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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Living from our Highest Self

I heard this message channeled by a psychic last week. It reminds us to rely on our own higher knowing and it talks about how the earth has a re-balancing mechanism. I thought it was appropriate to post as we all think about the storm on the east coast and the aftermath of that storm. Our hearts go out to all of the people and animals who were affected by the huge storm. Even if we can take a step back and say "it's nature way," we need to reach out to those in need. The devastation is heart-breaking and presents an opportunity for us to do what we know needs to be done -- provide assistance.


You have asked for the clarity and the knowledge, the information to be able to live your lives on a higher level of awareness in a continuing cycle of ever-growth. This is indeed what is transpiring, but remember to have the awareness to allow your Highest Self to be the "first responder," shall we say, in thought, in words, and in action. Your Highest perfect Self is your Divine guide, is the Holy Spirit within you. It is what guides you on the highest of levels.

Trusting your Highest Self is a challenge which many find quite difficult. Until you become comfortable with your own highest Divine energy, it is a challenge. But when you are comfortable and know the energy, things flow and fall into place. There is a Domino effect, only the Dominoes get bigger and bigger and bigger, yet they can still be laid down by the smaller and lighter ones. Because you have started the cycle, you have started the energy and it shall continue to go all the days of your lives. Yes, we said "Lives," for the evolvement is not just of this physical life that you are sharing now, but of the lives which are on the continuum, on the greater scale.

How interesting that scientific minds have found another planet and another and another. The universe will continue to evolve beyond what scientific minds have anticipated or expected, but it is more than just planets. There is going to be tremendous growth on Mother Earth itself. While some vegetation will shift, mutate or die off, there will be certain strains (for lack of another word) of plants, different variations which will be surprisingly potent; not only on the medicinal level, but also for their purpose and their usefulness to society. While the intentions of society to protect certain animal species has the right intent and heart, the Earth itself has a balance [mechanism] that takes care of the balance and the evolution of the animals as well. Those that become extinct, there is a reason for that. The new "mutations" or varieties, there is also a reason for that. So be it. Let them tinker.

On the greater scope, all paths lead to a higher knowing and a higher awareness. In your personal lives, not only is looking for the highest and best your answer, but showing up every day from your highest and best so that your energy radiates to such a degree that it matters not what is, or is not, around you. The energy is transmuted and raised because of your presence, your loving energy, your being-ness. Knowing that that is who and what you are and what you bring to every situation should be extremely gratifying to you and give tremendous peace. It is not what you do, it is who you are from your highest self.

We share that with you with much love. So be it.


10:16 am mst

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October Channeling

A few nights ago, I listened to people who were channeling information from Spirit. The channeled messages were inspirational and I have posted one of them below.

Before you start absorbing the channeling, I want to let you know that I am going to see Pam, the Psychic, tomorrow and I will ask her the five random questions which were sent in by blog readers. I'll post the answers next week.

I also want to let you know that I checked with my website host and found that there really isn't a way to add a discussion or comments section to this blog. Crazy, eh? So, I encourage everyone with comments to e-mail their comments to me at or go to My Psychic Search's facebook page, "Like" the page, and post your discussions on that site.

Book Sale!

In the spirit of Halloween and all things mysterious, I am reducing the cost of purchasing My Psychic Search book through this website, from now through Halloween. It's only $19.95 (saves $5!!) and well worth the cost. It contains everything you ever wanted to know about psychics . . . and more. You can order your copy here.

Now, on to the channeled message which I heard earlier this week. Remember, this message was channeled from unseen entities so some of the wording may be a bit awkward.

October Channeling

Good evening.

It is wonderful to see everyone gathering in this group this eve. It is good for you to come together and unite your energies, renew yourselves, share as you do. This is a wonderful thing. As you bring your energies together, bring the love together and send it out to the world, bringing peace to all parts of the world. Focus on your world around you, the people around you and how many you can help who just don't understand what is going on, who just don't have the clarity that you do. You are there as that rock for them and they know they can come to you for reassurance, for guidance, for help, in whatever way they need. This is what the lightworkers are doing: helping to keep peace, calm, and clarity, and helping to keep harmony created everywhere they go. Shining that light of G-d, that beautiful, beautiful light that you are; allowing that to shine through.

The more you work on yourselves and the more you learn appreciation, the more you will see the beauty around you everywhere; the more you will experience the joy and the fun of this experience. You go forth learning what you do want and what you don't want. Reassuring yourselves that you know that there are some things you won't ever do again. There are some things you will do again. All of this is strengthening you at the core, the very core of you. You are stronger to stand on your own. You are no longer shaken by events outside of you. You know that everything is within you and that the love of G-d is always with you, always blessing you, and that [that experience] is for you to continue to bless others, to share that love and open your heart and feel what that feels like.

