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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another way of thinking about mass consciousness

As our individual consciousness expands, it overlaps other people's consciousnesses to create the mass consciousness. When enough people hold the same thoughts, and those thoughts expand, they overlap and mingle with each other and create a layer of consciousness which influences the thoughts of even more people (the mass consciousness).

When those thoughts are negative, "We need war!" they have an emotional charge and move strongly through the mass consciousness. Thoughts of peace are more gentle. There no radical peaceniks. These gentle thoughts intermingle like wisps, but they don't have the power of negative, angry, thoughts. It would be wise to find a way to energize the peaceful thoughts.

12:16 pm mst

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Conscious Creation

Conscious Creation: Personal and Group Consciousness

I just returned from a week in Colorado. With my husband, I visited family in Boulder, CO, then took day trips to Estes Park and Ft. Collins. It was a lovely week away from home.

This morning, I am thinking about the balance we need as we chat with people who understand psychic/spiritual realities, and with those who prefer to reside solely in the physical realms of work and family.

I love the work I do. I love interviewing psychics, listening to channeled messages, and bringing this information forward for you to read. However, there are times when no one asks what I do, and I don't tell them. Many people are not interested in this work. They don't believe it is possible to channel messages from Spirit and/or deceased family members. I can see pretty quickly who might be interested in this work, and who might not. So, like everyone else who works with psychic material, I step lightly with those who I feel would not be interested in this subject. You might be surprised to know that I talk with a lot of psychics whose acquaintances have no idea what these people are capable of doing.

Let's take a little detour from talking about letting people know what we do, and let's explore the broader concepts of personal and group consciousness. 

We all live in our personal worlds and in the larger world. We have our personal consciousness and we also have a group consciousness. We strive for balance in our personal lives, but we also know that we can help create a better universe.

As I understand things, we each co-create our personal reality. Our thoughts are energy vibrations which go out to the Universe. The Universe matches our thought vibrations to help us co-create our worlds. So, for example, I love peace and quiet in my own home. It gives me time to think and to write. I focus on appreciating my time alone and the Universe matches my thoughts, and cooperates with me to create quiet time for my meditation and work.

Someone who craves excitement may use their thoughts to express gratitude to the Universe for an exciting life. The Universe will match that thought vibration of gratitude and bring them additional excitement.

If you are seeking something particular in life, remember to express gratitude whenever a snippet of what you want shows up. Your gratitude will indicate to the Universe that you want more of that specific item or experience.

Also remember that once we and the Universe have set the stage for our personal lives, what we do matters. We still need to use our hands and our actions to create our lives.

So, we create our personal worlds.

But what about the larger world? The world of wars, political battles, and environmental problems? People tell me that there is a group consciousness which creates and influences the larger world. If enough people think that world is a difficult place to live in, they will focus on the evidence which supports their position, and the Universe will match their focus and co-create the world as an even more difficult place to live.

If the majority of people are unhappy with the way the world is going and become pessimistic, their negative emotions and sorrowful reactions will be matched by more of what they don't want. If the cultural belief is, "There's no way to save the environment," that thought vibration will be matched by the Universe. It will become true and there will be no way to save the environment. We all must be mindful of our thoughts regarding our personal worlds and the larger world which we share.

On the other hand, if we focus on the good things in our life and in the world, and express appreciation for lovely flowers, beautiful sunsets, snow-capped mountains, and peace wherever we see it, our positive thought vibrations will be matched by the Universe and we will see more flowers, sunsets, mountains, and peace. And, in areas where we see room for improvement, we can send healing light (aiding the group consciousness) and we can take action to make things better.

As lightworkers, we can bring in the light and express appreciation for the loveliness of the world in order to counteract some of the group negativity, and to create group-consciousness optimism. When we meditate and focus on our love for a beautiful green Earth full of vibrant plants and animals, the Universe can match those thoughts and continue to provide vibrant plants and animals. With our thought vibrations, we are co-creating both our personal reality and the larger world. No one else needs to know what we are doing for the public, in our private lives.

Let me know what you think about these ideas.


