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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Next 72 Hours

A Channeled Message to the World about the Next Few Days

A few days ago, I told you that I had uploaded Leah Taylor's interview and her channeling as an e-book on Kindle. After I told Leah (again) how much I had enjoyed her channeling, she channeled a new message. This message came through her last night and speaks to the world events as they are unfolding today and for the next few days. This message came from an entity who is in a different dimension. As you read the text, you will see that it sometimes changes point of view. This is because the entity is speaking for those outside of this dimension and also speaking for those of us on earth. Despite the awkward wording, I am certain that you will understand the importance of this message. Here it is:

There is much to share with those light workers who are here to strengthen and support the earth and her inhabitants during this time of transition. The first thing to know is to stay out of fear. There is no aspect of the present world crisis which can be perfected via fear or terror. Every war, every conflict, every battle that is taking place, all find their root in the same place: the core imbalance which humanity has been trying to rectify for years. This is a collective lesson which human beings are here to learn. There is no point in going into panic or fear every time these conflicts come into your world view. In fact is that they are on-going, the whole world over, and become obvious only when they plop down in your backyard.

Since the very beginning, there has been the same issue, the same problem, which the world is trying to overcome and, really, it is an issue of respect. It's learning how to respect life, learning how to respect the dignity of other human beings, and learning how to value the preciousness in each of us. An issue with disrespect is how we learn about respect. All of these different wars and conflicts that we fight have this element of respect vs. disrespect, dignity vs. humiliation; these kinds of polarities. This is not going to change until humanity evolves to a certain point.

We are not here to say if this is right or wrong for human beings or the world, but there are a few things which are very important. What happens in the next 72 - 82 hours on your planet is very, very important. During this period, I am going to ask everybody to stay out of fear and walk into love. Practice yourself walking into love, and allow the world to work through its issues in a safe place which is for the highest good of every person.

One of the big things during this next period is not to fall into the trap of fear, and stress yourself. Instead, involve yourself in your home, in protective light, and sit in that space and really love the earth and the people on the earth. There is a lot of fear right now and a lot of pain. There are a lot of wonderful people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Your love and comfort can be important for those people. It is important to take a minute every day and sit in preciousness and love. Sit in the Divine love which flows from the Universe to each of us. Feel it protect your body. Feel at one with your body.

You need to talk to the bodies now more than ever and let them know that everything is okay because bodies react to the fear which is going on in consciousness. To calm the bodies, let them know that we are safe, we are alright in this world.

Extend that sense of safety and well being out to the world at large and ask that the Universe intervene in the affairs of the planet at this time to protect those who are vulnerable; to bring comfort to those who are suffering; and to see that disrespect and the disregard for the sanctity of human life be cut off. That energy should not be the winning energy. That energy, and it is the same thing as we look into our lives as well, can be a quest for power, or for defining ourselves by what we have control over in the physical world. That leads to all of these problems. Right there, is the very exact seed of disrespect. We don't realize that we can't control, that we aren't here to control. We are here to evolve and to experience the preciousness of the world around us and to relate to others. We are not here to overpower or to make another being, or person, subordinate to us. That is not our role here. That power issue is basically at the core of a lot of problems which are happening in the world today.

It is not the place of any of the beings from outside of this reality to come in and do things for human beings because that is disrespectful to the right of human beings to have their own free will and their own experiences on this earth. Nobody, no angelic force, no being existing on a different layer of consciousness, has the right to come in and change this reality for you. However, you have the right to tap into the eternal, loving, consciousness which loved us all into being and to funnel that energy into this world, and to ask for its assistance in creating love and beauty and joy and light here. That is one of the first things to do. That is very, very important.

Another thing is to stay out of trauma. Stay out of drama and stay out of stress. That is a big thing. It's not to say be uncompassionate. One of the biggest problems we see with the New Age movement is the idea of blaming the victim and saying, "You created this in your reality. This is your problem and you are to blame for this." That isn't how it is. You need to stay with your compassion. You need to stay with the idea that there is an intelligence which is beyond what you can comprehend which is running throughout this world, and to stay with a sense of love.

