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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why do People go to Psychic Readers?

For the last few weeks, I have posted messages from psychics, Mediums, and unseen entities. Now, let's go backwards from the answer to the questions and talk about why people see psychics. This is an excerpt from My Psychic Search book.

Why do people go to Psychic Readers?

According to the psychics, most people want to know about:

Love; relationships; finding a soul mate
Health (their own)
Health of a relative
Loved ones who have died
Spiritual paths
Life purpose

People want to know:

Are they doing the right thing?
Should they apply for a certain job?
Should they get married?
Is their partner cheating on them?
Will they be moving?
Will they win the lottery?
How can they remove blockages when they feel stuck in their life?
Are their loved ones who have crossed over okay?
Will they see their deceased animals again?

Clients are usually looking for insights on personal issues and/or insights on "big picture" issues.

Personal Issues

Some people are struggling with life events. They want a psychic to help them understand why things are happening the way that they are happening. Is a particular situation a life lesson or a detour? They want to understand why they are experiencing challenges so that they can make decisions which get them back on track or take them to a happier place in life. These people want to see their options and they ask the psychics to contact their Spirit Guides for advice. People want hope that things will improve.

Other people are very happy with their life situation and are just curious about the future. They want to know what is going to happen. Will they get a certain job? Will their relationship work out? What will their children grow up to be?

Many people want time frames for specific events, such as weddings and job promotions.

Some people seek validation for the decisions they have already made. Other people want corroboration of the psychic insights which they have already had. They want someone to confirm that their intuition was correct. In some instances, people talk to psychics because they feel confused about something they experienced and want to be certain that they were not just imagining things.

Sometimes, people want answers about their animals. They want to know what the animals are thinking and feeling. Other times, people ask if they, and their relatives, are healthy. Is there anything they need to know?

Many people recognize that they are on a spiritual path and that they have lessons to learn. They ask psychics about their life purpose and their lessons. If they understand reincarnation, they ask about the large trajectory of their spiritual path. How far have they come and where are they now? How is this lifetime related to previous lifetimes? Is this lifetime resolving Karmic issues from previous lifetimes? Can this lifetime bring breakthroughs and great strides along their spiritual path?

Big Picture Issues

Some people talk to psychics because they want evidence that there is more to life than life on Earth. People want to know that PRISMS contact something real. They want confirmation of an invisible energetic universe.

The ability of a psychic reader to bring forward information about a client which the psychic should have no way of knowing confirms that something unique is happening. People want to hear specific information, such as names or details about current circumstances, so that they have confidence that psychic abilities are real. When a psychic produces this kind of detail, the client can accept that there is either an unseen information source, or that the psychic is able to read their mind.

If the psychic transmits information which the client is not aware of, and the client can return home and confirm that information, there is evidence that something more than mind-reading occurs. For example, if a reader provides information about a grandparent and the client can go home and talk to their parent to validate this information, it means that the psychic is tapping into information which the client does not know. The psychic is not reading the client's mind. The psychic is accessing a larger stream of energy and information.

Another "big picture" issue is life after death. Some people talk to psychics because they want to know that consciousness survives death. They want to hear from loved ones who have crossed over so that they are completely certain that there is an afterlife. These people listen for specific names, phrases or references which assure them that their loved ones still exist and are doing well.

Other people want evidence of a connection to their Spirit Guides and angels. They ask for the names of their Spirit Guides and want to know how they can understand the messages which their Guides are sending to them.

Some people seek assurance that there are unseen forces helping the Earth.

People who are looking for evidence want measurable answers. They listen for specific names and pieces of information, and they ask detailed questions about future events so that they can wait and see if the events occur as predicted.


Did I cover everything? Why have you gone to a Psychic Reader? Send your answers to


12:08 pm mst

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quote from a Psychic

Happy Summer to everyone! We're past Memorial Day, the official Summer start. For your summer reading pleasure, I want to remind you that the paperback version of My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know and how they can help us improve our lives, is on sale on this website for $19.95 through the end of the month. The Kindle version is available for $9.99 through

On today's Quote from a Psychic, I am sharing a snippet of Rhonda Harford's life:

"When I was about 35, I had a very serious car accident and I walked through the light. I broke my neck in two places, broke my jaw, smashed my back and was paralyzed on the left side of my body for quite some time. I was in a coma for five days. Some days I am still in a lot of pain. When I walked through the light, I had a life/death experience. Walking through the light was like trying to stare into the sun.

