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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Channeled Message - Relase the need for Perfection, and have a litle fun

This is a short channeled message which I heard in March. I thought you might enjoy this reminder to release the need for perfection, and to have a little fun.


Good evening one and all.

Just a short note to say don't be concerned about getting things perfect, or "just so." You never get it finished, and there is no such thing as perfection. That is only a state of ego. Have fun with what you are doing and what you experience, regardless of what it is. It is the fun of the creation that drives spirit; that drives the enthusiasm; that drives the need to come back again and again and again.

Being on a planet in a physical body and exploring . . . you can't do that as a spirit and it is another aspect which is very gratifying. Learning to play with the energies, and just having fun, is what life is all about. When we start getting uptight about this or that, it spoils the rewards. Fun is the name of the game and that definition of fun is different for each person. What is fun for one, is not for another, but the experience is rewarding for all.

Be careful with judgment, for there is none. What feels good is what should drive you to where you go. Be easy on yourself. That is the one thing which should be learned.

Remember, you never get it done, you never get it finished. There is always another life, another time to create. Your existence never ends. You have eternity to play any kind of game you wish and allow those games to be rewarding to you.

With that, we will close. We bless you. We love you. Amen.

9:38 am mst

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Evolution of the Soul over Lifetimes

Evolution of the Soul over Lifetimes

I believe that our souls live multiple lifetimes. During each lifetime, we learn and grow. When we leave our physical body, we can't take our shoes or our jewelry, but we can take our knowledge and experience.

Belief. It is difficult to say that there is hard science backing up my belief in reincarnation and the progress of the soul over lifetimes. However, our knowledge base is growing. Back in 1988, Dr. Brian Weiss wrote a book entitled, "Many Lives, Many Masters" (Simon and Schuster). I had not read that ground-breaking book until last week. The word "Masters" had put me off, but when I read the book, I discovered that Dr. Weiss was writing about Master Spirit Guides.

For those of you who are not familiar with "Many Lives, Many Masters," the book chronicles Dr. Weiss' work with a patient. Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist. His patient has phobias and anxieties. After employing traditional psychological techniques with limited success, he decides to use hypnosis to help this woman uncover the root causes of her anxieties. He has found that anxieties are often rooted in childhood events from this lifetime. To his surprise, Dr. Weiss finds that, under hypnosis, this patient recalls past lives which go back centuries. In the book, she reveals that she has lived 86 lifetimes on Earth.

Through the course of her hypnosis-filled treatment, the woman uncovers the past-life situations which have sparked her current-life phobias. She makes huge progress overcoming her issues. Somehow, reliving past lives releases the issues. Her anxieties dissipate.

"Many Lives, Many Masters" is not a scientific study. It was one of the first widely-read English books which presented the concept of souls moving through multiple lifetimes. Since 1988, many more books have been written and many studies have been undertaken. Between the anecdotes and the science, there is growing evidence of life after death. However, people can believe whatever they choose to believe about whether or not reincarnation is real.

To me, the soul's evolution over lifetimes makes sense. We live. We experience. We learn. We leave our physical bodies to rest, rejuvenate, and decide where we want to go next and what we want to experience.

One of the new things I am learning from this book is about patience. On page 112, Dr. Weiss presents a message from a Spirit Master:

"Patience and timing . . . everything comes when it must come. A life cannot be rushed, cannot be worked on a schedule as so many people want it to be. We must accept what comes to us at a given time, and not ask for more. But life is endless, so we never die; we were never really born. We just pass through different phases. There is no end. Humans have many dimensions. But time is not as we see time, but rather in lessons that are learned."

On page 124, Dr. Weiss asks, "Why do we come back to learn? Why can't we learn as spirits?"

The answer is:

"Those are different levels of learning, and we must learn some of them in the flesh. We must feel the pain. When you're a spirit you feel no pain. It is period of renewal. Your soul is being renewed. When you're in physical state in the flesh, you can feel pain; you can hurt. In spiritual form you do not feel. There is only happiness, a sense of well-being. But it's a renewal period for . . . us. The interaction between people in the spiritual form is different. When you are in physical state . . . you can experience relationships."

In the book's conclusion, Dr. Weiss sums up what he has learned:

"Our bodies are temporary. We are souls. We are immortal; we are eternal. We never die; we merely transform to a heightened state of consciousness, no longer needing a physical body. We are always loved. We are never alone, and we can never be harmed, not at this level.

