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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Motivations, Choices, and Experiences

Motivations, Choices, and Experiences

I am a detailed dreamer. As I sleep, my elaborate dreams are full of people and places. I often remember my dreams and write them down when I wake up. Today, I am going to share a series of dreams which I had a couple of weeks ago. Three nights in a row, these experiences built upon each other. Here goes.

Morning 1, I woke up having had a dream about motivation. We need to figure out what motivates us. Are we working for money? For fame? To bring joy to others? How about personal/soul growth? What is the motivation for what we are trying to accomplish in life? We choose our motivations and they determine the rest of our life.

Morning 2, I woke up having had a dream about choices. I had written a book about life choices. Once we understand our motivations, we make appropriate choices. If we are trying to make money, we make one set of choices. If we are striving for soul growth, we make a different set of choices. We determine what we want in our lives. In this dream, I was in an auditorium teaching a class about Life Choices, just winging it, and it was going well.

Morning 3, I woke up hearing, "Life is not a morality play. It is an adventure." Wow. That blew me away. Life is not a morality play? What does that mean? I think it goes back to March 13's discussion of whether we are here to learn lessons, or just to have experiences. If life is not a morality play, it means that all of our choices don't have to be the moral ones. Some people can make "immoral" choices so that they can have a lifetime of experiences which suit their needs. To me, this is an upside down way of looking at things.

Personally, I am not a risk taker. I prefer the "high road" of moral choices so that I can look in the mirror and feel good about myself. Is that ego talking? Is my life missing the thrill of adventure? Of stepping out of my self-imposed box?

Lessons vs. experiences? Perhaps we are here to experience things but, in the experience, we learn who we are. We don't need to think of this as making an effort to learn lessons. Instead, the lessons appear after the fact. Yes, we tried a new experience just for the fun of it and look what happened - we learned something about ourselves.

Comments? Questions? Feel free to contact me at

Now, for the "business" part of this post:

This weekend, March 28 - 30, I will be set up at the Tucson Museum of Art Spring Artisans Market. If you are in Tucson, please stop by and say "Hello."

New news: I have loaded another e-book onto Trish Silay's story is now available as a "Psychics Speak" e-book. Trish is one of those people who thought she was crazy until she discovered that she was psychic. She works with the "One Brain" system to help people integrate both sides of their brain and access their higher consciousness. You can read more about Trish on the Psychics Speak page of this website.

Have a great week!


10:20 am mst

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quote from a Visionary Artist - Melody Krafft

 Quote from a Visionary Artist

"The material world which we live in has been created out of our thoughts. If we create something which is not out of love, it is illusionary. Fear is illusionary. If we are in the space of love, and recognize that the essence of who we are is love, then we are aligned with the Source of everything. Some people call it G-d, some people call it the Great Spirit. We are all from that consciousness which created everything. We have infinite potential within us. Most people just don't realize that because they are in the space of fear and scarcity. When you start learning that you really are love, you have access to wonderful things."

Melody Krafft

I shared today's quote with you because I have heard the same message from many psychics and Intuitives. This has become a theme: We are the co-creators of our lives, and we have infinite potential.


Here are a two more things you might find interesting:

Over the weekend, I was interviewed on a TV show called, "Kermie and the Angels." The title may sound a little odd, but Kermie is a woman who has spoken to angels for many years. I'll let you know when there is a link to the show. I really appreciated the opportunity to be on TV. It was my first on-camera interview about this work.

This coming weekend, I'll be set up at the Tucson Museum of Art Spring Artisans Market. If you feel like chatting with me, please stop by. The show will run from Friday through Sunday and the Museum is in downtown Tucson. 

11:04 am mst

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cherie Fraine, Psychic, Reiki Master, Shamanic Journeys
  Quote from a Psychic

I asked psychic Cherie Fraine, "What do people ask about? Are there common themes and topics?"

She answered:

"They ask if they are doing the right thing. Should they apply for a certain job? If they apply for the job, will they get it? If they have not applied for the job yet, I can't tell them much because they have not done anything to get the job. If they haven't applied, they haven't made the "cause" which can lead to the "effect" of getting the job. Should they apply for the job? Of course! Especially, if it's something they want to do. They have to open the door. Within certain parameters, I can tell them things fairly clearly, but if they haven't done anything, everything is still up in the air.

"People ask about jobs, about boyfriends and girlfriends, whether they should or shouldn't get married. I tell them that if they don't know what to do, they shouldn't do anything. When they absolutely have to do something, they will know exactly what to do."

