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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Soul and the Ego

Quotes from Psychics: The Soul and the Ego

"Every time we catch ourselves in self-criticism, we are coming from ego. Whenever we start beating ourselves up, we can remember that that is our ego talking. ‘Don't take it personally' - that includes our negative self talk. It's our ego talking to us and we shouldn't take it personally because it has nothing to do with us as a soul."

Want more? Here is an excerpt from a channeled meditation:

See this golden light coming in through your crown chakra and working its way all through your body, all the way to the root chakra. From there it flows down to Mother Earth where you are connecting in this energy with her. Being connected with her, you can feel the love. You know the love. You are the love.

This is your true being. This is the truth of you. You are no longer your own critic because you are not a critic of anything. It's easy just to be who you are. No expectations. No needs. No fears. No worries. No cares. You have it all. You are connected.

You have it all beautiful ones, what more could you want? You have all of the powers to create, to do, and see all of the things you can imagine, and more. You are unlimited. You may not understand or conceive of that, but you are truly unlimited, unbound. You are free. Very free. Nothing to tie you down anywhere at any time. You are all of that, and more.

In this state of being, it's easy to look back and see that all you need to is release all the lower energy patterns. They do not blend well in this higher vibrational energy. They cannot exist here. The sooner you let them go, the sooner you allow yourself to float up and be with yourself in this higher energy; the realms of heaven. Let it go, do not concern yourself with earthly matters, they will take care of themselves. The co-creator you are, you will create a beautiful life, a life of your choosing, a life which behooves you.

What is it you would like to do with your life? What would you like to experience? There is a buffet in front of you and you can pick and choose, and try something else, then try something else. The important thing is that you are living through your heart, through love, for all is in peace, all is in harmony. It's such a beautiful thing. It may be hard for you to imagine, but you are there. Just allow yourself to be there more and more of the time.

Allow your soul to come forth. It knows which way to go. It knows how to get there. Your ego is an aspect of you that you can put into the background. It is no longer needed, for there is nothing to protect you from. There are no needs. Ego is at peace here. It has blended back in with your soul. All is as one.

Be aware of where you are coming from, whether it is the soul or the ego. Look at your behaviors, patterns, thoughts, and beliefs, and let them all go. Most of them are based in ego's fear. Let that go. There is nothing to fear. Absolutely nothing to fear. Raising your energy is one of the greatest things you can do. Reach for heaven, it's there. You will naturally float there once you release all the anchors you have placed on yourself. Just release them and ask your soul to guide the way. It is so simple. Just allow it to be.

It's as simple as breathing, as natural as breathing. It just happens if you allow it. Don't block the passageways which allow it to be. You are the only block. You are the only one who can block your own way; no one else. No one else is responsible. You are.

Be the way shower. Live your life, live your talk, so that others may follow. Others need to follow the light. Their light is covered too deeply. It's not shining brightly, but it is there. Brush away the dust, and it will shine brightly again. Help them brush off the dust. Show them the way. You are the way.

Make peace with your ego. Reassure it that the soul will take care of you. All of you. Let it know that there is no work for it to do. It is just along for the ride. For the joy of it. Allow your ego to merge with your soul.

10:04 am mst

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Readings from the Psychic's Perspective

Readings from the Psychic's Perspective

The last few blog posts provided my impressions of several psychic readings. Today, I want to share what it is like to give a reading. This is the psychics' perspective. It is a condensed excerpt from My Psychic Search book.

Psychics may begin a reading with a prayer, by holding hands, or by asking to read a person's palms. Some readers use Tarot cards, crystal balls, or other tools to open the energy. Once the reader accesses the client's energy, information comes in, and the psychic shares the messages.

Here are several of the psychics' simplified, summarized, answers to the question: "What happens at a reading?"

