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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kermie and the Angels

Summer Balance

It's summer in Tucson. We know it's summer by watching the temperatures surge past 100 degrees. My summers have always been times of flow and balance. My newly "college-graduated" daughter has moved home to join the rest of us. It's going to be a summer of grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and juggling friends and family. Last night, one of my daughter's friends slept over. I go with the flow and also try to keep writing. I try to keep moving forward. I keep prioritizing (but in a fairly flexible way). How about you? Is this your summer too?

We are sum of the choices we make. We have the free will to put our energy into the life areas which we wish to emphasize. I just spent several hours running errands. Now, I'm back at my computer. This blog post is going to be a bit late, but, it will be still be worth reading. No slacking, just pushing the schedule back to accommodate . . . life.


Today, I want to highlight some of the work being done by Kermie Wohlenhaus. Kermie is an "angelologist" and a clairvoyant. This means that she works with, and studies, angels. In March, Kermie interviewed me on her cable-access TV show, "Kermie and the Angels." Last weekend, I was on her show again but, this time, I interviewed her about her work. Here is an introduction to Kermie's work with angels.

Kermie reads for clients and communicates with their angels. While she speaks with the clients, she interviews the angels, asking question after question to ensure that the information she brings through is accurate. Kermie says that it is easy to receive an image and jump to a conclusion about the meaning of that image. So, instead of jumping to an incorrect conclusion, she asks questions to refine the messages.

While we were chatting, Kermie said to me, "If I look at you and see palm trees and blue water, I could think . . . " and I interrupted, "Is that what you see for me, personally? I want palm trees and blue water," and she gently replied, "No, that's just an example." I sighed with a bit of disappointment. She went on to explain the importance of exploring images so that people understand that palm trees can mean more than a Caribbean vacation.

According to Kermie, everyone has a Guardian Angel. Guardian Angels are with us from birth through the transition of death, although we usually are not aware of their presence. They remain anonymous. People who are on Earth for a life of service, often have more than one Guardian Angel. In addition, other personal angels may assist us in specific areas such as finance, romance, health, and/or knowledge.

People use "subtle senses" to communicate with angels. These senses include, clairvoyance (inner sight), clairaudience (inner hearing), and clairsentience (inner feeling), etc.

Kermie uses her subtle senses to provide personal and business readings. Did you know that there are business angels? These angels are loud and clear. They are focused on moving the business forward.

Kermie also works with house angels. Did you know that houses have angels? According to Kermie, everything has an angel. Every blade of grass has an angel. Every romantic relationship, and every friendship, has an angel.

Angels and Spirit Guides are part of the unseen support network which keeps us on our life's path. One of the differences between angels and Spirit Guides is that angels have never incarnated on Earth, while Spirit Guides have lived on Earth. Angels, however, can come into bodies under certain circumstances; mainly to help us during emergencies. Just like our Guides, angels are here to help us, but not to run our lives. That is our job. We have free will.

Kermie is also an academic who has studied and researched angels, including angels in the Bible and in other religious texts. In fact, she is writing a new book about her angel research. She also founded the "School of Angel Studies." Originally, this was a brick-and-mortar school in Portland, Oregon. Now, it is online. However, Kermie is on sabbatical in Tucson right now so that she can write several new books.

Her first book, "How to Talk and Actually Listen to Your Guardian Angel," (Kermie and the Angels Press) was published in 2011. This book has been translated into several languages as it has extended its reach around the globe.

What is the one thing Kermie wants everyone to know? Angels are for everyone, and everyone can talk to them. Everyone. We all have the capacity to talk to our Spirit Guides, angels and spirit helpers. She also told me that Spirit can work very quickly. When you say "yes" to anything, "Boom!" you don't know where it is going to go.

Kermie received a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree from the Iliff School of Theology and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Religion/Metaphysics from the College of Metaphysical Studies.

