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Monday, July 29, 2013

Five Year Anniversary of Blogging

Five Year Anniversary of Blogging

Today is the actual 5-year anniversary of my first blog post on this website! So exciting. When I began this Project, I had no idea where it might go, or how long I might work on it. I wanted to interview psychics and find out how they were able to access information from invisible sources. I wanted to talk to them, but I didn't know if they would talk to me.

I started My Psychic Search Project because I was bored with what I had been doing and I needed a fresh adventure. I had always been curious about psychic abilities and when a psychic suggested that I pursue that curiosity, I was excited. It seemed like a good fit for my life.

I began interviewing psychics in June 2008. I didn't know what I would get. What would they tell me? Would it be interesting enough to feed a blog and, perhaps, provide material for a book? I interviewed 20 psychics and energy workers before I determined that this material would make a fascinating book. It would be the book which answered all of my basic questions about what it was like to be psychic and what psychics tap into.

So, here I am five years later. When I started this Project, I didn't know where it would go. Over five years, this is what I have developed and shared:

Thirty-four interviews with psychics, energy workers and healers of all kinds.

A blog full of information. Posts include information from psychics; information about psychic ability; quotes from psychics; book reviews; information about book publishing and self-publishing; and snippets of my life.

My Psychic Search book, in both paperback and Kindle editions (huge learning curve!).

Five interviews in the Psychics Speak series which are available through Amazon's Kindle store. More to come.

Two blog-talk-radio interviews.

A website which I manage on my own -- another huge learning curve!

A massive amount of e-mails with blog readers who have commented on this work and shared their own ideas. I love hearing from all of you!

Many sessions where I have listened to information channeled from invisible sources. I had never been to a channeling session until about a year after I started this Project. Much of this information has been shared on the blog and in the book.

As for my personal intuitive development, it began escalating when I started this Project. The more time I spent with psychics, the better attuned I became. However, when I slowed down the rate at which I worked with psychics, my intuition slipped to a lower level. However, somehow, I still feel in synch with the Universe.

As for my understanding of the world of psychic ability, what can I say? I have learned so much! Turns out that psychic ability is just one part of the world of spirituality in which I discovered that souls survive the death of the body and go on to continue their learning, and their adventures, in different dimensions. It's a whole system set up for learning, sharing and growth. Very reassuring.

Some of the psychics tell me that all of this work has been just for me; just for my personal understanding and development. I know it's enlarged my world. However, I have also felt that the information needed to be shared. I appreciate all of you who have been reading my blog and my books, and I hope that this work with psychics has opened your eyes as much as it has opened mine.

Have you been reading the blog for five years? I would love to hear about how this work has impacted you.

Remember, in honor of five years of blogging, I am holding a drawing for My Psychic Search book (paperback or Kindle e-book in US; Kindle e-book overseas). Just send your name and e-mail address to me and I'll put your name in the drawing. I'll also add you to my e-mail list so that you are notified of new blog posts. Send your entry to

Where will the next five years lead? Check back in 2018!


2:10 pm mst

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"The Survival of the Soul," by Lisa Williams

Books, Books, Books!

I've been writing this blog for five years! Five years. In honor of this milestone, I've decided to run a drawing for my book, My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives. This book was written after three years of interviewing psychics. To enter the drawing, send your name and e-mail address to me ( and I'll put your name in the drawing. I'll also add you to my e-mail list so you can keep up-to-date on what's going on with My Psychic Search. If you win the book, you'll have a choice of a paperback version (US mailing addresses only), or a Kindle e-book. :)

More Books! The Survival of the Soul, A Book Review

What happens when we die? Exactly what happens?

In the course of interviewing psychics, Intuitives and energy workers, I have heard answers to the question, "What happens when we die?" coming from two kinds of experiences. First, many people have had near-death experiences and have told me about the light, or the blackness, the tunnel, and the people waiting for them on the other side. Second, many psychics and Mediums confer with spirits on the other side, confirming that there is an Afterlife. From the interviews, I had gathered basic information about life after death. Essentially, souls travel through a White Light, are greeted by loved ones, review their lives, go through a period of healing, determine where they are in their experiential learning, and decide if they want to return to Earth (or elsewhere) to continue their journey of learning. Souls who want to reincarnate, plan their next lifetime so that they can work through the challenges and experiences which continue each soul's evolution.

