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Thursday, February 27, 2014

When Psychics Die

When Psychics Die

A psychic/Medium friend of mine had a psychic friend die a couple of weeks ago. The dying woman lingered in hospice care for quite a while. She was at the edge of life, and she hung on much longer than people expected. You might think that a psychic, knowing what lay ahead and knowing that she would be out of pain, would be eager to move on. At least, that's what I thought.

My psychic/Medium friend often visited the dying woman, as did many members of their church community. My friend suspected that the sick woman was not leaving her body because she was giving her church family time to come together. Some of these people had not seen each other for a while and this woman's "lingering" provided the opportunity for them to reconnect.

Then, the sick woman died. She shed her physical body and her energy shifted into the non-physical realm.

So, what happens when psychics die? Mediums on this side are still able to communicate with them.

My friend talked with her deceased friend and asked why she had hung on so long? The woman replied that all of her visitors had held her hand and loved her, and she had basked in the love of the people who came to say good-bye. It felt good. Even unconscious, she felt their love.

When someone is ready to leave their physical body, an Angel of Transition comes to assist them. We might hold a frightening concept of the Grim Reaper, or the Angel of Death, but these images are not accurate. The Angel of Transition helps the person understand what is happening and comforts them. This Angel surrounds the person with love and eases their transition.

Death is a shedding of the physical body and a rebirth into the energetic world. At some future time, souls can choose to return to the Earth plane. This is also a transition. It is a rebirth into the physical world. A portion of our spirit, our Higher Self, remains on the other side guiding our physical life. This is the Wheel of Incarnation. This is the circle of life.

Any thoughts? Send your e-mails to me at If you are interested in discussing this topic with a psychic or Medium, you can find several of them at this Sunday's Psychic Fair at the Windmill Inn.


12:35 pm mst

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Leah Taylor

Quote from a Psychic

"I would say that there is more that we don't know about human consciousness than we do know. There are possibilities out there and even if it isn't the norm to have miracles and healings, there are cases where it has happened. People should try to be open to exploring the limits of human potential and consciousness."

Leah Taylor

9:56 am mst

Monday, February 24, 2014

Update on "Annoying People"

Last Thursday I posted a long essay regarding "Annoying People." Anyone who read that essay, then went back to look at it again, found that it had changed. I kept returning to that blog post and updating it as I saw new issues. 

While writing the essay, I drew distinctions between the various kinds of annoying people. You know, people who wander in and out of our lives vs. people who we have to see all of the time. After posting the essay, I realized that a clearer distinction had to be made between annoying people and annoying situations. Either way, the people in these situations require our time and care, but when we love the people we don't find them annoying. We find the situations frustrating. 

Then, I had to return to the essay and re-work the section on people with dementia. We must assist people with dementia because they can no longer be responsible for themselves. However, we may still resent the amount of time we have to devote to these folks. 

The original idea for this post was to think about people who do not have dementia. They are just irritating because they are so self-focused that they don't realize how demanding they are. They are in our lives, demanding our energy, and giving nothing in return. We can't sever our ties. We have to do what needs to be done, but we can draw a line and remind these folks that they are responsible for their own health and happiness. They must take responsibility for their lives and we should not allow them to assign that responsibility to us. If they refuse to do the work themselves, they can bring in paid caregivers. We don't have to spend our time caring for people who can care for themselves and refuse to do it. 

There. That was what I discovered. We can set limits on the amount of care we are willing to provide and we can require people who are capable of caring for themselves to stop relying on us because they find that easier than running their own lives.  

Are there metaphysical principles at play here? Sure. You can read the full blog post (below) to get a few ideas of how to think about these situations.


11:09 am mst

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Perspectives on Annoying People

Annoying People

On December 19, 2013, I wrote about some of my metaphysical questions and experiences related to "Real Life Relationships." I wondered if our current relationships with annoying people had to do with re-balancing karma from previous lifetimes, working through issues from earlier in this lifetime, or learning life lessons.

Psychics tell me that we create our own paths and that if we don't like how things are going, we can choose new paths, but I couldn't figure out how we could terminate negative relationships with people who need us, without incurring negative karma.

As I was writing that blog post, I received several answers and I'm going to share some of them with you today.

