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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Life Olympics

Life Olympics

I'm driving to California later this week and I will be set up on Saturday at Harmony's Grove Psychic Fair. I'm not a psychic, but I will have my books, chakra-balancing jewelry, and "Wild Girls!" Harmony Grove is a spiritualist community just west of Escondido. If you've got time, stop by and say, "hello!" I would love meet my Southern CA blog readers.

While I am at Harmony Grove, I am going to interview Mediums about their work, so look forward to reading about that in the coming months. I don't know if I'll have access to the Internet while I am traveling so I may take a week off from blogging. Will you miss me? Laughing

I've had this trip to Harmony Grove planned for a while. Last week, my daughter who is going to school in Illinois, realized that she had a break in her schedule and decided to come home for a visit. Of course, she'll be here while I'm in CA. Actually, there is some overlap. She'll arrive in Tucson while I am in CA and I'll be back from CA before she returns to Illinois.

Once I learned that my daughter was coming home, should I have cancelled my trip to CA? I really want to spend time with her, but I also want to move My Psychic Search Project forward. I think this work is important. Just last week I posted a blog about not letting our thoughts deter us from our work. This is a prime example of how I could allow my daughter's trip to revise my priorities. It also illustrates how we all have to make choices. We set our priorities and we create our experiences. Sometimes we have competing desires and we need to find the balance between family and work. We need to make difficult choices. In this case, I am choosing to sacrifice a few days with my daughter to work on this Project, visit Harmony Grove and see the Pacific Ocean (ah, I love the ocean!)

Each evening, I am mesmerized by Olympic gymnastics on TV. How can people be so good at gymnastics?! The gymnasts set their goals, focus, work hard, put in their training time and are ready for competition. In our less-televised lives, we do the same things: set our goals, remain focused, work hard and put in our time. In both cases, we hope our efforts pay off.

One difference between the Olympics and our lives, is that Olympians compete with each other while we compete with ourselves. We are all trying to move forward and push boundaries, but in the world of spirituality, we work on our inner lives and self-improvement. We push our interior boundaries and beliefs and work cooperatively with others, not competitively.

Each day, we face the Olympic Competitions of Life: pushing ourselves to live excellent lives and to optimize our choices. We seek ways to express our values and promote kindness and cooperation. If we push ourselves a bit every day, we can positively impact the world. We can improve our lives and bring our friends along for the ride.

Everyone with the potential to produce positive energy needs to generate that energy. We may not feel that we are making much of an impact individually, but when we work together, we increase the light we bring to the world.

Did you see the Olympics Opening Ceremony where several people lit individual Olympic torch leaves, then those flames spread to other leaves until the entire torch was lit? Did you see how the leaves rose together to form a giant Olympic flame? When we generate our own light, then share our light with others, we blaze like the Olympic torch. Keep shining!


12:09 pm mst

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spirit Speaks: Laurie Hays' Automatic Writing

Spirit Speaks

Automatic Writing allows Spirit to communicate through people. Laurie Hays, one of the people interviewed for this Project, can sit at her computer, ask questions, and allow words from the Universe to come through her fingertips.

Earlier this week, Laurie channeled a message for a small group of people who were meeting at her home. During the afternoon, the message came through automatic writing. In the evening, she presented this message:

"Dearly Beloved,"

We thought we could use that greeting to get your attention. No, this is not a funeral nor a wedding, but a ceremony none-the-less. And with that we begin our brief sharing with you.

Dearly Beloved,

More individuals than you know walk in confusion and uncertainty. They appear centered, they appear okay, but inside the whirlwind is rumbling. This is not a time for people to be on the fence about who and what they are, nor what it is they believe in. Those days are past. This is a time to stand fully in your Divine essence and radiate who and what you are: PURE energy and Light.

Any uncertainty is ego trying to be right, rather than your internal knowing letting you know that you are pure Light and energy.

This is no longer about right or wrong; this is not about belief or theory. This is about living your lives as the Divine Beings you are and recognizing it in yourself once and for all so you can do the same with others. Recognize the Divine in all, once and for all.

There is no "us" and "them." There is no opposition. There is just clarity of mind and Spirit, or illusion that we allow to ruminate in our minds. The Beings of Light are here now as your co-workers, not as your leaders, for you are beyond that space. You are co-workers of, and for, the Light, the only energy that is, and recognizing that will allow you to be free to know inside of you that there is no opposition.