Kermie presents classes, workshops and angel presentations around the country. For more information on her work, check out her website at

Questions or comments? Please send them to me at

4:39 pm mst

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Nancy Parsons

Quote from a Psychic/Medium - Nancy Parsons

Everyone has Spirit Guides who are with them from the day they are born. Always there. They don't interfere, to my knowledge, until someone gets in really big trouble. Then I have to believe that someone steps in. A Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide steps in, whatever you want to call it.

For specific projects, people can call in a doctor/teacher. If I were to start channeling all the time, I would want a doctor/teacher to help me. If I needed to learn more about healing, I would call on a doctor/teacher.

In addition, everyone has little Spirit Guide helpers. The butterfly can be a huge spirit helper. When I get a butterfly which is trying to get my attention . . . I have had them land on me. It could be a signal to pay attention to what is going on at that moment.

Nancy Parsons

9:30 am mst

Thursday, May 22, 2014

What I Know, What I Don't Know, and What I am Learning

What I Know, What I Don't Know, and What I am Learning (today's edition)

What I know

●  Kat Riegel is an amazing Animal Communicator. I've talked to her about my animals several times and she has brought me many insights. She was especially helpful after one of my dogs passed away and I wanted to know what had happened.

In 2009, I interviewed Kat about her work. I have, finally, uploaded our interview as a Kindle e-book which can be downloaded from If you would like to know how Kat connects with living and deceased pets, and how she developed her gift, click here. For 99 cents you can read the entire interview. Kat provides the 13th interview in the "Psychics Speaks" series.

●  Remember a few months ago when Kermie interviewed me on her cable TV show, "Kermie and the Angels"? That was a lot of fun. This Saturday, Kermie has invited me back, and this time I am going to interview her! People want to know what Kermie does and I'm very nosy - a perfect match. In Tucson, the show will air live on Saturday night at 7 p.m. (Cox 20/Comcast 74).

Harmony Grove, a spiritualist retreat center in CA, was devastated by a fire on May 15. If you want to help with recovery and re-building you can send a check to:

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association

2975 Washington Circle, Escondido, CA 92029

Check Harmony Grove's website for additional ways in which you can help. Thank you!

●  I am very blessed to have the time and resources to look into this world of psychics and energies which so fascinates me. Every step I take opens my mind.


What I don't know

●  The physical world is mystery. Sometimes I watch "Ancient Aliens" on TV and I see the mysteries of the world: pyramids, elaborate tombs, ancient statues, underwater cities, huge monoliths. Where did all of this come from? How could stones so large and heavy be moved and placed with accuracy? "Ancient Aliens" has theories. Maybe they are correct, maybe not. Never-the-less, the existence of huge stone formations, and of graphic images which are repeated around the world, reminds me of how much I don't know. No matter what the explanations are, I just don't know how these artifacts could even exist.

●  I don't know how to get my work out to people who might be interested in it. I blog, I've written a book, and I do presentations, but I don't seem to be increasing my reach. Should I write another book? Was the first book useful to you? If you have ideas for extending the reach of My Psychic Search Project, please let me know at

●  The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair is moving around Tucson this summer. The hotel where we usually meet is being renovated. I don't know anything about our next event. I'll let you know, when I know, the date and place for the next fair.


What I am learning

●  Last Friday, I attended a presentation by Sherry Whitfield. Sherry is the caretaker for an ancient crystal skull known as Synergy. I knew nothing about crystal skulls when the presentation began. I learned a lot. While the origin of this crystal skull is unknown, it may be up to 10,000 years old. Some of the skull's travels have been documented. It spent a long time (centuries?) in Hawaii and a long time in the Andes of Peru. Until a few years ago, there was no known way to carve this kind of a crystal skull. It is an ancient relic.

Synergy is part of a group of ancient crystal skulls; maybe 10 or 20? These skulls carry a lot of energy. Some of the caretakers travel the world allowing people to interact with the skulls. On Friday, when audience members touched the skull, they had a variety of reactions. Some people felt an electric shock run through their body. They were buzzing with energy. Other people said that they saw brilliant light displays.

