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Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Near-Death Experience

Blogiversary, Psychic Fair, and a Near-Death Experience

This is the blog's 7th anniversary - it's a blogiversary. For seven years, I've been sharing what I've heard from psychics. Feel free to randomly click the links to the archived material (on the left side of this column). Who knows what you might find?

In honor of the blogiversary, I'm putting the clear quartz, chakra-balancing pendants with cab stones on sale at the Psychic Fair this Sunday. These pendants work with the energy centers of the body to keep energy flowing so people feel well. This Sunday, I'll be selling the clear quartz chakra-balancing pendants with cab stones for $15 to the first 10 people who mention this blog. The pendants are usually $20 to $25. The pendants can also be used as pendulums.

What else will be happening at the Psychic Fair? Several Intuitives will provide readings and healings. Sometimes, there is aura photography. People sell jewelry, books, oils, and healing elixirs.

At the Fair, I sell my book, chakra-balancing jewelry, Wild Girl! artwork, and other assorted items. I also listen to psychics as they tell me fascinating life stories. I love asking questions about who they are and what they do. I hear about life-changing moments, how they figured out they were psychic, and near-death experiences (NDEs). In the last few months, I've shared a few NDEs on this blog. Today, I want to share Dave Bodell's NDE with you. He works with stones and is often set up at the Psychic Fair. This is Dave's story:

Dave: In 2001, I had two brain aneurysms and I died twice. The first time I went up there wasn't for very long. I went up there, saw a few people I knew, and got one message. I couldn't have been there more than just a couple of minutes.

While there, I saw a friend of mine from high school who had committed suicide. He told me to come back and warn people about committing suicide. He discovered that he gets to feel the pain of everyone who is suffering because of his suicide, for the rest of their lives. He won't be over that pain until all of those people pass.

That is a good warning. Since then, I have stopped a couple of people from committing suicide, knowing what they would have on their plate.

After the first aneurysm, I didn't go to the hospital. I went to the doctor. I just thought I had passed out. The doctor gave me a shot and told me to go home and sleep. He thought I had had a migraine.

The second aneurysm happened about a week later. After that one, I went to the doctor and he sent me to the hospital right away. My son and I drove there and he dropped me off. Within 10 minutes of being there, I died. On the table. My heart stopped. I went up there.

Now, it was strange because I went into a round room. All the way around, almost like theater screens, I could see the different parts of my life. I was sitting in a swivel chair in the middle, and I swivelled to see them. I got to feel what those people felt in every situation. When I was having an argument with somebody, I got to feel how they felt about it. That was pretty enlightening. I hadn't known what they had been thinking or feeling at the time.

Now, I'm going to digress a bit so I can explain the rest of this story.

When I got out of the Navy in 1981, I was irritated at the world. My grandmother sent me to the Chickasaw Reservation that she grew up on. I went to a few sweat lodges, talked to a few elders, got my head screwed on straight, was given my Indian name, and became part of the tribe. Sure enough, as I was leaving, an elder walked up to me and put his hand out. He said, "Put out your hand." I held out my hand and he dropped a rock into it. It was pretty. He said, "Unlock the secrets and teach others." I was 26. I thought, "Whatever." He left. As I was driving away, I kinda threw the rock on the floorboard of my car . . . I still have that rock. It's right here [Dave pointed it out on his table].

This was in 1981. It was 20 years later, in 2001, that I was in that round room. I was going through this review with my Spirit Guides.

All of the sudden, it was time to go back. I got out of my chair, turned around, and saw that old Indian standing there. He said, "You have not unlocked the secrets, and you have not taught others. Do so." Okay.

I came back into my body.

At the time, my son was painting apartments. One day, he came home with a box of books which someone had left in their closet. His boss had said he could take them home. He wanted one or two of them and he gave the rest to me. I started picking out the books: "Reiki," "Healing with Gemstones," "Gemstones and Your World." I still have those books. That was when I got into gemstones. Now, I teach classes on healing with gemstones. I use gemstones in my Reiki practice and they enhance everything.