☼ I ask the client to put their hands on top of mine so that our hand chakras connect. I connect with the person's energy and I can get what they are thinking. I see their energy and what is in their mind and their heart. When we are talking about delicate issues, I can see the truth even if they are lying to themselves. I can see if they are not following their true course. I know about their past and future. I provide a lot of past-life connections. In addition, I can see who is around them, for example, their family. I also see auras and hear voices. (Richard Schickel)

☼ When a client comes to me, I take a moment and ask the Higher Realms to bring me the information which this client is seeking. I also ask for a bit of information which validates who I am. I communicate with Spirit Guides, angels and G-d. Sometimes I see a vision, sometimes I have an emotional feeling, sometimes I get a physical feeling. There's an internal conversation and then, when the conversation ends, I ask for something else and I might get a vision. (Cynthia Rae)

☼ It's almost like a part of my brain steps aside and I let this other part come through. It comes through very quickly, as fast as thought. I say it to the clients almost at the speed I get it so my working brain doesn't have time to interfere and say, "Don't go there. That would be rude." For me, I give it just the way I get it and it tends to pick up speed very quickly. I say what Spirit tells me and sometimes I can't believe the things which come out of my mouth. I have asked to be "Divine loving truth."

I see, hear and feel information. It comes in on all five of my senses. I don't rely on any one sense; I leave them all open. If someone from the other side wants to talk to the client, I will tell the client verbatim what the entity is saying. I also have Tarot cards, but I only pull them out when people ask for them or when Spirit tells me to use them. (Laurie Hays)

☼ I typically read cards for people. I like it best when people are direct and tell me that they have a particular question. I try to pinpoint the question because the Universe answers general questions in a general way. If you want to know something in detail, ask a specific question. If you don't take the time to figure out what you want to ask, how can you get the answer? People usually ask simple, general questions. People will ask if someone is going to ask them out. The deeper question is whether the person wants to be asked out and what that means to them. If we don't follow the question far enough, we don't get to the answers which clients want.

In order to read the cards, I have the person shuffle the cards so that their energy is in them. I work with energy. If they have asked a specific question, I ask them to focus on that question. If they want a more-general reading, I ask them to focus on their breath and relax so they don't get nervous. Once they give the cards back to me, I spread several of them out in a crescent moon shape. Then, I read the cards. (Gina Stanfill)

☼ When I read for someone, I look at the person's palm and actually go into the person's energy stream. People have many streams of energy. Some are focused on home or jobs or life purpose. I generally ask the person I am reading to ask me a question. The question gives me a direction as to which energy stream to follow. This opens up other streams and doors and gets into that one energy that people are asking about. The energies are made up of feelings. It is my job to disconnect my feelings from the person's feelings and just tell them what is there. I have had people call me when they are in crisis mode and I'm picking up on their energy. If I just shot back a quick answer, it would be wrong because it is connected to their fear. I have to pull myself away from their energy then, aha, I can see what is happening. The person in crisis mode is so involved in what is happening from their perspective that they can't see the whole picture. I try to give them the whole picture. I can do this by going into their energy stream. Nine times out of ten, when someone is looking for a psychic reading it is because they have a question which they cannot figure out themself. They want more clarity. When I talk to someone and they are panicking, they need to calm down so things can be discussed. People don't see the patterns in their life and what throws them into panic mode.

During readings, I receive information through my Guides, the client's energy field, and the spirits for whom the client has questions. My gifts are multi-faceted. I can see, hear and feel any beings who are around at the time of the reading. The information comes through clearly and the readings are never rushed. (Cecilia Nemmers)

☼ I tell people what I see. I don't need to hold hands. I can do readings over the phone. Sometimes, I will ask people for their name or the names of the loved ones with whom they want to connect. I will ask people what they want to know so that I focus on the right things.

I see future possibilities and pasts. We have free will so there are lots of different possibilities for the future. I see people's lives, their childhoods, their thoughts, their hearts. I see what is going on in their relationships, I see their living and dead relatives. A lot of times deceased people come in during the readings. I see animals when they want me to communicate with them or if clients want me to find them on the other side. I am also a medical intuitive and I do healings. I work with Guides and I can have my Guides heal people.