Open yourself to Heaven, Heaven on Earth, Heaven wherever you are. This is always available to you. Open your eyes, your spiritual eyes, and you will see it. Open your heart and you will feel it. Quiet that busy chatter which is in your mind and feel the beauty in the silence as you allow yourself to connect with that higher part of you.

Remember, so much of it is just allowing yourself to come into alignment with the truth of who you are and quieting your busy mind. Learn to take time throughout the day and center yourself. Focus within. Watch it change your perception, your attitude, and your outlook on life. Appreciate what you do have. The more you appreciate what you have, the more of that will come to you. It is a very simple law.

We encourage you to come together in these groups and share. It is the one place you can come and share where people don't think you are totally crazy.

Know your truth within. Be confident in that truth for as you are, all other things will melt away. All the fears will disappear, all the doubts will go away. See doubt as that little goblin or ghost and send it away. Send it away. See the word "doubt"? Cross it out. Send it away for you no longer have use for it and it needs to find a new home elsewhere. There is no room for these little goblins anymore. Shoo them away. They are gone. No doubts, no limitations, no bonds, no fears. Only life. The love of life. Life eternal. Once you understand that life is eternal, there is no fear. There is nothing to fear. Only G-d's children play these silly games, trying to scare each other, trying to scare themselves with this and that and whatever else they might dream up. That is all a game. Remember it is not the truth.

Once you rely on truth, you have all the power and strength of the Universe, of Source, of the light of G-d, where no shadows lurk. Nothing else can exist. You are in Heaven. Go there within your heart and know Heaven. Know you are always loved and caressed by your Source, your Creator. Your Creator loves all of the creations. Everything. Everywhere. For in the eyes of the Creator, everything is equal.

Look at the world through the eyes of the Creator. There will be no judgement, no damnation. There will only be love. With that love comes peace and harmony, and you step into the beautiful circle of life and experience and you create and co-create and have fun with it all. Just have fun. Be enthusiastic and have fun. That is your only goal, for joy opens the heart and allows everything to flow. Love more, laugh more. Live. Live life. You have this beautiful opportunity to be here. Live life. Create. Co-create. Experience. Enjoy every moment of it, Beloveds. Enjoy all of it.

We bless you and leave you with that.

Okay, now go out and have some fun!


8:24 pm mst

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From roofs to ghosts

The Roof, Electricity, Energy and Ghosts

Our roof has a leak. Early this morning, one crew showed up to tear off portions of the old roof so that a new roof could be put in place, while another guy showed up to rewire the outdoor fans and lights in preparation for the new roof. How does this relate to what psychics do? I'm not sure yet, but I'll figure it out.

How about: sometimes we have to jettison the old stuff so that we can enjoy new improvements?

How about: being prepared, doing the pre-wiring, will put us in the right place so that we are ready for changes?

Okay, that leads to a quote from Raquel Spencer about her work preparing people for their connection to Spirit:

"The essence of my work is to get the client's physical and energetic bodies as clear as possible. My job is to connect a person to Source (also known as G-d, Divine Source, Higher Self). The vehicle has to be clear just like TV channels have to be clear. One of the ways I describe it is that the body is the hardware and Divine Source is the software. Much of our hardware doesn't run the software, so my job is to upgrade the hardware to communicate with the software. I help prepare the body to receive clear information and house its own spirit. The physical world is just a minute part of who we are in the vastness of consciousness. We have a smidgen of our true self residing in the body. The work which I do is to clear the body, to help bring in more knowledge, wisdom, divine connection and spirit. When I do a session, I am working to upgrade the hardware. I work on an energetic level. Everything is energy. The frequency of the energy vibration determines how it is perceived. I work with the energy systems of the body. I do many things. Primarily, I clear deep emotional blockages, and physical and emotional traumas. I fix "circuitry" so that the flow of light (light being the Divine Source) can flow through the body without any breaks."

Bang! More of our roof is being torn away and is hitting the ground. My dog keeps listening to the guys on the roof. She's pretty sure it must be Santa and the reindeer. She's wondering why her stocking isn't up yet? I reassure her, "It's only October. Your stocking will be ready before Santa arrives."

And, speaking of October and the upcoming holidays, we have our front yard decorated with ghosts for Halloween. It's the one time of year I am comfortable having ghosts around. Doesn't that lead nicely to an excerpt about ghosts and spirits from the book My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives? Here we go:

Do psychics see ghosts and spirits?

Many of the psychics see ghosts and spirits. In some cases, this was the first clue that they were psychic; that they were different from other people.

As a young woman, Cecilia Nemmers moved in with a family who lived in a mortuary. She recalled that there were bodies laid out in caskets in the living room. Spirits would walk up, look at the bodies, and walk away. It was her first experience with the deceased checking themselves out in the casket.

