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Thursday, December 31, 2015

17 Things I learned in 2015

17 Things I learned in 2015

Announcement: The next Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, January 3, 2016, at the DoubleTree Inn in Tucson, AZ.

Here are a few things I learned in 2015:

1) We don't get to choose our psychic gifts - at least not in this lifetime. We are born with certain gifts and talents which develop over time. If we meditate and study, we can open ourselves to new skills, but the things at which we will excel, are our inborn talents.

2) If you purchase a Tarot card deck, or an Oracle deck, sleep with it under your pillow until you and the deck bond with each other. This may take a few days or weeks.

3) If you want to know what someone is dealing with, you really have to listen to them. It's easy to think we understand a situation when we have a few clues and we can jump to conclusions, but we might not understand the situation at all. Before jumping, really listen. I've been in the middle of a group misunderstanding. Two sides. I see both of their points, but they are having trouble seeing each other's view.

4) People get stuck in their positions. Something happens once and they hold a grudge for years. They only see the things which support their position. Or nothing happens after the initial event, and they are just stuck. Is it worth it to hold a grudge for five years over some slight? If it's not happening over and over, let it go.

5) There is a way to tell someone you're mad at them without yelling or belittling them - you just explain it. Don't expect them to change or to apologize. Just tell them what happened so they understand and you can move on without your anger.

6) Intuitives aren't always correct. Sometimes the messages they give are really things which they need to hear. There's no way to know who the message is for until several months later, but someone really needed to hear it.

7) The most fascinating thing I did in 2015 was talk with a psychic who channeled Spirit and allowed me to ask the big questions about life, death, life purpose, etc. To talk through a psychic who is communicating with Spirit Guides is a holy event. I could ask questions, share a laugh, and be thrown off by some of the things I heard. The answers weren't all what I had expected, but the feeling of being in the room with spiritual masters who shared answers with me, so that I could share them with you, was awe-inspiring.

8) Getting along with the people you live with, the people you see everyday, is a joy. My family is my rock. I love family dinners where we all share what's going on in our day. I love those evenings when we just hang around chatting. I know it's important for my 20-something children to develop independent lives, but until they move out, I'm going to enjoy their company.

9) Good looking people can be bitter, ill, or incompetent, but it takes us longer to catch on to the situation when they look so good.

10) One way to gain clarity in your meditations is to state: "Elaboration, please."

11) When we listen, we learn. When we ponder, we expand. When we feel, we are alive. We open our hearts.

12) Synchronicities happen which we don't even realize are synchronicities until someone points them out to us.

13) You don't get a vote in someone else's life. I learned this watching the Oprah Show, and it continues to ring true. (Okay, I didn't learn this in 2015, but I use this idea every day.)

14) My guilty pleasure is working on this Project. Not going out to dinner or a movie - just talking to intuitives, healers, and Spirit Guides, then sitting at my computer, transcribing our conversations, and ruminating over the ideas I hear.

15) People who have had Near-Death Experiences have incredible stories to share. During these events, they learn how life works. Listen to their recollections.

16) Everyone's basic life purpose is to love and be loved. This starts with self-love and self-respect, then grows to encompass all other endeavors.

17) To grow, we need to pull the positive aspect out of every experience. We can focus on the negative, but this does not aid our growth. Forward movement is propelled by optimism.

Here's to a wonderful new year!


12:33 pm mst

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vibrational Harmony

Channeled Message (through a Psychic)

This message has to do with living in the new energy. Some people can rise to the challenge of a higher vibrational energy. Other people aren't ready, so they try to stay "under the wire." Many people seem to have trouble coping with all that is going on, however, they may come to realize that all of life's happy and sad events combine in glorious harmony.

This edited and condensed message came through in November 2015:

"The radiant light that envelopes you and illuminates your path can no longer be dimmed by life's circumstances.