11:19 am mst

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reading with a Medium

Quote from a Medium

Your mother wants everyone to know she is okay. Did your mom have a sense of humor?


What I am hearing is, "I survived my death." That tells me she has a bit of a sense of humor.

Your mother wants you to understand that at the time of her passing, it was very peaceful. She says to know it didn't hurt. There was no pain. It was as quick as a blink of the eye. That's how fast she left here. What her body did for a minute or two after is not relevant to her version of her passing. Sometimes they gasp. Sometimes there is a sigh or a gurgling sound. Your mother had already moved on.

Jake Samoyedny

Lily Dale, NY

11:00 am mst

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Companion Animals

Companion Animals

I have had some wonderful dogs, cats, and hamsters in my life. I know how comforting they can be. I know how protective they can be (yes, one saved my life). I know how much love is exchanged between people and their pets.

Through the years, I've asked Animal Communicators about my pets and I've heard tremendous messages.

Last month, I asked someone who channels messages from Spirit about the role animals play in our lives.

This is what I heard:

"Animals come in to learn, to experience, for themselves. They are at a higher consciousness than most individuals. They come in as companionship, to help sooth people, they come in for enjoyment. We are talking companion animals here, not the wild ones. They come in to nurture. They come in to bring peace, comfort, love. Any emotion you can think of.

"In their willingness to give, they will take on the energies of individuals. They will take on disease. When you look at the gifts that they give to humanity, to the individual, it is a guidepost for how humanity should be towards one another. Non-judgmental love. A willingness to serve without reservation. You will see an animal give its life for its owner, either defending the owner, or taking on an energy or a disease.

"We find peace in their hearts, and love. But we also find that some can be corrupted by their human counterpart. That is where we get into the aggressions and the confusion.

"There are younger souls in animals, just like there are in people, humanity, and there are older souls in animals, as there are in people. They incarnate because they enjoy it. They look forward to it just as you did before incarnation. They find it fulfilling. They are in touch with Source every moment. That is the one big difference between animals and humanity.

"The wildlife are here to experience what they are, and they are totally, totally in touch with Source, experiencing being a bird, being a hawk, being a mouse, being a lion, being a bear, being an elephant. They are into that frequency of what they are.

"Do they have souls? Absolutely. Absolutely.

"They are learning and they do not fear death. They do not contemplate death while incarnated. It doesn't mean anything to them. There is no fear [of death]. They are truly gifted to humanity and bring great pleasure, great joy, great love.

"When you come across a new animal, observe them. How do they greet you? Generally, they will look at you up one side and down the other, then look at your body. They will investigate your aura first to find out who you are. Your frequency. And to find out where you are at.

"The other thing that you will find is that they will change their personality to be in sync with the human companion that they are with. They will take on actions that are very similar. You will hear the saying that they dog will begin to look like the owner, or the owner will begin to look like the dog. That energy transfer and association is real; in the cellular development of both the body of the human and the body of the beloved pet, there is a merging and there is an energy transfer between the souls."

I commented, "I have had some wonderful pets in my life. I've really appreciated them."

Channeler: Yes, and many have been with you several lives.

I hope you enjoyed the message as much as I did. Let me know what you think.

(P.S. My dog is by my side right now, asking for a treat.)

11:26 am mst

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Time of the Moment

Quote from a Channeled Message - The Time of the Moment

As you come down into your reincarnations, you can become a molecule, you can become an atom, you can become a sentient body. The rocks and the earth and the trees, all of those things have a consciousness as clear and present as yours is right now. They are content with their non-mobility. Or they are content to be a leaf that has one season, or they are content to be a tree, standing in a forest going through cycles of seasons over and over and over for hundreds and, perhaps, thousands of years. In that consciousness, there is a wisdom that arrives because of their sentient lifestyle and because they live a very, very, slow, slow, slow, slow, life.

You wonder, "Why would they choose to be a rock that lasts millions of years? Or a tree which lasts thousands of years?" There is no time in the perception that you see time. There is a continuity in the acceptance of a moment. When you accept a moment in all of its wholeness, you are living in that moment, and that moment continues, we're not going to say "moment, by moment, by moment," because then you would get a concept of linear time. We are trying to break that concept of linear time so that that moment is eternal. The changes that are experienced, are experienced in that moment, not in a linear time frame.

