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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Healing Our Selves and Others

The flash of light? Last week, I asked if anyone had seen a flash of light and heard a message. I didn't hear back about this phenomenon, so I'm asking again. If you have seen the flash of light, I would love to hear about it.

Physical, Mental, and Energetic Healing

Today, I want to share a few things I have heard about healing. Some of these ideas are new to me.

According to the psychics, we can heal ourselves and we can assist others in their healing. Because we have physical bodies, mental bodies, and energetic bodies, healing can work on any of these levels individually, or it can work on all three at once.

To begin, we have physical bodies and can go to doctors and medical personnel who specialize in mending these bodies. We also have mental bodies and we can go to psychologists and other mental health professionals for assistance with the way we think about our lives and our selves.

In addition, we have energy bodies. We can bring in light and love, and align our energy with our highest good.

Energetically, we can also help other people. We can send energy to assist friends and family. This energy can give them the boost they need to re-align themselves with their greatest good. They may have been ready to give up, but the extra energy from an outside source can give them the strength to decide to heal. We can send prayers and good vibes to another person, but that person has the choice whether or not to accept the energy for their healing.

Energy workers often use Reiki and other modalities to bolster other people's energy bodies. Reiki can be done in person or remotely.

How can all of this work? Here are a few new ideas about energy healing.

Our energy systems overlap with the energy systems of people who are close to us. When we boost our own energy, it can help the other people with whom we are energetically connected. For example, if we have a friend who isn't well and we spend time with them, our energy can intermingle with their energy, and our health can extend to them. However, we have to protect ourselves so that we don't pick up their illnesses. It works both ways.

This kind of connection works even when we aren't physically together. One psychic says it is like a Venn Diagram with double circles. Wherever our circles intersect, is the area we have in common. If we work on our self in our big circle, we can make a difference in the areas of overlap. We can clear our area, allowing others to clear their area, but we cannot change another person deliberately. They must initiate their change.

Similarly, our energy can still be connected to people who have crossed to the spirit world. In that case, healing ourselves can also help to heal them (and vice versa).

A few weeks ago, I heard a new theory about how healing can work when we are not in the same place as the person to whom we are sending energy. According to one psychic, the mechanism for communication between energy bodies involves "biophotons." He explained that we are all filled with light energy in the form of biphotons. Biophotons help our cells communicate with each other. They can also communicate with cells in other people's bodies. Biophotons allow light energy to move across space and influence other energy bodies. Someday this theory might be confirmed by scientists. Remember, you heard it here first. Laughing

Energy healers have mentioned two different things about healing another person. One group noted that they can bring the healing energy in from Source and move it into a person's body, but the person has to be willing to accept it for their personal healing. Despite what people might say aloud, on a deep level, not everyone wants to be healed.

When we talk about not being willing to accept the energy, we are not necessarily talking about a conscious decision. We are talking about someone receiving energy, then thinking maybe they really aren't worthy of a positive outcome, or they are not sure what they want. Doubts and negative self-talk get in the way. The energy which the individual isn't willing to accept at that time, is stored. Later, the person may choose to accept this energy. It never goes away.

However, the person might feel that they have completed this lifetime and are ready to move on.

A second group of energy workers says that they actually heal people. They can move energy into a body and the energy works on the issues. It is true healing.

Now, for the big finish:

One psychic told me that she had been working to heal a friend in the hospital when Jesus arrived to work with her on the healing. Not being a Christian, she was stunned to see Jesus and feel His energy.

She said:

"This really happened: Jesus came into the room. I knew it. I felt it. It was extremely strong. I closed my eyes as tight as I could because I knew I wasn't supposed to look. Of course I wasn't supposed to look. I was in the presence of an extreme healer. It wasn't up to me to look. It was way too powerful. You're not supposed to look at G-d. Jesus was maybe not G-d, but was on a plane beyond which I was allowed to go. I knew that. I knew I was not allowed to look. I just happened to be there, but I was not privileged to see. So, I didn't see.

"Then, He left and I could barely speak. I asked my friend, ‘What did He say?' I hadn't heard anything. It was like he just swooped into the room. My friend reported that Jesus had said, ‘I am the healer.' Jesus was the healer. Those were the words.