It's pretty amazing to know this much about life after death. Now, Lisa Williams has written a book, The Survival of the Soul, which provides much more detail about what happens after people die, where they go, what they do, how they plan their next incarnation, and how the whole system works.

Lisa Williams is a psychic Medium. She has had two TV shows where she connected with the other side and brought forth information for clients. Her first book, Life Among the Dead, discussed her life and how she came to discover that she was a Medium. In her second book, The Survival of the Soul, she reviews a bit about her life as a Medium, but really focuses on what happens after death. Most of this information was channeled through Lisa's Spirit Guides, although she did have a near-death experience shortly before writing the book.

According to Lisa, Spirit Guides know when a person is going to die and they begin to prepare that person about 30 days prior to their death. The preparations become more intense as the time nears. This work is often done while the person is sleeping or comatose.

After death, the silver cord is severed, the soul travels through a rippling tunnel of energy, then moves through a White Light. The White Light is where healing begins. In the Light, people begin to be healed from their mental, emotional and physical traumas on Earth. They are prepared for the next stages of the Afterlife. After passing through the White Light, they travel to a Meeting Room where they reunite with their relatives and soul connections, including the specific Guides who have been assigned to usher them through the Afterlife.

Souls who have recently arrived on the other side of the veil still have close ties to Earth and are allowed to travel back and forth. If they wish, they can see what actually happened before and after they died, they can see how people reacted to their death, and they can attend their funeral. As souls spend more time on the other side, their ties to Earth weaken, and they don't feel a need to keep coming back, unless they are called upon by those still on Earth. However, in the early stages, there is quite a bit of travel back and forth.

From the Meeting Room, souls move to a Waiting Room where they begin to acclimate to life on the other side. The Waiting Room is where the formal process of healing begins. In the Waiting Room, souls review the contract which they made prior to arriving on Earth and determine whether or not they met their goals. They take their contract along to the Viewing Room where their life review takes place. In the Viewing Room, souls are given the opportunity to experience every aspect of their lifetime on Earth and have a chance to right any wrongs they may have committed. They are able to heal their relationships with other people.

After the Viewing Room, souls move to the Healing Room where they are engulfed in an energy which takes away any pain they may have felt from their transition to the Afterlife and from reviewing the way they lived their life on Earth. As needed, people go back and forth between these rooms until they have answered their own questions and resolved their issues. The Healing Room is geared towards self-discovery and self-healing (as opposed to the Viewing Room where relationships with other people can be healed).

From the Healing Room, souls move to the Guardianship Room where they meet with a team of highly-evolved entities who help them assess their progress and make plans for future growth, either on the other side, or back on Earth. Souls who stay in the Afterlife are assigned jobs. Those who will return to Earth go to a Screening Room where they develop the contract for their next life and choose the parents to whom they will be born. Beyond the Guardianship Room and the Screening Room is the vast expanse of the Afterlife. 

In her book, Lisa Williams also covers the topics of ghosts, dark souls (souls who harmed other souls on Earth), and people who have committed suicide. If necessary, there are alternatives to passing through the White Light and moving into the Afterlife. These souls are treated and healed according to their specific needs and are always given the opportunity to choose new paths.

I highly recommend this book. It provides a complete explanation of many elements of the Afterlife and is written in a kind and compassionate manner. I found the material to be very reassuring and very consistent with what I have heard from other psychics, Mediums, and people who have had near-death experiences.

The Survival of the Soul was written by Lisa Williams and published by Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA, in 2011. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.


12:08 pm mst

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quote from a Psychic

A change in attitude, overheard during a psychic reading:

"Don't take things so seriously when they are not working well. This is a time of complete change in your life. Everything is evolving. There hasn't been one change in your life which hasn't been for the better. What you went through showed you what was valuable and what was important. This is complete change in your life. Everything. You will see who you are. Look forward to it."

12:00 pm mst

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Full Moon Energy Exchange

Full Moon Energy Exchange

From the Web:

The Full Moon falls on July 21st and July 22. Some people think that this will be the most powerful Full Moon of this century. It is commonly known as the Full Moon of the Guru. This Full Moon offers the energetic support to connect with the wisdom of Ascended Masters.