In my case, I touched the skull twice and I felt nothing. That's "nothing" in a good way. I felt completely clear and devoid of life problems. I felt a clear, clean "nothing." Of course, I was kinda hoping for a bolt of lightening, a flash of insight, and the sudden opening of my psychic abilities. Maybe I would see my Guides, or the other side? No, I got nothing, and "nothing" was lovely.


Last weekend, I sat between two women at a party. The person on my left was interested in My Psychic Search Project because she knew a medical intuitive and had seen how this ability worked. Her friend was often correct, providing evidence of an unseen avenue to access information. The person on my right was skeptical of this work and probably thought I was nuts. I shared my story anyway. What was the worst that could happen? People would think I was crazy? Well, that's already been pretty well established. ;)

Take care. Enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend. This is a time to honor the men and women who gave their lives to ensure our freedom. Perhaps, they still watch over us.


11:44 am mst

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Harmony Grove Fire

Harmony Grove Fire

A few days ago, one of the California fires blew through Harmony Grove and destroyed many of the buildings. Harmony Grove is a Spiritualist Community near Escondido. In 2011, I chatted with April Cunningham, one the Mediums who lives year-round at Harmony Grove. Here's a tiny sampling of our chat about Harmony Grove. My questions are in Italics.

Is Harmony Grove open all year?

Yes. People live here year-round. Originally, it was a summer camp. Now about 20 people live here. Most are Mediums, psychics, or energy workers. It's a year-round community. During the year we have three Institutes so people can develop their abilities. We have found some amazing sleepers who didn't realize they were psychic.

Are there many spiritualist communities?

They are very rare. My grandmother used to go to Lily Dale. [Since this interview, I have heard of two other Spiritualist communities: Cassadaga, Florida, and Camp Chesterfield, Indiana.]

Are all of the people here Mediums?

They all have a passion for something even if they are not Mediums. It's a collective. A person over here might not do the work, but is still involved collectively, so I would have to say "Yes" everyone is doing the work whether they are Mediums or not. It is for the bigger picture. I don't do things unless it is for the bigger picture. To me, it is about love, helping people know their worth and elevating their availability to Spirit. That is how I am wired. I am a Medium, but I call myself "Awake." When you are awake, you are available. If you don't have a huge belief system, you are available to get the truth. I have always been in touch with G-d.

The whole point of having this gift is to remind people of what already exists within themselves: availability. When I teach or work with people, I bring them closer to that perfect guidance so that they are having visions or speaking, and they are not fearful. Where there is G-d, there is no fear. Spiritualism says that there is an infinite intelligence. This place, whether people know it or not, is very diverse.

I am the type of person who, if I make a table for one, I make a table for all. I can participate in a community situation because I agree with the community principles. If you read the principles, it's everything that every spiritual reality has spoken: Live in the Golden Rule.

Much later in our conversation, April connected with the energies around me and talked about my role in this work:

"It's going to be huge. I see 'Julia and Julia.' I see it getting big. They are showing you taking off the cobwebs and removing the misunderstandings and bringing in what is real."

She added,

"The message that they want to get across to you is about your book. It's going to do something. What you are doing, what your spiritual roles is, is important. It's about the cobwebs; about cleaning up things and bringing things together. That is the biggest thing they are interested in: you continuing this. They are in a U-shape around you, which to me means Unity, but they are standing back a bit. That means that they don't want to get in the way of whatever you are doing."

April changed my life with her openness and her messages of encouragement.

Let's send our love and our compassion towards Harmony Grove so that it can be rebuilt and continue to provide the kind of guidance which elevates the world.

1:09 pm mst

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Measuring Cups

Measuring Cups

My cupboards are overflowing with measuring cups. Usually, I have 3 one-cup measuring cups and 1 two-cup measuring cup. After my older daughter received her Master's Degree last summer, she came home, unpacked her apartment appliances, and added her measuring cup to our stash. Then, last week, our younger daughter received her bachelor's degree, moved home, and added her dorm-room measuring cup to our collection. What's that old saying? Our cups runneth over . . . and so do our cabinets.

