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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quote from a Medium - The Information Highway

Quote from a Medium - The Information Highway

I asked Medium Nancy Parsons, "When you do readings, what do you do?"

She answered:

"Every reading is different. I go with what I am told in the moment. I don't have a preconceived notion before a client arrives.

"I don't care if it is the Psychic Fair or a full reading, nothing starts for me without going through G-d first. I know that I am of service, through G-d; not through my teachers or Guides, not through the person across from me or through their teachers, Guides, or family members, but though G-d. When I do readings, the information comes from G-d. The information comes through my Higher Self, through G-d. It's not just about throwing the cards.

"To connect, I need to get on what I call ‘The Highway' where all of the information lies. It's like an energy field of the universe where information is held. Every reader has a different way of getting there. As far back as I can remember, the breath gets you to a different level. Once you've done it for a while, you can get yourself there quickly because you know how to do it. You just reach up and ask for assistance with information for the person with whom you are talking. ‘There goes Martha Lou! Can we have Martha Lou back here please?' Then Martha Lou comes back and stands behind the client.

"On that information highway is where I personally see someone or get a feeling. Some [deceased] people are very animated and show up how you would recognize them, then they revert to how they look now. If your grandfather shows up with his pipe and his hat and his beard, I'm going to explain that to you. Then, he's going to go back to how he looked at 35 or 40, which is how he looks now. They assist us in identifying them. The first image is just to get recognition. They understand skepticism. They know that people are skeptical. After I convince you that I am talking to your grandfather, and you confirm, ‘Yes, he smoked a pipe with cherry tobacco. He loved it,' then he can give me whatever it is that he wants to say to you or your family. Or, he can answer a question.

"Not everyone shows up with the hat and the pipe and the tobacco which I can smell. It's almost like the readings; there isn't a set way that spirits show up. Sometimes it is just a ray of light behind someone. It just depends. There is no one way."

Nancy Parsons

10:19 am mst

Thursday, March 26, 2015

John Hunter's Near-Death Experience

Announcement: The Tucson Museum of Art Spring Artisans' Market will begin tomorrow and run through Sunday (March 27 - 29, 2015). I'll be set up in the Museum's lobby with my books and "Wild Girl!" artwork. Please come visit!

* * *

Earlier this month, John Hunter told me about the near-death experience (NDE) he had when he was only 21. This fascinating story has so much to it, that it must be told in two parts. This week, we have Part I. Come back next week for Part II.

John Hunter's Near-Death Experience - Part I

I am in college, sitting in astronomy class, and I begin to feel numbness on my left side. I think, "Oh, I worked out this morning before class. I didn't stretch well. I am a little sore." I am 21 years old, working out all the time, and thinking I'm invincible.

I am sitting there stretching and, all of the sudden, my whole body is freezing cold. Overwhelmingly cold. My teeth are chattering. I have goosebumps. I nudge the person next to me in class and ask, "Is it cold in here?" No, they don't think it is cold. An instant later, I am hot; sweating hot. My skin is red. I am so hot, I am uncomfortable; unbelievably hot. So I nudge the person on the other side and ask, "Is it hot in here?" No, they think it is perfectly fine. Okay. For the next 30 minutes of class, I have drastic hot and cold flashes. I think that maybe I am dehydrated, I hadn't stretched after my workout, I need water.

After class, I take my friend home and go to a Wendy's by the college. I order a salad and water. I have no appetite; which is rare. I drink the water, but it doesn't help. I get another hot flash and I go to the bathroom to splash cool water on my face, calm down, and call my friend. It is October 1995; there are no cell phones.

In the bathroom, I splash water on my face, but I can't physically leave the sink. I am holding on to the sink. My mind is saying, "Let's go," but my body is not reacting. Whoa.

I have a feeling in my stomach that something is wrong. I lean against the sink, then lean against the wall. I think, "I needed to gather myself, walk out, and make the phone call." My body does not respond. I slide down the wall so I am sitting there, leaning against the wall. I am like, "Wow, something is wrong. I might not make it out of this." I get that feeling. I say my good-byes. I think, "Even though I'm only 21, I've had an exciting life. I have traveled, I've done things. The only thing I regret is not having a wife and kids. That's it."

