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Saturday, June 29, 2013


I often ask the psychics if they protect themselves when they do their work. Do they need to be protected from outside energies? The other day I heard an interesting perspective on "protection" which I thought I would share with you. This message was channeled by Laurie Hays:

"Protection has a negative connotation almost as if the protection means that you need to "Protect from." Dears, you have that perspective in the opposite order. Protection is for something valuable and precious. Something that you know is not duplicated every day. Something that you know took fine workmanship and skill. You protect that. We are not protecting you "from," we are keeping the integrity and the beauty of your spirit and your essence intact. In doing that, you show others that they too can be their own magnificent self. The etching, the carvings, all that life has given you, and done for you, and through you, and to you, has been for your refinement, and as you have requested, for you to continue to evolve and become more aware."

Protection means that we are keeping our essences intact. It probably also means repelling negative energies. To me, this is a unique understanding of how protection works.

9:49 am mst

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Long View

The Long View

I am at the age when I, and my friends, find ourselves caring for elderly parents. There is an overwhelming abundance of doctor appointments and therapies. In my case, I take my mother to an appointment at least once a week, sometimes twice. A lot of time and energy is spent dealing with current medical issues and attempting to prevent future issues.

One of my friends is dealing with a mother who has cancer and has run of out medical options. Even without therapeutic choices, there are endless doctor and hospice visits, and the patient needs to be moved from place to place to find the right level of care.

Another friend is splitting her time between two cities as she cares for her elderly parents who have spent the last two years in and out of hospitals.

It is easy to be sucked into the drama of life extension. It's easy to seek medical intervention for all current and potential issues. We are extending life beyond what might normally end a life peacefully, into a life which will likely end with chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and/or immobility. This is a downside of modern medicine.

Now, let's take the long view. We are here to experience life, try our hand at lessons, move on to the other side, evaluate our progress, make adjustments, then return to learn about additional aspects of ourselves.

Can we accept that it is okay to die and cross over? Why do we, as a society, make dying so difficult? What is our obligation to the elderly and what would we choose for ourselves? Once people are immobile and their minds have moved on, how many colonoscopies do they need?

Cyndi Clarke, a CA psychic, explained her view that when we die from this side, we are reborn on the other side. I asked, "Are you comfortable with death?" Cyndi answered, "Absolutely. I call it a birthing process. When we are born, we are dying from our real Spirit life and coming into a body. To me, that is death. Going back into Spirit is going back into our natural being. I believe you are birthing back into your natural form."

Philosophically, it's easy to write about this topic, but I know that when it is my time, or when one of my loved ones is ready to cross over, it will be very difficult to let go.

During Leah Taylor's channeling, an unseen entity talked about how the hardest part of dying is letting go. Leah channeled, "From the other side, we observe that if you cross over with a clarity that you are re-taking your place inside the vast Universal Truth, that is the easiest way to pass. The biggest struggle people tend to have when they die is to release control and to trust. It is that struggle of not wanting to leave the body when it's their time that causes a lot of the conflict and fear around the death process. This is especially true when somebody is watching someone they love going through the death process. What they are seeing is that person's struggle to surrender and to release and to join the Universal Truth. When they do, it's always, always, a sigh of relief."

If we know we are spiritual beings and we cycle through lives, can we use this knowledge when we make medical choices, or are we so emotionally attached to life that it is impossible to try to do anything but hold on longer?

Do we have to put pacemakers in elderly patients? Can't these people, who have lived full lives, be allowed to pass naturally? Why are we trying to extend their heart function long enough to allow them to die of something dreadful? Is this sense of needing to prolong life driven by our love for the elderly patient or by our own egos which think, "I can play God. I can extend life"?

How long does Nelson Mandela have to suffer in life so that people can visit with him and say that they knew him? In a world of medical technology, isn't there a way to allow people to have a peaceful, natural death?

Does your understanding of a spiritual life cycle influence your choices? I would love to hear what you think.


11:34 am mst

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New England Travels

Last Tuesday, I was at Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire and I was able to write a blog post from the road. I had taken a laptop computer with me. I am amazed that with the right (write?) technology, we can work from anywhere. Now, I'm back home and pondering all of the things which happened on that trip. I saw friends and relatives, visited with my father-in-law, and spent two days at a beautiful lake. I needed a change of "sight." The desert is lovely, and I needed to see greens and blues. I needed to see trees, flowers, and water. I needed new experiences.