Cherie Fraine

I like the idea that we must make an effort to move forward in life. Before the Universe can help us get the job, we have to apply for it! It's not all about what the Universe can do for us. We have to show initiative, then the Universe can assist us.

Cherie Fraine is the subject of the tenth interview which has become a Kindle e-book. Cherie is a Psychic and a Reiki Master. She also takes people on Shamanic Journeys so that they can have their own psychic experiences. In the 1970s, Cherie went through a testing process and was certified as 95% - 100% accurate. In her interview, Cherie discusses the difference between "spirit time" and "people time," and explains how she uses Tarot cards to determine the timing of future events. Cherie noted that many people with psychic abilities are here as volunteers to help other people get to the place where they won't have to come back anymore.

I am placing the psychics' interviews in the Kindle store so that people can read the details of the conversations. It takes about 30 minutes to read each interview. They cost 99 cents. If you want to read about Cherie, click here. If you want to see short bios of the 10 people who have interviews online, check the Psychics Speak page of this website.

New news. Saturday night I am going to be interviewed by Kermie Wohlenhaus for her local cable-access TV show. The show will be aired later. I'm excited about this upcoming interview. I'll let you know when you can watch it on TV or as a You-Tube video (Isn't that how things are done these days? Directly from the studio to the TV to You-Tube). Wish me luck!


9:44 am mst

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Blog. Speak. Write.

Blog. Speak. Write.

I spent the weekend at the Tucson Festival of Books, strolling from workshops to panel discussions to presentations. I heard tons of advice for writing and marketing our work. I met authors, bloggers, lawyers, and TV personalities. Let me share what I heard.


Writers must blog to interact with readers. And, because blogging is writing, we are the people most apt to enjoy this activity. In the past, bloggers were told to stick to their topic most of the time. The new advice is that we can blog about anything. People read blogs to learn about a topic (such as psychics), but they also read to get to know the author. Did you ever have a friend who talked about only one thing? Boring. Taking this to heart, I'll try to branch out and hit a few topics. Anyone want to hear about my dog? My car? What I ate for dinner?

As for technical issues, we were advised that every blog entry should have a photo, a discussion, and internal tags, so that the blog can be indexed by Google and people can find the work. You'll note that my blogs don't have these items. My web hosting software doesn't allow those features. What should I do? I could change to another host and lose all the information on this site, but that doesn't make sense. I'll mull this over (again) then, perhaps, I'll blog about it. Smile


One way for writers to promote ideas is to speak to groups. So far, I've done five Book Talks in front of generally small audiences. I need to find new venues. Do any of you belong to groups which are looking for speakers?

At the Book Festival, I picked up a brochure for Toastmasters, the organization which trains speakers, and I may give that a whirl. I also ran into a colleague who asked if I wanted to be on her TV show this weekend to talk about my work. Serendipity. Of course, I would like to be a guest. [This is where we get back to the psychic/spiritual work. Was it just a coincidence that people told me to speak more, then a great opportunity came my way? We call that "synchronicity."]

We'll tape the show this weekend and, if I don't embarrass myself, I'll let you know where and when you can view it.


So far, I've written five years of blogs, published a book about psychics, and uploaded about 10 e-book interviews. Authors need to publish a variety of books so that readers have choices. For a couple of years, I've been wondering what my next book might be. I think I need to write a shorter book about psychic abilities. The first book contains "Everything I ever wanted to know . . ." but not everyone wants to know that much. Some people prefer shorter books. Or, I could develop a book about psychic readings from the client's point of view. You know, "How working with a psychic changed my life." What do you think? What do you want to read?

Other things I heard at the Book Festival:

We are still discussing legacy publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid publishing. Everyone must pick the path which is right for them.

We discussed editing, publicity, book covers, social media, social media, and social media. I blog, am on Facebook (My Psychic Search), and Tweet (@GailKushner). Apparently, I should also pin, tumble, and post photos of cats.

Things I did not hear:

I didn't hear an e-book discussion. E-books are part of life. They are no longer a subject of debate. People assume that every printed book will become an e-book (but not that every e-book will be printed).

I didn't hear much about technology, book formatting, or how to upload books to CreateSpace or Lightning Source. It seems that these jobs have been handed over to the experts. Writers write. When possible, they hire people to format and upload their books. They hire editors and cover designers. Writers no longer need to be techies. We need to work with our strengths.

However, farming out the editorial and techie work increases the up-front publishing costs. It costs around $2-5,000 to produce a book. This is after the author has worked without pay for months, or years, to write the book. Book development costs are incurred by the author even if the book is brought to market by a traditional publisher. These days, authors must hire editors and do marketing. Traditional publishers no longer provide complete editing. Have you noticed that recently-published books have typos and plot inconsistencies? The traditional levels of editing are no longer being provided by publishers. Authors are now responsible for hiring out this work.

