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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Art of Taking a Break

The Art of Taking a Break

We are pulled in so many directions. All year, there are demands on our time. In December, things get even crazier. Today, I'm going to share my two coping strategies with you. The first one is pretty mundane, but the second one is the key to my happiness.

My two coping mechanisms are organization and contemplative time.

When it comes to organization, I rely on my calendar, my "to-do" list and my routines. I keep my calendar close at hand. I love having a paper calendar (not an electronic one) so I can see a whole month of commitments at one time. The calendar lays out the broad scope of my commitments.

For my daily tasks, I have a computerized "to-do list" which I update several times each day as "to dos" come and go. I also have a grocery list on my fridge. Whenever I have an idea, I write it on my to-do list so it doesn't get lost. I can't keep notes in my mind; it's already full. I need my paper lists. Each evening, I prioritize my to-do list for the following day and each morning, I reconsider my options.

I also have routines which organize my life. You may have noticed that I usually blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I do the laundry on Wednesdays. The routines structure some of my time although I know I have to be flexible. I have a general outline of my month and my day, then I fill it in with priorities from my to-do list. This is my left-brained support system.

My second coping mechanism is contemplative time. This quiet time is absolutely essential for me. This is my right-brained support system.

Each morning, I stumble to the kitchen, make a cup of coffee, sit in my chair and wake up slowly. I review the night's dreams and see if there is anything I can learn. In my dreams, I am often seeking ideas and discoveries. While asleep, I roam crafts fairs looking for great designs, or I wander through houses finding new rooms. For me, this lifetime is a voyage of discovery. I want to know how life works.

Then, I meditate. I try to connect with an outside source of information. I ask for insights. Sometimes, I see issues in a different way. Sometimes, I don't. But I need this contemplative period to set my mental outlook for the day. My family has learned to leave me alone when I am sitting in my chair with my eyes closed. Even the dog lays down and has her own quiet moment.

Spiritual people often call this quiet time "meditation."

Other people call their quiet time "going outside for a breath of fresh air," or having a cigarette. Some smokers need a moment to get away nearly as much as they need the nicotine. These are our moments to mentally re-group.

Each of the psychics has told me that meditation is a critical part of their day. They need to re-center themselves so that information comes to them clearly. When they feel scattered and overwhelmed, they have trouble interpreting messages.

One of the psychics commented that she maintains her openness by taking an hour-long morning walk. Her walk is like a daily meditation which helps information come to her quickly and clearly.

Another psychic echoed that sentiment, stating that she takes time to listen to her inner guidance. She feels that the quieter she gets, the more she can hear. Similarly, several psychics stressed the importance of maintaining a quiet, calm, centered state. If they are not centered, their readings may not be as good as they could have been.

A third psychic does yoga, attends sweat lodges, spends time in solitude, prays, and goes to the canyons and desert by herself.

If you've been reading this blog, you know that two weeks ago, I was working full days at an art fair (which I really enjoyed). Last week, I was busy with Thanksgiving and family. This week, I had a family member who needed a lot of time and attention. I had to get up early each morning to take her to appointments. I took care of the things which needed to be done, but I sacrificed my contemplative time. By yesterday, I was in a foul mood. I was aggravated that I had lost so much of my "alone time." I need my mornings to recharge and write. When I don't get this time, I am not kind. I am not generous. I am not fun.

This morning, I finally had a chance to sleep in, to meditate and to write. Ah, the life I love. See how much nicer I am today?

What about you? How do you cope with demands on your time? Send your ideas to me at


P.S. Need to reduce holiday gift-giving stress? Books and chakra-balancing pendants are lovely gifts all year long.

12:51 pm mst

Monday, November 26, 2012

More Thoughts on 2012

Big news
The winner of the Kindle e-book is J. Rosenblum! Congratulations!