From New Moon Haven's e-mail:

The Full Moon is Monday, July 22 at 12:15 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a time to honor the fullness of your life and to practice seeing magic in all things. Any practice that gives you the experience of expansion is helpful. This is the time to anchor what you have received as an opportunity this month. If there is anything in your life you are still ambivalent about, this would be the time to either commit to it or to let go. A committed decision of "no" is just as powerful as a committed decision of "yes." What you can finally say "no" to will powerfully leave your life, and what you say "yes" to will have tremendous support in manifesting fully, more than you ever imagined. (

A recent channeled message:

With the Full Moon comes an opportunity to exchange, and upgrade, our energy. You can prepare, energy wise, by building yourself up to receive the newer energy, the higher frequencies, and you can also prepare by allowing a release of the lower energies. See the lower energies releasing from your emotional body very gently, very easily. Put the intent in for gentle release and then also accept the higher energies gently and easily. Begin working two days before the Full Moon to release the lower energies. If you can release the lower energies ahead of time, it will help you to accept the higher energies, smoothing out the exchange.

With each 14 day cycle of full moons and new moons, you can be at a new higher level of frequency.

The reason that you look for those energies in those particular periods is because as the moon's energy affects the tides and the water upon the earth, it also affects the body. You can see this ebb and flow cycle caused by the moon and its gravitation. That cycle causes an opening in the body, and when the body closes on the New Moon, the body is expelling more negativity, the lower frequencies, than at any other time. On the Full Moon, the body is actually opening to receive more of the higher energies. Both occur on the Full Moon and the New Moon, but the New Moon allows more of the lower energies to be expelled and the Full Moon allows higher energies into the body. You can see that it's a waxing and a waning. Crescendo to crescendo. The back and forth. The energies really start a couple of days before each event and last a day or so after the event.

9:23 pm mst

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Psychic Accessibility

Psychic Accessibility: Why I write about "unknown" psychics

I have interviewed many psychics and energy workers for My Psychic Search Project. I started interviewing people at Tucson's psychic fair, then I talked with their friends, then I contacted psychics around the country just to have some diversity.

Lately, people have been asking me why I haven't interviewed "top tier" psychics. The two answers are simple:

1) People who are already famous don't need to be interviewed. You already know who they are and what they do.

2) Talented psychics can be found everywhere. They are accessible. You don't have to travel to New England to see John Holland, or to New York to chat with the Long Island Medium. All you have to do is ask a friend for a recommendation or go to your local psychic fair and try a reading.

The key to finding the right reader for yourself is to get a recommendation from a friend for the type of reader who does what you want (for example, a Medium vs. a pet psychic). Then, see if you feel a connection with that reader. The best readings happen when the reader and client seem to like each other, or feel an energetic connection.

Every reader sets their own fees. I don't ask the psychics how much they charge because I have figured out that there really isn't a relationship between how good a reader is and how much they charge. Every reading is a unique combination of reader and client. The most expensive reader might not be able to bring forth the information being sought if there isn't a connection between the two people. On the other hand, an inexpensive reading can yield wonderful results if the connection is solid.

I love going to psychic fairs and other places where I can engage in a reading for an affordable $20. These are usually short readings, but they provide the opportunity to see if there is a connection with the reader. Some of my most interesting readings have been only $20, and some of these short readings have led to full sessions in a private setting. One time, I had a $200 birthday gift reading with someone who was amazing.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with psychic readers. Are you able to find readers where you live? Have you found that expensive readers are better readers? Have you had wonderful experiences without spending much money? How much are you comfortable paying for a reading? Oh, this could be a whole new blog post! :)

Back to My Psychic Search. I like to do the interviews in person because I never know what might happen. So far, I have interviewed people who live in the following places:

Tucson: 21 people
Phoenix: 1 person
Sedona: 1 person

California: 2 people
Connecticut: 1 person
Georgia: 1 person
Ohio: 2 people
Utah: 1 person
Washington state: 1 person
Australia: 1 person

Most of these psychics work well over the phone so it doesn't matter where they are physically located. They are accessible.

In my future travels, I hope to interview people around the nation, and around the world. In fact, I'll be in southern Illinois in a few weeks and in the Washington, DC, area in November. If you know anyone in those areas who might like to be interviewed, please let me know.


11:23 am mst

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aunt Betty

"Aunt Betty"

I interviewed Nancy Parsons, a psychic Medium, last week. We talked about everything. She said that when she sits with a client, entities from the other side come through to her. Because she is so confident that this happens, it doesn't always occur to her that the client might not have that same level of certainty, especially if they haven't before worked with Nancy. The client might be looking for strong evidence that a deceased relative is present.

