of this information will make into the next book I write.


What to do with a body once the soul has left

Now, on to a question from a blog reader. He asked, "After a person dies, what should be done with the body? Is it okay to cremate a body? Is it better to bury it?" I'll add, "What about organ transplant? Is that okay?" I have previously heard that it can take some time for the body's chakra/energy system to shut down after the soul has left. Is this an issue?

Earlier this week, I asked these questions at a channeling event. I'll post the full answer after I've transcribed it. The short answer was, "It's all okay." Once the soul has left the body, the body can be buried or cremated. There is no need to wait for the energy system to shut down if it hasn't already done so. The soul has left. It's all fine. The most important thing is to respect the wishes of the deceased person. Do with the body whatever the person wanted to be done.

When I asked about organ transplant, I was told that transplantation was okay too. However, be aware that it is possible for the person's energy to remain active in the transplanted organ. For example, a person who has had a stomach transplant might crave the foods that the original body desired. This occurs in a small percentage of cases.

I asked, "Is that okay? Does transplanting the organ keep the soul from crossing over? Is it still attached to this realm through the transplanted organ?" The answer was, "The soul can still cross over. Organ transplantation is fine."

I hope you find this kind of post interesting and useful. I don't mean to be morbid or sacrilegious. My apologies to anyone who is offended.

Just one more note: Sometimes the soul "whooshes" out of the body and heads out of the room immediately. Other times, it lingers near the body. A sensitive person can still feel the soul of the deceased in the room. After a short while, the soul moves on.

What an interesting discussion we had!

If you want to receive a weekly e-mail letting you know about the latest blog posts, send your name and e-mail address to

Happy Blogiversary!


11:26 am mst

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Margarita's Tip for Intuitive Development

Margarita's Tip for Intuitive Development

"Find one place in your body where you feel safe and comfortable, secure and protected. Then allow yourself to just wander around from that spot. If you see things or feel things which are uncomfortable, head back to your safe place.

"Whether you call it daydreaming, traveling, or picking up on stuff, commit yourself to do that. Give yourself permission. No one has to know. That's a good thing. It's training.

"Always keep a diary with the time and date of what you saw, felt, thought you saw, thought you felt. Then when you see it on TV three months later, make rapid notes about that. See where the differences are. How far out you are accurate. Note if you saw a red car going through the light, or off the bridge, and it was really a silver car. If the person punched with the right hand vs. the left. It's all about learning if you are seeing it exactly as it is, or as a mirror image; or like seeing your clothes in a mercury vapor lamp at night. You have to see where the differences are, then recognize that ‘When I'm in this state, this is what it means.' You might be surprised.

"It's going to bring up a whole lot of childhood stuff. Being told, ‘You can't know that because you weren't there.' Lo and behold."

Margarita is one of the readers at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair.

11:13 am mst

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Love or Fear?

Love or Fear?

I choose to live in light and joy. I am not a fan of yelling, divisiveness, or persuasions to be afraid. I don't need to be convinced to fear something which I don't fear. Looking for the worst in every person and situation? No thanks.

I choose a higher vibration. I select love, laughter, and human dignity. I realize that problems exist and that we can take steps towards resolving them in peaceful, kind, compassionate ways. As humans, we are more alike than different. We just exist in different scenarios with different challenges. Each lifetime, we expand our repertoire of challenges to overcome and situations to enjoy.

Fear is a vibration which I don't desire in my life. Hate? Who wants to base their life philosophy on hating others? Not me.

When we have problems, let's look for solutions, not demonize the individuals involved. Finger pointing doesn't move humanity forward. How we look at issues, our perspective, says a lot about who we are.

Whatever our political beliefs, agendas shouldn't move forward through bullying and vilification. When we have something to say, we can say it with civility and let our ideas be the center of the conversation. We are a country of good ideas and innovation. Civilization needs civil behavior. Treating each other with courtesy, then working towards solutions which benefit our community, raises the vibration of the collective unconscious. Let's do that.