Marianne Patyk, a Medium, had this experience as a child:

"My grandfather came to me after he had passed away. That was my first experience with the other side. I was about 8 years old when he came and sat on the corner of my bed. I still remember it. I had a conversation with him. This was about three days after he had passed away. He came and sat on the corner of my bed and I felt him sit down. I opened my eyes and it was my grandfather. In fact, all of my relatives have come to visit me after they have passed. It's like having a normal conversation with them."

Denise Singerline, who has seen ghosts since childhood, recollected:

"When my ex-husband's brother Vinnie died, I woke up at about 5:30 a.m. and felt him standing next to my bed. He had died in a trailer fire that night, but I hadn't yet heard about it. I felt someone standing next to me all night. The phone rang around 7 a.m. and they told me that Vinnie had died. His ghost stayed in our house for about two weeks and I would see him standing around and walking down the hallway. At night, he would stand next to my bed and want me to astral travel with him. He talked to me. I started praying that he would go into the Light and after about two weeks, that is what he did."

Sometimes, spirits who have crossed over are able to help us through difficult times. Here is an example from Denise:

"When I was going through my divorce, my ex-husband and I lived on opposite sides of our house for a year until the divorce went through. His whole family lived in town, and I didn't have any family in the area so I asked my grandfather who had passed away if he could come down and help me. Immediately, I felt him standing next to me. The next day, a videographer came over and told me that, in addition to photography, he did psychic readings. He asked if I wanted a reading. He told me that my grandfather was there and that he was protecting me with shields all around my body.

"At times, I could feel my grandfather standing next to my bed. When I went to my car, he would come with me and sit down next to me. I could actually see the seat sink down.

"After the divorce, when I was settled, I thanked my grandfather for helping me and I told him that my brother Tom had cancer and I asked that he go help my brother. After that I didn't feel him around any more. About a month later, I went to one of my spiritual teachers for a reading and I asked if she saw my grandfather. She didn't know if he was alive or dead but she responded, ‘Oh yes. He's in Heaven. He was helping you for a while, through your divorce, but now he is helping your brother.'"

Another psychic, Jackie Chin, has welcomed ghosts into her family. She shared:

"Wherever we have lived, my husband and I have had members of the spirit world follow us around. Mainly they are children who are lost, confused or just comfortable around us because we acknowledge them. One such child is named Rachel. She came into our lives about four years ago and appeared to our children and, occasionally, to my husband. Rachel had a pet cat who we called ‘Ditto.' We called her cat Ditto because we have a black cat that looks exactly like Ditto. Ditto liked to show himself to me and, many times, I actually tripped over him. Ditto liked to run into walls. One evening our cat, Witche, saw Ditto and chased him smack into the wall. A few weeks ago, Rachel decided that it was her time to go to the other side and be with her loved ones. It is odd to miss someone who we never had Earthly contact with, but we miss her just the same.

"Not all spirits who end up in our home are welcome. There have been times within this past year when my children have run screaming into my room crying about the scary ghosts on the wall or telling me about something which was presenting itself in a horrible manner. When this happens, I go into full warrior mode, grab the holy water, holy oil and sage, and blast the thing back to where it came from. Just like people on the Earth plane, there are spirits who are benevolent and there are those who are demonic. If you find that you are experiencing any sort of paranormal event, and you are not capable of dealing with it on your own, get an expert."

So there you go, I managed to tie workers on our roof together with My Psychic Search. Whew! I knew it could be done. :)

If you have a good ghost story for me to share, e-mail it to If you would like to read more about ghosts, spirits, and the afterlife, you can purchase the book here. If you would like to contribute to our roof repairs, feel free to donate on the "Grants and Contributions" page. Thanks!


11:11 am mst

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Readings and Feelings

Readings and Feelings

I met Pam at the Psychic Fair two weeks ago. Although she has provided psychic readings for family and friends for several years, this was her first time providing psychic readings for the public. Pam and I were set up across from each other and had a chance to chat. I wanted a reading with her, but it was hard to do that while I was set up with my book and artwork, so we waited for a week then I met her at her home.

Because Pam is new at reading for the public, she allowed me to ask all the questions I wanted to ask so we could see what kinds of information came to her. We discovered that she was very good at getting information about my family members and their friends. When I asked about pets, deceased pets and deceased relatives, she received information, but not as much of it.

When I asked about my Spirit Guides, she received a lot of information. When I asked about my past lives, she told me about one of them, but it wasn't information I could confirm.

Pam and I going to meet again next week so we can see which additional gifts she has. We are going to see which symbols she receives when she reads for me so that I can help her figure out what those symbols mean. We are also going to see if we can find a way to narrow down the time frames for things which may happen in the future. I am very excited about this upcoming session. If I can make a small contribution to someone's psychic development, I'm thrilled.

Now, let me tell you how I feel after my reading. Much of the work we do with psychics has to do with how we feel in the moment of the reading and how we feel in our lives after the reading.

