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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beyond the Obvious

Beyond the Obvious

Your life purpose is "beyond the obvious." It's not just about being an accountant, or writing a play, it's about learning and expansion and joy as you work at being an accountant, or a playwright, or anything else.

Joseph Campbell said "Follow your bliss." Turns out that's what the psychics say too: find something you enjoy, then do it. As you pursue your passion, you learn more about it, experience new adventures, and extend yourself. It can be marathon running, film watching, animal rescue, the love of fine food, or traveling. Doesn't matter. Wherever your interests lie, explore them.

Through my life, I have pursued arts and crafts, photography, environmental planning, family life, and the world of psychic abilities. Some of these areas were work-related and some were hobbies. I don't hear much about hobbies these days. Everyone seems so caught up in work and technology. Where did hobbies go? The things we love to do just for fun. Fun.

Do you have a hobby? Building things? Watching movies? Birding? Jigsaw puzzles? It seems as if we are always chasing something like money, love, or health (all important). Let's integrate some fun into those pursuits, or find time to enjoy something else which we love.

My current phase of interest, as you know by reading this blog, is figuring out how life works. A broad topic. A grand exploration, a huge learning experience. I am having great fun and I am so glad you are with me on this journey.

This is all there is. Learning. Thinking. Expanding. Experiencing. I applaud each of you who read this blog because you are seeking. You are curious. You want to know more. This started as a blog about psychics and their abilities and evolved into a place to ponder life and death (and life again).

Just by reading this blog, your are expanding your perception. When you read the book, or the interviews, you enlarge your understanding. You discover new ideas and expand your consciousness. As you ponder, you have realizations, and you see how new ideas can be applied in your life.

We are often told to stop thinking and just be. This is good advice too. Connect to yourself. Ask questions. Ponder any answers you receive. Learn. Unlearn. Exchange old concepts for new ones. Forge forward. Whether sitting in stillness, reading, or pursuing a hobby, keep growing.

As long as you are growing, you are doing well. Even if you are just sitting on the couch, watching TV, you are still experiencing life. If you would like to accelerate your growth and expand your life experiences, move off the couch and do something else. Your choice. Your life. Your growth.

When you watch football, do you just watch the games or do you also wonder about the stats? The workouts? The personal lives and sacrifices of the players? This is curiosity. Going beyond the obvious. You can do it without leaving the sofa.

Boredom is the clue that it's time to try something new or dig a little deeper; learn a little more. When sitting on the couch no longer brings you joy, get up and try something else. Move to a new phase.

What is your life purpose? Finding something you love to do, and doing it so well that you expand your knowledge and understanding. Growing while doing something which brings you joy. That's it. That's the key. Pursue your bliss. Everything else unfolds from there.

For example, if you are a hairstylist, this may or may not be your life purpose. How can you tell? When you are a hairstylist who works with joy, and looks forward to learning more about the vocation and the customers, you have found one of your life purposes (yes, there may be more than one). Your life purpose lies beyond the obvious fact that you are a hairstylist. It is tied to the joy you feel while doing this job. 

When you meditate, ask for help from Spirit Guides. They wait for your questions. They can help you explore. Your thoughts can bring you to greater and grander understandings. And, as you arrive at the farthest reaches of what you think is possible in life, your Guides can help you see another possibility, another distance, another place that is farther than you ever thought you could go.

No matter what you do, you will move through life and return to the other side. What other outcome is there? None. While you are here, you have choices about what you want to do, learn and/or experience.

Be open to possibilities. Open your heart. Extend yourself. Try something new or learn more about something you already love. There is nothing greater that you can do.

This is joy-filled expansion, an exploration of life beyond the obvious.

[My special thanks to Susan S. for a recently channeled message which highlighted these ideas.]

I would love to hear your comments or questions. Send an e-mail to me.


1:04 pm mst

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quote from a Channeler: Un-Learning

This channeled message (which I heard earlier this month), provides a twist for looking at life.

