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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Psychic Fair
Tucson's Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be held tomorrow, Sunday, December 1, from 9 am. until 4 p.m at the Windmill Inn. The Windmill Inn is located on the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue. I won't be set up at the Fair, but lots of psychics will be available for readings. 
8:40 am mst

Thursday, November 28, 2013



On this day of Thanksgiving, let us all be grateful for who we are: Beings of Light coming into bodies to taste turkey, hug our friends and family, smell wonderful aromas, see the beauty of autumn colors and hear the laughter of our children. Let us be grateful to Mother Earth who provides the setting for all we do. She provides the food and water we need to survive and also provides the visual beauty our souls need to thrive.

On this day, we give thanks. We invite our families, friends, angels and Guides to the table to celebrate with us. Peace and harmony, and maybe a bit of friction over who gets the last piece of pie. These are our lives, our experiences, our chances to spread our wings. Thank you to the Universe which animates our souls, and thank you to Mother Earth for meeting all of our physical needs.

On this day, we know that we know that something magical is out there. Something magical is pulling the strings and setting up the circumstances of our lives. Oh, of course, we play a role too. We choose, we select, we wonder what to do. But we wonder within the framework of our lives which we created before birth. Which way do we go? What do we choose? Are our choices limited by the lives we currently lead, or can we choose anything? Choose anything. Choose a higher standard of living with the chandelier lights of beautiful hotels. Choose the gentle clinking of wine glasses in celebration of all of the good things life has to offer. Choose light and warmth and wisdom and laughter. Choose family and friends and holidays celebrated in our homes. Choose to let go of all that holds us back from creating our perfect life. Perhaps we already live our perfect life? Let us let go of our need to control, and allow the Universe to work its magic.

Happy Thanksgiving!


9:55 am mst

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quote from a Psychic - Spirit Guides and Teachers

Quote from a Psychic - Spirit Guides and Teachers

When I interviewed Cyndi Clarke, I asked her what happened when people died. She replied:

"My belief is that the soul leaves the body and goes into what parapsychologists call a hospital (some form of a facility) to heal whatever human ailments they‘ve had. Then, they review their life. I believe that people do that with themselves, their Guides and their teachers. These are the people with whom they blueprinted to come into the world. From there, they go back to being a Light Being and wait for their next turn to reincarnate if that is what they choose to do. I believe that the soul evolves and eventually goes to the consciousness of the Whole."

Gail: When you are talking to people on the other side, do they tell you what they are doing?
"Sure. They are teaching. There are classrooms. My first spiritual teacher died about three years ago. Now, he's teaching classes on the other side. He comes in and tells me about the classes all the time. He teaches souls how to become teachers and Guides. He teaches the people who are coming in as teachers in Spirit to help the people in physical bodies.

"I believe in Guides and teachers. People are blueprinted with Guides who are here from the moment people are born until they go back into Spirit at death. I call that birth. In addition, people have teachers who come in and out of their life helping them with specific things which they are trying to develop. If they are trying to learn physics, they will have a teacher who comes in who knows physics. That is why I mentioned earlier that my psychic abilities helped me in the workplace. I had teachers coming in to help me. That is what I believe.

"Everyone has a group of souls whom they have worked with throughout their existence as a soul. They come in and out of lifetimes together. They decide who is going to come to Earth and what their lesson is going to be. When people go back into Spirit, they confer with this group and discuss whether they did their job or learned the particular aspect of what they went to Earth, or any other planet, to learn. I also believe in other places and planets."

Reverend Cyndi Clarke

11:29 am mst

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fun, Adventure, Solar Light Bodies

Channeled Message: Fun, Adventure, Solar Light Bodies

I'm off today to set up for the Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisan's Market. It will run from Friday, November 22, through Sunday, November 24, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. It looks like it's going to be a rainy weekend, but I am fortunate: I'll be set up inside the Museum's lobby. If you get a chance to come downtown, I would love to see you.

Now, I am going to post a channeled message which I heard in August. This message reminds us that we are here on Earth to have fun. We can drop the influences from our childhood which no longer serve us. We can realize that we, and our friends, do the same things over and over until we understand how we operate. We can see the humor in this situation and decide if we enjoy repeating ourselves, or if we would prefer to move forward in our lives. Near the end of the channeling, there is a suggestion that it takes only minutes (but focused minutes) to change our situations.

Finally, there is a bit of information about bringing energy into our bodies so that we can create our new "solar light bodies." These potential bodies glow from within and are not subject to the diseases of physical bodies. I don't know much about solar light bodies, but information on them has come through in multiple messages so I thought I would introduce the idea on today's blog. Ready?

Good evening one and all,

Are we having fun yet? That is what this journey is all about. Having fun, enjoying Mother Earth, and enjoying your creation. What else is there? Adventure, fun, investigating and remembering. We won't say "learning." Remembering.