You may remember that, on this blog, I asked if anyone knew of a psychic who I could interview in the Connecticut area. I didn't receive any online recommendations. Then, I went to a party in Connecticut and met a psychic. We managed to carve a couple of hours out of my vacation to sit together, and we had a terrific interview.

Nine months prior to the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings, she saw (and felt) the event. It threw her into a depression. What is a psychic to do when they have a premonition of a catastrophic event? There really isn't an agency taking this kind of report. She is the second person who told me that they knew that 9/11 would occur before it happened. She explained that in many cases psychics get information about future events which can be changed. They might see a health issue, or a work issue, and the client can make changes to avoid, or minimize, its impact. Other times, an event is "locked." It is inevitable. Nothing can be done to change the upcoming event.

Working as a psychic has many facets. People who tap into unseen sources can bring through a diversity of information. Some of the information can help clients live their best lives. Some of it can help prevent disasters. Some of it is locked in inevitability and can knock a psychic down. Thank you to everyone working so hard to bring through information without knowing how the process will affect them.

One more observation: I asked for a CT psychic to interview, and one was brought to the party I attended. There's something to be said for synchronicity.

How is synchronicity working in your life?


2:44 pm mst

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet a Psychic - Leah Taylor

Leah Taylor - Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive

Leah Taylor has always known she was psychic. As a child, she knew what other people felt and thought, and what was happening with them. She remembered her past lives. She was born into this life knowing which gifts she had.

When Leah reads for a client, she sees their past and their future. Because everyone has free will, there may be several possibilities for the future.

Leah can see which way a client's energy is going and that knowledge helps her predict what will happen. She sees the client's life, their childhood, their thoughts, their heart, their relationships, and their living and dead relatives.

Leah sees images and hears messages in her mind. She speaks with Spirit Guides and can converse with her client's Higher Self. She hears these voices in her mind, not with her ears.

Leah is also a medical intuitive and an energy worker. When working with a client, Leah sometimes has a whole body image come up in front of her. She can look up and feel with her hands what is going on with someone's body. Because of her abilities, Leah can often see and heal medical conditions.

She diagnosed her mother's cancer and helped her to recover from a debilitating condition. To help her mother, she suggested a combination of traditional medicine and other healing techniques, such as Reiki and herbs.

Leah does trance channeling which allows her Guides to speak through her. She also communicates with animals and often sees them on the other side with their deceased owners. Because she is a Medium, Leah can communicate with clients' deceased friends and relatives.

According to Leah, people who die will leave their body and usually be escorted to the other side by their relatives. Their relatives still love them and want to help as they are going through this transition.

On the other side, spirits can learn with teachers or explore, then eventually reincarnate if they so choose. When Leah sees the other side, she sees people with friends and family members. Sometimes she sees multiple generations of people together. She might see people smoking or cooking, but she thinks it is just a symbol of those things.

She believes that we have an etheric (energy) body which gets less and less dense the longer we are not incarnated. Leah feels that our personalities are physically based and are influenced by our human experiences. After death, we can enjoy being with people who we might not have liked on Earth. However, she knows it is not totally different on the other side. People are still people.

In addition, while there is much to be learned on the other side, Leah believes that most of our building is done in this life. People can learn lessons in the soul world, but to build a true spiritual legacy, develop a talent, or refine a deep character trait, that work is best done in the flesh.

Leah thinks that there is more that we don't know about human consciousness than we do know. There are possibilities out there and, even if it isn't the norm to have miracles and healings, miracles happen. She encourages people to explore the limits of human potential and consciousness.

Interested in finding out more about Leah? You can send an e-mail to her at

Have a great day!


2:36 pm mst

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Conveying the Messages

You may remember that last Tuesday I wrote about talking with a Medium and having my deceased mother-in-law come through with messages for the family. Since then, I have conveyed the messages to some of my husband's family members. These are not easy conversations because everyone has their own level of understanding. Fortunately, everyone listens to what I have to say and has an open mind. After I leave, I have no idea what they may think. 

