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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lily Dale

I just spent two days in Lily Dale, a Spiritualist community in southwestern New York state. What an interesting spot. I had a reading with a generalist psychic the first day, and a Medium the second day. Both of them connected with my deceased relatives. In between the readings, I listened to messages at "The Stump," and attended a session at the Healing Temple.

Lily Dale is a small, serene community. I was fortunate to be there on quiet weekdays at the end of the season. The place seemed very calm, with just a few folks walking around on their way to readings . . . until it was time for "Demonstrations of Mediumship" at The Stump. Sixty or 70 people would show up hoping to get a message. Interestingly, people who received one message, often received multiple messages. It was as if their deceased friends needed to maximize this moment to come through.

I'll write more about this fascinating adventure over the next week or so. I want to listen to some of my recordings so I can give you more details. Stay tuned.


12:15 pm mst

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I had a reading with a psychic today, and I'm going to see a Medium tomorrow. I'll let you know how it all works out. 

My "Quote from a Psychic" is that my writing is going well, and I need to spend more time at the beach. I like that.


7:37 pm mst

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Predicting the Future

Predicting the Future - New Ideas

I've written several times about the things which come into play when psychics predict the future. People have a "most-probable" future, and psychics can often pick up on this future and tell people what might happen. However, everyone has free will and can make choices which change their future. In the moment of the reading, the future that the psychic sees may be accurate but, at a later time, the predicted event might not have happened. Why? The client may have changed their mind and gone a different way.

We often discuss why predictions don't come true, but sometimes we should think about why predictions do come true.

There may be a few life experiences which we are destined to try. These are experiences which we contracted for before being born. Psychics can sometimes see these big life themes. However, even with these experiences, we have still choices. For example, we may be destined to try marriage, but we can choose who to marry.

One psychic told me that he can accurately predict any future which has been determined, but not all events may have been determined at the time of the reading.

Here's an example of an accurate prediction: Years ago, I showed a family photo to a psychic, and the psychic told me that a woman in the photo was going to need knee surgery. This person had recently had knee surgery and I thought that was what the psychic was picking up. The psychic told me that the person would need additional knee surgery, and it was true. A few months later, the person had a total knee replacement.

Good psychics give the information as clearly as they get it. The only way that they know if their predictions have come true is if a client tells them about it later. Client feedback provides outside confirmation of the predicted events. Most psychics don't ask for feedback, but clients often let them know what happens. Or, clients continue to call them for readings, and the psychics figure that they must be accurate or the clients wouldn't return.

Lately, I've been part of an online discussion regarding the ability to predict the future. It's interesting to hear the psychics' opinions on this topic. The woman who started the thread asked if psychics could see the future? If they could be "future tellers"? She seemed to have a skeptical viewpoint, but it turns out that she had been able to predict the future, and she wanted insights from other psychics on this phenomenon.

In this discussion, the idea of free will was brought up several times. One person commented, "Either you believe that we have free will . . . or you believe that we don't and that our lives are predestined - in which case psychics and mediums would be right all of the time."

He went on to say:

"The reality is that any psychic reading is nothing more than a snapshot of you and your energy at that particular moment in time. It can show you where you are headed if you continue on your present path or show you which path you need to get on to reach your desires.

"But it is only a snapshot. You can change your path - either consciously or unconsciously - with the hundreds of small decisions you make every day. As your intentions and your focus shift, so does your future. This is why some people move through life clearly and others bob around like driftwood on the waves."

One psychic reader remarked that she wouldn't advertise herself as a "future teller," although sometimes spirit beings tell her about a client's future, and she repeats the predictions. Important information is often relayed by a spirit, a passed loved one, or a passed friend. These messages come through for a reason.

Another Intuitive notes that during readings she often provides preliminary information and spiritual counseling, but then the Universe comes through and uses her for the remainder of the reading, speaking through her. Sometimes, a relative or friend who has passed to the other side will come through with a message for the client. This psychic can't call the loved ones in, but when they do appear, the messages are usually accurate.

The same psychic adds that when doing e-mail readings, most every word comes from the Universe. After rereading and sending the messages, she often worries that clients will think she is crazy because she doesn't understand what has written. However, people write back to her tell her that the readings are good.