Oh. There was one other thing they told me before I left. "Stop preaching fear." All too often, you get a guy up behind the pulpit saying, "You're going to go to Hades . . . " Stop that. So I stopped that. [Ironically] Gosh, everyone gets along better now. No more fear.

Gail: Had you been preaching fear?

Dave: No, but I was always saying, "I told you so," that kind of stuff. "I told you this before. You didn't listen." I don't do that anymore. Now I just ask, "How's that working out for you?"

Gail: Sounds like both NDEs were profound experiences.

Dave: Yes. I got to see how people felt about a lot of things. I hadn't known how they had felt. I haven't talked to them about this, but I have noticed relationships with them are better. I know something I didn't know before. I got a lot more insight on dealing with people in general. Now I know that they have feelings that I will not be aware of until I get back to what I call "The Continuum." You can call it Heaven, Valhalla, whatever you want to call it. I call it the continuum because we just continue on from there. It makes sense. It makes sense that everyone has these feelings whether they show them or not. Later, you get to see what they are.

Gail: That is a little scary.

Dave: Amen.

[Laughing] I'm making so much good karma right now! No bad karma from that day forward. I have paid it all off. No more bad karma. No making people feel bad at all. Definitely life changing.

An NDE gives you a direction. It gets you to understand that there is more than what we are doing right here. This is a real good university [universe - university], one of the best in this galaxy because of the free will factor. You can learn more here in 70 or 80 years, than you could in a 1000 years in the continuum.

Gail: Having an NDE or a psychic experience makes all the difference. Once you have that experience, you can't deny it. Then, you start thinking that there is something to this.

* * *

If you want to know more about Dave and his work with stones, you can send an e-mail to him at, check out his website, or visit him at the Psychic Fair.

In honor of the blogiversary, if you would like to support this work, feel free to make a donation on the "Contributions" page. We all contribute in our own way to this information-sharing Project.



11:47 am mst

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Delphina Nova's NDEs
 Quote from a Psychic - Near Death Experiences

Delphina Nova has had six near-death experiences (NDEs) and a Shamanic Death Experience. This is what she had to say:


My first NDE was shortly after my birth. I had bronchitis and I had trouble breathing. I was in the hospital for about two months and I nearly died.

Then, when I was 16, I was in a car accident and there was a brain injury. I hit the dashboard in the car. That shifted everything for me. The impact brought me to a new place in my life.

I had another pivotal event when I was about 21. I was assaulted in my apartment.

I had another NDE when I had Ciguatera fish poisoning in Hawaii. I was about 30 when the fish poisoning led to a near-death experience. I nearly died that first night. I saw my ancestors. I went through the tunnel. I had friends who took care of me through the night and prayed for me. Many of my friends had gathered to pray because they didn't think I was going to make it. My Native ancestors came to me that night. They worked over me, in a teepee; they sang and drummed and led me to the gateway. There were guardians at the gateway and I was told that I was supposed to come back. I was very clearly told that I was to come back.

Now that I think about it, I have had six NDEs:

1) bronchitis as an infant
2) car accident when I was 16
3) attacked in my apartment around 21
4) fish poisoning around 30
5) uranium poisoning around 43, and
6) West Nile virus around 50.

I had uranium poisoning in Bosnia. I had gone to Bosnia to help with healing.

Did you see the light at that time?
Oh yes.

My last NDE was when I had West Nile virus in 2006. I saw the light and the tunnel, but I didn't see my ancestors. I was told that I needed to come back because I had work to do. It's almost like each time I have an NDE, I need to go and gather reinforcements.

It's like visiting with old friends!
I have thought about that. It is interesting that there have been so many. Each time . . . it's almost like I'm asking, "Am I done here yet?" I am no longer afraid of death at all. I also had a Shamanic death experience in 2006.