The most interesting, and most difficult, conversation was with my father-in-law. He is elderly and has memory issues. Nancy suggested that I try to talk with his Higher Self to relay the messages from his deceased wife. While my husband was talking aloud to his father, I tried to connect with him silently, setting the stage for what I was about to say. Then I spoke aloud and brought up the topic of his wife. To the best of my ability, I reassured him that we are all being looked after and protected. I let him know that she will be there when he needs her. Whenever he is ready, she is also ready.

As we spoke, I felt a real heart connection with my father-in-law. Because he has memory issues, and isn't very conversational, I don't know what he was thinking. I know that we both welled up with emotion. I hope that on some level, he felt reassured and felt the presence of his departed wife.

Love is still love across all of the years and all of the dimensions.


7:55 am mst

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pyramids and PRISMS

Pyramids and PRISMS

I like to switch things up now and then. Last Sunday, instead of bringing Wild Girl! pins to the Psychic Fair, I brought crystal pyramids. Several people asked me about the properties of the stones and how the stones were able to affect people's energy so I thought I would write a bit about this topic today.

The pyramids on my table were made of either Clear Quartz Crystal, Back Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Howlite, or Amethyst. The pyramid shape enhances and focuses the inherent properties of each stone. Pyramids amplify energy, then tightly focus that energy through their apex.

What are the properties of these stones?

Clear Quartz Crystal: Increases focus, opens and balances all chakras. Enhances life force.

Black Obsidian: Removes disharmony, anger, greed and fear. Very protective stone.

Rose Quartz: Brings love on many levels; self-love, romantic love and friendship. Helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth, therefore feeling worthy of love.

Howlite: Calming stone. Relieves stress. Absorbs anger. Combines reasoning, observation and patience to help with discernment.

Amethyst: Draws off negative energy. Opens the spiritual and psychic centers. Encourages inner peace and transforms energy.

These same properties can be found in chakra-balancing pendants which are set on stone points.

How are stones able to affect our body's energy? Crystals transmit energy. Because of this ability, they have been used in many inventions, including watches and computers. When placed on the body, there is an interplay between the stone and the user. Stones are composed of matter, are built from energy, and contain energy. People are also built from matter and contain energy; energy can be transferred between the stone and the person.

Here is my one experience showing that holding these stones can make a difference:

A few months ago, I was at the Psychic Fair and April Kressley was set up with her aura photography equipment. In the morning, she took my aura photo and my aura was green and yellow. Then, I was sitting at my table for an hour or two not doing much of anything. I was holding a clear quartz crystal pyramid, just tossing it from hand to hand; rolling it around in my palms, mostly out of boredom.

For some reason, April asked if I wanted to check something in my aura so I went back to her table. She photographed my aura and it had changed to purple. Purple is a higher, more-spiritual vibration than green. I think that the clear quartz crystal pyramid  amped up my vibration and changed my aura. You can see the change in the photos above. I don‘t remember feeling any differently, but my aura sure had changed.

On to another short topic. Many people with psychic abilities don't like to be called "psychics" because that term has gotten some bad press. So, I came up with an acronym which covers all of these people with psychic, intuitive and healing abilities. I call them PRISMS. It stands for Psychics, Readers, Intuitives, Spiritual counselors, Mediums and Shamans. It also includes energy workers. Now, I'm seeing the word PRISMS all over the media. Some people think PRISMS are all about data mining and spying. In my world, PRISMS bring information from the other side and bend it through their brains so we can all benefit from the messages.

Have a lovely day.


11:24 am mst

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Talking with a Medium

I was set up at the Psychic Fair on Sunday and, as always, it was great fun. However, I had a long stretch in the afternoon of just sitting there watching the readers work with clients. Sometimes when I am with psychics I seem to pick up information, so I grabbed my spiral notebook and tried to write whatever was coming to mind, just to see if anything came through.

I was sitting there, writing, opening my mind, and I felt a heaviness, a denseness, in my chest. Then, I felt the urge to talk to a Medium. I was sitting across from Nancy Parsons so, when she had an opening, I slipped over for a couple of minutes to see what might happen.

Apparently, everything was lined up before I sat at Nancy's table. My deceased mother-in-law was waiting for Nancy to tune in. She came through as a bright light. A very bright light.