Do others have lessons to learn? Absolutely. Do we? Absolutely. Even after ascension, there will be much to remember. This is evolving; not a result but a process. When you stop seeking the end result in self or others, you enjoy the process of evolution. You can choose to resist, that's your choice, but it does not change what is true.

Tomæto or tomato, it is one and the same. Come together in this understanding.

Be solidarity of solidarities. Anywhere there is fragmentation of the Divine essence, be a voice of unity. This is not the time for silence in the name of keeping the peace; this is a time of voicing oneness for the reality of all.

You come together. Be together, not just in this home, but in your essence and your living out your lives with every thought and action; being aware that you are a reality manifest and that you LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE so that others can see the reflection of the Divine in themselves as well.

The time will come when there are no leaders. The time will come when there will not be division. It needs to start inside of you and be lived. Live life out loud.

Silent meditation has its place, but the intent of uniting with like-minded people is extremely powerful and has been recognized and recorded through history.

You are them, they are you, we are all. The prophets, the teachers, the ascended masters and you, are all one.

Any resistance to that is just that: Resistance. It makes some hot. It makes others tear. But the levels are all one. This is what is meant by living in different levels all in one dimension of time.

You already are the newbie, the novice, the student, the graduate, the professor and the illumined all in this one incarnation which is evolving in all of your total incarnations at once.

The play is constantly being altered by thought, so create with splendor, create with abandon, create with pure love and allow your creation to be seen, heard, and witnessed for it is meant to be such for all.

Now, get into your precious sacred spaces and see the pieces come together in the tapestry of this group which connects with the fibers of all dimensions and times.

Allow what comes to come, and we ask that you share freely. Do not waste this precious time of connection and physical proximity to each other. You are multiplying the energy times itself in coming together. Share and share without concern of right or wrong. There is no wrong way. There are just alternative routes. We share with much love.



Thank you Laurie for sharing this message with us and for allowing me to post it on the website. It is a reminder of all that we are, all that we need to do, and all that we are capable of creating.

If you want to know more about Laurie, you can contact her at

Questions or comments? Send them to me at


10:43 am mst

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lessons from a Near-Death Experience

More insights from Gary L. Wimmer

This is a short excerpt from my discussion with Gary L. Wimmer at the end of June. He was telling me about his near-death experience.

     "During a period in 1977 when I went through continuously escalating psychic ability, I was able to tell a friend what people would look like when they walked into a bar because I was able to transport myself outside and see them. I knew who was going to call on the phone and what was coming up on TV. My friends knew me and all of the sudden, I was a different person. I wasn't talking about normal life, I was off in the cosmos. It overwhelmed me and I lived in that continually-escalating tsunami of unbelievable ecstacy and unbelievable fear. I knew I was getting so psychic I couldn't deal with it. I couldn't turn it off. Eventually, I was hit by a speeding car and went out for a split second to a tunnel of light. I came back without a scratch. Police. Ambulances. I told people what happened and no one believed me.

     "In that period of seeing unfiltered the way my subconscious reads my signs, I recognized that everybody has that ability. That is where psychic ability comes from, being able to read symbolism. Who am I tapping into? Once we leave our individual souls and our selves, things are much less clearly defined. Whether this is an angel, or a Guide, or a level of intelligence, is not marked clearly.

     "There is a pool of infinite creativity which manifests in forms which we can relate to. We think, "That's a dream." "That's a Guardian Angel." "That's a miracle." "That's a coincidence" so to speak (there are none). We define things in terms that we can deal with, but the world beyond our conscious mind is not divided up that way. I don't know where it comes from, but I have taught myself to read the signs. I've taught myself to read them because I had no choice. Having gone through that, there is no doubt what I experienced. I went through a long period (about six months) of wondering why I had it; why I was so lucky. Thank you G-d, but why me? It was the experience of a lifetime and everyone who has had one says the same thing."


Gary, thank you for sharing your story! You can read more about Gary at


9:27 am mst

Thursday, July 19, 2012


A few weeks ago, I posted some psychics' quotes about healing. Since then, I have been part of an on-line discussion about healing which I thought I would share with you today.

What do psychics, energy workers and spiritual healers do?

When a client comes to a psychic or an energy worker for a physical, mental, or emotional healing, the practitioner's job is to connect with Divine energy and bring that energy through to the client. The psychics consider themselves to be "faucets," or "energy conduits." Many of these people work with Spirit Guides, Master Healers and angels who do the actual healing. The psychics allow the power of the Divine to flow/heal through them. They ask for help for the client, then channel energy which goes through them and into the client. They provide the link between the client and the source of the healing. This is a distinction which is sometimes misunderstood by clients who believe that it is the energy worker who has healed them.