"Many think that it is necessary to learn more and more to become enlightened. There is truth in the benefit of learning more and more. But, at this time, and in this stage of development, as we fly though the increasing energy, the road to enlightenment may be reached much faster if you concentrate on what you have to unlearn. So much of our basic foundation in terms of how we think (and how we think is how we manifest and create) is formed by the thought patterns that have been laid down over hundreds and hundreds of years.

"How many of us get locked into the concept of time? That is just an example of one of the things that we might need to unlearn in order to increase our awareness and step closer to enlightenment.

"How much of our concept of our self is locked into our physical being? Is that another area where we might need to unlearn what has for many years been held as 'the truth'?

"Take a time in your meditation, if you desire, and think of the areas of thought, the areas which touch you, that you would be well to unlearn.

"Enlightenment can proceed at a much more rapid pace if you can step through and unlearn those thought patterns which keep you tied down to fourth dimensional energy.

"Strive to learn. Be aware of new concepts, new ideas, and new ways of looking at the world, but in your quest for enlightenment, take time to become aware of that which you need to unlearn.

"We leave you with that and bless you."

9:54 am mst

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Trip of a Lifetime

What I have learned: The Trip of a Lifetime

After six years of working with psychics, this is what I have learned:

We are souls who live eternal lives. We spend time on the non-physical plane, then we can choose to come to the physical plane to try and implement all that we have learned over a series of lifetimes. Each time we come in, we think we will "get it right" this time. We also look forward to physical pleasures, such as taste, touch, strength, and smell. We grow through our adventures on Earth.

We are here to experience things for our own soul growth and so that Spirit can learn from our actions and emotions.

We are always connected to God so that God can feel all that we feel.

We are always connected our Higher Self which resides in the non-physical world and oversees our voyage to Earth.

When we experience something, that personal account is automatically shared with God and with our Higher Self. Through our physical interactions, we expand the Universe's understanding. We allow the Universe to use us to go through every refraction of every experience. But we can choose the refraction we want to live (it's not preordained).

Learning also takes place on the spiritual plane, but without the struggles and challenges of physical interaction. From the spiritual side, we see how we could have done things better in previous incarnations.

On Earth, we forget how things are set up. We don't remember our situation because we accept a "Veil of Forgetfulness" prior to rebirth. Why do we agree to the Veil? So that we are unencumbered and can have free will. So that we can make choices, and experience the consequences of those choices. If we don't like a particular choice/consequence set, we can make a different choice and see if it results in a more desirable consequence. Every time we repeat an interaction (such as dealing with our boss, our children, or our parents), we have the opportunity to improve it. Finding ourselves in the same situation over and over provides the opportunity to refine our reaction, expand our understanding, and nurture our soul's growth.

On the other side, it looks easy to come into a lifetime and make good choices. But, when faced with Earth's challenges and complexities, and having to choose our actions and reactions on the spot, we find it isn't as simple as we thought it would be.

It's best to live life so that when we get to the other side, we don't say, "Oh crap, I could have done that better." Each time we repeat an interaction, we can improve our participation. And remember, "improve" doesn't mean "be nicer" or "stand our ground," it means having our own appropriate response. The response which propels us forward in life.

Because the Universe is interactive, we are part of an eternal system of experience, growth, understanding, and creation.

We live in a world of wonder and magic and connection. Entities on the non-physical plane cheer us along on our journey. We are very fortunate to be here to play out the dreams that we, and our circle on the other side, have imagined. Just like planning a vacation, we planned this incarnation for a long time. We saved our energy, prepared our contracts, and looked forward to this exciting adventure. Here we are. The trip of a lifetime.

Enjoy your journey!


Comments or questions? Send an e-mail to me at I love hearing from you! 

9:15 am mst

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quote from a Psychic - Susy Plummer

Many psychics have abilities which open over time. There is a progression. They need to master a certain step before moving to the next step. Today, I want to share a portion of Susy Plummer's life story. She explained the progression which led to her work as an Australian Visionary Artist.

Quote from a Psychic - Suzy Plummer

In my 40's, I started thinking that I was supposed to do something important. I didn't know what it was. I took some healing courses, such as massage, and I decided to try that work. When I was working with people, I went into a meditative state of mind. I didn't really want to do all of the stuff I was supposed to do. Frankly, I didn't like touching people all that much. I'm very sensitive and it was all so personal.