Perception is so important. Perception can tell you a lot about yourself. Have you ever thought about why you think the way you do? Why you perceive things the way you do? Believe it or not, a lot of your perceptions are based upon past history and are influenced by your family, your church, and your friends, from days gone by. We are talking about your childhood.

Have you thought about why you respond, shall we say, not in a happy way, with certain events? They really don't mean anything because they are neutral. Why are you overjoyed with some issues and things? So much of your behavior is based on how you were programmed when you were young. It is a major influence today. We are not criticizing it, we are just asking you to accept it. Change it if you feel you need to, if you want to, if you desire to; but we do ask you to learn to laugh at so much of this nonsense that goes on in this plane which you are experiencing.

We tell you it is an illusion, and it is. It's quite humorous. We would like you to begin to see that. The humor in the actions of people. The humor in the response of people to certain stimuli. It's a joyous game and with the right attitude and perception, it can be extremely fun. The silliness of people. How people repeat things over and over, and over again. The same situation. Maybe a different day, a different time. "Same time, same station" as you guys say.

What we are trying to say is to stop being so serious. Everything you need is at the touch of your fingers. You can create anything in this time and space. Many of you have seen this and experienced it. You know you can; but, do you practice it? Usually not. Sometimes, you think about it. Many times, you stumble across it and create something. Practice creation. Practice fulfilling your dreams. You have the power. Such a fun time to be playing with it right now. Focused attention for a mere 68 seconds, can literally bring creation of your thoughts and ideas into realization. That's quick. Very quick compared to what things were just five or ten years ago.

The other issue we would like to encourage you with is the energy shifts. Each day, as you awaken, and before you sleep, help yourself align with the energies which are targeting this planet. See your solar light body being manifested. That beautiful solar light body that runs on energy from Source. No longer the carbon-based body (the one with all the defects, or programmed misbehaviors). You should be excited about this: a new body, a new opportunity, one that knows its perfection. One that understands its alignment with Source. That should be thrilling. A body which doesn't wear out. One that doesn't have pain, unless you want to create pain. It is currently available to you. You can create this with constant focus in as little as two days. But all of you are distracted presently so it wouldn't happen that quickly.

What difference would you see from one person to another if one had a carbon-based body and the other had a solar light body? The person with the solar light body would have more of a lighted glow. Kind of like the masters did in the olden days, back when Jesus walked and even before that. They would bring their solar light bodies into the plane and that is why in all of the church artwork, there is a halo around them, around their heads. That was the light. When you read the book, Masters of the Far East, the light that illuminated their way was their own, created from Source, derived from Source, and produced through the body itself. If you remember reading the books, how bitterly cold it would be, 40, 50 degrees below zero, and yet, those who participated did not feel the cold. Interesting, huh?

The time is now to create this. The time is now to focus on your upliftment, your awareness, your abilities . . . and your knowing that you are unlimited.

How much time to you need to spend every day to do this? Meditate 15 minutes a day. A little quiet time before you sleep, five minutes. Five minutes upon awakening. The time commitment is very small, but very essential. How many of you here really spend the time to program your day; to program the events that you are going to experience? We encourage you to try; to see the difference it will make for you. It's a wonderful opportunity. Right now. The joy and the thrill that each of you will have will be outstanding. It's fun on the horizon. It's exciting.

With that we shall say, "Good-night." We bless you. We love you.

What do you think? Have you heard of solar light bodies? Are you finding that you are able to change your life as quickly as you like?


9:34 am mst

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quotes from Psychics: Name Changes

Thanks to everyone who showed up for Sunday's Book Talk! We had a lovely, lively, discussion.

If you missed the Book Talk don't worry, I have another event this weekend. I'll be set up at the Tucson Museum of Art's Holiday Artisan Market. I'll have My Psychic Search books and my Wild Girl! artwork. Come chat with me on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (November 22-24).

For today's Quote from a Psychic, I want to share a bit of Aitreyia's story with you. Aitreyia was born with the name Kathy. I asked why she had changed her name and she responded (paraphrased):

"To me, we all have spiritual names. The Bible says, ‘God has a name for each of us.' To me, we have many names for the different facets of who we are. I asked G-d about my spiritual name. The first name I heard was ‘Katrina.' When I heard Katrina, it was prim, proper and dainty, and I liked that. Then I heard ‘Catalina,' who was very bubbly. About a month later I heard ‘Aitreyia.' I asked which one it was and they said it was all of them. They explained that ‘Aitreyia' was a higher vibration than Katrina and Catalina. They told me it would take about two years to move into that vibration. They said that when I was doing healing work, I would raise up to the Aitreyia vibration, then I would come back down to the Catalina/Katrina vibration."