What is a Shamanic Death Experience?
It is an experience where you are in the body and who you think you are, dies. Your ego personality fragments. You see yourself completely shattered. You disappear as if you don't exist at all; there is an elimination of the ego. When you come back, you need to bring the personality back in so you can function on Earth, but you have a new understanding that you are pure soul and that this is a temporary body. I know, 100%, who I am. I am not my body. It all had to disappear so that I could come back and help people with healing and Shamanic work. I needed to remember that I am more than my body. In order for me to help people who are in life and death situations, I had to be able to go to the other side and come back. It is part of my training.

Can you tie together these NDEs? Is it really about whether or not you are done here? Is it about gathering information? Is it about knowing that you are more than a body? Why would you have had six NDEs?
After having these NDEs, I am ready to share these experiences to help people remember that they are not their bodies. So many of us are attached to our material things, our jobs, who we think we are. For me, I've gone through certain situations in my life to be able to help others.


You can find Delphina Nova on Facebook.

1:53 pm mst

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Future of "My Psychic Search" Project

The Future of My Psychic Search Project

When I started My Psychic Search Project, I interviewed psychics about what they did and what they knew. I was fascinated with psychic ability because, over the years, so many psychics had told me about my life and had provided information I could use to create the life I wanted. After 36 interviews, and publishing a book, I stopped interviewing psychics. I paused to put the interviews online so everyone could read them. They are full of "aha" moments. I am still working on this part of the Project.

What happened when I paused the interviews? A whole lot of channeling came my way. I started listening to several people who channeled messages, and I began writing about the information they shared. This information was not as personal as what I heard previously. It was more universal in nature. It applied to everyone.

I learned how we usually begin our lifetimes as lower vibrational entities and, over a series of lives, we evolve into higher vibrational energies. How do we do this? We have enlightening moments and, if we recognize them and work with them, we can increase our vibration and grow. Many people get stuck in the lower vibrational energies for multiple lifetimes. They become so accustomed to what they are doing, that they want to do it lifetime after lifetime, but they always have a choice. When they pass into spirit, they can choose to further educate themselves and decide to try a different kind of lifetime, or they can return to Earth to fight and maim some more.

Eventually, most of us choose more-peaceful lives. However, many enlightened souls volunteer to live turbulent lives, or live in desperate areas, so that they can assist other souls who are living tempestuous lives, and help these souls see that there are other ways of living.

Back to me and my work. I have a lot of questions. I want to know how all of this works, from beginning to end (okay, there really is no beginning and no end, but you know what I mean). Everything makes sense on a large scale, but when I look at the individual pieces, I want to know, specifically, how can we make new choices? What happens on the other side? How do we work with Guides and our Higher Self to figure out what to do next?

Over the years, several psychics have illuminated my personal path. It's fascinating hear the same thing from different people, in different locations, at different times. I have accepted an assignment to ask questions, hear answers, and present the answers to you. I am a reporter. My gift is an ability to figure out the questions. My work is to find the right people to answer those questions, to record and transcribe what I hear, and to present it to you on this blog, in a book, or some other way.

I knew that I had agreed to do this work seven years ago. At that time, I had thought My Psychic Search would grow bigger, faster. I guess I had a lot to learn before this Project could blossom.

These are some of the encouraging messages I have received through psychics:

In 2011: It's going to be huge. I see "Julia and Julia." I see it getting big. They are showing you taking off the cobwebs and removing the misunderstandings and bringing in what is real.

The message that they want to get across to you is about your book. It's going to do something. What you are doing, what your spiritual roles is, is important. It's about removing the cobwebs; about cleaning up things and bringing things together.

June 24, 2014: You are bouncing the ball and bouncing the ball and you say, "I can only bounce this so long. Yes, I know I have to practice to bounce the ball, but I want to know when I am going to knock it over the net. I want to know when I'm going to goal. I want to know when I am going to score." Not a single bounce has been wasted, either for you or for those around you, and the bouncing is creating a vibration and a resonance of you moving forward, upward in your desire to get the ball over the net. Don't be in too big a hurry, my dear, for right now are part of the richest times in the vibrations that are transpiring.

