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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Near-Death Experiences

"Evidence of the Afterlife," a book review

This week's blog posts are both about books. On Tuesday, I posted an article about how to support your favorite authors without spending a penny. Even if you can't afford to purchase multiple books, you can tell your friends how much you enjoyed reading the book and point them towards the author's website. You can write favorable reviews and ask your library to carry the book.

Today's blog post is about a book entitled, "Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences," and was written by Jeffrey Long, MD, with Paul Perry (Harper One, NY, 2010).

In this book, the author presents his analysis of thousands of near-death experiences (NDEs) which were collected on an NDE website. The website can be found at Jeffrey Long, MD, analyzed these stories and found a remarkable consistency among the NDE case studies. On page 3, he wrote:

"This study finds that what people discovered during their near-death experience about God, love, afterlife, reason for our earthly existence, earth hardships, forgiveness and many other concepts is strikingly consistent across cultures, races, and creeds. Also, these discoveries are generally not what would have been expected from preexisting societal beliefs, religious teachings, or any other source of earthly knowledge."

It is estimated that 5% of people may have experienced an NDE.

Dr. Long writes about what happens to people during their NDEs, then presents nine lines of reasoning which provide scientific evidence showing that it is reasonable to accept the existence of an afterlife. I am going to summarize these lines of reasoning. There is so much more in the book!

The first line of proof is called "Lucid Death." According to Dr. Long, it is not possible to have a highly-lucid experience while unconscious or clinically dead, yet this happens with most NDEs. The people who experience NDEs are unconscious either through illness or injury, or while under anesthesia (having an NDE while undergoing an operation). Yet, they can clearly report what happened. Their experiences are not like dreams and are not in bits and pieces; they are full observations which often include very clear, very enhanced, vision, hearing, and understanding.

The second line of proof is called "Out of Body." Many people have their consciousness separate from their body. They float around the room looking down at their body which they barely recognize and no longer care about. After their NDEs, people report what happened in the operating room and down the hall in the hospital. They would not have seen these things if they were not having an out-of-body experience. People witness, and can describe, their own resuscitations.

The third line of proof is called "Blind Sight." Even people who have been blind from birth can have visual NDEs. Because they haven't previously had sight, they may not use the word "seeing," but they can describe their experiences in visual terms and they can see things which they have never before seen. Having a blind person suddenly able to see, defies traditional scientific thought.

The fourth line of reasoning is called "Impossibly Conscious," and refers to people who have NDEs while under anesthesia. Part of the definition of anesthesia is that is accompanied by loss of consciousness, yet NDEs while under anesthesia are as lucid as other NDEs.

The fifth line of reasoning is "Perfect Playback." Many people who have NDEs have a life review where their life flashes before their eyes and they feel all of the feelings associated with the events. This life review often includes events which have been forgotten by the person. Life reviews are transformative and powerful. After resuscitation, many people change their lives. They understand how they have impacted others, and have actually felt what the other person felt at the time of the incident. NDE survivors often find that what they take with them after death is knowledge and love. Knowing that they are going to have to live forever with the impacts of their actions influences how they act after resuscitation.

The sixth line of reasoning is "Family Reunion." During NDEs, people often meet their relatives, including relatives whom they have never before met. Later in life, they see photos of these distant relatives and recognize them, confirming their experience.

The seventh line of proof is called "From the Mouths of Babes," and refers to the small children (less than 5 years old) who talk about their NDEs. Children report the same experiences which adults report. This means that their experiences were not influenced by what they may have seen on TV or heard from adults.

The eighth line of proof is "Worldwide Consistency." People from around the world report the same basic experiences. NDEs are not related to culture, religion, or geography.

The ninth line of reasoning is "Changed Lives," and refers to the fact that after experiencing an NDE, there are long-lasting impacts. People who have had NDEs often report that the after-effects were the most important part of their experience. It can take up to seven years for an NDEr to fully integrate the effects of their NDE, but the effects impact the person for the rest of their life. After-effects may include: increased self-confidence, a stronger sense of spirituality, a reduced interest in material gain, a greater appreciation of life, a belief in the sacredness of life, a sense of God's presence, an awareness of meaning and purpose, and an increased awareness of the needs of others. Survivors often live more fully and joyfully than before the event. They no longer fear death.

People who had a cardiac arrest with an NDE were compared to people who had a cardiac arrest without an NDE, and the after-effects were much more profound in the NDErs. It is not simply a matter of facing death and surviving. It has more to do with impact of the life review and the overall NDE understandings.