I have trouble breathing and my left side is really sore, but I don't think "heart attack." I think, "Okay, it's my time." I am not worried about what is wrong. I just know it's probably time for me to go.

I don't have the energy to sit up anymore, so I slide down and lie on my back in the middle of the bathroom floor. I say, "I'm okay with this. It's my time."

While lying there, I see the feet of somebody in the bathroom stall and I say, "Hey, can you call 911? I'm having trouble breathing." The employee rushes out and finds a manager. I tell him that my left side is numb, and I'm having trouble breathing. I still don't think "heart attack."

All of the sudden, three paramedics rush in and check me out. They talk to me. I tell them that I am having trouble breathing. My left side is sore and numb. They say they are going to help me. They give me an oxygen mask.

I take a breath in, take a breath out. Take a breath in, take a breath out. Take a breathe in and leave my body in total darkness. I float out of my physical body.

It's pure darkness, pure blackness, for a second or two. Just long enough for me to say, "I'm floating in total darkness." As soon as that thought happens, I float into this large, dim, waiting room. A lit-up hallway is kitty-corner from me. Older people are sitting along the walls. They are really happy. Their energy form is clearly defined. I feel so connected to them, and they look so happy. They are in perfect bliss.

As I look at them, my mind acknowledges them. I'm trying to see if they are family, if these are relatives. I don't recognize anyone's face, but I feel totally connected, like they could be my family. I'm just looking. I'm greeting them, and they are greeting me with pure love and happiness. We are communicating by thought. It's natural and wonderful.

I move along the wall. At the end of the wall there is an empty, lit-up, chair. I know this chair is for me. I sit down and I'm just like everyone else. I look at everybody, and we exchange this positive energy of love and happiness.

Then, all of the sudden, it's like my brain is split into left and right. My left side is acknowledging the people, and my right side is being downloaded with information, like if you were to see the old computers getting downloaded with code. Zeroes, ones, and all these numbers are being downloaded like crazy. As fast as possible. I am like "Wow." I am acknowledging the people in the room, I'm acknowledging that I am getting downloaded, and then I'm saying, "This is weird, I'm getting downloaded." I just thought that was interesting.

One eye is seeing this download of information. The other eye is looking at everybody and communicating this love energy with them.

After a while, a voice says, "Okay, it's not your time. You need to go back." I stand up and I float out, just like I floated in, back through that second of darkness, then right back into my body.

When I open my eyes, all these people are around me. The paramedics are there, along with the fire department and the police department. They are putting up equipment. Putting everything away. No one is looking at me. Maybe there are 15 people in the bathroom and no one even knows my eyes are open. I wait a second, smile, kinda laugh like, "this is awkward," then I say, "Hey guys, what's up?" Everyone freaks out. Everyone jumps. Everyone turns and looks at me, freaking out. The paramedics jump on me and start hooking me up, saying, "We gotta get this guy to the hospital."

The guy who did CPR on me starts crying. He can't even look at me. They take him out the room. He is overwhelmed.

The thing that saves my life is that the Wendy's is very close to the only heart hospital in the State of Idaho. It was only a few minute drive to the emergency room.

They load me into the ambulance, and I am cracking jokes. I'm 21. I have no emotional connection. I am in shock. I have no feelings. I am like, "Wow, I always wanted to ride in a ambulance, but not like this!" LOL

The guy who did CPR on me is in the ambulance. He's still crying and can't acknowledge me, or look at me. One of the paramedics tells me that his buddy is having trouble. He did the CPR. "He's never lost anybody, and he's never had anybody come back. He's beside himself. Can you say a few words to him?" I'm thinking, "Oh great. I don't feel anything. What am I going to say to this guy?"

I take his hand and I try to act as emotional as I can, like I'm in a movie. I remember thinking, "I've got to make this seem real." I don't feel anything. I take his hand and thank him, even though I don't know what he has done. I am not connected to that. He keeps crying. I remember how weird a feeling that was, not feeling any emotion, not feeling anything.

They rush me into the hospital saying, "Okay John, we have one room to work on you. Someone is being worked on in that heart room. We have five minutes. If we don't get you in there in five minutes, we are going to have to do open heart surgery and that will change your chance of survival." As they ask me 20 questions about what I ate that day, what I did, what I drank, I am staring at the clock, watching time tick away.