In that moment, there is no "thousand years," or "million years," there is just that moment. There is no waiting. There is no, "I am cold in the winter; I am hot in the summer." There is just that moment and, in that moment, all things, for that tree, or for that rock, or for that mountain that starts out as a solid, granite edifice of rock, and ends up sand at the bottom of the sea, is all in that moment. There is no perception of time as you envision it, as you live it, and feel it. That rock and that tree and that soil have manifested with a different perception of time. It is the time of the moment. It is not linear time, it is the time of the moment.

A consciousness, such as yourself, becomes the mountain, becomes the tree, or becomes the rock, and is content. It does not sit there and say, "Oh I cannot wait until I am sand so I can be eaten by a baby and grow up and join that consciousness so I can walk around." No, no, no, that is not it at all. The information one receives if one chooses to put their consciousness in the configuration of a rock, or a mountain, or a tree, or soil, is different. You can take that different kind of configuration and move those different kinds of configurations to different planets all over your galaxy and all over your universe. You can manifest as a sun, you can manifest as what your scientists are calling dark matter. You can manifest as energy, you can manifest as light, you can manifest as this chair, you can manifest as anything.

Listener: It's not a moment, it's a "flowment."

Another participant: Time is flowing, not linear. It moves around, carrying you, not drafting you. The moment perceived, and moment perceived, and moment perceived. An easy reference? Ever see a flip film? A frame, a frame, a frame. That is your life. Run them all together and it looks linear, but when you think about it, it is a moment and a moment. We are a flip book. Each picture is on a separate sheet, by itself. Each moment stands alone.

Susan Sampson's Channeling, November 2014

11:47 am mst

Thursday, May 14, 2015



Over the past few months, this blog has progressed from information about how psychic ability works to ideas regarding larger life principles. I didn't do this consciously. It just happened as I heard a different kind of information and shared these new ideas with you.

After interviewing 36 psychics about their lives and abilities, I wrote about what they told me. Last year, I stopped interviewing psychics so I could catch up with publishing their interviews. I thought you would want to read them as e-books.

When I stopped interviewing psychics, I began being invited to sessions where psychics channeled messages from Spirit Guides. Of course, I recorded and transcribed these messages, just as I had recorded and transcribed the interviews. My Psychic Search evolved from a discussion of how psychic ability works to an exploration of the larger questions of how life works. This was a wonderful, surprise, Project development.

I am very curious about all of this, and I ask a lot of questions. Today, I want to share what I have heard so you can ask and answer your own questions. This advice comes from the many people with whom I have spoken.

If you have a question about what to do in a certain situation, or why things are the way they are:

1) Ask yourself first. Meditate and see if you receive advice. Trust your gut. Think about the different ways things could play out, and see which ones makes you feel good, or feel bad.

2) Ask your Spirit Guides for advice, then ask for confirmation. You can put a question out there and if you don't naturally hear or see an answer, look around for clues. Listen to song lyrics on the radio, or read street signs and license plates, etc., to see if your Guides are hinting to you in creative ways.

3) Ask a psychic for advice on personal issues and challenges. Maybe they can see or hear things which you are not picking up.

4) For the big questions, ask a channeler. I know several people who channel messages from Spirit Guides. If you have a question about how life works, or how the universe operates, ask your question through me. I have access to people who are willing to look at the big issues. E-mail your question to me, but keep in mind that I don't see these channelers very often, so it might take a while to receive an answer.

Over the past few months, I've asked about how prayer works. The result was the April 30 blog post about prayer and energy. Last month, I asked about oneness and connection. The answers I heard were on the May 7 blog post. Since then, I've asked about evil and about animals, and have heard some stunning channeled messages. Eventually, this information will make it onto the blog.