February 2015: It is important for you to ask the questions that others do not ask, but are inquiring within themselves. You are what we will call, "our newspaper." The information is there, but someone has to glean it and give it accurately, so people can accept it, or not accept it. You give it a clarity and a truth that everyone can apply, or not apply, as they see fit. Your gift is that you do not give it a weight one way or the other. You simply report and state what you see, and let all make their own conclusions. That is how we teach. That is how we guide.

[The idea is] to allow the information to be freely shared, and let those draw upon the energy as they see fit and correct and true for them at this time. Truth can be assimilated to the level at which the vessels are tuned and vibrated and geared and prepared. Not all can savor the same thing. Think of a child when it is first developing; when it starts to digest. The digestive system could not handle heavier meals when they are young and not quite developed.

We highly recommend that you place yourself in a state of anticipatory receptiveness, of "gifts greater than you know to ask," so that you can assimilate them with ease, gently, and with grace and balance. It is like someone who says, "I want to be healthy so I'm going to take this whole bottle of vitamins." That will not bring health, nor can their body tolerate it. When you are striving to know, and assimilate, and be, and live, at a higher vibrational level, always ask for it to be as gently and as swiftly, as your body can assimilate with grace and ease.

Your mental capacity is going to expand what you know to ask as you place yourself in this state of receptivity. Questions will abound, but so will answers.

Also, spend time asking questions while you blog. If you were to be the voice of society, the voice of people at your level of development, what questions would you ask?

Bless the blog and state, "Those who are clearly on the path of seeking truth will be drawn to this, cannot overlook it." You want to draw people who are ready, who are blossoming at higher desires, and take their questions, and what they want to know, and be the voice for them.

June 2015:

How do I get information to people? What will it look like?

Dissemination to the best of your ability, whether it be verbally, in print, and/or electronically; all of that is disseminating. You know not where it lands. It is important to put it out there. We are asking of you exactly what you are doing at this time: setting aside time to collectively come together and let Spirit come through so that you have wisdom, pearls of wisdom, that you can annotate to be pressed and shared with people. What it ends up looking like, or being, is not what you are going for. It is not the end result. That is putting pressure on you to create something, and that is not the purpose of these talks. These talks are to illumine, enlighten, and guide. That you share those, in and of itself, will create what it needs to create. We are not giving specifics because it is no different than trying to define Spirit. The minute you define how it should appear or look, you have limited it, and this is a limitless transmission of information.

These are the messages I am receiving. This is what working with a psychic looks like.

My spiritual understanding is evolving as I spend time on this Project. I have a lot to learn! I am one of the many people lucky enough to hear messages from Spirit (through psychics and channelers) and be able to share them with you. It is such an honor.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'll report back to you.


1:03 pm mst

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quote from a Psychic - Jackie Chin

Quote from a Psychic - Jackie Chin

I asked Jackie, How do you do your work?

She answered:

"I have the client think about specific questions which are immediately affecting his/her life. Usually those concerns have a lot of energy behind them. It is as if they have a high energy or a spark to them; like a lit match. Once the initial question is asked, I tend to go backwards in time to where the initial spark of energy came from. Everything has a beginning and an end. It is easier for me to go backwards in time for a few reasons. People know their past and their situation. They also know that I do not know anything about them. So once I get the information for them about what initially happened, they relax and I can move more easily into their current energy and get the answers that they are seeking. If someone is relaxed, it's easier to work with them than if they are tense. Even skeptics relax after I tell them where they have been. It's a real ice breaker."

"I don't hear actual voices. I get a knowing. I know that something will happen. This knowing is separate from seeing images because when I get a knowing message I don't see an image attached to it. Images do come, yes, when I am working with a client. I see the people they are asking about, places where they have been, or places where they are going. Sometimes they flash very quickly, like an image passing by at a very fast speed. Usually those images are short lived, 20-60 seconds at best. However, there are images which linger for hours and, sometimes, for days. I can go back to them and examine them. Those images are like mental snapshots. They are more like a memory than a quick image."