With a minute and thirty-four seconds left, they clear the room and rush me in. I am very relieved. They hook me up to a system with six television screens and give me a limited amount of nitroglycerin to numb the pain. They can only give me a limited amount because this is heart surgery. "We only have so much time to go in and find out what is wrong." They make an incision on my right upper thigh, stick in a tube, and are able to see on the TV monitors what they are doing. I'm watching it on six screens too. It is pretty cool. They get to my heart. Tissue is blocking my aorta. They have to clear the tissue blocking the passageway. They chip away at the tissue which is lodged in there. Blood has clotted around this tissue and is cutting off circulation in the aorta.

It takes longer than they think and the pain medication wears off while they are still in there. I deal with the sensation of the tube being taken out and a tourniquet being applied. It is the most painful thing I have ever been through. They have to put pressure on the incision, so I won't lose blood. They put an awkward shaped thing on the incision, like the shape of a plastic lid, and cinch it down, like luggage on top of a car. They make it as tight as possible, and I have to keep it on for six hours. This is the toughest part of the process: no pain medicine and having the tourniquet on my leg for six hours. I count every second. They can't give me pain medication because they don't want to affect the heart function and rhythm.

After they remove the tourniquet, I have pain medication. I feel pretty good. Then the emotional aspect hits me. The realization of what I have been through. I have a 15-minute emotional breakdown, then I gather myself and am glad that I have made it.

* * *

John is an Intuitive Massage Therapist. You can find out more about his practice at Next week, read about how "the download" enhanced John's intuitive abilities.

10:11 am mst

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What do angels look like?

 Quote from a Psychic - Angels

I asked Kermie Wohlenhaus, an angelologist, "When you see angels, what do you see? Do you see the classic angels with wings and feathers?"

Kermie answered:

"Let me ask them right now, ‘What do you want me to tell her that I see?'

"There is a being right here who has wings. He says, ‘We have wings, but we don't have to have wings. We can do anything.' They are shape shifters. They can take any form, depending on the message. It's all about the mission.

"If a young boy comes out of nowhere and says something to you, or a person rescues you then leaves without a trace, this person was probably an angel. Angels can come into a physical body to give you a message. Angels come in all kinds of variations. They appear from out of nowhere and leave without a trace. The person who has had such visitations remembers them forever, as if they just happened a few moments ago. There is a feeling of knowing that it was an angelic encounter."

Kermie Wohlenhaus

10:23 am mst

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Veil

The Veil

Do you remember when some kid pissed you off in grade school? Remember when your co-worker said something awful? Remember something you said which still embarrasses you? How does this feel? Crappy.

What if you could remember everything, good and bad, from your previous lifetimes? It's overwhelming to think about. Sure, there's the warmhearted and kind stuff, but what about all the wars, the starvation, the lynchings? Would you want to remember all of that? Probably not.

This is where the Veil of Forgetfulness comes in. There is a Veil between the physical and non-physical worlds. You don't have to remember anything. You can come into each life with a clean slate of memories. You can start each life with a fresh opportunity to create the life you want.

This Veil stands between your conscious mind, your recollection of the other side, and your memory of what you have come into a body to do and to learn. There are hints, but not full disclosure. You may meet people with whom you have a surprising, visceral response. You may not understand why you feel the way you do. This could be a past life reflex or something Karmic. Or, you could travel somewhere and find it oddly familiar - another clue that previous lifetimes exist.

However, for the most part, the Veil of Forgetfulness allows us to move freely in this world, without conscious contact from "the other side."

The Veil is not physical. It is a mismatch at the interface where different frequencies meet. In the physical world, we vibrate at a certain frequency. On the other side, the vibration frequency is much higher. Even though we can be in the same room with our ancestors and Spirit Guides, we don't see them because they are vibrating at a higher frequency than we can pick up. This has been likened to watching fan blades rotate. When they rotate slowly, you see them, but when the fan is at full speed, it is difficult to see the individual blades.

Some people can raise their frequencies (mainly through meditation) so they can interact with souls and Guides who vibrate at higher frequencies. Other times, Spirit Guides can lower their frequencies so they can communicate with people in physical bodies who move at a slower vibration.

