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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I love you

Quote from a Psychic - A True Story

One of my psychic friends called December 24 with this true story. She told me that it was okay to share with you.

"When I hear Spirit, I hear it in my head, or I write what they tell me to write. It's in my head and, sometimes, even I wonder if it's real.

"Last night, I was woken up around 3 a.m., by a small, girl spirit standing by the side of my bed. She was just tall enough for her head to peek over the mattress. She said to me, out loud, ‘I love you.' I heard this ‘out there,' not in my head. It was very touching.

"In the morning, I called my sister to tell her what had happened. She is very religious and doesn't believe in the kinds of things I experience. I expected her to poo-poo the story I told her about this small child. She didn't. Turns out, the same little girl had woken her up the night before. To my sister, the child had said, ‘I love you, Mama.'

"My sister had never been able to have biological children. After many failed attempts at pregnancy, she had chosen to adopt. Apparently, one little girl soul was still around and wanted to let my sister know, ‘I love you, Mama.'"

11:53 am mst

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Denise Singerline

Meet a Psychic - Denise Singerline

I interviewed Denise Singerline in September 2009. At that time, she lived in Tucson and was leading a monthly Universal Energy Circle. Since then, she has moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Denise had a fascinating story to tell of ghosts, healing, and energy balance. I hope you enjoy this summary of our interview.

Denise Singerline - Medium, Reiki Master, Chakra-Balancing Specialist

Denise Singerline has seen ghosts and spirits since childhood. She was born with sight and always knew what people were thinking and feeling. As a child, spirits visited Denise every night and stood at the edge of her bed. When she realized what was going on, Denise thought that she might be seeing ghosts because there was some sort of an energy vortex in her home. Later she realized that wherever she went, she saw ghosts. To her surprise, she discovered that she was a Medium.

Denise met her first spiritual teacher when she was 17. She went to a psychic fair, saw a reader across the room, and knew she had to talk with her. As soon as Denise sat down, the woman said, "You have very strong psychic powers and you are afraid of them. I could teach you how to use them to heal others and to help them in their lives." Denise started crying because she realized that she was not alone. She had never met anyone like herself and she had felt very lonely. Denise began taking classes from this woman.

Before Denise understood her capabilities, she would sometimes see evil things. She worried that bad things would appear when she fell asleep so she stayed up as late as she could. As soon as she fell asleep, entities showed up. Eventually, she learned to feel the difference between the good energies and the bad ones. If an entity was bad, she made it leave immediately. If it was good, she asked if there was a message for her. Denise learned how to control who showed up so that only positive energies came to her.

Now that she understands her gifts, Denise uses them in her healing work. Denise's specialty is chakra balancing. This work enables energy to flow easily through a client's body. As Denise works in a client's aura, she picks up 10 or 12 pieces of information, such as supplements the person needs, blocked energy, stuck emotions, or cords which need to be removed. Afterwards, there is a 30-minute consultation to review the information which Denise received.

Denise also provides Tarot card readings. She can use the cards but, because she is clairvoyant, she doesn't need to use them. Even when she uses the cards, she asks Spirit to help her step aside so that Guides can communicate through her. She asks her Spirit Guides and angels to talk to the client's Guides and angels so that she can help the client for his or her highest good. She holds the client's hands for a moment to feel their energy, then she looks at the cards and asks Spirit what the client needs to know. She steps out of the way, hears the messages, then tells the client whatever she hears. She likes to relay the messages before people ask their questions. After the reading, people are welcome to ask about their issues. Ninety-five percent of the time, their questions have already been answered.

When performing Reiki on clients, Denise asks Archangel Michael and his Angels of Protection to completely surround her with their wings and keep her safe. She asks for golden saucers on her hands. She asks that she be protected from any energy which is not hers, not of the Light, or related to a disease. After the healing work, she flushes out all of the negative energy and fills herself with Light.

Denise teaches classes on Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and essential oils. She also teaches a form of Tai Chi known as Tai Chi Chih. She loves teaching and she also loves taking classes. Each year, Denise strives to learn about a new aspect of energy work. She is very pleased with her growing abilities because she can use her gifts to train healers. She wakes people up. She sees people coming in with all of their drama and problems, then she sees them change. Their lives improve and they are able to help other people.

In addition to one-on-one work and group classes, Denise also facilitates a Universal Energy Circle which meets each month. The idea for an energy circle was inspired. Each session starts with a 20-minute guided meditation. Denise plays a crystal singing bowl during the meditation and the sound enhances the experience. After that, there are two 20-minute rounds of chair healings. Then, there is a prayer meditation and a global Earth meditation. The Circle has grown over the years. Half of the people are healers and half of the people come for healing. This is a safe place for participants to give and receive energy work.

