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Friday, August 31, 2012


Quick Note: I'm going to be selling books at the Spirit'sChild Psychic Fair tomorrow (September 1) from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Spirit'sChild is the metaphysical shop on Orange Grove Road at Thornydale (southeast corner) in Tucson, AZ.

I'm extending the deadline for the chakra-balancing pendant drawing until tomorrow night so that anyone who comes to see me at Spirit'sChild tomorrow can be part of the drawing.

Hope to see you there!


10:21 am mst

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Energy, Spirituality and the Environment

Energy, Spirituality and the Environment

I've been thinking about some of the things I have heard and experienced lately and I'm trying to make sense of all of these bits of information. I feel like I'm arranging the pieces of a mosaic to form a complete picture.

Here is the first mosaic piece:

On August 9, I posted a blog called "Resonate" which was a channeled communication about choosing the kinds of activities and thoughts with which we want to resonate. After that, I thought about the things with which I resonate. On good days, I resonate with love and kindness. On difficult days, I resonate with worry: I worry about personal finance and about the world's increasingly polluted environment. I worry about abandoned pets at animal shelters. I think about the Midwest drought, the drought's impact on the corn crop and what is happening to the animals which ranchers can no longer afford to feed. These are difficult ruminations.

Now, let's pull out a few more of the mosaic pieces:

In one of my meditations, I understood that we live in a physical/energetic world and that the energy we generate matters. Every person is born with the potential for good and evil and their energies and activities impact the world. Think about what the world would look like if everyone was good: lovely, but a little boring. Think about what the world would look like if everyone was evil: too scary to think about. So think about the middle: some good, some evil. Right now, we are in the middle and we could tilt either way. If too many people give up and start scamming the system, things get worse. We need everyone with the potential for good positive energy to generate that energy.

Think about people who don't care about the consequences of their actions. They can continue to believe that their activities which tilt the system towards greed, exploit others, and often result in environmental pollution (because they don't care about unintended consequences), don't matter. No one person matters. But what about all of those people together? They can have a huge negative impact (think about the people who worked for large banks and how their greed led to the crash of the housing market and the economy). What if one-by-one people could tilt away from greed, pollution, and instigation of fear, and tilt towards fairness and kindness? Our physical and energetic universes would smile.

It gets back to what people resonate with. Does your sense of value align with greed, with honesty, with innovation, or with something else? Where do you fit in and how do you want to affect the balance? Can you contribute to the positive potential? As a group, can we walk away from mean-spiritedness? Can we mature a little and see that we are not middle-school girls, or bullies, or back-stabbers? As the channeled information on resonating stated, "Whether you are aware of it or not, you always have an influence on someone, somewhere. More like everyone, everywhere . . . "

Back to my own meditation: I thought about all of the people who send loving energy to the Earth for her healing. That was a lovely meditation.

Are you still with me?

Now, I'm going to add a few more pieces of my mosaic:

I talked to a Medium in CA and I asked her about the drought and the environment. I told her that I was concerned about the Midwest. She suggested that I stop worrying about the Midwest because when people worry, their worry can manifest the things they think about. Worry feeds worry and becomes its own entity. This cycle of co-creating can be dangerous. If enough people worry about the drought and its impacts, the situation can spiral downward quickly. Worrying just creates more things to worry about. Instead of focusing on the problem, we can focus on the solution: the right amount of rainfall for the Midwest.

So, we have to generate positive energy, resonate with love, minimize worry and focus on solutions in order to have positive impacts. I am starting to understand that the work I am doing to share psychics' knowledge is meshing with my wish to curtail pollution and heal the Earth. I want to know more about how these two completely different interests intersect. Here's what the CA Medium told me:

"As we evolve and our consciousness gets higher, the next generation doesn't have to do as much personal growth work. They will already understand the concepts we are exploring in terms of how the Universe works. They can be more focused on the environment, on science. They will be freer to deal with environmental issues because we have cleared their way. It is already happening."

She went on: "Can we relax a little bit? Everything is in Divine Order. Everything is working through us and with us. We can just relax and interact more consciously. Be more real, more honest. Make life simple. Have faith."