Why is it important to have a separation between the physical world and the non-physical world? On the other side, we see the long arc of our soul growth. We understand what we need to physically experience each lifetime on earth so that we can continue along this arc. We see the big picture. We plan the outlines of our incarnations.

On earth, we live through the things we have chosen to experience so that we learn and grow. At first, most of us don't realize that there is another side, an invisible support system in which we live. If we knew what we were here to do, we wouldn't be challenged to figure it out. We wouldn't explore multiple avenues until we found the road which felt just right; the activities which brought us joy, and allowed us to grow through exploration.

I've always thought it would make life easier if I knew why I was here. It would make life easier. Too easy.

Without the Veil, there would be no mystery. We would see that we are eternal. We wouldn't feel the pressure of eventual death, of time running out, of the need to "get it done now." We have a literal dead-line to accomplish whatever growth we are going to achieve this lifetime.

In addition, the veil allows privacy. I don't want everyone on earth knowing my business, who I am, and our Karmic connection. I don't want to connect with my deceased relatives daily; I just want to know that life continues on the other side. I'm always looking for proof of how things are set up, but I don't need to hear anyone else's opinions on my activities. Too much static. On the other hand, I would like good advice from my Spirit Guides and angels.

People who are sensitive have told me that "The Veil is lifting" and "The Veil will lift four more times." I haven't felt it. If anything, my messages have become less frequent and clear.

Until this year, I had hoped that the veil would lift. I wanted to see the other side. Then, I heard the explanation of what it would be like if there was no veil. We would remember all the injustices and horrors of previous lifetimes. We would carry grudges against people who had harmed or killed us in those lifetimes. And they would carry grudges against us. Who wants that?!

I leave this explanation with you to ponder. If you have any questions or comments, or you think I am missing pieces, please send an e-mail to me at


12:17 pm mst

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Quote from an Intuitive - Connection

                           Quote from an Intuitive

"We are made to be partners. We are made to be a community. We are made to work with each other, help each other, grow together. We are all from the same source. I've studied so much. It all comes back to the same thing: we are all from the same source.

"We are all from that love, from the energy of the universe which allows creation of objects and the combining of matter, through vibration. It's love vibration, and love vibration is the creative vibration of life. That is why it is so strong. That is why it overpowers everything.

"If we remember that, and go back to that, we will always have that healing energy in us. We are a part of it. We are made from it. We are all connected through it. We just don't want to acknowledge that because it's too simple. It's too powerful. It's too beautiful. But it's there. It's there. We are who we are. We are connected to each other, no matter how much we try to say we are not."

John Hunter

11:24 am mst

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Information Dowloads

Information Downloads

Why are some people highly talented psychics and energy workers? Many people are born with the gift and know from childhood that they have abilities. Some of these people have their abilities enhanced through traumas and/or near death experiences.

I want to share two stories of people who were in unconscious states when they received huge downloads of information. This information helped them understand the work they were here to do.

One of these people is Raquel Spencer. Raquel is a multi-dimensional energy worker, an ascension specialist, and a teacher. She travels the world helping people discover their connection to their Higher Self.

In her early twenties, with no medical cause, Raquel fell into a 5 ½ week coma. During that time, her body was upgraded and re-wired so that she could handle the energy she would need for her eventual energetic work.

Raquel told me:

"I did not have a Near-Death Experience (NDE) or go into the light. My parents told me that on several occasions I sat straight up in the bed and spoke to them in "non-language." It was a language not of this world. Some people might call it "speaking in tongues." It scared my parents. I was pronounced dead three times and I came back three times. My family was completely freaked out. I am glad I don't remember any of this. There was no medical reason or accident which caused this event."

"What I have learned is that when I was in the hospital, I was receiving downloads, being changed, and being rewired so that my physical body could handle the energy to do this work. They put me out for five weeks."

