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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Letting Go of Attachments

Letting Go of Attachments

I recently heard a few ideas about "attachment," "detachment," and our choices in the matter.

According to the psychics, we come into physical life with a family and friends so we can experience a range of emotions and choices. We want to see what these experiences are like at the lower vibration of physical life, not just on the higher, non-physical planes.

A clear way to demonstrate the pros and cons of attachment is by looking at the relationships between parents and children. We all experience these intimate attachments. First, parents attach to children by becoming emotionally involved, then parents have to detach by becoming less emotionally involved.

Why letting go works for our children

We raise our children, then we have to let them go. They need to discover their own lives. It's not just about their independence and decision-making skills. It is an opportunity for them to find their own vibration and, eventually, raise that vibration. When they are not influenced by us, they discover who they are.

Even if we think it might be tough, our parental love has to be strong enough to let them go so that we all enjoy a space of freedom. They leave and find their own vibration. When they return, they have a better understanding of who they are, and who we are to them. Our conversations are at a higher level because they have energetically raised their vibration.

We can enjoy each others company without being emotionally dependent, or trying to run each others lives.

One reason we go through that, sign that contract, or volunteer in that role of mom or dad, is to have the experience of separation at a low vibration - the low level of physically having to part from someone we love. We feel the sadness, while knowing we are doing the right thing.

We love our children by letting them go so they can start their own journey. We are here to assist people. Some people think that love means a "forever-attachment." It doesn't. Love is acknowledging and respecting others for who they are, unattached.

Why letting others go works for us

We separate from people we are attached to, so we have the space to grow. Once we have detached, we can learn from each other more easily. We do this over and over.

Some parents are afraid to let children move out on their own. Remember, fear is a low vibration. People who stay attached due to fear are doing themselves a disservice. People evolve when they discard fear-based patterns and fear-based thoughts.

We remain connected on the spiritual levels

Keep in mind that whatever happens on the Earth plane, we are still connected on the spiritual level. We never completely disconnect from the people we love. Even after crossing to the other side, we can remain close to those on Earth and can learn to work with that connection. This realization can minimize the fear of leaving.

Beyond Family: Choosing Attachments

Our goal is to work together in harmonious partnerships where people are respected. If that is not what is happening, we can let people go. If we are too closely entangled, we might try to control others or push them in a way that they are not comfortable. It's possible to do more harm than good, incurring fresh Karma. That's not beneficial for either party.

We are here to love. We are not here to be attached to people or ideas with low vibrations. Low vibrational energies can only exist around us if they are feeding on our energy. That's not love.

Interacting with a person with a low vibration, can bring anxiety and frustration. These emotions are a signal to our Higher Self saying, "This is an opportunity to identify a low vibration and decide if it is something I want in my life."

Sometimes we realize that we are already attached to a person with a lower vibration. It happens. We are human. At that point, we can recognize that this energy is not at the level at which we operate. It's not part of our perfect environment. Things need to change. The sooner we identify this situation, the sooner we can make a choice. We are not here to feed low vibrations. We are here to identify higher vibrations, then connect with those higher vibrations. As a result, we rise to that higher vibration which allows us to identify the next higher vibration, then move up to that level.

We can let go of someone. Even after our separation, we can remain compassionate towards the person. We can exhibit "detached compassion," without being drawn into their drama.

As we take responsibility for our life and our attachments, things flow. Nothing can attach to us from the outside. Instead, we can choose the attachments we want, saying "This is who I am. I deserve this amazing experience. This is what I want in my life." Once we establish what we want, things are cleaned out. It sets our rules for engaging. The energy falls in line with what we have stated. We can work at a vibration which doesn't allow lower vibrations to attach without our consent.

Detaching from the lower vibrations is not being selfish. It's love. True love is selecting the things we want in our life, then attaching to those things.


Questions? Comments? Do you have an example of how this has worked (or not worked) in your life? You can send your thoughts to me at


11:55 am mst

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two Views of God

Two Views of God

Quotes from Psychics

I went to the Ultimate of G-d a couple of times, in meditation. When I got to that point, G-d was strictly movement and energy. No thought. It was so peaceful. It was energy moving around and as it moved, it created.


