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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Answers to some of my questions

Answers to some of my questions

A couple of weeks ago, I commented that I had been disappointed when nothing had changed for me as the December 21, 2012 date came and went. I also noted that my connection to the unseen world seemed to be weakening instead of strengthening. I wasn't even having interesting dreams anymore. This week, my comments were answered by a fascinating dream and by two psychics who channeled information about the December 21, 2012 date.

On Tuesday, I wrote about the dream in which I experienced dying. I didn't see the other side, but I did wake up (still in my dream) as a different person. Yes, that was amazing. I felt like I had the chance to go through something which could not normally be understood without having a near-death experience. This was not a near-death experience, it was a gentle dream.

As for the channeling event, one of the people started their message with an acknowledgment that many people had been disappointed when things had not changed on December 21. Prior to that, Pam the Psychic, had shared a similar message. Today, I am posting the channeled message, as well as Pam's comments.

For those of you who find the channeled messages too challenging to read, I'll summarize: Most people are not ready for rapid change so things won't open too dramatically. However, we all have the opportunity to change our reality in a more-measured way. The way that we change our reality is to appreciate the things which are going well in our lives and to focus on what we want to have happen. For example, if we want a kinder world, we should notice whenever kindness appears in our lives. What we focus on expands and, eventually, all we will see is a world of kindness.

In addition, when we see things which puzzle and upset us, we should try to be emotionally neutral. Souls are trying to re-balance their energy during this lifetime and we cannot understand all the intricacies in this Karmic re-balancing. We need to observe the events without judgement, knowing that they are happening for a reason.

Here is the full channeled message:

Good evening friends.

December 21, 2012 passed. Many were disappointed, but those who were truly in touch knew intuitively that vast, rapid, change cannot happen, at least for the majority involved in this planet's evolution. They are not ready. But you are. You create whatever you desire. You create from within.

Do you find yourselves torn by what you see on the outer? Are you judging others? The outer is the world of effect. As we have said for eons of time, observe as the neutral observer, place love and light in any area, all areas, that you have a desire to, but do not become involved emotionally. Do not judge. The purging which is going on presently needs to occur. As things happen, celebrate. For what most are not seeing is the wonderful light which is pushing the darkness up to be placed back into the central sun to be re-organized.

Jesus spoke the most wonderful words for all of us and all of you,"Seek and ye shall find." What is it that you wish to find out there in the world of effect? If you look for whatever you wish to find, you will find it. As you seek it, you will find more and more. The powerful creator that you are can do no less. And after a period of time (and we will say "time" loosely), you will begin to see nothing but what you search for. That is the change and how the change will develop. One heart, one soul, spreading the light, creating the peace, the love, the harmony. And as you spread the word, the technique, to others and they begin to work the same type of program, before long everything that you wish to have, Heaven on Earth, will manifest.

All the souls here are balancing their energies. That balancing is not yet complete. Every soul incarnated here presently chose to do as much as they could possibly do to balance themselves. Do not see things as good or bad. See them just as they are. It is that it is: a balancing. There is no way for you to know all of the complexities of the energy and how people are intertwined with one another. Their higher selves know, and they know it is just a game. It's an experience, nothing more.

Many get caught up in the emotion and the judgement. They say, "I just want to see peace. I just want to see peace." The more they say that, the more they are focusing on the opposite. We suggest that you seek what you wish to find. Focus on that alone and bring it forth. You don't even have to work at it. It's so easy. Most everyone makes it complicated when it really isn't. It's the focus and the intent and the knowing that the power that you have is there. You are all a gift to this world. You are all incredibly powerful.

As you go through life, moment by moment, give gratitude for all that pleases you. That which you question, see as the neutral observer and understand that people are doing the best they can. No emotions. Love them all. Bless them all with a blessing that is non-specific so that their soul can take that blessing and manipulate it in any way that the soul chooses. It's the greatest blessing to give.

We bless you, each and every one with just that. We love you and we bless you.

Pam's comments:

I asked: Since we last spoke, we came through the December 21, 2012 date. Did you feel anything change around that time?

The first thing that comes to me is that that date, and leading up to it, a lot of people had enlightenment about something which they had not considered before, like thinking outside of themselves more than before. It's almost like a change in consciousness for people. It brought awareness and enlightenment to some people . . . just the leading up to and the day, then realizing that even though nothing happened, something really did happen because people were thinking about it. And there were discussions and things which took place, energy changing with people, maybe people thought differently about themselves and the energy around them. That's what I'm getting with that.