Because of the way this system works, people who work as healers, don't always call themselves "healers." They think of themselves as "facilitators."

Where does healing come from?

Healing is strictly between the person needing healing and a higher power. Universal energy can empower a person to heal. Spirit Guides, Master Healers and angels often work with clients.

Psychics and energy workers support people on their healing journey. They act like a backup battery in an emergency, providing a jolt to get the system back into play when the lights dim.

What is the role of the person coming for healing?

All healing is self-healing. A major portion of the prognosis depends on the client. True healing takes place when the person seeking to heal has decided to heal. Healing is not up to the practitioner, it is up to the seeker to let go and let the Universe heal their mind, body and/or spirit. The people seeking assistance are the ones drawing in the energy and accepting it for their healing.

According to the psychics, people have free will and each individual has the freedom to choose whether or not to be healed. People who want to heal will allow the work to change them inside and outside. The practitioner can help them find the path, but the client needs to walk it. If they are ready to change direction and experience wellness, they will draw in exactly what they need so that they can move in that direction. They may suddenly find themselves drawn to a healthier diet or to a lifestyle change. Clients who are ripe for change provide the "miracle healing" stories.

What are the outcomes?

In many cases, healing works in miraculous ways. In other cases, healing doesn't happen in the way patients hope it will happen. Many practitioners have worked with people and animals and have seen healing that they knew was beyond their own capacity. Healing can take place on an emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual level. Unfortunately, there is no way to know in advance when, or how, it will work.

In addition, healing doesn't always mean "cure." No healing modes are 100% effective. Even medical doctors must continually re-evaluate patients to determine how to help them. Medical intervention doesn't always cure an illness. In the case of spiritual healing, it may mean that the illness continues, but the person is suddenly comfortable with whatever may come.

In spiritual healing, the outcome is up to the patient and the Universe, and can also depend on the person's life plan. If the illness is occurring to teach lessons, the illness might not be treatable.

What should practitioners be called?

A big question among energy workers is whether or not they should call themselves "healers." The reason for the debate is the understanding that they facilitate healing; they don't do the actual healing. The healing comes through them to assist their clients.

To some people, claiming to be a "healer," seems ego-based. They don't "heal" people, they "treat" people.

Other people think it is okay to use the term "healer" because their effort is a necessary part of the healing process. The energy conduit between the client and the Universe must be fully opened. They open this conduit to help people heal. Energy workers who think this way, call themselves "healers."

What can we learn from this discussion?

Traditional medicine and spiritual healing can both be unpredictable. However, these modalities can support each other. In some cases, traditional medicine is the best course of action; in other cases, spiritual/energy healing works best. Much of the time, both approaches can be used together. The best outcomes occur when a client is truly ready to be healed and this healing can be allowed within the person's life plan.

Questions? Comments? Send an e-mail to me at 


A Healer Responds:


I just read your blog post.

I would like to make a distinction, from my perspective.

Many Healers help assist with energy movement, like a back-up battery - and that is wonderful and helpful and a useful part of the healing process. Meanwhile, I don't know about Psychic Healers in general, but for me and others I know, we do a lot more than that in the healing process.

I work with people on moving the blocks, clearing desires/limits/ programming: turning the Titanic! . . . not just rearranging deck chairs. IF someone is willing to change their conscious and often unconscious: beliefs, energy, direction - if they are willing to do the inner work, they do shift inside and their outer experience changes. This is psychic healing, from my perception.

Quick and easy changes happen fast . . . and often by the time someone is really ill, it takes us time to learn to be 'in charge' of our space and our life again. This is work I am blessed and honored to do with people, because it puts them in the driver's seat of their inner world, their body and their life - where they belong.

From my perspective, wellness and creativity on all levels, flow from this place of spiritual 'seniority' (empowerment). This is my goal as a psychic healer, to facilitate mastery of life in a body, as spirit, in this reality.

Wendy R. Wolf

2:13 pm mst

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In the Midst of Mediums

In the Midst of Mediums

I'm excited about going to Harmony Grove in August, renting a rustic cabin and immersing myself in the midst of Mediums. I'm looking forward to interviewing these Spiritualists and I can't wait to be part of the Harmony Grove Psychic Fair.