According to Denise, as we approach 2012, G-d is calling all Light Workers: "It's time to turn on!" He is turning everyone on and people are becoming more and more aware.


If you are interested in Denise and her work, and would like to find out how things have changed in the last five years, check out her website at


10:40 am mst

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Day!

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannuka! Happy whatever-you-celebrate!

My Internet connection has been out all day. It's working this moment, so I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. This has been a rewarding year for me, and I hope it's been a fun year for you too.


1:32 pm mst

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 21, 2012: A Two Year Update

December 21, 2012: A Two Year Update

A couple of weeks ago, I had a long conversation with Jesse Ann Nichols George. One of the things I had asked about was what had happened since the big December 21, 2012 date? Had she seen more changes than I had seen?

Jesse told me that the 2012 date had opened a two and a half year period which would begin completing in February 2015. Since 2012, she had seen huge changes in many people's lives and some of the changes had been very difficult. This two and a half year period had set people up for a coming five year period. Time was being compressed and people would begin seeing that, karmically, there was less and less time between cause and effect.

Since December 2012, people had been through initiations and tests. They had been culled to step up. This had been a period of growth and the question had been, "How are you going to grow?"

She added:

"There seems to be a light worker, or an energy healer, or an intuitive, in every family. It's like they are put there to give that family the chance to grow. If the family makes the decision not to grow, the light worker is going to be removed. I've seen a lot of starworkers going though challenges with family, and a lot of energy workers and healers breaking away from family. The family decided they weren't going to change. They didn't want the light."

At that point, it became very difficult for the light worker to remain with the family. Jesse had seen people on the edge of tears. She had spoken with light workers on the verge of suicide. They were ready to go. She reminded these people that they were a light, and that their work was not in vain.

Jesse added:

"We have had to work, and work, and work, and operate with integrity and virtue for the last two years, and not see the results of our efforts. It's been about what we do when we don't see the results."

This period had prepared people to step into their spiritual self, and to break away from materialism. Not that they couldn't have nice things. However, it was important to release the attachment to things and to release the need for immediate gratification. Jesse said that the connection between immediate gratification and greed dropped people's vibration.

According to Jesse, there would be less and less time between cause and effect. As we complete this cycle in February 2015, we will go through a five year period of consequences. People who have risen up and operated with integrity, will see blessings. Things will open for them. People who have not "played nicely," who have damaged others, or focused on control and greed, will see huge crashes. This is also true, on a larger scale, with countries.

It also correlates with what we are seeing in nature. Mother Nature is going to correct herself, with or without us. The next five years will determine whether we stay, or leave, this planet.

Since December 21, 2012, we have been in a period of growth. It has set people on their path. They have transformed. However, transformation which can be magnificent, can also be harsh. It's been a time of choices and lessons. Now, we are heading into five years of cause and effect.

According to Jesse, people can shift. They have to start with themselves. If they are going to change the world, they need start with their own life. People hold the power. They have more power than they think.

If you are interested in Jesse and her Compassion Tour, please visit her website at


11:45 am mst

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Christmas of the Now

The Christmas of the Now

Last week, I heard a channeled message about celebrating every moment of the holidays, not just the big events. Smaller moments are magical too. Although the message refers to "The Christmas of the Now," it applies to all of the holidays: Hannuka, Kwanza, etc. Enjoy every moment. Here is the message:

Beloved workers of light,

Each of you has seen or heard of the story that involves the Ghost of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. Ask yourself, how much are you are still ruled by a ghost of Christmas past?

So many in today's society hold up memories of how things used to be and compare them with their expectations of how things are now. Or, they hold memories of how things should have been, and allow that to affect their memories, or their feelings, about Christmas, or about Hannuka or Kwanza or Festivus, or any of those holiday feelings; those holiday celebrations.

Some of us look forward with longing to a Christmas Future and wish that things could be that way, and may even feel disappointed that things won't be that way this Christmas. We urge you to examine, within your own being, how much the Ghost of Christmas Past or the Ghost of Christmas Future affects your holiday understanding, your holiday mood. Is it possible that those memories, those expectations, those judgments, will affect and suppress the joy you can have if you focus just on The Christmas of the Now?

