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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Comforting Friends as their Lives Fall Apart

How can you comfort friends as their lives are disintegrating?

Many people are in turmoil. Families are in crisis. A friend of mine asked a sitting of psychics how to help these people. How could she comfort friends as she watched their lives fall apart?

Two major answers came through: show compassion and bear witness. An admonition also came through: Don't get involved in the details, drama, or energy, of the situation. You will get hit by flying debris.

Friends come to us with their problems. They may be going through horrific situations which are destroying their families. Even when we are prepared to be of support, we may find ourselves speechless. We don't know what to say. It looks like these people have done all of the "right" things. Whatever is happening seems unfair.

At the same time, we remember that every person, and every family, projects a face. We never know what goes on behind the scenes.

Eventually, these shaken people may find that the crisis has opened a doorway to a different kind of life. They may be mid-stride into their personal evolution. Their adversity could be a catalyst for something new. Who are we to interfere with their momentum? If we help too much, they may have to start the process all over again.

Instead of intervening, we can pray for their strength to handle whatever comes. We can send light and love, and hold space for their healing. We can talk to their Higher Self and try to understand what is happening. Sometimes, people can't hear their friends because they are so busy figuring out how to proceed. However, their Higher Self can still hear, and can feel the love.

Several ideas were channeled regarding this issue:

1) Bearing witness is important. Sometimes, that is all we can do. Being present in a non-judgmental way does not make us heartless because we do not reach out more. Overextending ourselves does not make us noble.

2) Think of a rose bush which has been growing and blooming beautifully for ten years. Suddenly, a side of the bush gets fungus. The bush may need to be pruned. Initially it appears injured, but it will soon blossom in a different direction.

Personal crises can act as pruning. Although they look cruel, they can reshape the direction of a person's energy. Re-directions may look like implosions with loose ends and shrapnel, but breaking apart is necessary for growth in a new direction.

3) Guides: "Honor, respect, and value the process that it takes for them to step out of their comfort zone. Whether it was gently nudged or without their conscious permission, all are in the state where they need to be in order to create what is to be. You have been in similar situations. You have, and you grew, and you blossomed.

"All of you look back at your family trees, the situations in which you thought, ‘Oh my goodness, this is the end of an era.' And yet it was the beginning of so much more. People found where they needed to be. People found their own strength in their own way. No pressure, no diamonds. It is very clear.

"Allow. Speak to the Higher Selves. Be a presence. Know that bearing witness as you watch those trees re-blossom and bring fruit will reaffirm within you the knowing of divine order and divine perfection. You create your own universes, your own space, as do they."

4) Creation is a personal thing. While we create our own experience, we cannot create the experiences of others. Our lives are our responsibility. Their lives are up to them.

5) Guides: "There are individuals who believe that they are the role they are living and would not know who they were if they were not living that particular role. Sometimes it takes situations which appear dramatic in order to jar the individuals out of their regimented positions or roles in life, and who they believe they are, so they can look deeper within themselves and see that their source, their being, their core, is not the role which they are manifesting on this physical earth. That role is but one of the aspects in which they display their true core self. Had it not been for these situations, to this extreme, they would never seek further within themselves to know who they are.

"They see themselves as care givers, as parents, as role models. They do not see themselves as Spirit, as love incarnate, as precious by being, solely being. They see their places in life as what they do, or contribute, or the role that they play, until it is so stifling that they cannot blossom in that environment any longer and must come apart at the seams in order to set everyone free to find their basis, their core, their strength, their energy within themselves; to see who and what they truly are and not just the roles they are at this point in their lives."

So what do we do when a friend's life looks like it is falling apart?

Bear witness, show compassion, send Light. Know that this stage will pass; understand that they are on their personal path to soul growth. Don't try to fix it. Don't get too involved. Witness the anguish, and the progress, as they move through the muck. Encourage them as they achieve a new stage of life. Appreciate all that is going well in your life. Gratitude and acknowledgment help you stay strong so you can enjoy your life while sending compassion and love to your friends.