If you didn't win, don't worry. You can get your paperback version and/or your e-book on Amazon. Remember, for everything you purchase through this website or through Amazon through December 25, 2012, a donation will be made to help people who were affected by Superstorm Sandy.

More thoughts on 2012

We're less than a month away from December 21, 2012 so I thought I would share more quotes from psychics about what to expect.

Trish Silay:

"2012 is the ending of time as we know it. We won't have to be concerned with clock or calendar time because we will be in another dimension of time. The Mayans understood the evolution of the cosmic human and we are becoming cosmic humans."

Gigi Sample:

"This lifetime is very different. I don't know how I know that, but I just know it. It is very different from other lifetimes. I am not concerned about the Mayan calendar, I just know we are in the Aquarian Age and the Aquarian Age is about consciousness shifting, humanitarianism and unconditional love. Pinky-orange is the color. It is a high vibration energy which is coming to the earth plane for this time."

Delphina Nova:

"I believe we are on the brink, we are at the 11th hour on our planet. Indigenous cultures around the world, as well as western scientists, are telling us that we are at the 11th hour and I think we are being brought to this place where we actually want something to happen. Our actions are creating things. We are going to be given a huge gift. I am not focused on the December 21, 2012 Mayan prophecies because not all indigenous prophecies point to 2012. We are at this point where we have a choice about how we are going to conduct our lives, how we are going to treat each other, and how we are going to take care of the environment. I believe that in the blink of an eye we will choose love. It is up to us. How we treat ourselves and the world around us is what we are going to receive. The person in one house may be living in hell, and the person next door may be living in love. I believe we can be living in a pile of dung somewhere and still be living in complete bliss. You can see the person in front of you as your enemy, as separate from you, or as your friend."

Raquel Spencer:

"Most of the people I work with are Light Workers. They are here to help raise the awareness of what is going on outside of this 3-D illusion which we are in. There is a shift going on. People are becoming more aware that there is something beyond this mundane life. Quantum physics has helped. It has been scientifically demonstrated that there are at least 10 dimensions. We know that everything is energy. A lot of people are becoming more aware and more interested in connecting with the part of themself which is not physical.

"In my work, I am helping the people who are working to shift the whole consciousness, the forerunners. My job is to get the forerunners up and running."


Interested in reading more? Check out the book or read other 2012 blog posts on this site.


9:54 pm mst

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What you focus on expands

What you focus on expands

Online, when you go to websites or "like" Facebook pages, ads from these sites start showing up wherever you look. You get more of what you were interested in . . . but it's kind of creepy to realize we are all being tracked.

Something similar happens in real life (but without the creepiness). In life, what you focus on expands. Your interests magnify and when you acknowledge what you are grateful for, more of it shows up. When you wish to see acts of love around you, you begin to see more and more of them.

Today, I am very grateful for love and abundance with my family, and I am focusing on peace, freedom and prosperity for the entire world.

Happy Thanksgiving!


10:20 am mst

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Every Day

Thanksgiving Every Day

It's nearly Thanksgiving Day so it's probably not a surprise that I'm going to write about how grateful I am for my life every day. I feel very fortunate to have a life where I can experience things and have the time to write about them. I can talk to amazing people and share all that I am learning. I have a lovely, supportive, family, and the financial ability (partially because you purchase Wild Girls! and books!) to take this time in my life to explore the things which bring me wonder. I am very grateful!

Last weekend, I was at the Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisans Market with my Wild Girl! artwork and My Psychic Search book. I chatted with many wonderful people. I am always impressed by the quality of people I meet on this spiritual journey. I had deep, insightful, conversations with strangers who are on this same path. I met two artists who connect with the invisible and draw angels and Spirit Guides - two!

I spoke with an artist who had to escape her booth because she was empathic and picking up on attendees' frenetic energies.

I chatted with a young girl who was interested in the paranormal and curious about psychics. I thought she was 16 or 17. Turns out, she was only 11. She bought a copy of the book. It's geared to an adult audience so I hope she will be able to enjoy it. She was young and already curious about all that is happening.