"Other people may be a little more asleep. It is easier for them to slumber and, in a way, almost be under the vibrational energy. That feels safe to them because the vibrational level that they need to transmute all energies and rise above the pettiness of Mother Earth, is jarring. Not everyone is up to the work that you, and others, have done and continue to do, on your path of development and growth. That is why some people are under the wire, but "under the wire" keeps them from the perspective and the views that you have and that you share. Many people who do not share your views, do not understand. You have a different perspective. You view life from a different angle and a higher view. No different from your vehicles when you drive. If your car is seated at a higher level, you have clearer vision ahead and around you, than you do in a lower-profile vehicle.

"Other energies will continue to pull for your attention. It is important for you to remain in the body, in your vibration. This can be difficult because individuals on the third dimension plan so much and want everything to be in order, and that is not how these vibrations work. They are in harmony. They are a flow. Sometimes, they are more upbeat. Sometimes, they are a slower count, but all is in harmony. These are normal, frequency vibrational shifts. When you are up, you think you are happy. When you are down, you think something is wrong. All of it flows together. Do not judge one day. Do not judge one moment. Here and now, you are healthy, you are well, you are whole. Be grateful. If you face your every "here and now" in that way, you will never be anything but happy, healthy, whole, and complete.

"You will see much destruction. You will see much harm. You will see much injury to those around you. Remember, all are here doing their roles for the reasons that they chose before they came into this vibration. They selected to be either a teacher, an illumination and enlightenment, a guidance and example, or merely part of an experience that needed to be felt by those around them.

"Go with the flow, everyone is in synchrony. It is an orchestra and the flutes sound very different from the drums, which sound very different from the bass. If everyone lets their vibrations be, it will come together in beautiful harmony. We cannot all be the bass, we cannot all be the guitar. Everyone needs to resonate at their vibration and know that it all comes together in a divine, beautiful harmony, greater than you could compose, because you composed it long before you came into this plane."

Let me know if you find this kind of message useful.


P.S. The Kindle version of My Psychic Search book, is on sale for $4.99 through December 31. In January, it returns to the regular price of $9.99.

11:38 am mst

Thursday, December 24, 2015

You Belong Here

You Belong Here

It's a busy time of year, so just a short post today to say:

We are all in this together. You are not alone.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do, welcome to the western world. We've set the bar pretty high for presents, decorations, meals, and parties.

If you are home alone, remember, you are never really alone. You are always surrounded by your supportive group of Spirit Guides, angels, and friendly souls.

If you are struggling to understand why you feel "different" from your friends, and suspect that you may have psychic abilities, other people feel the same way. Next year you can make more progress towards understanding your situation.

If you are feeling a bit lost, wondering how to connect to your Guides and your Higher Self, join the club. Many of us are asking the same questions and facing the same struggle. Keep reading this blog. I'll pass along all the tips and hints I hear.

Just remember to love yourself and to treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you show to others.

There is much to savor this holiday season. We live in a magical, mystical universe. We are the luckiest souls alive.



10:26 am mst

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Letting Go

Conversation with an Intuitive: Letting Go

People talk about the need to "let go" of the things which irk them. I'm on board with that, I just don't know how to let go.

Earlier this month I asked John Hunter how to release issues. This is a bit of our discussion:

John: The past only has one purpose, to let it go. A big part of love, of creation, is letting things go.

Gail: How do you let something go?

John: By deciding that you don't need it. It's not a part of your present growth. At one time, it might have been a part of something. At this time, it is not a part of your growth. We are here to understand the process of life. We can call that "the process" or we can call that "love." The process of understanding life is the same process as understanding love which is the center and core of all creation. That is why we are here. That is what we are experiencing.

Gail: I firmly believe that we set up our childhoods so that we can spend the rest of our lives overcoming the obstacles we have set up. What if those obstacles don't go away? They just keep popping up?

John: They don't go away until we deal with them. They are always ready to be present, in front of us, so we can address them and let them go. The childhood stays there until you say, "I got the message, I got the point of that scenario, and I no longer need it." We have to be responsible for that decision. Issues are not going to mysteriously go away.

Gail: What if you got the message and let it go, and it keeps coming back? Is that because the message you think you got, isn't the accurate message, or because the issue, or person, is still a pain in the butt?