One of the possible after-effects of an NDE is increased psychic ability. This is how the NDE work ties back into the work I have done with the psychics. Many of the psychics reported NDEs which changed their lives and increased their abilities.

I have barely touched the highlights of this book. I thought the book was well-written, easy to read and full of fascinating NDE reports. I liked the book and I think you might like it too.

Have you had an NDE? I would love to hear about the long-term impacts which you experienced. You can send your thoughts to


10:37 am mst

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Support Authors without Spending a Penny

I saw this article on YAtopia and want to re-post it here. This is the original link:

I write these blogs and have published a book so that people can understand what it is like to be psychic and what psychics actually experience. Most of the work I do is free to everyone. However, I sell books in order to support this Project. If you can afford to purchase a printed book or an e-book, I really appreciate your support. If you can't afford to purchase a book, this blog lists many ways to help authors without spending a penny. We all appreciate your help!


Sunday, March 24, 2013, from YAtopia:

How to Support Authors You Love Without Spending Another Penny

First, let me say this: Authors love readers. You're the reason why they do what they do and they'll continue doing it as long as you'll let them.

I know you can only spend so much money on books - no matter how much you love them, so below is a list of FREE things you can do to support the authors you love.

1) Tell your friends. There is absolutely nothing better for a book's reputation than word of mouth. If you love a book, post it on your facebook, text your friends, tweet about it, pin the cover to your Pinterest, recommend it to that stranger browsing the bookshelves. Thousands of dollars in advertising can't hold a candle to a single devoted fan.

2) Post reviews & ratings. Everywhere. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Shelfari, anywhere that will let you. There are a lot of books out there. The more voices telling a potential reader "this one's worth it," the more likely they are to take a chance.

3) "Like" everything. Their Facebook page. Their Amazon Author page. "Become a fan" on Goodreads. Again, this is just another way for you to tell someone on the fence about trying out a new author, "Hey, this person doesn't suck. I like them; you will too."

4) Tell the author you enjoyed their book. Authors spend a lot of time in seclusion. They hear a lot of, "This isn't good enough." No, it won't help them sell copies, but your appreciation and encouragement may be just what they need to finish that scene they've been struggling with - which means that book you're waiting on is going to get done sooner.

5) If your library does not carry their book, suggest that they do. All libraries take reader's requests and most of them honor them. Check out the book, even if you've read it. Libraries keep statistics on how often a book is checked out - if it's enough, they may get extra copies.

6) If the author is having an event in your area, invite everyone who might be interested. Offer to distribute flyers and bookmarks before the event.

7) Read the book in public. On the bus, in the Dr's office, in line at the post office, in class (kidding... kinda). If anyone asks you about it or stares too long, tell them how good it is.

8) Like other readers' reviews. Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble allow you to vote on reviews and these often determine the placement of the reviews on the page. The more up-votes a review has, the more likely it's going to be read.

9) Fan art. This isn't for everyone, obviously, but if you're artistically inclined, create a drawing of your favorite character or scene and share it on Tumblr & other social media sites. Fan art says, "I loved this book so much I spent extra time just to honor it." And it literally makes authors cry with joy.

10) Bookstore employees, close your eyes for this one: Face the book out in bookstores, if it's not already. A reader is A LOT more likely to take a closer look at a book if they see the cover versus just the spine. Don't tell the booksellers I told you to do this.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure an author you love is going to continue to write books you'll love to read. Any other ideas? Leave them in the comments!


I'll just add one more thing: I love it when you share this website and blog with your friends. On the front page there is an icon to "Recommend this Site." There is also a place where you can send your e-mail address to me so that I can let you know when new blogs have been posted. Watching the number of "visits" to this website grow, warms my heart.

Facebook: My Psychic Search
Twitter: @GailKushner

12:32 pm mst

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Animals After Life

Thanks to everyone who came to the Tucson Museum of Art Show last weekend to talk about being psychic and to purchase Wild Girl! pins. It was a nice show and I had lots of interesting conversations.

Today, I am posting an excerpt from the book, My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives. I was recently asked about the possibility of animal reincarnation so I thought this might be fun for everyone to read.

If you're in Tucson on Saturday, March 23, SpiritsChild will be holding a small psychic fair. I'll be there for a few hours to talk about my work. The store carries my book and you can wander in and read it at any time. If you want to make an appointment in advance for a psychic reading on Saturday, click on SpiritsChild, or call 744-4402. 