What I see and hear I don't see and hear with my physical eyes and ears. I see it and hear it in my mind. It is like a voice in my mind. I can talk with deceased people, with Spirit Guides, and with people's Higher Selves.

Sometimes, I will look up and I can feel with my hands what is going on with somebody's body. It's almost like a whole image comes up that I can feel with my hands.

In addition, I can see and hear client's relatives. Even though I am looking at the wall, or I am looking at you, I am also seeing the other people and things. It really is the third eye and the other senses. (Leah Taylor)

I am connected with the Spirit Guide and Angelic Realms. I have my own Spirit Guides and angels. In addition, each person I work with also has their own Guides. I create a very sacred space before making a phone call to a client. In that sacred space, and on the phone, I create an energetic environment where, as the Guides speak to me, I hear and see things. Ultimately, I have a feeling of totally knowing. (Beth Hays)

☼ Before a reading, I meditate and gather information on the client. I have a sheet of paper and I do a kind of automatic writing. I also have intuition during the session. I hear a very strong voice. I thought that everybody had that voice until I was about 19 years old. The sound of the voice depends on the level of the intuition. If it sounds similar to my voice, it provides practical information. If it is a bit different, like a conversation, it is applicable to relationships and health. When I connect to the Holy Spirit, it is extremely loud and not my voice. This level of energy provides answers regarding life path and other big decisions. (Jeff Sonnenburg)

☼ All readings are different because each person wants to know different things; however, I have done readings when the only thing required was to see the present day. There are clients who want to know future information as well, primarily how they should do a particular thing, and that requires me being able to see past the present day. Sometimes a deceased person will enter into the picture, but those occasions are rare.

I have the client think about specific questions which are immediately affecting his or her life. Usually those concerns have a lot of energy behind them. It is as if they have a high energy or spark to them; like a lit match. Once the initial question is asked, I tend to go backwards in time to where the initial spark of energy came from. Everything has a beginning and an end. It is easier for me to go backwards in time for a few reasons. They know their past and their situation. They also know that I do not know anything about them. Once I get the information for them about what initially happened, they relax and I am able to move more easily into their current energy and get the answers that they are seeking. If someone is relaxed, it's easier to work with them than if they are tense. Even skeptics relax when I tell them where they have been. It's a real ice breaker.

I don't actually hear voices. I get a knowing. I know that something will happen. This knowing is separate from seeing images because when I get a knowing message I don't see an image attached to it. Images do come when I am working with a client. I do see people that they are asking about, places where they have been or places where they are going to go. Sometimes they flash very quickly like an image that is passing by at a very fast speed. Usually those images are short lived, 20-60 seconds at best. However, there are some images which I receive that linger for hours and, sometimes, for days. I can go back and examine those images. Those are like mental snap shots. They are closer to a memory than a quick image. (Jackie Chin)

I hear things. The validation is usually a feeling. I get a huge body rush. I get goose bumps (Guide bumps!). The Guides know that I recognize goose bumps as a validation. I have known for years that when I get a huge body rush, we are on the right track. (Gigi Sample)

☼ I sense, I intuit, changes before they happen. Intuition is different than sensing, feeling or understanding; it's a knowing. I am not speculating, I know. (Delphina Nova)

☼ The Medium: A person sits down and I ask them what they want to know or if they have someone specific that they want to talk to who has crossed over. If there is someone who they want to talk to, I ask for that person's name. I take a quiet moment to see if I can contact that person. Sometimes people want to know about finances or about love. I can also answer those questions. I am very intuitive. I am empathic, intuitive, clairvoyant, and clairaudient. I hear things, smell aromas and can do pet readings. I am a channel and I do automatic writing.

It's hard to say exactly how I make a connection . . . I just pick up on their vibes, on their energy. I can tell you what the person I am connecting with looks like, but I can't see them physically. I hear voices. (Marianne Patyk)

It is a wonderfully connected world in which we live.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


5:06 pm mst

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Master Teachers
 Quotes from a Wise Person

Who is with us all of the time?

