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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The 5 Challenges of Living with Psychic Ability

The 5 Challenges of Living with Psychic Ability

I love the idea of psychic ability. The idea that someone can know a bit about the future, know who to trust as soon they meet them, know which job to pick, or which husband to select, makes me feel secure. It makes me feel like the universe makes sense. When I began My Psychic Search Project, my understanding of psychic ability was very naive and I thought it was all "good news." I'm happy to report that I am still naive and optimistic, yet I have a better understanding of some of the issues faced by people with strong psychic abilities. Here are five challenges which psychics face:

1) Difficult Childhoods

It's hard to be a psychic child. It's difficult to find a place to fit in. If the child is the only person with psychic ability in their family and they tell people about the ghosts they see, or the fairies dancing the field, their relatives may shame them and tell them that they are crazy. Their relatives don't share the same reality. Because the psychics are children, they are most likely to doubt themselves, feel awkward, and find a way to limit their abilities.

2) Tough Dating

Children who keep their gifts open turn into adolescents and young adults who seek dating relationships. However, they often find that they are too sensitive to light, to noise and to other people's emotions, to go to traditional dating venues such as movies, restaurants, and crowded bars. Empathic psychics actually experience other people's emotions. They prefer quiet, less-crowded spots. And, if they find someone attractive in one of these quieter venues, it's hard to know when to share with the other person that they have psychic gifts. Will they be judged negatively? Will prospective dates they think they are crazy? Will they turn and walk away?

3) Information Sharing Uncertainty

A related challenge is knowing when to share any kind of psychic information with other people. For example, if a psychic can see that something negative is going to happen in a friend's life, should they tell them? Is it the psychic's obligation to tell their friend about upcoming bad news? Some people wonder why they would be given information if they were not supposed to share it? On the other hand, what if they told the person what they knew and it changed their life or altered the experiences they were here to have? And, what if they warned someone about an upcoming problem, and the person didn't do anything to change the situation? Psychics have to watch events unfold knowing that situations could have been averted.

4) Double Lives

Some psychics lead double lives as they attempt to be a "normal" person at work, while hiding their abilities.

5) Knowing Too Much

While meeting lovely people, and receiving gentle impressions can feel great, meeting nasty people and involuntarily feeling their energy, can be disturbing. Who needs that in their life?

The good news is that these challenges are offset by the benefits of psychic ability. The benefits will be the subject of another blog post.

Today, I want to let all the psychics know that they are not alone in their challenges. Other people go through these same kinds of difficulties. This is normal, and so are you!


If you have any "challenges" to add to this list, tell me about them at

If you want to experience psychic insights, you can talk to a psychic this Sunday, March 3, at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair in Tucson, Arizona. 


11:30 am mst

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shine your Light

Here is a little inspiration for your Tuesday morning. This is a channeled message which I heard in January:

Greetings Beloveds,

As you look forward to this year's adventures, allow yourself to feel enthusiasm for life. New beginnings are each and every day, each and every moment, as you learn to live in the moment. Create your moments the way you wish them to be.

Open your heart and allow things to be. Don't feel that need to be in control of everyone and everything outside of you. Focus within. Focus on opening your heart and allowing your source to flow through you. And what is your source? It is love, Divine Love, which has no judgment. It has no agenda. It just is. It just loves. So there is no stress when you come from the truth of you. There are no worries. Everything is perfect and as it should be. Be in flow.

Add to the light of the world. Remember, you are either adding to the light of the world or to the darkness of the shadows. Light will always overcome dark. And you are light workers, each and every one. So shine that light into all the dark corners you can find. And create only light, everywhere, for everyone. Help to awaken their consciousness to the truth of who and what they are. You are the way show-er. Yes, you. It was not only the Great Ones' job, it is all of you. And in this time and place, you are the Ones, you are the Great ones. That is how your Source sees you. And the more you spread that light, the more joy you will feel coming from your heart, and the more joy you will spread.