Jackie has provided psychic readings for more than 30 years. Since our interview in 2010, Jackie has developed "Zombiepalooza," a highly-popular Internet radio show.

You can contact her by e-mail at, or check her websites and

Jackie's interview is now available as part of the Psychics Speak series. If you would like to read the entire interview, you can find it on

12:07 pm mst

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Psychic Channeling

"Pull Out the Positive" Challenge

How did the "Pull out the Positive Challenge" go? I found it very difficult when something negative came up and I had to find the positive in it. However, it made me think about the situation instead of reacting, so that's a good thing. It also made me realize that while "overwhelming positive" is great for soul growth, poking fun at things is kinda fun.

How does Psychic Channeling work?

On Tuesday, I posted a channeled message which had come through Leah Taylor several years ago. I hear channeled messages from several people, so I thought I would write more about how channeling works. There are two basic kinds of channeling: conscious and unconscious (trance channeling).

A person who communicates with non-physical entities may be known as a Channeler. These people talk to non-physical individuals or spiritual groups. The entities and groups are clearly distinct from the individual who is channeling them.

In most cases, channeling is different from a psychic reading in that a reading is more like a conversation, a quick back-and-forth with questions being asked and answered, while channeling is more like a long, automatic message which comes through all at once. The channeler opens their mouth and a message pours forth without the person having to think about what they are saying.

Another distinction is the audience. Psychics generally read for clients one-on-one. Channelers usually have an audience ranging from several people to a full auditorium.

In some cases, channeling feels like receiving a block of thought all at once, then having to find the words to describe it. In other cases, the channel may hear words and voice them. The person remains conscious and in their body. This kind of communication is known as "Conscious Channeling."

The other kind of channeling is called "Trance Channeling." This is when the person in the body steps aside and spiritual entities are allowed to enter the body and use the human voice. This kind of work often addresses broad issues relating to humanity, such as why people come to Earth and how reincarnation works.

Of course, as with all things spiritual, each person works in a unique way and these basic kinds of channeling can blend into a hybrid of conscious and trance channeling.

I asked six people how channeling worked for them. These are their answers.

Channeler #1, Trance Channeler

"When I channel, I let my Guides come into my body. To start a session, we do a meditation. You are welcome to ask questions and steer the conversation wherever you want it to go. This is participatory. If you have ideas or questions, you can ask them. The personalities will change if a different Guide wants to come in to talk. That can happen and that's fine. Generally, they keep the eyes closed because they are getting the hang of using the body and they have a hard time with bright light. As a matter-of-fact, I am going to use sunglasses. The body is new to them because they don't have bodies. When they come in, they open their eyes and it seems much brighter to them than it does to us.

"I have three main Guides who work with me who I expect will be coming through. They take turns coming into the body. You can ask who you are talking to and they will let you know about themselves. A new Guide has recently come in and she is a very motherly energy."

Channeler #2, Hybrid Channeler

"I take my consciousness and I put it down here [by her right hip]. I have a little room here. I have a Guide who is a protector. We were together many years ago. He's here to make sure everybody is a good guy. I stay there. I can hear everything. When they look for a word, I'm down there trying to give it to them; but, they will say a totally different word. They move me around a lot. There is so much energy going through my body that I can get up, walk around, and open my eyes. I've done that before, but there is no need.

"I don't leave. I hear the message and I remember it for about 10 minutes. If you remind me later, and you have a question, I can answer it."

Channeler #3, Conscious Channeler

For this person, channeled messages are often part of her work with clients.

"It's almost like a part of my brain steps aside and I let this other part come through. It comes through very quickly, as fast as thought. I say it to the clients almost at the speed I get it so my working brain doesn't have time to interfere and say, ‘Don't go there. That would be rude.' For me, I give it just the way I get it and it tends to pick up speed very quickly. I say what Spirit tells me and sometimes I can't believe the things which come out of my mouth. I have asked to be ‘divine loving truth.' I see, hear, and feel.