"After that visit, when I would do what I call aura healing, I was able to invoke Jesus to help my friend. If you had told me I would be able to do this, I would have told you that you were nuts. This happened just one time and I don't know if I will ever have this kind of experience again. It was based on my friend's connection with Jesus, not mine."


There is so much to learn. We barely touch the tip of the iceberg of all there is to know. People tell me their stories and I share their experiences with you. If you are living through the same things, this is your confirmation.

Let me know if you have any comments.


P.S. Additional information on prayer and healing can be found in the April 30, 2015 blog post. 

12:31 pm mst

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The River of Life

Quotes from a Channeled Message - August 17, 2015

This is a personal message I received through a psychic last Monday, a week before the stock market dropped 1500 points. It contains philosophical information, a caution against trying to change what is, and a note regarding the world economy.

You are going towards a creek, a very safe creek. Not an intimidating creek. It flows beautifully. This is the river of life. What you will see today when you peer into the river of life will be different tomorrow, for this river moves gently along the path in which it is designed to go.

In the path of life, there are times in which the river is narrow and you can dip your feet and feel safe. And there are times when the path of this river is roaring and you keep your distance because it seems almost violent. Understand that it is the same river, the one that is endearing to your toes and the one that you know could also be very dangerous. That is the guarantee that you are going to get in life: it will change. It will constantly flow. You are going to look today and what you see today is not what will be there tomorrow. Remember when you get the information, that it flows, it shifts. Does not make it wrong or untrue. It makes it ever-flowing.

As you are watching the river flow, you see when it is coming up against the banks. You see how other nations and countries are being flooded and you want to go and build little dams and help them. That is against the flow of nature. Things need to flow. You can have awareness and send prayers. That is stewardship. It is not up to you to build the dams, to send the rafts, and to change what has been predestined, long before you and they came into this incarnation.

It is easier when it is on the other side of the world. It gets a lot scarier when it is in your own backyard. But you are free and you are observing. Don't ever forget you are observing the flow of life. You have asked to know, you have asked to see; observe. A reporter observes. You, our dear, can observe and report. Not cast a judgement. Not sway the public one way or the other. Observe, and report what you observe.

Local economies will cause a ripple effect that will come from countries in other areas of the world. More of a panic feeling. You are safe. Buy not into the fear because there will be countries which will go bankrupt. Being that everyone is connected in the inner core, in the fiber, in the webbing; we invest in them, they invest in us. We are all one. It is a necessary wake-up call, for the US has been clear in how much debt there is. Other countries have not had that transparency, and if the US is in that type of debt, woe to the rest.

There is a lot coming down that you need to observe. And merely observe.

Thank you.

10:01 am mst

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Fun of Dying

The Fun of Dying

As I've interviewed psychics and Mediums, I've heard a lot about the afterlife: where we go and what we do. Recently I read the book, The Fun of Dying. Most of the material in this book was consistent with what I've heard from others, but there were a few fascinating, new ideas. Today, I would like to share five of these concepts with you.

The Fun of Dying was written by Roberta Grimes (2010, Greater Reality Publications). She reviewed worldwide literature on the death experience, then compiled the evidence into one slim book.

Here are five things which captured my imagination:

1) Summerland. After physical death, our soul goes to a place we commonly call "the other side" or "Heaven." This book reports that there are seven major after-death levels separated by their rates of vibration. The lowest level is full of tormented people in foul-smelling squalor, who can eventually work their way up and out of that level. The highest levels are reserved for the spiritually advanced.

Levels three through five are an earth-solid paradise known as Summerland, where the newly-dead can recover from their earthly lives, and enjoy a time of play, work, and learning. I had heard the term "Summerland" before, but I wasn't certain what it meant. Now, I know.

2) Trust. After the death of the body, the soul rises up and is escorted to the other side by someone who is trusted. This passage made me consider who I trusted well enough to follow to the afterlife. My father? My dogs? Who would you trust so completely that you would follow them, unquestioningly, after death?

3) Reincarnation. People tell me that time is not linear. Time is a construct we use in this dimension so we can separate one moment from another. I am told that our multiple lifetimes are not led sequentially, but simultaneously. This book provides a new metaphor for reincarnation. A quick note states that it is as if all of our lives are in a huge pot. We can ladle up a life when we want to live it. We can pick a life from any point in time, go there, experience that life, return to the other side, pour it back into the pot, and decide if we want to ladle out another life.