Let me know what you think.


P.S. The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be held this Sunday, March 1, at the DoubleTree Inn in Tucson, AZ. 

12:23 pm mst

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Happens when People Die?
Quote from a Psychic -
What Happens when People Die?

I asked Medium Nancy Parsons What do you think happens when people die? At the moment of death? After death? This is her answer:

Everyone's experience is different. At the moment of death, if it's been a long illness or something has happened where the person has been preparing for death, or if they are old, the agreement is between them and G-d so whenever they go, they go. Those types of people have probably gone in and out of their body already and may have seen their relatives (that's a sure sign they are getting close).

I also believe that if there is a tragic moment, a tragic death, a car accident or an impact like 9/11, that people go to sleep for a while. For example, they are working at their desk, then they are out of their body. Even if they glanced at the cause for a second, I believe that G-d is going to put them to sleep for a while.

How He wakes them up, or when they come to the realization that are dead, I would imagine is really slow because that was someone else's free will that has happened to them. At the same time, everything happens in Divine order and they may have agreed to that scenario; they just didn't remember that they were going out like that.

However, that's not always true because I have seen it other ways. There is no one place or thing that I believe happens to everyone. There are levels of understanding.

If you cross over and you are a born-again Christian and you believe Jesus is going to show up, and Jesus shows up, hallelujah! Someone showed up for you. Thank G-d you have been a good person, Jesus has shown up and that Jesus figure, either Jesus or a visual representation of the handsome, beautiful Jesus, will help you understand that you are not in a physical body anymore. Your emotional body, your mental body, and all the other parts of you are still functioning as they did. You still have a personality.

However, I think that there are levels of understanding. I don't think the Dali Lama is going to hang out with other people's relatives.

I believe that people who commit suicide have to hang out for a while. I think that they have to come back and do the same thing again until they don't jump. They have to face their fear, or their drug addiction, or whatever it was that made them feel that life was so terrible that they had to leave on their own accord, not G-d's.

Nancy Parsons

10:34 am mst

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Southern California Writers' Conference

Southern California Writers' Conference

Last night I returned from a week in California. I attended the Southern CA Writers' Conference, hit the beach, and visited Harmony Grove.

The Writers' Conference was great. This year's conference focused on the craft of writing. When I had attended the same conference four years ago, the focus had been on the changing landscape of publication and the new ability of writers to self-publish their manuscripts. Since that time, changes in the publishing world have accelerated their pace. Traditional publishers have merged, bookstores have closed, and the Internet has exploded with fresh writing. Many authors have self-published their work, including me. The self-publishing stigma has receded. However, this conference stressed that manuscripts need to be fully edited and vetted prior to publication. This is true for both self-publication and traditional publication.

The Conference was set up so that during the day, we attended workshops on craft, publication, editing, story, marketing and promotion. After dinner, beginning around 9 p.m., we had optional "Read and Critique" sessions which lasted several hours. During these sessions, writers presented about four pages of their work-in-progress, then the audience suggested edits which might improve the manuscript. Each session was led by a professional agent, editor, or teacher who ensured that the most-salient points were addressed.

Listening to other writers' work was eye-opening (ear-opening?). Each person had developed a unique story and created a personal world. Through their work, I imagined sci-fy settings, life with billionaires, and travel through several countries. The best/worst thing I heard was a portion from a thriller which scared (and scarred) me. The characters and setting were so vivid that my heart was breaking as I heard the story. That is good writing.

For those of you waiting for me to say something about psychics, here it is: I told many people that I write Non-Fiction about people with psychic abilities. In return, many people told me about their unexplainable events. I heard fascinating, true-life stories. I heard about ghosts appearing in photos, floating orbs, and ghosts who were so concerned about the people who had moved into their house, they did all they could to get the people to move out. The people sold the house at a loss . . . and felt it was worth it.

I don't know if these kinds of supernatural stories will make their way into that person's writing, but I do know that these stories lay lightly below the surface of every day life, just waiting for a prompt so they can be unearthed.