Now, the book excerpt:

Where do animals (and our pets) go after they die? Do their souls live on?

This is an interesting question with a variety of answers. It is more a question to ponder than a question which has been definitively answered. Each psychic has their own idea of what happens when pets die. I have had beloved pets who have passed away and I would like to see them again so there are answers which I had hoped to hear. Setting aside my own personal hopes, this is what the psychics said:

20 psychics thought that our animal's spirit lives on;
1 psychic thought that animals have only one lifetime; they are here, then they are gone;
1 psychic had never thought about this topic; and
4 psychics didn't have this topic come up during our conversations.

Of the 20 psychics who thought that our animal's spirit lives on, eight specifically commented that we could see our animals again in the afterlife and three told me that their deceased animals had already come back to visit. Eight psychics told me that animals (living or deceased) often come up during clients' readings. Deceased animals come back to tell their owners that they are just fine.

Many psychics told me that pets go to the same afterlife which people go to. Pets have individual souls and the psychics are positive that we will see our pets again. However, there is also a theory that instead of individual souls, different types of animals may have "group souls." For example, all dogs may be part of a canine group soul and all cats may be part of a feline group soul.

This begs the question: Do animals have souls? Do all animals have souls? Just mammals and birds? What about insects and ants? I never thought to ask this question!

Back to the question I did ask: "Where do animals go when they die? Do their souls live on?" Here are some answers:

☼ Pets go to the same energy which humans go to since we are all created from that same spark that we call Spirit. It is to be fully expected that when you pass into that energy, you will be connected with your loved ones and your animals. As long as you loved them, you will still have that connection in the afterlife. (Jackie Chin)

☼ I don't know what to call it. If you picture the world and the Universe around it, there is a layer between the Earth and the Universe - an "ever after" holding space. Spirit energy goes there. I have seen this energy. When the spirit leaves the physical body, it is kind of a "glowy ball" and the glowing energy ends up in this space. When I look into this area, there are balls of light from people and animals. The energies can mix together, share experiences, and talk about things. (Kat Riegel)

☼ I think they go to the same Realm that we go to, however, it has different levels. In simple terms, I believe that there is a layer of energy that I would call "Humanness," and there is a layer above that that I would call "Divine." Above that would be a layer that I would call "The All in One (G-d)." It is not that a higher layer is better, they are all equal in "better-ness", but they are separate vibrations. There is also a vibration, or frequency of energy, for the animals of our planet, another frequency level for all the plants, and another frequency level for all the crystals.

I believe that my dog who has passed on no longer has his individual, physical body, but his uniqueness is maintained in the non-physical. I believe that he has the ability to shift his energy so that he can come back into life in the animal range (probably as a dog). (Beth Hays)

☼ Dogs, whales and dolphins all go to the constellation Sirius. (Delphina Nova)

Let me know if you have any comments. Send an e-mail to


9:53 am mst

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quote from a Psychic:

There is no such thing as the Future. We only have the now. The Past no longer exists, the Future isn't here. We are inventing the Future every time we take a breath and a step.

Our past provides the wisdom that we can draw upon for information. The difference is that we need to use information from the past as wisdom and not let it dictate where we are going. We can't say, "Remember the last time we tried that? It didn't work. So don't do it now." Maybe, the last time we tried it we were only 10 years old, now we are 20. I can drive a car now at 20; I couldn't drive a car at 10. If we listen to our past and let it control us, the 10 year old will object to driving, but the 20 year old will realize that it has gone to driving school, is 10 years older, is more mature, and can do it. So which one of us is going to make the decision? The 20 year old breathing today or the 10 year old from the past? We must decide who is making the decision.

When we can make decisions in our current lives based on what we know is wisdom, then we move to the Future. We can't move to the Future at all if we are still making decisions based on our past. We are just living in a repeated cycle at an older age. Our bodies grow, our experiences grow, but we are still doing the same things because we are making decisions as a 10 year old. Guess what, a 10 year old doesn't think like a 40 year old. If you stopped and thought about how you are at 40, and how you think and how you feel about yourself and the things you have done and seen, and you stop to think of a decision and you make it based on who you are today, you will make a good decision for yourself. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it will be the best decision you can make today. Tomorrow, you might make a whole different decision.

Gina Stanfill

11:34 am mst

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What makes you Psychic?

Quick reminder: I'll be set up at the Tucson Museum of Art Show tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. I'll be introducing some new ideas for "My Psychic Search" and I'll be autographing books. I would love to chat with you! The Museum is located in downtown Tucson, Arizona.