First of all, we need to tease apart the community of "annoying people." There are people at work and people in our social circles who are irritating, and we can do our best to avoid them or to set boundaries so that we minimize our time together.

Then, there are irksome co-workers and relatives who we can't escape: our emotionally-stunted bosses, our uber-competitive coworkers, our opinionated relatives, etc. Again, we can try to minimize our time with them.

Then there are our long-term "tied to them" relatives who may, or may not, have started out as annoying people, but who now require so much time, energy and attention, that our relationships have shifted from familial to caretaker.

These people often test our sense of fairness, or our view of how the world should work. We think that people should be civil to each other and try to make each other's lives easier. Instead, our annoying people take assistance without giving back. They suck our emotional energy. The relationship energy is off-balance. If they are cognizant, we can set boundaries; but many of them don't even know they are doing it.

After writing that blog post in December, I discovered that many folks are dealing with unrewarding relationships with relatives and that they cannot break these ties. Some of these relatives have dementia, others just drain our strength and demand our time. And sometimes, the people aren't annoying as much as the situation seems unfair. Among the people I know, one has a mother with Alzheimers living with her. Two people have husbands with cognitive impairment. (These are not irritating people, they are loved ones who need a lot of time and attention). Another friend takes care of her elderly mother-in-law.

So, I seem to have picked up a theme. Sometimes the people who we find most exasperating are relatives with dementia. We can't not help them, but having too much contact leaves us frustrated because we can't have meaningful communication with these people. Other people can't be diagnosed with dementia, but are no longer capable of the kind of human interaction which makes us feel like our time is well spent. We have compassion for these folks, we understand that they need our assistance, but that doesn't make it fun.

Oftentimes, we take care of them because we love them. Other times, we take care of them because we feel guilty or we operate from a sense of "duty." I'm not psychologist. I'm just thinking about what I see going on around me.

When someone has taken care of us, treated us well and loved us, we take care of them because we love them. Our previously-loving relationships have built a reserve of goodwill which inspires our care. However, after a prolonged period of caregiving, and a realization that we are sacrificing our own sacred time, that pool of goodwill can run dry, and we can feel guilt if we think we must care for someone else only because they cared for us. We continue caring for them out of guilt.

When we don't have an underlying foundation of love, but we know we must do what needs to be done, we operate out of duty. Without a pool of goodwill to draw from, we may feel that our assistance is an obligation. We help those in need.

Maybe this is related to past karma or, maybe, the karma has already been rebalanced and we have just allowed these people to live beyond their normal, useful, life span. That may sound cold, but how often have we used medical intervention to prolong someone's life only to find ourselves in the position of having to devote more time and care to people who are less able to appreciate the amount of energy we devote to them? Meanwhile, we are distracted from our work and we may have circumvented their soul's desire to move on. We are beginning to accumulate fresh, negative karma from these interactions.

How many times have we, as a society, circumvented a soul's desire to leave by putting a person on a ventilator or supporting a body in a prolonged coma while the soul is attempting to escape and move on? The soul is going back and forth between realms, but remains tethered to the ailing body.

This relates back to a piece I wrote several months ago entitled, "The Long View," which also received quite a few responses. When we take the long view of a soul's travels through multiple lifetimes, we can see that after a good, full, life, it is okay to allow people to die so that their souls can move on to their next adventure.

A Variety of Views

Now, let's take a few views of this situation with annoying people.

One view: Maybe we just can't know what the karmic lesson is from this side. We don't have the big picture. We just have to do what we do and find out later how it all worked out.

Another view: We can ask, "What can I learn from this situation?" Is there an experience I am here to fine tune? Patience? Medical ethics? It might not have anything to do with them personally. It might have to do with learning something like "the joy of helping."

Another view: We may not understand the big picture of our series of lifetimes and how we set things up. We have been interacting with the same set of souls, playing different roles, over eons. Perhaps, we have set things up so that we can experience the best or worst of mothering. Or, we are having one life of being a caregiver and one life of needing extra care. Perhaps we are best friends on the other side but, here, we are playing a part just to have a particular experience. We can take responsibility for the set up and look beyond the "annoyance" of the situation to figure out what kind of experience we are examining from all sides. We are turning the diamond of our lifetime from side to side, seeing it from all angles. Polishing one facet of the diamond during each life experience.