I will write about Harmony Grove, the spiritualist community west of Escondido, in another blog post.

Let me know if you have any questions about the Conference.


12:32 pm mst

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shamanic Death Experience

Quote from a Psychic - Shamanic Death Experience

In addition to six near-death experiences, Delphina Nova also had a Shamanic Death Experience. What is a Shamanic Death Experience? Delphina explained:

"It is an experience where you are in the body and who you think you are, dies. Your ego personality fragments. You see yourself completely shattered. You disappear as if you don't exist at all; there is an elimination of the ego. When you come back, you need to bring the personality back in so you can function on Earth, but you have a new understanding that you are pure soul and that this is a temporary body. I know, 100%, who I am. I am not my body. It all had to disappear so that I could come back and help people with healing and Shamanic work. I needed to remember that I am more than my body. In order for me to help people who are in life and death situations, I had to be able to go to the other side and come back. It is part of my training."

Delphina Nova

12:37 pm mst

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lives, Loves, and Choices

It's a few days early, but this is my ode to Valentine's Day, love, and relationships.

Open a Door, Glimpse the Future, Select

Every person you date opens the door to a different kind of relationship, a different type of life.

Back in my dating days, I went out with a guy from a traditional Spanish family. I could see us with lots of small children and a close extended family.

I dated a doctor from an odd and diverse family. I wasn't in synch with his parenting style (he had a child from a previous marriage) and I couldn't really see us having children.

I dated a guy who took me to lovely, fancy restaurants and we enjoyed each other's company. There just wasn't anything deeper.

I dated one guy long distance and I always felt that he was hiding things from me. Was he secretly married? He said, "No," but I could see the red flags for a long-term relationship. There were trust and intimacy issues.

I dated guys who weren't too bright, either intellectually or socially. That didn't work. I dated guys who did a lot of drugs. Not for me.

Every person you date provides a peek into your potential future. Then you have to choose the person with whom you would like to build the life you have glimpsed. Choosing a life partner is about the specific person, the way they were raised, and the life you envision.

There are so many possibilities. Few relationships are "fated." Even if you are destined to experience marriage or child-rearing this lifetime, you can choose with whom you would like to share that experience.

Romance plays a key role. Attraction is the spice of the relationship. But, sometimes, romantic love is not enough on which to build a future. Just enjoy the exhilarating moment.

Karma plays a role too. Some relationships require exploration so that we can release negative energy from past lifetimes. It doesn't mean we have to marry the person and have a whole lifetime together. Sometimes dating, or being related to each other, is enough.

Did you know that parents and unborn souls pick each other for a joint life experience? Yes, children select their parents for all the experiences that the familial relationships will offer: the good, the bad, and the devastating (which we spend the rest of our lives trying to sort out and overcome). Think about this. You selected your parents for a reason.

A psychic friend of my has been looking to purchase a home. She said, "I opened each door and could see my life in all those different houses. I wasn't interested in any of those lives." She hasn't yet found her house. Dating provides that same opportunity to see and create our future.

The man I married had dealt with parenting issues similar to the ones I had experienced as a child. We could relate. Our wedding vows were to create the kind of family we wanted to be a part of. For us, there was value in highlighting that issue. Now, we have a family unit we love hanging around.

In addition, we were very comfortable and compatible. My suspicion is that we spent time together in past lives.

Once we have chosen our partner, we move forward, for better or worse; for the life experiences which lead to our soul's growth.

Sometimes, things are really hard. We see it in our lives and in our friends' lives. We never know what really goes on inside someone else's home or relationship. We are not privy to what happens in a heart, in a momentary reflexive eye roll, or in an energetic interaction. It's not healthy to be too concerned about other people's lives, loves and choices; that is their drama. It's best to focus on our own lives, loves, and choices, so that we can create peace in our homes, and have some fun at the same time.

Falling in love is a bit like being psychic as we envision multiple futures, then choose the one we want to create.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Gail (As always, let me know what you think about these ideas.)