I was part of a fascinating discussion regarding which entities might come through during a psychic reading. I heard:

"I know that of the spirit family, unless they are part of your soul group, rarely do they come in on their own unless you ask them to be there. In the instant you think of them, they are there for you. But you have to ask. If you are just sitting and waiting for someone to show up, the best chance of having someone come in is your Spirit Guide, your Guardian Angel, your Master Teacher, or one of the other beings who is present with you, helping you at this moment in time. Otherwise, that other spirit, like your deceased grandfather, is not there. Unless you think of him, or he is assigned to you presently, he won't be there. You have to think of him, and ask him to be there, and he will be there just like that."

"They follow us, but not all the time. When we incarnate here, it's exciting for us because we get to play. They get to help, but I don't believe they are as involved as we would like to think. They have things that they need to accomplish and they are also trying to negate all of the negativity which they encountered here. Some of them actually go into healing chambers for hundreds of years if they have had a very disruptive life. They are not available."

"When you look at those who are with you 100% of the time, and that are focused on you, they are your Master Teacher, Spirit Guide, and Guardian Angel. Those three all the time. Everyone else comes in and out."

I hadn't yet heard about "Master Teachers," so I asked about the difference between a Master Teacher and a Spirit Guide. The Answer:

"The Master Teacher's obligation is to see that you achieve your goals in this life. They are with you for hundreds of lives. A Spirit Guide is usually with you for four or five lives. They are usually part of your soul group, or a being who is just a bit above you in spiritual awareness. They are not far above you."

"Master Teachers are there all the time. It is their responsibility to assist you in achieving your next level of ascension, no matter how many lives it takes; even if it is a thousand lives, they are there with you. These are some of the great beings that we think about."

Have you heard of Master Teachers? There is so much to learn!


10:43 am mst

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lily Dale Photo Album

I have posted Lily Dale photos on "My Psychic Search's" Facebook page. Click here to see them. It's much easier to post photos on Facebook than to post them here. While you are on Facebook, be sure to "like" the page so you can find out even more about all the things which are going on with "My Psychic Search." Laughing


10:21 am mst

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Musings with a Medium

Musings with a Medium

I've been recapping my Lily Dale experiences for the last couple of weeks, hoping that my personal account will help people understand inter-realm communication. Today, I am sharing what happened at my reading with a Medium.

First, the Medium explained how she worked and offered a prayer. Then, she began talking. As always, there were hits and misses. However, this time, a man immediately came through who I was able to identify by description. The Medium mentioned part of his last name as a corroboration. That was a good "hit."

After the Medium identified this man, she heard about his wife, and asked if his wife was in spirit? I said "yes," and the Medium mentioned the month that this woman had passed away. Then, she brought through another piece of identifying information for the woman; not a name, but an activity that she enjoyed. After that she asked, "Did they like to travel?" Yes, they did.

With these successes, she then brought through a few pieces of information which didn't mean anything to me. Someone who wrung their hands? Sorry, don't know.

She got back on track by bringing through the gist of this gentleman's first name. She didn't get the actual name, but she was very close. A different Medium explained to me that when he gets names, his closest hits are names which relate to someone he knows. For example, he might know someone named William. If a Spirit Person named William came through, the Medium could get the familiar name "William." On the other hand, if someone came through with a name the Medium didn't know, the Medium might not be able to get that name. For example, if someone was named "Augustine," and the Medium didn't have that name in his brain, he might get "beer Stein," or the month of August.

Back to the reading. Up until this point, I hadn't given the Medium any clues. I had just said "yes," or "no," or "uh huh." I decided to ask if there were messages from these spirits. Things turned serious as they suggested that my husband begin thinking about retirement and what he might enjoy doing.

When I asked if there was any kind of a healing message, the Medium said, "The heart wasn't in it. Somehow, there wasn't that heart-to-heart connection in this life, or over a situation. It's that feeling part, that understanding, that misunderstanding."