* * *


In meditation, I went deep into my unconscious. I was out of my body and I started walking up stair steps. It's like a staircase to the heavens. Other people have been there and have talked about this. I was walking for two or three hours. I heard the meditation group doing something, but I stayed in my meditation. I looked up and it looked like electrical lines full of energy; like an electrical umbrella. There was a grid. Eventually, I understood that I was close to something. I could feel the energy. I wondered where I was? Was I at the Gates of Heaven? I knew I wasn't a Saint. I was a housewife, an ordinary person. I thought I might get zapped. I might get an electrical shock. I stuck my foot through the gate and I didn't feel pain so I figured I was okay.

I gingerly stepped in and I saw G-d. He is a presence.

I was scared. I didn't know what I was going to find. Then I heard, "Welcome home." I gasped. Who said that? I looked up and there it was. It's an energy; a huge mass of energy; a huge vibrating sphere of energy. I looked up at the mass with no void. He said, "Thank you for bringing them." I asked, "Them?" I looked around and no one was there. Then, pretty soon, all of these souls were crossing. They were coming through the gate. I knew these souls! All of these souls who had been in me, went in.

We are building the pathway home. It's like when you build a freeway through the mountains. Someone has to excavate. My job is to excavate and show people how to go home. People participate in building the freeway to Heaven. The people who came into my life were there to help.

He said, "Thank you for bringing them home." I said, "I did my job." I relaxed.

He asked, "Do you remember how I loved you?" I exclaimed, "That was you?!?" I remembered what had happened in 6th grade. I had an out-of-body experience in a cloud where He had told me that He loved me. I had asked, "If there is a G-d, I wonder how He loves me?" They told me to look up and when I looked up, I went to the clouds. He said, "I loved you then. I love you now, and I will love you again and again and again."

Now, all of those people who had crossed over were talking to G-d and sharing their experiences on Earth. He may not be the ultimate G-d, but he is the co-creator of us. I know there is a Creator who created the Creator, and a Creator who created that Creator. Who knows how far it goes? I don't explore the who's who. We have a pea brain and there are some things we just can't know.


11:47 am mst

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Meet a Flower Essence Practitioner - Beth Hays

Meet a Psychic - Beth Hays

Beth Hays is a flower essence practitioner. She has found that flower essences can help people achieve their goals. Not familiar with flower essences? In this interview, Beth explains how she develops the essences from Santa Catalina Mountain wildflowers, and how this process is guided by flower angels. Beth talks to clients over the phone, custom blends their essences, and mails the essences to them anywhere in the world. Her work is very goal-oriented.

Beth is based in Tucson, Arizona. I interviewed her in 2008. Please note that right now, Beth is working on other projects and is not blending custom essences. However, this interview still provides a wealth of information about working with intuition.

You can read the complete interview for two weeks on the Featured Interview page. Beth's interview is also available as a Psychics Speak e-book. Check the Psychics Speak page for the Amazon link.

10:08 am mst

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Illness as an Opportunity

 Quote from a Psychic - Illness as an Opportunity

A few months ago, at the Psychic Fair, a woman asked John Hunter about a medical problem. She was seeking a Medical Intuitive and wanted to know if her condition had been resolved. John didn't answer the medical question, but he provided a interesting perspective on illness.

He mentioned that if you ask a question, you have to be prepared to receive an answer. He asked her if she was prepared to hear a "yes" or a "no"? Would her life trajectory be based on the answer? He recommended that no matter what the medical answer, it is best for her to decide what she wanted her life to represent. To strive for that positive representation regardless of the medical answer.

Illness is a scare which reminds someone to choose what they want to do with their life. Do they want to deal with medical issues, or do they have different priorities?

Uncertainty asks, "What are you willing to do if you remain here? Do you see your path in front of you? What are you choosing?"

John commented:

"You can say, ‘I am diabetic, I might as well not leave the house.' Or, ‘I have a bad back' and not try to deal with it. You decide if you are going to be someone with a disease, or someone who is going to live so positively, moving in the direction you feel in your heart, that nothing can stop you.

"We all have to decide. Our promise to exist is to do something; to take that opportunity and represent something in the world. When we choose something positive, we start attracting all the good things about it. We can say, ‘I want to accomplish this. I don't want to be held back in any way -- physically, mentally, or emotionally. I want to let it go and move on stronger, happier, more vibrant, in a good way.' That will get rid of illness. The vibration of living and loving your life will destroy weaker vibrations. That is the beauty of positively creating and representing yourself in the best way you can imagine. We are all here to help each other do exactly that.