A lot of times when you just focus on people creating their own reality, it's easy to step into blaming and feeling superior to someone who has been through a lot of tragedy and chaos, and feeling that somehow you haven't created your reality that way. Really, the root of that approach is fear. It's not wanting to see another person suffer and wanting to jump to, "Well I'm never going to have to go through that." It's like disassociating yourself from that experience of pain. One of the big messages right now is not to do that. It is to have compassion. Don't judge. It doesn't matter why it happened. It's sad that it happened. It's sad that people are suffering in different parts of the world right now. Go ahead and just love them unconditionally. Love them unconditionally and ask the Universe to intercede.

Let your mind, let your one little flame in this bonfire of consciousness, let your little candle, let it bring love and healing light to everyone. Focus on that. That is important.

The other thing is to focus on avoiding . . . if you are going to watch the news, or are going to put yourself in a lot of these situations, don't become afraid. Don't get afraid by what is going on in the world. Don't be fatalistic. Don't see it as, "There is nothing which can be done." Sit back and just absolutely love the world. That is going to be a very important thing which is going to happen.

There will be a time in humanity when we will collectively be able to say, "No." Before you can have a "yes" to life and a "yes" to health and a "yes" to human dignity, there has to be a line drawn where you say the opposite of that: "We will not allow disrespect, degradation, torture, humiliation, rape, or pillage, into our reality." The way that human beings work, a lot of times, is that saying "no" has to be done through wars and battle. But, as light workers in your own bodies, in your own homes, you can put that energy into the world now, as it is. First, you have the, "No, we will not allow this degradation, stress and pain for human beings. This is not acceptable." Then you say, "We say ‘yes' to dignity and life and kindness, and for humanity to continue on its path."

Can you control the path which humanity takes any more than we can? That would be infringing on their free will. But, what you can do, is make those energies available in consciousness so people can see this is what it would feel like to have a strong boundary of not allowing disrespect and power games to infiltrate this world. This is what it would feel like to say "yes" to love and light and kindness and the dignity of every human being. You can make those energies available so people can feel them. The more people that feel them, the more this chain reaction can build and these ideas of brotherhood and sisterhood and universal world peace and kindness, and respect for the individuality and sanctity of each human being, can spread and catch on. Eventually, collective consciousness as a whole can make a decision about what they want to experience.

As much as I said earlier that we shouldn't go into condemnation for those who find themselves in difficult and painful situations, we also shouldn't say that we are not creators of our own reality. There are different layers of your self and some layers of your self are very lofty and a little bit difficult to relate to from your physical brain. Those layers of people's selves often know much more than their conscious self about what is going to be the best thing for their spiritual and physical advancement in the world; for their lessons to be learned while on this planet.

Sometimes, that higher spiritual self may think that some of us need to go through things which are more difficult than our brain would like us to go through. That does happen and that is one of the reasons that there can't be judgment about people's journeys. However, it's also not incumbent on us to sit back and take a fatalistic approach of, "Whatever happens, happens." It is incumbent on each of us as creators-in-training, as beings which are powerful and evolving, to surround ourselves with light and love, to surround ourselves with the energy of safety, protection, and joy. And, to work very single-mindedly in the next several months towards a future that we want to walk into.

Fear is sticky. Fear is very, very sticky. If you are in a lot of fear, you may be sucked down into places you don't want to be. Stay with the Light. Stay with creating a future you want to walk into which is beautiful and which is going to nurture you, and where you and your loved ones and the people around you, are safe. Walk into it with that energy. That is going to be very, very important for us to work on.

I have no doubt that everybody here on this planet is going to arise out of these energies doing just fine and better than you all were before. But, this is a turning point where you have an opportunity (you don't always have such an opportunity), to make a big impact on the course of the energies which are working in this world within the next 72 - 82 hours, maybe up to 88 hours. You have a lot of power to change the direction that the energy is flowing and a lot of power to change the direction of the future course of some different things happening on your planet.