The rest of the message was something I think we can all benefit from hearing. She went on to say that after people pass, they begin to see how they affected other people, and they may ask for forgiveness. However, there is still an energetic bond between the two people and neither one can heal this two-party situation on their own. Both parties need to work on forgiveness so that they can move forward. I guess we can't expect an apology from someone on the other side to do all the work of healing a difficult relationship. Someone in spirit can apologize to us, but we have to accept the apology and work to free ourselves from the damage that any stress-filled relationship may have caused.

We left this discussion. The remaining few minutes focused on my life. As with the previous reading with the psychic (see the September 4 blog post), the Medium picked up that I was a writer. She said:

"I feel your ability to communicate, to connect verbally or with the written word, or on the Internet, or with writing of any kind, is a wonderful opportunity for you to express. I don't know if you are going to be teaching or giving out information, or lecturing, but you have a good platform this whole year, right now, right into mid-summer next year. That is something that you would like to do. I feel that you are a communicator anyway. I feel it is going to be enhanced with a sense of humor and joyfulness. Know that this is an opportunity for you to lay the groundwork for something which is going to give back to you in the future."

That was a lovely message. Laughing

We talked about the importance of meditation, especially prior to writing. It's good to allow an opening for ideas to pop into my head.

Our session ended with a prayer thanking everyone who had come through. During this prayer, someone else tried to sneak in from the other side, but I didn't recognize him. Someone with a cough and difficulty breathing. I might know who this is, but I need more identifying information.

All-in-all, I think this was a very successful reading.

Next time, I'll write about readings from the psychic's perspective. If you want to get a jump on that information, check out some of the Psychics Speak interviews. They present each psychic's viewpoint in their own words.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can e-mail me at


1:12 pm mst

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Choose a Path, Any Path

Quote from a Psychic - Heard at Lily Dale's Inspiration Stump

A Medium said:

"A gentleman comes in and puts his arm around you and gives you the biggest hug possible. I know you feel it. He hasn't gone anywhere and he wants you to know that. I know when you think about him, he's there. He's not going to go anywhere. He is guiding you and helping you."

"When you wonder, ‘What am I going to do? Where am I going to go?' take a deep breath and go one direction or the other. If you don't like it, you can change your mind. Do you understand this?"

Audience Member: Yes.

"Don't be immobile because you are afraid of which direction to go. Alright? Thank you."

I heard a similar message at another session: If we want something to happen in our lives, it is important to action. Spirit can inspire us, but we have to take the action. We also have to remember that if we go down one path and we don't like it, we can change direction. We can make a new choice. This is a free-will universe.

10:35 am mst

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inspiration Stump

Part 3: Inspiration Stump in Lily Dale, NY

Lily Dale is a spiritualist community in New York. During the summer, there are readings twice each day at a forest clearing known as Inspiration Stump. Mediums stand in front of an audience and give messages from Spirit. Unfortunately, they can no longer stand on The Stump. The Stump was an evergreen tree which was knocked over in a storm. For years, Mediums stood on The Stump to give messages. Ultimately, The Stump rotted. Now, Mediums just stand in front of the crowd which is seated on wooden benches. Pictures of The Stump can be seen above.

Three kinds of Mediums give messages at the Stump: Registered Lily Dale Mediums, Visiting Mediums, and Student Mediums. During my first session at The Stump, three people gave messages. The next day, more than nine Mediums gave messages during the one-hour session. It was interesting to see how different Mediums worked.

Most of the Mediums looked at the audience, saw a Spirit Person around an audience member, asked if that person wanted a message, then gave the message. The Medium often described the Spirit Person before giving the message. The audience member was asked to either provide their name, or acknowledge that they understood the message. The person's audible response strengthened the connection to the Medium and to Spirit.

There was also a second way of working. In this case, the Medium stood near The Stump and began receiving and relaying information. He provided four or five pieces of information then asked, "Does anyone understand this?" Several people in the audience would raise hands and the Medium would come to them and ask which parts they understood. After that, the Medium would bring in more information, then check with the audience saying, "Who can take that?" As this conversation progressed, fewer and fewer people could relate to the specific information until there was just one person who understood the whole thing. Then, the Medium would give a more-detailed message to that person.