Similarly, a couple of people commented that the most accurate information comes to them when they are in a trance state. At times, the trance is deep enough that the psychic has no idea what they are saying to the client. Many psychics avoid this kind of deep trance during readings. They like to have an idea of what they are saying. They want to be sure to share information appropriately.

One spiritualist minister is a psychic medium. She says that she provides accurate readings of the future, sometimes with dates and/or times. She receives this information from spirit teachers and guides.

Someone else mentioned that psychics aren't the only professionals who predict the future. Doctors also use their knowledge and skills to let a patient know whether or not their condition will improve. The patient can look for multiple opinions on their condition, and consider multiple treatment options. What happens when a doctor is wrong? No one questions the fact that the doctor wasn't correct, and no one suggests that patients shouldn't go to doctors. And, sometimes doctors are correct. Just like psychics.

Please keep in mind that a reading with a psychic should be viewed as a consultation. Readings are for guidance only. No psychic is 100% accurate because future events are not set in stone. What you choose to do with the information, including any actions you take, are your responsibility. A psychic reading is not a substitute for medical, legal, or other professional advice.

After the reading, take time to think about the information you heard. Don't take any rash actions. Don't take the readings too seriously. Just enjoy the information and wait to see if any of the predictions come true.

Have you heard an accurate prediction from a psychic? I would love to hear about it. You can contact me at


5:26 pm mst

Monday, August 18, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Maryushka
Quote from a Psychic

I asked Maryushka, "What do you think happens when people die? at the moment of death? after death?"

She answered:

"At the moment of death, their energy leaves the living plane that we are on. It goes to the next level of energy. From there, most people hook right up with the people who love them. They see the white light, they go down the tunnel. There, they are with their people.

"I believe in the doubling of the soul so that all of your people, your relatives, are there waiting for you when you go. There is no 'Never Never Land' where you are stuck. I know that there are ghosts who are stuck, who can't move on. I don't know why. I know you can help them let go of this plane and move on to the next plane. Most people have people waiting to greet them and help them. The thousands of reports of near-death experiences all tell the same basic story of the white light, the tunnel and the relatives. There's Jesus, there's Mary. It depends on who you are looking for. They are there to get you to the place you are supposed to be. You stay there.

"When you are ready to reincarnate, a piece of you stays there and a piece of you comes down to do more Earthly learning because there are situations which you can't learn there. Plus, you need to test your free will. There, it's not necessary. You are all-empowered. Your learning is different."


This makes sense to me. How about you?


3:59 pm mst

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Suicide: Perspectives from Psychics


In honor of Robin Williams, I am going to share what I have heard from psychics about suicide.

There are different types of suicide. Some suicides are the reaction to life events which the person perceives as so negative that they feel they need an escape. These souls will cross over and go through a period of healing and assessment. Then, they will have to return to Earth to play out another life where they will have the chance to work through similar issues in a more-productive way. Their time on the other side will be limited and there will be a quick return to Earth. In the new lifetime, they will have to rebalance any negative energy which their suicide generated (Karma). This includes rebalancing energy with their loved ones who suffered after their death.

Another type of suicide is pre-determined. Some people are destined to complete their lives at a particular time, and may have choices about how to leave that life: illness, car accident, suicide, and so forth. If their choice of suicide can be used as a teaching tool for those remaining on Earth, they might choose this type of death. In this case, they will cross over, go into healing, and have the same opportunities we all have to assess our recently-completed lifetime and plan a new one. A quick turnaround is not necessary. They will have as much time as they need on the other side to relax, regroup, and work on their spiritual development. They will have created positive Karma if they inspired others who were thinking about suicide, to remain on the Earth plane.

Aitreyia, a psychic, told me: "The spirit might have had two or three ways out, but they go within a week of their time."

Then she explained a third kind of suicide: "The other thing which is interesting is that sometimes Karma is playing out. For example, in a previous lifetime, someone's mother may have committed suicide. This lifetime, the person commits suicide to show the former mother what it was like for them."

From our viewpoint on Earth, we cannot know if someone's suicide was their escape, a teaching gift for us, or a rebalancing of Karma. All we can do is love them, hold them in light, and pray for their healing. Flood them with love and compassion. In fact, flood their friends and family with love, light, and compassion to support their healing and to help them regain their footing.