Our abundance of measuring cups is a measure of our collective, family progress. Each time a child moves out, she takes her cup, fills it with educational adventures, then brings it home to take its place in our kitchen cabinet. We are happily overstuffed.

Can we use this image of cups to measure our psychic/spiritual advancement? Can we count the number of non-physical things we see or can we inventory the messages we hear? How can we "count" the things we know and feel?

Working with the psychics, I've learned that psychic ability isn't just about the phenomena. The phenomena are the evidence of our connection to a spiritual/energetic world. Messages from our friends on the other side are more than messages; they are evidence of the survival of consciousness.

If we wish to, we can measure our progress both in clarity of communication and in our understanding of the spiritual nature of life. We can move from skepticism, to doubt, to slim acceptance, to understanding, to knowing.

You may remember a previous blog post (on May 1), where Melody Krafft remarked that the purpose of mediumship isn't just entertainment. The purpose of mediumship is healing. Mediumship proves that the soul survives the death of the body. When we no longer fear death, it shifts the way we look at life. We are more willing to take risks and to embark on adventures.

Through a connection to the other side, we also learn that we will have a life review and that our current choices will be reflected in that review. We can choose between being snarky or being kind. We can choose between being resentful of a situation or flooding that situation with love. It's not always easy but, when appropriate, we can choose kindness and mercy.

We begin to see that each person's attitude and energy dynamic affect the collective consciousness. We take responsibility for our contribution to the world of thought and energy.

So, how do we measure our progress?

The first measuring cup begins to fill with our curiosity, then continues to fill with knowledge as we read, attend classes, and talk to spiritual psychics.

The second measuring cup fills with our expanded circle of like-minded seekers. We talk to people and share our experiences. We teach and we learn. We begin to overcome our fear of standing in the truth of what we know.

The third measuring cup allows us to look at our own ability to receive and understand messages. Are we hearing messages or seeing spirits? Are we meditating and receiving guidance? Are songs on the radio speaking to us? Are books showing up on our tables? Is this blog link suddenly in your in box? [Feel free to share it with your friends.]

The fourth measuring cup can show how all the knowledge we are assimilating translates into action, into prayer, into beaming love to Mother Earth, the plants, the animals, the environment, our friends, our relatives, and the people with whom we disagree. This is the outward expression of our interior growth.

A fifth cup? Our fifth cup reflects our ability to manifest the life we love, whatever that looks like. A fulfilling life. Our cups are overflowing with a feeling of connectedness.

How are your cups filling? Let me know what your measuring cups hold. You can always send an e-mail to me at


2:19 pm mst

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Karen Page

Today's Quote is from a book I recently read. The book was written by psychic Karen Page.

Quote from a Psychic

"I had an epiphany one day, and suddenly I understood why the everyday things that all of us experience in life, both emotionally and physically, appear to be only one of two ways. They are either relatively easy, or impossibly difficult.

"If you look back over the issues throughout your life, and I mean the ones that you thought mattered, you will see that there really never was any gray area with any of them. They either came together, resolving themselves pretty easily, or there appeared to be one painful obstacle after another put in your way, stopping it and you. When I experienced that moment of clarity, it changed every day of my life. I call it my ‘20 to 40 percent formula for living.'

"I believe that 20 to 40 percent of our lives are fated, no matter what we think or do. The fated issues are absolute. No matter what attempts we make to avoid or change the outcome. If something is absolute in our life, it will occur no matter what.

"The other 60 to 80 percent is free will. Like ordering a hamburger, we can have it our way, and pretty easily, any way we choose."

Karen Page
My Life Across the Table, Stories from a Psychic's Life
Llewellyn Publications
Woodbury, Minnesota

11:23 am mst

Thursday, May 8, 2014

What do Psychics Do? Laurie Hays' Work

What do Psychics Do?