Another view: If we didn't have challenges on earth, how would we discover who we are? How would we know what we are willing to stand up for? Irksome people are just one more challenge. Conflict helps us define ourselves.

Another view: A lot of irritating people are unhappy people. If they were happy in their own lives, they would leave us alone.

Final view: Maybe we are taking things too personally. Perhaps we are just pawns in the other person's life game.

Psychics Say

After December's blog post, I received several thoughtful e-mails.

One psychic advised me: Either you change the situation or you change your thoughts. You can allow yourself to be drawn into the drama, or you can see it as a play, observe, and find a humorous or simple way of saying, "I see things differently and that's what makes the world go round . . . " Their rules in their lives, your rules in yours. Life is too short to play by other people's rules.

Another intuitive advised: I do a LOT of breathing in of the Golden White and Violet Light, and Archangel Michael and I have become best friends. The Light clears the energy field and then I ask Michael, the one who clears Karma, to give me another miracle. As I re-group and re-center, so does my Universe. As one Buddhist Master said: "Miracles are the natural order. Let them in." It all helps.

A Medium responded: You cannot run and hide from a path you are already on, or that you chose on the way in . . . you CAN choose a response. We are on the Earth plane for a reason. We aren't supposed to be ostriches. Some metaphysicians out there will say, "Only surround yourself with those who agree or love what you are doing." You can say, "I don't like the way this is going, so I guess I shall change my mind." You can indeed change your mind, but at some point that "thing" you are avoiding will again rear its ugly head because You said You wanted to get this during this lifetime.

Then, I read: Dearest Gail, to whom are you proving you are dutiful? I give you permission to be less dutiful. You don't have to be perfect. Your love is enough.

Finally, I received this response: Since my Mom and I are living together, I totally understand your question. My lesson has been nothing to do with her, but it does on the back end. When I get annoyed by her, I look at "how" and "why" I am hearing or seeing things as an annoyance. Usually, it's an insecurity that I have. As I have allowed more light into my life, and gained a greater understanding of my mission here on earth, I also see my Mom changing. She can see the light shining thru me . . . and now her mind is opening up because I am being more fully who I am.

Comments from the Other Side

In my meditation, my invisible support group said, "This person's soul loves you, but the personality in the body has no clue. Much love will be evident on the other side." They added, "We admire what you do. You hate it, you fight it, but you do it. It shows fortitude."

So, maybe, our job is to shine our love and light on the people we find annoying. Shower them with love. Perhaps, we can help them see that there is a bigger picture, a bigger universe, and that when we meet on the other side, we will understand our interplay. Until then, we cope as best we can.

If you read this far, do you have thoughts or comments to add? Please send them to me at



9:49 am mst

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where did your gift come from?

Last summer, I interviewed a Tarot card reader in Connecticut who told me many things which I had never before heard. One of the things she told me was that her psychic ability had been passed to her when a psychic relative had died. This is an excerpt from my conversation with Maryushka.


Gail: Does this talent run in your family?
Maryushka: Yes, in every generation someone has it; someone is able to do what I am able to do.

My father's first cousin was the person in the generation before me. The weekend she died, I had no idea she was in the hospital. I went through a series of psychic experiences. I was in my 20s. I wasn't a reader, just a person experiencing what was happening. I kept getting psychic hits. You've heard of psychic hits? A psychic hit is when you are standing up and you literally have to hang on to the table because it is as if someone took a stick and hit you in the back of your knees. That is why they call it a psychic hit. At least that is how I experienced it.

I have heard of intuitive hits, but not a physical psychic hit. An intuitive hit is like a confirmation.
For me, it was physical and I had to hold on to something. Then, ethereal things began happening. I saw specters, figures, and shadows. I was dizzy. The weekend she died, I had at least two of these events where, after I was able to steady myself, I had to run to the couch and lay down. I immediately fell asleep. I had no idea it was connected to her. She was deciding whether to stay or to go. She went. In her passing, she gave the gift to me. Not that I didn't have something, I had something before this, but I had way more after she died.

I have not heard this from anyone. You feel that someone was able to pass their gift to you?
She passed her gift to me.

At the moment of death, she passed the gift to you.

You can find out more about Maryushka on her website at

12:27 pm mst

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Across the Veil

Meanderings on Love

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so today's blog post is about, you guessed it, Love.