Nancy told me a bit about what my mother-in-law was doing, then she gave me a message to carry to the family. Nancy appeared to go deep into a trance-like state, but she couldn't go all the way because we were sitting at the Fair and only had a few minutes. This wasn't a full reading; it was just a check in.

Nancy pulled herself back to this reality. We talked a bit, and the denseness left my chest. During the reading, we were both freezing cold and starting to shiver. After the reading, the coldness was gone. We were back to room temperature.

So, was this real? Did Nancy really connect with my deceased mother-in-law? I think so. It was something to watch Nancy being drawn into her interior world; to listen to her talk with her eyes shut. I am so appreciative that she made this effort on my behalf! Thank you, Nancy!

If you want to know more about Nancy, you can check out her website at

This weekend, I'll deliver the message to my husband's family. I'm not a psychic reader, but I foresee an interesting conversation.

Take care.


10:13 am mst

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Glossary

The Life of Words

Special Announcement: I am excitedly working on a new part of this Project. I will announce it in July and it's going to be fabulous fun.

This Sunday, June 9, 2013, I will be at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair in Tucson, AZ. I'll have my books and chakra-balancing jewelry, and I would love to chat with you. And, as always, psychics will be available for 15-minute readings ($20 each).

On Saturday, June 22, there will be a Psychic Fair in Phoenix at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort. I won't be at that Fair, but Richard Shickel will be there and he will be selling My Psychic Search books! Richard is one of the talented psychics who I interviewed for this Project. If you are in the Phoenix area, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to meet psychics.

I want to welcome the new readers of this blog and thank everyone who has shared this site with their friends. I can see that readership increases every month. Yea!

Now, on to today's Vocabulary and Concept Quiz (Oh! It's like being in 4th grade again!)

What's the difference between a Ghost and a Spirit?

Hint: A Ghost is the soul of a deceased person who has not yet crossed to the Light. A Spirit has completely crossed to the other side.

What's the difference between an Angel and a Spirit Guide?

Hint: An angel is a messenger from God. Angels have not lived full lives on Earth. A Spirit Guide is an entity who has lived on Earth, completed life's lessons, crossed over, and volunteered to guide people living on Earth. (However, for a bit of added intrigue, I interviewed one psychic who told me that, through a special circumstance, she was living on Earth, but already training as an angel. I guarantee that you will want to read more about her.)

What's the difference between a Spirit Guide and a Spirit Master?

Hint: I don't think there is a difference. Just different terminology. What do you think?

What's the difference between a Psychic, an Intuitive and a Medium?

What's the difference between a Soul and a Spirit?

What are the Higher Realms?

Who are the Ascended Masters?

Can you define Reiki?

Is your head spinning yet?

If you're not sure about these words and ideas, you can check the new Glossary page on this website. Because it is important to know what we are talking about, I have provided definitions for many terms which are commonly used by psychics. Of course, people have different opinions of some of these words so the definitions continue to evolve. If you have a better definition of any of these concepts, let me know what it is. Send an e-mail to

Enjoy your day!


12:40 pm mst

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quotes from a Psychic: Cyndi Clarke

Quotes from a Psychic:

"I grew up in San Diego in a very, very dysfunctional family. Both of my parents were alcoholics. You name it, I went through it . . . . People have to understand that we, as psychics, understand what they are going through when they have difficult times. I have ‘been there, done that.'"

"When my mother was dying, I took care of her. She was a complete vegetable. About three days before she crossed over, she started speaking to those on the other side. I witnessed this and it totally freaked me out . . . I learned at that time that I wasn't actually hearing my mother's voice, but I was psychically hearing her speak to the other side. This experience started my quest. Then, despite all of the horrible things my mother had done to me, she gave me the greatest gift of all. She showed me that there was life after death."

Cyndi Clarke

9:17 am mst

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Psychics are Human too

Twice this week I had chats with psychic friends. We didn't have a reading. No messages came through for me. We just sat and chatted about all the things people like to talk about: our work, our families, our books. It's easy to forget when we we are awestruck by a psychic's ability, but psychics are human too. They straddle worlds and sometimes it's nice to have a normal, down-to-earth conversation.

Coffee anyone? 

7:35 pm mst

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