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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The World to Come

The World to Come, by Ruth Montgomery

I recently read Ruth Montgomery's book entitled, The World to Come (Harmony Books). This book was written in 1999 and predicted the Earth's upcoming Shift. During the Shift, the Earth would tilt on its axis, there would be climate changes and flooding, and many people would leave, passing into spirit. The people who remained would be the people with the skills necessary to help the Earth heal and recover.

I enjoy reading older books with predictions, so that I can see how things have turned out. According to this book, the Shift was originally to have taken place in the year 2000, but because people were opening to spirituality, and to a better understanding of how the universe worked, the Shift was postponed to around 2012. At that time, a determination was to have been made as to whether or not to move forward with the Shift. Who would make this determination? Not us. It would be a decision by God. So, now we have moved past 2012, and we are waiting to see what happens.

On page 58, Ms. Montgomery writes, "The Shift is necessary to cleanse the earth of the evil that man has placed there. Also to rid the Earth of so may evil ones who have infiltrated the population. It will be swept nearly clean and raise the vibrations not only of the Earth, but of its remaining inhabitants. As the Shift occurs the vibrations will be speeded up to a much higher frequency. The axis will remain steadfast, but the land and water masses will slip, not sideways, but in a rotating movement that will make the sun appear to stand still to those on Earth as the Shifting occurs."

According to the book, the Shift is not to be dreaded, but anticipated, as it will heal the suffering Earth and its population. Love will be rediscovered. Souls will continue to live, whether in flesh or in spirit. There is no such things as death, and there is nothing to fear. Those who feel discouraged or frightened of the Shift, should realize that they go on, whether in or out of a physical body.

I don't know if there will be a Shift. I don't know what will happen. Psychics have told me that there will be a massive change on Earth and that many people will leave, and by ‘leave,' they mean move into the spiritual realm either through death (leaving the body behind) or through ascension (taking the body).

While I don't know what may happen, I do see that there are major climactic changes occurring, and that some of the predictions are appearing on their own schedule.

Let me tell you about a few more things in this book. First of all, Ms. Montgomery's information source is her Spirit Guides. She asks questions, then channels answers. Although I knew her name, I was not familiar with her work when I started reading this book. Ms. Montgomery channeled and wrote 15 books about psychics, walk-ins, the world prior to this one, and the world to come. As I read the book, it touched on many topics which I had previously heard from psychics. Let me list a few.

Walk-ins. I have interviewed two people who told me that they were walk-ins. This means that a body and soul were born on Earth and, for some reason such as an accident or illness, that soul could no longer maintain the spark of life. Instead of letting the body die, that soul exchanged places with a new soul. The old soul left and the new soul "walked in." According to Ms. Montgomery's book, walk-ins are often very advanced souls who are interested in having a physical presence on Earth, but don't need to go through the phases of learning to walk and talk, etc. They move into a body at a later stage so that they can just get to work. The motivation for the walk-ins must be humanitarian; to help others and benefit humankind.

Ms. Montgomery channeled information that, prior to the Shift, a walk-in President would be elected. This person would have the knowledge to tell people where to move to be safe, if they wanted to survive the Shift. Until the walk-in President was elected, the Shift would not occur.

Life on the other side. Ms. Montgomery's husband died in 1993 and her Guides have facilitated communication between the two of them. In physical life, her husband had not completely supported her writing about spirituality. After death, he had become fully supportive because he had found that all the things she had written about the other side were true. According to her deceased husband, on the other side, people really did review their past lives, see what they had learned, inventory what they needed to learn, and take classes on how to improve themselves in their next incarnation. Then, they made plans to reincarnate. It was just as she had written.

Evil. Also of note, Ms. Montgomery wrote that people who do truly bad things on earth, people who are evil, pass to the other side and are grouped with similar souls. There are different levels in the spiritual plane. Like attracts like, and those of better character find others like themselves at different strata. Those who commit crimes of violence against innocent people will be at the lowest level and will not be able to mingle with those of higher spiritual development.

Evil souls will remain together on the other side, reviewing their lives, until they have an opportunity to reincarnate on Earth, work through their issues, and rebalance their karma. However, there will be few opportunities to be reborn into human bodies for a lengthy period of time after the Shift. The Earth will repopulate very slowly.

On page 152, Ms. Montgomery wrote, "As we see it from here, a selective process will be utilized to ensure that only those of goodwill are to be permitted access to the bodies of new babes, so that all evil ones will be prohibited from Earthly abode."