For other dates in the future, it will be the same thing. Just a shift in consciousness for people. There are no fatalities, no Armageddon, linked to any of the dates. The world just keeps spinning and that will never change.

I find this message very comforting. What do you think?


10:26 am mst

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dying in my Dream

Dying in my Dream

Have you heard people say that if you die in your dreams, you actually die? Guess what? It's not true. The other night I had a profound dream and I died in my dream. I lived to tell you about it.

In the dream, I was getting older and my body was not working very well. Getting older was like developing a second skin of fleece or a skin of bubbles. It got thicker and thicker making it hard to move, hard to comprehend others, and hard for other people to understand me. Frustrating, but not awful. Like a thick winter jacket or a second skin making me slower and slower. Maybe it's symbolic of the aura going from clear to cloudy?

In the dream, I was with a couple of other elderly people and we could see through mirrors which were like windows. Each mirror revealed a reflection where we could see ourselves through Alzheimer's and the loss of clear focus. The mirrors were also like square windows where we could see through to another realm and we could see each other. Through our windows, we smiled and waved at each other, but people in the physical realm had no idea why we were smiling and waving.

I didn't want to die. I was afraid of dying, but what could I do? Then one moment, unexpectedly, I just fell out of my body. My body stayed in one place and I fell out of it, like gently floating backwards and downwards. "Oh, this must be it!" I said good-bye as I fell away.

You know when you trip and stumble, how you catch yourself? Dying was kinda like that. You fall out of your body and you try to catch yourself by grasping at your body, but there's nothing to latch onto, your fingers grasp at air (your fingers are energy, no mass), so you keep falling. But it's just for a second, then you realize what's happening, give in, say "good-bye" and keep falling out of your body.

Next thing I knew, still in the dream, I woke up as an 8 or 10 year old boy with estranged parents. My mother was nice, but my father was mean. I had a lot of details in this part of the dream which I won't go into, but it was all about life as a boy. Then, I woke up.

Just a few weeks ago, I was talking to a psychic about the idea of dying and what it means when this image comes to her. She told me that dying is sometimes symbolic of a change coming. It can be the subconscious' way of telling someone that there will be a change or a transition of some kind.

So, I don't know if there is a transition coming for me, or if this was a dream which reconnected me to the spirit world. As I had mentioned in a post a week or two ago, I haven't had a profound meditation or dream in quite a while. I felt like I had lost my connection. So here I am, dreaming again.

Have any of you died in your dreams? I know that people who have near-death experiences talk about floating above their bodies, looking down, and seeing themselves. This was not what happened in my dream. I wonder what kind of experiences any of you have had? Please let me know by sending an e-mail to Thanks!


12:00 pm mst

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Radio Interview
I think the radio interview went pretty well. It's in the archives now so if you want to listen, go to
11:49 am mst

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Questions & Answers with Pam

Questions & Answers

Tomorrow night, Friday, January 25, 2013, Jesse Ann Nichols George will interview me on her blogtalkradio show entitled, "Activating Compassion in the Midnight Hour." If you want to ask questions live, this is the link: midnight-hour--psychics. Make sure you check the time that the show will be live in your time zone (for example it's actually at 10 p.m in my time zone). After the interview, the program will be archived and you can listen to it using the same link. I am usually the one doing the interviewing, so this should be an interesting turn of events.

Now, on to today's Questions & Answers.

Quite a while ago, blog readers sent questions to me to ask Pam the Psychic. Pam has recently started reading for the public and she is testing her abilities. The five questions which were submitted were all quite different. Pam was able to answer some of the questions, but not all of them. The questions are in Italics and Pam's answers are in the regular font.

1) Erica asked: What is my best means or method for being successful and making money to provide for my parents in their old age?

I'm not getting anything definitive. I am getting a very strong feeling that either she knows the answer to the question or she has already resolved it. Or, that there is something available to her to do this. As vague as that sounds, I feel like she can find that answer within her. It is almost like it is right in front of her. I see her parents, her family, being very comfortable. I see in the future that they will be very comfortable. Whatever it is that she provides, they will be comfortable. She should not have to worry. She will not have to worry about providing for them. I see them together in this rocker, going back and forth which is showing me security. It is symbolic for security and comfort.