Nancy illustrated how the client's uncertainty can influence the reading. If Nancy says, "Aunt Betty is coming through," and the client says, "I don't have an Aunt Betty," Aunt Betty, who has worked so hard to come through, may fade away. She will feel rebuffed. Later, the client may realize that they had an Aunt Elizabeth. For some reason, "Elizabeth" came through as "Betty." Nancy suggested that instead of saying that they don't recognize the spirit, the client could say something like, "I don't recognize that name right now. Can you bring through another piece of identifying information so I can figure out who it is?" Then, the spirit will try to present additional information to Nancy, instead of fading away.

I hear new ways of working whenever I chat with psychics.

10:16 am mst

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Psychics Speak!

Psychics Speak: The Individual Interviews

I am thrilled to announce the newest avenue for bringing the psychics' work to you. I am publishing short e-books entitled, Psychics Speak, The Individual Interviews. In their own words, each psychic discusses their life experiences and knowledge during our conversation.

Each individual interview will be available for 99 cents through Amazon's Kindle store. Don't have a Kindle e-reader? Don't worry, you can download the Kindle application and easily read the interviews on your computer, your tablet, or your phone.

Each conversation can be read in about 30 minutes. However, I encourage you to savor the thoughts and read slowly . . . and re-read. As these interviews are absorbed, they open the heart's energy. I know. It's my life.

So far, I have interviewed 32 people with psychic, intuitive, and/or healing abilities. I am making their stories available one at a time through the Kindle Store. As of today, five interviews are available. I hope to add two interviews each month until I have all of the interviews online.

The first five online interviews are with:

Patricia Kirkman: Patricia is a Numerologist, Astrologer and Intuitive who has been providing psychic readings in Tucson, Arizona, since 1994. She helps people find a roadmap to their lives. Find Patricia's interview in the Kindle store.

Cecilia Nemmers: Cecilia is a psychic and a Medium who communicates with a group of Spirit Guides. They talk about personal and global issues, and her Guides have provided information about the future. The Guides have emphasized the need for all of us to pull together to make it through these turbulent years. Cecilia often uses palm reading when she works with clients. Palm reading opens the client's energy field so she can access their information. You can find her interview on the Kindle site.

Cynthia Rae: Cynthia had a near-death experience as she was being born and has always "known" things. Later, she had another near-death experience which expanded her gift. Then, in the early 1990s, Cynthia trained as a massage therapist and began receiving intuitive messages as she worked on clients. She found that she was able to help people heal themselves. You can find Cynthia's interview in the Kindle store.

Beth Hays: Beth spent years working as a Flower Essence Practitioner. She found that flower essences could help people achieve their goals. Not familiar with flower essences? In this interview, Beth explained how she developed the essences from Santa Catalina Mountain wildflowers, and how this process was guided by flower angels. You can read Beth's story as a Kindle e-book.

Gina Stanfill: As a child, Gina saw spirits and had other-worldly friends. At night, she astral-traveled to the house down the street and played with spirits. She thought she was crazy. It wasn't until Gina was an adult that she understood that she had intuitive abilities. Gina can read a client's energy and tell them if their energy is going to take them where they want to go. She helps people see their choices. Gina's story is also available in the Kindle store.

I have added a Psychics Speak page to this website. I will list the new interviews on this page as they become available on Amazon's Kindle Site.

I have always known that my job was to share the psychics' stories with people so that everyone could understand how the magical connection to the unseen world works. I am the conduit for this information, just as the psychics are conduits for information from invisible sources. Worlds of knowledge are coming through people with strong intuitive connections. This information travels from the cosmos, to the psychics, to me, then to you. I hope that each of you can benefit from reading these interviews, as much as I have benefitted from working on them.

In love and light, with my most humble wish for each soul's growth,


9:38 am mst

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The First Step is Loving Yourself

The First Step is Loving Yourself

Today, I want to share a channeled message which I heard in June. I like this message because it reminds us that we create our lives. The first step in creating lives we love, is loving ourselves. The second step is having clarity about what we desire, while leaving the path to achieving our goals open so that we can be assisted. I hope you enjoy this message.


Good evening, one and all.

Sometimes you must look back upon what you have done, have said, look upon your feelings, how you've responded to situations, and know at the end that it really means nothing. For what counts is the love that you have and the love that you receive.