What makes a person Psychic?

As I was interviewing psychics, I often asked, "How did you figure out that you were psychic?" Then, I heard each person's story of discovery. As I was listening to the stories, I began to wonder what made people psychic? Why were some people psychic while other people were not psychic? Of course, the psychics tell me that everyone is psychic. But I wanted to know what it was about them that made them so strongly psychic. I began to ask "What makes you psychic? Is it brain chemistry or something else?"

I found eight major answers to the question, "What makes you psychic?" There is often a combination of reasons. Most of the psychics were born with strong intuition, then something happened to enhance their gift. Here are the details:

1) I was born this way.

Five people told me that they were born with intuitive abilities because this is what they were here on Earth to do. To-Ree-Nee Wolf said, "I came in with a lot of knowledge." Other people said that they were born with intuition and that their psychic abilities strengthened as they matured and worked with their gifts.

Gina Stanfill knew something was going on as a child, but couldn't figure it out. She had a lot of déjà vu, but didn't know how to deal with it. She lived in her bedroom because that was where she could deal with the realms and the spirits who came to visit. At night, she astral-traveled. She thought she was crazy until, as an adult, she figured out that she had psychic abilities.

2) My brain is wired for this work.

Leah Taylor comes from a family with psychic ability so she has a genetic predisposition to being psychic. When I asked her what made her psychic, she answered, "My brain is just wired a little differently. I read a book called, "The Holographic Universe," which I highly recommend. The idea in the book is that the reality we live in is a hologram and that our minds are the interface with the hologram. Some of us have more access to the big picture of what is going on in the holographic reality, including those who are deceased and those who are alive, and what is going on with the body."

Raquel Spencer explained that she had been intuitive as a child, but her gifts had faded as she grew up. Then, in her twenties, she had slipped into a coma for five and a half weeks. After waking from the coma, she began pursuing an interest in energy work. Years later, she figured out that while comatose, she had received downloads, been changed, and been rewired so that her physical body could handle the energy to do this work.

3) It has to do with my genetic lineage.

Most of the psychics have other people in their families with this gift. Sometimes, there is a lineage of psychics.

Jesse Ann Nichols George is a 13th generation psychic, intuitive, spiritual healer and advisor. She explained that when the ability is passed down through generations, and people work with it actively, the gift is strengthened. Someone with lineage may not have to work as hard to develop their gift as other people. Psychic ability is like an energy force and every time that energy is added, generation after generation, it strengthens and becomes more predominant.

In addition to her lineage, Jesse had to work to develop her gifts. She feels that anyone can become psychic. People who have the desire to be psychic, and the willingness to put in the energy and the effort, can develop their gifts.

4) I had an awakening.

Yone was born in Okinawa and told me that Okinawan people are very sensitive and psychic. It's an everyday lifestyle. They live near their ancestors and interact with these ancestors every day. She grew up in a culture which thought psychic ability was very natural.

When I asked what made her psychic, she told me that in addition to her natural propensity to be intuitive, she had experienced two awakenings. The first one was when she was four years old. Two spirits had come to her and told her that she was here to do her work. When she asked, "What work?" they said, "You'll find out when you get big," and they disappeared.

As a child, Yone saw ghosts and knew how people had died. Spirit Guides came to her and taught her to have telepathic conversations.

Then, when she was 32 or 33, five spirits appeared and told her that she was "late for her work." They yanked her out of her body. When she cried out, "Why is this happening?!" they responded, "Because you are late for your work. We had to intervene." They disappeared and she came back into her body. She woke up and felt everything. She knew what she was here to do.

Another, less traumatic awakening was felt by Susy Plummer. As an adult, she became a "Visionary Artist." She said that when she started doing the drawings, she felt like she was being trained in a new way of doing things, a new way of consciousness. She thought it had to do with being human and being connected to Spirit at the same time; like connecting Heaven and Earth.

5) I had a near-death experience which opened my gifts.

Many of the psychics have had near-death experiences (NDEs) which opened their gifts. Cynthia Rae had an NDE at birth and another NDE as a young adult. After these experiences, she understood things. She believes that when you have a death experience, you come back with a level of gifts that people don't understand. She is part of an NDE support group and every person in the group says that their life is different than before they had the NDE. In addition, Cynthia has the genetic lineage which fuels her abilities.