This was a fascinating book. I would like to read Ms. Montgomery's other books too. It was suggested to me that I begin writing books on similar topics, such as walk-ins. However, I have to procure information from psychics and people on Earth who are experiencing these phenomena. Ms. Montgomery was able to talk to her Guides and channel the information. That seems like a much more efficient way to work.

Have you read any interesting books lately?

You can tell me about them at


3:09 pm mst

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Living in a Body

Living in a Body

My back and shoulder hurt, and I am having bouts of vertigo. This hasn't been an easy week, but it hasn't been terrible. I'm just tired of my shoulder popping in and out, at will. Why do I share this?

We are all human beings living in a physical world. Our soul is housed in our body and, sometimes, there is a correlation between the vibrancy of our energy, and the vibrancy of our body. However, I can't say that all physical symptoms have an underlying spiritual correlation. Does anyone else know more about this than I do?

Several of the psychics I know are also struggling with health issues. Psychics are human beings with strong connections to the other side. However, they struggle with the same issues on Earth as the rest of us. Right now, several of my psychic friends are dealing with health and/or financial challenges. We create the circumstances of our lives so that we can figure out how to deal with them. Can we co-operate human bodies and enjoy health? Can we create larger incomes? Can we find a way to bless the terrible conflicts we see in the world? It's a challenge to send love to people who choose to create chaos and conflict.

One of the psychics told me, "The energy frequency is getting so high that the lower energy just cannot remain. So, literally, that lower energy is being stripped from the bodies, the energy bodies, and that can cause some discord and discomfort. You can imagine having a cord yanked out of your emotional body without your choice. It is kind of like being zapped electrically; rebalancing is necessary. We recommend to each and every one of you that each night before you slumber, you rebalance yourself."

"When you see yourself having a bit of a rough day, step back, understand what is happening and rejoice. Rejoice that you are no longer holding on to that energy. Don't judge. Everyone is going through this."

Anyone else having a challenging week? Let's continue to work on our rebalancing. I plan to rebalance while lying on a heating pad. Wink


11:52 am mst

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Veil is Lifting

Strategies, Success, and Sharing

Good Morning. First, I'll share the fun news, then I'll work on one of the harder issues.

1) I heard a brilliant idea the other day. A friend told me that she uses positive affirmations as passwords on her computer. Each time she types in a password, she reinforces her life goals.

2) For those of us who use Twitter, I set up #MyPsychicMoment where we can tweet our psychic moments and record our synchronicities. Feel free to tweet to #MyPsychicMoment. I'll keep checking it to see what we get.

3) The Veil between the worlds has already begun to lift. Starting this week, we should be getting peeks of the other side. The veil will be lifted for a short period of time. Once we see the veil lift, we will see the truth of who we are and we will begin to understand our missions. There will be a fresh knowing of our abilities and our oneness. We are supposed to incorporate these insights into our lives. This is where #MyPsychicMoment will come in handy. I would love to hear about the things you see and understand.

According to one of the psychics, the veil will thin even more over the coming months. A total of four liftings of the veils is planned. This will be a worldwide phenomenon.

These are a few things I heard:

"There is so much more to come in awareness, in the awakening. Have you noticed more and more that you are getting glimpses of spirit visually? As you begin to turn, or look in a different direction, that there is movement? You will notice that the veil is thin between you and all of those who are not incarnated right now. With a little effort, you can see the other side. With a little effort, you can communicate. Now is the time to expand your awareness. Now is the time to create the experience that you desire. That is why you are here."

"Remember that one individual has more power when they are ‘awake' than a million who are asleep."


"Welcome this peek at yourself as the veil lifts. Get to know yourself. Get to know your perfection, your love, your light, and all that you want to share with every living thing."

Sounds blissful. I'm excited about the things I might experience.

Now, to the hard stuff:

There is a lot of hostility in the Middle East right now. From a spiritual perspective, I have heard that there is a purpose to this turmoil. All of these ancient hatreds, all of this negativity, must come to the surface so that the energy can be exposed and transmuted. It is a purging which needs to happen as we, and Mother Earth, evolve.

Oh, but it is hard to watch and (I'm certain) even harder to live. It is difficult to be a human being struggling to find a bigger, more-positive perspective, while watching groups around the world trying to annihilate each other. Somehow, those of us who can, need to send loving energy to the Middle East to help transmute the hatred, and evolve it into love.

While we all live in our personal worlds, there is also a collective consciousness of humanity, and it would be wise to raise the vibration of this collective consciousness. How do we do this? At a recent channeling, a strategy was suggested for shining light and love on difficult situations around the world.