The separation from materialism is key to your freedom. It is when you feel that you must have something, that you become bound to it. Freedom, true freedom, is the release of that need. The release of "I can't do without it." Look at the strings, look at the bindings that you place upon yourself. Look at the words that you create. In the scheme of things, once again, it means nothing. So when you evaluate your life, and the circumstances that come your way, look at it with humor and laughter. For in many ways, you have created the situation, either directly, or indirectly. All will be explained in the end, and many times sooner than that. The more you hold on, the more it hurts. Look at having things as a blessing.

Remember that you create your experience. The more gentle you are with yourself, the better off you will be.

There is purging going on presently within you, each and every one of you, and within Mother Earth. With each new moon and full moon, see the intensity of this purging increasing. Do not be surprised when the bodies react a little harshly to the energies. Take it in stride. If the body is sensitive, prepare for these two events which occur once every two weeks.

Be gentle with yourself. Know that judgments upon yourself are the harshest. No one around any of you would judge you as harshly as you judge yourself. Wouldn't it be nice to give yourself a break and judge yourself no more harshly than your loved one would? Your loved ones are always ready to forgive you. Can you find that forgiveness for yourself?

The one through whom we speak is constantly looking at himself and thinking, "I should have done this. I should have done that." Why do you think he has an ulcer? This is what has been ingrained in him which he needs to modify. We say, "Be easy with thyself." You deserve it.

When you look at us, we never get angry at you. We never judge you. You can argue with us. You can yell at us. You can stomp your feet up and down. You can try to shake us by the shoulders, and we only keep loving you. Can you keep loving yourself? Think about this. If we see joy and love in you, why is it that you can't see that in yourself? If we see forgiveness in you, why do you not see forgiveness in yourself?

The first step of love is loving yourself. The second step is to realize that we are all one. And since you can love another, and we're all one, doesn't it make sense to love yourself? Each person should start every morning by looking in the mirror and saying, "I love you." It is amazing to us how many cannot do that. How many find that so difficult, but it is a breath of fresh air. Look into your own eyes, and say those three magical words.

The last thing we would encourage you do to before you sleep, is always lay out what tomorrow will be in as much detail as you feel comfortable giving. Or as much general description as you feel comfortable giving. The more general you are, the less specific, the more opportunities we have to assist you, and Source has to assist you, to bring together all that you wish. The more specific you are, the more difficult it can be for Source and for us. [When you are specific,] we have only one avenue to bring together what you would like. Too many [people] restrict that by being too specific. We would recommend being general with the details.

Then look, watch, and when you see something beginning to fall in place, be sure to acknowledge it and accept it. Allow it to come in to you. Allow it to come into your energy field. Bless it. For as you bless it, you are telling Source, "Yes, this is what I want. This is what feels good to me." Then Source has a clear indication exactly what you desire.

So many of our friends here in physical form are fairly scattered on what they want. First it is this, then it is this, then it's something else. "I would rather have that from over there." Their ideals and desires bounce around so much that Source can't possibly put anything together which they strive for. Clarity is absolutely important. It is imperative that the clearer you are, and the fewer restrictions you place on how delivery comes to you, the quicker and the more you will see, coming your way. That is creation. That is the Law of Attraction. Clarity and thoughts, without restrictions, bring to you your dreams and desires.

And love thyself, for we love you and we are all one, and you are deserving of all the love you receive.

With that we bless you. We love you.


Questions or comments? You can always contact me at


10:26 am mst

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Re-Reading the Interviews

I am re-reading some of the individual interviews I did with the psychics. The material is absolutely fascinating. Every time I read an interview, I learn something new. Their philosophies and understandings help me re-frame my life. 

10:00 am mst

Thursday, July 4, 2013



Happy 4th of July! This is a day to celebrate our freedoms. A day for parties, patriotic fashions and fireworks.

One of my favorite freedoms is "freedom of thought." Certain things are set in stone. We have proof of many matters. But, beyond that, we can believe whatever we want to believe. Unless we experience something ourselves, we don't know the truth. We just know what other people have told us. We can choose what to believe. We might as well believe in happy outcomes.

We have "the freedom to believe that good things can happen," and that we can overcome the struggles in our lives. As last week's channeling said:

"Roll with the flow, the ups and downs, ups and downs. Those are just the waves in the ocean. It's natural. It comes and goes. For if it were all flat all the time, it would get boring. Look for the wave now and then to stir you up, to surf upon, to see how well you can ride that wave -- a big smile on your face. See what good you can bring from it."

We need challenges to stir us up, pose choices, and allow us to choose the paths we want to walk. We have the "freedom to choose our future."