Here is an example of how this worked:

A Medium would say something like, "A gentleman has stepped in and I like him very much. I think he was in his late 70s when he passed. He's talking about "77 Sunset Strip" so I think he is trying to give me around 77 years old. If you understood this, you would understand the name of William around him. William or Bill somewhere close by him. He stands about my height, but he may have been taller in life and shrunk down a little. He might have been around 6 foot.

As I talk to him, he is impressing upon me some real trouble with his chest and his lungs. I have difficulty breathing. I believe he was sick for quite a while before he passed. A couple of different things happened, and he had to go into the hospital maybe three times. An expensive stay; more than just overnight.

He talks about a big family, an extended family. I don't know about his brothers and sisters, but definitely grandchildren. He might have had lung cancer or COPD, that roughness is coming into my throat and I'm feeling difficulty towards the end.

He has some hair. It might have gone white. He holds himself well. He holds himself with a good stance. He doesn't look frumpy or like he's out on the street. He took care of himself. He definitely has a good mind. Can anybody understand any part of this?

Several people raise hands.

The Medium asks a group up front: What part of this do you understand?

They respond: All of it.

The Medium asks a second person: How about you?

I had a grandfather who died of lung problems. He was William.

Do you understand the rest of the description, about 6 foot tall?


The Medium asks a third person: You back there?

I understood the description, but the person's name was Whitey.

I'm going to go a little further. If you were to understand this William, you would also understand a John in the family. Do you understand that ma'am?

I do.

Let me go on one speck further. [To the people in the back]: I don't think I'm with you. Thank you. I think I am over here. [The Medium has found the person in the audience who he is talking to.]

This gentleman would have really loved his family and been around his family. He would be there for family events and on the phone if you weren't going to show up. He would force you to get there. Would you understand that?


Would you understand that he was intelligent enough to run a business and work hard himself physically? I feel like he kept himself in really good shape. Do you understand him wearing glasses off and on?


I drew a picture of him a few minutes ago. He didn't want me to put the glasses on him. I'm going to hand that to you. Do you recognize him?


I always like the "yeses." [Everyone chuckles at the surprise ending of the reading.]

Just when you begin to wonder if maybe this is a game of odds where the Medium can winnow down the number of people understanding the hints until he gets the right person, the Medium produces a drawing of the Spirit Person and the audience member recognizes that person. The process suddenly becomes very impressive.

My trip to Lily Dale was fascinating. I hope you are enjoying my recap.

By the way, before I left Lily Dale, I talked to a woman in the bookstore, and my book, My Psychic Search, is now in the Lily Dale bookstore! It's so exciting. Of course, you don't have to visit Lily Dale to purchase a copy. You can just go to The Book page and order it right now.

As always, let me know if you enjoyed this post. I love hearing your comments.


11:51 am mst

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lily Dale's Inspiration Stump

Part 2: Quotes from Psychics - Lily Dale Mediums

Today, I want to share several things which I heard at Lily Dale's Inspiration Stump. The first few ideas explain how energy connections work. After those thoughts, there are two examples of readings.

The Medium who ran the session told us that if we needed to come in or leave before the service was over, never to walk between a Medium and the person for whom he or she was reading. It would be like literally cutting a telephone line because there was an energy flow between the Medium and the person and Spirit. She added that audience members needed to answer the Mediums verbally, audibly, because voices helped create the link between the Mediums, the people, and Spirit.

A second Medium told us that even if we didn't recognize the name or the information coming through, we shouldn't dismiss the information. He said, "I don't think Spirit wastes a thought with me."

We were also reminded that Spirit tries to get more than one message out every time they speak. We needed to listen to everyone's messages and if they felt like they were coming for us, we should take them home.