John: An emotional reaction to someone is a signal for us to go to our Higher Self to evaluate the relationship. The people who give us the most trouble are the ones on the other side who are our truest, best companions for learning. On the other side, they are our star generals in the biggest battle out there. They are under contract with us to help us learn.

Thank you, John.

I would be interested in any successes you have had regarding "letting go." What works for you? You can let me know via e-mail,


11:21 am mst

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Meet a Psychic: Raquel Spencer

Announcement: The winner of the lovely chakra-balancing pendant was Yvonne W. If you didn't win, and are still interested in a pendant, check out the Chakra Jewelry and Wands page of this website.

Today, we are going to Meet a Psychic:

Raquel Spencer - Spiritual Teacher, Multi-Dimensional Energy Specialist

Raquel Spencer is a Spiritual teacher, Multi-Dimensional Energy/Light Specialist and facilitator. She believes that spiritual awakening is both an energetic and a physical process which brings a person's awareness to a level where the person remembers that part of his or her self, the Higher Self, which is beyond this 3-D reality. Raquel works with clients' energetic and physical bodies to help them remember who they are -- Divine Beings of Light. She understands that the physical body is the vehicle for spiritual awakening. As light is infused into physical cells, spiritual awakening is enhanced.

Raquel's journey began in 1985 after waking from an unexplained medical trauma which left her in an unconscious state for more than five weeks. This experience, called a "soul braid," was the weaving together of many aspects of her Higher Self into this reality, preparing her for the spiritual work she was to complete in this lifetime. The process was so intense that her physical body nearly couldn't handle it. She was pronounced dead three times and she was revived three times. While in this expanded (yet unconscious) state, her physical and energetic bodies were encoded with information which she agreed to bring through to assist with the awakening of humanity.

As an adult, Raquel worked in the business community for many years. Eventually, she received the direction from Spirit to bring her work to the public. Like everyone else, Raquel had to learn to listen to promptings from Spirit, follow her intuition, and figure out how to live comfortably in the physical world while developing her spiritual connection. She has had many experiences which were considered paranormal or spiritual in nature, and often questioned if they were real. Because of these experiences, she understood what people went through when waking up to their true selves. She has experienced personal triumphs and challenges which have expanded her understanding and given her the ability to relate to the people with whom she works.

Raquel works directly with each person's energy system to clear, activate and upgrade the body so that the person is physically prepared to embody his or her Higher Self. Raquel communicates with a vast array of Light Beings, Spiritual Councils, Ascended Masters, angels and nature spirits, bringing through the most appropriate Light frequency/energy, information and wisdom for her clients.

As her journey of awakening continues, Raquel follows the promptings of Spirit to serve Gaia (the earth) and humanity. In doing so, she travels to sacred places around the world, including Bali, Peru, Ireland, Central America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Bolivia and England. She also travels across the United States. During her travels, Raquel anchors Light and raises the frequency of the people and places she encounters.

Raquel is dedicated to being a Divine Instrument of Light.


In 2009, Raquel was interviewed for My Psychic Search book. You can buy a copy of the Kindle e-book version the book for half price until the end of December. If you would like to read my complete interview with Raquel, it is available for 99 cents as a Kindle e-book.

If you want to know more about Raquel, or are interested in working with her, you can view her website at


11:40 am mst

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Quote from a Psychic - Melody Krafft

Quote from a Psychic

I have had many past religious lives. I think it is easy for me to meditate because I have had many lives where I was required to meditate. I suspect that a lot of Mediums and people who fall easily into that meditative state have probably had past lives as monks or nuns or priests where they were very disciplined in sitting and getting still. It's a soul memory. When you come into this life, it's still there. I remember as a child that I would slide into meditative states all the time and get information. We continue.

We learn everything that we want to learn in this lifetime, then we shed the body. We go to the other side, rest, and decide what we want to learn the next time around. When is the best time to come back? Who are the best parents to help facilitate this? Who are our friends going to be? That kind of thing. It's a continuation. This lifetime is one chapter in a huge book.