"If you are open and ask for the love, the knowledge, the good things in life, you are going to attract positive things because that is all you are allowing.

"The positive possibilities are what we hunger for. On this level, life is about the many positive possibilities we can attach to. We have been tricked into thinking we have to attach to negative ones. No, that is unnatural. What is natural is that we grow and expand as energy moving through space. That is how we are. Instead of a routine or pattern of presenting negative options and wondering, ‘Which one am I stuck with?' let's change that whole way of thinking and see that positive things exist. Ask, ‘How many positive things can I enjoy?' It's limitless."

John Hunter

1:12 pm mst

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Reacting to Another Mass Shooting

Reacting to Another Mass Shooting - A Gay Night Club in Orlando, Florida

I can't understand, and I don't want to understand, the hatred for people who may be different from us, but live peaceful lives and are not hurting us.

When we allow this kind of hatred in our society, we are the ones who suffer. The "victims" are already dead. Their souls have moved to a more-peaceful place. We are left to digest the bile, the aftermath. We comfort the sick and injured. We send love and support to their families. We try to find a way to make sense of what happened.

We wilt in the heat. We don't know what to do or where to turn.

We want to shield our children, but we can't. News is everywhere. If we don't breach the subject with our children, someone on the playground will, and those children will repeat what their parents said to them. It's better to influence our children's thoughts with our own thoughts, and let's hope that those are kind, loving, patient thoughts.

Just as children's thoughts are best influenced by our good vibrations, so our thoughts need to be influenced by higher vibrations from Spirit. We can listen to our Spirit Guides. When we call upon our Guides, we can connect to the energy of the universe. We can access the love vibration which permeates everything, which flows through the universe; which taps our kindness and compassion.

We can look around at the devastation, but we can also look at the calm in our personal lives. Our lives are peaceful. My life makes me smile. We live today. We enjoy peace in our homes.

We turn from the violence, hoping that those who are in better places than us to make change, will find solutions to civilization's problems. Ah, but what if they don't? Then we have to gather our selves and band together like coral, growing bigger and stronger and tougher; becoming agents of change for the better. We can be the people who understand that diversity is a strength. We can be the people who push for sensible gun limits, or fund assistance for those with mental and emotional issues, or encourage different groups to get to know each other.

We can use the love vibration to inject peace into our world. What is the love vibration? I wrote about this in April. We can greet all situations with love; the kind of love which is at the center of everything. A few of the vibrations of this love are acceptance, acknowledgment, forgiveness, and letting go. These words represent vibrations. Together, these words create an all-encompassing vibration of love.

We must remember the part about "letting go." We don't want any part of a situation which isn't positive.

John Hunter told me, "Our capability, our mission in life, is to represent love. Love is the answer to everything. Love has the ability to digest negative energy and transform it into positive energy."

"Do undo others as you would have them do unto you." Kindness, acceptance (of things which are not hurting you), assistance, and letting go.

I don't feel better yet. I feel like there is more to say, to feel, to write. I have this blog. What do I do with it? How can it be an instrument for positive change? How can a post about the love vibration grow a blog? Inciting violence and hatred are the common ways to grow readership, but that is not my vision, my world view. My world view is love and tolerance, yet I know that hatred and divisiveness exist. I know that I need people to stand up with me in a fight. I need soldiers and police officers. I can't totally defend myself. I want to live in a world where there is no need to defend myself. Ah, that is paradise. That is "the other side." I'm not ready for the other side. I like it here.

Everyone has a role to play. My role is peaceful blogger. Someone else can be the police officer/peace officer. Someone else can be the politician. Those roles are important too.

I work to refine my role so that I can live it to the best of my ability. I take a deep breath and send positive vibes to the world. I hope you join me.


12:41 pm mst

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This Universe is a University

Quote from a Psychic: Universe = University

"A near-death experience gives you a direction. It gets you to understand that there is more than what we are doing right here. This is a real good university, one of the best in this galaxy, because of the free will factor. You can learn more here in 70 or 80 years, than you could in a 1000 years in the continuum."

Dave Bodell

So I ask: What are you learning?

10:49 am mst

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Receiving and Translating Intuitive Information - How does this Work?

Receiving and Translating Intuitive Information - How does this Work?

How does our intuitive connection to the universe work?

I asked John Hunter, an Intuitive Massage Therapist, how information came to him. John answered that he "felt" it and went on to explain how intuition worked for him.