4) Deathbed Visions. Until the mid-1900s most people died natural deaths, without sedation. The dying often had deathbed visions which were witnessed by other people.

On page 51, Ms. Grimes writes: "People in this pre-death stage often see people who don't seem to be there. Those around them may think they are hallucinating, but in fact the dying are being visited by predeceased loved ones. The visitors might be friends and relatives or white-robed angels or even friendly strangers. And they can be animals. One hermit who trusted no one else reportedly was met by his long-dead horse.

"The dying may chat with these visitors who are invisible to the living, or they may lie staring at an empty corner because their visitors often appear in the upper corners of the room. There are rare occasions when psychic relatives sitting at a deathbed share in deathbed visions, but what is more common is for people near death to lie quietly and gaze at the corners of the room as they converse with visitors in their mind."

The people seen in deathbed visions are always dead. The dying person might not know that the other person has crossed, but they have.

5) The Flash of Light. As a child, the author experienced a flash of light and a heard a message. She didn't tell anyone about this experience for many years. She looked through the literature for hints that other people had experienced similar phenomena, but she never found that evidence.

As a mature adult, she began sharing her experience with others and found that about 5% of people had experienced some variation of the flash of light with a voice and a message. Personally, I think I experienced this once in my 20s. It was a strange and wonderful moment, but I wasn't sure it had actually happened. Was it my imagination or was it real?

Have you had the flash of light? I would love to hear about your experience.

There is a lot more to this book than the ideas listed above. It emphasizes that dying is usually a wonderful experience. In addition, there are long explorations of the ways that science and religion analyze the death experience. There are chapters on quantum physics, the brain/mind connection, reality, consciousness, and the teachings of Jesus. There is a chapter noting the reasons people might remain "stuck" in the earthly realm after death (this is NOT the fun of dying). The book contains advice for living our best life and has an extensive list of books and resources for further study.

If you are interested in reading more about this book, or contacting the author, this is her website:


Now, send an e-mail and tell me if you've seen the flash of light.


9:32 am mst

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quote from a Psychic - Developing Abilities

Quote from a Psychic Teacher - Developing Abilities

I asked: How and when did you know you had psychic abilities?

"I married a man whose grandmother was a world-renowned psychic and parapsychologist.

"When my mother was dying, I took care of her. She was a complete vegetable. About three days before she crossed over, she started speaking to those on the other side. I witnessed this and it totally freaked me out. I called my husband's grandmother and his grandmother asked if she could see this. I learned at that time that I wasn't actually hearing my mother's voice, but I was psychically hearing her speak to the other side. This experience started my quest. Then, despite all of the horrible things my mother had done to me, she gave me the greatest gift of all. She showed me that there was life after death.

"I started going to my husband's grandmother's parapsychology circles. For five years, I studied the science of being psychic. After that, I needed to put spirituality into the work I was doing."

Cyndi Clarke

My interview with Cyndi is a new Kindle e-book.

9:18 am mst

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Books and Love

Book and Interview Update

During the course of My Psychic Search Project, I have interviewed 36 people about their lives, psychic abilities, and knowledge. One-by-one, I've been publishing these interviews as Kindle e-books. They comprise the Psychics Speak Series. So far, 22 interviews are available.

The first 22 interviews were with people who were included in the book, My Psychic Search: understanding what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives. The book was written in a question-and-answer format, so when I asked a specific question like, "Who do you think you communicate with?" I listed the answers from all of the people who had been interviewed. The interviews were teased apart to answer specific questions.

People keep asking me about the difference between the big book and the interviews. The difference is that the big book parceled out the interviews to present answers to specific questions. With the interview e-books, you can read one person's story, and all of their answers, from beginning to end. The individual interviews also present information beyond the questions asked in the book. Lots of personal stories.

The most-recently published interviews are with Marianne Patyk, Jackie Chin, and Gigi Sample. You can learn more about these interviews, and find links to them, on the Psychics Speak page of this website. Remember, you don't need a Kindle e-reader to view these books. They can be downloaded on computers, tablets, and phones. Each interview costs 99 cents.

I interviewed 26 people before writing the big book, but only 22 interviews are available as e-books. Four people decided, after their interview, that they weren't ready to go public with what they knew.