"When I walked through that light I met a woman who said, 'Come walk with me.' I remember the beginning of the experience and I remember the end, I don't remember anything in between. In the beginning of the experience, she told me I was okay, I was fine. There was a beautiful, peaceful brook. At the end, I remember there were a lot of people who I knew and it looked like we were in ancient Greece, although I knew we weren't actually in Greece. There were pillars for the house, but no ceiling. There were animals everywhere, including dogs and horses. I have a gift with cats and I know that they are my protectors. I know that I have lion cats who sometimes sit around me, but are not always here.

"At the end of the experience, she told me it was not my time and that I had to make a choice. I could either stay or go back. She told me that I had not yet done my greatest work. I asked about the guy I had been with in the accident and about his children who had also been in the accident. As soon as I thought about them, whoosh!, I was out of there and I was waking up."

Rhonda Harford

11:44 am mst

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day and I am thinking about all of the people who died so that the rest of us could experience freedom. I am hoping that most of these souls have peacefully crossed to the other side. I know that many people who die in battle are so traumatized that their souls are unable to cross. They become "earth-bound." I also know that there are people on this side, and entities on the other side, who are encouraging these souls and helping them to cross over. It's an amazing system and I'm very grateful for the freedom to sit here at my computer, think about all of this, and send my thoughts out to the world. How lucky I am to live in a country where I have the liberty to pursue my dreams. Thanks to all who have sacrificed their lives so the rest of us can enjoy our freedom.

8:49 am mst

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Messages from Entities

Messages from Entities

A few years ago, I attended a channeling session where a psychic connected with entities on the other side and brought messages through for us. For me, it was a life-changing event. Today, I am going to share a portion of this session with you. One of the women asked about our life lessons. Why were we here? These are the answers for the women in that room. You might find that the answers also apply to you.

The entity said:

Your lessons are to love this life. Your lessons are to love You. Your lessons are to release the illusion, the game and the fear, and to become masters of your destiny, of your reality. You all come in with special gifts.

[Facing one woman] You come in with the gift of working with women, working with children, bringing back safety into this reality; bringing back the ability to trust one's body, to trust motherhood. You came in with that gift to share with the world because vital knowledge was being lost in the paradigms of the culture here. Looking at it from above, you came to change it.

[Facing a second woman] You came to find a way to have joy. To write and to love being alive. It's hard to forgive yourself and you are doing fantastic. [Your struggles are] from being younger. Some of those final issues are coming up to be looked at again. This is the final [time]. When you have done all of these lessons and are ready to pop out of the fear and the struggle and really, really love yourself, then you move through the dredges. You are doing that. You are moving to where you need to be.

The main thing that they are saying is that your idea of what it looks like to be spiritually evolved and happy is different than what it really is going to be. It might not mean having the money or the car or the house, or the external things which are going to show you the abundance. It's going to be the feeling in your heart that you wake up with every day. That [feeling of] being in the moment, without needing to change it, or feel alone, or needing something else.

You are coming into this space in your life where sharing with a partner is important, but there are many fears that come up about who they are, or who they could turn into when you get to know them, and who you are; fears about somebody seeing you and knowing you. That is the big lesson.

Things might look different than you thought. What you are moving into is really meaningful and beautiful. In order to experience it, you are going to have to move into a state where you can embrace the vulnerability. That is where the fear is coming in. You know that. You know that in meeting somebody, in putting yourself out there you are going to have to embrace the vulnerability, and the vulnerability is scary.

It brings ups the fear and the sadness and the little emptiness where you wake up every day wondering, "What are we going to do?" It doesn't feel like it is moving into what you want. That's because that vulnerability is scary. But if you can embrace it and embrace meeting others and embrace sharing yourself with others and embrace knowing that you are enough, that you are good and wonderful and the culmination of lifetimes worth of work, you will be okay. It is about the partnership that is in that closeness and being open to that. Walk into that vulnerability and find joy in the moment.

[Facing third woman] You are an artist. A soul which came into this reality to share her art, to share her vision of what could be, of what is, of what might be. When you embrace it, you are happy.

[Facing the fourth woman] You are a dreamer. You walk in the dreamland. You have your Guides with you. The bird souls also help you walk and be in the realm. It is in that connection with the land and with the Guardians that you have knowingness and feeling. Part of your path this lifetime was to learn how to walk between those two worlds, because you love this planet. Your soul loves this planet and being on this earth and being able to walk between the dream world and this world, between other realities and this world. You are learning how to balance them. That is what you have come to do.

