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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dignity and Compassion for the Dying
Message from the Guides

Dignity and Compassion for the Dying

I asked, "Can you tell us more about going through the dying process? Something I could share on the blog, both for the person who is leaving and for the people who are staying here."

The Spirit Guides answered:

If the people who are staying here know that it is merely change and how wonderful it is, like when a child is no longer a child and goes into puberty, then they turn into senior citizens, etc.; if an individual who is still on the earth plane knows that, they exude, they relay, this peace and tranquility in making things comfortable. However, sometimes the generation that may be shifting is reacting to our reactions.

If it is a 7 or 8 year old, and you tell them how wonderful it is that they are shifting and transitioning and will feel no pain, that is what they will experience and look forward to.

If it is an older person who is afraid of judgement, of fear, of pain, of things they were taught death was, you cannot re-indoctrinate anyone. It is about accepting them where they are.

If they say, "I am scared," you can say, "I'm here to hold your hand." If they say, "I don't want to die," you can respond, "I understand." If they say, "Do whatever it takes," you can ask, "What would you like us to do? I will do my best." Let them decide.

The minute you tell them, "Just accept it," the minute you tell them, "Don't fight," or "Keep fighting," you have now imposed your will on them and that is the last thing they need when they are feeling powerless. Anything to help them feel empowered in their process, is respectful. If you offer nothing else at the moment of difficulty in any way in life, it is respect. The greatest complaint that people have with the medical field is that they do not feel respected. They feel treated "at" not "with." They feel that the caretakers are not caring. They say, "You need to get up." "You need to shower." We understand order, but the more a person has a choice . . . it is like a child, "You can eat your green beans first, or your potatoes first, but you are going to eat them."

Let them have choices. Let them decide.

Those who are watching and observing the passing process need to have peace within themselves, [knowing] this is normal. It is not traumatic.

Thank you.

10:14 am mst

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Figuring Out Psychic Abilities

What is it like to be a psychic child?

When people with intuitive abilities are born, they are "just kids" and are completely accepting of whatever life has to offer. They don't realize that other kids can't see spirits, feel what other people feel or know what other people think. At some young age, they discover that they are different from other children and that if they don't hide it, the other children will make fun of them. Hiding their abilities makes them feel separate from other people. Society tells them that they are odd and there usually isn't an adult in their family who understands what is happening and can help the children see that they are not crazy. They have difficult childhoods and painful young-adulthoods. Eventually, someone helps them understand that they are not crazy, they are intuitive. Then . . . they blossom into their authentic selves.

Alternatively, a few psychics were born into this lifetime knowing exactly which gifts they had and what they were here to accomplish. They remembered their past lives and the contracts they had negotiated before agreeing to be born. These psychics had slightly easier childhoods than the psychics who had to figure out why they were different; however, they faced their own issues. For example, a few psychics remembered being part of World War II in Europe and had flashbacks whenever this period was discussed in school.

Interestingly, several people revealed that they were very smart and that their intelligence helped them navigate this world while exploring the non-physical world. This was particularly important when figuring out how to fit in, and how to cope, at school. To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf was reading at a college level when she was 7; Leah Taylor was considered a genius at 4; and Rhonda Harford Gibony' was born with a photographic memory.

Eventually, Intuitives figure out and accept that they are different from other people and that they have a gift which allows them to tap into energy and information which can help other people. They realize that one reason they are here on Earth is to help others. A second reason PRISMS are here is to learn their own life lessons. They believe that every soul is here to experience life, to grow and to evolve.

How did people figure out that they were psychic?

Of the 26 people I interviewed for the book, four were born knowing they were psychic, eighteen knew they were different from other children but had to figure out that they were psychic, and four were "normal" children who developed their gift later in life.

The four people who came to Earth knowing that they were psychic either remembered their past lives and how the Universe worked, or remembered making an agreement (before being born) to come to Earth and help people. They had experiences in childhood which reinforced their "knowing." One psychic told me that when her class learned about World War II in second grade, she remembered the whole thing and couldn't get out of bed for a week.

Eighteen psychics knew they were different from other children, but had to discover that they had psychic abilities. What made them different from other children? They saw fairies, astral traveled, talked with spirits, or knew things about other people which they had no logical way of knowing.

At eight years old, one psychic told his mom that a neighbor was pregnant before there were any indications that this was the case. Also at eight years old, another psychic started seeing people's auras. At five years of age, a third psychic had an out-of-body experience. When these children talked about their experiences, they found that other people didn't see the things which they saw. These eighteen children knew that there was something different about them, but it took a while to put the pieces together.