What do you want to know? Not about your cat or your boyfriend, but about how life works? Send your questions to me at


11:29 am mst

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Past Life Carryover

 Quotes from Psychics

Several psychics mentioned that our gifts in this lifetime are often a continuation of our experiences from previous lifetimes. Here are a few quotes:

Melody Krafft

"I see an evolutionary pattern. I have had many past religious lives. I think it is easy for me to meditate because I have had many lives where I was required to meditate. I suspect that a lot of Mediums and people who fall easily into that meditative state have probably had past lives as monks or nuns or priests where they were very disciplined in sitting and getting still. It's a soul memory. When you come into this life, it's still there. I remember as a child that I would slide into meditative states all the time and get information. We continue.

"We learn everything that we want to learn in this lifetime, then we shed the body. We go to the other side, rest, and decide what we want to learn the next time around. When is the best time to come back? Who are the best parents to help facilitate this? Who are our friends going to be? That kind of thing. It's a continuation. This lifetime is one chapter in a huge book."

Later she told me: "The whole purpose of mediumship is healing. It is not a form of entertainment. When people realize that we don't die, it takes fear out of their life. When you remove fear from a person, it opens them up to new experiences. They realize that they are not limited."

Patricia Kirkman

"I've had a couple of past-life regressions and I have an affinity for crosses and things like that. I have been told that I have been in a temple and that I have been one of the priestesses and I've been told that I was a nun. Things always seem to go back to the same spacing over different lifetimes. Different regressions with different people have come back to the same mode. Not identical results. I had problems with my shoulder for several years and in a past-life regression I was told that I was stabbed in the shoulder when I was in a monastery and that it came from that point in time. I found out that my last name "Kirkman" means "Man of the Church." It's Scottish. There are a lot of things that keep pointing back to other points in time."

"How do you know certain things? When I went to Virginia for the first time, my husband and I were driving through an area and I told him I wanted to see the church down the street. When we turned the corner, there was a little white church. He just looked at me. You feel things. You know, but you don't know why.

"In past lives I was the martyr, or the helper, all aspects of it. It all seems to go back to the same element, something to do with a temple."

Delphina Nova

"I have an awareness that I have always done this [healing work]. In this incarnation, I came to help. I have the belief that I have never died. I don't look at past lifetimes as past lifetimes; there is a continuum. The "I" in me has never died. For me, there is no sense of time. Of course there have been historical changes on the planet and evolutionary changes. However, I feel that if I have done healing work in the past, I still have that ability. That hasn't changed."

Have you had the same kind of experience?


10:26 am mst

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Forefront of Oneness

The Forefront of Oneness

Are we all connected to each other and to the universe, or are we separate entities? Over the years, psychic after psychic has told me that we are all connected to each other, to every piece of the natural world, to our friends who have crossed to the other side, and to the Universal Source of Energy. This energetic connection is what enables them to do psychic readings. I can see how we are connected to our loved ones and pets, and I often feel a connection to Universal Energy. Are we connected to everything else?

A few blogs back (March 19), I wrote about "The Veil of Forgetfulness." On Earth, we forget how life is set up. We don't remember our situation because we accept a Veil of Forgetfulness prior to birth. We agree to the Veil so that we are unencumbered and can have free will.

One of the things we forget is that we are all connected to the same energetic Source. We see ourselves as individuals, distant from each other, and separate from the energy of the universe. The apparent separation allows us to express our independence, make choices, and work on our soul's evolution.

Last week, I asked John Hunter about the idea of "oneness," and he gave me a few things to think about. The "oneness" is both the Universal Source of Energy and our connection with this Source.

John mentioned that some people are aware of the oneness, and some are not.

Many who are aware of their connection to the energy of the universe would like to re-join that oneness as quickly as possible. They believe that the measure of their success as a soul, is their ability to return to the All Creative Energy. Other people believe we are here to grit our teeth and scrape through life so we can reap our reward in Heaven. In my opinion, both of these groups are missing the boat. They aren't seeing all the ways they can use their present lifetime to advance their soul's growth and to make the world a better place.

Once we realize what we are capable of doing, we can have a different kind of goal. We can adopt a creative goal. We might as well take advantage of our connection, our ability to create, and our time on this planet.