Jan Class also had the genetic lineage to be psychic, but her gifts didn't open until after she had an NDE as a teenager. After recovering, she enrolled in unfoldment classes, studied spirituality, and began giving messages and doing hands-on healing.

Rhonda Harford has been gifted since birth. However, her gifts accelerated after having an NDE when she was about 35. She had a very serious car accident and walked through the Light. During the NDE, she had a choice whether to stay or to go back to her body. She was told that she had not yet done her greatest work. After recovering from the accident, her psychic/intuitive gifts became stronger.

Delphina Nova was born with intuitive abilities. She knows that she has done this work through multiple lifetimes. She feels that if she has done healing work in the past, she still has that ability.

In addition, Delphina has had five NDEs. When she was 16, she was in a car accident and there was a brain injury. It shifted everything. The impact brought her to a new place in her life. She became very quiet and introverted. She went on a deep path to connect with the Divine. Later, she had several additional NDEs which reinforced her "knowing."

6) I suffered from a trauma, or an illness, which opened my gifts.

George developed intuitive gifts after developing health issues. To deal with his health issues, he began having massages and polarity work done on his body. During this work, he started having past life experiences. This work opened a window which had been shut. It came in a little at a time so that he didn't get scared. He began taking lessons and his intuition came forward.

Marianne Patyk was born with health issues. Three hours after she was born, she had a high fever and a seizure. As a child and a teenager, she had additional seizures and, during these seizures, she astral traveled. She said that a scan of her brain showed a hole in the left side of her brain the size of a half dollar. She believes she is psychic because of the trauma in her brain. It's like a port hole. It's right above the third eye.

As a child, Marianne saw ghosts, but she thinks her gifts as a Medium opened later in life. In her 40s, she had a traumatic event and the trauma brought forward her abilities as a Medium. Suddenly, she began hearing information from people who had crossed over.

Richard Shickel also became strongly psychic in his 40s. He had been ill and had a healing. After 40, it was "Time to wake back up."

7) I was abused as a child and this ability provided a coping mechanism.

Several psychics told me that they had been abused as children or raped as young adults. Some psychics felt that this trauma accelerated the opening of their gifts.

Cherie Fraine said that her gift developed as a tool for self-defense against childhood abuse. She believes that everyone is inherently intuitive and that some people need to learn to use intuition for self-preservation. When you can get inside some else's head, you can understand what they are planning, and it works as a defense mechanism.

Jackie Chin reported that she was physically abused by her parents. She believes that the reason it is so easy for her to do readings and energy work is because she had to learn to separate her spiritual body from her physical body in order not to allow the abuse to damage her more than it already had.

8) I worked my butt off to become psychic.

Several psychics were born with a natural intuitive ability, but had to work hard to develop their gifts.

As a child, Cyndi Clarke experienced intuition, but had no idea that she was different from anyone else. It wasn't until she was an adult that she developed the desire to become psychic. She "worked my butt off" to become psychic. She did all of the training from ground zero because she knew it had to be done.

Similarly, Trish Silay was intuitive as a child, but had no idea that she experienced things which other people didn't experience. She tried to be "normal." As an adult, she explored psychic ability and found that her gifts opened.

Denise Singerline commented, "It's like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets."

Did I cover everything? If you are psychic, do you know why? I would love to hear from you at


12:34 pm mst

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Psychics and Intuitives

Psychics and Intuitives

There are lots of ideas as to what the word "psychic" means and people often ask if there is a difference between psychic ability and intuition. I think of the word "Psychic" as an umbrella term which covers all of the people with extra-sensory abilities. However, some people use that title in a more-limited way.

Some people feel that the word "Psychic" means "to see" and only applies to people who can see the future or see energy, and the flow of energy, around a person. Psychics often see the auras (personal energy fields) around the person with whom they are speaking. Psychics can reliably tap into an unseen information stream. They can ask for information from their Spirit Guides and other entities and bring that information forward for the rest of us. They see where we are in our lives and the direction in which we are going. In most cases, psychics were born with these talents. They are natural gifts.

Some psychics are clairvoyant (able to see images), clairaudient (able to hear messages), clairscentient (able to feel impressions), and/or claircognizant (able to know). Some psychics are also intuitive.

Intuitive means "to know." Intuitives have the gift of spontaneously knowing or saying things, but don't feel like it is a talent that they can summon every time they seek information. People with intuitive talent often remark, "The information just pops into my head and I know it is true," or "I just say the words without knowing why I say them." They have valuable information, but it comes on its own, in its own time. Many Intuitives don't think of themselves as psychic. They explain that intuition provides a specific piece of information or a focused view of a situation, as opposed to the broad view of issues which can be seen by people who are psychic.