Be happy. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at life. Don't take it so seriously. It's only a temporary condition, so enjoy it while you are here. Your eternal place is with the Divine and that will never go away. That will never change. That is eternal, infinite and free. Know that is your truth.

You are a role model. What do people see when they look at you? Do they see joy? Do they see love? Do they see Light, but not recognize it? That's okay. They will be attracted to it. So go forth and feel that wonderful feeling in your heart, for you are the Great Ones here on this Earth at this time.

Open your heart and allow joy to flow.

We leave you with that.

9:49 am mst

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bits and Pieces of Information

Bits and Pieces

Just as psychics provide "bits and pieces" of information, today, I'm going to provide "bits and pieces" on this blog post. Lots of little things are going on here.

1) It snowed in Tucson, Arizona, yesterday - twice! In fact, we still have snow on the bushes. We live in a desert so snow is pretty rare. The snow-covered mountains are beautiful.

2) I had a powerful dream last night, but I can't remember the details. It had something to do with a new kind of business model. Do you ever wonder about profound dreams which you can't remember? While I was asleep, I knew the dream was important. When we have dreams with information we don't already know, are they downloads of some kind? Are we connecting to an information source which is working with our unconscious mind?

3) Yesterday, I found money (change) three times. This rarely happens. I found a dime while doing the laundry, I found 19 cents outside of a drugstore, and I found a penny in a parking lot. I love finding money. It perks up my day. And, yesterday, I found money three times! Remember, what we focus on expands, so I am focusing on the joy of finding money. Or, perhaps it ties in with my dream: finding "change." I'm happy either way.

4) Earlier this week, I received an e-mail from someone who told me that, as she is reading the book, she is experiencing synchronicities with the book. For example, as she was reading the book by flashlight, she read a passage about how all we need is our one little light to begin lighting up the world. Very cool. I have received similar e-mails from other book readers.

5) I have been editing an interview I did with Susy Plummer, a "Visionary Artist." Susy can draw a person's Spirit Guides and angels. Susy told me that when she is in drawing mode, information comes to her and she just "knows" things. Then, she uses her drawings like other psychics use Tarot Cards and other tools: she checks the picture she is drawing to see if it reinforces the information which is popping into her mind. Other psychics have told me that they double-check the information they are hearing in their Tarot cards. I had no idea that this could be done through drawing. One of the reasons I love this Project is that I am always learning about new aspects of psychic ability and intuition.

6) As fascinated as I am with how psychic ability works, I want to leave you with a quote from Susy:

"The point of all of this is not the psychic phenomenon. The point is to assist each other; to have more love and light in the world; to grow and expand our consciousness and what we know."

Thank you Susy!

If you have any comments, please e-mail them to me at


11:47 am mst

Tuesday, February 19, 2013



Last week, I added a new page to this website: Self-Publishing a Book. People have asked me how I self-published My Psychic Search book so I wrote up the steps and put them on the page. As you can see, in addition to interviewing the psychics and writing the book, it takes a lot of work to move through the publication process. I was fortunate that I found a Publishing Consultant who helps authors publish their work. I gave him my manuscript and he formatted it for publication. We went through several rounds of proof-reading and revisions and eventually he was able to e-mail the files so that the book could be printed by Lightning Source in Tennessee.

I also worked with a professional cover artist to develop the front-cover graphic.

It took four months from the time I submitted my manuscript to my Publishing Consultant until I received books in the mail.

I am trying to get all kinds of information out to you. Along the way, a few psychics have told me that I am sitting on too much information and I have to get it out. I'm wrapping up a few new interviews so I can start publishing the full interviews which I have already completed. These conversations will give you a unique understanding of what it is like to be psychic and how psychic ability works. I can't promise a time frame on this work because everything seems to take longer than I think it will take.