However . . . over the weekend, we had dinner with a couple of friends and when I told them about my upcoming adventure, they planted some seeds of fear. Rustic cabin? No TV? Will there be spiders and creepy-crawlies? No A/C in inland CA? It will be 100 degrees. How will you manage? Then, the big fear: what if ghosts and spirits arrive and scare you? OMG. I hadn't thought about that! I'll be in the middle of a psychic/spiritualist community. What if I am suddenly psychic and see scary things?! What if ghosts are hanging around and waiting in my cabin?!!

Well, on the flip side, what if I am suddenly psychic and see loving beings? What if the ghosts who are waiting for me are my beloved animals? What if this is a good thing?

And, what if I take scores of photos (because that is what I love to do), and find that they are filled with orbs, ghosts, or unrecognizable phenomena? Wouldn't that be a hoot? I wouldn't mind seeing ghostly images through my camera. I just don't want to be frightened.

I am moving forward with this Project. The opportunity to interview Mediums is too tantalizing to pass up. It's just like the psychic said last week, "Don't let the voices in your head deter you from doing what needs to be done. Listen to them, acknowledge the messages, then keep moving forward."

There will always be pluses and minuses. There are reasons to go and reasons to stay home safe. I am stepping out of my comfort zone. Who knows? Good things might happen.


10:09 am mst

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Lucky Author's Life

What is it like to be a psychic researcher? a book writer? someone who is learning as she goes?

A Lucky Author's Life

Today, I want to share my life and tell you about a few of the activities related to my search for psychic talent. This is the reality of writing about psychics, talking to psychics and selling books. It's a mix of invigorating information, marketing, and writing. I hope you find it interesting.

Psychic Reading

I had a psychic reading on Sunday. I met with a woman who does readings at the Psychic Fair and her readings have always looked so animated that I wanted to try one. We met at her apartment and, before the reading began, she shared a major message with me which is intended for all of us. Lucky us, I can share the message on this blog. This is one way in which information comes to me.

This is the paraphrased message:

When we have spiritual work to do, we cannot let ourselves be side-tracked. Voices in our minds will try to undermine our work. We need to see theses voices for what they are: distractions from the work to be done. We are in this time frame right now where we are afraid to move forward. We get to a certain point and we stop ourselves.

It's easy to get sidetracked because we are becoming so powerful that the negative forces realize that we are making progress so they try to worry us about our mortgages, our finances, and/or our families. The more we become lightworkers and the more we are doing the things we know we are supposed to be doing, we cannot allow those little voices within to damage where we are headed. They will show up because there is a battle between good and evil. There is a battle between the light and the dark. If there ever was a time we could see it, it's now. It's played out everywhere. It's played out in our neighborhoods, in local politics, in Washington, and in the universe.

We cannot allow the fears to stop our work. We must recognize the fears, move through them, and continue on our path.

Very powerful message for all of us.

Following the message for the world, this psychic went on to give me business and marketing advice. Some of the information was obvious to her, but some of the information came from another place. When you allow a psychic to speak, you never know what might come through.

When I asked about the book I had written, she instantaneously received the message that the book overwhelmed people because it contained so much information. People wanted instant gratification and it took time to read a book. I was surprised. I had thought my job was to explain how everything worked so people would understand psychic ability and have a glimpse of the spiritual world in which we live. This psychic suggested that I narrow the focus of future books. So, yes, I will do that. But, I'm not going back and removing chunks of the current book to make it a quicker read because I am betting that there are other people out there who are as interested in psychic ability as I am. Perhaps not everyone wants to know the details, but for those of us who are highly curious, I want to provide answers about psychic ability from how it works, to how it impacts people, to what we can learn. And, the book is written in a "Question and Answer" format so people can skim some parts and focus on the answers which most-interest them. I hope I'm right and that people find the book useful.

This psychic then gave me marketing information for the Wild Girl! pins and the bracelets which I make. Several psychics have told me that the Wild Girls! are a huge gift to people. However, because I have been making them for nearly 10 years, I'm not as excited about them as I am about the psychic research. I've been putting my energy into My Psychic Search Project, but this psychic suggested that I reinvigorate the Wild Girls! with new joy. If you are interested in this artwork, you can see a bevy of Wild Girls! at

New Moon Haven Book Talk

I had fun presenting my book at New Moon Haven, but what I learned is that I would much rather listen to your story than listen to my story. Heck, I know my story! After the presentation, things got much more interesting for me when other people shared their psychic experiences.

SpiritsChild Book Talk

Tucson, Arizona, is fortunate to have a few metaphysical shops and one of these shops is "SpiritsChild." Yesterday, I made arrangements to give a Book Talk at SpiritsChild on Sunday, September 9. So cool. To make the arrangements, I spoke with the psychic who owns SpiritsChild and, as we got to know each other, we realized how much fun it would be to do an interview. So, next week, I am going to interview Aitreya to find out what she does and what she knows. One thing leads to another . . .

