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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Meet a Psychic: Maryushka

Meet a High Intuitive: Maryushka

Maryushka is a High Intuitive who integrates Tarot card reading, Kabbalah principles, and healing.

As a young adult, Maryushka had several intuitive experiences and was told to find a tool to work with to refine her psychic abilities. She began working with Tarot cards. Years later, her gift was amplified when a psychic relative died and passed her gift to Maryushka. One person in every generation of Maryushka's family has had this intuitive gift.

Since the mid-1980s, Maryushka has read cards for clients, often working at parties and other events. In fact, she started a business with two others called "Party Readers 3."

When I asked how she received information, Maryushka explained that she pulled at least three Tarot cards, viewed the cards, opened her mouth, and messages came out. She didn't feel like she was communicating with Spirit Guides or angels. She wasn't hearing a voice, or seeing an image in her mind. Somehow, when she worked with the cards, she was able to open herself to a universal information source which told people what they needed to know. The cards confirmed the intuitive information.

Maryushka believes in the "doubling" of the soul. She says that when people reincarnate, a piece of them stays on the other side and a piece comes down for Earthly learning. There are situations which people can't learn on the other side. Plus, people need to test their free will. Learning is different on each side.

Maryushka also does healing work, including aura cleansing. Working in their aura, she can feel where someone hurts, and bring in energy to assist them.

Healing works even when Maryushka is not physically with the client. She explained:

"When I am concentrating on a name, I can find the person. We are in lines. We are in energy bands and I can actually find them. Here now [circling a hand in the air], I feel it's all the same energy in this space, but if we name someone who is hurting, I can literally find them. I can find their band of energy and hold them in my hand. Not as a person, as an energy. I am able to direct energy to them. I am a conduit. It's not that I'm doing the healing. It's never me. I am bringing the energy in and it is going through me and out to them. By being able to find them, it's very powerful. I know when I'm ‘on' because I can find them.

"One of the most interesting things happened when I was working on my grandfather-in-law who was very ill. One day, I sat down and I couldn't find him. You know why I couldn't find him? He had died an hour earlier. His energy was gone from this plane, the plane from which I could reach him."

Maryushka noted that there are pluses and minuses to her gift. The biggest "minus" was experiencing the 9/11 tower attacks nine months before they occurred. She saw the towers and the people jumping. The fire was raging. She felt everything, but didn't know where or when the attack would occur.

On the positive side, she often knows when people will show up in her life, and she enjoys helping people. She commented, "No matter how big a party is, somebody there needs to hear the three sentences that I have to say. That's why I do it."

Maryushka has had a lifetime of psychic experiences and healing adventures. She was also swept into a legal challenge which changed Connecticut's laws regarding card readings. Her story ranges from a premonition of the 9/11 tower attacks, to an encounter with Jesus, to an emotional healing in Sedona, Arizona, to a courtroom in Connecticut. A tapestry of connection.

My interview with Maryushka is part of the "Psychics Speak" series, and is available as a 99 cent Kindle e-book. However, if you would like to read the complete interview for FREE, I've placed in on the "Featured Interview" page of this website. It will be available for free for two weeks, then I'll take it down.

If you would like to know more about Maryushka, or invite her to a party, you can visit her website at, call her at 860-751-4252 or 1-877-293-1607 (toll free), or send an e-mail to


11:39 am mst

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Are your thoughts adding to the Light?

Quote from a Psychic: A Simple Question

In your daily travels, as you think about your personal life and the outside world, are you neutral, are you positive, or are your thoughts on the lower end of the spectrum? The easy way to analyze it: when you think about what the world is doing and why it is turned upside down, are your thoughts adding to the light, or are they not adding to the light? It is that simple. For each thought you add to the light, you can help calm the sea. Light is infinitely more powerful than dark. This is your power. Your thoughts, your light, can be more powerful than a million individuals in the dark.


10:13 am mst

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Deal with Annoying People and Situations

How to Deal with Annoying People and Situations

Nearly two years ago (February 2014), I wrote about "Annoying People." I was trying to understand why certain people annoyed me and to figure out a strategy for dealing with them. My favorite tactic was avoidance, but I couldn't always escape from these folks.

John Hunter told me why people irritate each other. He said that we need to have certain situations in our lives because they are educational. On our journey, everything is important. Our experiences are arranged so that we have the opportunity to examine them, then move to the next level of understanding.

According to John, emotional reactions like anger are signals that there is something we need to explore. Interactions give us the chance to bounce our energy against somebody and see what comes back. This is a valuable interaction. When we notice that people irritate us, we should ask ourselves, "Why?"

Anger gets our attention. It's a signal to stop and figure out what is going on.

When we avoid the person, we avoid the issue, and we miss the opportunity to take things to a higher level. It's better to identify the negative pattern, then find a way to make peace with it.

We can say, "I no longer want this in my life. I release this," but if we don't deal with it first, it re-attaches because it is a pattern which we are supposed to learn from. During everyday life, some trigger will allow that emotionally-disturbing re-connection and we will re-experience that negative emotional pattern.

I asked John if he had a strategy for working through these situations, and he suggested four steps:

1) Apply the tool of Love. Love is a vibration which allows us to deal with unhealthy connections. The positive vibration of Love balances out, or disengages, the negative pattern. Instead of thinking what we usually think, we can think, "Love." We can say, "Forgiveness" or "Acceptance."

2) Turn to our Higher Self for an explanation of the situation and the lesson which is being presented. Our Higher Self wanted that contact because it was going to allow us to identify an emotional feeling, then gain wisdom.

3) Think of the person who annoys us as our teammate. We can learn to accept the relationship when we see that it is for our growth.