According to the psychics, love is the creative energy of the universe. Love really does make the world go 'round. When you meet God, you find love.

Now, for my personal experience.

It's easy to love the world. It's easy to bring in love from the universe and send it out to assist the plants, the animals, and the earth.

It's harder to love individual people. Loving the people we love is easy, but it's extremely hard to love the people we don't like. We are supposed to love everyone. We are supposed to try to see the God in everyone; that will make loving them easy. For me, that remains difficult.

Actually, it may be easier to love in theory than it is to love for real. Love generally requires effort to maintain. Except for romantic love. Romantic love is easy because it starts with infatuation. Most of us have felt the rush of the infatuation/love mixture. The feeling is just fabulous until life intervenes and the infatuation recedes. After infatuation, we are left with either real love or the feeling that we have made a big mistake.

Find something to love . . . and love it. A person, an animal, a plant, a passion. Try to find a few people in your inner circle to love. If you love someone, show how much you appreciate that person in your life. If you are fortunate enough to have multiple family members and friends whom you love, so much the better.

If you love something, you are happy to care for it. If you don't love it, it is a bother. Aspire to appreciate the world so you are happy to care for it.

One major lesson on this planet is to learn to love ourselves. We are here to discover the things we love about our selves and to acknowledge that we are expansive beings who are here for an adventure.

Love is easy. Love is hard. Love is in the moment. Love has to be planned for. Love has to be supported with actions. Love takes time and energy. It takes devotion. Do we have to pretend to love the people we don't like? Sometimes it's the easy way to go (you know, kissing your repulsive aunt on the cheek), but integrity is important too. We love our children, but they are a lot of work. A lot of sleepless nights. Why do we do it? Because we love them.

What can I offer you which you may not have already heard?

Love Crosses the Veil

Last night, l was laying in bed, worried about something. I asked for help and I felt my supportive spiritual team wrapping me in a blanket of love.

Does love cross the veil? Yes. We know the love we feel for those who have crossed over. They can love us too. We can feel them beam love to us.

My supportive spiritual community is cheering while I write this piece. They are standing behind my chair. This is new to me.

I ask, "What do you guys want me to write?" and they answer, "We are here. We provide support. You don't need to know who we are. You have not met all of us in this lifetime, but you have met us on the other side. We are here for you." They tell me that they are our cheerleading squad. They help us avoid accidents on the freeways when everyone is changing lanes and cars could crash at any moment. They say, "We watch from afar. We visit right next to you. We are so close."

From the spirit side, they are here for us. From our side, we are here for them. We physically manifest the things which they cannot create because they are not in bodies. They prompt our handiwork, then we combine the materials to produce the things they dream up. We call it "inspiration."

Yes, love crosses the veil. Close your eyes, tune in, and feel the love. It's a wonderful world in which we live.

Thoughts or comments? Please send them to me at


5:45 pm mst

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quote from a Psychic

Quote from a Psychic

"I was born into a highly-dysfunctional family. I have come to realize that a lot of dysfunction in this world is created out of not understanding the gifts which people have. For example, once you start understanding and working with your gifts, you can take hold of them. A lot of people are psychic, but don't realize it. Ghosts and energies play with them and cause disharmony. I am a strong believer that there is very little mental illness here; it is just that many people have gifts which they don't know how to work with or don't know that they have."

Later in our interview:

"Jesus said that any negative thought or action is a thought or action of mental illness. Anything which causes dysfunction or harm is mental illness. Other people will argue that you need the good with the bad to learn, but I believe that the world is coming out of that. The world no longer wants to be a planet of duality.

"I do not negate the dysfunction I went through as a child because it helped me to learn. It takes an extremely high spirit to learn. It takes an extremely high spirit to go through a negative lifetime. There is such profound learning that spirit gains from that kind of lifetime. But, do we need it to learn? I feel we can learn in a positive way just as easily as a negative way. I feel that we are in the transition and it will take two to three generations to come out of this."


10:11 am mst

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Difference Between Psychic Ability and Mediumship

The Difference between Psychic Ability and Mediumship

I'm off to the Gem Show today to look for baubles and pyramids. Tucson, AZ, is the center of a huge, world-wide gem show this month. Last week, I went to one of the shows and stocked up on chakra-balancing pendants. These pendants help energy flow freely through our bodies. You can purchase these pendants on the Chakra Jewelry and Wands page of this website.