Focus just on The Christmas of the Now, with all of the joy that you can bring forth, with all of the love you can bring forth, with all the feeling of goodwill and compassion to all mankind.

By "The Christmas of the Now," we don't mean the Christmas on December 25th, until it is December 25th. "The Christmas of the Now" means the moment that you are in, whether it be walking through the stores and seeing the crowds, or hearing the Christmas music. Or whether it will be as you drive out of the neighborhood, seeing all the Christmas lights. Whether it means enjoying the goodies at the office party, or preparing things for those you love while you are at home. That is what we are referring to as The Christmas of the Now. The Christmas of this moment. Again, not the moment of the 25th, until the moment of the 25th arrives.

Focus on The Christmas of the Now. Hold that in consciousness as you go through these glorious, wonderful days between now and the end of the holiday time. The more you can focus on The Christmas of the Now, the more you will be focused on the joy and the love and the peace and the happiness, moment by moment, after the holiday season is done. Use this time for practice. It is a good time to practice because all consciousness is growing right now as people allow themselves to get into the Christmas spirit. Now is a good time for you to practice being in The Christmas of the Now.

We bless you, we love you. We envelope you in the spirit of Christmas as you go forward from this gathering, beloved workers of light. Bless you.


When I feel overwhelmed, I remind myself to breathe. Stop, take a deep breath, relish that particular moment, then get back to work. :)

Take care.


12:06 pm mst

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Working with the Deceased
Quote from a Psychic - Working with the Deceased

This is part of a conversation I had with a psychic who would like to remain anonymous. She shared several ideas which I had not previously heard. My questions are in Italics.

When you do readings, what kinds of information do you receive? Do you see future events? Do you communicate with the dead?
All of it happens. Sometimes the person's issue is connected to an ancestor's issue and the ancestor appears. If it is linked to their lineage, their ancestors appear. Past lives appear.

When ancestors appear, what do they look like? How do you recognize them?
When you see people with family members, you know that that is the energy which runs through them. It is the same energy.

Do you actually see images?

Do you also hear voices?

How does information come to you?
For me, I don't have an idea of what it should be. It pops in. I'm a blank screen. They appear.

Do you see them "out there" or in your brain?
I don't see them in my brain. I see them as if they are standing right here.

Do they look like actual people?
Yes. Not skin. They have a head, eyes, a face, but they are energy. Shimmery. There are different colors. Sometimes when they are Native American Indians, they come in with a strong energy. The personality doesn't change. The soul's persona doesn't change. They have a certain demeanor about them. You can tell if they have a Scottish, European or Asian demeanor. That persona is how I recognize them.

How do they communicate with you?
Thought communication. There is no difference between talking to them and talking to you. They just don't have bodies like we do.

For me, it's not recreational. I'm not just giving people readings. Everything has to do with timing. A person doesn't have to make an appointment. I might end up giving a message at a coffee shop. It can happen anywhere. I think it happens to people all the time, they just don't recognize it. People are doing it all the time.

11:21 am mst

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Business Readings

It's a wonderful time of year and I want to write something happy and sappy and precious. I am trying to restrain myself so, instead, I'll write about . . .

Business Readings

You might be surprised to discover that, in addition to personal readings, some psychics provide business readings. They work with business owners to fine-tune current activities, and to plan for the future.

Kermie Wohlenhaus told me that business consultations can take several hours. She gets a lot of information. Other psychics also work with organizations.

I had a full business reading one time. I had signed up for a personal reading, but everything which came through was about my business. I have also had personal readings which included snippets of business advice. I am the sole proprietor of two business activities which are highly personal, so it's no surprise that my personal readings include business advice.

What kinds of information do I hear? Very practical. I have been told about people who will come help me, and I've been warned about people who will try to take advantage of me. I've been told not to worry about things which are out of my control. Sometimes target dates which are delayed have nothing to do with me. They are not personal. They are just about other people messing up. That's a relief.

Let me share a few things which I have heard about ways to improve business so you can see the types of ideas which come through. I receive the same messages over and over (just like in my personal readings).

My Artwork

1) One reader told me that I should make my table display more "girly" because my artwork is for "women, women, women."

2) A different psychic told me I should paint my grid wall display pink so it would attract more women. (Same message as above.)

3) I was told that the Psychic Fair was not the right spot for my artwork. I should find a different venue for my Wild Girls! Pins are more marketable at all-women events. (The truth is that they sell waaay better at Art Fairs and Women's Fairs. The psychic was right.)

My Book

1) One major reminder was that not everyone wants to read a book all about psychics and how the unseen universe works. Most people just want to get a good psychic reading. (Of course that's true!)