I met people who came from generations of psychics.

Delphina, one of the psychics in the book, visited me at the fair. She was at my table when people showed up who needed to talk with someone who had experienced the things which they had also experienced. Delphina was the perfect connection for them.

I met a woman who had a life choice to make and didn't know how to move forward until I reminded her that there are two motivations for our choices: love and fear. Was she going to choose from love or from fear? A light bulb went off as she reconsidered her options.

This is a critical time for all of us. We can make our choices based on love, not fear. Our alternatives can be founded on construction and creativity. I look at the conflicts in the Middle East and I always favor the progressive people and countries who are building hospitals, advancing medicine, educating all of their children and growing beautiful crops. I can't understand why people would devote their energy to fear and destruction when they could be growing food, opening markets and nurturing their children. As a species, we need to move beyond war and intimidation. Defense is necessary; offense is a waste of all the gifts we have been given.

Which, surprisingly, brings us back to Thanksgiving and all the gifts we have been given: peace in our homes and our lives; the ability to choose how we spend our time; the joy of creativity; the company of family members and friends; the sharing of delicious meals; and the blessing of watching our children grow up. When we appreciate what we have, we draw more of it into our lives.

I wish all of you a peaceful, happy, gratitude-filled Thanksgiving Day.

All my best,


P.S. I will give away a Kindle version of the book this weekend. If you want to be part of the drawing, send your name and e-mail address to

11:24 am mst

Thursday, November 15, 2012

E-books and ETs

Big E-nnouncement!

My Psychic Search book is available for Kindle e-readers! Woo-hoo! It's taken months to figure out how to create an e-book and we are very pleased to be able to make the book available worldwide via Kindle. The e-book is only $9.99, less than half the price of the printed book. Woo-hoo again!

I am so excited about having an e-book that I will be gifting a Kindle e-book on Thanksgiving weekend. Send your name and e-mail address to me so I can put your name in the drawing and add you to my e-mail list. Don't worry if you don't have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle reader for PCs and read the e-book on your computer or you can download the Kindle app for other devices.

It's a delightful coincidence that the December 21, 2012 portal date coincides with lots of gift-giving holidays. You can prepare yourself for this portal by learning about psychic ability and you can help others by sharing this knowledge when you give them the book or the e-book. In addition, beautiful chakra-balancing jewelry is also available through this website.

And, for everything sold through this website, including books and jewelry, and everything sold through, including printed and e-books, through December 25, 2012, a donation will be made to help people on the east coast rebuild their lives and their homes.

If you enjoy the book, please post a review on and I would love it if everyone hit the "like" button on the Amazon book page.

Quick reminder: Come visit me this weekend at the Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisan's Market. I'll be set up in the lobby on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And, Lee will be presenting My Psychic Search book at an author's discussion at SpiritsChild Metaphysical Gift Shop, Sunday morning from 10 a.m. until noon. Lots of exciting things going on!

Now, on to today's fascinating discussion:

On Tuesday night, I attended a Psychic Explorers meeting with the topic: 12-21-2012: Myths, Mysteries and Maybes; A Round Table Panel Discussion.

Diane Krebs, our Psychic Explorers group leader, was the panel moderator. The panel consisted of Camille James Harman, a public speaker regarding the alien abduction/contact phenomenon; Jeff Harman, an astrologer; and Annette Lindstrom, a third-generation psychic Medium.

Before I tell you about the discussion, I have to let you know that I have had very little exposure to the alien abduction phenomenon. The only time psychics have told me about extra-terrestrials (ETs) was in the context of receiving information from invisible entities who might be considered ETs. Many things which I heard at this panel discussion were new to me and I don't have any personal information to support what I heard. I am just sharing this discussion because it was interesting and it may give you something to think about.

Jeff, the Astrologer, began the discussion by explaining that, astrologically, December 21, 2012 was not a unique date. He thought that December 21, 2020 might be a more important date. However, he did seen changes coming in 2013.