In all cases, the soul survives.

Two psychics told me that they thought that people who committed suicide might not go to the other side immediately. They might remain earthbound, seeing all of the things which are happening to their loved ones, but not being able to provide guidance or affect outcomes. They would remain earthbound until the time when their death would have occurred naturally.

In 2008, Concetta Bertoldi wrote a book entitled, Do Dead People Watch you Shower? (Harper Collins, NY, p. 49). In this book, she provided her understanding of what happens to people who have committed suicide. She believes that the other side is filled with justice, forgiveness and healing. Spirit Guides help the individual who has committed suicide to forgive and heal himself. It is the spirit who killed himself who must be able to forgive himself. However, this isn't easy because the spirit is aware that it has done something wrong. The person has lost the opportunity to balance that life's Karma and has created additional Karma which will need to be rebalanced in another lifetime. She felt that people who committed suicide would be forgiven by G-d, but would have to struggle to forgive themselves.

In his book, born Knowing (Hay House, CA, 2003, p. 208), John Holland explains that there is no running from problems. Since there's no real death, there's no escape from dilemmas and issues. He has a very different kind of feeling when communicating with people who have committed suicide. They are usually full of regret because they can see how those left behind were affected. On the other side, they begin to understand the differences they could have made in their own lives, as well as the lives of others. When these spirits communicate with John, they rarely want to talk about how they passed and they don't communicate with him for long. He believes that these spirits are going through a process of healing and need all of their energy to work on themselves. He suggests that people pray for those who have taken their own lives so that they can be assisted in the healing process.

Additional notes on the psychics' thoughts on suicide can be found in the book, My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives. Check Chapter 18, "Between Lives."

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.


9:25 am mst

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Knowing Everything

Quote from a Psychic - Knowing Everything

"When I was working for a chiropractor in CA, the Indigo kids were showing up and I had a chance to sit with one of them while her mother went in to see the chiropractor. I asked this Indigo child what I had forgotten. At that time, there was lots of information about the year 2012 and what our lives would be like after that.

"As I talked to this Indigo child, and I looked into her eyes, I had an out-of-body experience which was very similar to what people talk about in the tunnel. I didn't see the light, but I knew I was going towards it. It was like Star Wars where you can see the stars flying by.

"The next thing I knew, I was being transported back and there were no questions. I had no questions, I didn't need them. I knew. I still know. But to ask me a specific question . . . .

Why are we here on this earth? To experience and grow in ways that no other soul has the opportunity to do. I think that we are very honored to be here. No other souls that we know of, not even the angels, Guides, or masters, have the opportunity to taste. They can't spit, they can't make love, they don't touch. They don't have the senses we have.

"I think that we are the honored ones."

Cynthia Rae

11:38 am mst

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Do what brings you Joy

Find what brings you joy and do more of it

This is a channeled message which I heard in July. I hope it is helpful to you. It reminded me to do the things which I enjoy. It's easy to get lost in the routine of everyday life. I need to step out of my comfort zone too, and pursue a few new adventures. Here we go:

Prior to your incarnation, you were so excited about coming in with all of the possibilities which you had. All the things you wanted to do. To sing, to skip, to experience the landscape, to experience the interaction with people, to experience the interaction with animals, to spread love, to spread joy, to spread compassion. Those things that you are built of. Those things which you truly are. To give the piece of your energy in creating Heaven on Earth. It is not a dream. It is a reality. Creating Heaven on Earth starts with you.

"Seek and ye shall find." If you seek out love, you will find love. If you seek out harmony, you will find it. The more you recognize and place gratitude upon it, the more Source understands your feelings, and your feelings are the key to creation. That on which you focus your attention is what comes into your life. It doesn't matter if it's good (what you would call good), or bad (what you would call bad); where you focus your attention is what you experience. Why focus on disease? Why focus on corruption? Why focus on violence when you can shift your focus onto those things which are pleasing to you. It is our suggestion to do just that. Focus on that which pleases you, and you will have a very memorable, pleasant life, which will be highly valued to you in your Higher Self. Isn't that what the life experience is about? Being that co-creator with Source? Creating the experience that you wish? Fulfilling all of your desires, your wants; to experience the dreams which you have had?