How did they figure things out? Of the eighteen people who knew they were different, but had to find out what was happening:

5 people talked to a spiritual teacher who explained their situation;
4 people explored metaphysics on their own and discovered that they had gifts;
1 person had Spirit Guides who explained what was going on;
5 people either had a near-death experience, a medical issue or an emotional trauma which opened their abilities; and
3 people had abilities which unfolded naturally as they matured.

Are you psychic? How did you figure it out?

You can e-mail your answers to me at


7:17 am mst

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Storytelling as a Tool for Creating your Future

Idea from a Channeled Message:

Storytelling is a Tool which can be used (or misused) for Growth

When you tell your story, your life story, what you want, how things are, how they are going, the complications, and the constant frustrations, you manifest them all over again. One of the most important things to realize if you want to change your life, is that you need to change your story. Always put a positive spin on it. Look at the positives. For as you see the positive aspects, no energy is put into things which are unwanted.

When you tell the story of complications, the story of how many bureaucrats you ran into and all the red tape, you manifest the story again. As you tell that story, you create energy. You may think it is subtle, but Source doesn't. Source sees this as a beacon of light. "I'm telling this story because this is what I want." Begin to think about how you say things. Think about the story and the spin of how you really want things to be.

Be clear in what you want, decidingly clear. Don't throw roadblocks in by telling the story of complications over and over and over. Those complications have a huge emotional charge and wave a big banner to Source. Sources sees nothing as good, nothing as bad. Source sees what you are saying and sees the emotion. The strength of feeling is very important. So when the story is filled with complications and frustrations, Source says, "This must be what you want so this is what you will get."

Many times people will tell a story looking for a response from others. Others can't help you. You create your experience. Tell the story as you want it to be. The more you practice this, the more proficient you become. It is a very strong creative tool.

What is your story?

11:48 am mst

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mercury Retrograde: The Good News

Putting a New Spin on Mercury Retrograde

"My computer doesn't work," "My e-mails are jumbled." "I can't sign a contract." I often hear people blame technical issues and personal miscommunications on Mercury Retrograde. Is there another way we can look at this period?

Mercury Retrograde periods occur three times each year. This year's third Mercury Retrograde begins today. It ends October 9.

A couple of months ago, I heard a fresh spin on Mercury Retrograde from John Hunter. I'm paraphrasing a bit, but this is the gist of what he said:

John Hunter

Our job is to go through life acknowledging different aspects of ourselves, pulling the positive out of events, and growing, learning, and expanding with that knowledge.

The retrograde period is for review. Energies which stop us from forward progress give us the opportunity to identify the negative patterns of the past which we have not dealt with efficiently. Once the Retrograde is over, we move on. We are better prepared for the next step of our growth. It's really a benefit.

Retrograde is like the review test.

All of the sudden, we are going to have to display what we know. We are going to have to review past patterns which held us back. If we didn't deal with them efficiently, we see that we still have to deal with them. We are stronger than we were back then. We can apply love to past situations and officially disconnect from them. We can extract the positive energy and use it in our next big step.

It's all about work and walking on our path. If we are not currently on our path, retrograde is a scary thing. It's like when the teacher says, "Surprise Review Test." If we are not prepared, it is troublesome. But if we have kept up with our studies, our homework, we are going to say, "This is great." This is what retrograde means. However, we don't want to review the parts we worked so hard to forget.

This time in the universe is not about confusion. It is an opportunity to make clear what is going on. In the past, we pushed our way through life. Now we "receive" our way through life. This is a paradigm shift; an energy shift.

As the Earth rotates in the universe, we go through waves of energy which represent different aspects of processing. When someone says, "You have to be a slave," or "You have to push your way through life," that, at our core, does not sound right any more. That is the old energy. We have moved out of that energy. We have to remember why we are here, who and what we are, and allow life to flow through us. It sounds natural. It sounds better. Before, we had to work really hard, never rest, keep pushing. That is how we were successful. Now we look around at the people who have done that and we see that they are worn out. Spiritually, they haven't grown much. Love was set aside. We can see families which took that concept 100% and don't even know each other, but they have some money.

That approach doesn't do any good when material things don't hold value. Material value goes up and down. When it goes down, what do we have? If we don't have the nicest car, or a lot of money, are we happy? Do we have loved ones? Are we able to communicate? Retrograde helps us see that. It could be a tough time, but it is a realistic time. It is a time to see exactly where we are.

I asked, "What does that have to do with electronics not working?"

John answered: Energy. Retrograde takes away things which make your life so easy that you don't have to deal with yourself. Whatever it takes for you to deal with your true reality is what is going to happen during retrograde. If you don't work through it this time, the next retrograde, it will happen again. The retrograde reflects your inability to deal with things when it would benefit you to actually address them. If the same thing has happened the last five retrogrades, evaluate it. When you identify patterns, you have choices. You can choose to tag patterns as negative or positive. It's the most important thing you can do in life. If you review your life and start tagging every event with a positive aspect, you are going to be enlightened. You are going to be free.