Speaking of which, I want to tell you about a bit about e-book publication. It took more than three months for my husband and his associate to convert My Psychic Search manuscript to a Kindle e-book. If you look online, you'll find lots of people saying that uploading an e-book is quick and easy. I guess it depends on the book. Perhaps a straight-forward novel is easy to upload. However, My Psychic Search is written in a question-and-answer format. The questions are listed in the Table of Contents and each one had to be linked to its location in the digital book file. In addition, I used symbols in the book which couldn't be duplicated in the e-version so each one had to be replaced individually. To further complicate things, I write in WordPerfect (love my WordPerfect!) and everything had to be converted to Word before we could even begin the e-book conversion.

On top of this, there are several versions of Kindle e-readers and the book looks different on each one. Lots of proofing was required to look for odd things which showed up on various Kindle devices. We haven't even tried to format the book for the Nook or for iTtunes.

The first time you do anything, there is a steep learning curve. I hope things will go more smoothly (and more quickly) when we do the next uploads.

Just as I am writing about the reality of living with strong psychic ability, I am also sharing the reality of book publication. The great news is that the technologies which allow self-publishing and e-book publication are fairly new and they really do open a world of communication. It's similar to writing this blog. I love the idea that I have the technology to publish things to the Internet which can be read by anyone in the world who has a computer with Internet access. This is a huge breakthrough which has allowed us to communicate with each other. I don't know why, but a lot of people in Russia and the Ukraine are connecting with this blog and I've gotten chakra-balancing pendant orders from around the globe. Only the Internet makes this kind of communication so easy.

If you are a Russian reader, I would love to hear from you. I always wonder why I get so many visits from Russia. Are people really interested in this blog or is it something else? I would appreciate your answer. Just send an e-mail to

Thanks to everyone around the world who is interested in this material. Your interest keeps me motivated.


1:47 pm mst

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day: Sharing the Love

Today, I want to share a channeled message which I heard in January. I have edited the message for clarity because it was channeled in an Old English style. The basic idea is that we use words and emotions to create our lives. The words are important, but it is the emotions (the feelings), which speed up our ability to attract the things we want in our lives. For example, if we want more love, it is important to focus on the love we already have in our lives (not on the lack of love). We can state that we want more love, then feel the love we already have and allow it to expand and increase in new ways.

In addition, when we keep our emotions positive, we raise our personal vibration. And, as each person raises their vibration a little bit, the whole world is impacted. Increasing any positive energetic output affects everyone, allowing us all to move forward.

Today is Valentine's Day, a day when the world is filled with love. Let's feel the love in our lives and send love out to the rest of the world so that our positive energy can lift all hearts.

Here is the channeled message:


Coming together in this group energy fortifies the energy. Have you seen how quickly things manifest in your lives?

When there are things that you do not understand, but that you might judge as mistaken or in error, pull your emotions out of those thoughts, or you will own them with your emotions. Emotions are extremely powerful. Make your words impeccable, then put emotions with those words. If they are genuine and sincere, they will manifest before your eyes. If they are not, you cannot "make" things happen. It is a matter of allowing them and desiring them with feeling. It is the feeling which acts as a magnet bringing them to you. What has changed is the speed with which this is apparent to those of you who know. This is what you are witnessing.

Some of you cringe when you hear what other people say; when you know what other people's anger has led them to. It's not for you to judge. You don't know what level they are on or what their experiences are. You know enough to know that when those emotions are put out with thought, they create. Everyone creates what they need to create here and now.

It is as if there is a cloud, or a blanket, over the population. As one individual lifts their energy over here, and another lifts their energy over there, there seem to be little lumps under this cloud. But the more the lumps (the enlightened ones) continue to rise and lift their vibration, the more the vibration lifts for everyone. Even if it lifts only slightly so they feel a little lighter in their choices, a little lighter in their life manner.

It is inevitable that as you raise your vibration, it raises the vibration of those around you. This is why there have been those who distance themselves from you. They do not want to rise, or are uncomfortable with the energy they feel that you emanate. Dim your light for no one. You have worked very diligently to reach the light level that you are at. Most of you have been this way since you were children. This light will continue to expand, to heal and to become more powerful.