2) Another psychic noted: The book goes in book places. People don't come to psychic fairs to buy books. They come to psychic fairs for instant gratification. (Same message as above.)

3) Another psychic told me that the book is too big and people don't have time for that much reading. Make the next book smaller. (Done.)

4) Reassuringly, one psychic told me, "Coming to the Psychic Fair is not about your business. It's more about the connections you are making; the people you are talking to; the social aspect; than the actual making of money. You've made a lot of different connections. You've met a lot of interesting people." (She is exactly right.)

When I review the things I have been told, part of me feels discouraged because I have not yet implemented all of these suggestions. However, I have also heard wonderful, encouraging compliments about my work, and I know that I am doing my part. Information needs to move. I love having this blog and being able to share with you whatever I hear.

If you have never thought about a reading regarding your professional work, or your business, the new year might be a great time for this kind of session.

The Sappy Part

I can't help myself, I have to write a little bit about this season: Enjoy every moment. Not just the big dinners and the marvelous gift reveals. Enjoy the shopping, the planning, and all of the prep work. Someone told me that his young children were very excited about Thanksgiving and had spent days looking forward to it. However, by the time Thanksgiving arrived and they made it through the long drive ("to Grandmother's House we go"), they were too exhausted to enjoy the actual event. Turns out, looking forward to Thanksgiving had been the most fun part of the holiday.

Let's enjoy every moment.

Have you ever had a good business reading? I would love to hear about it.


12:14 pm mst

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - An Insight on Grief

Quote from a Psychic - An Insight on Grief

I want to share a snippet of a conversation I had with someone who is psychic. I asked why people who are psychic can have as much trouble when their loved ones die, as the rest of us. They know where these souls went, and they can still communicate with each other. Why is death so devastating when that connection still exists?

Our conversation:

Gail: One of the things which surprises me is that I talk to a lot of people who are very spiritual, or psychic, and they grieve deeply. Just today, I was talking with a woman who is very well connected. She lost her father and it is really hard on her. I am curious about why death is so hard on psychics when they can still communicate with their loved ones. They know where they went. They know that souls live on. I don't mean to be insensitive. I just don't understand.

Psychic Friend: I think it's that physical contact. Being able to hear the voice clearly. It's more than just an emotional bond, it's an energetic bond. There is a cord which goes from heart to heart. When that cord is severed, it is yanked out, and sometimes those don't heal very well. It's difficult.

Gail: The death of a loved one is like pulling a cord out of the heart? There are both physical, and energetic, pain and loss. That makes sense. Thank you.

10:13 am mst

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tissue Issues

Announcement: Tucson's Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be held this Sunday, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the DoubleTree Inn on South Alvernon Road. I'll be there with the perfect gifts for you and your friends.


It's been a while since I've written about the intuitive aspects of healing, so we're going to explore that topic today. Let me know what you think.

Tissue Issues

Healing is a mystery. Why do people hurt and how do they heal? Body pains seems to be a combination of physical, mental, and emotional components.

For several months, I've been set up the Psychic Fair next to John Hunter. John is a massage therapist who does muscle rehabilitation with intuitive touch. John's pretty easy-going, so I asked him about what he does. John told me that massage therapy is just the starting point for his work. It allows him to touch a client's body and find out what is happening. Human stress is stored in body tissues, and John uses his intuition to read "tissue issues." If John can read tissues and discover the source of stress, he can help clients release that stress and return to health. Sounds a bit vague? Let me share more about how John releases stored energy from stress.

According to John, certain areas of the body correlate with different kinds of issues. For example, when we have ideas of what we want to do physically in the world, and those ideas are thwarted as we grow up, stress often shows up in the hip area. If we knew as a child that we were going to be a professional dancer, but that didn't happen, pain can show up in the hips. The hips are the base for physical activity. Hip pain represents physical aspirations which are weighed down from outside influences.

On the other hand, if we had mental ideas of what we wanted to do, and we weren't able to accomplish our goals, that kind of stress shows up in the shoulders. Shoulders are emotional shock pads. If we can't express our emotions, and we adopt the attitude that we've got to toughen up and push through the issue, that pushing motion resides in the shoulders. We develop a muscle pattern of stress as if we were pushing a table, or pushing something heavy. Shoulders become sore and knotted.