Camille, the alien abduction speaker, told us that she had been immersed in the UFO world since 1995. She thought there might be an escalation of events in the coming years. Something was imminent; something would happen in our lifetime. She explained that abductees had been trained to perform mass healings and to deal with crisis control. If these people had been trained, it meant that the crisis was going to happen during their lifetime. It would be a waste of time to prepare people to be useful if nothing was going to happen. However, she thought this could be a long process, not an overnight change. The end result might be a transformation of consciousness and a splitting of reality where some people would remain in this 3-D reality while other people would move to other realities.

Diane noted that people were feeling very stressed these days and seemed to be dealing with more issues than usual.

Annette, the psychic Medium, responded that we all chose to be here for this time. We were all following our way back to G-d. The purpose of this transformation would be to learn that we were not separate. We were not alone. Loved ones who had already crossed over would help us through this transition.

Camille suggested that 2012 might be the end of a self-imposed quarantine by extra-terrestrials. They had agreed to leave us alone until now, but may start communicating with us. She suggested that we all think about this time period as a grand adventure.

How do we prepare for whatever may come? According to the panel, we need to think positively and not be fearful. We need to find peace within ourselves and live in the moment. We don't know what is coming, so we should just enjoy the "now" while cultivating our spiritual development.

One audience member commented that we could try to predict what might happen, but no one knew for sure. One reason we couldn't know in advance was that we were creating the answer as we lived our lives. The future hasn't been decided. It is being determined by the choices we make. We are deciding as we go. And, we are deciding along with powerful entities which are invisible to us.

Interesting discussion, eh? Let me know what you think by contacting me at Or, come visit me this weekend at the Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisan's Market.


9:20 am mst

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big e-nnouncement tomorrow
The Kindle e-book is here! Check back tomorrow to see how you can win a free e-book!
12:16 pm mst

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Manifesting our Life Experiences

Manifesting our Life Experiences

It's an exciting time around here as I prepare for two events this weekend: the Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisans Market and SpiritsChild's Author Event. And, of course, I'm also thinking about celebrating Thanksgiving next week. I am already celebrating the fact that My Psychic Search book is now available for the Kindle e-reader. We are also looking into a Nook version.

If you want to chat with me, I will be set up at the Tucson Museum of Art Show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a huge hand-crafted art show in downtown Tucson. Because I will be at the Show, my husband Lee will present the book at SpiritsChild on Sunday from 10 a.m. until noon. Four or five authors will present their work at that event.

I love Thanksgiving. It's a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude aloud. As you know, what we focus on expands, so when we focus on all that we are grateful for, more things enter our lives for which we can be grateful. This principle of appreciation leading to manifesting was expressed in one of the channeled messages I heard in October. This is the message:

Good evening Dear Ones.

These times that are present before you now, the possibilities are endless as you are beginning to see. Manifestation is easy for you at this present frequency and shall become easier and easier as these moments progress forward into what you call "time." This shift of the ages is a glorious shift. It is a shift of awareness and the physical that you see before you now will be changing, but it is not going to be the overnight change that so many are hopeful for. Your consciousness, your expectations, and your desires are what will be created out there for you. It is time to start thinking of that. Start focusing on that and realizing and appreciating each time you see something that you were looking for materialize before you. Your desires manifest for you the more you focus on the "good." We don't really want to call it "good," but the higher frequency, the energies. As the awakening progresses, each individual will become more and more aware, and the ultimate will be Heaven on Earth.