"We all have lessons to learn in the school called Earth. We need to comprehend completely the concepts of compassion, love, non-violence, non-judgment, non-prejudice, patience, generosity and charity, and hope. We need to recognize the deception and traps of the ego and how to transcend them. We must become aware of the interconnectedness of all living beings, that energy connects us all, and that there is no death, only life.

"There are other lessons as well. We do not have to master all these lessons in one lifetime. We can reincarnate into physical bodies as often as we need, in order to learn and master these lessons."

"Many Lives, Many Masters" was a quick, easy book to read. It was completely consistent with the information from the psychics and energy workers with whom I have spoken. Many of the psychics have told me about their past lives, and about meeting people in this lifetime who they remember from past lives.

I highly recommend this book. Have you read it? Let me know what you thought about the book and about the idea of spiritual evolution over lifetimes.


1:11 pm mst

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - The Pros and Cons of Psychic Ability

Today's Quote from a Psychic is longer than most quotes, and well-worth the read. 

I asked Nancy Parsons, "What are the pluses and minuses to being psychic?"

Nancy answered:

"In my opinion, the minus is that it is a huge responsibility to give people information that may, or may not, change the course of their life, the way they operate, or how they think. That's a lot of Karma if it's not done in an ethical, integrity-spent way.

"When I decided to do readings on a regular basis, I went to (for lack of a better image) G-d's desk and said, 'Excuse me, I would like to be of service. I raise my right hand and I swear to give information which comes only through you, not through my ego or my alter-ego. I promise that before every reading, and that before I open to give psychic information or spiritual information, that I will set aside my ego and work only through your information. The information which may be channeled to me through my spiritual teachers (non-physical teachers) and Guides speaking with the client's spiritual teachers, Guides, and family members, will only be through you, G-d.'

"If it's meant to be, it will flow through me. If it's not, it won't. It's that simple. I'm sharing information, but I'm still a human being. I have to have trust and faith that I'm working through G-d, but there might be that little part of my alter-ego, or one of my 'Little Nancys,' who stands up and says, 'Are you sure that's correct?' I have to tell that part of me to be quiet.

"My alter-ego has opinions about Gail and what Gail should do with her book. I promised G-d that 'Little Nancy' would shut her mouth until the reading was over. I know that the information coming through me is the information I am hearing or seeing directly through G-d. Not through my 'Little Nancy' who might have an opinion too. My 'Emotional Nancy,' who might react to someone who is crying, is not giving the information.

"When you open your heart and your spiritual self to provide information to someone else, you are saying, 'I know something and I'm giving you that information.' While they have free will and can say, 'I'm not doing that!' or 'Thank You,' it is still the thing which has entered their mind; that little thought that says, 'Well maybe I should leave my husband.' Personally, I've never told anyone that they should leave their husband, but I can tell if they have been in danger or in an abusive situation. I can speak to abuse, but I don't say, 'Sell your home, leave your husband, find another job.' I'm very careful with my words because of the huge responsibility. You don't want to tell anyone how to run their life. That is not your job. Your job is to give them information which may assist them on their journey. The Karmic responsibility can be a downside."

I asked, "What are the pluses?"

Nancy responded:

"When you present the love of one family member to another, there is nothing better. It's just 'yummy.' That's about the only way to describe it. It's just 'yummy' to feel. It's almost like a high. Love is a high. And when you can share that love with someone who has lost a parent or a child, and you can offer that information, even if it's just as trite as 'They love you' it's . . ."

You actually feel it?

"Oh, I definitely have felt it. It's one of my lessons. I have to learn to deliver messages and not necessarily have the same experience. It's a growth process for me. I have an associate who said, 'You know, you need to protect your heart. You can't go through everyone's experience or feelings.' But sometimes the love is so overwhelming that you can't help it. Sometimes, the love is so overwhelming that I get choked up. It's like if you were hugged by 40 people, what would you do? You would feel it was awesome."


Thank you for these insights Nancy!

Nancy can be contacted at 520-888-3834.

11:22 am mst

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Recording your Psychic Readings

Recording your Psychic Readings

When you sit down with a psychic, the psychic will have lots to say. Perhaps the two of you will discuss your love life, your work life, your relatives, or your upcoming events. In the moment, it's easy to hear every word but, afterwards, it may be difficult to remember exactly what a psychic has said. If you want to remember the details, it is important to record the reading.