Looking back, I realize that it was a progression for me and that it got me to what I am doing now. I learned how to be in someone's energy. I did a thing called "holistic pulsing," where you rock and go into the same vibration as the person, but I didn't really understand what I was doing at the time.

I didn't know what was going go happen . . . well, sometimes I did . . . and sometimes I didn't. You can see stuff for other people, but you can't see stuff for yourself. It's supposed to be a bit of a secret. Life would be very boring if you knew everything which was going to happen. They never tell you everything anyway. You don't get the whole story. I think it's supposed to be like a puzzle. If you go to a psychic, they don't tell you everything.

Gail: You get bits and pieces.
So I was doing healing work and I didn't really like touching people. When I was with people, I went into this meditative state and I just wanted to stay there. I didn't want to do all this other stuff. Then, messages started coming through. I thought I was supposed to be doing something with that so I quit doing the massage work. I took a five week break. I had a deck of Tarot cards and I thought that if I was supposed to be doing massage, I would pick a card to indicate I should continue on that path. I think there are 48 cards in the deck. I told myself, "If I get the hermit card, that means that I should not go back to doing energy and healing work on people." Out of the 48 cards, of course, I picked the hermit card. I got scared. I thought, "Oh my goodness!! I get the hint. I'll stop."

I took a course about the energy and significance of color, and I did whatever was in front of me. Then, I became friends with an artist who was doing Spirit Guide drawings. She showed me what she had done. A year before that, I had had a drawing done for myself. I remembered walking away thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice to do that for people?" I had no idea that drawing was anything I was going to do. This friend of mine was doing drawings and I thought, "Oh, I could do it better." That's a funny thing to think. I thought maybe that was what I was supposed to be doing. I wondered if I was supposed to be using art with the information which was coming to me? Maybe this was the form that it was supposed to take with this meditative state of mind? I thought it was something I should explore.

I bought a box of pastels. I still use pastels in my work. I started to draw. I thought of my friend and I drew a face. When I showed it to my friend, she told me it looked like her deceased mom. I had never met her mother. I don't do much with people who have died. That's Mediumship and I really don't want to do that in this life. I work mostly with past lives, angels and Spirit Guides. Sometimes things come through, for example, Archangel Michael might look like the aspects somebody's deceased mother. Or, there might be multiple energies in a drawing.

Gail: It sounds like your abilities unfolded one step at a time.
Very much so. I have been led from one step to another.

When I first starting doing these drawings, I felt like I was being trained in a new way of doing things, a new way of consciousness. I think it has to do with being human and being connected to Spirit at the same time; like connecting Heaven and Earth. There seem to be people who are forerunners in this. I think I am one of the forerunners.

Susy Plummer
Visionary Artist

10:45 am mst

Thursday, January 15, 2015

7 Reasons to See a Psychic

7 Reasons to See a Psychic

Here are seven benefits of a psychic reading:

1) A fresh perspective. A psychic can provide a new perspective on an issue which troubles you. They often see things which you don't see, or they may uncover a part of the situation which is hidden from you. They can help you understand other people's motivations, and highlight your options for moving forward.

2) Readings are semi-anonymous. Psychics don't know your friends or family. If you talk to a friend about your most-personal questions, they might breech your confidence. A psychic keeps your secrets.

3) Inter-realm communication. Mediums communicate with deceased friends and relatives. Sure, we can all talk to our spirit family, but we can't always hear back clearly. Mediums do that all the time.

4) Interesting conversation. I talk to psychics about life and death, upcoming opportunities, life lessons, how to talk to folks on the other side, and planetary ascension. We talk about Spirit Guides, angels, and unseen teachers. These are fascinating conversations.

5) Knowing the future. Want to know what might happen? I sure do. While psychics can't completely predict the future (because we have free will and can change the future through our choices), they can forecast our most-probable future if we stay on our current path. Just like Suze Orman can tell you if you'll achieve your financial goals by doing what you've always done, psychics can tell you what might happen if you continue making the same choices. Of course, Suze always has suggestions for improving your financial situation, just as your Spirit Guides might have suggestions for improving your life situation.