1) I feel a great sense of relief. Pam told me that My Psychic Search is just where it is supposed to be. I can write a second book, but I don't have to write a second book. I've been trying to find the time and motivation to begin the book, but I haven't started it yet. Having Pam tell me that there didn't need to be a second book lifted my burden.

2) Pam told me a few things about one of my issues where I have been struggling. In essence, she told me that there wasn't anything I could do to make the situation better. It is what it is. The challenge was agreed to before we were born. She said it was "pre-approved and pre-ordained" so that we could learn from it. Yes, I'm learning from it, but I'm also trying to solve it. Knowing that it is a learning experience and that there isn't a solution, allows me to relax and just deal with things in the moment. Okay, two issues off my plate.

3) I had an "aha" moment. One of Pam's symbols is a spinning carousel which indicates the continuance of a situation. For example, I asked if someone would keep his business open and she received the spinning carousel. Does this work for me too? In the last couple of weeks, during my meditations, I have seen a letter-sized envelope on a stick twirling around like a flag on a pole, but I had no idea what it meant. Does her symbol relate to my image? Is this how psychic ability works? In my meditation, am I supposed to ask what the spinning flag meant? This idea makes me feel like maybe I really am receiving messages in my meditations. I just didn't know it.

4) When I asked about 2012, Pam sounded like she was channeling information when she said, "The 2012 soothsayers, the gloom and the doom, is just that. This has been said many times before: the world is without end. We just keep coming back. It does not end. Our experience here ends, but we just keep coming back. Each time creating the grander, greater version of ourselves. Of any vision we ever held about ourselves. The natural disasters will always be coming and going, but nothing which will end the world, or end humanity." Ah, more relief.

I am often asked, "Why do people go to psychics?" Clients go to psychics to get information on current issues and to receive a glimpse of the future. They want a new perspective on issues. They talk to psychics because they want evidence of life after death, and evidence for a universe beyond this physical plane. Pam's reading gave me a new perspective on several things which are going on in my life, leaving me feeling at peace. That's why I go to psychics. How about you?

Do you have a question for Pam? E-mail your name, your question, and the first name of the person the question pertains to (if it isn't you) to When I meet with Pam late next week, I'll ask the first five questions which are e-mailed to me. I'll post the answers on this blog, but I'll only use first names.

If you would like to connect with Pam, you can reach her at


10:48 am mst

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Snippets and Wisdom

Snippets and Wisdom

I was ready to go to CA this week and interview Mediums, but the Mediums weren't ready for me. We couldn't coordinate our schedules. The psychics tell me that things happen in "Divine Timing" so I guess the timing wasn't right.

Instead of traveling, I'm staying home and catching up on some things I never seem to find the time to do. I starting working on another version of "My Psychic Search" book. Has anyone else ever pushed the wrong buttons on their computer keyboard? Oops! I've made a mess, but I'm trying to clean it up today. I can't believe that I pushed the wrong buttons and clicked on the wrong icons. I'm mad at myself and I couldn't fall asleep last night. Then, I remembered what the psychics and Paul Newman said about "self-compassion." We all make mistakes. We are human. We need to correct the mistakes and move on without beating ourselves up. Okay, I'm taking a breath and moving on.

How about some good news? I met with a new psychic last week. She has read for her family and friends for years, and is now starting to read for the public. I was able to ask her about everything. We were testing her abilities: could she see relationships? could she see the future? could she communicate with deceased relatives? could she communicate with pets? how about deceased pets? could she see past lives? what was she hearing about 2012? For two hours, I "stretched" her and I heard the most amazing messages. I have to say this is one of the perks of this work. I meet wonderful people and, sometimes, I am allowed to ask them anything I want for as long as they have the connection.

During this session, the psychic told me about a couple of my past life connections with current relatives. Over the years, I have heard various stories from psychics about my past lives, but I can't factually corroborate any of them. Some of them just feel like there's something there. It feels like I can relate to the time period being discussed.

Here's one psychic's story related to her past lives. Marta Taylor told me:

"One morning, I had an interesting experience when I woke up: I didn't have a clue where I was. I woke up not knowing who I was. I could have been anyone, anytime, any place. It didn't matter. I just wanted to know who I was so that I knew what I would be dealing with when I got up. Honest to G-d, I could have been old/young, male/female, in any country, but I was aware that I was still me. Then I shuffled a deck of cards and they all had different faces, lifetimes, places and people, and a voice said, 'You're Marta this time!' I remembered I was Marta and that being Marta was an easy one. I was unemotionally seeing all of these other lives. I could have been rotting in a prison in the middle ages. None of it mattered. There was no emotional response, I just needed to know who I was waking up to. It was extremely humbling."

Interesting to think about, eh? Shuffling lifetimes like a deck of cards. Shuffling through our various personas. We are here to experience everything. We are here to learn from each other and to teach each other. We are here to try new things, like being rich and being poor, and being White and Black and Latino. We are here to learn how to love each other and how to love ourselves . . . . even when we push the wrong buttons on our computer keyboards.