Laurie Hays - Psychic, Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, Channeler

Laurie Hays is a lovely woman who is dedicated to bringing Spirit to Earth so that she can assist people. Bringing Spirit to Earth? What does that mean? It means that Laurie uses a variety of techniques to connect with spiritual information and bring Light into lives. Here are a few ways in which Laurie works:

1) Laurie works with clients to channel messages from their Spirit Guides. When communicating with Guides, the information gets faster and faster. Laurie explained:

"It's almost like a part of my brain steps aside and I let this other part come through. It comes through very quickly, as fast as thought. I say it to the clients almost at the speed I get it so my working brain doesn't have time to interfere and say, ‘Don't go there. That would be rude.' For me, I give it just the way I get it and it tends to pick up speed very quickly. I say what Spirit tells me and sometimes I can't believe the things which come out of my mouth."

Laurie added, "I see, hear and feel. Sometimes people [on the other side] try to come through my body, but I won't let them. Sometimes I feel a breeze. It comes in on all five of my senses. I don't rely on any one sense; I leave them all open. If someone from the other side wants to talk to the client, I will not allow them to speak through my body. I will not give them that permission. However, I will tell the client verbatim what the entity is saying. For me, this is a very respectful way to work."

Laurie commented, "Spirit is not an individual. It is like a collective. Spirit is similar to a glass of water in that water is a bunch of drops, just like Spirit is a group of individuals. If I take one drop, it's still water. To me, Spirit is a collective group. They could individualize, but why? It would take away the intensity, clarity and power."

2) Laurie is a Chaplain at Northwest Hospital. She reminds patients that they are an expression of G-d, an extension of G-d on Earth. She encourages patients to heal themselves and she gives them the tools to reclaim their health.

Laurie said, "I tell them to connect with their G-d energy. I remind them that they are G-d, they are that spark, they need to turn up that pilot light. All healing is internal healing. Doctors may cut and stitch us, but people do the internal healing. If it is a broken bone, see the health, claim it, own it. It is yours!"

3) Laurie channels messages from Spirit. She receives messages through automatic writing and through meditative channeling. These messages help us understand the changes which we, and our planet, are going through as we move from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. Messages also help us understand that "dying" is a transitional state and that we continue to live, as energy, after this transition.

4) Laurie is a dear friend of mine. Sometimes, we are just chatting about life and her voice will change. She'll perk up, start talking faster, and bring through a message from my Spirit Guides. How fun is that?!

5) Laurie is a real person undergoing the same trials and challenges as every other human being. Sometimes she is ill. Sometimes she is disappointed by her family members and, sometimes, she is thrilled by them. Being a psychic and living a spiritual life does not exempt people from the difficult aspects of being human. It does not mean that marriage is easy or that divorce doesn't occur. It may mean, however, that there are underlying karmic reasons for these events.

6) Laurie is a "walk in." During our interview, she explained that a walk-in can be a spirit who enters a body which is already occupied by another soul in order to assist that body and soul. Laurie experienced a past-life regression and ended up between lives. She reported, "It felt like some guy was pointing to a small girl and I saw her life unfold. I knew she wouldn't survive that life if she didn't have someone strong in her and I said, ‘Put me in.' My essence went in to help that little girl survive what she was going to go through."

A walk-in can also be a spirit who enters a body when the body is dying so that the new spirit can use the body which has been left by its original soul. Sounds crazy, I know, but I interviewed someone else who explained how this had worked for her.

We are all human beings with different strengths and challenges. Some people have the ability to channel information from Spirit with ease. Laurie is one of these marvelously-talented people. I often find myself repeating the same thought about a person. In this case, I find myself saying, "Laurie's work changes lives."

If you want to know more about Laurie, you can download and read our interview as a Kindle e-book. You don't need a Kindle e-reader to do this. You just need 99¢ and the free Kindle software so you can read Laurie's story on your PC, tablet, or phone.

Laurie's interview is the 12th conversation in the "Psychics Speak" series. You can find out more about the people whose interviews have been uploaded by checking the "Psychics Speak" page of this website.

If you would like to contact Laurie, her e-mail address is, her phone number is 520-579-3777, and her website is

Questions or comments? You can always contact me at


8:28 am mst

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Raquel Spencer

Raquel Spencer is a Light Worker and a Multi-Dimensional Energy Specialist. I highly recommend the "About Raquel" page of her website.