Several Mediums mentioned that our spirit loved ones are always around us. They want to help and we can call for their help at any time. One Medium added, "Know that spirit people are always around you. As a matter of fact, you have way, way less privacy than you think you do. Talk to them. Say ‘hi' to them. Ask them questions, close your eyes and feel their response. At the very least, feel their presence. They are all around you all the time."

Here are two short readings which will give you a feel for the kind of public messages which people received. The Medium is in the regular font, and the audience member is in Italics.

First Example:

The Medium addressed a young woman in the audience: Spirit gave you a bunch of books in your lap. Are you thinking about going back to school?

I considered it.

Spirit is considering it too. [laughter] When Spirit hands you one book, it's like a class, but when Spirit hands you several books, maybe you should think about this course of action in terms of some class work. Would it be in teaching or psychology?

The two options were along the lines of psychology because I have a counseling background, or education.

Teaching or psychology. Spirit is taking me into the college Office of the Registrar and I'm looking at one part of the book which says Psychology and another part which says Teaching. I really feel a lot of lethargy about you going back to school. This isn't a new thought for you. It's been around for a while and you keep putting it on the back burner, the back burner, the back burner. Spirit is trying to shove it onto the front burner. Spirit would like you to take a long look at the horizon. Look down that spyglass and say, "I'm going to be doing this for 30 years."

[Young woman doesn't look happy.]

Yeah, that's what Spirit says "Yucky poopy." Why are you waiting to take your life to a new track, a new target, a new joy? Let's go do it. Ten years from now you're going to be 10 years older anyway, why not be in the place, doing the things you want to do by then, rather than still being in this place? You can do what you want to do and take the time that you want to take, but Spirit is lighting a burner under your butt to get you moving. Okay?

[Young woman's aunt adds]: I just told her that.

See, you don't even need a Medium!

Second Example:

Medium addresses another young woman: Who is moving? Spirit just brought a bunch of cartons in front of me.


Spirit put the cartons on the bench. Half of the cartons are empty and half are just a little bit full. I have a sense that we're not really sure about where we are going. You understand? We have a sense of getting on the verge to move, but they are on the bench, not getting filled, still empty. We are not in the action of moving. You understand that?


Spirit shows me that in January 2015, and the first quarter of 2015, they start throwing things into the boxes. Don't make yourself crazy over not being certain now, the certainty is going to come to you over the holidays. But when it comes to you, be prepared. There is going to be some opportunity which allows you to move very, very quickly at that time. Spirit is giving me two thumbs up for that.

You need to go to the dentist.

I do. I have a cavity.

You lost a filling?

No, I have a cavity and my wisdom teeth are coming in.

Spirit took your hand and took you to the door which said "Dentist." Let's not procrastinate about that. Let's not do it in October because October is Mercury retrograde. See if you can get it done in September unless you procrastinate like you have been doing. Let's get it done in September.


Not all of the readings/messages were this clear. There were messages which no one understood. It is way more interesting to think about the times psychic ability works, than about the times when things aren't clear. Smile

I'll write more about Inspiration Stump on Thursday. Does this kind of blog post interest you? Do you like reading examples of psychic work? If you let me know what kinds of blog posts interest you, I'll write more of them.


11:18 am mst

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Truth about a Psychic Reading

Lily Dale, Part 1: The Truth about a Psychic Reading

Lily Dale, a Spiritualist community in western NY, is a relaxing place with a gentle undercurrent of wisdom. During my visit, I had a reading with a psychic, a reading with a Medium, two trips to Inspiration Stump, a session at the Healing Temple, a chat at the Museum, and a visit to the bookstore. I'll break my long story into shorter blogs. Today is Part 1, A Psychic Reading.

I have had quite a few psychic readings and I know how to behave: answer "yes" or "no" honestly, don't give away too much, and ask about the parts which interest you. Because I have had so many readings, I have set the bar for a reading pretty high. I want to hear verifiable information.

At this particular reading, the psychic began with a short prayer, then told me about my childhood. She said things which might, or might not, have been accurate. I really don‘t remember those elementary school years clearly enough to say that she was exact, but I think she was just warming up.