According to John, we are energy beings in a physical body. We receive energy through the pituitary gland; it is like an energy antenna. When we see a physical antenna, we don't see energy waves going into the tower, but that has to happen for TVs, radios, and cell phones to work. We work the same way.

Energy comes into us through the pituitary gland, called "the third eye." We have to take that energy vibration and express it in a physical way, with our voice, or through a drawing, or through another mechanism. We use our physical body to express non-physical ideas. Many options exist for expression.

When people say they see, hear, feel, know, smell, or taste information, it's all the same basic mechanism. The information comes through their pituitary gland, then they have either developed their mind's eye so they can see pictures (like on a television screen), have developed their heart so they can feel the energy into a scenario, or have expanded other senses.

In John's case, he feels the information through his heart. The heart helps him use his voice to translate the messages into words. The feeling in his heart indicates whether or not the words are correct.

I thought about John's explanation, then combined it with what I had heard from other psychics. One psychic wondered if different parts of the brain were used for different types of communication? Another psychic thought that messages came into his consciousness, then his mind had to run the information through his brain to verbalize the thoughts.

Making the information useful

Once the message has arrived, it has to be translated into a useful communication.

When psychics intuitively see information, they can tell people what they see, or they can draw a picture. It either comes out as words or as sketches.

When they hear information, they can translate the vibration into words, or use musical instruments to turn it into melodies.

Channeling messages can work a bit differently. Tuesday's channeled message (below) came through Laurie Hays. I once asked Laurie how channeled information came to her. She answered, "They say something and I think, ‘I can't say that.' Then they repeat it. I wait. If I say it, it takes over like a floodgate. I don't even know what I am saying. I don't hear words in my mind first, they just flow out."

When psychics feel information through the heart, they can speak and the heart will indicate if the words are correct. The heart feels a certain change in vibration, then they can voice the vibration into words.

Another way this works is through a gut feeling; a literal feeling in the stomach. The stomach either tightens or relaxes. A psychic can ask a "yes" or "no" question and feel their stomach contract for "no," or expand for "yes." Then, they can share answers with clients.

Sometimes, information is translated using the whole physical body. Information can come through the body and travel out the fingertips as automatic writing. Or, people can work with a pendulum, table tipping, or Tarot cards so that the information seems to appear through the tool, although it came first through the body.

Psychics can see, hear, feel, know, smell and/or taste information. They use all of the senses. They gather the energy and use some sense, or some tool, to translate it into physicality. One way of working is no better than another. They only need one method, but can choose as many as they like.

John Hunter shared this analogy:

If you're painter and you paint interiors, you can use a roller, or a spray gun. If you just enjoy seeing the paint being placed on the surface, you can use a brush. Any way you work, the wall is going to get painted. You choose how to work.

He added:

Starting with the truth, we can see all the different ways impressions can be expressed. We try to express the information efficiently and in a way that people understand it. When someone comes to me I ask, "How can I efficiently express the information so they get it?" People are specific in how they can accept it. That is the art of it. We all have this ability if we are open to receive impressions. How we express information so that it is efficiently accepted, is the beauty of it.

Is this how you receive information? If you have had a different kind of experience, please let me know by sending an e-mail to


12:47 pm mst

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Communities of LightWorkers

This message is deep and beautiful. It is about the importance of meeting with like-minded people to care for each other and for the world. The message was channeled through a psychic in March 2016.

Communities of LightWorkers


It is the union of this group, this energy, that fortifies each fiber that is woven together, reaching higher, reaching to all who have ever been here, to all who will ever be here. To those who are also seeking in gratitude, in divine understanding and perfection, regardless of things which appear otherwise. Uniting with those all over the world with difficulties and challenges, yet the faith to know there is greater good unfolding; greater than they know to ask.

Interweave and connect with all of those praying; all of those asking for prayers. May they feel heard, acknowledged, supported, knowing that there are like minds of light, of pure love, fortifying their light and love, empowering them so that if one gets tattered, or one light flickers, the others come to lift, to fortify, to illumine, and to raise those pilot lights once again to their divine beauty and brilliance. Rise again, they will.

The attention seems to be, through newspapers and media, on things less than the highest and best. It all serves a purpose if it touches the hearts of compassion of those who cannot understand such things or why they exist. That compassionate spark connects with other compassionate sparks, showering Mother Earth with compassion, with love, and with a true desire to ease and to heal. It connects with all the other lightworkers doing the same, forming a beautiful veil, a salve of light, to assist and fortify those who feel weaker among you.