Now, there will be those who awaken more quickly. When we say "awaken," what we are talking about is actually having the veil lift for them so they can participate on both sides simultaneously. It will be a little strange for some, it will glorious for others, and others will think that they are right at home. What we encourage you do to now is to be positive, be affirmative, in what you ask for. What you ask for is anything that you would like to experience and we would suggest looking at whatever it is just as an experience for fun. Be very careful in looking for, say, "abundance." Abundance comes in many, many different forms and so many people currently have the issue of wanting abundance, but continue to focus on the lack. Try not to be extremely specific in what you ask for. If you ask for more joy within the world, then look for that as interactions between other people, interactions between people and yourself, interactions between your family members. It's all there for you to see and, as you shift your perceptions, it is extremely easy to manifest Heaven on Earth.

It's fun to play the game and that is what you are here for: to play the game. All of this should be taken light-heartedly. It is, after all, not who you really are. It is an expression of only part of you. This is all a game. It is all meant to be fun. It is all meant to be exciting. It is all meant to be stimulating. It is all meant to give you the opportunity to experience extremes in whatever you are thinking of. Extremes of loneliness, extremes of companionship; extremes of abundance (both degrees).

Just remember, you are never stuck on any thing. If you don't like it, or it does not touch you harmoniously, it is only time to change your mind; change your thoughts, change your perception. Then, it will all be fit for you. It will be fixed for you as you go through this wonderful world of creation. You are all doing a marvelous job. Just focus on how specific you wish to be and be very clear on what you are asking for and learn to accept and allow all that you ask for.

With that, we will leave you. We bless you.

Questions or comments? You can always contact me at

10:12 am mst

Saturday, November 10, 2012

E-Book for Kindle

Big E-book announcement coming on Thursday! (Here's a hint: the book is now available as a Kindle e-book!)

10:52 am mst

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Opening the Portal

Opening the Portal

Whew. A sigh of relief. The election is over and we can move on to other things. The candidate who said, "We are all in this together," is the candidate who won. In the metaphysical community we often hear that we are all in this together and that in order to move forward through times of turbulence, we must watch out for each other. This is good. We must be resolute in our goal of moving forward together.

I am getting ready for two big events next weekend. I will be set up at the Tucson Museum of Art's Holiday Artisans Market Friday, November 16, through Sunday, November 18. I will be selling Wild Girl! pins and cards, glass bracelets, and copies of My Psychic Search book. This is a wonderful event full of handcrafted, artistic, creations so if you have a chance, please stop by. I will be set up in the Museum's lobby.

The other fabulous event will be a gathering of authors and book readers at SpiritsChild Metaphysical Gift Shop. Five local authors will present their work on Sunday, November 18, from 10 a.m. until noon. Because I will be at the Tucson Museum of Art show, my husband Lee will present My Psychic Search and I will have signed copies available for purchase. SpiritsChild is located at the intersection of Orange Grove Road and Thornydale Road in Tucson, AZ. I love that SpiritsChild is promoting local metaphysically-oriented authors. Thanks SpiritsChild!

Later this morning, I will be interviewing Jesse Nichols George. She is a psychic who has been traveling the country promoting compassion. This weekend, she will be in Scottsdale on her Compassion Tour and she will be raising awareness of animal needs. You can find out about Jesse's events at .

I am in the midst of a home repair project (roof replacement, drywall repair), so I haven't had a chance to ask Pam, the psychic, your questions. In fact, I have room for a couple more questions. If you have a question for Pam, send it to and I will ask your question the next time I see her.

Now that the election is over, we can re-focus on the upcoming December 21, 2012 date. I found an interesting blog post about 2012 by Lisa Barretta, author of The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading and The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos. Lisa is a practicing astrologer, intuitive counselor and certified Reiki practitioner. If you want to know more about Lisa and her work, check her website at This is Lisa's article from September 2012.

Opening the Portal: Effects of the New Energy Shift

Right now we are all Homo sapiens (meaning "wise man" or "knowing man"), so named because we have language and the ability to reason abstractly and solve problems. The human brain mirrors the duality of the universe because it is both logical (left brain) and creative (right brain). The empowering shift will enable us to integrate the left and right sides of our brain to act in unison, which will better equip us to tap into the collective consciousness.