After that she said, "You have ‘practical enthusiasm.' It's like there is this spontaneity in you where you say ‘Okay, let's do it,' yet you make sure you do it in a practical way and you look to see how much water is in the pool before you jump in. You have common sense in your enthusiasm." Well, if you've read this blog long enough, you know that is me. I LOVE this work, yet I'm still skeptical. I would term that "practical enthusiasm."

Without me providing any clues, these are some of the things she got right:

I like my hermit time.
I am happy to travel alone.
I don't like taking advice.
I am a writer.
I recharge myself by the ocean.
I don't realize how psychic I am (I hear this all the time, but I haven't figured out how I am different from anyone else).

Do these characteristics apply to you too? Psychics don't say the same thing to everyone. She was clearly picking up my energy. That was great . . . and I wanted more. I already knew me. I wanted to hear from the deceased with names, dates, and places. LOL

So this psychic brought someone through saying, "I feel someone coming in from the Spirit side of life who is coming in with a great deal of love. Can you place a woman who had a cheerful way about her? I don't mean she was Little Miss Sunshine, but she was somebody who was very loving and really wanted to support the people around her." She went on to give me additional details about how supportive this woman was and how easy she was to talk with. However, the psychic was feeling the woman's presence, not hearing or seeing her, so she couldn't get a name or an event which could pin down this person.

There were so many things the psychic could have said to identify this spirit, but these things were not said. Perhaps the deceased person didn't say them, or maybe the psychic couldn't pick them up. Psychics can only relay what they receive. If I had guessed who the woman was, and said her name aloud, it might have amplified the connection.

It's easy to say that there are people on the other side who love us. I want more detail. You know me, "practical enthusiasm." Give me something I can verify, and I will be highly enthusiastic.

I am spoiled. I'm so used to direct, channeled messages that it seems slow to listen to someone feel an idea, then have to translate that feeling into a message. I'm used to "boom boom, boom" - lots of words.

The reading moved forward with the psychic saying that although she didn't know what I did for a living, she felt that I could be doing it for as long as I choose to do it. She felt that my position was stable, that I had built a presence, and that I had carved a niche for myself. If there was going to be a change, it would be because I wanted to add something to my job description. This sounded good to me.

Then she went on to tell me that I needed to do some stretching exercises; some body maintenance. She thought that I tensed up at times, especially through the shoulders and the lower back. I felt fine as I listened to her. I agreed that stretching was good. Little did I know that the next day my back would go out and I wouldn't be able to stand straight for a week. I'm still stooped over, but I'm getting better every day. Score another point for the psychic.

Then, she asked a big question: Do you write?

I do.

She saw the writing going well, and encouraged me to keep doing it. She said that it will branch out from what I have done up to this point, and it will be successful. Cool.

As our session was ending, one more person came through from Spirit. I am pretty sure I know who this was. Again, no name, but this time a story I could verify.

In my memory, the reading seemed pretty general, but listening to the recording, I heard specifics. I remember the reading as being general because she talked about me and my personality while I was waiting to hear from my deceased relatives, or hear the particulars of the success of my work. Listening to the recording, and the actual wording, was crucial. It reminded me of all the information which was accurate. Things started slowly and there wasn't as much detail as I had hoped for with the mediumship aspect, but I left feeling good about my blogging and about the supportive connection I use to do this writing.

Here I am WRITING to share my story with you. Hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think.


12:02 pm mst

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Energetic Connection

I heard this twice at Lily Dale's "Stump." The Stump is where Mediums stand in front of an audience and relay messages from Spirit to audience members.

"If you are in the audience and must leave for some reason, never walk between the Medium and the person who is receiving the message. There is a physical, energetic connection between the Medium and the person, and walking between them will break the connection." The speaker went on to note that the Medium is connected to the deceased friend in one direction, and the living friend in a different direction.

These are actual, physical, energetic connections. 

8:08 am mst

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