Now, I am starting to publish the interviews I did after writing the book. These Intuitives have fascinating stories to share. You have read a little bit about them through Tuesday's "Quotes," or through blog posts, but you haven't read much. I'm excited about publishing these stories online.

After I have finished publishing the remaining interviews, I plan to write the next book. So exciting.

Now that I've brought you up-to-date on the book and interview work, I want to share information about the expansive nature of love, which came through a channeled message in June. Here it is:


Love is the greatest power that there is. Unfortunately, "love" has brought on many more meanings and poor definitions. It is almost as bad as the term "G-d," for "G-d" has so many different meanings, so many more different definitions, and even the term "G-d" is limiting. Well, G-d and love are one.

When we look at love, so many in humanity look at love as the affection or the attraction, or even the control of another, when that control is termed "love." Some marriages are based on that. The definition that humanity had given to the term "love," even if they use the term "Divine Love," is limiting to what love really is.

When we use the term "love," we are looking at an energy that is so refined, so pure, that that energy can pierce and purify any individual who comes in touch with it, anybody who is incarnated, anyone who is separated from the Light. There are no words to define love that wouldn't limit or demean what it really is.

We suggest when you use the term "love," and you use it openly, and we encourage you to do so, realize the energy in the word as you say it. See the term "love," and realize that what you are trying to express is the most refined, pure, energy of G-d or Source (whatever term you need to use, or wish to use with it). It is that absolute, pure, all-encompassing energy that creates everything and cares for the needs, even in the most-minute aspect, of every energy. You can use "heart," but we are going to extend that into the atomic and subatomic levels. When you use the word, what you visualize in your mind is that word bringing harmony to the individual, the spirit, the body, the cellular structure, the atomic structure, the subatomic structure. In using the word with power, all of those structures begin to vibrate into the frequency of the Divine. Each of those structures, individuals, and hearts, remember their Divine perfection when you use that term.

If you say, for example, "I love the rain" or "I love the sunset," realize that that word is so powerful that the Divine is expressed in all of its capacity and not just for you, but for all of existence. For all of humanity. For all of the angels, all the knowns. All of the planets, universes; for all of creation. Each time you say, "I love this," you are using the word with power to express and emulate the Divine and, in doing so, the Divine is illustrated before all.

In doing so, you will find in yourself a rekindling of the Divine within to a degree that will be beyond your comprehension. And the advancement and the quickening of the energy within you, and around you, and that of your loved ones, the Divine expression will be. As you fill your heart with this love, this Divine, and know that it is running through your body, you will never need to worry of disease.

As you live your life with this picture of the word, we don't want to put words on it, the words only diminish, we cannot express truly what it is, but as you build that within your heart each time you use the word, see the Divine expressing outward further and further and further, greater and greater and greater, and brighter and brighter and brighter. You will find yourself never in need. You will not need to worry about manifesting abundance, manifesting health, manifesting a new car, or a house, for there will be no need, for all needs will be filled because the Divine is truly in your heart. That is where the Divine resides.

Let me know if you have questions or comments.


11:10 am mst

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

You are what you think

Quote from a Wise Person


They say you are what you eat . . .

But clearly, you are what you think.

Oh sure, what you eat is important,

but what you choose to think about,

or not think about, what what you believe,

really determines your reality.

So think wisely . . . and sometimes give yourself a 

break and simply not think at all; Just Be.


Gary Kossman


10:08 am mst

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Clearing the Energy in a New-to-You Home

Thank you to everyone who visited me at the Psychic Fair. We had a party in our little corner. It was great to speak with each of you.

Clearing the Energy in a New-to-You Home

Today, I'm sharing a story I recently heard about the effects of smudging a new-to-you house. I don't know much about smudging. I believe it means that an energy worker walks through a house, burning sage, and saying prayers which release old energies and allow fresh energies to fill the home.

The woman who told me this story has an adult son. Her son, his new wife, their new baby, his children from a previous marriage, her children from a previous marriage, and four dogs, had recently moved into a new house. It was a fairly large home with a big basement. The house had previously been occupied by another family.

Here's the story:

"They found this house, bought it, and moved in. I went to visit. It was beautiful, a block from the lake, near the forest, in a nice neighborhood. A deer went by. It was beautiful.

"When you move like that, it's very stressful. They have two young kids and a new baby. Plus, she has children from a previous marriage, one of whom lives with them. Things broke, they were stressed. There was a lot of drama.