Today, I am going to have an adventure. Who knows what I will find at this gem show venue?

Before I leave, I want to share something I recently heard. Remember when I wrote about "Hearing Doubles"? A psychic will tell me something, then a bit later someone else will tell me about their same experience. The latest "double" I heard was about the difference between accessing information as a psychic and accessing information as a Medium. Remember, most psychics are not Mediums, but all Mediums are psychics.

Lisa Williams wrote a book entitled, "The Survival of the Soul" (Hay House, 2012). On page 18, she said,

"I learned that there were different energies I could work with, depending on whether a reading was a psychic reading or a message from the Afterlife. I liken the two approaches to ascending two different staircases: I go up the psychic staircase to open myself up to a person's destiny and pathway; alternatively, I go up the mediumship staircase when I open myself up to the spirit realm. It always takes more energy to go up the mediumship staircase, but it's well worth it because it really helps people communicate with loved ones who have passed. I'm not saying that psychic readings are unable to help others, as they can provide so much clarity and hope in certain situations, but the mediumship route to me is more rewarding.

"Sometimes I find that I need to switch staircases midway to check information given through one approach or the other. There have been times when I started up the mediumship staircase, receiving information from Spirit, and then had to switch to check on the accuracy - a kind of spirit-realm cross-referencing and back-up procedure. This is always a challenge to do, but it's also fun, especially when it yields confirmation."

Now, for the "doubles" part. In November, I interviewed a psychic Medium in Virginia and I asked how she received information. She explained to me that she has learned to distinguish where the information is coming. If it's simply a psychic reading, she picks up information from the client's aura and most of it this information is already known by the client. This work gives the client a confirmation that what she is getting is real. Then she can get a bit about their future. She reminds people that the future is fluid because as they change, and they change their decisions, their paths will change. The psychic piece is all around them energetically. The psychic information just comes to her. She knows it.

So, for the psychic piece, the information can be found around the person, in their aura or their energy. For the mediumship piece, the information is not in their aura. She has to step out of that and into a higher vibration. This is a completely different way to access information. She has to become very still to establish a direct connection to people on the other side. It is a different kind of work.

In addition to accessing information from a client's energy field or establishing a connection to spirits on the other side, information also comes from Spirit Guides. Psychics often tell me that they will receive whatever information the client needs to hear. The source of the information can vary so that the client gets what they need.

Fascinating, isn't it?

Okay, now check out the Chakra Jewelry and Wands page and let me know what you need.


11:12 am mst

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quote from a Psychic - Bad News?

Quote from a Psychic - Bad News?

A few months ago, I asked a psychic/Medium, "When you do readings, are you able to tell people 'bad news'? How do you handle that?" She answered:

"I don't get bad news. Everything that comes to us in our lives is our soul calling to us. These things come to us as a lesson to learn so it's all about our soul unfolding and our growth. There is no such thing as bad news. If someone asks me about a personal relationship with their boyfriend and I see that coming to a close, I don't see that as bad news. I remind people that within every loss, there is a gift and to look at it that way. Another door is going to open for them and something better is going to come into their life. They should look at the lessons they have learned from that relationship.

"How can there be bad news?"

Melody Krafft

9:34 am mst

Monday, February 3, 2014


Smart Thinking

"Oh. You mean we have to remember why we are here?" I asked.

"That's the whole point, Silly," she said with a little laugh.

"Why are we here?" I almost whispered.

"To learn to love ourselves," she said as her aura grew in strength and her colors danced all around her in ways too hard to describe in words. "For unless we truly love ourselves, how can we truly love others?" she said with a look on her face that showed it was the most natural thing in the world to know. "When we learn to love ourselves and see God in everything, in the flowers and the trees, the animals, the rocks, the sky, the stars, the ants and spiders, our neighbors, and ourselves, well then we have learned well."

"Wow, how cool!" I exclaimed, seeing what she meant. "If we always thought like that it would almost seem possible to have Heaven on Earth!"

She looked at me, her eyes wide open, not saying a word.

"Oh, I get it." I said, suddenly seeing the light.

ThoughtWorks by

Gary Kossman

10:42 am mst

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