Right now there are a couple of different scenarios. One of them is pretty difficult, pretty rough. It is closer to the stress and trauma and war and difficult scenarios which a lot of people have traditionally associated with the end of the world. We don't want to see this world have to go through that psychological turmoil to get to the other side. The other side has always been, and will always be, the perfection of the human being and the perfection of the planet.

All of these things are lessons. When the human being gets to a point where it embraces dignity, respect and love, and learns those lessons, these conflicts aren't going to be around any more. There are different ways we can get to that point. This could be a conflict which fizzles out, and blows over. There will still be issues down the road, but they will be more like the difference between swallowing an elephant whole or eating it in bites. In the other direction, it could be psychologically very traumatic for a lot of people: loss of life, stress, death, pain and suffering.

Both of these paths are leading to the same place. They are leading to love, beauty, a joyous future, and a perfected humankind. It is a matter of how we get there.

We are asking right now to put in the energy, to comfort the earth, to hold the earth in your hand, to hold the people in your hand. Love everyone unconditionally, ask for the Universal Intelligence to be here with us. Ask the creative universal intelligence to be with us, to love us, and to help create peace, joy and beauty on this planet.

As I am stepping in out of Leah over the next several weeks, I am hoping to be able to assist with sharing some of these ideas. As I said, we can't do it. We cannot interfere from the other side, but you can.

Love and light and blessings to all of you.


2:37 pm mst

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leah Taylor Speaks

Those of you who know Leah Taylor, or know of her work, might be interested in checking out her "Psychics Speak" interview. Leah is one of those psychics who can do everything. She is a Medium, a medical intuitive and a healer. In the interview, she talks about how she came to Earth already knowing about her intuitive abilities. Many members of Leah's family are psychic.

Leah also does trance channeling. As Bonus Material, I have added information from one of her channeling events to her interview. In this channeling, Leah brings information about life, death, and why we are here on Earth. Very wise. You can purchase the e-book from the Kindle store. It's only 99 cents.


* * *


On August 15, I wrote a post about "Creating an Adult Life." I received several interesting responses to this post and I want to share one of them with you today. This response was from Amelia.


Hi, Gail.

You asked for some advice for your daughter as she enters the "really difficult" world of adulthood and leaves her childhood.

Patience. Especially in this economically challenged world where we have not given them much by way of example or options. So many of them are flying by the seat of their pants today, I don't envy them their youth at all.

So I would advise your daughter to be selective, cautious and above all, Patient, in her endeavors to find her purpose in life, in society, and in the work place. Stop, Look and Listen to all the cues, and clues, because so much of what is said and shown to us in our world today is pure Deception. So be cautious--and above all be Patient.

Do you know what makes a good Hunter? And this I've witnessed. Patience. A hunter carefully sets his traps, takes time building a good blind, buys camouflage outfits and the best guns or bows, takes lessons, reads books, studies maps, practices, and learns all about the prey. But do you know what actually makes a good hunter? Do you know how they spend the better part of their time in spite of all that effort? Waiting Patiently. Sometimes for days.

Because a really good hunter knows when to strike--and when to wait.

Once again, I love your blogs on this subject. And would like to underscore your advice.

Happiness is not found in how much we have or possess--or how wealthy we are. Nor is Happiness found in where we are--what style of house we live in or where we go to vacation. Rather, Happiness is found in whom we spend our time with--for no matter what, the Soul needs company.

So the two pieces of advice I would share with your daughter are to learn the art of Patience in everything she does. And also to look closely at those she will be spending her precious time with, in her job as well as otherwise, to see if they are a good fit: Would make compatible teammates and supportive companions. Because Intelligence and Enlightenment prefer their own level.

Thank you for reading this.

Blessings. And take care.


If you have any comments, please let me know.


9:00 am mst

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A full-circle life moment

A full-circle life moment

Those of you who have read this blog for a while may remember that earlier this summer I talked with a Medium who gave me messages from my deceased mother-in-law to bring to my ailing father-in-law. In June, I delivered those messages and I felt that, on some level, he understood what I had conveyed. The messages centered on the idea that my mother-in-law would be ready to greet my father-in-law when he was ready to cross over. No time frame. Just a reassuring message that my mother-in-law was watching over all of us and would be available when he needed her.