4) Release the ego attachment which creates negative feelings. Once the lesson is learned and we no longer need the person in our life, we can say, "Thank you. I love you. Bye-bye. See you in the next phase of things."

People don't really annoy John. He accepts their actions because he understands that they are on their own path. However, when people get his attention in a negative way, he asks himself about the interaction. If he connects to his Higher Self, he can receive an explanation. A pattern can be identified.

Of course, it's important to acknowledge our emotions. We feel what we feel. We don't want to live in denial. After acknowledging the feeling, we can try something new. We can apply love, forgiveness, and acceptance. We can ask our Higher Self to explain the interaction. Our Higher Self is just a thought away. (See last week's blog post.)

If we can't make this connection clearly on our own, psychic readers and intuitives may be able to help. They can teach us how to make these connections, or they can use their intuition to explain the situation.

Emotional reactions are energetic signals for us to connect to our Higher Self for understanding. Our natural reaction may be to feel overwhelmed, but if we turn to our Higher Self, we can get an explanation of what is going on.

You may remember that John always tells me to, "Pull the positive out of every situation." Exploring our anger is an example of how we can turn a negative situation into a positive one.

The next time someone irritates you, trying applying the love vibration. Let me know how it works for you. I'm going to try it too.


P.S. Happy Birthday, John!

12:23 pm mst

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Words Matter

Quote from a Psychic

Words are important. Earlier this month, Spiderwoman Ilise reminded me that the words we choose frame our reality. She said:

"Semantics are important in the sense that you take ownership of something. When you say, ‘I have a headache,' or ‘I have a backache,' you are taking ownership of something negative. It's better to say, ‘I'm dealing with . . .' For example, ‘I'm dealing with a headache,' or ‘I'm dealing with the loss of someone.' You will heal more quickly if you don't take ownership of that negativity.

Another example is the word ‘difficult.' If you change the word ‘difficult' to ‘challenging,' you have a much better attitude toward it. Toward release. ‘Difficult' has a negative connotation. The word ‘challenging' is a more positive. ‘Oh, it's challenge. I can do that.' People are very competitive. When you use the word ‘challenging,' it gives you a little more edge to do the work."


10:43 am mst

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Our Higher Self

Our Higher Self

What is the Higher Self? Psychics explain that while we are incarnated, a piece of our soul remains on the other side, overseeing our voyage on Earth. Our Higher Self is the non-physical portion of our spirit. Our Higher Self knows why we are here and understands the lessons to be learned and the experiences to be had.

Our Higher Self is a spark of divinity which was created by Source (some call this source "G-d"). It has an intimate connection with Source because it is an extension of Source. The Higher Self has a consciousness which evolves as it understands our physical experiences.

The energy for our lives comes from Source, moves through our Higher Self, then extends to our physical (and mental and spiritual and emotional) body.

From our perspective, we can see that we are directly connected to a single Higher Self which is connected to Source. When we experience something, that knowledge is relayed through our Higher Self back to Source, so Source benefits from our physical exploration of the universe.

From the Higher Self's perspective, we can see the connection to Source in one direction and the connection to our life, or to our multiple lives, in the other direction. Our Higher Self is in the middle and may be overseeing our simultaneous, multiple lives in several dimensions. It also oversees each of our reincarnations so that there is a single "place" where the information from our lifetimes resides. We want to try everything. In one life we might be wealthy; in another life, destitute. In one life we might be warriors; in another life, victims. This Higher Self repository is where all of our lifetimes make sense.

According to the psychics, our Higher Self is the primary influence of our incarnations. It is intimately involved with whatever we are doing. It is with us when we are conscious, unconscious, and sleeping. It participates with our experiences. There are many things that the spirit form, the energy form, cannot experience unless it is in physicality. Our desire to experience what the physical can do and how it can create, is a playground for the Higher Self.

If we are able to communicate with our Higher Self, we can see a broader view our experiences. How can we make this connection? There isn't an on and off switch. Instead, we must ask our Higher Self to come through and to direct us. It is always with us, but we are not always aware of its presence. We have to allow our self to have the conscious awareness of our Higher Self acting with us. It's like an awareness in the background of our life.

It can take time to turn in the direction of the wisdom from our Higher Self. However, it is worth the effort because the reward is the ability to live in joy, love, and light, and to be more aware of the divinity within each of us.

When we hear intuitive messages, those communications may be coming from our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, angels, G-d, Ascended Masters, or other entities. Some people can tell the difference and know where information comes from. However, most of the time, we don't need to identify the source as long as we are certain that the information comes from the Light, and that it is communicating for our highest and best good. It doesn't matter where the messages come from, as long as we pay attention to them.

Some psychics who can distinguish between communication with their Higher Self and communication with other entities, tell me that they consider communication with an aspect of themself to be intuition, while they consider communication with an entity outside of themself to be psychic communication.

Just to be clear, I have no proof that each of us has a Higher Self, no hard evidence, but I've heard about this concept from many psychics and read about it in several books. How do we know anything is true? We need direct experience or total faith. At this point, I have neither, but I am open to the possibility that this is true. I'll stay alert and see if anything happens to me which confirms this concept.

If you want to understand something, try explaining it. Today, I'm sharing what I've learned about the Higher Self which works within each of us. If you have a clearer understanding of how this works, please let me know. You can send your thoughts to


12:43 pm mst

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Delightful Mantra

New Year, New Mantra

To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf recently shared her new mantra with me and I am sharing it with you. Repeat this mantra as often as you like.

"The Universe delights in my delight and, therefore, delights in delighting me."

Feel free to add on: "lavishly," "abundantly," "financially," "quickly," etc.

Let me know if you are surprised and delighted.


11:19 am mst

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