From all that the psychics have shared with me, and from my experiences with Mediums, I believe that there is an afterlife and that "heaven" is a happy place. On the other side, people can relax, perform rewarding work, and reconnect with other souls. Spirits are freed from aching bodies and are expanding in the light. We have the "freedom to believe what makes sense to us."

People are funny. We are all human and doing the best we can. When my husband and I were in Connecticut, we had two open days. We were driving up the freeway with nowhere we had to be, nothing we had to do, no dinner that had to be cooked. Yet, our in-the-moment experiences were completely different. I felt the exhilaration of adventure, while my husband felt a pang of apprehension, not knowing where we would spend the night. I am a planner, but every once in a while I need to taste freedom. I head into the world without a plan. Everyone reacts in their own way. Everyone can look at their reaction, decide if that is who they want to be, then adjust accordingly. This is our "Freedom of Attitude."

In America, we can eat excessively, smoke, drink, gamble, and do other things which are not in our best interest. We know better, yet we are human and we enjoy having bodies. Anyone up for red, white, and blue cake? Can we have a steak with that and really enjoy our day? Yes, we can. This is our free will, our "Freedom of Choice."

I want to take a moment to thank all of the people who work so hard to protect America so that we can enjoy our freedoms. I also want to thank the firefighters who are laboring in the heat, and sometimes sacrificing their lives, to preserve our forest lands and our homes. Nineteen men died fighting a fire in Arizona this week. And, even though I believe in an afterlife and I know that they will be fine, my heart goes out to their families and friends. Their lives have been turned upside down. From our hearts, we need to send strength to the survivors.

Let's stay steady, keep managing our lives, keep persevering, yet maintain open, adventurous attitudes until things fall into place. Remember: Good things can happen!

Enjoy the 4th!


A couple of notes:

1) Because this is the 4th of July weekend, Tucson's Psychic Fair won't be held this Sunday. It will be on Sunday, July 14. I'll be set up at that event.

2) I received amazing, thoughtful responses to last week's blog post regarding "The Long View." I want to thank the folks who took the time to share their experiences with me. What a lovely group of readers we have.


12:08 pm mst

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ride the Wave

Go with the Flow. Ride the Wave.

This is a channeled message which I heard last week:

Releasing resistance will help you with manifesting. Releasing resistance will help you see your bodies as divine, allowing what is coming in to work in harmony with you. Be fluid and flexible in your thoughts, as well as your body. Accept the beautiful energy which is coming in and see it as such. Be in harmony with it. In flow with it. Allow. Think about how you can "allow" your well being, which is a natural state, to come to you, to intensify, to glorify, so that you may have more joy in this life, through these vessels.

More joy, more opportunities to experience, to do different things through these vessels, as they get younger and better. As they serve you well, acknowledge it, be grateful for it. So grateful for this life, this opportunity to be here. For it is a grand adventure, one that you should look at and smile and say, "Yeah, what a ride." Keep on keeping on.

There are greater things to see over the next hill. Across the ocean. Everywhere you look, there is something new to see, something new to do. Look forward to that with enthusiasm. Attract to you whatever it is you wish to see or do. Play with it. Have fun with it. Make that the name of your game. A game, yes, a game of play. A game of joy. A game of life. You make it what you wish.

Roll with the flow, the ups and downs, ups and downs. Those are just the waves in the ocean. It's natural. It comes and goes. For if it were all flat all the time, it would get boring. Look for the wave now and then to stir you up, to surf upon, to see how well you can ride that wave - a big smile on your face. See what good you can bring from it. For there is something good which can come out of every situation. Maybe different than you think, but it's there.

Keep your thoughts focused on your goals. On the positive. With determination to get there, and you will get there. You won't let anything step in your way. You will get it done, whatever it is you wish to do. You will get there. What is it you wish to manifest? Divinely perfected bodies? Of course. Grand adventures? Of course. Toys to play with? Why not? The more the merrier.

Share this love, this joy. Set the tone of joy and laughter. Allow that to revolve into your world, helping to raise not only your vibration, but that of everyone around you. What a blessing that is to give. That is your gift to give. That brings great joy to your heart; opens your heart up with more. Allows more to flow in and flow out. You are in flow.

Love yourselves so you can love others. So you can spread the message of the Creator which is to love one another as you love yourselves and as you love your Creator.

We will leave you with that, focused on that. We bless you and we love you.


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