Right now, everyone is at their perfect vibration. Some people happily choose a low vibration for all that they can learn at that frequency. It's important not to judge others. We choose the frequency which fits our needs, while trying not to be influenced by the vibration of others.

When we concentrate on negative ideas, we get sucked into them. We are affected by their low vibration. Be cautious. We are here to raise our vibration (even though it is perfect, there is always room for improvement). We are here to be beacons of light; to realize we are in this together.

I admit that I take a gleeful moment in watching "the other" falter. But I don't get too excited because all sides falter occasionally. I make mistakes too.

Most of the time, I try to add to the calm, to the peace. As lightworkers, we are counterweights to the lower vibrations. Everyone counts. We can raise the vibration of humanity.

We are here to hold the light, hold the frequency, and hold the peace and love within our heart.

I want to paraphrase a channeled passage which I posted in January:

"As you think about your personal life and the outside world, are you neutral, are you positive, or are your thoughts on the lower end of the spectrum? Are your thoughts adding to the light, or not adding to the light? It is that simple. For each thought you add to the light, you help calm the sea. Light is infinitely more powerful than dark. This is your power. Your thoughts, your light, can be more powerful than a million individuals in the dark.

"All we ask, and what you agreed to, was simply to hold the light. In these turbulent times, for the next six to nine months, divine love is being embedded into Mother Earth. Hold the light and watch the turmoil dissipate."

Each of us can make choices out of love or out of fear. Spirit says, "Choose love."


10:15 am mst

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Developing your Intuition - Emmy

Quote from a Psychic - Developing Intuition

"First, know that you know. Know that you know. The things that you think you don't know, we all know. They are all around us all the time. Everything. All the answers we need. We just have to align and alight. Be still. Just be still, and in that knowing, the energy of God-I-Am is coming right through to give you the answers you need. If you are nervous and twitchy, nothing works right. If you're at peace and in alignment, everything comes to you."

Emmy Morgan

9:59 am mst

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Camping on Mother Earth

Camping on Mother Earth

I asked a group of Spirit Guides what we should know. They said:

We are going to share the concept of a camping adventure. Everyone is excited to go camping. They have their gear. They find a location like Mother Earth, and set up camp. Camping, by nature, is meant to be mobile; but boy, they picked a really nice spot and it's really comfortable, and they are going to try to make it permanent.

Mother Earth will rumble. There will be storms. People will outgrow that particular scenery, pick up their tent, and move elsewhere. Again they will think, "Oh, this is perfect! This is great!"

They do that with people, ideas, beliefs, and food; with their bodies and their outlook. "This is ideal." "This is wonderful. I've made it great." It is not permanent. It is not etched in stone. That is not the nature of things. The nature of things is to grow and change. The nature of Spirit is to grow and evolve.

People are drawn to nature, to the freedom of camping. Then, they settle in and forget that it is all temporary.

Youth is temporary. Illness is temporary. Sorrow is temporary. Health is temporary. Mind is temporary. Things change. The only thing that is, is the spiritual realm and the spark that you are. As is everyone else.

When you become a mere whisper in the breath of life, there aren't any surprises.

Now, everything which happens to you is a gift. View every situation as, "Oh how wonderful. Another package to open." "This one is wrapped so differently." "Interesting package, I could use that." "Oh, that's an interesting package. I'll set that one aside."

They are all gifts, whether or not you perceive them that way. How you unwrap them can go from as daintily as you want, to ripping them open. Each person is an individual and no one does it wrong. The gift is for the person opening the box, and also for the one who wrapped it and the one who created it.

That is what we would like to share. Continuously. Keep opening the packages. Keep opening the packages.

I asked: So every issue that comes up is actually a gift?

Guides: And every blessing is a gift. The only difference is how you spell it.

I laughed.

Difficulties, challenges, blessings, newness . . . The child who just went through birth had a traumatic experience, yet everyone is standing around cheering. The person who passed on is now comfortable, and everyone is crying and moaning. What you feel doesn't necessarily match the situation. That is okay.