2) Veronica asked: What do my guides say pertaining to my weight loss path? What would really motivate me?

As I get that question, I am going down a dark tunnel. There's no light at the end of it. I just see that I'm going around a curve; a constant curve. I can't see where I'm going. This is symbolic that this has been a life-long battle and will continue to be a challenge. As I continue on, instead of continuing on this curve, I see that I am going upward and there is a very small light at the top, at the surface. Far away, I can see it. I feel like at some point she will conquer it, or find a balance somehow. It's going to take time. Part of the journey is finding it on her own. Finding the balance and what will bring that to her. That's all I get with that.

3) Fran asked: How is Tom doing? Has he crossed over. Where is he and what is he doing?

[Long pause] The image I just got was a morgue, or where his body was, but it was on a slab. Either this person is close to death, or has already passed. The person looked deceased to me. That's what I am getting.

Gail: Where is he and what is he doing?

[Long pause] I'm getting colorful lights. It must be . . . all of these lights must be a spirit realm of some kind. If he has crossed over, this would tell me that he has not reincarnated. He is still in spirit form. That's the best way I can describe it. There is a lot of light where he his. The feeling is almost like he is working on some heavy stuff. As if the transition is going to take a while. Maybe physical life had some issues. It's taking a while to work that through. That's what I am getting.

4) Amelia asked: I have an eight year old Black Siamese neutered male whom I rescued seven years ago. "Squire" is very dominant, beautiful, intelligent, and loving, but terrorizes my two small, older, sweet female cats whom I've had since 9/11, and are also rescues. I have done a lot of rescue work and animals like me, but nothing I do or say has changed Squire's behavior. With regret, because I have emotionally bonded with him, I have put him "up for adoption" on my Facebook page. What can you tell me about what will happen to him?

Not getting a lot on that.

Gail: Should she have him tested for feline AIDS?

I'm not getting that anything is physically wrong with that cat. I'm not getting anything on this cat.

5) Marilyn asked: What will my college-age son do this summer?

Well, well. The first thing I get is a merry-go-round going really fast. This is symbolic of being very busy. Doing what? Does he like the water? Is he a good swimmer? Something to do with boating or fishing? I'm getting symbols for that.

Gail: I don't know much about that. She was wondering if he was going to be in school this summer or if he was going to get a job or an internship?

To me, it looked like a vacation! I saw him around water, but I didn't see him working. I got that he was going to be pretty busy, but I'm not getting a job. Maybe he will be getting caught up within his social arena. [LOL] I'm not getting a vocation or schooling of any kind. Social networking, maybe? That's all I'm getting with that.

She also wants to know how her father is doing?

I get a lot of light and color with him. Very strong energy. Its like he was here before you even finished the question.

Gail: She wants to know how he is doing. He is deceased.

I had that feeling. When I got those colors . . . I see that it must be a pattern. It's almost as if I could say a "happy-go-lucky" feeling with his energy. If he wasn't that way in the physical, he is now. Very light. He wants to come through.

Does he have a message for her?

Wow. Oh! Tell her, "I really love her and I have not stopped thinking about her." He is okay. He is okay. He's having a great time. His energy is giving me goose-bumps. He is just full of love for her. He's giving it to me and allowing me to feel it. [Pam looked incredibly happy.] He has made a complete transition and is working with light. He just wants her to know that he has not stopped thinking about her. He's very happy, very happy. Just . . I almost have tears of joy for him.


From the questions and answers, Pam and I determined that she does not have a strong ability to read pets. We had seen this in previous sessions. However, her ability to connect with the deceased appears to be strengthening the more she works with it. We also discovered that when I asked open-ended questions such as, "Do you have predictions for 2013?" no answers arrived. However, when I asked specific questions, answers appeared.

I asked Pam how the answers came to her. She told me that she goes into a calm state of mind and asks for answers from the Knowledge Center which lives within her. According to Pam, the Knowledge Center is a source which we all possess within us. It carries all of the information of every existence which we have ever had; whatever form we have taken. It comes from the Source, the Light.

When I asked how she had discovered the Knowledge Center, Pam told me that she had read a book about it and the idea had resonated with her. When she had requested access to the Knowledge Center, it had come immediately.