"‘Aitreyia' is the name of my spirit. ‘Kathy' is my earth name."

"I had heard the name "Aitreyia" in visions. When I said the name, my body started vibrating and I liked it. People started calling me Aitreyia and it took a year or two before I finally embraced it and accepted it. When I did, there was a profound change. A total change in who I am."

This is similar to what Jesse Ann Nichols George had told me. She had been born Patti Ann George. She said:

"Anytime we do a legal name change, it shifts our energy base. My second birthday is July 24, 2006. At that time, I was working with some people in Sedona and I asked them about their name changes. I had never felt like my birth name. I had always connected to a different name. In my teens, my mother told me that the name I connected with was supposed to have been my name. They had not given that name to me because I was a girl. I was supposed to be named after my grandfather, Jesse. He had said that he was going to reincarnate himself as me. Other than being a girl, I looked and acted like him.

"I was born with the name ‘Patti Ann George.' It's a powerful name, but I changed it and I feel more like me now. Many people change their name to get away from their family, but I changed my name to embrace my heritage. I took my mother's maiden name and I also recognized my patriarchal heritage. I think we should honor both sides of the family. I changed my first name to ‘Jesse,' my grandfather's name, and I added ‘Nichols,' from my mother's side.

"When I changed my name, it shifted my numerology and astrology. It changed my vibration. I had to shift my Feng Shui thinking.

"When a name is legally changed, the person takes on a new birth. The person takes on a new vibration. Once it is legal, the shift occurs. The birth name becomes a past influence instead of a current influence. When we look at people who are adopted, we need to go by their legal name change.

"Changing a name is also why people who marry will shift. Couples may be doing beautifully dating, then they marry and the woman changes her name and takes on a different vibration. A lot of times when a woman changes her name, we see a beautiful relationship stop working within a year or two. It takes a full year for that vibration to shift. The longer she has the name, the stronger the new attributes become. Men don't change their names, so they don't shift. But we often hear men say, ‘She's not the person I married.' It's true. She's not. The relationship changes. It could be equally as good, better, or more-challenging."

So interesting!


12:49 pm mst

Thursday, November 14, 2013

How are you Psychic?

How are you Psychic?

The question isn't "Am I psychic?" It's "How am I psychic?" Now that I've interviewed 35 people with psychic abilities, I understand that everyone has unique gifts and that each psychic works in their own way. More personally, each of us have our own way of connecting with deep intuition.

The messages I have received are that my job is to bring light to this whole arena of psychic ability. To take the "woo-woo" off of being psychic. To help people understand that being psychic is normal and that it is also fascinating. People with strong spiritual connections lead riveting lives. I just finished editing two interviews with psychics. Their worlds are full of near-death experiences and supernatural answers to everyday questions. One person explained to me that our lives are all thoughts being expressed by a Universal Mind. Wow.

After working on this Project, what it is like to live and work as a psychic is no longer so mysterious to me. However, I still wonder exactly how the connection to Spirit works. People can tell me how they communicate, but it is difficult to put into words how reliable information can be channeled. Some things must be experienced.

People often ask me if I read for clients. No. I am not a psychic reader. I don't look at folks and receive information about their lives. Last week, a guy asked me when he was going to retire? The answer: Whenever he decides he's ready to do something more interesting with his life than his work. When will that be? I have no clue.

Other people tell me that I am very psychic and should do readings. "Just do it." They tell me that the reason I have a huge interest in this area is because I am psychic. They say, "You are gathering the information so that you feel more comfortable doing readings." I love hearing that, but I still don't get intuitive hits about other people. Not yet. I'm open to that idea. I'm not saying "no." I'm just saying it hasn't happened yet.

I have, of course, received messages in my dreams and meditations a couple of times. I actually heard someone tell me when he was going to cross over. I cherish that communication. It proved to me that I have a connection to the unseen world.

Psychics tell me that everyone is psychic in their own way. I think my psychic ability is being funneled into the work I do to understand how psychic ability works, to understand how the spiritual world works, and to share that information with you. To that end, I will present a Book Talk and Discussion this Sunday, November 17 at 2 p.m. at the Nanini Library in Tucson, AZ. I will talk about all I learned as I was writing, My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives.

Laurie Hays, an actual psychic reader who was interviewed for the book, plans to be with me at the Book Talk so that she can answer your questions about how she connects with the other side. She is a bonafide psychic with a clear connection.

What about you? Have you come to realize the ways in which you are psychic? I would love to hear about your abilities. Does information pop into your head? Do you feel strongly drawn to something? Are you working in your dreams? Do you feel like you bring a calm energy into situations which are stressful for other people? Do you anchor loving light? Are you a "way shower" or a healer?