[Facing the fifth woman] You are here to be happy. The story of your soul is to make peace with your mother. To be a mother, to have daughters and mother them in a way that you weren't mothered. And to have joy, because in lifetimes past there was so much sadness that I feel a feeling of not being able to have freedom. To have the life you wanted. This time, you have come in to have that life you wanted, to heal the relationships with the souls you traveled with before in other lifetimes: your mother. And to be able to create, to be and live in freedom: freedom of creating whatever life you want, freedom of exploring your passions and interests. You have created a very beautiful life.

Now, as you move into the part of your life where you are sharing your gifts, it is going to be about sharing with others how to release their pain and sadness in this lifetime. The way you do that is by letting them know that magic is real. That we are more than what we see and that there is another side, a spirit side.

[Facing the sixth woman] For you right now, the lesson is to love yourself; not to judge yourself. To release the pain, the fear and the judgments on yourself. In your mind, you are hard on yourself. Your lesson is to feel joy and happiness. If you do one lesson this whole lifetime, it is just to love yourself. That is true for everybody, always. That is it: to love yourself. When you don't love yourself, you are hard on yourself and you punish yourself and you tell yourself that you don't deserve. "Well, if I was different, I would deserve this," or "If I hadn't done that, then I would have deserved happiness." No. Just love yourself, then you can have the things which bring you joy.

[Facing the seventh woman] Your lesson is to love and to be loved. That is what you came here to do: to learn about loving and giving love. Sometimes that carries pain with it, but the pain is worth the love. Eventually you learn that some people just can't make themselves vulnerable. Some people would rather not love at all and just take love. But that doesn't mean everybody is like that. You have learned so many lessons in all of the different relationships in your life (children, lovers, friends) that you have seen the flip side. You are moving into the space where you are finding real love returning to you.

[Talking to a woman] You have done fantastic in sharing your gifts, in doing what you came in here to do. But because this is something you are working with, it is working on an illusion and a game which is not open to you.

You can't expect accolades all the time, which is unfortunate. You have moved through with your work without getting the recognition for the mountains which you have moved. But you have moved them energetically by the individual people who you have healed and helped, and in the work that you are doing with the larger human consciousness. Part of the path is where others don't recognize the work which you do, but it is meaningful. It can change for the better.

For all of you, there is much love. There is much light.


Comments? Send them to me at

9:54 am mst

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Channeled Meditation

A Channeled Meditation

I thought you might enjoy reading a meditation which came at the end of a channeling session I attended. As part of this series of blog posts relating to messages from Spirit, on Thursday, I'll post some of the messages which came through at that event.

"Take a deep breath, connect with your light, connect with your body, connect with the breathing of your lungs, in and out. As you connect with that breath, breathing in life force, bringing in love, joy, connection to your source, breathing out stress, pain, and fear, be mindful of the heart chakra full of love. Feel that heart chakra like the central sun creating beams of love and kindness, of forgiveness, of compassion. Feel it radiate not just to you in your own being, but out into everything connected to you. Feel it radiate around the circle, heart to heart, feel it radiate through your life, feel that love, that spark of divinity. Feel it illuminating your whole reality.

"As you do that, allow those aspects of your being, those fears, the parts of you that are no longer serving you, the parts of your life that need to be released, allow them to come to the surface of your mind. As you see each one, look at it, breathe in compassion for yourself and others, and release it. Know that if you release the parts of your life that are not you, you get closer and closer to who you really are and you allow your Higher Self, your spirit, the wise old you who has lived for thousands and thousands of years, to be more present in this body, to be more present in your life and to work its magic through you.

"As you release the figments you have created to limit yourself, you become one of us and you begin to realize that your spirit is free and your joy does not depend on anything this world can give you or can take away from you. Not your loved ones. They can never really be taken away. The love. Not your home or your things or your car or even your body. What we have, what you are given, this is a gift to enjoy. Nothing which is taken away was ever really you. Nothing that is really you can ever possibly be taken away from you. As you release, put in the attention to release anything which is not you in your life, that which does not serve you: the old, the outmoded, the parts of you which are not serving growth. Just release; relax and release.