"The first day I was there, I felt a bit of tension. They were driving and my son snapped at his wife. I suggested that the house needed a good smudging. The wife agreed. There was something weird in that house. My son wasn't sure about smudging, but his wife thought it was a good idea.

"One day when everyone was gone, I started smudging in the far corner of the basement. The hair on the back of my neck went up. The basement was very big and felt weird. I smudged the whole house.

"I walked into the master bedroom and I was not in that bedroom for more than a few seconds before being inundated, hit hard, with emotion. Like hit with a baseball bat. My heart hurt. It felt like a huge loss. I wondered if there had been a death in there? The kids hadn't told me. Did they know? I kept cleaning it out. Done.

"I also went around the entire property with salt.

"I began feeling really good about the house. The wife walked in and said, ‘Oh my G-d, Oh my G-d.' Whatever bickering was going on between those two, stopped immediately.

"Then their young son announced, ‘I don't know what happened in the house, but I feel happier.' He told me that he had been mad, but now he was happier. The parents looked at each other.

"The teenage daughter said she had been scared to sleep downstairs, but she wasn't scared anymore.

"It was crazy.

"An hour later, the adults called me into their bedroom. I explained to them what I had felt. I told them about being hit really hard as I walked into the bedroom. They kept looking at each other.

"Here's what they shared: When they had met the man who was selling the house, he had cried. They had tried to calm him down. The love of his life had divorced him for another man. This was his family home. It was the dream home he had always wanted with his wife and children; to live in happily ever after. The man had to sell the house after his wife left. He couldn't live in it. There were too many memories.

"I told them that every bit of residual pain, sadness, and suffering had still been in that home, including the basement where they had painted over the walls. On one wall there had been hand prints and happy sayings from the formerly-happy family. The man was a hunter. Down the hallway, in the basement, was an indoor firing range. The residual energy from firing all of his guns had remained in the basement. It had been painful.

"I told the adult kids that it was so sad. I began to cry again. There had been so much sadness, arguing, and anger throughout that house.

"The adults told me that they had been arguing. Two days before I arrived, they had realized that they were arguing about unimportant things. They had sat down to talk about why they were arguing. They knew something wasn't right. After I shared what I knew, they understood things better. It switched up things. All of that negative energy had affected the parents and their kids. After the smudging, that negative energy had been released."

I commented, "It makes you think there should be a job for someone to go in and clean out old energy whenever a home is sold."

What do you think? Have you experienced a similar situation? I know that a couple of real estate agents read this blog, and I would be interested in hearing your experiences.

As always, feel free to contact me at


11:21 am mst

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Quote from Aitreyia - Suicide
Quote from a Psychic - Suicide

Last Thursday's blog post included information from Dave Bodell's near-death experience in which he heard about suicide. Today, I'm posting thoughts about suicide from a different psychic. We can't know exactly what happens, but it's interesting to hear multiple opinions on this same, delicate, topic so that our thinking doesn't become rigid. My questions are in Italics.

Quote from Aitreyia - Suicide

Some people feel that if you commit suicide you go to Hell. You don't. Some spirits which have committed suicide go straight to the Light. I think it's an individual thing.

My first NDE was a suicide attempt. I was sent back. I don't think people succeed unless it's their time.

What happens if they go to the other side?
If the spirit commits suicide, and has torment which hasn't been released, it will go to something like Purgatory. If the suicide was designed, it's different.

I talked to one young spirit who committed suicide and he told me, "I was going to go anyway. I could have been hit by a car, committed suicide, or done something else. I chose suicide because it saved other people. It stopped them from committing suicide." I was surprised. He told me that his death had served a purpose. He was very enlightened on the other side.

When my daughter came home from school later that day, I told her about this conversation and she told me that there had been an assembly at school. Three students had stood up and said that the guy's suicide had made them reconsider their own thoughts of suicide. They had seen the amount of pain created by this kid's death.

So, you never know. Suicide could be part of their life plan.
The spirit might have had two or three ways out, but they go within a week of their time.

The other thing which is interesting is that sometimes Karma is playing out. For example, in a previous lifetime, someone's mother might have committed suicide. This lifetime, the person commits suicide to show the former mother what it was like for them.


9:43 am mst

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