Quote from a Psychic

"The essence of my work is to get the client's physical and energetic bodies as clear as possible. My job is to connect a person to Source (also known as G-d, Divine Source, Higher Self). The vehicle has to be clear just like TV channels have to be clear. One of the ways I describe it is that the body is the hardware and Divine Source is the software. Much of our hardware doesn't run the software, so my job is to upgrade the hardware to communicate with the software. I help prepare the body to receive clear information and house its own spirit.

"The physical world is just a minute part of who we are in the vastness of consciousness. We have a smidgen of our true self residing in the body. The work which I do is to clear the body, to help bring in more knowledge, wisdom, divine connection and spirit. When I do a session, I am working to upgrade the hardware. I work on an energetic level. Everything is energy. The frequency of the energy vibration determines how it is perceived. I work with the energy systems of the body. I do many things. Primarily, I clear deep emotional blockages, and physical and emotional traumas. I fix ‘circuitry' so that the flow of light (light being the Divine Source) can flow through the body without any breaks.

"I help people with their own ability to tap into their Highest Self. I help people to be better at their spiritual work. I help them to figure out their life's work and then to do it well. When I do the energy work, I work to access their energetic information and bring in the person's Divine Blueprint. If people are ready, I can give them direction and help them to work with the Ascended Masters, angels and Guides who have information for them. I can help them to improve their meditation by raising their personal vibrational frequency so that they start to get information. People can begin to receive clear information about their life's work. I am a guide who can give someone an energetic push, so that they can pull in their own information and guidance.

"I connect with the Higher Realms. I connect into the higher frequencies and that is where I do my work. I go into a certain "space" where I connect with clients energetically in the Higher Realms on the higher frequencies (energy vibrating at a faster pace). I connect to the client's Higher Self. My Higher Self works with their Higher Self then it comes down into physical reality.

"Most people who are sensitive or intuitive can feel me working on them. I end up showing up in people's dreams or in the room while they are meditating. They can feel the changes in their body; they can see bits and pieces of what is happening."

Raquel Spencer
Infusions of Light

10:08 am mst

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Visionary Artists

News: On Sunday, I will be set up at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair at the Windmill Inn in Tucson, Arizona. The Windmill Inn is going to be renovated so this may be the last Fair at that location for several months. While the renovation work is being done, we are hoping to find other places to meet. However, if you've been longing to see a psychic, it's best to come this Sunday, May 4.

Question: I would love to hear from anyone who saw Theresa Caputo last week when she was in Tucson. How was the show? Let me know at Thanks!

Visionary Artists

It's hard to imagine that there are many "Visionary Artists" in the world, yet I've interviewed two of them. Both of these women had interesting lives before they figured out that they could use their intuitive artistry to help people. They took different paths to uncover their gifts and begin this work. I guess it doesn't matter how we find our life paths, as long as we follow them.

Visionary Artists create drawings with multiple meanings. The art alone is lovely. However, there are often messages within pieces created by psychics and Mediums. The two Visionary Artists who I interviewed are Susie Plummer in Australia and Melody Krafft in Virginia. In both cases, clients contact these artists and the women are inspired to draw portraits which have special meaning to the clients. As they draw the portraits, the artists often have a sense of who the subject might be, but they don't know for sure. The magic happens when they send the art to the client and the client identifies the subject. The subject is often a deceased relative or a known Spirit Guide.

One of the main differences between these two artists is that Melody's work is based on her mediumship abilities. She clearly sees the deceased and can translate what she sees onto paper. Susie is psychic, and does not think of herself as a Medium, although she occasionally has the same mediumship capabilities.

In terms of artistic background, Susie was never as interested in art as she was in people. As a child, she would go to art galleries and observe the people more than the paintings. While she was not an artist, she had been born into a creative household.

On the other hand, Melody had painted since childhood, and she had also seen people on "the other side." However, Melody worked as a psychologist for many years before she began drawing Spirit Sketches.