To my surprise, this figure of $2-5000 did not include the cost of book printing. However, a couple of authors said that this cost did include uploading the book to a Print-On-Demand (POD) site. When a reader purchases a book from a POD site, the reader pays the printing and shipping costs. Authors no longer need to print hundred of books and wait for someone to buy them. The downside to the author is that they make little money from POD books.

So much to know. So much to do. So much to be. It's a lot, but it's great to have choices and control over our products. Twenty years ago, none of this was possible. Now, we can write about ancient wisdom while using 21st Century technology. Life is good.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


10:00 am mst

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Learning Lessons vs. Having Experiences

Learning Lessons vs. Having Experiences

Why are we here?

Psychics are able to tap into information from "the other side," because there is "another side." We are all souls traveling back and forth between the physical and non-physical realms. Why do we keep coming back? We circle through lifetimes, gathering the experiences which help our souls evolve. We try new activities just to see what they are like. In doing these activities, we learn about ourselves and we strive towards perfecting our soul.

When I first began interviewing psychics, they told me that we were here to learn lessons. However, the message changed as I interviewed more and more people. What did it change to? Two parts: (1) the only lesson we are here to learn is to love ourselves; and (2) other than that, we are here to experience things. Most of our challenges help us to refine our perception of ourselves; to better understand and appreciate ourselves. Every other experience is just about trying something new and having some fun. Trying a new food just to see if we like it. Traveling to a new place just to find out what it is like. Talking to someone who we don't know well.

We are born with an overview of the things we are here to experience, such as marriage, love, wealth, or poverty. We also have a project to work on which contributes to society. We have pre-arranged the people we are to meet to achieve our goals. The basics are outlined, but we still have free will. With our free will, we can try anything which appeals to us.

This week, try something new just to see how it goes. Try a new restaurant, or a new walking path. Try to learn something or have some fun. It's a big beautiful world of experiences. Pick one.

For my adventure, I am going to the Tucson Festival of Books this weekend. It should be a wonderful event.

"Psychics Speak" Update

"Psychics Speak" is the name I've given to my interview-publishing work. One by one, I am uploading the individual interviews with the psychics so that book readers can fully understand what it is like to be psychic. Earlier this week, I published the interview with Erik Von Assman. Erik is an Empath, a Reiki Master, and a Spiritual Counselor. You can find Erik's story as a short Kindle e-book. It only costs 99 cents to find out what it is like to live in two worlds at once.

Discover the other interviews which have been uploaded by clicking on the "Psychics Speak" page of this website. Then, purchase a few and let me know what you think.

Have a great week!


9:48 am mst

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Are we pieces of a Universal Mind?

Quote from a Psychic - Are we pieces of a Universal Mind?

During our interview, Gary Wimmer said:

"If everything could be known, does that imply that the future is written in stone? The answer is, 'No.' The whole creation experience is, first of all, just an imagination. It can change the rules at any moment and be something else. It just falls from Possibility A to Possibility B. We don't even notice the shift. It's an invisible shift of consciousness that creates one outcome, instead of another outcome. Russia and the U.S. could have blown each other up during the Cold War, but we didn't. A good step for mankind."

I asked: Do you think we're just pieces of a universal mind?
"Absolutely. Absolutely. Without question."

It's a whole different way of thinking about things.
"Yes, but we are indeed all parts of one Universal and Infinite Mind, aspects of Infinite imagination. As earth souls, we usually incarnate into groups, like families, societies, countries and/or cultures, and we experience group mindsets and challenges, as well as individual ones. There are infinite creations out there, some physical and some not.

"We are the earthly souls, and we go through these earth lives for numerous reasons, but it's all by choice. There are no accidents; there are no coincidences. Everything is cause and effect, and we are here by cause and effect. Divine Imagination endowed us with free will, choice and creativity, and what we experience is what we created, collectively and individually."

Gary Wimmer

11:44 am mst

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Six Interview Questions for Me

Six Interview Questions

I was interviewed by a student for his English class. I thought you might find this interesting. These are his questions and my answers.

Question 1: What do psychics believe in?

If you are asking about religion, I have interviewed psychics from all religious backgrounds. People grew up in whatever religious tradition their family followed. Along the way, they discovered that they had gifts and were able to communicate directly with unseen entities, such as angels, Spirit Guides, or God. What they believe in is a larger picture of our universe where there are spirits which we cannot see, but which we can contact for information which informs our lives. There is a bigger earth system which includes both the physical system and the non-physical system. Then, there is an even bigger universe in which we live.