Ciao (I guess I'm re-living an Italian life!)


11:37 am mst

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reading Results, Self-Publishing

Today, we have two topics: Gary Wimmer's Reading Results and the Reality of Self-Publishing.

Gary Wimmer's Lithomancy Reading

A few months ago, Gary Wimmer did a Lithomancy reading for me. Lithomancy is a technique where stones are thrown inside of a leather ring, then read in a clockwise manner so that predictions can be made week-by-week for 12 weeks. At the time of the reading, I told you that I would wait for the 12 weeks to pass, then let you know how accurate the reading was. Here we go.

There is good news and not-quite-as-good news. The good news: the overall theme of the reading was positive and life affirming. Gary said that good things were in the works and that there would be a re-commitment to this Project. Doors would open. It is true that I have re-committed to this Project. I often waffle on whether to continue this work or go out and get a "real" job with health insurance and a reliable income. For the past 12 weeks, I have been more focused on this Project than on finding a job, so score several points for the reading.

Gary said that there would be big strides forward for my business. Progress is being made but, from my vantage point, I don't see a lot of movement. Maybe things are happening in the energetic realms and I am not aware of them?

Gary also said that there would be a big emotional clearing; a clearing out and healing of past issues. As you may recall from the blog post, "Cleaning out the emotional closet," I have been working on several issues, although I don't know how much progress I have made. I'm still working on this and perhaps it will clear up shortly, just not within the 12 week period.

On the less-positive side, a couple of the specific things which Gary predicted did not come to pass, and some things which actually happened were not reflected in the reading. I understand the readings rely on subtle messages and that timing can be off, however, Gary explained that one of the perks of Lithomancy was that the information could be tied to the 12 week period.

So, I'm going to wait a little longer and see what happens. I want all those wonderful things Gary predicted to come true. Perhaps the timing was a bit off. Perhaps he was over-enthusiastic about my future. I love that. I want to be over-enthusiastic about my future too!

I think Gary was a joy to work with and I'm sure you too would enjoy a reading with him. Just take it with a grain of salt and see how things work out.

Self-Publishing, Self-Marketing, Self-Development

I gave my fourth Book Talk Tuesday night and I tried to tailor the talk to my Psychic Explorers audience. I talked about how this book helps the general public, helps people who think they might be psychic and helps well-developed psychics. From a marketing perspective, we are always told to stress the benefits to the customer from the purchase of our product. However, I think I strayed from the real purpose of the book. This book is an explanation of what psychics do, how they work with invisible energies, how this ability impacts their lives, and what they know about unseen worlds. This book is an explanation all things psychic, not a self-help book.

Years ago, I decided to self-publish because it allowed me the freedom to write what I wanted to write and to publish in 2012, prior to the December 21 date. But the commitment to self-publishing also means that I have to figure everything out myself. I don't have an organization helping me to craft a presentation or develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. Right now, it's "hit or miss" and after every event, I write notes on how to improve things for the next presentation.

My favorite part of my Book Talks is always the question-and-answer period. It's interesting to see where the discussion goes. This is where I hear about other people's experiences with psychics and with their own psychic abilities. At Tuesday's event, someone asked me why people go to psychics? His thought was that it was best to cultivate connections to Spirit on our own. I think he's right and that people should try to do it on their own first, but not everyone receives clear information. People go to psychics to hear clear messages and to see new perspectives on lingering issues. I'll have to add this to my next presentation.

While I am out talking about the first book, I have to decide whether or not to write a second book and, if so, what the book should be about. I've been pondering this for years. I think I know what I want to write, but I'm not sure I know what you want to read. I don't have a book-publishing-strategy-development division so, instead of me working alone on this side of the computer, I would love to hear from you. Please be part of my Research & Development group. What kind of book, related to psychic material, would you like to read? What do you want to know?

You can e-mail your thoughts to me at Thanks!


P.S. I keep re-writing the post about Gary's reading because I'm not quite comfortable with only assessing the accuracy of the events. Perhaps it's more about his and my "feelings" about things than it is about actual events. Maybe he had enthusiastic feelings about things, but I'm not yet ready to be that enthusiastic? Perhaps he was completely accurate, but I just haven't embraced the possibilities? I'll have to give this idea more thought.

11:42 am mst

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hearing Doubles
Hearing Doubles

Have I written yet about "Hearing Doubles"? This happens when I hear the same thing twice, from two different people. The first time I hear it, the idea grabs my attention, but I don't quite know what to make of it. The second time, I realize that if more than one person does, hears or sees the same thing, it must be true.

Here are two recent examples:

1) I talked to a gentleman in South Carolina who told me that he goes to Civil War battlefields, sees ghosts, then performs "mass sendings" to help them move into the Light. In many cases, these soldiers were so surprised and traumatized by their death that they didn't know what to do or where to go. They had been hanging around the battlefields, lost.