"Beam love into the center of the collective consciousness of humanity. Where would that be? In your mind's eye, visualize Earth and the area in the stratosphere around the Earth. See the area, from about 10 foot above the surface to about 10 miles outside of the surface. See the whitest, brightest light that you can fathom and, with your heart, take that light of love and appreciation, and send that through the collective consciousness. Know that humanity is your brother and your sister. Each person is plugged into the central control and as you send this love, this energy, into that space surrounding Earth, each will receive it."


"Even though you see and you hear all of the discord, don‘t put your energy into it. Bless it. Give peace to the energy. Help lift that energy into the violet flame. Help negate it. The deepest, oldest, darkest of the energies, which have been embedded into Mother Earth, those energies of long ago at the fall of humanity, are now the ones being lifted up to be transmuted into light. These are some of the ugliest energies there are."

We are to move forward, concentrating on ourselves and not becoming embroiled in the world's turmoil, while sending love and light to the situation. As we rise up in vibration, because we are all connected, the vibration of the world will be lifted.

I hope these strategies help. Feel free to let me know about your progress at


11:31 am mst

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Marta Taylor

What is it like to live in the physical world, but reside so close to the edge of the non-physical world that you can experience both worlds at once? Marta Taylor explains a series of her experiences in today's Quote.

Quote from a Psychic - Marta Taylor

"There have been times in my life when I have had some major experiences. Once, when I was in Olympia, WA, I started spending more time using the cards. I was laying down, probably sick, and I left my body, sat on the roof, and could see everything totally clearly. I looked down at my body and saw the silver cord! It was true, there was a silver cord. I did it and I wasn't even trying to do it. I remember thinking that this was so easy I could do it at will (which of course I have not been able to do again). Then I got a little scared, and the moment I got scared, I went right back into my body.

"Around the same time, maybe a day later, I was laying in my bed and I had the absolute feeling of complete love. It is true that G-d is love, no matter what term is used. None of it matters. It is all love. It was the most incredible thing I can remember - the pureness of being in that love. People have written about it for eons, but once you experience it, you realize that no words can describe that experience.

"Again, in Olympia, maybe three years later, I was very sick. I had a high fever. Suddenly, I could see all the generations, all of the times of life (pre-historic, medieval, Renaissance, modern), how it all works, and how it is all around us all the time. There are veils. I knew I had a fever, but I also knew that I was getting a glimpse of something that I would not want to forget. It's very hard to articulate. After those three experiences, I felt that Olympia was a very special place. Those were incredible experiences."

If you would like to read Marta's full interview, it is now available as a Kindle e-book. Marta's story is the 14th interview in the Psychics Speak series.


11:53 am mst

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Choosing our Direction

Choosing our Direction

Today, I want to mash together information and experiences regarding choosing our direction in life. We all have choices and our lives reflect the choices we make.

I was talking to a psychic the other day and I told her that I wasn't sure where to focus my efforts. Should I blog more often? Should I write another book? Should I continue to interview psychics? I told her that I was looking for a sign from the Universe. Perhaps the number of visits to my blog would increase, and that would indicate that the Universe wanted me do more blogging? Perhaps, my published interview books would sell, and that would indicate that the Universe wanted me to publish more interviews. More sales of my big book? Write another book.

The psychic turned to me and said, "You are waiting for them to give you a sign about what to do, and they are waiting for you to give them a sign; to choose what you want to do so that they can support you."

Oh! Is that how it works? We decide, then the Universe supports us. We decide.

Interestingly, since that discussion two days ago, my website stopped updating my statistics, and I am no longer receiving e-mails on My Psychic Search account. So much for looking for a sign from the Universe. :)

According to the psychics, we need to be pro-active with our choices. What happens when we don't choose? Here is the "mashing" part. I am going to combine a channeled message I heard in 2010, with a channeled message I heard in February 2014.

Years ago, a psychic was asked why things happened in life which were so difficult. She answered:

"The reason that people create uncomfortable circumstances in their lives is usually by default, because they are not actively creating something; or by confusion. Something might happen which shocks them, something which is scary or shocking. Instead of stepping back and looking at that, and that feeling, they will continue perpetuating that over and over again. They identify with it so strongly because they weren't expecting it to happen. For example, somebody who is very prosperous loses their job. That can set them on a whole course of being a victim, or having a poverty consciousness."

In February, I heard a similar message: "Remember that you are in control of your own destiny, of your own life, of your own experience. Many continue to slip backwards and allow ‘creation by default.' In other words, you do not put your control, your input into what happens in your life. Some of you will say, ‘Why do I need to be in control?' Wouldn't you rather be the one who chooses what happens? Chooses the outcome? Chooses the flavor of ice cream you are having?"