A third example? When other people cause us stress, that stress often shows up as pain in the middle of the back. If we attach ourself to someone else's problem or issue, or if they attach their issue to us, that stress shows up in the middle of the back. Too much outside stress can "break the back." John commented, "If we remember that our path is the only path we are responsible for, and we stay true to that, we aren't going to have all those outside influences weighing us down."

So what does John do? He massages tissues and uses his intuition to discover the source of stress and pain. Then, he releases the stress. He brings fluid circulation back to each body area so it can function. He also helps people reconnect with themselves.

John commented:

"There are parts of the body where we store stress emotionally, physically, and energetically. I release it. When those tissues release, the energy (or the memory) of an event may come out. I can get to know someone's patterns, negative or positive, through the patterns of stress they record in their body's tissue."

John noted that memories are stored in body tissues. He remarked:

"In a lot of my sessions, we identify a trauma that the body went through. The mind will disengage from the body parts which have been injured so it can focus on the healthy, functioning tissue. Now, we have to reconnect to those body parts. Re-engagement is very dramatic. All of these emotions are waiting to be dealt with. I help with that process."

I asked John how he had gotten into this line of work and he told me that he had begun his massage work at the age of eight. At that time, his mother had been very sick and his father had been overwhelmed with work, taking care of the family, and dealing with his own painful rheumatoid arthritis. The stress of the family had weighed on his father's shoulders. In addition, his father often experienced migraine headaches. John volunteered to rub his father's neck to relieve some of the tension.

It became routine for John to rub his father's shoulders or neck so that the father would get enough circulation in those areas to relieve tension. John helped his father for years and, when he was old enough to wonder what he should do as a career, his father suggested that John do what he had always done: massage.

John attended an extensive four-year program which taught him how to work with people on a physical level: how to interact, the energy exchanges, and the guidelines for connecting physically with people. Then he went out into the world and was surprised to discover that in addition to his actual work, he also had to find a way to commercialize his natural gift so he could do it professionally.

What is John's natural gift? It is the ability to physically connect with others and to feel intuitively what their body is trying to tell their mental self. He helps people connect their body, mind, and soul. He assists them in connecting their subconscious self to their physical body.

According to John, people often try to disconnect from themselves when they want to control life. Life can feel overwhelming. People try to deal with this feeling by slowing down the process so they can analyze and control it. They disengage subconsciously.

John added:

"Subconsciously, we are made to flow. We are open and all-knowing. Our subconscious is an all-knowing self. As we go through life, our subconsciousness is made to flow like a river: take in information, store the good, positive aspects, then let the rest go. It's our mental self, our physical self, which gets overwhelmed so we try to stop that process. Stop the river. Build a dam. Control the flow. When we try to stop the natural flow, we create and store stress in the tissues. It has to go somewhere. If we stop a river, that water has to go somewhere. If the only vessel we have is our physical body, it stores this stress. It keeps building."

John helps his clients release and dissipate their tissue stress. He helps them understand why they are storing that stress, and he helps them reconnect with themselves.

For more information on John's work, you can check out his website at

I think John will be offering chair massage at the upcoming Psychic Fair on December 7. I'll be there with the perfect gifts: Wild Girls!, chakra-balancing pendants, and My Psychic Search book. I hope to see you there!


11:27 am mst

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Empathy

At the Tucson Museum of Art Show, at least three people asked me about being empathic. Today's Quote about empathy is from Jesse Ann Nichols George.

Quote from a Psychic - Empathy

I said: Many people can lower the volume [of their psychic gift] when they are out in public, then bring it back up. The exception seems to be people who are empathic.

Jesse responded:

"Being empathic is different. You can try not to listen to the things which are coming in, but your own thoughts are still there. I can work at my computer all day, then walk away from the computer, but the thoughts are still coming in. I'm not actively tapping into it. I want to relax. I try to shift my focus, but I'm still getting insights.

"The empathic gift is emotionally-based. A lot of psychic work is mentally-based. For example, as an empath, even when you go to sleep, you are still having dreams and visions. I joke that I don't sleep anymore because I have nights when it just doesn't shut down."

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Yesterday was great. Jesse is traveling the country on her "Compassion Tour" and she was driving through Tucson. She stopped at my house and we had a fascinating conversation. She told me about the tour and about things which had happened in her life. She was finally figuring out why these things had happened; what the lessons were. Then, she helped me understand a few things in my life and why they had happened (and were still happening). A psychic's perspective on life issues is very different from a friend or neighbor's perspective.

Jesse and I had a wonderful conversation and I hope to write more about it in later posts. In the meantime, you can check out her website at

10:11 am mst

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