A few weeks later, I spoke with a woman in CA who told me that she goes to Native American battlefields, finds ghosts and helps them, as a group, cross to the Light. Really? The same idea in a different part of the country.

The first time I heard about mass sendings, I thought it was interesting but, the second time, it was a confirmation that this is the kind of work done by people who are connected to both the physical and spiritual realms.

2) The second example is one that I am still working to understand. One woman told me that she brings in "Divine Logos." These are symbols which come to us from the Universe. I am trying to get more information on what, exactly, she does.

Meanwhile, I connected with a woman in a different part of the country who works with "glyphs." Glyphs are symbols which convey information nonverbally. This woman works with invisible partners to develop graphic symbols which can be taped on the body in order to facilitate energy clearing or healing. The glyphs are a form of spiritual energy and invoke powerful prayers. The woman doing this work is Jean Logan, Ph.D., and she has written a book entitled, "Unlocking the Power of Glyphs: Incredibly Powerful Glyphs that Can Change your Life." You can find more about Jean and her work on her website

As I interview people with psychic abilities, I continue to be fascinated by what I hear.

Random Free Mini-Reading

At Sunday's Psychic Fair, I met a woman who was at the Fair for the first time. For years, she has read for family and friends, and she is just beginning to read for people who she doesn't already know. She is stretching her abilities. After chatting for a while, she made an exciting offer to answer questions from the first 5 people who read this blog and send their questions to me. Just e-mail your full name, your question and the first name of the person the question pertains to if it's not you (for example, if you want to know something about your child), and I'll get you a short answer. I'll post the questions and answers on the blog next week, but I'll only use first names. My e-mail address is This should be fun!

Book Talk

I'll be talking about my book at tonight's Psychic Explorers meeting at 7 p.m. at Unity Church in Tucson, AZ. I can't wait to hear more "doubles" from you!

Enjoy this beautiful day!


10:58 am mst

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paul Newman discusses Self-Compassion


Today there is a long blog post which involves a channeling from Paul Newman. Yes, the actor Paul Newman. This channeled information was posted on the Ascended Masters Website at We were told that it was okay to share the information so that people could benefit from the communication.

Before you begin reading the message, I have two bits of information. First, the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, October 7, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Windmill Inn in Tucson, Arizona. I'll be there with My Psychic Search book and chakra-balancing jewelry. I'm thinking about writing a second book so I'll be asking people at the Fair, as well as asking you, "What would you like to read about in a new book?"

The second bit of information is a reminder that I will be presenting My Psychic Search book at the Psychic Explorers meeting on October 9, from 7 - 9 p.m. at Unity Church near Swan and River Roads. This meeting is open to the public so feel free to stop by.

If you have any questions, or if you have suggestions for the second book, send an e-mail to me at Now, enjoy this fascinating message from Linda and Martin (who receive the channeling) and from Paul Newman.


Dear Friends,

This one is a rather long newsletter because it is an excerpt of the last chapter of a channeled book "About Karma" that we'll publish soon. This is the second, and it appears last book in which we've collaborated with Karampal Singh and Paul Newman. As some of you may remember, Karampal Singh is our teacher, friend, and Twin Flame who transitioned in 2009. Paul Newman also transitioned in 2009.

Although we expected that Karampal would remain actively connected with us after his transition, as he did, it was a complete surprise when Paul chose to open a dialogue with us as well. The initial contact was made as I was driving through my childhood neighborhood in Shaker Heights, OH. As I drove past the street where Paul grew up, he came to me. After we transition, we often revisit our childhood. This is not at all unusual. Paul claimed that I was surrounded by so much Light as I drove by, that he was attracted to me and learned from the Beings of Light that he could speak with me and I would hear him. After what he termed the "Lions at the Gate" (those beings who make sure that all who contact me do so for the highest good) agreed to let Paul come through, our relationship began. It's been a wonderful experience to write these books and learn more about the other dimensions in the "colorful" language that is uniquely his. We hope you will enjoy what we've learned here.

Many Blessings,

Linda and Martin

Exodus and Exit

By Paul Newman

At Paul's suggestion, Martin and I have been watching the movie "Exodus" in which Paul Newman played the leading role. In my meditation sessions with Paul, he asserted that this movie played a pivotal role in his life. Being the son of a Christian mother and Jewish father, Paul had the choice to claim he was born Christian. In the Jewish religion, one must have a Jewish mother in order to claim that one is Jewish.

After reading the book "Exodus" by Leon Uris as an impressionable Jewish girl, when I learned who was going to get cast in the leading role I was very much against Paul Newman as Ari Ben Canaan. I thought that this Aryan-looking fellow was a poor choice for that role. At that time I did not know of his Jewish heritage.