This group is sacred. I have stated, "where two or more are gathered in my name," there is such faith, such knowing, such good will, that miracles manifest around you and you think it's normal life. Behold your gifts. Behold your light. You illumine the path for each other in ways you know not. This is friendship. This is kinship. This is lordship.

For those at a distance, for those with us in spirit, we bless and fortify each other by our presence, our thoughts, and our love.

So be it.

10:36 am mst

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Celebrating Success

Celebrating Success

Today, I am celebrating the progress of "My Psychic Search" Project.

1) The first phase of this Project was information gathering. I interviewed Intuitives and Energy Workers to discover the mechanics of psychic ability, and to find out what they knew about life.

I listened to many "ordinary" people's extraordinary stories.

I listened to, and transcribed, scores of messages channeled through psychics.

2) The second phase was getting information out to people.

One major product was a book about what it is to be psychic and what folks know about how life works. In 2012, I published "My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives." The book has recently been reprinted and I think that all the typos have been eliminated. Smile

The second major product was the publication of 31 interviews as e-books so that people around the world could better understand psychic lives and see that psychic abilities are real. These interviews were often the first time that these psychics had spoken about their lives in a way which highlighted their spiritual journey.

Thirty-one interviews are available in the Psychics Speak Series, as Kindle e-books. I interviewed 36 psychics, but five people are not ready "to go public." So, I've completed the first set of psychic interviews. I want to thank all of the psychics for their patience. In some cases, it took years to publish their stories.

I started this blog nearly eight years ago so that I could share all I was hearing with anyone who was interested. Eight years of archives exist. We will celebrate the blogiversary in July.

3) The third Project phase will include a book about life. A guidebook. A context for life on Earth and our cycles from the physical plane to the non-physical universe, then back again. Cycling ever forward in our development. I wrote the outline for this book two years ago. I've been filling in the outline with blog posts, notes, channelings, etc. The "outline" has swelled to 79 pages. I'm turning the concept around in my head. Filtering ideas and stories.

I've committed to interviewing at least one more psychic. I'm pretty sure that, along the way, I'll interview additional Intuitives and healers.

I would like to get more information out. I am thinking about publishing Blog Books and Interview Books.

Anything particular you want to know?

4) I'm not sure what the fourth phase will be, but it might be my psychic development. It's bound to grow, right?

To celebrate what has been accomplished:

At this Sunday's Psychic Fair, I'll start closing out the 2013 version of "My Psychic Search" book. At the Fair, the price of the 2013 printed books will be reduced to $15. You can find me at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair on Sunday, June 5, at the DoubleTree Inn on South Alvernon Road in Tucson, AZ. The Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

I'll put the big Kindle e-book of "My Psychic Search" on sale for a month. The online price will be cut from $9.99 to $4.99.

Spirit says that success in life is to love and be loved. I'll add: success is living through the experiences which propel our growth. Before birth, we set up our challenges, the things we need to face so that we can learn patience, or not to judge others, or kindness, etc. When we overcome our obstacles, we are successful. We return to the other side with wisdom and new tools for living our next life. When we create a new thought or a new product, we add to the knowledge of the universe. Through our connection to the Universal Source of Energy and Information, Source also acquires this knowledge. This is success.

Every interview I have published can be read by people around the world. Each one has been incorporated into the Akashic Records, the non-physical records of everything. So cool.

In our world, success is often defined by bringing in income. "How much money did you make last year?" So far, this Project isn't paying in dollars nearly as much as it is paying in wisdom and in friendship. I feel a true affinity with all the people I interview and all the folks I chat with. I also believe that the dollars will come. Thank you for being part of the audience which reads my work.

Our success is evident whenever we translate these lofty ideas into actions. We can take what we learn about Karma and apply it every day. Absorb the channeled material about interactions with people who are nearing the end of their life, and apply it when we interact with them. Listen to the channeled wisdom regarding the joy of children and remember those words when faced with the inevitable challenges of raising those children. We can populate this planet with good people - success.

Truth. Kindness. Boundary setting. Self-respect. Self-love. Leaving the world a better, cleaner place than we found it. Success.

Keep tuned to these blog posts and I'll update you on my progress. Feel free to e-mail me and keep me posted on your progress too. I love sharing your success.


12:40 pm mst

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