"Sometimes people try to come through my body, but I won't let them. If someone from the other side wants to talk to the client, I tell the person I am reading, and the person who is trying to come through, that they have no permission to speak through my body. I will not give that permission, but I will tell the client verbatim what the entity is saying. For me, this is a very respectful way to work."

During pure channeling sessions, she remarked,

"First they say something and I think, ‘I can't say that.' Then they repeat it. I wait. If I say it, it takes over, like a floodgate. I don't even know what I have said, but it makes sense to others."

"When I channel, I stay in my body. There is a reason a bit of me is left here. That little bit of control. I am not willing to give over control. I keep one foot on the ground. I will not give an energy permission to speak through me, unless it is Christ, Mother Mary, or someone I trust."

Channeler #4, Hybrid Channeler

I asked Channeler #4, "When you channel, are you hearing words and repeating them, or is it coming through you automatically?"

He answered, "Yes."

"The first time I channeled, I heard the words in my mind, ‘I am Zeus.' I was thinking yeah, yeah. I heard it again, ‘I am Zeus.' Okay. Something inside me said, ‘Open your mouth and let it come.' So I opened my mouth and said, ‘I am Zeus,' and it started coming. I didn't hear the words to say, it just started coming.

"A lot of times when I channel, I hear the words that I need to start with. That is enough to get me to open my mouth and allow Spirit to come through. Sometimes, I don't have to hear it, I just go. A lot of times, I hear the starter words. It's like priming the pump. I just have to say them. I have to have enough courage to open my mouth and say what I am hearing, then I don't hear it anymore. It just comes. The answer is ‘yes' to both."

"There is a part of me that is still here. I try to get that part out of the way. I move out of the way, but I'm not floating up there somewhere. I hear it, but I don't remember all of it."

Channeler #5, Trance Channeler

"I don't hear anything. I am not here. Consciously, I am gone. I have no idea what was said."

"I've always wondered where it comes from. Since your Higher Self is literally in control, I think that the Higher Self is the gatekeeper. If it is someone like Zeus, the Higher Self backs out of the way and lets that energy in. When I first started channeling, I wanted a gatekeeper to protect me because I had all these ideas and fears, ‘Oh, if you leave your body, someone else is going to take over.' I realized that nothing can take over if my Higher Self is in control. My Higher Self is the gatekeeper."

Channeler #6, Conscious Channel

"I hear some words. I get a block of thought and I have to translate it into words. Then, I relax and let go, and it just comes out. I'm not thinking about it. I don't remember it all. I hear it at the time. Part of me is still in my body. I have stopped trying to control and worry about what the next words are going to be."

Fascinating, eh?

Let me know what you think.


10:45 am mst

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

E-book on sale
Last day to purchase "My Psychic Search" e-book for $4.99 on Tomorrow, it goes back up to $9.99. It's a great read.
10:15 am mst

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Who you really are

Quote from a Psychic Channeling - Leah Taylor/Anneo

"Who you really are is infinite, is any game you want to play, it's anything you want to do here, anything you want to learn about, anything you want to feel. It is not going to look the same for everybody. Wealth consciousness isn't always going to be about being a millionaire for every person. Love isn't going to look the same for everybody. Just like no two relationships are going to be the same. But it's the feeling which goes behind it. It's what you want to experience, it's the experience of it, that is what life is all about.

"Get back to that force of knowing that you are not from here, that this is a game that you are playing. This is one of the hardest things about working with humans: you try to tell them that, ‘This isn't really you.' This is just you today or you this lifetime, or you with this background and this body and these friends and this upbringing and this life; but it's not You. You are much, much bigger than that.

"When you can remember that, when you can connect with that even for just a few moments, it can change your life. It can give you the strength to change anything that you need to change in the way that you are living. That way you are never trapped. You realize there are infinite possibilities. It's not right or wrong, except by the context of the role your character is playing. If you don't like it, then you change it."

11:43 am mst

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The "Pull Out the Positive" Challenge

The "Pull Out the Positive" Challenge

For one reason or another, I rarely get a good night's sleep before doing the monthly Psychic Fair. I have to get up early, finish packing my car, drag myself to the DoubleTree Inn, and set up my table. DRAG myself.