The biggest benefits come when we are conscious of both our invisible energy outputs and the physical consequences of our activities. It's not just about praying for the world. It's also about minimizing negative impacts and putting our creative energy into the kinds of physical solutions which don't cause new problems. Solutions must be created in the mind before they can be brought into physical reality and this "mind" work can tap into cosmic ideas. It is about resonating with innovation.

The final mosaic piece is a message I received in my meditation:

"We all work together. We work from our side. You work from your side. We can make things better. We can fix some of the environmental problems and when you have a healthy, happy Earth environment, this happiness will rise through the crops and feed everyone."

Very reassuring. To the best of your ability, please resonate with kindness, send healing energy out to assist our world, think about the implications of your activities, and focus on low-impact solutions. I think it makes a difference.

Thanks for sticking with me and reading this idea-dense blog. You can send your comments to me at


10:48 am mst

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

 Quote from a Psychic:
We are here to experience things and the sooner we experience them, the faster we can move to the next thing we get to experience. But we spend a lot of time going in circles. I talk to people who have been married four times. What is the common denominator in four divorces -- that person. They may still be blaming their exes, and if they are, they will have a fifth ex. Until they decide that they didn't put what they needed to into those relationships, the situation is not going to change. The lesson for that person is going to be how to deal with relationships. We each have something we are trying to deal with and when we stop and think about it, we can see that we have common themes in our lives.
Gina Stanfill
10:23 am mst

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Thanks to everyone who came out to chat with me at the Ventana Canyon show last weekend. The show was full of wonderful art and artists, and it was great to have so many people attend an art fair.

I had a few interesting conversations about psychics and spirituality while I was at the show. One man told me that he had known when his mother died because he was looking at the sky and four crosses had appeared in the clouds.

One woman told me that she was a born-again Christian and that psychic ability was contrary to her religion. I asked why that was and she explained that, in her belief system, the source of the psychics' information could be considered Satanic. I told her that the psychics with whom I had spoken all worked with Light energies and believed that they were in alignment with G-d. I have always wondered why many churches reject psychics' experiences and information.

As I talked with this woman, she told me that when she ministers people, information comes to her and she knows how to help them. This is exactly what the psychics tell me. I asked how her insights differed from psychic insights and she explained that she had "discernment." She knew what was true and which information came from the Holy Spirit. Her belief was that psychics might get the same kinds of information, but they would use it to solicit money and buy cars. So, either the source of the information could be different (G-d vs. Satan), or the "fruit" could be different (using the information to help people vs. satisfying material needs).

This was an interesting discussion for me because, as best I could tell, she was doing the exact same thing as the psychics, but her religion supported her work and shunned the psychics' work. I confess that I didn't completely understand her point of view, but it seemed to me that all of the information came from the same invisible source and was used to help people. I didn't see a real issue here. In fact, I have spoken with several very religious people (including a Catholic Priest), who use their psychic abilities within their religious work.

I'm sure this conversation will continue.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to e-mail them to me at


P.S. I will be pulling the winning name for a chakra-balancing pendant on August 31. If you would like to have your name in the drawing, and you live in the United States, send your name and e-mail address to me and I'll add you to the drawing. Good luck! 

1:20 pm mst

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quote from a Psychic:

Everyone gets their intuition in their own way. Some of the spiritual concepts are almost like organized religion: they tell you that things have to be done a certain way. My Guides say it is going to be what feels good for the person. Everyone has their own perception.

You know, people see colors differently. We can't ever know exactly how other people see colors. It is the same way with intuition.

Gigi Sample

9:00 pm mst

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet a Psychic - Cecilia Nemmers

Good morning! Today, I would like to share another psychic's story with you. Her name is Cecilia Nemmers and she lives in Tucson, AZ.

Before we get to Cecilia's story, I want to let everyone know that I will be set up this weekend at the Ventana Canyon Arts & Crafts Festival. This is a two-day indoor event at Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, AZ. I'll have my artwork and My Psychic Search books available for purchase. This is a cash/checks event. I hope to see you there!

Cecilia Nemmers - Psychic

As a child, Cecilia Nemmers knew she had a gift, but she didn't know what it was called. When she was 18, she met a palm reader who explained her abilities to her. The palm reader looked at her hand and said, "You should be reading mine!" Then she looked into Cecilia's eyes and said, "I've been waiting a long time to meet you." She had been told that Cecilia was coming to her. At that point in her life, Cecilia discovered that she was psychic. The palm reader became Cecilia's mentor.