Some people feel that their memory is pretty good and that they will remember the highlights of a reading. Other people think that they can write notes efficiently and that they will remember what was said. For me, I need to record the reading to capture the ideas. I used to carry a small tape recorder with me. Now I carry an even smaller digital voice recorder. I don't own a smartphone, but I've seen lots of folks at the psychic fair using smartphones to record readings.

I have a friend who had a reading with a psychic three years ago. A few months ago, I asked this friend what she had thought about the reading now that several years had passed? Had the information been useful? Had the predictions come true?

My friend told me that there had been much useful information in the reading; however, she had been put off by one thing the psychic had said about her future. While my friend was interested in a nursing career, the psychic had said that my friend wasn't a nurse so much as she saw her as a teacher. In the interim since the reading, my friend had gone to nursing school and (woo-hoo!) is now an RN with a great job. She had been slightly resentful of the psychic's view that she wouldn't become an RN and that, instead, she would become a teacher.

I asked my friend to go back and listen to the actual recording of the psychic reading and see if she accurately remembered what the psychic had said. Guess what? The overall impression of the psychic's reading had been remembered, but the psychic had not actually said that this woman should not become a nurse. My friend told me, "In my memory of the reading I wrote that she said ‘no, not a nurse.' But she didn't say that at all. She just thought that I wouldn't be a traditional nurse because she saw me more in a teaching and creative role."

I am certain that this woman will be a creative, educational, nurse.

The way we remember events, especially as time passes, morphs. We think we remember, but the details can be lost.

One of the fun things I've done since working on this Project is go back to the notes from my readings from 25 years ago. Apparently, the first psychic I spoke with was very accurate. She predicted that I would soon meet my husband and have two children. Over the years, I have been to many more psychics. Some have been accurate and some have not. Many of them have picked up where I was in the moment; the things with which I was struggling. They knew who I was and gave me extremely valuable information about myself and my close family. I love going back to the original notes, or recordings, to see how things turned out.

Back to the point of this blog post: If you talk with a psychic, record your readings. The recordings are the only way to ensure that, years later, you can recall exactly what a psychic said.

Any questions or comments? Send them to me at


11:15 am mst

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Channeled Message

Quote from a Channeler

I heard this channeled message in December and thought I would share it with you today:

"Experience the freedom, the freedom of doing and being whatever you want. Freedom. Freedom. Ignore that which is on the outer, and experience the freedom you have within. The freedom of choosing your own path. The freedom of not being tied down to anything. Doesn't that sound like fun? It is in your grasp. It is in your hand presently and it just takes a little tweaking of your thought process. The freedom to be anything and everything. The freedom to experience anything and everything. Your choice. Your choice. Think of it. Embrace it. Bring it into creation.

"Spread the word. The more who are aware, the greater that we see the change here; Heaven on earth. The more you visualize Heaven on earth, the quicker it will be manifested in your view. Seek it out and you shall find it. Visualize it, and it is there. How fun.

"Each person you meet is your brother or sister. Make that conscious awareness as you look into the eyes of another, that you are standing before your self. And those that aggravate you, look into your self to understand why. It has been said for a long, long time when you see something in another that you don't like, it is because that something is within you.

"Forgive. Don't need to forgive if there is nothing to forgive. Surround yourself with those who love you and who you love. Those that annoy you, wait till next life. Choose your life and make it joyous in everything you do, and with everyone you come in contact with. Don't feel obligated because of past history. Don't feel obligated because of relationships. On the other side of the veil, there is never anything to forgive. We all understand. When one crosses over . . . all Spirit understands that this is just a play, it is just a game. There are no hard feelings on the other side. Nothing to forgive. Let that settle on your hearts. Let that be a way of life, for it brings a lot of joy. There are no regrets."

11:59 am mst

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Unbelievable (yet True) Angel Story

Unbelievable (yet True) Angel Story

Many people have told me that they see, and work with, angels. As I understand things, angels are messengers who whisper in our ears. They are beings which have never incarnated on Earth. In contrast, Spirit Guides have lived on earth, crossed to the other side and agreed to stay in the spiritual world for a while to guide those of us in physical bodies. So, imagine my surprise when I interviewed Jesse Ann Nichols George and she told me that, after a set of Near-Death Experiences, she had begun her angel training while still on earth. She is a real person who is becoming an angel. Rare? Impossible?

Here's Jesse's story. My questions are in Italics.