One psychic remarked that psychic and intuitive abilities are completely different because they come from different layers of our personal energy systems. Another psychic felt that intuition came from his Higher Self (his own knowledge), while psychic information came from an outside source.

Last summer, I interviewed Yone who is a Medium, Medicine Woman and Shaman. She provided unique ideas about the definition of "psychic."

When I asked if she was psychic, she replied, "I am more intuitive than psychic. A psychic is someone who can sit there, see things, and give a reading for a person." She went on to explain that "Intuitive" doesn't come from knowing; it's sensory. It aligns with the truth. "Psychic" is about possibilities. She said, "It is an energetic interrelationship. If you come to me and tell me that you have a problem, there are holograms which print out: ‘If you do this, this will happen. If you do that, that will happen.' We have possibilities. I think ‘psychic' means you can see the probability of something happening if a person makes a certain choice. That is the reading. People have choices."

On the other hand, Susy Plummer had a much broader definition of psychic ability. Her definition is "knowing things without any hard evidence; knowing things without any reason to know them."

What do you think? Is there a difference between psychic ability and intuition? If you have any ideas, please e-mail them to me at


P.S. I'll be set up at the Tucson Museum of Art Spring Artisans Market this weekend. Come down and tell me what you think about psychic ability.

11:00 am mst

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thinking about Psychic Etiquette

Thinking about Psychic Etiquette

As each person's psychic gifts open over the next few years, it might be nice to have some guidelines for "Psychic Etiquette." One of the people who I recently interviewed gave me a few ideas. She suggested that I look into this issue. Today, I am thinking about guidelines, but I want to know how psychics handle some of these situations, especially each person's right to privacy. If you are a psychic, please let me know if you have suggestions for Psychic Etiquette.

This is what I am thinking:

Everyone has a right to privacy

Always ask permission before sharing information, especially in a casual setting. Not everyone wants to know what's going on. It can throw people off to hear something unexpected. For example, if you are in the grocery store and know you must share an insight with someone, ask for their permission to share the information.

Don't scan people out in public. Don't "spy" on people.

Don't wander into anyone's energy while they are meditating. This is especially invasive because they are so open.

During readings, be cautious when a client asks you about a friend, relative, or co-worker who is not in the room. Ask for permission to access that person's information. Psychics: Is it enough to ask their Higher Self if it's okay? How do you handle this situation?

In the workplace, only do psychic work if people are willing to accept it.

Take responsibility for the information you share

During readings, set aside your ego so you are not filtering anyone's information through your own biases.

Take responsibility for what you share; it might change someone's life.

Empower people by helping them to see their options and choices. Empower, enlighten, evolve.

Help people understand that no one predicts the future with 100% accuracy. What people do, matters. They can change their outcomes.


What do you do with the information you receive when you don't know if you are supposed to share it? Do you ask spirit what to do? Do you wonder, "Why would I be given information I'm not supposed to share?" then share it? How do you handle this situation?

What do you do when someone asks about friends and relatives? Is it okay to talk about people who aren't in the room?

Any additional suggestions for Psychic Etiquette? I would love to hear your ideas. You can e-mail them to me at


9:16 am mst

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quotes from a Psychic:

"I didn't know what was going go happen . . . well, sometimes I did . . . and sometimes I didn't. You can see stuff for other people, but you can't see stuff for yourself. It's supposed to be a bit of a secret. Life would be very boring if you knew everything which was going to happen. They never tell you everything anyway. You don't get the whole story. I think it's supposed to be like a puzzle. If you go to a psychic, they don't tell you everything."

"I am an ordinary person and I live an ordinary life. There is just more to it than we think."

"When you ask for a reading or you have a drawing done, you are saying "yes" to more information. "Yes" for a bit of assistance. When you say "yes," they say "yippee!" and it opens the door."

Susy Plummer

1:09 pm mst

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Early to bed and early to rise makes a person

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, and . . . BORING!

Whether when you die you die and that's it,

or there is a glorious afterlife waiting for you,

or you get to come back for many lifetimes,

Your life is an incredible, precious Gift!

There is no time to waste on complaining, or being shy, or scared.

Get out and Live. Take a risk. Do something new.

Explore. Be Adventurous. Enjoy and Appreciate

Every Moment. Love Life . . . and it will LOVE you back.


Gary Kossman

3:21 pm mst

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