As souls, we travel from "side" to "side." By that I mean that sometimes we have incarnations on earth, and sometimes we exist on "the other side." Only, "the other side" isn't really a "side." It is a form of energy which vibrates at a higher frequency than we can see. The other side can be right next to us, but we are not aware of it because most of us don't see it. The best metaphor I have heard is that we can't see spirits on the other side because they are vibrating too quickly for us to see them. It's like a fan. When the fan is at rest, you see the blades. But, when the fan is working, the blades are rotating too fast to see the individual blades.

Souls have many incarnations in physical bodies so that they can experience all facets of life. Sometimes they experience being poor, sometimes they experience being rich. Souls can show up as any ethnicity, race, or gender, just to see what that life experience is like.

Another major concept which people have shared is that they believe that there is a universal force working throughout the universe. You can call this force God, or Source, or All that Is. This energy source is composed of love. Love is the force which keeps the universe in motion.

Question 2: How does someone become a psychic, or are you born with it?

Most people who are highly intuitive were born with the gift. They had odd experiences as children and, later, figured out that they were psychic. Perhaps they saw ghosts, or they knew what someone was thinking before the words were said. These children thought everyone was like that, but when they shared what they knew, they were told it was just their imagination. They often shut down their abilities until they figured out that they were psychic and began to wonder what they could do. Then, they explored their gifts.

A few of the people who I interviewed were born into this life remembering the other side, knowing about their gifts, and knowing what they came here to do. Other people had normal childhoods and were able to develop their gifts through years of work and study.

Question 3: How do visions work?

Well, the quick answer is "people see them." That's how visions work. I think the deeper question you are asking is how does inter-realm communication work? Lots of answers to that question.

I have a whole checklist of psychic abilities. Some people tell me that they see images in their mind; other people tell me that they can see things in real life. For example, they will see someone's deceased relative standing next to that person. They will see the deceased person wearing an outfit, or doing something, which will help the client identify the spirit. For example, they will see an older guy, smoking a pipe with cherry tobacco, and the client will know that that is their grandfather.

Other psychics don't see things. Instead, they may hear words or phrases. They can hear this voice in their head or "out there."

Other psychics don't see or hear information. Instead they just "know." One psychic told me that she could know something as clearly as I could know that my computer was in front of me.

Other psychics "feel" information. They are empathic and can feel whatever the client is feeling. They use this sense to help the person look at an issue and discover new perspectives.

Some psychics just open their mouths and words come pouring out. They allow information to flow from Spirit, through them, to the client.

All of the psychics with whom I have spoken tell me that they do this work to help people. It would be much easier to keep quiet about their gifts, but they know that they were given these gifts so that they could help their friends and clients to live better, richer lives.

Question 4: I was wondering if there was a uniform psychic way of doing something? From what you have said it seems like there is no one way of doing something but multiple ways.

You're right. There is no uniform way of being psychic. Everyone has a unique way of doing their work. Somehow, they manage to tap into an invisible information source.

Question 5: Is there a difference between Hollywood psychics and real psychics?

The big difference between Hollywood psychics and real psychics is that Hollywood psychics seem to get huge, clear messages. Actual psychics get bits and pieces of messages and information which they share with their client. The psychic tries to put the bits and pieces together to make a clear message, but the psychic doesn't want to interpret the message because they don't want to put their own spin on it.

Question 6: It sounds like people from any culture or race or religion can become a psychic. Is this true?

Yes, people from all races, religions, cultures, ethnicities, and genders can be psychic.


There is so much more to this that I could write a whole book. Wait! I did. I wrote a book entitled, "My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives." I also have five years worth of blogs which should answer all of your other questions.

Thank you!

9:08 am mst

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Animal Communication

Quote from a Psychic - Animal Communication

I asked Erik Von Assman, an empath, if he was able to communicate with animals and this is what he told me:

"I love animals. Communicating with animals is soft and gentle. They don't have lives in their heads. They are "cleaner." They can be easier to read than humans. Sometimes people just have static in their heads.

"We have an empathic connection. I feel what they feel. Mammals and birds are very interesting. A couple of generations back there was a powerful animal psychic in my family.

"Personally, I really like grey squirrels and raccoons. I used to make friends with raccoons. I would sit outside and gossip with them. I used to have animals show up at my apartment in Port Townsend. One day a small, orange cat ran in through an open door, laid by my bedroom and curled up. I bond well with cats. Cats understand me."

Erik Von Assman

10:28 am mst

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