The other message from my mother-in-law was one of acceptance. She encouraged anyone who felt like they might not have been in the right place at the time of her death, to know that she knew that they loved her. Even if they were not at her bedside, it made no difference. There was no need for any sort of remorse. She knew she was loved.

I carried these messages when I visited with my father-in-law and, although he had progressive dementia, he responded to the messages. His face lit up and his eyes shone brightly. We had a connection. I wrote about all of this on the June 18th blog post.

The update to this story is that, after a full and wonderful life followed by a period of decline, my father-in-law passed away last week. He was still alert in the afternoon, then passed quietly in his sleep that night. It was a full-circle life moment.

I am grateful that I was able to convey messages which might have eased my father-in-law's mind and heart. I was with my mother-in-law when she passed and I felt that I was able to ease her transition by reassuring her that her soul would survive, and thrive, after her passing.

Death seems so final. Placing a casket in a grave and shoveling dirt on top of it is gut-wrenching. It is heart-breaking. I wish there were a better way to say good-bye to a body.

Before and after my father-in-law's passing, I received messages in my meditation which reassured me that, "All is as it should be." All is well. As you know, I have not received a lot of clear psychic messages. I am not a psychic reader. However, I am certain that I received messages before and after his death. This was a leap in my ability and a comfort to the family in that we could know that everything was happening at the right time and pace, and that "All is as it should be."

I also want to add that during the afternoon before my father-in-law passed, I experienced a period of "irrational elation." I was so happy. Yes, I had things to be happy about, but I was really happy. I was so giddy with joy that even I questioned where this was coming from. In retrospect, I wonder if I was tapping into my father-in-law's joy as he began checking out the other side and discovering that there was something there? He may have been surprised and delighted by his experience.

I've been working with psychics for a long time. I am very pleased with all I have learned and I am excited by the idea of finding my place in this spiritual work. Having messages to bring to my father-in-law, then receiving messages regarding his passing, helps me feel that I am peeling back the layers of my own abilities and discovering that I can help other people. Very rewarding work.

Take care.


10:57 am mst

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Psychic-to-Psychic: Energy Ethics

Psychic-to-Psychic: Energy Ethics

Book Winner: On Sunday, I drew the name of winner for My Psychic Search book. And, the winner is . . . . (drum roll). . . L. Zepeda! Big time congratulations to you! I hope you love the book!

Today's Guest Blog Post is written by Suzanne Newnham, a psychic who lives in Australia. Suzanne has written a book on psychic ethics. I asked her about what to do when someone entered another person's energy. She answered:

Invasion of your energetic space

Experiencing a person energetically or psychically invading the space of a psychic or clairsentient person is a known phenomenon. This is different than a "psychic attack" as there is no intention of harm to the recipient. Sometimes this invasion is projected into a recipient's thoughts, images appear, or sensing character traits which belong to another person are felt. At other times, it is knowing what another person is doing (and this is sometimes verified) or the other person seems to just "be there" at all hours of the day or night. At other times, you seem to attract a "negative" person, you know the type - everything is wrong. They dump on you and then say how much better they are feeling and you walk away feeling like a cement mixer has just poured its entire contents onto you! Whether dumped upon psychically or in personal conversation, your energetic space has been invaded.

A shift in your mindset is needed for you to remain unscathed.

Intentionally or otherwise you have energetically responded to a plea for help. Trouble is that the caller wants you to fix it; wants you to fix it so that everything is right but nothing really changes (they can't cope with change or getting out of their comfort zone no matter how horrible); or you feel on some level that the only way you can help is to fix it on their behalf. The weight of the first two "fixes" will never go away for the caller as they will continually abdicate their responsibility to someone else - and nothing gets addressed at the source.