Take what you can. Enjoy what is truth for you here and now. Share your belief of wellness and your belief of perfection, even if you have a limp, even if you have a blister, even if your hair falls out. You are still perfect examples for the people coming up, before they get their blisters and go bald.

Whatever you go through assists those around you. Look at how the experiences you have gone through have empowered others. You came to be that ray of light. What they did with it is none of your business. You showed them there was another way.

All you are, and all you have ever been, is a spark of the divine. The many aspects that you have chosen to envelope, absorb, and give energy to, create a reality. This is the plane that you live on. The truth has always been the truth: You are rays of light. You are part of the spectrum.

The physical doesn't matter. You are spiritual beings.

People need to stop trying to halt what is a natural progression. The bodies could go tomorrow. The souls would still be love in action, out there in the etheric, integrated in the energy of life. All the rest is illusion. When people strive to bat at an illusion, they get worn out.

Mastery of the physical plane does not mean stopping things or changing them. Mastery is rising above them. Allowing something to be what it is, knowing it is exactly what it is supposed to be. Would you be upset if Jell-O wiggled? Wiggle is a part of its nature. It's Jell-O. Life wiggles. That's a part of nature.

You are a complete whole. Always are, always have been.

Thank you!

This message was channeled through a friend of mine.

My take away? Everything is temporary so enjoy life while you can.

Questions or comments? Send them to me at


1:15 pm mst

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Developing Your Intuition
Quote from a Psychic - Developing Intuition

"The best way to start would be to learn to breathe and quiet the mind. Breathe in through the nose and out from the mouth. Do it slowly, and concentrate on the breath. If a thought comes in, address it. Say, 'Okay, you are a thought. You may leave now.' Then go back to concentrating on your breath."

Spiderwoman Ilise

10:13 am mst

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ten Ways to Raise your Vibration

How can we raise our vibration?

Last week I wrote a blog post about attaching and detaching from low vibrational people and ideas. I noted that lower vibrational people may cling to higher vibrational people, sucking their energy so the lower vibrational people can survive. They aren't latching onto the higher energies just to raise their vibration. They are doing it for survival. People with higher vibrations need to detach from these folks.

I also wrote that people can raise their vibration. So someone asked the question, "How can we raise our vibration without taking energy from someone who is already at a higher vibration? We don't want to be the people who suck other people's energy."

Here are Ten Ways to Raise your Vibration. This post is a combination of suggestions from several spiritual friends.

1) Look for the good in every situation. When given the chance to improve a situation, get more deeply involved, or complain about it, improve it! If you can't improve it, don't let it take over your life. Walk away. Don't get stuck in an angry lower vibration where growth is limited.

We grow when we find the positive aspect of every interaction. We can ask, "What is holding me back? What is stopping me from viewing this scenario from an enlightened perspective?" If we listen, things will come into our subconscious. Maybe it's a money issue or a family issue. When the issue comes up, run it through the concept of love in order to resolve it. (See Number 2.)

As long as we run everything through love, we grow without limits. That is how love becomes the answer to everything. We have the chance for complete freedom; to grow and vibrate as high as we possibly can.

2) Apply the love vibration to difficult situations, then let those people and situations go. The Love Vibration reflects acceptance, acknowledgment, forgiveness, letting go, and freedom.

Acceptance and Acknowledgment. We understand that things happen. Everyone is doing whatever it is they came here to do. Sometimes we allow other people to affect us. Once we see that, we can try to minimize those effects.

Forgiveness. Everyone is doing the best they can. They are not aware of the effects they are creating. Forgive others because they just don't know any better.

Then ask, "Can I forgive myself for not being perfect in that scenario?" Yes. No one is perfect. "Can I accept how I handled it? I want to do better." We make mistakes, then try to make better choices the next time we are faced with a similar situation.

If we forgive ourselves and everyone around us, we are free from attachments in those areas.