6) Checking in with pets. Your vet can tell you about the physical condition of your pet, but a pet psychic can tell you about the pet's preferences and impressions. Do they like their food? Do they want a companion animal? Check and see.

7) Health and healing. A psychic is not an M.D. However, medical intuitives who sense internal issues due to a physical problem, can provide information to be discussed with a doctor. If the physical discomfort is due to underlying mental or emotional quandaries, a psychic can help identify non-physical reasons for physical symptoms. Some psychics do energy scans, or see internal issues, and suggest solutions to ease pain. Other psychics check in with Guides and angels to find out if there is anything you need to know. Many psychics assist with energetic healing.

Talking to a psychic can be fun and enlightening. Personally, I know a lot of fun, funny, inspirational psychics. If I went to anyone who frightened me, I wouldn't go back. Build a relationship with an Intuitive you trust. Find someone friendly (always get a recommendation) and have some fun talking about yourself, your life, your dreams, and your choices for the future.

Best Wishes,


P.S.: If you are a psychic reader and you find this post useful, feel free to share it with your clients or put it on your website with a link back to

11:56 am mst

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Angels over Everything

Quote from a Psychic - Angels over Everything

"Angels are over everything in creation. Every blade of grass has an angel. This table has an angel. Every relationship has an angel. When people make their wedding vows, there is an angel to uphold that intention. They are very interested in helping with our intentions. When you met your husband, there was an angel there, just like cupid, opening both your hearts. There are angels over co-workers, friendships, parents, and children.

"Everything has an angel. Every plant, animal, human, and relationship has a special angel. If I am talking to someone about their love life, I will talk to their love angels. A whole different group of beings will come forward. Or maybe there will be only one or two. Everyone is different. These entities are a part of a person's angel band. The Guardian Angel is the director of each person's angel band, or group, and helps us with soul missions in this incarnation. People have different angels to call upon to help with their various needs.

"Financial angels are loud and clear. They are all about the physical plane, career, money, and investments.

"I also talk to house angels. A real estate agent, or a prospective buyer, will have me go to a house and talk to the angel. The angel might say, ‘The roof is pretty old,' or ‘There are going to be plumbing problems. Look for the drip behind the water heater.' I enjoy talking to angels as they are very honest and direct about their particular focus. House angels know their houses inside and out. They are very happy when someone has a house they love. They tend to call in the people they are in harmony with. When a buyer walks in, they will get that feeling that they are ‘home', that is how people 'know.'"

Kermie Wohlenhaus

12:13 pm mst

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Illness, Energy Surges, and Astral Traveling

News Flash: The latest winner of a chakra-balancing pendant is Geri B. In December, I drew her name from the box.

Illness, Energy Surges, and Astral Traveling

Are some illnesses related to astral traveling?

I know two psychics who have suffered from intestinal adhesions which required surgery. Either before or after surgery, each of them was told, "There's no reason why you are alive." Their internal organs had been twisted and constricted.

At first, I thought these internal, physical issues might be due to the fact that psychics bring all kinds of energy into their bodies, and their bodies don't know how to handle that energy. I've heard from many people that psychics often suffer from illness because of the energy surges they allow into their bodies. In fact, it can be hard to carry a pregnancy. One psychic noted:

"This body is third dimensional and you are bringing in fifth, sixth, and higher dimensional energy. It is a very intense amount of energy. This body, on a physical level, does not recognize this energy. It's not sure what to do with it, so it reacts. That is what the physical body does, it reacts."

Recently, I heard a second explanation for some symptoms. This is just an idea to explore; no science here.

One psychic with intestinal adhesions was asked by her doctor if she had suffered blows to the body which might have caused abdominal injuries. Was she a victim of abuse? The first answer was, "No." The second answer was more complex. This woman told me that she astral traveled. [Astral traveling is similar to dreaming, but while awake. People leave their physical bodies and visit a dimension known as the astral plane.] Often while astral traveling, she was called into battles with negative energies. She either defended herself, or defended others. In these battles, she had suffered body blows. She explained that because the mind registered the punches as experiences, whether they were in this dimension or not, the body could act as if it had been physically hit.