The novel, and later the movie, treats very honestly the difficulty of carving a country out of land that can also be claimed by the Arab population. The book had resonated deeply with me because I also believed the Jews must have a homeland; a refuge where they could be free from persecution. Where else could the Jews have gone after the Holocaust? No country was welcoming the survivors with open arms. Out of this predicament, a new nation was born.

But as everyone well knows, the terrible difficulties rooted in that time still remain and have created so many of the problems we are experiencing in the world today. The Arab-Jewish drama is part of the incredible Karma that the people of the Earth have experienced, and it seems fitting to deal with it in a book "About Karma."

Watching the movie "Exodus" has been illuminating in many ways for Martin and for our 14-year old son, Evan. They have been transfixed as they've watched it. Growing up in Germany, Martin had little idea of the struggle that the Jews endured after the war. And Evan's teenage friends still joke about Hitler and the Nazis. This is helping Evan understand another side of the story as well.

The movie dramatically illustrates the human predicament. How does one clearly take sides on any issue? The Arabs and the Jews both have valid claims to the land of Israel. And yet neither side will let the other rule. Too much Karma, too much history has already flowed that keep the fears and anger ever present on both sides.

I hope Paul will explain how portraying Ari Ben Canaan impacted his life, and indeed more about the Karma we are all experiencing because of this history.

Here is Paul:

Thank you, Linda. Thank you very much for this time with you. Yes, it has been very interesting to see your family's reaction to this movie. I was very grateful to have the opportunity to play this role. At the time, I felt that was one of the main reasons I had chosen to be an actor. I had to help tell this story to the world. Having my name on the marquee guaranteed the funding and the numbers that the industry wanted to see. It had to be made right. And it was. I was quite satisfied with the results at the time. I knew it wouldn't win me an Academy award. But I didn't care about that. I just wanted the story told in the most effective way possible.

So, another important goal was reached during my last life. I think I pretty much did everything I set out to do in that round on the third dimension. No real regrets in that regard. I hit all the marks I meant to hit. It was time to go. So, I left. Just regretted leaving Joanne and the family behind.

But now it's time to move on once again. You've seen that Karampal is already itching to get back into the game and he probably will make it [Paul is referring to Karampal's plans to reincarnate soon]. I'm waiting a bit longer. Still have more catching up to do here.

You know, the biggest issue for us all got addressed again last night when you were contacted by that [deceased] fellow in Germany whose house you'd visited recently. He had a big old mansion, didn't he? And even though he'd been dead for almost half a year, the place looked like he'd just walked out recently. There was room after room filled with the most amazing stuff. Memorabilia from cultures all over the world. Books, charts, paintings, you name it. It was all there. This fellow, who is now with us, dedicated years and lots and lots of money trying to crack the code of how to connect and really know God. He studied every method and system possible and left the planet pretty disappointed that all that time and money had gotten him nowhere. At the end he wondered if all these religions and beliefs were actually just a bunch of hogwash, or if he was just never going to figure it out. So, he gave up.

But he got through the Light -- those "Lions at the Gate" that surround you -- to let you know that he'd totally blown it when he'd been looking for a way to find God. Totally blown it. And that the actual program was far more difficult than he'd imagined. Can you believe it?

The whole thing has to start with loving oneself first. Then one could feel God's love. You see, the part about loving oneself is what eluded him.

We've been talking a lot about Karma in this book. Sharing our stories of how we got from one life to another. And yet there is one big question you all want to find an answer for there, right?

Why? Why did I choose that Karma? Why did I have that lifetime? Why am I having this lifetime? Why, why, why?

Why did I have to make that movie? Why did I have to tell that story? Why did I have to claim I was Jewish, even though technically I wasn't a Jew? Why did I want to win in everything I did? Why did I want to build all those camps for kids? Why did I want to be honored as an actor? Why did I marry Joanne and have a bunch of kids?

So I could love myself, that's why. Yet every bit of acclaim I received, every award I won, always left me wondering if people would ever find out the real truth about me.

And the truth was that I never really loved or approved of me. There was something elusive that was missing. I was continuously looking for a way to accept myself. I can't begin to tell you how many folks I met when I was alive who were so very insecure on the inside while they were having great acclaim and great titles in the world.

Well, actually pretty much everyone I met was insecure. And the bigger the money belt and the bigger the title and acclaim, the more that seemed to be true.

"Everybody's looking for something". Great line from Annie Lenox.

Everybody is looking for something out there.

The big secret is that they will never, ever find it out there. And that's how you create your Karma. That's how you decide before you land on the planet who you'll marry, who'll be your Mom and Dad, who'll be your siblings. You'll pick your children and your path in life. You do that all before you get there.

Then once you get there you have a choice in every moment to clean up the mess you'll be making as you try to get the world to love you since you don't already love yourself.