The new energy waves that will bring about this empowering shift and finally "conceive" the new man - Homo sentient - will commence sometime during 2012. As you read this book, you may find that information you once thought of as esoteric mumbo-jumbo now resonates deeply with you. This means you are ready to make that giant leap forward. It is like going from crawling to walking to running in the space of a day.

The energy waves coming through the open portal in the Milky Way will uplift and refine us and put us on the fast track to ascending and evolving as a species. We are shifting out of the Piscean age, the age of religion, and moving into the Aquarian age, which will be characterized by advanced scientific breakthroughs, spiritual awakening, and the triumph of the ultimate technology, our own psychic senses.

Will You Be Affected by the New Energy?

"Aren't psychic abilities confined to a select group of gifted people?" you may well ask. The short answer is no. The new energy will activate additional strands found in everyone's DNA. It will be like suddenly and automatically knowing how to use all the apps and commands on your smart phone while getting free, enhanced upgrades. You might say that we will be downloading our multidimensional psychic "apps" and thereby becoming better connected with the entire universe.

Everyone is being affected by the new energy coming in. Even people who don't necessarily seem open to advanced consciousness are, albeit on a very subtle level, now being awakened to the shift in cosmic energy. By way of an example, one day I was standing in line at a local store waiting to return an item. The person in front of me was giving the cashier a hard time concerning an exchange he wanted to make. I overheard the cashier tell the irate customer that she "didn't like his energy." Even the little old lady in charge of returns was savvy enough to recognize the importance and omnipresence of energy.

Learning How to Live Consciously and Mindfully

Opening the Portal: Effects of the New Energy Shift

It is all about energy: our introduction to it, our response to it, and our awareness that it is and always has been our core component. The fact that we are privileged enough to be living during this time also means that we will need to learn how to live consciously and mindfully. This is especially true because we will also become more extrasensory and aware of the energy we are sending out and receiving, psychically speaking.

Speaking more personally, you will realize that your creative abilities, the ones you have probably been using unconsciously for years, are now more potent than ever. Your thoughts will also manifest - be made into reality - at a much quicker rate, which will force you to carefully and mindfully consider the quality of those thoughts, or of thought energy. Staying grounded and in the moment is of utmost importance during this time. It is all about living consciously and mindfully.

We are dormant creative power plants that are on the verge of being woken up. Once we begin to realize that things don't happen to us, but rather because of us, we will become much more vigilant regarding our thoughts and intentions.

To Which Degree Will You Experience the Energy Shift?

I have had numerous clients tell me about their out-of-body experiences (OBEs), weird synchronicities, lucid dreams, and sharpened instincts when it comes to healing their own bodies. Some have even inadvertently frightened themselves by crossing beyond the veil that separates the material world from the energetic world and communicated with deceased loved ones, interdimensional beings, and spirit guides. What they don't know is that all of these experiences are normal and even necessary if we are to evolve as a species. We need to adapt to this new environment, all the more so because the planet itself will be changing due to its point within the galaxy.

The degree to which each person experiences the energy shift all depends on his or her stage of spiritual evolution and how open he or she is to the idea and the process of change. In order to thrive under these new circumstances we must accept the fact that everything changes as it evolves. For example, not too long ago the idea of the telephone seemed far-fetched; now, however, because of our many advancements in technology, the standard land-line phone seems obsolete and even silly when compared to computers and smart phones. Wait until our telepathic abilities become fully charged as a result of our expanded consciousness - goodbye, cell phone contracts! We will be the next upgrade in the communications field.

Mind Over Matter?

Some people are under the impression that the shift into a higher consciousness means that the material world will disappear. That's simply untrue. As we evolve and become more attuned to the "light" energy of our thoughts as opposed to the "heavy" energy of the material world, the material world will simply become less significant.

Just because we are becoming more energetic doesn't mean that we will lose our physical bodies; rather, we will have a more complete understanding of how our thoughts are responsible for shaping both our bodies and the world in which we live.