Psychic Explorers

Last Tuesday, our Psychic Explorers group met and a few interesting things happened. First, our leader shared information on chakras and on the Venus transit. Second, we changed course in the middle of the meeting from a "lecture" format to a "sharing" format. We shared what we knew and experienced (as you know, I love that!). Third, there was a woman in the group who worked with hospice patients and had so much knowledge and experience that I was fascinated by what she had to say.

The hospice worker shared the importance of having a soft, supportive, energetic environment for the person who was passing. Dying people knew what they needed to do and needed a drama-free environment in which to do it. Her experience of having people pass was that there was a quick "whoosh" out of their body. Their spirit might hang around afterwards, but it left the body quickly.

Did I tell you that I hear amazing things?

Harmony Grove

Early in August, I am going to Harmony Grove, a spiritualist retreat in southern CA. I am going to sell books and chakra-balancing jewelry at their Psychic Fair. I am also going to spend several days interviewing Mediums. Can you imagine how much fun that will be?

If you are in southern California and you want to say "hello," come see me at Harmony Grove's Psychic Fair on August 4. Harmony Grove is just outside of Escondido. If you are a psychic in southern California and you would like to be interviewed for this Project, contact me at

I have a list of metaphysical shops in southern California, but I don't know what to do with the list. Should I go to the shops and see if they want to sell the book? Do I need to call them in advance? Suggestions? Please advise me.

E-book Progress

I am working on the e-book, but it is going slowly. Are you guys anxiously awaiting the e-book, or can I take another month or two?

On-line Connections

I belong to several on-line groups for writers and for psychics. I learn so much through these venues! I try to return the favor by sharing what I know.

Chakra-balancing Pendant Contest

I am running a contest for a clear-quartz chakra-balancing pendant. If you would like to have your name in the drawing, send your name, phone number and e-mail address to I'll pull the winning name in August.

So, that's my fascinating work life. Now, back to paying bills, having the air conditioner fixed, and making dinner. The simple joys of life.

If you like this blog and are able to support this work, please think about purchasing a book, or making a donation. Thanks!

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Send an e-mail to It's quick and easy.


2:28 pm mst

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Book Talk

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's Book Talk at New Moon Haven. It was fun and interesting. This was my second Book Talk. I think these events are training me to be a better public speaker. What did I learn? Shorten my presentation and leave more time for questions, answers, and sharing of experiences. The most-interesting part of the "talk" is listening to people tell their own stories.

9:59 am mst

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Second in Eternity

On Saturday, July 7, I'll be presenting a Book Talk at New Moon Haven in Catalina, AZ. If you want to hear me speak, not just read what I write, please join me at 2 p.m. and I'll tell you all about what I am learning on My Psychic Search. New Moon Haven is a metaphysical shop at 16256 N. Oracle Road. The shop's phone number is 520-825-9044.

A Second in Eternity 

One goal of this Project is to share psychic's true experiences in their own words so that people can understand how natural and normal it is to have psychic abilities. Often, I interview the psychics, but sometimes I just read their books and I can see how each story contributes to our overall understanding.

I have lots of books to read and there is no rhyme or reason for why I read one book instead of another. Now that authors have books in digital form, sometimes they send their books to me and I take a quick peek. Last weekend, I took "a quick peek" at Gary Wimmer's book, A Second in Eternity, and I couldn't put it down. It read like fiction, yet it is all fact. There's nothing like a good read!

I have to admit that I am of a certain age where I remember guys in traveling bands. This sounded like a romantic lifestyle. They called their girlfriend their "lady." I remember the arguments surrounding the idea of a "conscientious objector" to the Vietnam War. I hung around with a few people who lived modest lifestyles while pursuing their dreams. And, I had a few friends who walked that line between sanity and mental illness. Gary's book presents all of these situations while peering through the eyes of a born psychic.

The bulk of the story takes place in 1977. At that time, Gary was a musician who traveled the world as a soloist and as part of a band. During a break from traveling, he had a week of escalating psychic ability followed by a peak, eye-opening, experience. Gary's friends were able to corroborate his premonitions, sometimes things as simple as knowing who was going to walk into a bar and what they would be wearing, before they walked through the door. While fascinated by his own skyrocketing abilities, Gary also felt out of control and unsure of what to do or where to go.