You feel you need to provide the fix because you know that if you don't help, they will move onto the next unsuspecting responder to their plea, and you don't want to feel guilty for someone else getting dumped upon; or in trying to "fix" their problems you are appeasing your sense of altruism but . . . you are denying them their responsibilities. Just because you have taken their stuff on board does not relieve the caller of it. So where does that leave you? Your energies are in tatters, feeling you can't escape this person, tired, or experiencing all the negativity and associated symptoms that are being foisted upon you.

At this point I present you with an analogy:

A person calls the Emergency phone number - the operator [you] is only the messenger to put the contents of the call through to the appropriate emergency service (police, ambulance, fire dept) [angels, your guides, caller's guides, ascended masters, Divine source] and the operator's job and expected duty of care is complete. The operator does not try to be that policeman to sort out the situation, does not try to be the medico to patch up the wounded, or does not try to put out the fire. The operator places the call to a higher authority who can attend directly to that set of circumstances.

In certain instances the operator may become more involved in trying to calm down the caller, or may suggest (within the limits expected of a phone operator) that the caller observe certain things and remain on the call until the emergency personnel arrive.

In the second instance, following conclusion of the call, the operator's emotions may be heightened and leave them wondering the outcome. Sometimes that outcome is newsworthy and thus finalizes the event for the operator. Other times, the operator just knows they had a job to do and they did it to the best of their ability.

In the energetic world, a "caller" would either put out their plea and await someone on the same wavelength, or if the caller knew a responsive person, latch onto them causing that person to have the feeling of constantly sensing that caller's presence in a variety of ways.

Just the same as when you might invite friends over. You wouldn't hand out keys to them all and certainly not expect them to drop in at any time of the day or night. So it is with energy callers. Setting boundaries around your space is important. If the presence appears, don't greet it like a long lost friend, be firm in saying that it must respect your space and person. Remind yourself that if you wish to be involved then you are just the operator, a conduit and not a "fix-it" person. Insist the energies/caller go, then ask for any energies/sensations not your own to return to source accompanied with healing light (or similar).

There is a lot more to dealing with unwanted callers or energy invaders. Bottom line is that you are entitled to feel empowered in your own space and body. Just remember that you are a conduit; you don't have to take on anyone else's stuff.

The information provided in this article is general and offered in good faith.

Suzanne Newnham
11 July 2013

Suzanne is the author of Ethics of a Psychic Reading. You can find out more about Suzanne and her work on her Website/blog:

You can find out more about her book at Balboa Press.

International retail orders:
Australian retail orders:

12:58 pm mst

Monday, August 19, 2013

Full Moon Tomorrow

The Full Moon will occur tomorrow August 20, 2013. In recent channeling sessions, there has been information about using the energies of the Full Moon to raise our personal vibrations. It is best to try to release old energies a day or two prior to the Full Moon. Then, on the Full Moon breathe in the new, higher frequencies. So, today is the day to release and tomorrow is the day to re-fill ourselves. 

Let me know if you feel refreshed.


3:20 pm mst

Time is something which was created for those who needed to grasp and measure something which had no grasp and no measurement.
12:57 pm mst

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Creating an Adult Life

Quick Reminder: The drawing for a copy of My Psychic Search book will be held this weekend. Anyone who wants to have their name in the drawing can send an e-mail to me at, and ask to be in the drawing. I'll add your address to the e-mail list so you can be notified of blog posts and interesting events. I'll draw the winning name on Sunday. The winner can either have a paperback book (U.S. mailing address only) or a Kindle e-book.

Creating an Adult Life

My daughter is home from college and starting a job search. It's hard for her to know where to begin. I am sharing with her what I have learned along the way and I would like to share it with you too. I have learned that we are all co-creators with the Universe. We are always being presented with opportunities and we select the ones we wish to draw into our lives. We have the chance to create lives we love. I think this is true all of the time, but it is especially easy to see when we are young, have all the tools we need, and have time to focus on our futures.