Please send your thoughts to me at


Bonus material just for reading to the end of this blog post. Gary Wimmer shared this:

"At every moment in time, every second, we get to decide if good is winning over evil in our own head. We get to decide if the glass is half full or half empty. If we take the proactive approach and say we are going to see the glass as half full, that gives us power. Seeing it as half empty depletes our power. It brings about the worst case. What's your choice? We all do that every second of every day. I may turn off the way I pick stuff up, but I never turn off my attitude about this being the only moment I have. I'm going to make it graceful."

11:55 am mst

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

High Speed Illusions

High Speed Illusions

I interviewed a Psychic/Medium/Visionary Artist last week, and she shared something interesting with me. Do you know why most people can't see spirits on "the other side"? The spirits are really right here; they just vibrate at a higher frequency than we can see.

You know how you can look at a stopped fan and see the blades? When the blades start rotating, they go faster and faster and you can no longer see the individual fan blades. This is similar to looking at spirits. They are vibrating at such a high speed that you can't see them.

Thanks Melody for the interesting metaphor!

Want to know more? Come see me on Sunday, November 17 at the Nanini Library in Tucson, AZ. At 2 p.m., I'll present a Book Talk, then we can discuss our experiences.


11:54 am mst

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Advice for Psychic Readers and Healers, from a Psychic Reader and Healer

Observations from a Psychic Reader

Here are a few things Richard Schickel, a psychic reader and healer, has learned along the way.

Rich says, "Remember these ideas when you do healing or counseling."

1. There is power in silence.

2. Meet the person where they are without judgment or criticism. Assess what they want to change, and determine what you can provide to support that.

3. The briefest touch, or moment, can provide them with healing, if your intention is to heal and their intention is to allow and receive healing.

4. Do not push too hard.

5. Everyone processes information and acts upon it in their own time, not yours.

6. Do not push anyone beyond what they are comfortable with at the time.

7. Release the need to control the healing - you gain more if you are both active participants.

8. Some people just need a gentle nudge; a caring person who will listen and respond to what they want to talk about.

9. The person that you are working with may be afraid that you will discover that they are a fraud, a fake, or a failure. So what? Maybe you are afraid of the same thing.

10. Radiate unconditional love and healing into every situation in your life, without concern for results.

Richard Schickel
October 25, 2013

10:16 am mst

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Spanning the Spiritual Spectrum

Spanning the Spiritual Spectrum

I have been traveling for the past week. I had a great time, and now it's good to be back at my computer.

Last weekend, I attended a wedding in Virginia. Prior to the wedding, I went to the library and took out a book for the plane ride. The book was, "Jana Bibi's Excellent Fortunes," (Betsy Woodman, 2012, Henry Holt and Company, NY). At the library, I thumbed through the book and found it was about a woman of Scottish descent living in India in the 1950s. Sounded good. Her excellent fortunes? I thought she would be living a good life. Turns out that in the book, the woman becomes a Fortune Teller. A psychic. Her parrot helps with the readings by selecting Tarot cards. I was pleasantly surprised to find that even in borrowing an unknown library book, I had stumbled onto a book touching on psychic abilities. I am surrounded by psychics.

The wedding weekend had three days of events: a cocktail party, a visit to a vineyard, the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding. I had the joy of meeting many people of various ages. Most of these people were well-educated and worked in professional careers. Several of them asked me what I did and when I told them I was a writer, they were interested in the business of writing; you know, how to write and publish work. They were curious about my website and how they could start building their own writer's platform.

However, when I told them that I wrote about psychic ability, they weren't much interested in the topic. They were polite and mildly curious, but psychics? They weren't quite sure what to make of the whole thing.

In the meantime, I had made an appointment to interview a psychic Visionary Artist who lived in Virginia. Just by coincidence, she lived within a couple of miles of where I was going to be staying. Just by coincidence? We all know better. Through some sort of energetic connectivity, I had found a psychic at the right time and place, who was interested in being interviewed. She is a lovely woman who draws portraits of Spirit Guides and deceased relatives. While drawing, she doesn't always know who she is drawing. After completing her work, clients recognize the subjects. So interesting. You'll hear more about her and her work. Stayed tuned to this blog.

People's interests in psychics span the spectrum. People who are familiar with how psychic ability works, or who have had an experience they can't quite explain, are usually interested in my work. Other people can be open-minded and curious. They ask questions and I try to explain all that I am learning. On the other end of the spectrum, many people don't believe that an energetic world exists and that there can be communication between the realms. I love that. We all have so much to learn. Wherever we are on the spectrum, something can happen which sparks our interest in the spiritual world.

Are we having fun yet? You bet we are!


9:46 am mst

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

On the Road
I've been traveling for the past week. It's good to be home again! And, while I was away, I interviewed a new psychic. :)
9:37 pm mst

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