Letting go. How do we let go? We wake up every day and say, "I want love in my life. I don't need anything from the past holding me back. Nothing in the past allows me to grow right now. What happened, happened. Pulling the positive concepts out of the event can help me grow. The event itself does nothing for me. I can take the positive concept out and let the negative go." This is the process: identify a negative event, absorb the positive concept, and leave the rest. It is no longer attached to you.

Remember, the people who aggravate us the most are the people with whom we grow the most. Once we understand the situation, we can let it go. We can evolve.

Freedom. When energy is free, it can move, grow, and expand. If it's a low vibration, it has trouble moving. It has a hard time being free. It's more solid. Once we release the lower vibrations, it easier for us to grow.

If you feel like you have attachments, run each attachment, or each scenario, through the love vibration: acceptance, forgiveness, letting go and freedom. Nothing can attach to the vibration of those words and ideas.

3) Live in Gratitude. Gratitude and choosing to be happy regardless of the situation, is mastery. What we focus on expands. When we see the small things for which we are grateful, we begin to see more and more things to be grateful for.

4) Choose thoughts wisely. We direct our lives through our attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs. We control our thoughts (or at least we try to control them). See how beliefs play out in your life. Look for patterns. Some things happen over and over to some people, and not to others. Why? Once we see patterns, we can think about changing our beliefs and creating better outcomes.

Life is what we choose it to be. We have to be careful when choosing so that we manifest our desires by intention, not by default. Then, we can allow things to come to us.

5) Meditate and bring love and light into the world. Relax, quiet your mind, and connect with your inner being. Your Higher Self loves you, is always directing you and is helping you accomplish your goals. There is an audience on the other side which is excited, cheering you on, rooting for you, thrilled with your progress.

6) When faced with world crises, bless the situations and the people involved.

Send the best energy you can to those around the world, to bring peace and harmony, and raise the world's consciousness. Keep the best outcome in mind. Hope that everyone involved in the situation is getting the experience they signed up for prior to birth, and hope that no impacts spill over to others.

Keep your energy high and positive. Stay in that joy, that high vibrational energy. Open your heart and allow love to flow through your body. Feel your vibration rising. Become lighter, more illumined. This energy is always available. Then, redirect that high vibrational energy out to the world.

Send love to those in crisis, including the people who create those crises (hoping it will help them see a better path). Instead of using hate to fight hate, try using love to fight hate.

7) Don't get sucked into other people's personal dramas. They are none of your business. This goes for politics and world drama too. If you want to get involved and bring positive change, do it. Don't just crab about how awful things are. When you get involved in that energy, you become that vibration.

Have you ever read a heartwarming story online, then scrolled down to find dreadful, judgmental comments? It takes the wind out of your sails. You can feel yourself being drawn into that negative vortex. This is an example of how easily we can be drawn into drama. Instead, focus on the delightful story and don't allow yourself to be drawn into negative energy.

Live life well. Laugh. Be happy. Don't buy into anything depressing that is not yours. Don't take on other people's problems.

8) Ask your angels for help to release negative feelings, ideas, and judgements.

9) Surround yourself with like-minded people so you feel like these concepts are mainstream.

10) Relax. Human vibrations will rise naturally as the Earth's vibration changes upon entering the 5th dimension. Ultimately, the majority of mankind will move into a higher consciousness.


Some of these things are easier said than done. That's why we have a whole lifetime to work on them, to improve ourselves, to raise our vibration.

We are a combination of a low vibrational physical body and a higher, conscious energy inside of it. The key to life is understanding that we are truly the high vibrational energy who chooses to exist in a low-density body so that we can enjoy physicality. We are here experiencing, growing, and rising to new heights. Quite the ride.

Any suggestions? What did I miss? Send your ideas to


1:05 pm mst

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Love, in Two Short Quotes

Love, in Two Short Quotes:

"You can't miss what's yours and you can't hold onto what isn't. If someone is coming to her, he's coming to her."

Laurie Hays

"More hate in the world creates the need for more love in the world."


12:40 pm mst

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