The things we focus our energy on will expand. Earlier this week I wrote about growing happiness by recognizing it each time it appears in our lives, feeling gratitude for the event, and allowing our expression of gratitude to signal to the Universe that we would like more of what just appeared. This principle also applies to finding jobs and growing friendships. It is important to acknowledge all forward movement. It may take time. We can't control timing, but we can know that we are moving in the right direction.

The reason that people create uncomfortable circumstances in their lives is often by default; they are not actively creating something. We need to focus on what we want, not on what we don't want. We are not victims. We are co-creators.

Keep these soaring ideas in mind. They came from a channeling through Leah Taylor:

"Who you really are is infinite, is any game you want to play, it's anything you want to do here, anything you want to learn about, anything you want to feel.

"It is not going to look the same for everybody. Wealth consciousness isn't always going to be about being a millionaire. Love isn't going to look the same for everybody, just like no two relationships are going to be the same. But it's the feeling which goes behind it. It's what you want to experience, it's the experience of it, that is what life is all about.

"Get back to that force of knowing that you are not from here, that this is a game that you are playing. This is one of the hardest things about working with humans: you try to tell them that, ‘This isn't really you.' This is just you today or you this lifetime, or you with this background and this body and these friends and this upbringing and this life; but it's not You. You are much, much bigger than that. When you can remember that, when you can connect with that even for just a few moments, it can change your life. It can give you the strength to change anything that you need to change in the way that you are living. You are never trapped. You realize there are infinite possibilities."

Be a power player in your own life. Step up to your destiny. Meditate. Daydream your future. Tap into your highest potential. Be a force for good in the world.

That's what I know. What about you? Do you have advice for me to pass along to someone who is just beginning her fully-adult life? I would love to hear from you.



12:46 pm mst

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Simple Steps to Increase Happiness

Simple Steps to Increase Happiness

There are simple steps to finding joy and creating just about anything else you want to attract into your life. Are you happy? Could you be happier? Is your marriage good? Could it be better? How can you know if there is a higher level of joy if you haven't yet experienced it?

So many questions and, for once, I have concrete answers. I am going to use the idea of greater joy as an example, but you can substitute whatever it is that you would like to amplify in your life.

If you are trying to reach a more joyful state in your life, but you haven't yet achieved that state, it can be difficult to know what to aim for. You are looking for something you've never experienced. If you've always been joyful at one level, you may not know what a higher level of joy feels like. Your perspective may be limited to what you have experienced.

The first step to creating more joy is to notice where you are in your life and pay attention to the area you would like to improve.

Then, imagine what the new state of joy would feel like. Daydream.

After that, in your mind, ask Spirit to bring you, "Gifts greater than you know to ask for, which will still maintain your current loving relationships."

The next step is to notice whenever something happens which adds to your happiness, then express gratitude for that event. Be enthusiastic about the event. Having tremendous gratitude encourages more of these moments to come forward. Being grateful is the signal to the Universe to bring you more of the things for which you are grateful.

As you appreciate the level you are on, and express gratitude for each drop of improvement, the Universe knows which way you want to move and will continue to bring those small drops of improvement your way.

You will end up on a search (not an intense search, more of an observational search) for the next level. It will be exhilarating to see each bit of happiness which comes your way.

Keep in mind that there is no need to judge the level you are on. Each level is exactly what you need at that moment. Each time you step into a higher level, you become a slightly different person so that you are ready for an even higher level to come to you.

There's no need to pursue your goals rigorously, just be open and welcome the steps in the right direction. As you express gratitude, little by little, the experiences you desire will come to you. Be open, be grateful and continue to indicate to the Universe the direction you wish to go.

Easy Peezy.


P.S. Other tips which work for me include a good night's sleep and a bit of solitude. Ah, happiness. 

2:16 pm mst

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meet a Psychic: Laurie Hays

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be psychic? Are you curious about other people's experiences? Today, find out a bit more about Laurie Hays' life. Laurie is a psychic and a spiritual intuitive. She also channels spiritual information.

Meet a Psychic: Laurie Hays

Laurie Hays has been doing psychic readings in Tucson for more than 20 years. She often works over the phone and finds that readings over the phone work very well because she isn't distracted by facial expressions or body language. In addition, Laurie volunteers as a Chaplain at a local hospital.