Melody Kraft
Visionary Artist, Medium

10:05 am mst

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Protect your Bubble, then Project your Love

Protect your Bubble, then Project your Love

We each live in a bubble. Within our bubble, we must protect our bodies and our personal energy. We must be devoted to the people who live in our home. The happiness in our home provides the basis for all we do. If we have peace and tranquility in our home, we can gently expand that happiness to other people and situations. Once they are covered, we can keep extending our joy, our love, our prayers, to the rest of the world.

The psychics say that we are here to learn to love and to be loved. It's important to start with self love. Self love is not an ego thing, not an aggrandizement, but a recognition of the spark of divinity within us and the fact that we are working so hard to accomplish whatever it is that we have signed up to do. Self love isn't shouting, "I'm wonderful!" to the world; it is an inner acceptance of who we are. Once we love ourselves, we can better love the others in our bubble.

Beyond our home, there is often turmoil. Our friends may be struggling. We are also aware of people around the world who are suffering and not knowing which way to go. One week it's the Syrian refugee crisis. The next week it's the Paris shootings, the Planned Parenthood hatred, or the San Bernardino shootings. We can't keep up with all the anger in the world, so we have to pull back, make sure our bubble is secure, and then slowly begin to reach out to other people.

How do we help the world? We have to decide if we are going to physically help the situation or not. If we are going to help, we have to get out there and do it. We shouldn't just sit around wringing our hands. Either we do something, or we let the worry go. If we feel called to get involved, we can incorporate this outreach activity into our life purpose. Collect toys for a toy drive. Listen to a friend in distress. Contribute cash to an organization which does good in the world. If we look around, we can see people helping one another; we can see acts of kindness.

If we choose not to help in that way, we can still send love, light, and prayers to people. We can send love to innocent victims. We can pray that ill-informed fighters discover a new way of looking at life and change their hearts. We can pray that everyone involved is successful in achieving whatever they are attempting to achieve in this lifetime. Perhaps they are here to overcome a difficult situation, to learn to help others, or to rebalance Karma. There are multiple motivations and we are not privy to them. We send light to everyone.

Many people are already lightworkers, and others are joining the ranks. The psychics say that the primary job of lightworkers is to draw in positive energy from the Universe and hold that energy, that positive outlook, as a beacon. Their job is not to influence anyone, but to allow all who are looking for a lighthouse to find one and share the light. The world would have been much worse off if not for all that the lightworkers have accomplished. Earth would have been in chaos a long, long time ago, if not for the lightworkers who volunteered to come and give their lives, as challenging as that might be. The lightworkers are containing things, as best they can, for the generations which are coming in. They are disbursed throughout the world, among all communities, to bring up the energy. There is light for people who seek it.

Some people want to destroy others to show how powerful they are. The psychics say that power only begets more power and "power over" is never the power that comes out on top. Real power is the power to contain oneself, and to figure out a better way of managing the world.

Back to our personal lives: We have to stay focused on ourselves and the people we touch. It starts where we are. If we are kind to the people we know, we can create joy.

My advice? Start with your bubble and continually expand your influence for good in the world. Protect your bubble, then project your love.


Questions or comments? Send an e-mail to

Feel free to share this blog post with anyone who you think might benefit from reading it. 

12:31 pm mst

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Christmas (or Hannuka) of the Now

The Christmas of the Now

I am re-posting a powerful message I heard last year about the joy of celebrating every moment of the holidays, not just the big events. Smaller moments are magical too. Although the message refers to "The Christmas of the Now," it applies to all of the holidays: Hannuka, Kwanza, etc. Enjoy every moment. Here is the message:

Each of you has seen or heard of the story that involves the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. Ask yourself, how much are you are still ruled by a ghost of Christmas Past?

Many people cling to memories of how things used to be and compare them with their expectations of how things are now. Or, they hold memories of how things should have been, and allow that to affect their feelings about Christmas, or Hannuka or Kwanza or Festivus, or any of those holiday celebrations.

Some people look forward with longing to a Christmas Future and wish that things could be that way this year. We urge you to examine, within your own being, how much the Ghost of Christmas Past or the Ghost of Christmas Future affects your holiday understanding, your holiday mood. Is it possible that those memories, those expectations, those judgments, will affect and suppress the joy you can have if you focus just on The Christmas of the Now?