Our group was told that the energies are moving so quickly right now that things can come to us immediately; however, we need to choose what we want.

"Whatever you desire can be yours. Get into alignment with it. Allow it to come to you. Get out of your own way. Stop analyzing. Just allow it to be. If you come from your heart, you are coming from the right place. You don't need to worry about being wrong. There is no need for any of that. It doesn't exist there. Check with your emotions and you will know where you are at. If you don't feel good, you are not on the right path. You are not in alignment. You are not coming from the truth of who you are. See things as your soul sees things, without judgment. Without fear. See through the eyes of love."

Back to 2010: "If you start to see patterns in your life, you start to see that every day you are waking up and there is a little feeling of unsettledness, of disquietude inside you, and you are not sure what it is, but you override it and go about your life. Well, that disquietude is your spirit trying to get you back on track. Trying to get you back into a space where you can have joy. If you can connect with your inner self and connect with that little bit that is telling you that something doesn't feel right, even when life is going smoothly around you, a lot of times it will show you that you are too caught up in roles that are not serving you any more for where you want to go spiritually. If you can look at those parts of yourself, they might be relationships, or ideas that you have had, or ideas that other people have had about you . . . then you can release, and you can move into who you really are."

Back to 2014: "Recognize any discord you are feeling; any imbalance that you are feeling. Then release it. Some people have to experience it and acknowledge it, to release it. Acknowledgment. Bring it to the forefront of your thoughts, then release it. It is all you need to do. Sit there and say, 'This is, this was, and now I have experienced it. I have grown. I chose this, and now I am free of it.'"

In the past, we may have decided to experience things which propelled our growth. Good. We tried them. Now we can let them go and we can move on to new experiences.

2014: "The time of holding on is over. The time of stretching your wings and being free of all that binds you, is now. So many people hang on to every little thing, instead of being the free spirit, and the free spirit is never bound to physicality."

So, what are we going to choose now that we understand more about how all of this works? Can we release old patterns and choose our heart's delight? How are we going to work with the rapidly changing energies?

(The e-mail isn't working today, but it might work tomorrow, so let me know what you think and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.)

1:01 pm mst

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Intuition vs. Imagination

Today, I am posting two "Quotes from a Psychic." They are similar answers to the same question:

How can you differentiate between information coming from "outside" sources and information coming from your own imagination?

Melody Krafft answered:

"If you are making things up, your mind is active and you are creating a story. ‘This happens then that happens . . .' You are pushing it along. Spirit doesn't work that way. Spirit doesn't push things along. It comes instantaneously and it's an expansive feeling. Generally when people make things up in their imagination (like when they are visualizing something in the future), people worry about what is going to happen and that is a constrictive feeling. Whenever I get any kind of constrictive feeling, I know that is not real."

Marta Taylor explained:

"I think this information comes on its own, unexpectedly. My imagination feels like a thought, like I am looking for something, or forcing something. If I step back and just see what pops up, it comes by itself. Through experimenting over the years, I have learned to step back. It comes from practice. I think there are practices we can all use to help our mental, physical, and spiritual lives. There are exercises which have been developed over centuries to help people get over emotion and imagination, and move to the next step which is real information coming from something beyond our own desires, expectations and hopes. Pure information."

9:33 am mst

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Messages and Abilities at Critical Times

Messages and Abilities at Critical Times

I have had two clear psychic experiences. Both times, someone came to tell me that they were going to pass away. The first time, a guy came in a dream and said "good-bye." A day or two later, he passed away. For years, I wondered if this was a real psychic experience or just an odd coincidence? I had no frame of reference for this dream. The second time, a guy told me in words, while I was awake and meditating, that he "was leaving on the 15th." And he did. He died.

In both cases, I received the messages on a "need to know" basis. The deaths were impending.

I talked to a couple of psychics who told me that when they do readings, messages often come on a "need to know" basis. People receive the messages which their Guides think are critical. The messages are about ideas which need to be considered right now to lay the groundwork for the future.

Do you remember when I wrote about "hearing doubles"? I hear surprising information once then, a few months later, I hear it again. Here's another example:

Two spiritually-connected people have shared stories with me of how they were able to save another person's life in an emergency. The stories are eerily similar. In both cases, a person was having trouble breathing. In both cases, the psychic had no idea that they had the skills to help the ailing person until the skills were urgently required (a "need to know" basis).