Jesse: I've always known that this is my last incarnation. I actually was meant to leave this incarnation sooner and I opted to start my angel work and the work which goes on beyond human incarnation while in this lifetime as a human. It was unheard of. Even in the spiritual community, people were surprised. No conscious, evolved soul does that. I had my gifts revoked. I had all spiritual assistance yanked from me during that period because they didn't agree with my decision.

I don't understand what you are saying. What happened?
Nearly 20 years ago, I was in a car accident and I left my body. I was supposed to die and begin my angel training, but I wanted to stay on Earth. There was a panel who said that this hadn't been done before and that if I went back into this body and started my angel lessons and angel work as a human incarnation, that they could not help me anymore. I would not have any help. I knew that a lot of people needed to be awakened and that they were not going to get it from an angel or a Spirit Guide. They had to hear it from another human being. It had to come from a human. I am volunteering to do that work.

After talking to the panel, I was shoved back into my body and I hit really hard times. I had no help. I had no spiritual presence around me. Everything in my life was falling apart, but I kept connecting with people who were at big crossroads in their lives and they kept turning their lives around. One person went from being strung out on drugs to being the totally-clean president of a radio station. He earned the custody of his kids back. He said that no one had ever believed in him. He asked, "Where did you come from? You're an angel." Each of these people kept telling me I was an angel and that their lives kept transforming. I thought it was bizarre. I knew I was an angel, but how strange was that? When I was selling gemstones and crystals in Arizona, I walked in a friend's door and she told me I was an angel. People kept calling me an angel. It was interesting.

Then, maybe seven or eight years ago, I was on the way to see a friend and I was driving down the street. I had a very weird sensation. I looked in my rear view mirror and a car was coming at me from behind. It wasn't slowing down or changing lanes. All of the sudden, I felt myself jump out of my body (I didn't want to feel this crash!). While out of my body, I was still physically driving my car and watching things. This car came up behind me and passed through my car; right through the driver's side. I was looking around trying to figure out what was happening. The other car materialized in front of my car. It was a real, physical, car. I didn't know what had happened.

All of the sudden, the panel who had been there when I had died, which had disagreed with my decision to go back into my body, told me that I had just passed my test. They were with me again. They apologized for having had to put me through the test period. They didn't believe that this could be done. They began giving me their assistance again. After that, things improved in my life. It was the most bizarre thing.

How is that possible? It was a real car?
It was a real car and it went through my car. The driver acted like I wasn't even in the lane. The period of time from when I had died in the first car accident, until I had survived the second car accident, had been a test.

So, there's an angel sitting across the table from me? I have to ask you more things . . . I just don't know what they are!
This is not a concept which people delve into. I have tried to research angels incarnated on Earth.

It doesn't happen because angels are not incarnated on Earth. As I understand things, Spirit Guides have lived on Earth, have crossed to the other side, and can help people. Angels aren't supposed to have lived in bodies. Angels are messengers.
There is no definition of it except that angels show up in our lives, sometimes through people, but they are not actually here working.

This is a foreign concept. I started my angel lessons here. That's when my work evolved from working with energy to becoming a more-transformational tool. It's really only been this year that I have said that I would truly embrace my messenger side. I would be an active catalyst. Instead of allowing people to come to me, I would be pro-active.

There is a related precedence for all of this in Eastern Traditions in the story of Tara the Universal Mother. I had embraced her energy during this time. She is known, like Kwan Yin, as the Mother Goddess of Compassion.

What else can I ask you as an angel?
I actually am a spirit, not just communicating with spirits. I find myself looking at things with a different perspective. As an angel, I'm much more focused on the big, universal picture. It's about helping people. We place judgments on things. Life is not about that. We need to act regardless of our judgments. I have to be very flexible, open, and willing to ride with things.

* * *
What do think of this angel story? Have you seen angels working in your life? Let me know what you think.


P.S.: I drew the name of the chakra-balancing pendant winner and she is Liz A. Congratulations Liz! If you want your own chakra-balancing pendant, check out the Jewelry Page of this website.

9:10 am mst

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Jesse Ann Nichols George

Quote from a Psychic

Jesse Ann Nichols George explained all of her gifts to me when I interviewed her. Then I asked, "Are you also psychic?" Jesse replied:

Yes. I am a 13th generation psychic, intuitive, spiritual healer and advisor. When I traced it back, I found that many of my relatives worked through the churches. They would pray, or meditate, with the person with whom they were working.

You have 13 generations worth of information . . .
I'm holding a lot of power.