Later in her interview she explained her work:

"One of the ways I describe it is that the body is the hardware and Divine Source is the software. Much of our hardware doesn't run the software, so my job is to upgrade the hardware to communicate with the software. I help prepare the body to receive clear information and house its own spirit. The physical world is just a minute part of who we are in the vastness of consciousness. We have a smidgen of our true self residing in the body. The work I do clears the body, and brings in more knowledge, wisdom, divine connection, and spirit. When I do a session, I upgrade the hardware. I work on an energetic level. Everything is energy. The frequency of the energy vibration determines how it is perceived. I work with the energy systems of the body. I do many things. Primarily, I clear deep emotional blockages, and physical and emotional traumas. I fix ‘circuitry' so that light (light being the Divine Source) can flow through the body without any breaks.

"I help people with their own ability to tap into their Highest Self. I help people to be better at their spiritual work. I help them figure out their life's work and do it well. When I do energy work, I access their energetic information and bring in the person's Divine Blueprint. If people are ready, I can give them direction, and help them work with the Ascended Masters, angels and Guides who have information for them. I can help them improve their meditation by raising their personal vibrational frequency so that they start to get information. People can begin to receive clear information about their life's work."

"I connect with the Higher Realms. I connect into the higher frequencies and that is where I do my work. I go into a certain "space" where I connect with clients energetically in the Higher Realms on the higher frequencies (energy vibrating at a faster pace). I connect to the client's Higher Self. My Higher Self works with their Higher Self, then it comes down into physical reality."

Fascinated? If you want to know more about Raquel and her incredible life story, you can read our interview as a Kindle e-book. You can find it on

Is Raquel's story completely unique? Earlier this month, I talked to a person who had a similar event. In his early twenties, he had a heart attack, traveled to the other side, and received a download of information. This concept was so foreign to him, that he tried not to think about it for the next 20 years. Now, he is just beginning to unravel the mystery of what happened to him, and why it happened. Stay tuned, I'll have more to write about his fascinating story.

In the meantime, check out Raquel's interview here. You can also learn more about Raquel and her work on her website,

Questions or comments? You can always send an e-mail to me at


12:20 pm mst

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Afterlife Creation

Conversing with Psychics

This new feature highlights discussions I have had with psychics. I hope you enjoy these snippets of conversation.

From what I understand, what you experience after death reflects what you think will happen. It's not completely what you expect, but it's close. For example, if you think you will go somewhere lovely, and you have the karma and capacity to do that, you will go somewhere wonderful. If you think you are going to a place of fire and brimstone, that is what you will create. If you think that death is the end and there isn't anything more, you may find yourself alone in the blackness for a while. Then, you can make a new choice. Just as we create our reality on this side, we create our reality on the other side.

I was part of this conversation a few weeks ago:

Psychic 1: My 42 year old cousin died of breast cancer. I went looking for her in a meditation and I saw hectares and hectares of rolling hills and, about every six feet, there was a casket. There were beautiful, tiny little angels, knocking on the caskets and asking if they would like to get up. The souls responded, "No, I'm waiting for Jesus."

Psychic 2: People haven't made their choice. They are in the muck and have to choose to leave. They don't realize that all they have to do is get up and walk out. They are stuck in their chains. It's free will. You are in a box. All you have to do is stand up and walk away. They don't know it yet.

Psychic 1: I saw it. I went back a few years after that and she was up, out, and busy.

Psychic 3: I believe that we can create our afterlife experience just like we create our life experience, based on our beliefs and expectations.

Psychic 4: When we do past life regressions, I see what people get on the other side. It is what they expect. Some people say total darkness, other people love the sun. If you were angry in that life and didn't believe in G-d or the afterlife, it's interesting to see that you create that on the other side; what you think you are going to find. It you think there is going to be a throne and pearly gates, you just might see St. Peter walk by.

Have you had a glimpse of your afterlife?


10:33 am mst

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Along the Continuum

Along the Continuum

What if I told you that psychics can read your energy and tell you where your life is going? Would you believe me? Yes? This is a pretty easy idea for me to accept because I have experienced it.

What if I told you that many people have survived near-death experiences (NDEs)? They have felt the love on the other side. Could you accept that? This one is easy too because so many people have shared their NDE stories.

What if I told you that some psychics see and hear angels? Fairies? This concept isn't too hard for me to believe because I've talked to many people who do this work and have told me the same kinds of stories.