Retrograde is about choosing love in everything you have done, in everything you will do. It is an amazing ability we have as humans. That is my take on retrograde.


I like the idea that we can use any problems which occur during the Mercury Retrograde period to evaluate our lives and our challenges, and see if there are better ways to move forward. The current retrograde period overlaps with the Jewish High Holy Days which are also about introspection, self-evaluation, and plans for improving our lives.

I wish you all a wonderful "Mercury Retrograde." Let me know how it goes.


12:15 pm mst

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What do Angels look like?
Quote from a Psychic

I asked, "What do you see, when you see angels?"

Aitreyia answered, "Now, I see light. In the early 1990s, my store was downtown and my ex's hotel was downtown. I would walk home at midnight and not be afraid. I would see tall angels, short angels, gold angels, and blue angels.

"I don't need to see them that way anymore. Now I see their higher form as a beam of light or a ball of light. I don't see angels in physical form.

"At one point, I worked with a Native American man. I was trying to get him to work with [Archangel] Michael. He saw Michael as a blue wolf. I realized that angels were not limited to a particular religion and were not limited in how they appeared to people."


12:26 pm mst

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Celebrating Transitions

Spirit Speaks about Life

I heard this message last week through a person who channels ideas worth pondering:

"Birth is celebrated (everyone celebrates the child) and death is mourned. They are the same. They are the same. We need to welcome a birth like it is normal, like we welcome adolescence like it is normal, like we welcome adulthood like it is normal, like we welcome death because it is normal, like we welcome rebirth because it is normal. Once people get that, the emotional charges don't need to weigh them down.

"Not all children are received in joy. Not all deaths are in sorrow. It's important to know it is merely the change.

"Do you cry when the ice cube melts? Do you cry when it evaporates? Do you cry when it rains down? It just is. If you see life more like the liquid, sacred water that you eat, drink, and bathe in, it would take a lot of sting away. People would respect all levels in between. How cute when they are born, when they toddle, when they go off, when they write, when they graduate, when they marry, when they have children, when they retire, when they get older, when they die. All of it is to be celebrated. All of it. If it is done in love, and loved, it is a success on this side and the other."

Let me know if you find this kind of post useful: short, sweet, and insightful.


1:36 pm mst

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


 Questions and Answers

I asked: How do we measure success in life? How do we know that we are making progress and going in the right direction?

Brilliant question. Success is when you have loved and been loved. People do not value that as success. If you are loved and love, you are a success.

People thought "success" was "when I can support my family and have money in the bank," "when I have my credentials," "when all my family has their credentials,""when I have opened institutions for my philanthropical contributions." My dear, all of that is human made. What is being a success cannot be measured and is not tangible. If you have love, and have been loved, you are a success. If only we could teach that to the youth.

The Guides

9:48 am mst

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meet a Visionary Artist - Susy Plummer

Meet a Visionary Artist - Susy Plummer

Announcement: Tucson's Mystic Messenger's Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, September 6, 2015, at the DoubleTree Inn on South Alvernon Road. The Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. I'll be there to chat with you. :)


Sketching the Invisible

Susy Plummer is a Visionary Artist who lives in Australia. Her entire life, she has been led from one opportunity to another. Each move opened her psychic ability and showed her how to use her gifts to help people. When I interviewed Susy in 2012, she demonstrated how her drawings functioned as psychic readings.

Susy was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island. After college, she was given the opportunity to move to Australia, and she followed that prompt. She worked as a housekeeper, worked in shops, and ran a vegetarian restaurant. She married an Australian.

In her 40s, Susy started thinking she was supposed to do something important, but she didn't know what it was. She took healing courses and became a masseuse. While working on people, she went into a meditative state of mind and began receiving messages about them. She thought that maybe she should work more with the messages than with the massage.

Susy became friends with an artist who was doing Spirit Guide drawings, and thought it might be nice to do drawings for people. Although she had grown up in an artistic family, she had never explored drawing and had no idea what might happen if she tried this work. However, she wondered if she was supposed to use art in conjunction with the intuitive information which was coming to her.

Susy bought a box of pastels and began to draw. She thought of a friend and drew a face. Turns out, the drawing looked like the friend's deceased mother - a woman Susy had never met. This was the first validation that Susy had a gift for drawing the unseen.

Now, Susy takes orders for Spirit Guide drawings and angel drawings. She writes down the person's birth date, does the drawing, and mails the drawing to the client. She finds that there is something in each picture which provides evidence that it came from somewhere else. Many phenomena happen.