"For a moment, connect to the part of you which is ancient, which has lived before, which will live again. Feel the wisdom and the sense of eternity. Feel the awesomeness. Know that that is you -- that spectrum of experience and wisdom and love -- that is you. You can call on that wisdom anytime you need it. Anytime you need help releasing a part of your life which isn't working, any time you need help to remember where you are going on this life's path, what you came to this earth to do. That is the wisdom, that is the source, that is the central sun that you can call on to illuminate the darkness and to illuminate your path.

"Before we say goodbye, we say, 'Remember your truth.' Remember that you each are a solar system. You each carry the sun in your hearts and that love is the light which will illuminate all darkness. It will warm all cold, it will expel all fear and it will comfort all hurt. If you love yourself, there is no reason to suffer because that universal love, that virtual sun is always in your chakra. All you need to do is to allow yourself to tap into it.

"We love you, we thank you for having us tonight. Good-bye."

10:38 am mst

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Messages from Mediums

Messages from Mediums

Last week, I posted messages I had overheard from psychics in public venues. Today, I am following up with Messages from Mediums who communicate with deceased relatives. Here are a couple of messages:

[Reading a woman whose deceased brother came through] Your brother loved life and loved to party. When he left, he didn't feel like he had left a loved one behind. He was ready to leave. He had enjoyed his life. He had a long illness. [The woman said that he had died of AIDS.] His soul lesson was to learn not to be afraid of death. In this lifetime, he had chosen to face his own relationship with dying. Don't think of him as being a victim, he chose to have this situation so he could learn his lesson. Because he had been sick for so long, when it was time to die, he was ready. It was part of his spiritual development.

[Talking to an older man] I see a young guy, very slight, with big ears, who was a lot of fun and who wants to say "Hi." [The guy recognized him immediately as a friend. They had entered military service together. However, the young guy had been held back at boot camp, while the man in the room had been sent on. At a very young age, the friend had died in combat. The guy being read welled up to hear from his friend.] He says it's not your fault that he died. Let go of the guilt.

[Talking to a woman] Your father is happy. He loved your mother but he said there are things you don't know. What's the word he's using, "kvetching"? She could break a record. "Did you do this?" "Did you do this?" "Did you do this?" Between her and worry . . . and they never had enough money because he "should have been a private accountant." On and on . . . He's showing that she could wear the needle out on a record player.

[Talking to the group] When I read for people I see their grandparents come in with people around them. They tell me that everyone looks so isolated in our society. There's something wrong in our society when we can't be multi-generational and take care of each other.

[Talking to a woman] Your father is here and he is apologizing.

[Talking to a woman] Your (deceased) sister says she would come, but she's too busy. She's very busy. She's not just sitting there resting in peace; she's busy. She just popped in for a second. She's gone off again. She's like a person chasing butterflies. Very happy. Was she born?

[Talking to a woman] He's around you big time. He comes and goes. He kinda walks your hallways at nighttime. He is like the changing of the guards. You know how they pace back and forth. Did he smoke? [Yes.] He smokes in your house. I don't know if it's cigarettes or cigars or a pipe, but he says that he smokes and he is getting away with it. [He used to be my boss.] He is saying, "Oh really?" You really knew how to give it to him. The backtalk. Put him in his place. [I used to ride him for smoking that pipe. I hated that pipe. Does he have any other message for me?] Financially, you will be okay.

[Talking to a woman] Your (deceased) father is showing me that you need to put a bubble around yourself. She sucks up a lot of energy. He's saying, "You don't understand. Everything is about her. There is nothing you could bring which is important about you, because you are not her." When you understand that, there isn't really a problem. Everything is about her.

[Talking to a woman] There are people who have crossed who are around you often. They come and they go. Your Guide is showing me a grand-motherly type of person, an older person, but it might be someone you remember or someone who you haven't even known. She is giving me the name "Noreen." I don't know why. I don't know if this is the name or if it sounds like the person who has passed on. [Can you say it again?] Noreen. [How about "Irene?"] Oh, okay, could be Irene. Could be Irene. She kept on emphasizing . . . could be Irene. This is definitely somebody who has crossed over. It is not somebody who is here now. This person touches in with you from time to time. She comes and she goes. She just wants you to know that you should be aware that she watches over you. Irene wants you to know that she touches in with you and that she is "good."