Many of my relatives worked through church systems to do spiritual healing and advising. I found relatives who sat on juries at the Salem witch trials. In my family, we have Wiccans, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Catholics, Christians, Mormons and more. It's a big mix of religions. The people who sat on the Salem juries were creating an opening for churches and belief systems to unify in the New England colony. Even though they were sitting on the juries, they were helping innocent people to escape persecution. They were freeing them and sending them to other developments.

I can trace my relatives back to England and to northern Europe. I have a relative who was brought in by the team of 12 scholars who translated the Bible. He was the 13th person and has been recognized in one or two places. He was brought in to clarify and finish the translation.

It is interesting to be the 13th generation. My birthday is November 13 and I was born on Friday, the 13th. "Thirteen" has always resonated with me.

Later in the interview she added:

When it's passed down through generations, the more that it is actively worked with, the more it is strengthened. If you hit a link in the family where it is ignored, it can settle down. On the other hand, that settling down can also be power building because the energy has no outlet. It's like boiling water in a pot with a tight lid; it creates pressure. Someone has to release the pressure.

Jesse Ann Nichols George

10:42 am mst

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Psychic Superpowers

Psychic Superpowers

If you could have one psychic ability, what would it be? This is like picking a personal superpower.

Would you like to see ghosts or talk to deceased relatives?

Let your imagination wander for a moment. Take a breath. Relax.

Would you like to hear messages? Who would the messages come from? Psychics communicate with Spirit Guides, angels, Ascended Masters, their Higher Self, and God.

Would you like to know things? Just have them pop into your head?

Would you like to know about the folks you meet? Are they good guys or bad? Do they drink too much? Can they heal others?

What about feelings? Would you like to feel what other people feel? Would you prefer to experience physical or emotional empathy?

Would you choose to be an instrument of healing? Would you enjoy having medical intuition or being able to bring healing energy into a person's body?

Would you like to see, hear, or know about future events?

There are many psychic abilities. Some of the most common are seeing (either in the mind or in the physical world), hearing, knowing, and feeling.

Other psychic abilities include: smelling aromas and tasting items which aren't physically present (but provide a clue as to what is going on), seeing and feeling auras, knowing about a person by holding one of their belongings (like a wallet), having prophetic dreams, receiving information about past lives, communicating with nature spirits, performing automatic writing, channeling information, and communicating with animals.

In addition, psychics can learn skills like Reiki (a way to channel energy) and chakra balancing, and can also learn to use tools, such as Tarot cards and crystal balls.

From the wide array of psychic skills, the one I would select is "hearing from my Spirit Guides." I would love to get good information about the priorities in my life. I would like some direction which I felt came from an entity who had my best interest at heart. I would like clear communication so that I could know that I am on the right track. I want reliable life guidance.

In the physical world, many people have trouble hearing. They use hearing aids. Someone needs to invent high-frequency hearing aids so we can all hear from Spirit Guides.

How about you? Seeing? Hearing? Knowing? What's your wish? Send your thoughts to me at Or, post them on My Psychic Search Facebook Page.


P.S. The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be held this Sunday, April 6, at the Windmill Inn in Tucson, Arizona. I'll be there with my book and my chakra-balancing pendants. Smile

10:44 am mst

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Healing Work

Quote from a Psychic - Healing Work

Last summer, I interviewed a Tarot card reader named Maryushka. In addition to reading cards, she also performs healing work, and I asked her about this work. She replied:

"I can do cleansings. I can feel where people hurt. I work in their aura. I feel issues in their aura.

"I had a healing group in my home for about 15 years. We met every week. We would sit in a circle and do a meditation prayer. Each person brought the names of people who needed healing. Once in a while, a person would come who wanted us to work on them in person.

"When I am working in a circle and we concentrate on one name, I can find the person. We are in lines. We are in energy bands and I can actually find them. Here now [circling a hand in the air], I feel it's all the same energy in this space, but if we name someone who is hurting, I can literally find them. I can find their band of energy and hold them in my hand. Not as a person, as an energy. I am able to direct energy to them. I am a conduit. It's not that I'm doing the healing. It's never me. I am bringing the energy in and it is going through me and out to them. By being able to find them, it's very powerful. I know when I'm "on" because I can find them.

"One of the most interesting things happened when I was working on my grandfather-in-law who was very ill. One day, I sat down and I couldn't find him. You know why I couldn't find him? He had died an hour earlier. His energy was gone from this plane, the plane from which I could reach him."


11:03 am mst

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