If there is something you don't like about your life, changing your mind, changing your thoughts, is the first step. Know what changes you want, what experiences you want. Don't be hung up on how the changes should go along. Focus on the end product and see the end product being established in your life. Not the opposite of it. Be careful with that.

Many people, when they try to create, focus on the "lack of." The one we love to pick on is, "I don't have enough money. I need more money." You say you need more, but you're not focusing on "more money," you are focusing on the lack of money. Most people miss the subtle difference. See yourself as abundant. Be abundant. Act abundant. There are many little tricks to do that until you can get into the hang of it. We are not saying, "Fake it 'til you make it," for in faking it you still know, and Source knows, what your true feelings are. Learn to adjust your belief patterns and your actions to create what you want. It's a huge topic. The simplest explanation is: Focus on the end product. Don't worry about the opposite. Don't put your mindset there.

The trick is, you don't need to know exactly what you want. Fill your heart. If it is pleasing to you, then go for it.


P.S. This message is similar to what Vicki said last week about expectations. You can expect the end product, but you can't always know how you will get there. Do what you love, expect success, and let the Universe orchestrate the rest.

11:14 am mst

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Psychic Fair Enlightenment

Psychic Fair Enlightenment

I want to share with you some of the things I heard at last Sunday's Psychic Fair. I enjoy setting up a table at the Fair and selling my book, jewelry, and crystal pyramids. I am not set up as a psychic reader, so people hang around and talk to me while they are waiting for their readings. I hear the most fascinating things. As long as people are interesting, I'm happy to listen. A woman sitting next to me suggested that I start charging people just to listen to them, like Lucy in the Peanuts comic. Not yet. I feel more like Frasier Crane: "I'm listening."

So what did I hear?

One woman asked me about the interviews I had done with psychics. I told her that I had recorded more than 35 interviews. She had done a lot of interviewing for her doctorate, and she thought that the interviews would be valuable as historical pieces: "This is what being psychic was like in the year 2014." Interesting perspective.

One guy asked about my work, and I told him all about My Psychic Search book. He knows people who work on the TV show Ancient Aliens, and he also knows George Noory from the radio show Coast to Coast. I told him that, as far as I knew, I was the only one doing this kind of work, assembling knowledge from multiple psychics. He suggested that I contact Coast to Coast and see if they are interested in talking with me. I don't know when I'll do that, but it's fun to think about the future of this Project and all the places it might go.

I spent lots of time talking with Vicki Talvi-Cole, an artist and an Intuitive Healer at the Fair. This was the first time we had had a long conversation. Her ideas expanded the concepts in my brain. I strained to understand what she said, but the concepts sounded so right. I hope I am remembering correctly what she told me. Are you ready to think about things in a different way?

Vicki and I were talking about moving into the fifth dimension. She said we were already there (I've heard this before). I told her that I hoped that was true; I wanted to live in a calmer, more peaceful world. However, when I thought about what was going on in the Middle East (the Israeli/Palestinian war, ISIS, etc.), I couldn't reconcile those conflicts with moving into a new dimension. I understood that there were people who were so locked into violence being the only solution to their problems that all they could do was create violence. That was their role here. But what about the other people? The collateral damage?

Vicki said, "There are no victims. Everyone signed up for these roles." This sounds true, yet is hard for me to grasp. Just the week before, I had a similar conversation with another Intuitive about the people who had died in the Malaysian airline crash. He told me that the crash was part of the contract they had agreed to before birth. They might not remember signing that contract but, eventually, it would all make sense to them.

Vicki and I also talked about time. She said that everything happened at once: past, present, and future. I shared with her a dream I had had the previous week. In that dream, I was visiting with a friend who was planning to remodel her kitchen. While I was talking with my friend in that time period, I was also living in a future time period where I could see how the remodeling job had turned out. I could see the kitchen prior to remodeling, and I could also see it from the perspective of a future time frame after the project had been finished and the walls had been moved. Being in two time frames at once had the effect of me looking like I was psychic because I could tell her what the remodeled kitchen looked like. In my dream, I thought, "This must be what it is like to be psychic: it's not a big deal to live in two time periods at once, but it makes me look like I can predict the future."