As I was working on this post, I was e-mailing with Richard Schickel. Among other talents, Richard is a Medium. I asked if he wanted to write something about what it was like to be a Medium. Richard wrote:

"As a person who had lost many loved ones, I had always wondered if they were lonely or alright or if they missed me. I always thought of great things that I wanted to tell them long after they had passed. I wanted to know if they could see me and if they still cared about me. Mostly, I wondered if they knew how much I loved them, missed them, and wanted them back.

"As I got older, I felt guilty for wanting them back since they were old or sick or filled with pain. Then, I just missed them from time to time. Sometimes they would pop into my head or my dreams and it would make me feel so delighted.

"Finally, at the age of 40, I woke up to my psychic gifts that had long been suppressed by my parents, my church and society. That is when I could first smell Grandma's cold cream or Papa's cigarette smoke or Papa Frank's golf shoes with all the fresh grass and old leather smells attached to them. Then, I learned that these were just reminders of who they had been in life.

"I began to have access to more people who had passed and they all seemed healed and happy, and most showed themselves as being much younger than when they had died. They were around the age of 30. They spoke to me about love. That is all they had left from their lives - those memories and feelings of love that they had for me and others and the love that they had gotten back. My Papa told me it was not the love you make but the love you take that balances you. If you give without return, you have nothing left to give after a while.

"Over the years, they have told me that they are safe and OK and in a place where God hugs them all the time and it is like a spark of electricity at the carnival where you squeeze those handles and feel electricity race through your body. Those are the God hugs they said.

"Love never dies - just our bodies. The dead are always around us and can hear us. So we can talk and they will listen and vice versa."

Thanks for you insights, Richard. If you want to know more about Richard, check his website at

If you have any comments, or messages you would like to share, e-mail them to me at


10:19 am mst

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Psychic Ethics: Is it okay to "read" someone in public?

Is it okay to "read" someone in public?

A month or two ago I wrote about some of the ethical dilemmas related to psychic ability. Is it okay to read someone without their permission? Is it okay for a psychic to answer a client's questions about friends and family members?

When I posted my questions online, I heard back from Suzanne Newnham. Suzanne lives in Australia and has written the book, Ethics of a Psychic Reading: A Guide for Professional and Amateur Messengers of Psychic Information. Today, Suzanne answers one of my ethical questions.

I asked, "Is it okay to read people while walking around in public? For example, at the grocery store?" Suzanne answered:

"Intentionally reading people without their permission is an absolute no-no. If you have the gift of "reading another person's mind" then this gift is to be used only when there is prior knowledge and implicit consent by the intended recipient of the message. Going into a public place to see whether you can get psychic, spiritual, or divine-based messages for people is an intentional invasion of privacy and is unacceptable.

"In answer to the question,"Is it okay to read people while walking around in public?" the following suggestions are for the times where you receive messages psychically, whether in the form of images, seeing or hearing words, a sensation or just "knowing" without consciously connecting to a member or members of the public.

"First ask your Guide whether the information is for you or someone else. If the latter, you can ask or you may already have been given indication of the intended recipient. Psychics vary in the manner of relaying the information. I find that I either await an opportune moment such as we're both looking in the same shop window or I'm seated and the other person sits next to me. If this connection is meant to happen often they will start the conversation (sometimes with what seems like their whole life story!).

"Personally, two opportunities tend to present themselves to me: either bring the message into the conversation; or let the person know my ability and that I have a message. It is then up to that person if they wish to hear the message. Remember that Spirit or you the psychic don't have the right to insist or demand a certain course of action via this message.

"Where that opportunity does not present itself, I ask for a Higher Source to send healing, in whatever manner is acceptable to that person's beliefs, and saying that they have the right to accept or reject the healing. I then dismiss the message.

"Further information about receiving messages in public space is discussed in the chapter "Messages outside the setting of a formal reading" in my book Ethics of a Psychic Reading."

If you would like to know more about Suzanne and her work, this is her contact information:


Blog: Suzanne

Let me know if you have additional questions for Suzanne and I'll ask them. Send your questions to

I'm working on Thursday's blog post about messages from a Medium. Has a Medium given you a message which you would like for me to share anonymously? Please e-mail your messages to Thanks!


10:41 am mst

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Eavesdropping on a Psychic Reading

Eavesdropping on a Psychic Reading

People often ask me if psychics say the same thing to everyone. Do they have "lines" which work on everyone? The answer is "No." Psychics somehow know what the person's Spirit Guides or Higher Self want the person to know and they convey those messages. Here are snippets of things I have overheard psychics tell clients while in public venues:

The first thing I am getting is that I see a third eye for you. That tells me that there was a time in one of your experiences when you were very psychic.