Could experiences on the astral plane have repercussions in the physical realm?

Another intuitive person shared a similar story. While astral traveling, he had come between a shooter and a near-victim. He had placed himself in front of a person who was about to be shot and had taken the bullet in his chest. When he returned to the physical world, his chest hurt. For a while, he experienced chest pain due this incident which happened in another realm. Eventually, he had a heart-attack, but he wasn't certain if it was related to this event.

Is it possible for the things we experience in dreams, on the astral plane, and on other non-physical realms, to affect us in the physical world?

I have read that the mind can't distinguish between what happens in dreams and what happens in the physical world. Sometimes, the body can't distinguish between physical training and visualization. Working muscles in the mind, can improve physical results. Envisioning goals makes them easier to achieve. Mind over matter.

Do you astral travel? Have you had experiences in dreams, or during astral traveling, which have changed your life in the physical world? I would love to hear about them. You can let me know about your experiences by sending an e-mail to



11:08 am mst

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Focus on the Blessings
 Quote from a Psychic - Focus on the Blessings

When I visited with Jesse Ann Nichols George last month, I asked about the goals of her work. She said:

"I'm really happy to be on the road, helping people gain awareness of what is happening in their lives, and showing them how to make transformations and breakthroughs so that they can manifest the life that fills them with joy.

"I hope people find peace in their life. That is a key thing. We have to implement it into everyday life. If we can't implement it easily into everyday life, we won't follow through. It sets us in a pattern which is defeating for us. If it's easy to put into our day, we might do it.

"One simple idea is to wake up and, before getting out of bed, wonder what amazing, incredible things are going to happen that day. Everyday, I wonder what blessings are coming my way. I like to focus on the blessings. I'm not concerned about what garbage is coming my way, I want to focus on the blessings."

Jesse Ann Nichols George

10:03 am mst

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 - Here we Go!

2015 - Here we Go!

Happy New Year. This should be an interesting year as karma speeds up and the time between cause and effect shortens. Have you already seen this in your life?

Let me share some of my 2015 goals with you. One goal for My Psychic Search is to continue blogging twice each week, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Even if you don't receive an e-mail reminder, feel free to check the blog.

Another goal is to upload more of the interviews I did with psychics as Psychics Speak e-books. I know that people have enjoyed reading the ones which are already up. I feel a bit of remorse that more of the interviews are not available for you to peruse. They are fascinating looks at psychics' lives, abilities, and understandings. Last year, I published eight of them as e-books, but I'm still working on the interviews I did several years ago. I'll try to get more stories up this year.

As for my connection to Source, I know it has a foundation. I meditate each day and try to hear things clearly. Sometimes I get ideas, and sometimes I just bask in the joy of a clear-headed moment.

However, I have found that my clearest messages from Spirit come through psychics, and through channeled communication at small events. I want to thank all of the psychics who continually contribute to my personal understanding of life, challenges, and growth.

Last January, one of my resolutions was to play more with Tarot cards and pendulums to help develop my own psychic connection. I tried the cards a couple of times, but I guess I just don't connect with them. They are nice cards. In fact, they are beautiful cards, but there's a huge learning curve to understand what each card means. I don't feel like putting in that much effort. I want information just to pop into my head. A few other people told me that they were going to try new modalities in 2014 too. How did that work out? Did any of you make progress with cards or other tools?

2014 was a wonderful foundational year for my family. We are all together and moving forward with careers and personal lives. However, managing a full household took more time and mental energy than I had anticipated. I still have lots of time to work, but I don't always have the focus for writing (really, what's for dinner tonight? Do I need to go to the grocery store? The bank? The post office?). Now that we are all happily settled, I am hoping that this year I'll be able to add some fun and get a few new things done. There is another book waiting to be written. Books take time and mental focus.

Let's see what 2015 brings all of us in terms of family, work, and life. Actually, I guess 2015 just brings time. The rest, the things we do to fill that time, are all created by us. Our lives are a co-creation with Spirit. Let's create a happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous, productive 2015!


1:05 pm mst

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