For the last several months, I have been set up at the fair next to John Hunter, an intuitive massage therapist. He is relentlessly positive, while I am always exhausted. John never sees me in my best mood. After we chat for a while, John reminds me that we are here to "pull the positive" out of every situation. Fine. Just fine. John can expound on any topic and end up with "pull out the positive." I grumble to my tired self, but I know he's right.

In fact, I have heard this idea from three psychics in the last month, so I'll pass it along to you too. It seems to be a theme.

Laurie Hays, an intuitive reader, reminded me that thoughts have a vibration. If we look for the most-positive aspect in every situation, we find it. If we look for the negative, we find it. Both are logical and pragmatic. We can choose the way we think, and our thoughts will affect our personal vibration. She mentioned an old proverb: There are two wolves, a kind one and a mean one. Which one survives? The one you feed.

Searching for the positive is a technique for growth. It helps us overcome adversity and not get mired in the negative. Yesterday, I opened this month's Oprah Magazine (July 2015) to find an article on Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). After a difficult situation, some people suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), while other people are able to pull the good out of the crisis, and grow.

In every circumstance, there is a silver lining. Several years ago, Gabby Giffords was shot in Tucson, six people were killed and 13 were wounded. It was a terrible tragedy. Did any good come out of it? Every year, we celebrate the lives of the people who were affected by the shooting (and that means ALL of us). We remind ourselves that wonderful people populate this planet. The little girl who was murdered has a park named after her. Tucson pulled together to overcome this tragedy, while still remembering and celebrating the lives of those who were killed and injured.

Another example? One psychic reminded me that whenever we see something we think is terribly evil, somehow, that energy can be changed and transmuted into something positive. If not for the Holocaust, Israel would not exist.

After 9/11, New York came together as a community in a way that it had never before come together. The attack appeared to be evil, but good came out of it.

More recently, the mass shooting at the South Carolina church was a terrible event, yet community members were willing to come together in forgiveness and reconciliation. Now, some long-held prejudices are being acknowledged and dismantled.

We are here to grow. We put ourselves in scenarios that limit us physically so we can activate, remember, or reconnect, with the largest part of ourself, which is not physical. We shouldn't allow ourself to slip into negativity. We are not here for that. We are here to find the beauty and the love in all things, at all times. It is that simple.

John explained that our job is to go through life acknowledging different aspects of ourselves and pulling the positive out of our challenges. Challenges are put in our path so that we can grow, learn, and expand.

We can review past patterns which held us back. If we didn't deal with them efficiently, we will probably have to deal with them again. However, every time a situation re-appears, we are stronger than the previous time. We can apply love to the situation, then disconnect from it. We can draw the positive energy from it and use that for our next big step.

When we identify patterns, we can choose how we think about them. We can tag patterns as negative or positive. According to John, this is the most important thing we will do in our life. If we tag every event with a positive aspect, we will be enlightened. We will be free.

John provided the example of a person whose dog had died. The person could continue to see everybody playing outside with their dogs and wallow in grief, thinking, "Everyone else is enjoying their dog, and my dog died." That could take ten years to get over. Or, they could evaluate the short time they were with the dog and focus on the emotional development, the times they learned responsibility for caring for another being, and how much they grew. They could look at the positive aspects of the experience, instead of focusing on the dog's death.

When you find the positive in every challenge, you blow the doors off of limitation, and love can be placed into every situation, at every level. Love is forgiveness, acceptance, faith, belief, and understanding.

This week, when you find yourself frustrated or in a sour mood, I challenge you to "Pull Out the Positive" from the situation. Apply love in every case, especially the difficult ones. Send love to every person with whom you disagree. Ask: What good can come of this?

See if it makes a difference. Be relentlessly optimistic. Can you handle it? Let me know what happens.