There's a job opportunity in the near future. I see an opening.

Appreciate the silver and it will turn to gold.

On the physical level, there are people who tend to protect you. I know that you can speak up for yourself and you can take good care of yourself; some people don't believe that and they kind of hide behind each tree as you walk by.

You're going to have a choice in love. You may think things are okay the way they are, but someone else is coming. There will be a choice.

Seek and claim your highest guidance.

A woman may be coming to help you in business, a partner of sorts.

You felt isolated even though you were close to your family.

It's about discernment. If you find something which doesn't feel right or doesn't make sense, disregard it.

This could be what you are going to work on this year: feeling comfortable with things the way they are. Maybe something bigger than yourself not happening is what you are going to learn to get more comfortable with.

Work with people who work with the Light.

There's a situation you need to walk away from. A dispute. You may be right, but tell them you're not going to fight over it.

You have the gift of automatic writing. The more you use it, the stronger it will be.

I'm seeing radishes for you, but someone else is pulling them from underneath. You wonder why someone else is reaping your harvest? If someone is taking advantage of you, you have to head it off.

There's new stuff coming, but you have to let go of the old.

The first thing I get is a wheel going in one direction, stopping, and going back the other way. Like back and forth, and back and forth. Slowly. Sometimes that is symbolic of indecisiveness. It's almost like your subconscious is saying, "If I'm not sure of what I want to do, then maybe I shouldn't do anything right now."

You are moving into a new dimension.

You need to not care what other people think; be comfortable with what you know.

You are single and you like your independent life, but you should consider a relationship. Just because you had a bad marriage, doesn't mean that all relationships are bad. You should be open to trying again. Not that you have to get married, just be open to the idea of having someone else in your life.

Speak your truth.

External things may slow down a bit in order to give you time to think inwardly. It's just another part of your journey. This year will be inward work, then the intuitive side will follow. Sometimes we don't have the inward work defined for us, but this is the soul driving the bus.

Deal with issues which lead to addiction.

He's okay, but you could have a greater love; don't settle.

You were wounded by a wounded husband. He was wounded so he wasn't able to love you the way you deserved to be loved. It wasn't your fault, it wasn't about you. You are a good mother.

I see a grand-baby in the next two years.

There is travel in your future.

You can exist as a piece of creation, or as a creator. It's a choice.

It's okay to want more. It's okay to appreciate what you have and still want more.

Go back to school.

She knows a lot of guys, but no one special. No one she is going to marry.

You have to understand that whatever gift that you have is the gift that you have. You won't necessarily have the gift which someone else has. Somebody else may be clairvoyant. Someone else can do something else; but you do have a gift and the thing is to use that gift.


Next time, I'll post a few things which I have heard Mediums tell their clients. In the meantime, have you heard anything interesting from a psychic? Send the message to me at and I'll post it anonymously. It's good to see the range of topics which come through during psychic readings.


8:45 am mst

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Generating Joy, a Channeled Message

Channeled Message

On Tuesdays, I usually do a short blog post. However, today I'm doing a longer post so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat. Laughing This post contains a channeled message which I heard last month. I know that some people don't care to read these messages because they often come through in an old-fashioned, repetitive, way of speaking. So, I'm going to summarize the major points, then those of you who are interested can read the whole message.

Basically, the message tells us to enjoy life and explore it with gusto. We are here for an adventure. Life provides the opportunity to practice our manifesting skills. Everyone has free will and the advice was to explore life with a joyful attitude. When we have joy and laughter in our lives, it ripples out and positively affects the rest of the world. There's no point in being overly concerned about what is happening in the larger world. When we see negatively, we should remember that those roles were pre-designed by individuals, and that it is their choice to be doing what they are doing. People have chosen the roles and paths which are playing out. Instead of worrying about them, we should focus on our lives and generate joy.

The message ends: "You are loved. You are blessed. And you have such a cheering section watching and encouraging you. Open up to hear it, to allow it, and have fun with it all."

I love the idea that we each have a cheering section on the other side helping us on our adventure.