8:31 am mst

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quote from a Psyhic - Love

In honor of Valentine's Day, this is one of my favorite quotes on love:

Quote from a Psychic - Love

"I think God is love. Ultimately, God and Goddess are love. The thing that holds the Universe together is love. People think that love is a passive energy. Love is the most serious dynamic force on the planet."

To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf

Because today's Quote is so short, here's another thoughtful Quote from To-Ree'-Nee':

"After a reading, I don't follow-up with people because I don't have an attachment to the reading. This is their reading. The information is for them.

"I once did a reading in the Navajo language. I have a good friend who plays the bass and I was with him when I heard words in my head. I asked if he knew what the words meant and he told me that they were Navajo. I told him that someone wanted to talk to him and I asked if he was open for the information. He was. I conducted the whole message in Navajo and his eyes got really big. I asked if he understood the message and he told me that he understood all of it. I had no idea what I was saying. This happens once in a great while. I didn't need to know the information; it wasn't my business.

"When I do a reading, I feel two things: I feel incredibly exalted and I feel profoundly humble. Exalted that I can be of service and humbled that I can be of service. It's an amazing thing to be able to access information and give it to people so that they can make conscious, cognizant choices in their life."


If you are interested in learning more about To-Ree'-Nee's life and work, you can read her interview as a Psychics Speak e-book. Check out the Psychic's Speak page for more information.

10:28 am mst

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What do Psychics Do? Channeling

What do Psychics Do? Channeling

On this website, I often quote channeled messages from psychics. What are channeled messages? How does channeling work?

There are several kinds of channeling.

1) The first kind of channeling occurs when a psychic has a conversation with an entity who is not in this dimension. This is a casual kind of channeling and is often the basis for psychic readings. When a psychic, in their mind, asks a question on your behalf, hears the answer and relays it to you, this is an easy-going form of channeling. This is known as "conscious channeling."

Similarly, spontaneous channeling often occurs when I interview psychics. The psychic will be answering my questions, then their voice will change, and I will find that the answers become richer and explain concepts in detail.

Psychics often communicate with Spirit Guides, teachers, and/or angels.

2) The second form of channeling is a bit more complex. In this type of channeling, the psychic goes into a meditative state and allows entities to speak through them. The psychic opens to the entities, but the psychic remains in control of the body. Entities are allowed to speak through the channeler, but they do not take over the body. The channeler can move his/her consciousness to another area of the body and allow the energies to use the voice.

3) A third kind of channeling is known as "trance channeling." When this occurs, the psychic goes into a meditative state and feels as if they have stepped out of their body. Entities are allowed to take over the body and speak, using the person's voice. I saw this several years ago when information was presented about life and death, and why souls come to Earth. Amazing, life-changing information was brought forward.

When I present a "Quote from a Channel," these are quotes which have come from energies who are not in this dimension, but who speak through people I know and trust. I realize that this can be hard to believe but, when you hear the messages, you know that they are not from the person's imagination. The messages have a whole different syntax and often use arcane words, such as "thyself."

Much of the channeled information is profound. Concepts come through which are new, educational, and apply to the entire world. This kind of spiritual work has broad applications. It isn't usually a message for a specific person, but an explanation of how life and the universe work. On rare occasions, I have heard long, channeled messages about life in ancient times; about life on Earth prior to recorded history. I've heard about ancient civilizations and forgotten techniques for moving boulders and for building boats.

If you ever have a chance to listen to someone who channels wisdom from other dimensions, I suggest you take the opportunity. These are fascinating sessions.

Comments or questions?

Contact me at


11:19 am mst

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We are Source

Quote from a Channeler

"What is the purpose of all of this manifestation? It has been said that when you pass into spirit, you take all of your knowledge back to your creator. Back to the Source of all of us - who is lovely. However, that is not correct at all. You are the source of all of us, there is no "taking back," we are here. We are imbued with that which is our creator."

Susan S.

10:33 am mst

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