I asked both women how their visual artistry had opened and how information came to them. Susie told me that she had always been sensitive. At one point, she had trained as a massage therapist. While massaging hands and feet, she would hear the person's secrets. She found that she could enter deep meditative states. She took workshops and things began happening.

A few years ago, Susie had a spirit drawing done for her by an artist and she thought she might like to be able to do that kind of work for other people. She began to wonder if she was supposed to use art with the information which was coming to her.

At that point, Susie did not know that she had artistic abilities. She bought a box of pastels and started to draw. She thought of a friend and drew a face. When she showed the drawing to her friend, the friend told her that it looked like her deceased mother. Susie had never met the woman's mother. Susie explained, "I don't do much with people who have died. That's mediumship and I really don't want to do that in this life. I work mostly with past lives, angels and Spirit Guides. Sometimes things come through, for example, Archangel Michael might look like the aspects somebody's deceased mother. Or, there might be multiple energies in a drawing."

She added, "The point of all of this is not the psychic phenomenon. The point is to assist each other; to have more love and light in the world; to grow and expand our consciousness and what we know."

From her modest artistic beginnings, things opened up for Susie. Now, when she sits down to draw, everything is there. Many phenomena happen with these drawings. Elements exist in the drawings which she could not have known.

When Susie takes orders for Spirit Guide drawings and angel drawings, she writes down the person's birth date, goes to her studio, does the drawing and mails the drawing to them. She can also work over the phone without having physical contact with the person.

I asked Susie how information came to her and she explained, "I say, ‘I would like a drawing for Mary,' then I start to draw. Sometimes, I have a vision. If I remember what the person looks like, or if they sent me a picture, I will think about the person. Some people send their photos to me. I want to make sure that I am drawing for the correct person. I don't want to do a drawing without permission."

She added, "Sometimes I get a vision before I sit down to do a drawing and sometimes I get a vision after I sit down. Sometimes, I see a color. For example, when I thought of a certain person, yellow came into my head so I picked yellow paper for the drawing. I drew a Mongolian person from a past life. Afterwards, the client told me that yellow had been her deceased mother's favorite color so that was also in the drawing. Sometimes I do the drawing with a vision, and sometimes not. I just start drawing and whatever comes through is for that person."

I asked Melody similar questions. Melody told me that she does many different kinds of work. She is a psychic, a Medium, a teacher, and a healer. According to Melody, the whole purpose of mediumship is healing. It is not a form of entertainment. When people realize that they don't die, it takes fear out of their life. When you remove fear from a person, it opens them up to new experiences. They realize that they are not limited.

Melody added, "When I began this work, I referred to myself as a ‘Visionary Artist,' and I still prefer that term. When you say ‘Psychic Artist,' everyone knows what that is. I personally don't care for that phrase. ‘Visionary Artist' is more descriptive because I actually see the individuals on the other side. It is a step beyond psychic ability. It's really about being a Medium. I can see the other side and I can draw what I see. I can do drawings then match them to photographs. I don't always know who I am drawing. Sometimes I have to depend on the sitter to say, ‘Oh, that's my mom.' Then they can pull out a photo and match it."

I asked Melody how her mediumship abilities had opened. She told me that she had joined a meditation group which was also about soul development. The group would sit in silence and meditate. She started expressing what she was seeing and people confirmed her insights. She allowed herself to develop and trust this ability.

Melody told me, "I see images very clearly. I always have. I can describe who I see and the client will know who it is. Sometimes I don't know who it is in relationship to the client, but I can describe and sketch the spirit person."

She added, "I also do sessions over the phone. If the person is out-of-state, I will do the sketch and tell them if I feel like the subject is a friend or if I feel like the subject is a family member. Then, I'll mail the drawing to them and they will tell me who it is. It's nice to get feedback, but it is not essential, because the reading is about the client, not about me."


Don't you find it fascinating that with just a name, or a name and a birth date, these women can tap into someone's energy and create meaningful, recognizable, drawings?

For more information on Susie and Melody, and to view their drawings, you can go to their websites:

Susie Plummer:

Melody Krafft:


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