I asked what it felt like to receive information and Pam told me, "It feels like an adrenaline rush. My heart beats a little faster, but it's not a scary thing. I know that it is flowing through. Then my eyelids flutter. Then it is almost like something is pushing the words through. ‘You have to say these words, this has to be heard, this is what is right. This is the truth which has to be told.' It comes flying out."


If you have a question for Pam, send it to I don't know when Pam and I will get together again, so I'm not making any promises on when I will have your answers, but if you're curious about something, let me know.

That's all for today. If you're awake tomorrow night, please join me for the radio interview on "Activating Compassion at the Midnight Hour."


10:52 am mst

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Radio Interview Friday Night

Ah, peace and quiet in my home . . . .

My house has been full of people and events for the last two months. Today, I am home alone and it is joyous. I am very excited about getting back to work on My Psychic Search. I am way behind on interview editing, proof-reading, etc. In fact, several people sent their questions to me in November so that I could ask Pam for their answers and it was only last Thursday that I was finally able to meet with Pam! As soon as I have the answers transcribed, I'll post them on this blog.

Now, for today's exciting news: I am going to be interviewed on Jesse Ann Nichols George's on-line radio show Friday night. Her show is called, "Activating Compassion in the Midnight Hour." This is the listening information:

The show airs Friday night at: Midnight - 2am EST, 11pm - 1am CST, 10pm - Midnight MST, 9pm - 11pm PST

You can listen in live, ask questions, and join in the chat room at: If you miss the show, it will be archived at the same link so you can listen to it later.

I interviewed Jesse in November and have not yet finished editing our interview. Did I mention that I was behind on a few things? Embarassed Jesse is a 13th generation psychic and she shared her fascinating story with me. You can find out more about Jesse and her radio show at

Here's a snippet of my interview with Jesse. It will give you a feel for how she works. I asked, "When you are working with clients, are you connecting directly with their energy or are you working with Spirit Guides? How does the communication work?"

Jesse answered, "I think I have anywhere from five to fifty conversations going on at once. I have my own Spirit Guides giving me information. I have energies and spirits popping up to share information. I have all the client's Spirit Guides and all of their relatives around them. Then, there are other spirits in the environment who are showing up to help. As a child, I had an amazing memory. Now, with the amount of information which is constantly coming in to me, I don't need to remember everything. I just have to be here in the present moment.

"It's similar to when people talk to you in person and all you have to absorb is that one piece of information. Then, you get on-line and 20 people are instant-messaging you, and 50 e-mails are coming in. It's more than your mind can process. I've had times when I was doing readings when I had to tell everyone to be quiet for a minute. Just stop."

I hope to chat with you Friday on Jesse's radio show. If you have questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

Take care.

11:12 am mst

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Developing Your Intuition

A few days ago, I confessed my disappointment that my intuitive gifts had not magically opened in December 2012. Maybe I need to try a little harder. I recently found a nice article entitled "20 Steps to Develop your Psychic Intuition" on the Satori Nation website. If you are interested, you can read the entire article at The website is filled with interesting information. It's the first time I've run across the website, so I'm not endorsing anything, I'm just thinking that the articles interested me and may interest you.

These are the 20 steps. The article has information on how to make these steps work for you.

20 steps to develop your psychic intuition

Posted by: Medium Marie
Friday, January 11th 2013

First, you will need to accept the fact that you are naturally intuitive (having any type of psychic ability is not uncommon. In fact, science has proven that the majority of people only use approximately 10% of their brain).

Of course, like any ability, some are naturally born with a very strong intuitive sense while the rest of us fall somewhere else along the scale. Especially, if you haven't begun accessing your sixth sense potential. If you start with doubt and worry, it will take longer for you to see results. Like most new learned skills - relax and allow yourself to learn and see progress. The results and proof will soon follow.

20 steps to develop your psychic intuition

1. Trust yourself

2. Keep a journal

3. Heal your body

4. Listen to your body

5. Remember to breathe

6. Visualize

7. Getting Grounded

8. Visualize a grounding cord.

9. Clear your mind

10. Pray

11. Create your viewing screen

12. Ground your viewing screen

13. Create a viewing receptacle

14. Visualize a crystal rose

15. Energize your rose with a question

16. On your viewing screen create your neutral rose

17. Destroy your rose

18. Knowingness

19. Keeping a dream journal

20. Practice often and have fun!


Let me know if these steps help you on your journey!