In the first case, a person was having an asthma attack and could barely breathe. My psychic friend looked her in the face and asked, "May I enter your energy field to help you breathe?" and the woman said, "Yes." She went to work. This psychic, who had never before done healing work, was able to help with breathing. Soon afterwards, paramedics arrived. The psychic had kept the woman alive until the woman could get professional care. The psychic told me that she was shocked at what she had been able to do. She was so out of her element that when she had a chance to relax, she cried for about 20 minutes, then threw up.

In the second case, a person was having a seizure and couldn't breathe. A woman with the person who was turning blue, called a healer on the phone, and the healer was able to help the person breathe remotely. The healer said, "I could literally go into her lungs and breathe for her." He had not realized that he had this capability until the critical moment when it had been required.

Another friend observed, "Because we are one, we can do that. We are self-limiting when we think about our abilities. We have opportunities to learn. We are here to realize our capabilities. That is what life is all about. We need to shed the limitations which our parents and society have put on us. We keep hearing that we are unlimited, well let's prove it to ourselves. Let's do these things as they come up. Each day, let's see how far we can push that envelope to expand our consciousness, to expand our abilities to change what we experience."

In moments of crisis and adrenalin, people have been able to lift cars off of their loved ones. Have you had such an experience either physically or with psychic information? I would love to hear your story. You can e-mail it to me at


11:19 am mst

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Gary Wimmer

Quote from a Psychic - Gary Wimmer

I am always curious about how information comes through during readings. I asked Gary Wimmer, who throws stones when he does psychic readings, how his process worked and he explained it to me. My questions are in Italics. This is a condensed recap of what Gary said:


I charge the stones up so that they feel warm. If I am working over the phone, I tell the person that I am ready, and I tell the person to say "drop" any time they feel it is appropriate. When they tell me to, I drop the stones into a circle. When I read in person, I let the person hold, and drop, the stones.

I drop the stones into a piece of leather about three feet long and tied in a circle. It's about 14 inches in diameter. I see it as a clock. I start from the center and read towards the top, then read around like a clock, for 12 weeks.

When I drop the stones into the circle, I look at how they point and how they touch. They are nickel to quarter size and are all different colors. They have different edges and different characteristics. They are not high-quality gems; they are stones. A couple of agates, maybe a jasper. I know less about the mineralogy than most of the people at the psychic fairs; but, I know how to read the patterns.

I look at it like a clock. First, I look at the stones in the center. I look two, three, or four inches from the center of the circle. For example, this morning I did a reading for a guy and there were no stones in the center of the circle. Mercury was the first stone I encountered. It was between the middle and the 12 on the clock. No stones in the center and Mercury at the top. The first thing I felt was that the guy was not sure what he was centered on. He was wondering what to do next. Mercury was telling me, by the way it was pointing, that he was trying to make decisions to move himself forward so he knew what his new center would be. That was the first thing I told him and he nearly fell out of his chair. It was simple to me and he thought it was exactly right. To him, it was astounding. To me, I was reading something I'm used to reading.

I start in the center and I read toward the top. Sometimes I look at stones right before the top, like at 10 and 11. They could represent something from the past coming into the present. I look from 12 to 1, 1 to 2, etc., as weeks. There may be several stones in one week and no stones in another week. I interpolate. I look at how they point, how they touch, and how they affect the circle. Do they land on each other? Do they block each other? Do they point in the same direction in support, or is one stone trying to make its way through a bunch of other stones? I literally look at the geometry of it, the way they point and touch, and which week they are in. That gives a general reading.

After I give them a breakdown of what I see for the next 12 weeks, I let them ask questions.

When you are looking at the stones and reading for people, are you also hearing a voice?
It's hard for me to disseminate between whether it is the visual geometry, whether it is an intuitive hunch, or whether it is a voice or a picture. It's hard for me to tell what is going on. Sometimes it almost feels like a voice starts talking through me. I don't have to think as much as just let it out. That seems to work pretty effectively. Sometimes, I'll actually see pictures. A lot of times, what I'll see is symbolism. A picture which describes a thousand words. Sometimes I'll describe a picture to someone which will explain their feelings or emotions better than words can convey.

You see the pictures in your mind?
I sometimes see pictures, yes. Fairly often. I try to put words to them. A lot of times I'll see pictures of people. It's sort of a flow. It seems to depend on what needs to come through and the means by which it can best come through. I dedicate myself to the process wholeheartedly. I don't want to screw up someone's life. I want to make it better. It's a win/win. I trust the process I am going through. I trust what I am saying. I trust where it is coming from.

Gary Wimmer

10:37 am mst

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