It is now time to tutor and guide the next generation coming up to follow in our steps. For while the energy continues eternally, the physical vessels eventually turn over their energy to the next and the next and the next generation. Be fully alive, be fully youthful, be ageless/timeless and when your time comes, release with ease for there are other missions, other jobs, other wonderful promises where you can be of assistance. As it was stated before, this is the blink of an eye. You have much, much, ground to cover.

We leave that with you and bless you.

Happy Valentine's Day!


3:25 pm mst

Happy Valentine's Day!

Not enough time right now to post today's message, so I'll post it later today. In the meantime, share the love! Laughing

12:41 pm mst

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Re-reading "My Psychic Search" book

This weekend is the one-year anniversary of publishing my book about psychics. Woo-hoo!

I'm running low on paperback books to sell so I need to have additional books printed. I'm re-reading the book to see if I can catch any more typos. Oh those typos! I've read the book 100 times, but I am embarrassed to confess that I keep finding items which need to be corrected.

I haven't read my own book in months so it's a fresh experience. I find that it is chock full of info and that I have "aha" moments on nearly every page. Pretty good to keep learning things while reading a book I wrote! However, I also find that the book has so much material and so many ideas that it can be a slow read. I have to stop and think about the concepts. At some point, I would like to rewrite the book in a simpler, more-straight-forward way, but that's a job for another day (in all likelihood, another year!)

There are probably a thousand quotes from psychics in the book and every time I read them, I learn something new. What did I learn yesterday? I was reading Chapter 18, "Between Lives," which talks about "the other side." Where is the other side? According to the psychics, we are all in the same physical universe, viewing the same planets and stars. The "other side" is just at a higher vibration. Spirits are right next to us, but they vibrate at a higher frequency. There are also other dimensions to which spirits can travel, but when we call upon them, they are with us on Earth, just at a higher vibration. Every time I read this, it's like seeing it for the first time. Why does this continue to surprise me?

Last night, I was reading Chapter 20, "Life on Earth," which explains why we come to Earth. We each have a contract for our personal growth lessons and our purpose. This contract lists the people who will help with these items. Whenever I read that chapter, I wonder what I have learned this lifetime? What have I experienced? Is my soul moving forward? At this point, I think my contribution to the world (my life purpose) is a better understanding of psychic ability. Do you wonder about your lessons and purpose too?

Would any of you want to read the book with me and discuss it online? We could do it on Facebook. Maybe read one chapter a week, then discuss it. I could respond to your questions and comments. Let me know if you would be interested in an on-line book club. And, don't worry about needing a paperback copy of the book. If the new paperbacks aren't ready, the book is always available in digital form from the Kindle store on Amazon.

What else is going on? The big, international gem show is in Tucson, Arizona, this week. I've been to the show and picked up lots of new chakra-balancing pendants. I only pick the highest quality gemstones and crystals for you. The stones vibrate at the frequency of our chakras, helping to clear out debris and keep pure energy moving through our bodies. You can check out the chakra-balancing jewelry page to see all of the pendants which are in stock.

That's all for today. Let me know if you want to be part of an on-line book club reading My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives. Just send an e-mail to me at


12:31 pm mst

Monday, February 11, 2013

Multi-psychic healing

I've always wondered what would happen if a group of psychics was asked the same question at the same time. Would their answers be consistent? Would they build upon each other? 

Over the weekend, I was with a group of psychics in a social setting. One person asked about a friend who was ill and several psychics jumped in with bits of intuitive information. One person knew that the person would recover within a year. Another person knew the symptoms would go away much sooner, although a full recovery might take longer. Another psychic saw an underlying condition which had allowed the medical problem to surface, while another person suggested that there was a lesson the patient needed to learn and that this issue presented the opportunity to learn the lesson.

It was interesting to see so many people having intuitive hits at the same time.

After everyone had contributed their piece of information, the entire group sent healing energy to the patient. I hope she is feeling much better by today.