See, you remember not only how you've messed up in this life, repeatedly, but how you've messed up in other lives too.

Oh, I don't mean you necessarily consciously keep all that in your head. That's impossible. But you all have this idea in your head, all of you, that you need to prove that you are lovable in some way. Even if you had a great Mom and Dad who hit all the marks with you, you probably picked siblings that treated you badly, or were beaten up at school, or something.

You picked Karma paybacks that would remind you that in another life you were treating someone badly yourself.

It looks like a lousy system, doesn't it? That's why I couldn't buy into it when I was alive. It seemed crazy to think that I picked all that shit to walk through on my own. Had to be someone else's mistake, not mine.

But no, you pick it all yourself. All of it. Self-made assholes seeking redemption. Each one of us.

We want the world to forgive us and love us anyway and we work really, really hard to make that happen. But at the end of the day, we are still not comfortable. Why? Because we never stopped long enough to figure out the game.

Why would we create all that crummy Karma? Why . . . ? So we could learn to forgive and love ourselves. It's called compassion. A noble word that no one understands. Or few people do, anyway.


Big word. Very powerful. Few people really do get it. Takes awhile to figure it out.

But it does involve being quiet. That is so hard for people to do. Just about everyone is so busy looking at everyone else to make them feel good. Or people are trying to engineer their lives so everything is just right and they can stop worrying about the future. But they never do stop worrying. And life doesn't seem to be getting any easier even with all the effort that folks are making to try to fix everything up so it's all working the way they think it should.

Only it never seems possible for everyone to agree on how that should be. And then people get all afraid if other people don't see it all the same way. And it goes on and on . . . Never ending problems with no real solutions that everyone can agree on in sight.

Why? Because very few folks know where to look first. You can't fix anything out there until you realize that the only real way to change your world is inside you already.

And when you get that part figured out this whole idea of Karma actually evaporates.

The game is over. You are finished with the rough stuff and you can then learn about a whole new world that is actually the same place you are living now, only better.

What's changed? You've changed. You've given up fixing up everyone else and decided to learn to have a look at yourself.

Only when you do look at yourself, please give up on the idea of fixing up yourself. You aren't broken. You don't need fixing. Now, these two folks [Linda & Martin] who have written this book with us have written many others that tell you how to get there.

It all involves this idea of compassion for self. Once you've got that licked, you're in the game. This marvelous energy can fill you in a way you've never allowed it to fill you before.

You can have "Heaven on Earth." You can. A flower will glow with Light as you look at it. The world does change. But it's because you will see it all differently.

Instead of complaining, you'll want to say "thank you" to everyone for everything.

Interesting thought there, isn't that? Your health will improve and your life will improve. Your relationships will improve. In fact, everything will improve. But you will have done nothing to change anyone or anything else. You will only have changed yourself.

And the Karma will be finished.

Seems impossible, doesn't it? But since humans have existed, people have known how to do this. Just very few have actually given it a try. Too many other things to think about. But this is the most important thing to think about. It really is.

It just involves getting quiet as often as you can. Don't try to stop the chatter in your mind. Just put another thought there. Something pleasant, like lovely music. Chatter, chatter, chatter, then think of the music again. Sweet sounds in your head. Let these sweet sounds love you. Let you love you. C'mon! You can do it!

Okay, Linda, I'm done. Close it up. Thanks for the time. Enjoyed it.


Let me know what you think. Gail 

9:48 am mst

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quotes from psychic Gary Wimmer

Back in July, I wrote about Gary Wimmer. He uses Lithomancy (throwing stones) to give psychic readings. I told you that I would come back in October and let you know how his reading for me worked out. Today, I'm looking at his reading and trying to match what he predicted to what actually happened. In the next week or so, I'll post a blog about what I found.

In the meantime, I reviewed my conversation with Gary and thought I would post a few "Quotes from a Psychic." Gary says:

"Once we leave our individual souls and our selves, things are much less clearly defined. Whether this is an angel, or a Guide, or a level of intelligence, is not marked clearly. There is a pool of infinite creativity which manifests in forms which we can relate to. We think, ‘That's a dream.' ‘That's a Guardian Angel.' ‘That's a miracle.' ‘That's a coincidence" so to speak (there are none). We define things in terms that we can deal with, but the world beyond our conscious mind is not divided up that way."


"For some reason, people have psychic ability. There is some sort of filter which works which allows you to say what the person needs to hear, but not be a spoiler."


"First of all, 95% of it is very subtle, very subtle. It's not big flashing bulbs which go off. I just kind of feel and sense things, then I say them. Sometimes I see images and people. I'm never 100% sure about what I am saying, but if my motivation is right and I keep my ego out of it, and put my intention towards really trying to help people . . . the rule is G-d will help me as long as I help other people. I figure that is a fair trade."

To find out more about Gary and his book, "A Second in Eternity," you can click here:

12:48 pm mst

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