And remember that the people who challenge you, the people who you think are nuts, always provide a good story. The crazier they are, the better the tale. ;)


P.S: The e-book of My Psychic Search is on sale for $4.99 until July 15. You can find it on

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Quote from a Medium - Marianne Patyk
 Quote from a Medium - Marianne Patyk

As a child, Marianne Patyk's deceased relatives visited her. However, as she grew into adulthood, her gifts faded. Then, they returned.

"In my 40's, I had a great emotional trauma which brought forward my abilities as a Medium. I started hearing things I had never heard before. My experience is similar to what happened to Whoopi Goldberg's character in the movie Ghost: suddenly I started hearing a lot of information from people who had crossed over.

"I was nervous. It was stronger and more potent than when I was a child. I started smelling aromas and hearing things. It was an overload. I had to learn how to control it and work with it. It's almost like wishful thinking. You want to see your loved ones after they have crossed over, but it doesn't happen . . . then it begins to happen again. I had to learn how to manage it all over again. I had to figure out what abilities I had as a Medium and which tools I had. I looked on-line to see what I had. Then I had to accept and embrace it."

Marianne Patyk

Marianne was the only person I interviewed who told me that she had had epilepsy and seizures since childhood. She believed that the way her brain functioned facilitated her psychic abilities. Epilepsy, brain trauma, and life trauma, had combined to make Marianne a very accurate Medium.

If you want to read Marianne's full interview, it is now available as a 99 cent Kindle e-book. It is the 20th interview in the "Psychics Speak" Series. You can find the interview on, by clicking this link.

For more information on Marianne, you can contact her by phone at 520-207-2663. Her e-mail address is Marianne can also be contacted online through the website

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Read, Write, and Blue

Read, Write, and Blue

In honor of July 4th, I'm going to share with you what I read, what I write, and a few things which make me blue.


There are a several websites and blogs which I love to read. You might enjoy them too. Here are a few:

1) Ever wondered what people have to say about their lives after they are dead? One woman shares the messages she receives from people who have passed on at

2) Every day, I receive an inspirational Note from the Universe. You can sign up for the free notes at

3) Linda Stein-Luthke & Dr. Martin Luthke share their communications with Ascended Masters through their website at Expansion Publishing. To get the free information, click on the newsletter tab, then sign up. It's well worth it. Http://

4) Paul and Holly Marwood blog communications from Ascended Masters at

5) Mercedes Kirkel channels Mary Magdalene and shares their conversations on her blog at

6) Just for fun, I read this career woman/mother/wife's blog at

7) I also love reading a good story. I recently borrowed a library book. I had no idea what it was going to be and it pleasantly surprised me. It's a great feeling to want to read more just to see how things turn out.

For years, I only read non-fiction. Now, I read fiction while I write non-fiction. Which brings me to the next topic:


1) The e-book version of My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives, is on sale until July 15, 2015. This is the first time I've put it on sale, reducing the price from $9.99 to $4.99 at It's time for a good summer read.

2) I post to this blog at least twice each week. I love sharing this info with you and getting your feedback.

3) Every now and then, I randomly click a link to the archives (listed on the left side of this page) just to read what I had previously written. Had the information held up? Was is well written or full of typos? Most of the time, I am pleased with what I find. All this info about psychics has held up through the years. (Yay!) You're welcome to randomly click a link and see what you uncover.


A couple of things I allow to make me blue:

1) I haven't started working with my pendulum.

2) I still don't think I receive many messages directly from Spirit Guides. Fortunately, I talk with lots of psychics who tell me very interesting things.

3) I have an outline for my next book, but I haven't started writing it yet. I'm having too much fun transcribing channeled messages (so that I'll have them to share with you online), to put much time into the next book. Gotta get on this.

Independence Day

I love my independence. I LOVE not having to report to a boss. I love listening to psychics, and anyone I can learn from. I enjoy being able to write about whatever moves me at the moment. I hope everyone can have this joyful feeling of pursuing the thing they love to do.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 5th of July too! On Sunday, the 5th, I'll be set up at our local Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair at the DoubleTree Inn in Tucson, AZ. The Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Come tell me what you love to read and write.

If there are websites you love, let me know about them.


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