9:40 am mst

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meet a Psychic - Marta Taylor

Meet a Psychic - Marta Taylor

A week or two ago, Marta Taylor passed away. I interviewed Marta for this Project in 2009. She was delightful, and intense, and full of contradictory experiences. She thought she might be an information conduit or a person who was sensitive to energy, but she was so much more. Marta was a positive influence; a teacher for all the people she met. She introduced her sister to Tarot Cards so her sister could learn to use them and, eventually, become a professional Tarot Card reader. She educated her friends about metaphysics, while she explored the ideas herself. She was an access point for others. Marta opened people's minds to metaphysical opportunities. Both of Marta's children are psychic.

Today's blog post is a tribute to Marta. It is an excerpt from the book My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives. You can find out more about the book, including how to order your copy here.


Good luck on your journey! I'm certain you will surface in my life again.


Marta Taylor - Energy Sensitive

Marta Taylor has been interested in Tarot cards, Ouija Boards, palm reading, and psychic channeling since she was a child. Now, she works with the Akashic Records, practices Reiki and works with flower essences. Marta also reads cards. She prefers Mah Jongg cards because the Mah Jongg deck reflects the "here and now" and provides more-immediate information than Tarot cards.

When Marta works with the Mah Jongg cards, she sees the cards, gets ideas from the cards, and then things open up. She tells people what she sees. She also gets a feeling about certain topics, an atmosphere. She picks up the energy surrounding things. Marta sees images and thinks that just picking up a piece of someone's life, like an image, is enough for people to understand that there is more out there than just themselves.

She believes that everyone has intuition, but that the ability to see and connect to Spirit is a different kind of gift. To her, "psychic" is seeing, knowing or hearing something which is going to happen. Marta isn't sure whether or not she is psychic. She thinks she may be a "conduit" or an energy worker. She is very sensitive to energy. However, Marta's sister, son, daughter and grand-daughter are all psychic.

One of the reasons that Marta suspects she may be some sort of energy conduit is that she often feels the need to move from one home to another, sharing her energy connections. Instead of going on a vacation, she just packs up and moves. However, wherever she goes, she makes a community of friends. With every move, she finds someone who becomes a lifelong friend. She influences people. She often feels like a gypsy fortune teller, traveling around the country and positively-influencing friends and neighbors.

When working with clients, Marta can usually feel or see their Spirit Guides. Even when she can't see them, she can understand what they are communicating. The Guides provide the information which the person needs to know. According to Marta, clients will never get information during a psychic reading which is not meant for them to hear. A reading should be done with great love and there should be a feeling of relief and support afterwards. Marta added:

"I feel like every message I give, I am also getting something. Just like when you teach, you learn. It's a great gift."

Marta has had several near-death experiences. These experiences have confused her because she has not had the classic experience of seeing the Light, then seeing deceased relatives. She was just in the blackness. Marta remarked:

"I could have been dead and not known it. It didn't matter to me. If I had died, I would not have known. Life went on, I just would not have been a part of it. I felt no pain. I wasn't aware of anything. Every time I came back, I was just here. I didn't remember anything."

On the other hand, one time when Marta was ill, she had the experience of laying in her bed and feeling complete love. She commented:

"It is true that G-d is love, no matter what term is used. It is all love. It was the most incredible thing I can remember - the pureness of being in that love."

Marta's life experiences are like a mosaic and she is working to see the complete picture.

9:42 am mst

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last week, Marta Taylor, one of the people interviewed for this Project, crossed to the other side. Today, I am posting a few quotes from Marta. She was a lovely woman here on Earth.

Quotes from a Psychic

I think this information comes on its own, unexpectedly. My imagination feels like a thought, like I am looking for something, or forcing something. If I step back and just see what pops up, it comes by itself. Through experimenting over the years, I have learned to step back. It comes from practice.

You will never get anything which is not meant for you to hear. A reading should be done with great love and there should be a feeling of relief and support afterwards.

It is a gift to give to people. It feels so good when people want a reading or a consultation. I feel like every message I give, I am also getting something. Just like when you teach, you learn. It's a great gift.

Marta Taylor

1:49 pm mst

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh! The lights came back on at the Superbowl. Just when I was about to write something prophetic!
7:10 pm mst

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