8:34 pm mst

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Confession

My Confession

What happened on December 21, 2012? For me, nothing discernible. When I talk to psychics and people who are "better connected" than I am, they say that they can feel an energetic shift. Not me. They say that they are better able to manifest the things they want in their lives. I want that too. I am still hopeful, I'm just looking for proof while not experiencing much of anything.

Here's my confession: For the past few months, I haven't had an interesting meditation. I haven't heard anything. For the past year or so, I haven't had an interesting, spiritual dream. I haven't connected with a deceased relative in my dreams. Here's more (really, "less"). I am no longer noticing synchronicities in my life. They had been fairly frequent.

When I talk to psychics, they can still bring messages through for me so it's not that I'm totally disconnected. It's just that whatever ability I had been coaxing forward seems to have dissipated. Why? Does it have anything to do with the December 21 shift of energy? Anyone else experiencing a drop in their abilities? An increase in their abilities? A change? I would love to hear from you.


10:44 am mst

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why do we pay psychics?

Why do we pay psychics?

People who seek psychic readings are sometimes reluctant to pay for them. People think that if the information comes naturally to the psychic, and if the psychic's goal is to help people, psychics should work for free, or for a low rate of pay.

It doesn't work that way for three reasons.

The first reason is a very practical one. Psychics have bills to pay and families to feed just like the rest of us. They take time from their busy schedules to meet with clients. If they rent an office, or do marketing, they need to pay for those expenses. In addition, psychics need an income so that they can attend workshops and classes to further develop their skills.

The second reason to pay psychics is that psychics have spent a lifetime training for their specialty. Whether you view a psychic reading as a glimpse into another world, or you think of it as entertainment, psychics need compensation just like every other professional who has developed a skill. People who don't think that psychics have a skill worth paying for shouldn't go to a psychic.

The third reason is a bit more complicated and has to do with the exchange of energy. Psychics use their energy to access information. The world of psychic communication is a world of energy.

According to Lisa Barretta (The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading, 2009, Llewellyn Publications, MN):

"Energy is a source of power, and money is a medium of exchange for that power. Money carries certain energy, and money that is paid out reluctantly will have a different vibration to it than money that is paid out willingly. Psychics deal with energy and are very sensitive to the energy attached to the money they earn for their services. The client seeking a psychic reading is buying the intrinsic value of the reading. The psychic reading is like a piece of original art: no two psychic readings are alike.

"Clients who feel that they are paying too much for a reading are unknowingly attaching that sentiment to their payment, which will be passed on to the energy-sensitive psychic reader. As soon as the payment with the attached resistance hits the psychic reader's energy field, an invisible block is formed. To get a good psychic reading the client must willingly give in order to willingly receive. A client who pays for a psychic reading but continues to feel trepidation about the purchase is not in the right mindset to get a good reading. If the psychic doesn't have the client's trust, it may take longer for the psychic reader to make a good psychic connection with the client. Time is money, and the time a psychic reader spends with a client has a monetary value."

A client with money issues should try to have a positive attitude when paying for a reading. Money which is paid out reluctantly creates an invisible energetic resistance which can affect the psychic's ability to read for that client in the future.

The good news is that there is a wide choice of psychics and each psychic sets their own rate for a reading. You can probably find someone who works within your budget. If you can't afford a full reading, try a 15 minute reading. And, some psychics allow clients to pay on a sliding scale, based on what they can afford.

Psychic Fairs often provide a less-expensive alternative to a full reading. Some venues offer free readings and some fairs have $20 readings (for 15 minutes). Check on-line to find out how the fairs work in your area.

Questions or comments? Send them to me at


12:20 pm mst

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Quote from a Psychic/Lightworker:

 "The essence of my work is to get the client's physical and energetic bodies as clear as possible. My job is to connect a person to Source (also known as G-d, Divine Source, Higher Self). The vehicle has to be clear just like TV channels have to be clear.

"One of the ways I describe it is that the body is the hardware and Divine Source is the software. Much of our hardware doesn't run the software, so my job is to upgrade the hardware to communicate with the software. I help prepare the body to receive clear information and house its own spirit.