This excerpt is from Gary's Website at

"In 1977, between musical ventures, I had an incredible psychic/spiritual experience, one that motivates me to this day. After a week of continuously escalating psychic ability, which I could neither stop nor understand, I was involved in a head-on collision with a speeding automobile - and I was the pedestrian. As my body crashed into the car I felt my soul leave, then rush through space, enter that 'tunnel of light' so often described by others, then arrive at a level of consciousness more beautiful and magnificent than the human mind can perceive.

"Here, in this perfect blue Void, there were all possibilities, yet only one - Everything. There were all questions and answers . . . yet none. I felt like I was in a state of infinite knowing. There was no beginning and no end. There was no time and infinite time. There was no Creation yet all possible Creations. Of course, I did not want to leave this Mind of God/Heaven/Nirvana, but upon acknowledging that I was witnessing it, I felt separated from it and I suppose that meant I had to return . . . because I did."

Gary goes on to describe the near-death experience and explain how it has influenced his life. He also writes about the intersection of psychic ability and mental illness. While in a mental hospital after the car crash, being psychic allowed him to know how to help misunderstood mental patients, but it also began taking over his life. He could prove to his psychiatrist that he knew things about the doctor's life, yet the doctor still couldn't accept the idea of psychic ability. It's fascinating to watch these belief systems collide.

A few years after this event, Gary learned about Lithomancy, an intuitive method of reading stones. He developed his own system to read stone patterns and augmented the information with his psychic ability. Gary has written a book entitled, Lithomancy, the Psychic Art of Reading Stones. Last Friday, Gary read stones for me and gave me information about the next three months of my life. In October, I'll report back and let you know how much of the reading came true.

A Second in Eternity is written to be readable. After I finished the book, I checked Gary's website and discovered that he has also written fiction and screenplays. These talents make the book a quick and interesting read.

If you would like to read this book, contact Gary through his website at, or go to An e-book is available for your Kindle.

Let me know what you think of Gary's story.


11:23 am mst

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gary Wimmer's Lithomancy Work

Gary Wimmer's Lithomancy Work

Hard to believe, but we are more than half-way through this year. We are sailing quickly towards that mysterious December 21, 2012 date. It might not look like much is happening on the surface, but people tell me that a lot of energy is moving and that things are occurring under the waters (don't worry, just a metaphor, not sea monsters).

I was set up at Sunday's Psychic Fair and I was buzzing all morning. There was so much energy in that room that even I had a buzz. I want to thank the people who stopped to tell me that they enjoyed the blog and/or loved the book. It means so much to me to know that people benefit from this work!

Gary L. Wimmer

Last week, a psychic from Austin, TX, contacted me to see if we could work together and help each other. He offered to do a free reading for me and I told him that I would write about the reading, honestly and fairly, on this blog. So, he did a three-month reading and in October I'll let you know how accurate he was. It was a great reading so I hope it's all true!

The gentleman who contacted me was Gary L. Wimmer. He has been psychic all of his life, and has had peak experiences which have expanded his understandings and abilities. His favorite tool is called Lithomancy. With this tool, he forms a circle with a leather string. Then, he throws 16 stones into the circle and the rocks form patterns which provide the information for the reading. I had never before heard of Lithomancy.

According to Gary's website at, the inside of the leather circle represents the client's current three-month cycle and the outside represents the longer term. When Gary reads for someone in person, he has them throw the stones into the leather circle. When he reads over the phone, he rolls the stones in his hands and asks the client to tell him when to drop the stones.

Gary writes, "The Stones always land in the right places to form a unique pattern that accurately outlines (in symbolic form) the next three months of the Client's life and the issues at hand, plus an enormous amount of relevant information."

Gary explains that he reads the patterns formed by the stones in a clock-like fashion. Starting at the center of the circle, he reads towards 12, then he reads clockwise around the circle. He can see the person's current situation and the challenges and opportunities most likely to develop over the following three months. Gary also reads playing cards.

After our reading, I asked Gary a few questions. (You know how I am - I can never pass up the opportunity to ask psychics how they are able to do their work.) Gary told me bits and pieces of his fascinating life story. Then, he offered to send a copy of his book, A Second in Eternity, to me. I read it over the weekend and, for me, it was a page turner. I'll write more about the book on Thursday's blog post.

Want to know more about Gary, his book on Lithomancy, and his life story? Check out his website at

Remember to check back at the beginning of October to see if the things Gary told me came to pass.

Enjoy your "Independence of Thought Day" on July 4!


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