As a young adult, Cecilia moved in with a family who lived in a mortuary. Bodies were laid out in caskets in the living room. Here, Cecilia had her first experience of watching spirits walk up to their coffins, look at their bodies, and walk away. She thought that was odd . . . . .

Cecilia communicates with a group of Spirit Guides which is like a family to her. When she was younger, her abilities were "on" all the time and she didn't know how to shut them off. The group members all talked at the same time and kept her up at night. Finally, she told them to stop talking simultaneously and to select a single spokesperson. After that, it was easier for Cecilia to work with her Guides. Now, she talks to her group of Guides about planetary changes, the economy, and other issues relating to humanity.

To begin a psychic reading, Cecilia examines her client's palm so that the energy opens. When she touches someone's hand, she can travel through their energy field. Cecilia asks each client if he or she has questions. When people ask questions, it opens their energy and allows someone to give them answers. From that point on, the reading becomes personally tailored to each client's needs. Cecilia receives information through her Guides, the client's energy field, and the spirits for whom the client has questions. Her gifts are multi-faceted. She can see, hear and feel any beings who are in the room at the time of the reading. The information comes through clearly and in words which can be easily understood by the person being read. The readings are never rushed, and the sessions do not end until the clients have all the information which they seek.

Some clients expect Cecilia to give them answers. What she does is confirm, or not-confirm, their feelings. People often think that they need to do something, but Cecilia sees that they are acting out of fear. By the time clients leave, they may have decided to change their course. They may think that Cecilia told them what to do, but they decided for themselves, using their own free will.

Cecilia believes that all people are energetically connected to each other and to G-d. In her view, G-d is a creator, but he doesn't get overly-involved in daily life. When people make a mess, it is up to them to clean it up. As a group, people need to find the solutions to the problems which they create on Earth. However, there are angels, Guides, and people who have gone before, who can help solve problems.

Cecilia values her psychic abilities and would not want to live without them. She has memories from before she could talk and memories from before she was born. She remembers standing on a cloud bank, waiting to jump into this lifetime.

According to Cecilia, the world is going through a period of chaos right now because people need chaos to make changes. No change is ever made when things are going well. There needs to be a change in government, a change in thinking, and a change in the fact that people think they need government. This change will affect the whole world. Instead of thinking of themselves as citizens of a particular nation, people will begin to think of themselves as citizens of Earth. Cecilia believes that people are inter-dimensional beings who are evolving.

If you would like to know more about Cecilia, check her website at, send an e-mail to her at or call her at (520) 388-0015.

I hope to see you this weekend at Ventana Canyon Resort!


10:09 am mst

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ventana Canyon Show

On Saturday, August 18, and Sunday, August 19, I will be set up at an indoor art show at Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona. I'll have my Wild Girl! pins and greeting cards and I'll also have copies of My Psychic Search book for sale. Please join me for this exciting, new, event!

Ventana Canyon Resort is located at 7000 N. Resort Drive, near the intersection of Skyline Road and Kolb Road. The show runs from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day and is being produced by the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance. 

See you there (and please bring cash)!

10:06 am mst

Monday, August 13, 2012

Quote from a Psychic:

Those of us who are in touch with spiritual energies understand that there are many Earth changes which are affecting our personal lives as well as the life of this planet. If we continue to worry and not take any action, things will be much worse. Those who are aware need to form groups of like-minded people and teach others how to connect to the life source by prayer, meditation, and energy healing. As long as they are doing positive spiritual work, it will magnify for the good of the planet. Each color, thought, and living thing has a healthy vibration. It is up to those who understand this concept to teach others how to build up their vibrations and heal themselves. Once they have learned how to do that, they can give back to the planet.

Jackie Chin

9:35 am mst

Thursday, August 9, 2012


As you know from reading this blog, my life is a little messy right now. I went to California to interview Mediums and sell books at Harmony Grove's Psychic Fair, but I had to return from California due to a medical emergency in my family. Fortunately, I was able to interview two Mediums on the one full day I spent at Harmony Grove. Once I've had a chance to listen to the recordings of the interviews, I'll share the Medium's amazing stories with you. Everyone does a different kind of work and the two people I interviewed . . . well, their stories are truly unique.