Vicki and I talked about letting go of expectations, and how if we expect something, it happens. Huh? What is the difference? I've heard this before too. I think she explained that we can expect something to happen, like fame and fortune, but we can't have expectations about how it will happen. All we can do is ask, "How do I do this?" and let the Universe figure out the rest. You know it's going to happen so you expect it. But you don't know how it's going to happen, so you don't have expectations. Does that make sense to anyone reading this blog? Vicki, did I get that right?

Oh, one more thing. This goes back to last week's blog post about Licensing. The City of Tucson is requiring all of the readers and healers at the Psychic Fair to be licensed as "fortunetellers." Several readers didn't come to the Fair because they didn't want to deal with licensing. Other readers protested being called fortunetellers, but when someone asked, "What would you like to be called?" there was no answer. There is no one word which encompasses all of the readers and healers who show up at the Fair.

So, that was my whirlwind of a day at the Psychic Fair. There is so much more to these Fairs than just getting readings. They provide a peaceful place to spend the day.

If you are interested in reading more about Vicki, she has a website at She works with horses to help people heal. In October, she will facilitate a two-day workshop with horses entitled, Animal Kingdom, Healing Human Hearts, they've been waiting for you . . .  You can find out more by checking her website.

Thank you Vicki, and thank you to all the interesting people who stopped at my Psychic Fair table to share their insights. The next Fair will be September 7. I hope to see you there!


11:13 am mst

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Rhonda Gibony' Harford

Quote from a Psychic - Psychic Ability

In 2009, I interviewed Rhonda Gibony' Harford about her work as a "Gifted" Astrologer, and about her abilities. At that time, Rhonda insisted that she was "gifted," not psychic. Since our interview, her psychic abilities have become more profound. Now, information comes to her with more strength and clarity than ever before. This is reaffirming what she has known since childhood: that she can tap into information from the Universe. Rhonda can feel the information, and her strengthened abilities make her a very effective reader.

A few blogs back (July 10, #6), I wrote about the many people I meet who have psychic ability, but are not ready to admit that they are psychic. They tell me that they don't like that word. Or, that if they admitted that they were psychic, their acquaintances would test them all the time. It would be too much pressure. Or, that being psychic is still taboo and they don't want their friends and family to think that they are crazy. However, over time, people begin admitting to themselves that they really are psychic. Rhonda's interview provides a prime example of the way people struggle with the idea of being psychic.

Here is a quote from my 2009 interview with Rhonda:

"I don't consider myself to be psychic. I am a professional astrologer and I am gifted. I have been gifted since birth. I remember things from when I was a very small child.

"Before I start a session, I ask clients if they would like to hear everything I have to say, good and bad. I don't know what is going to come in. My main tool is the astrological chart, but at the same time, additional information may pop into my head and I just say it. I want their permission to tell them. In 33 years, I have never advertised and I have had plenty of clients due to word-of-mouth advertising. I think it is because clients tell people that I am psychic.

"I'm not psychic, I am gifted. I don't like the word ‘psychic' because I don't feel that a person can be psychic all the time. I feel that it comes in at the right time and it goes out at the right time. It's not always there. In the ancient days, they were not called psychics, they were called Magi.

"However, the image of a man has been coming through my walls for years. I could see him, but I didn't know who he was. He was a Buddhist who lived thousands of years ago. He channels through a woman in Sedona. When I went to a conference a while ago, a woman came up to me, handed me a paper with his image on it, and said, ‘I am supposed to give this to you to let you know that he also works through you.' His name is Djwal Khul. I looked at the photo and realized it was the face I had seen on my wall."

If you want to know more about Rhonda, her full interview, including the information about her near-death experience, can be found online as a Kindle e-book. The interview book is just 99 cents and provides several stories about what it is like to be a psychic child, how psychic ability works, and how Rhonda integrates her psychic ability with her astrology work to provide informative readings.

For more information on Rhonda, you can contact her by phone at 520-320-7718, or send an e-mail to Her website is

Are you psychic too?


11:14 am mst

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