© 2012 Lisa Barretta. All rights reserved.
Reprinted, with permission of the publisher, New Page Books a division of Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ. 800-227-3371.

This article was adapted with permission from the book:

The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos by Lisa Barretta.

I hope you enjoyed this article.


9:16 am mst

Monday, November 5, 2012

Idea of the day

When we die, we leave behind our bodies and our possessions, but we take with us all that we have learned and mastered during each lifetime. Our soul evolves and the lessons we learn in one lifetime can be cherished on the other side and carried back with us as "lessons already learned," in our next lifetime; one less thing to worry about. When we overcome life challenges, we are not doing it just for a single lifetime. We are carrying the lessons forward for all of our subsequent lives. Then, in those lifetimes, we can work on new aspects of our selves. Makes it a little easier when we think about things this way, doesn't it?

Do you have circumstances in this lifetime which you think are the result of your mastery in previous lifetimes? Do you find that there are issues which other people deal with which you don't have to address at all? These may be things you mastered in a previous life.

I keep reminding myself that this is how the Universe works. It helps me keep life events in perspective. Gail

10:02 am mst

Saturday, November 3, 2012

E-book on the way

I'm working on the e-book. Very cool.

11:05 pm mst

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Answers from Pam

Welcome November! Here we are, just seven weeks from the December 21, 2012 date. A huge hurricane has impacted the area from the east coast to the Midwest. Climate patterns are changing and the earth is "re-balancing." This is an opportunity to rise to the occasion, to implement what we have learned about the need to pull together and help each other. It's a chance to see how we react to adversity. Do we pull together or fall apart?

I live in Tucson, AZ, and am not directly affected by the damage from Storm Sandy. Yet, I want to help. For me, that means a few donations. Earlier today, the Red Cross called and I'll be donating blood next week. I don't think my blood donation will directly help the people who have storm damage, but there are places in the country which have had to cancel the blood drives which supply local needs and maybe I can help offset that loss. As an aside, whenever I donate blood, I try to think healing thoughts as the blood fills the bag (icky image, I know).

I'll also send a few checks to charity and, in my meditations, I'll send love and light to people in need. If you have the means, please think about any donations you can make.

On to another topic:

October 31 was the drawing date for a swirling abalone pendant and the winner is . . . (drum roll, please) . . . T. Martin! Congratulations! I'll be in touch with you later today.

More good news: I've extended the book sale through Sunday, November 4. You can purchase My Psychic Search book through this website for $19.95 through Sunday.

Also on Sunday, November 4, the Psychic Fair will be held at the Windmill Inn in Tucson. I won't be set up this month, but lots of wonderful readers will be available to chat with you.

Next up on the blog: my work with Pam the Psychic.

I mentioned in previous blogs that I was working with Pam to discover her areas of expertise. I asked if any of you had questions for Pam so that we could see what she got, then I met with her last week, asked your questions and got some interesting answers. Pam told me that sometimes she feels a very strong connection and easily receives information. Other times, the connection doesn't feel as strong and she's not certain about the images which she sees. It's fascinating to test her bounds and learn more about the subtleties of psychic ability.

Here are a few answers to questions submitted by readers. I have shorted the answers and modified the names so that personal information is protected. However, you will still get the gist of how this works.

My questions are in Italics and Pam's answers are in the regular font. When you read the answers, you will see how Pam gets an image then asks for more information. Each psychic receives information in a unique way and it's fun to see how they do it. Several of these answers are very insightful and could apply to many of us, not just to the person asking the question.

Question 1: D. asks, "Will the voice I heard with two messages 20 and 26 years ago ever speak to me again?"

Hmm. It's a female Guide or entity. I'm not getting any further communication with this Guide. This was just a message coming through to her. It wasn't an opening of communication. She understood the message or the answer or whatever was involved in that, whatever was said to her. That's all I get.