"The physical world is just a minute part of who we are in the vastness of consciousness. We have a smidgen of our true self residing in the body. The work which I do is to clear the body, to help bring in more knowledge, wisdom, divine connection and spirit.

"When I do a session, I am working to upgrade the hardware. I work on an energetic level. Everything is energy. The frequency of the energy vibration determines how it is perceived. I work with the energy systems of the body. I do many things. Primarily, I clear deep emotional blockages, and physical and emotional traumas. I fix "circuitry" so that the flow of light (light being the Divine Source) can flow through the body without any breaks.

"I help people with their own ability to tap into their Highest Self. I help people to be better at their spiritual work. I help them to figure out their life's work and then to do it well.

"When I do the energy work, I work to access their energetic information and bring in the person's Divine Blueprint. If people are ready, I can give them direction and help them to work with the Ascended Masters, angels and Guides who have information for them. I can help them to improve their meditation by raising their personal vibrational frequency so that they start to get information. People can begin to receive clear information about their life's work. I am a guide who can give someone an energetic push, so that they can pull in their own information and guidance.

Raquel Spencer

10:06 am mst

Friday, January 4, 2013

What do Psychics tap into?

Welcome to all of the new blog readers! I am happy to see that so many people are interested in this work. I've decided to go back to the basics for a few blog posts so that all of the new readers can understand what we are talking about. Today's blog post is about the psychics' invisible information sources.

What do psychics tap into?

Most psychics work with one, or more, of the following information sources:

Spirit Guides (their Guides and/or the client's Guides)
The Creator by any name (G-d, Universal Energy, Universal Intelligence, etc.)
The Holy Spirit
The Higher Realms (Guides, angels, G-d by any name)
Their Higher Self and/or the client's Higher Self (the non-physical part of the soul/spirit)
A group which seems like a spiritual family
A collective unconscious
A cosmic library of images and information
Akashic Records (the energetic record of each soul's development)
A personal consciousness
A global consciousness
Ascended Masters such as Mother Mary, Kwan Yin (the Oriental Goddess of Compassion), Buddha, Christ and Djwal Khul
The White Brotherhood of Light ("White" refers to the color of the aura, not to race)
The Emissaries of Light
The VOICE (a facet of the Divine)
The quantum field
The spirit of a person or animal who has crossed over
The client's personal energy field
Nature's Intelligence (e.g., fairies)
Devas of the plants (Devas are flower angels and there is a Deva for each type of plant)

The information source accessed by each psychic is often linked to their specialty. For example, Mediums connect directly to a deceased person's spirit. People who work with flower essences may communicate with the Devas of the plants. People who work with Light energy may communicate with the Emissaries of Light.

The term "Spirit Guides" refers to people who have lived on Earth, crossed to the other side, and volunteered to stay in the spirit world so that they can gently guide incarnated people. They are neither male nor female; they are energy. Some psychics communicate with individual Spirit Guides while others communicate with a group of Spirit Guides.

Angels are spiritual messengers who have not lived life in a physical body. Angels convey advice and wisdom, but don't interfere with free will unless people are in mortal danger. People have Guardian Angels who protect them, as well as angels who bring whispered messages.

The people who were interviewed for this Project stressed the importance of working with positive energy and positive entities. They did not work with dark energies. They set boundaries which repelled negative energies. Within their sphere of positive energy, they were often able to identify their information sources. They called upon angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and G-d. Although some people made a distinction between talking to their Higher Self and talking to other sources, most psychics agreed that it didn't really matter where the information came from. The source didn't need a name because it was all the same connection to Spirit.

If you want to talk more about what I've learned, come see me this Sunday at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair in Tucson, Arizona. It runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Windmill Inn on the southeast corner of Campbell and River Roads.

Questions or comments? You can always contact me at


8:57 am mst

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! Let's make this a great new year.

I just survived a near-death experience . . . and so did you. We had no idea what would happen on December 21, we could have all been obliterated; but, we weren't. We survived to celebrate our lives. So let's make this the best year ever. Let's strive for peace, freedom and prosperity. Let's open ourselves to new, positive, experiences. One of my goals for the new year is to share even more information with you about what psychics do and what psychics know. I have some completed interviews I would like to publish and I am working on several new interviews. I have heard the most-amazing stories and, in the next 12 months, I would like to share them with you. Let's toast to the future.


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