She said:

"When I first starting doing these drawings, I felt like I was being trained in a new way of doing things, a new way of consciousness. I think it has to do with being human and being connected to Spirit at the same time; like connecting Heaven and Earth."

When sitting down to draw, Susy says, "I would like a drawing for ‘Mary,'" then begins to draw. Sometimes, she has a vision. Sometimes, she sees a color and uses that color in the drawing. If she doesn't have a vision, she begins drawing and whatever comes through is for the client. She uses her intuitive perception. While drawing, she can ask the face in the drawing if it wants a specific color, and it will indicate an answer.

According to Susy, messages come through like reading a story. The drawing will tell her things in her head, not out loud. In her mind, she might know what the drawing is about. She might know if the drawing is an angel or a past life, or she might hear a name.

One time, Susy did a drawing for a writer, and got the name "Babbette." She knew the person in the drawing was from the 1930s. When she looked online, she found a photo of the real Babbette, along with information on this person. The online photo was quite similar to the drawing Susy had just completed. Babbette had been a writer who passed on. Susy's client was a writer and a poet, and Babbette was her muse.

Susy explained that when she is drawing, she is channeling. She gets information from other places. The drawing is like a tool for a reading, and it reinforces the information. Something happens. There might be a necklace on the drawing which the person just bought.

Susy remarked, "I did a drawing for a healer and he identified with the drawing. The person in the drawing had a crown. When I was drawing it, it was simple, but I thought there was something interesting about the crown. He looked at the drawing and said, ‘Ah, look at that.' He showed me his wrist and he had the crown as a tattoo. He hadn't had it before I did the drawing. He went and got it after I did the drawing, but before he had seen it. Between the time he had ordered the picture, and the time the picture had been delivered, he had gotten the tattoo which matched the crown in the picture. It's obvious that I am tapping into something. He said that the pattern was significant to him which is why he had had it tattooed on his wrist."

I asked, "Are you pleased to have these abilities, or do you find them a burden?"

Susy answered, "Most of the time I think it's amazing! It's fantastic. I'm thrilled every time something happens. To me, it's a miracle. I can't know this stuff. It's amusing. It's cool. That's how I think about it because it is not me doing it, it's divorced from me and I can say, ‘What a great picture.' I drew it, but I didn't draw it. I don't see it until I draw it."

As part of our interview, Susy demonstrated how her visionary artistry works. She did a butterfly drawing for me, along with a card reading. I asked, "Are you thinking about what you are doing, or are you just doing it?" Susy answered, "A little bit of both. Everything is like that. A bit of this and a bit of that. A bit of me and a bit of Spirit. Spirit is using me to do this and you're participating in this as well. Your spirit is saying, ‘Ah, yeah. That's cool.'"

Susy commented that the point of this was not the psychic phenomenon. The point was to assist each other; to have more love and light in the world; and to grow and expand our consciousness and what we know.

* * *

You can find out more about Susy Plummer by checking out her website, 

If you want to read more about Susy, and see some of the drawings mentioned in this blog post, you can read my interview with Susy as a Kindle e-book. To my amazement, I was able to upload six photos as part of the e-book.

To make this even easier to read, I have created a "Featured Interview" page on this website. For one week, I'll have Susy's interview, along with the photos, on the Interview page. If people like that idea, I might feature another interview in the future. Let me know what you think.

Take care.


11:53 am mst

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Figuring out I was psychic
Quote from a Psychic

I asked: How and when did you know you had special abilities? Did you have a mentor?

She answered:

"I figured it out on my own. The more I learned about anything metaphysical, the more I understood the possibilities.

"In 1970, I started a study group in Wisconsin to understand metaphysics and I had a very powerful experience during an automatic writing session. We were all sitting in my studio and the teacher explained what automatic writing was. I had just returned from a trip to Sedona and had found out that the mother of a good friend of mine had passed away while I was gone. The woman who had passed away was named Hannah. In the past, every time I had had lunch with Hannah she had said, 'Thank you for being my friend.' In addition, whenever she talked about her son she would say, 'Oh, Ron will be Ron.'

"Back to the automatic writing session. We did a guided meditation and we each had a pen and paper. The teacher said that if nothing was happening, just to write our names. I started to write my name and my arm started shaking. I opened my eyes in disbelief, and I wrote, 'Sad.' I wasn't crying, but suddenly tears were running out of my eyes. Then I wrote, 'Thank you for being my friend,' and I realized it was Hannah. My hand moved down the paper and my hand wrote, 'Ron will be . . . '

"I put the pen down. I was completely freaked out. It was the first time I had had that kind of a mind-boggling experience. That was when I realized that there was a lot out there which I didn't understand and it increased my interest in finding out more."

10:43 am mst

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