When Laurie was about 13 years old, she could close her eyes and see images. She told her mother about it, but her mother shushed her and told her that everyone could do that. She was raised Catholic and it was not something which was discussed. Her mother told her that reading Tarot cards and horoscopes meant she would burn in Hell.

It wasn't until Laurie was 26 or 27 that she found a mentor. She went for a psychic reading and the woman said, "You can do this as well as I can." Laurie knew she had a powerful gift, but she didn't know how it worked. Her mentor taught her how to use her psychic abilities.

Laurie is very visual and has a creative imagination. She feels through her imagination and also receives images this way.

According to Laurie, being psychic means that she is very sensitive to emotions. Joys are tremendous. When nice things happen, she feels like a happy little kid. The downside is that when she is hurt, she feels devastated. When she knows good things are going to happen, she is giddy. When she sees sad things, she suffers.

When Laurie gives readings, it is almost as if a part of her brain steps aside and another part comes through. The information comes to her as fast as thought. She gives the messages to clients at the speed they are received so her working brain doesn't have time to interfere and say, "Don't go there. That would be rude!" As she gives information, it picks up speed. Laurie says whatever Spirit tells her and sometimes she can't believe the things which come out of her mouth. She has asked to be "Divine loving truth." Her purpose is to help people. As she works, information flows through her. However, Laurie doesn't remember the messages in the readings.

In her personal spiritual work, Laurie communicates with Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Buddha and Christ. These are her four pillars and they have permission to tell her everything. She knows that there are other positive entities out there, but she asks that all messages come through her four Guides. When working with clients, Laurie unites her Spirit Guides with the client's Spirit Guides.

According to Laurie, "Spirit" is not an individual entity. It is like a collective. "Spirit" is similar to a glass of water in that water is a bunch of drops, just like Spirit is a group of individuals. If one drop is taken away, it is still water. They could individualize, but it would reduce the intensity, clarity and power. When she asked Spirit for the names of her personal Spirit Guides, she was shown a group, like a circle, around Mother Earth and Laurie understood that it was the connectedness of all consciousness which provided information.

Laurie provides readings in both English and Spanish. She also channels information.

If you would like to know more about Laurie, or set up an appointment for a reading, you can contact her at In addition, most months, Laurie is part of Tucson's Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair.


9:36 am mst

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I am Home

Hi! This is just a short post to let you know that I am back home and at my computer. 

Last Saturday, my daughter received her Master's Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville. This has been a huge adventure for our family. I flew to Illinois to help her pack up her apartment and prepare for Commencement. After her graduation, we packed the car and drove 1500+ miles back to Arizona. My husband was also there for packing and graduation, but we did a "girls' trip" for the driving.

So, now I'm back at my computer and I'll try to find something interesting to blog. Something more interesting than my daughter's graduation? Not going to be easy, but I'll try. :)


P.S. Anyone know of a good job for a young woman with a degree in workplace psychology?

3:37 pm mst

Thursday, August 1, 2013



Last week, I wrote about Lisa William's book, "The Survival of the Soul." Lisa told us that after physical death, spirits can move back and forth, visiting their friends and family on Earth. This process of going from one side to the other, helps with healing.

I have been following an online discussion of psychics where one person asked if other psychics saw deceased people when they attended funerals. The answer was an overwhelming, "Yes." Mediums can see the spirit of the deceased when the Mediums attend funerals. In addition, they see other spirits who are also around.

Interestingly, the Mediums wrote that not only do spirits attend their funerals to see who shows up and what they have to say, but some of the spirits work to influence funeral arrangements. They hang around their living relatives to see what is being planned, and try to inspire the inclusion of certain pieces of music, etc.

Many psychics responded to this online discussion by saying that they no longer attended funerals because they were overwhelmed by the attendee's emotions and/or by the spirits who showed up and wanted to contact them.

Do you find this as fascinating as I do?


10:12 am mst

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