For those who want to read the full message, here it is:

Life is a journey, this ride. See it as such. Live it as such. So many questions, so many answers. That is what keeps things going. Keeps your curiosity. Keeps a sense of adventure. This is a wonderful place to go forth and experience so many things. So much beauty is out there. So many things to explore. It's a wonderful playing field for this game of life. One where you can practice your manifesting, your creating. It's so much fun when you get better and better and faster and faster and it comes to you.

You see it all and do it all with love and joy in your heart. Open your heart more and create your life, full of love and light. Joy. Enthusiasm. It's all a choice, remember that. Each and every one will see things differently. Have their own perspective, have their own way of doing things. That's okay. You are each individual creators. Everyone on your own path, even though these paths mingle and cross and run into each other all the time. You still have that free will to do things your way. If you want to join others, you can learn how to do things harmoniously.

Learn to step back and not judge what is going on in world events. Focus primarily on your world and what you are creating in your life. That will empower you to send more love and light out into the world, helping to create peace and harmony. It starts with you as an individual. Work on creating your world and perfecting that and that will have an echoing effect. It goes out like the wave, like the rock hitting the water, and the little waves going out farther and farther. You all affect the whole world.

Don't concern yourself so much with what is going on out there. What negativity is going on; what is playing out. Those are roles which have been pre-designed by those individuals and it is their choice to be doing what they are doing. Let it be your choice to send love and light and blessings out to the world, and to live that in your world. Your individual world. Your special space that you have to create in. Work on perfecting that and having fun with it.

The more fun you have, the more joy you bring to the world and the more power you bring forth to bring more joy to the world. To your world and to the world as a whole. Joy is a wonderful, positive energy. A very powerful energy. A very influential energy. Think about that. Focus on that.

When you are in the space of joy and laughter, and your heart is open, you are being true to yourself. You are allowing your true self to come out. What a wonderful thing that is. Your are in tune with, in harmony with, your true self and all of your spiritual friends as well. For they are all in joy with you. Empowering you. Encouraging you.

What a wonderful sight from this side of spirit, through the eyes of spirit. For they see and know this is true. They want to see more of this spread around the world. Through all worlds. It all begins with you. Your individual perception and knowing. Allowing everyone to have their individual preferences. Whether it's considered wrong or right by some, it doesn't matter. Bring out that love which is within each and every one. Encourage each and every one to open up to their godself and become aware of it. Aware of their own truth.

This is how you change the world, dear ones. This is how. One person at a time. And if you only have a positive effect on one person, you have been successful, but it will be much greater than that, much much more. Powerful impact, you will see.

Live by being true to yourself, your true self, your inner being. Your inner being knows only love, only joy, only light, and knows that these are powerful energies that can overcome anything and everything.

Don't worry about the worldly events. They play out as they do. Be at peace and in harmony within your own world, and know that that is having a greater effect on the world as a whole. For each and every one you touch, each and every one you meet along your daily path, you are having an influence on. What kind of an influence are you having on those individuals? Are you uplifting them? Do you see that sparkle in their eye being reflected back from that sparkle in your eye? Who is inviting them into joy and love? Beautiful energies which you are truly made of. Think about that with each and every one that you meet. Bringing that joy up in your heart and out.

It's hard for someone to resist a smile. To resist a laugh. To resist that invitation that your eyes send out. To be in that space of joy. So powerful. So influential. So healing. Yes, very healing. Feel it as you take in each breath throughout your whole body. As you breathe in, feel it energizing every part of your body. These joyful little bubbles which make you laugh. Absolutely make you laugh uncontrollably. It tickles from the inside out. When you are tickled, what do you do? You laugh. You smile. You can't help it.

Things get confusing without that tickle within. Allow it to open up the doors of joy. Love, light, laughter will come out. What a wonderful gift that you can bless anyone with. Bless the world with it. Now, you know how. It begins with you. No worries. Nothing to plan. Just be yourself and share that. So simple and so effective. Be in touch with your true self. Communicate with it, invite it to come out. Invite all parts of you to merge with this wonderful core of your being. Each and every day, greet it and invite it to come forth. Get to know it. That is your blessing to the world and to yourself.

You are loved. You are blessed. And you have such a cheering section watching and encouraging you. Open up to hear it, to allow it, and have fun with it all.

We leave that beautiful message with you and bless you. Good night.

10:41 am mst

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Psychic Fair tomorrow
Tomorrow, Sunday, May 5, I'll be set up at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair in Tucson, AZ. The Fair will be at the Windmill Inn (southeast corner of River and Campbell), and runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. I hope to see you there!
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Future of our Environment

The Future of our Environment

There are a lot of things which I don't understand. Today, I want to think aloud about one of them: the environment.