Question 2: J. wants to know about a friend who is dealing with guardianship issues. Will the guardianship fraud ever be discovered?

I get a lot of busy-ness, and a lot of anger, for someone here. A lot of activity. Someone is working very hard at being deceptive. It is beginning to get entangled for this person. I see a hammer coming down which tells me that something is going to bring it to a close. I feel like the hammer is symbolic that this person will be brought forth for this deception. I don't have a time frame, but the deception will be revealed.

Will this person ever get his freedom?

I don't see an end to that. I don't see a change to that. Whatever is going on with this person, I don't see a change in the situation for him.

Question 3: J. wants to know why she is suffering from bursitis, foot problems, knee problems, and tendinitis.

What I am getting is this heat, like I see something which looks very hot and as I look into it further, I see that that means inflammation. She has inflammation. She will understand that what she has been taking in, eating, over time has been cumulative for this inflammation. She has to go no further than her diet.

What should she stop eating?

Foods which cause inflammation. She can look this up. Whatever foods cause inflammation, she needs to avoid. She will know the obvious things. She will need to look at them and she can research the foods which she is eating to see what kind of chemical reaction she is getting. All she has to do to reverse it, is to stop eating those foods.

The first thing I get is sugars. She is either very addicted to sugars or she has been taking something in, something new into her diet which has a form of sugar. When you tell her this, she will understand.

Question 4: M. asks, "Why am I so animal-oriented? What creates that bonding with pets and people?"

I see a lot of old dogs around her, walking slowly like they are aging. She has this ability, just like others have abilities. She has an ability with the animals. I see numerous dogs here. All types, lining up to see her. It's emotional.

The dogs are lining up because they feel her love. I'm emotional because I am feeling how the dogs feel about her. They feel that even though she doesn't see it, she'll never see it, they feel it when she is around. I get a really good feeling with her. This is something which she can embrace for a long time because she has this vibration at the same level as the animals. They feel it when they are in her presence.

She has another question: Why do she and her daughter have trouble getting along?

When I ask about the daughter, I get like this panther kind of coming down and being very aggressive. Like it's trying to be louder and bigger and scarier. That tells me that the two of them are not communicating warmly or lovingly right now. This is going to come and go in their relationship.

The holiest place on Earth is when an ancient hatred becomes a present love. This is something which they will both achieve in their lifetime. It will be challenging, but it does not mean that they will not meet their goal in this experience.

Is this from a past life?

Usually, it is. With them, it's a carryover from a lifetime which was more primitive than it is now. I see wagons with wooden wheels. A long time ago, they shared a previous experience.

Question 5: The next question is from V. She would like to know how her friend R. is doing.

The first image I got is someone in a hospital bed which is upright. People are visiting. It looked like a congregation at church, people gathering. Oh. Well. I don't know how to say this, I've never gotten this before, I just saw a casket going back. Being pushed back. [Very somber expression.]

Now that you've seen that, I'll tell you that he is deceased.

Okay. That's the first time I've seen the casket and the people in the church. It was a wake of some kind.

Can you tell how he is doing on the other side?

Oh, wow. He's sending fireworks. I'm getting all of these 4th of July fireworks in the sky. Wow. He sent me his joy. That was his joy. [Very joyful expression.]

That was it. He's gone.

I have another question from V. Can you help her understand why she should be following her passion even if it's not financially rewarding?

The message which is coming through is that the passion which we have doesn't always reward us with monetary payment. When we follow our passion, it is always about other rewards and other payments which we receive from it. When she is looking for a measurable result or an outcome, or putting a condition on her passion, it continues not to do that. It's like the more she concentrates on that, the more she negates the ability for it to turn into that. Try to stop putting a condition on it. That is what is pushing it away. The money. It is something she should continue doing.

Pam is willing to answer a few more questions from blog readers. If you have a question, e-mail your full name, your question, and the name of the person the question pertains to (if it isn't you) to and I'll ask Pam the first five questions I receive.


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