Today, I want to return to the psychic-channeling event I attended two weeks ago. One of the woman brought through a powerful message regarding how we choose to spend our time on Earth. Thought provoking. This is the message which came from spiritual entities through a woman in the circle:


Resonate. The word "resonate" was mentioned and what a beautiful word that is. We realize what that word means. When you "resonate" you are coming into vibrational harmony with whatever it is [you are resonating with].

Think about living your life by design . . . or by default. You choose what it is that you resonate with, what feels right to you, what feels good to you. And, what feels not-so-good to you. It works either way. Connect with your spirit, your inner being, your true self, and resonate with that; that pure light and love of G-d. Resonate. Get in touch with and vibrate at that level: positive, loving, peaceful, harmonious, space. The Light within you. Nothing outside of you controls that. When you allow yourself, that higher part of you . . . when all comes into vibrational harmony and alignment, insights happen. By design, not by default.

How do you choose to live your life? Live by choice. You created and designed it for what you wish to experience, whatever adventures await you out there that you are seeking. When you are out there, what do you choose to align with? The Universe is ready to furnish whatever it is to make it all happen, but first you have to come into alignment with it. If you don't resonate with it, it won't happen. Plain and simple.

Think about what kind of energy you are resonating with. What it is you wish to portray, to share, to allow? Allow that love and light of G-d to flow through you, to touch others. Whether you are aware of it or not, you always have an influence on someone, somewhere. More like "everyone, everywhere" is affected by your energy, your vibration, what you put out there. So, allow your best. That is all you need to do. Allow it to flow. That is your natural state of being.

What is your natural state of being? A very peaceful, harmonious one; the spill of love, light, joy, laughter. With an adventurous spirit which can't wait to get out there and experience and see whatever is available. Allow that adventurous spirit to come out. Allow it to be frisky. Yes, enthusiastic about life. No matter what it is you are experiencing, it is exhilarating. Living life to the fullest. Each and every minute that you have is a precious opportunity for you to express the G-d within. Be it, live it, love it, no matter what it is.

Remember, be consciously aware of what kind of energy you are resonating with. Is that where you want to be? If not, change it. Change the channel, tune into another one which is to your liking and resonate there. Very simple to do. Choose to do it. Allow it to be. Get out of your own way. Put your ego to bed. Let it rest and while it is resting, come out and play. Have fun with it all in a harmonious way. Not judgmental of what anyone else is doing. Remember your love. Share that love with the world. That is what will bring the most joy to your heart. Allow that to flow, to share, to remind others of what their missions and goals are. Resonate with your true being.

We'll leave you with that. Thank you.

I am deeply moved by the wisdom which people are willing to share with me.

If you have any comments, I would love to hear from you at


10:42 am mst

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Quick Note

Last week I was writing about balancing work and life, and about not letting our thoughts deter us from our work. With that philosophy, I put aside my apprehensions and drove to Harmony Grove. However, none of the things which had scared me prior to my trip actually happened. Instead, a whole new set of circumstances arose. My life veered to the left and a new area came into focus: caring for an aging mother.

I was at Harmony Grove for only one full day before I had to return to Tucson. My elderly mother was hospitalized and I needed to come home. She's doing better now and will probably be out of the hospital later today.

I want to apologize to anyone who showed up to meet me at the Harmony Grove Psychic Fair. I couldn't stay for the Fair. I also want to apologize to the Mediums who were scheduled to be interviewed who I left "high and dry." Sorry!

The good news is that the one day I was at Harmony Grove, I interviewed two Mediums who have fascinating life stories. At some point, I'll have the time to share their stories with you. I was also able to spend a little time with April Cunningham, the Medium who made all of arrangements for me with the other Mediums. Great to see you April!

So, I guess we make the best choices we can make, then we still have to go with the flow.

As soon as I get my mother settled, I'll start blogging again. In the meantime, feel free to re-read blogs which have already been posted. As we learn more, we better-understand things which might have puzzled us in the past. Perhaps, the old blogs will make more sense to everyone now.


10:05 am mst

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