Focus just on The Christmas of the Now, with all of the joy that you can bring forth, with all of the love you can bring forth, with the feeling of goodwill and compassion to all mankind.

By "The Christmas of the Now," we don't mean the Christmas on December 25th, until it is December 25th. "The Christmas of the Now" means the moment that you are in, whether it be walking through the stores and seeing the crowds, or hearing Christmas music, or driving out of your neighborhood, seeing all the Christmas lights. Whether it means enjoying the goodies at the office party, or preparing things for those you love while you are at home. That is what we refer to as "The Christmas of the Now." The Christmas of this moment, not the moment of the 25th, until the 25th arrives.

Focus on The Christmas of the Now. Hold that in consciousness as you go through these glorious, wonderful days until the end of the holidays. The more you can focus on The Christmas of the Now, the more you will be focused on the joy and the love and the peace and the happiness, moment by moment, after the holiday season is done. Use this time for practice. It is a good time to practice because all consciousness is growing right now as people allow themselves to get into the Christmas spirit. Now is a good time for you to practice being in The Christmas of the Now.


11:40 am mst

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life Purpose

Life Purpose

Announcements: The next Mystic Messenger's Psychic Fair will be held this Sunday, December 6, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the DoubleTree Inn in Tucson, AZ. I'll be set up there with "Wild Girl!" artwork, books, and chakra-balancing pendants. I hope to see you there!

Holiday Happiness. From now through the end of December, the Kindle e-book version of "My Psychic Search" book will be on sale! The price has been slashed from $9.99 to $4.99. Enjoy!

Life Purpose

A few months ago, I asked on this blog if anyone had a universal question for me to ask the psychics. One woman asked about Life Purpose. She wanted to know if everyone had a life purpose and how they could recognize it.

The Answer is, "Yes, everyone has a life purpose." It is that will, that heartfelt desire inside of someone. It is that thing that people would do even if they weren't being paid. An artist can't stop painting; a writer writes; an actor acts.

In our society, that desire is often snuffed out at a young age. While education is vital, it should be a complement to this heartfelt yearning, not a replacement for it. Education should be incorporated with this passion so that people learn how to hone their craft and how to market it (if need be). Society often values knowledge and information more than artistry and the creative, inquisitive side of nature. Curiosity is stifled, then people wonder why grown ups have lost their aspirations, desires, and goals. They had them at one point.

If people can recall what they loved doing as children, they can discover their life purpose. When they were young, they didn't have the filters and the societal pressure which said, "You can't be a musician. You will starve to death." "You can't be a poet, they don't make any money." "Why be a teacher? You'll be broke all the time." Society has impressed this on people and they have forgotten what it was like to be joyful. They need to ask what situations they have removed themselves from which felt so natural, so light, so invigorating, so joyful.

Instead of valuing events and feelings, people have come to value "what I produce" and "how much I can bring in because of the production?"

When people think back to the things which brought them childhood joy, they can see their life purpose unfolding. The actual thing that brought the joy may not be their life purpose, but exploring that activity puts them on the path to discover what they love. If they follow that beacon of joy, they can discover their life purpose.

In some cases, a job may be necessary for financial security, but there is still plenty of time to pursue a life purpose.

Let me know what you think. Have you found your life purpose?


10:16 am mst

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Perspective from The Other Side, Paris Shootings

A Perspective From the Other Side

To me, this is a whole flipped around way of looking at things.

I mentioned to a psychic who was channeling Spirit, that I was keeping in my mind and heart, all the people who had been affected in the Paris shootings, whether they had survived, or passed on, or were suffering.

Quote from Spirit

"Do you see how it became a global connection for those souls? It has touched so many hearts saying, ‘That could have been my young ones. That could have been my brother, my sister, my family.' When the earth opens its heart after such tragedies, it is necessary. That is a flow of love that covers over and we won't say ‘eradicates' because those people lost their lives, but it really does something for them, when they are on the other side, to see so many unite. They were able to unite so many, one person at a time. Transitioning has many purposes. That cell group that transitioned has pulled on thousands and thousands of hearts."

1:04 pm mst

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