I come from an environmental science background. I see the amount of pollution people generate, I see the rainforests being cut down, and I see how the needs of people are unbalancing the earth's ecosystems. I don't want to dwell on the negative news. I'm sure you are all aware of changing weather patterns and how human impacts are affecting plants and animals. I want things to be better, cleaner, more-stable.

One of the ideas which made sense to me when I studied environmental science was "active management." We should study ecosystems, then try to keep them in balance.

Another environmental strategy was to slow the human population increase. Just slow it a little. Maybe not have a lot of children. I'm not saying to limit things, just to think about it before having multiple children. Have that be part of our group consciousness (as opposed to TV shows promoting very large families). A slower growth rate can slow down the rate of increase at which we use the earth's resources and also slow the rate at which we generate trash and pollution.

For the last few years I have been working with psychics and trying to understand a different way of looking at things. The psychics tell me that we are on the brink of a new age and that people are being born so that they can be part of the shift which has already begun. Everyone wants to be here for this transformation. Souls have been making the conscious decision to be born in this time period. Here we are. Lots of us. It's okay.

Last week, I attended a channeling event where people brought through messages from Spirit Guides. Before the channeling began, as a group, we asked about the environment and if there were things we could do as a group consciousness to keep the earth in balance. The channeled answers were not what I expected.

First, we were told not to worry. Mother Earth could take care of herself.

Then, we were told to focus on the positive, the beauty. We were reminded that when we concentrate on the problems, the problems expand. We create the future by focusing on things in the present. If we emphasize pollution, there will be more pollution. If we contemplate rainfall in the right place at the right time, there will be adequate rainfall. We can work as individuals and as a group.

After that, we were told that the mix of plants and animals will change over time as life on earth adapts to the environmental changes. I know this was meant to be re-assuring, but my heart went out to all of the species we might lose. And, I can't know in advance what might take their place.

Finally, we were told to concentrate on the good in our own lives and not be too concerned about the greater world. If we could focus on our own love and happiness, we could be joyful and spread that happiness to the world. Our biggest positive impact could be through generating joy and light which spread to the world.

I am caught between world views: (1) we should actively work to protect the environment, and (2) sit back, relax, enjoy our lives, and spread good feelings to the world by sending out love, joy and laughter.

What do you think? Have you heard or experienced anything which has shaped your view of spirituality and environmental stewardship? I would love to hear your thoughts at

For those of you are interested in the actual channeling, three people brought answers through that evening. This is one of the channeled messages:

Dear Ones,

You have asked of the future. That wonderful desert in which you live. That wonderful part of Mother Earth. We acknowledge that the questions are not asked out of fear. For if they were asked out of fear, the answers would not be addressed. For we will do nothing on this side to increase any level of fear that you may have individually, as a small group, or as a society as a whole. We recognize, as it has been stated here tonight, that each of you know that you individually are responsible for you. That each one of you is blessed and protected in all that you do. It is acknowledged that the questions were asked out of love, out of love for each other and your fellow desert dwellers, and out of love for Mother Earth. Therefore, the questions could be addressed.

Earth times are changing. As it is above, so it is below. So you will see times of drought and times of plentiful rainfall. The fact that the earth is changing does not mean that the cycle of wet and dry, of hot and cold, does not continue like it always has. For it shall. Fear not the changes that are happening. Mother Earth will accommodate. Life on earth will accommodate. The plants and the animals will change and yet still stay the same; much as humanity will change and yet, in it's essence, in its god-self, remain the same.

Short term prognosis? It will be hotter this summer. There will be times of intense rain and yet the total amount of rain which comes down this summer, this year, will still be what some would call "drought." Even though at times the rain is so hard that the streets flood and your dry rivers flow. What does it matter? As one said, "Que Sera, Sera. What will be, will be."

Each of you are wise. It was asked what can we do? Send love to Mother Earth. Use the violet flame. Be wise. Follow your inner knowing. Do things which tread lightly on Mother Earth. Be confident that Mother Earth can, and will, take care of herself. Send love, send light. Attend to the light that is within you. Let that light shine out. This is what you can do.

We leave that with you and bless you and send you love and acknowledge that the questions you've asked, you've asked with love.


10:42 am mst

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