Many psychics and channelers have mentioned that we are "creator-beings." We create, and we can do it with compassion or with self-interest. Our choice.

John believes that our goal is to express the love of this Creative Energy in everything we manifest. We are like fingers of the Oneness which are operating an outreach program. We can reach out and shape reality. We are explorers of the empty space that the All Creative Energy hasn't quite reached. We are like atoms of that energy, at the tip of the Oneness energy mass. Our job is to explore new areas, then create. We are the Forefront of the Oneness. There is a big wave, or a cloud, of Creative Love Energy, and we are at the forward edge, creating.

We chose to be here, doing what we are doing, for our personal advancement and to spread Creative Love Energy. We represent the Oneness by standing at the edge of creation and saying, "I choose to manifest my future steps, my future progress, with love." We are the physical beings whose channel Creative Love Energy to produce change. We are part of an All Creative Force which shapes everything in all universes.

According to John, our life force comes from this All Creative Energy. We are in a shell of physical matter (or so it seems), but there is no separation from the All Love Creative Energy. It is who we are at our core. We are not supposed to hate our enemies because at their core, they have the same Love Creative Energy. That is why they can exist. No one is created out of negative energy. All creation blossoms out of love energy. Our enemies have just made different choices. That is the beauty of us thinking we are separate from the All Creative Source - we get to make choices.

Each of us decides how we want to step forward. If we choose positive creation, the love energy backs us up. When we step forward again and again with love, a huge wave of positive energy fills our footsteps.

If we choose negative expression, other things happen. If we lay down a negative energetic train track, the train still comes down the track, but it is not full of this positive energy. It is limited. This may be a necessary part of life, but it's not an enlightened part of life.

John added, "The positive, or the good side, or the right side, or love, is always going to win because love exists at the core of everything in existence."

So yes, through the energy of the Oneness, we are all connected to each other.

Remember the song, "We are the world, we are the children"? Well, we are the world and we are connected through the energy of the universe with all the children. Does it matter if we understand the set up? No, it doesn't matter as long as we keep moving forward with positive steps. The Universe will do what it does and take care of things behind the scenes.

Let's make the most of this opportunity. Let's move forward. Try new things. Create with compassion and allow the universe to fill our footsteps with love.

Very deep, I know. Let me know what you think.


10:33 am mst

Tuesday, May 5, 2015



Lately, I've been thinking about whether or not we are all connected. The psychics say, "Yes, we are all of one energy." I don't often feel that connection. Do you?

Here are two thoughts on connection which recently showed up in my life.

Conversation with a Psychic

John: There was constant help for me from a kid until now. The universe never let me feel alone. But I might feel afraid, so I might try to block and control.

Gail: You've always been connected.

John: I've always had to try to stop it. I told myself, "I'm alone. I'm alone. I'm alone." No one else understands, "I'm alone." They [Spirit Guides and teachers] couldn't walk with me in that space because I was trying to block it, but they were right outside my door. "When you open it, we are going to let you know a lot." I realize that now.

Gail: I've always been alone. I'm my own person. Even in my family, I've got my own stuff going on.

John: You're alone with million angels around you to support you. That is what it is like. We can say, "Oh, I'm alone," or "I'm on my own path," but we have the whole universe's energy there to help us.

Thank you for your insights John Hunter.

Website Post

Then Gary Wimmer posted this three days ago:

"The concept of separateness affects everything we do or say to some degree. Indeed, we are all unique individuals, but somewhere within each of us is the knowledge that we share more in common than we often realize. And the more we live by our common bonds, the more we realize that "separateness" is indeed a concept, not a fact. Yes, here in Space and Time we get to see ourselves as separate as we learn to deal with life's curve balls and surprises: the good, the bad and the ugly. But to increase our awareness of our connectedness is to better understand life and the creative process. Separateness, real or imagined? Or both? Just a thought . . . "

I took the hint that there was more I needed to know. Sunday, at the Psychic Fair, I turned my voice recorder on, pointed it at John, and said, "Tell me about Oneness." His fascinating answer will be posted to the blog once it has been transcribed. So much to learn!


9:54 am mst

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