What if I told you some people can disappear, fade out, and appear elsewhere? They can move through different dimensions? What if I told you that a friend of a friend of friend could walk on water? These ideas are harder for me to accept because I haven't seen evidence. To me, these are theoretical.

Do we share alien DNA? Is that how humans got so smart so fast, moving past the apes in problem solving and creativity? Makes sense. Do we have proof?

We are all on a continuum of information acceptance. This year, I believe things I didn't understand last year. I know more. I have listened to people's personal stories, and I have experienced my own growth.

At Sunday's Psychic Fair, two people told me about their NDEs. They had seen the other side. A third person told me that she "sort of" had an NDE. She had woken up one night thinking she was having a heart attack. She drank water. She tried to calm down. She felt awful . . . but she didn't die. Turns out, her friend had a heart attack and died that night. What do we even call this kind of experience? A sympathetic NDE? A synchronicity? An expression of connectedness between friends?

Each year, my acceptance of this material moves farther along the continuum. I'll listen to nearly anyone's story, but I still need proof. I need confirmation. However, I see the enlarging scope of possibility, the vastness of what I don't know.

Sometimes I write about the basics of psychic ability. This material has become pretty mundane to me, but other people may think it is radical. Other times, I write about advanced principles, and I wonder if people can accept these ideas. Concepts I think are radical, may be ideas which are easily-accepted by people who have more experience than I do. We are all on a continuum of knowledge and acceptance.

I am not the person I was when I started My Psychic Search Project. At first, I asked basic questions. Now, I deal with more-sophisticated concepts.

As my understanding of psychic abilities has evolved, I have also seen how we are moving through phases of spiritualism. When it began, spiritualism was about proving that the other side existed. Physical mediumship included seances with spirits tapping on doors, table tipping, and precipitated paintings (if you want to know more, check out the September 27, 2012 and October 2, 2014 blog posts).

People were trying to prove the same things over and over. They were asking the same questions without moving on. Then, some people evolved past the need for physical evidence, the need to prove that the other side existed. Once they had accepted that the answer was "yes," they asked: Can we understand the messages clearly? Mediumship moved into personal readings, passing messages between the physical and non-physical realms.

After people accepted that clear communication with the other side was possible, spiritualism progressed beyond communicating with loved ones. Psychics learned to channel broadly-themed messages for humanity. They heard from non-human entities. They found clues to pre-history. The work moved along a continuum from "parlor tricks," to messages, to channeling. However, most people have to start at the beginning, so our need for basic information (and proof) still exists.

What will the next phase of spiritual growth be? Physical manifestation of our desires? Creating wealth? Creating peace?

I hope that the next stage will create peace, calm and respect. I believe that we are here to find peace within ourselves, so that our peace can resonate with the peace of others, and we can spread serenity throughout our communities, the world, and the universe. What do you believe?

Thank you for reading these blogs and traveling with me as we broaden our knowledge and ask grander questions.


12:55 pm mst

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Live in the Light

Quote from a Channeled Message

"Live in the light. You are light. Come into alignment with the truth of who you are. The truth of what you are: pure light and love. When you live in alignment with that, there is nothing else. Nothing which can shake you. Nothing to fear. Only freedom. The freedom you have been dreaming of is at your fingertips. Feel it. Find it. Know it. Live it. Be it. It is your truth.

"All of nature is connected to the truth of who they are. The animals are connected to their truth. They have no doubts about who or what they are. They don't spend their days putting themselves down; telling themselves they were a bad dog. "How am I going to live through this?" No, they move on. Each moment is a new moment in time. They know how to let things go. It is very simple. They just don't hang onto it anymore.

"It takes energy to hang onto something that weighs you down. If it does not benefit you, let it go. If it's not something you wish to experience, stop doing it. It's very simple. Let it go.

"Get into vibrational alignment with the truth of who you are. See things from that perspective. See everyone from that perspective. See through to the truth which is in them. They may be living with issues, with pain, with grief, but you can see through to their heart and you know that their heart, deep down, is pure love. It has been masked off. They have closed the doors, but those doors can be blasted open at any time. Help them by bringing love to their heart and opening it back up. Be that example, be that way shower. Open your own heart and live from there."

Channeled Message, February 11, 2014

10:49 am mst

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