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Thursday, June 28, 2012

What to Expect when Expecting a Psychic Reading

Lately, I've been posting information from individuals who work in the metaphysical field. Today, I want to return to what the psychics who were interviewed for this Project had to say about what clients should expect when they come for a psychic reading. This is an excerpt from the book, My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know and how they can help us improve our lives.

If these insights inspire you to seek a psychic reading, come joy us at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair this Sunday, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Windmill Inn in Tucson, Arizona.

What do clients expect when they come for readings?

Clients talk with psychics for many reasons. Some people want hard facts about the present time or are curious about the future, and some people want evidence that there is an unseen universe of information and energy. Many clients want a validation of the intuitive messages which they have already received. Other people want to know about their health and their relationships, while some people just want to know that, even though they are going through a rough patch right now, things will improve. Similarly, people who feel "stuck" want to know the best way to move forward on their life path.

Everyone who talks to a psychic expects to be treated with dignity. No one wants to be embarrassed or belittled during a reading. People want a reader who provides information, insights and reassurance, not a reader who makes them fear the future. People want a reader who treats them with respect, supports their empowerment, and is able to answer their questions.

What should clients expect when they come for readings?

When clients talk to professional psychics, they should expect to be treated with integrity. They should expect the readers to be honest. Clients should expect the psychics to give the clearest information which comes to them, and they should expect to hear all of the information which is being sent to them for their benefit. They should also expect the reader to remove their ego from the reading, allowing the information to come through as cleanly as possible.

Here are some summarized, paraphrased, thoughts from the PRISMS about what clients should expect when they come for readings:

☼ Clients should expect that we will act in a professional manner. They will be treated with integrity. (Richard Schickel)

☼ They should expect a really amazing and interesting experience, depending on the information which needs to come to them. (To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf)

☼ They should expect a safe place. They should also expect confidentiality and trust. (Delphina Nova)

☼ Some people expect me to give them answers. What I do is confirm, or not-confirm, their feelings. Sometimes they are correct and sometimes they are not. Sometimes people think they need to do something, but I see that they are acting out of fear and I point that out to them. By the time they leave, they may have decided to change their own course. They may think that I told them what to do, but they decided for themselves. They have free will. If someone tells you what to do, it's still your decision to do it. But if you've made the decision and it feels right to you, that's the course you will take. (Cecilia Nemmers)

☼ People want to know what is going to happen. They want an outline for how their life is moving. I think that "outline" is the operative word. The cards will give them the outline but what I feel off the cards, and how the cards connect with other cards around them, will all shade that outline and provide more-expanded connections. People want to be pointed in a direction. I won't tell anyone what to do with their life, but I will say that a particular situation is coming up, and that there are things which can be done with it. If a client wants a straight out "yes" or "no" answer, I can do that. It is like providing guideposts from Point A to Point B. People want to know if they are going in the right direction. (Cherie Fraine)

☼ Clients should expect my intuitive perspective on things. I am able to contact loved ones and look at medical conditions. They should expect to have an experience with my intuitive perspective and to open themselves up to feelings. A lot of clients cry when they sit down. My Guides connect them to their soul and there can be tears. (Leah Taylor)

☼ People should expect to be treated with integrity, to receive what I call "a road map of their life" that they can take with them when they leave so they can do their own work. I am a guide. I'll show someone around their life, but it is their choice if they want to take the detours. I can tell people about their options and their potential lessons as they move through life. People internally know that there are certain lessons that they need to learn, but they don't always recognize them until they are in the middle of them. Sometimes people repeat patterns and it helps to have someone point out what is going on. Then, it's up to the client to make the changes. (Patricia Kirkman)

☼ I ask clients to focus on their situation so that I can work with the past energy surrounding that issue and give them hard information that they can use right now. I make them aware of dates, times and events. I offer tangible information which they can use so that when the [future] event occurs, they have direct signs. That is what people really want when they go to a reader. They want to know what signs to look for in order to make the best possible decisions. (Jackie Chin)

☼ Clients should realize that I am not going to see anything that they don't want me to see. Some people think I am like a confessional and that I can see everything they have done wrong. It's not like that. I want them to know that they are safe and that this is only for their highest and best good. If the information doesn't ring true, they should disregard it. The things I say should fortify in them what they have already thought. I never want them to substitute their wisdom for someone else's wisdom. Their gut is never going to lie to them. (Laurie Hays)

☼ They should expect to get tools and abilities to deal with their problems. They will get more clarity about their life and the things that they want to achieve. It's an "Aha" moment for them. It's also a relief for them to know that they are not alone. They understand that someone knows them. (Shirli Millmond)

☼ Everybody will be different and they are coming for a myriad of things. They are either in pain, have some sort of disease, or have some other problem. After they tell me what their issue is, I tune into their body and access information. What they get from this is surprise, self-discovery, and access to information. (Trish Silay)

I hope to see you on Sunday at the Psychic Fair!


9:58 am mst

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thoughts on Healing

Quotes from Psychics:

Some people tell me that I am an incredible healer. I don't want to be known as a healer because I am not the one who heals them; they heal themselves. I just facilitate the process.

Trish Silay

All healing is internal healing. Doctors may cut and stitch us, but people do the internal healing. If it is a broken bone, see the health, claim it, own it. It is yours.

Laurie Hays

When people come for a healing, it doesn't mean that they are going to get physically better immediately. They want a magical cure. A healing means that we are going to get to the core of the issue and the effects of healing may come up after the session. Toxins may be released.

It may also be that six months later they find out that they are dying. Coming to a spiritual healer doesn't always means that people are going to get better physically; that's also true for medical doctors.

We think that "getting better" means staying on this Earth because we are attached to this Earth plane. Getting better can mean that someone has finally learned their lessons and that they are done here and have graduated. They can move on. No one really knows when it is their time to go home. Spiritual healers can help someone in their process, but what if that person isn't supposed to be here anymore?

Delphina Nova

9:45 pm mst

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Experiencing Life after Death

For your light summer reading pleasure . . . "Experiencing Life after Death"

We all can imagine that we can glimpse past lives . . . but future lives? Hawaiian Reverend Keala Vai Noel takes people on Soul Journeys where they can visit past lives, future lives, and the place in-between lives. Wouldn't that be eye-opening?!

Keala has written several books, including one which I recently read entitled, Experiencing Life after Death: A Soul Journey. This book is only 136 pages (and an easy read), but it is full of material which I had not previously seen. She covers all the spiritual basics, such as why we are here on Earth, and how we are souls having a physical experience, then she adds her personal touch.

She explains that Soul Journeys employ hypnotherapy to help people glimpse their "Interim Time Between Lives." This kind of experience frees people from the fear of death and helps them find answers to their troubling issues. According to Keala, time is like a wheel, with no beginning and no end, so people can travel to any place on that wheel, past or future. If they are ready, they can even glimpse the "Ultimate Soul Journey" and see what will happen to their souls after completing their Earthly experiences.

During Soul Journeys, people can meet their Spirit Guides, their guardian angels, and the beings who have helped them in their past and present lives. If they ask, they can discover their life purpose.

Another type of Soul Journey can bring in someone else's consciousness so that people can work out their inter-personal problems. This can be the consciousness of a living person or a dead person. These sessions help people better understand their relationships and current circumstances. Sometimes, speaking with someone who has passed helps people get over their grief. However, Keala stresses that there is no chance for "chicanery" during these sessions because the client communicates directly with the deceased individual. She doesn't hear or influence the discussion, she just facilitates the hypnotherapy which allows the meeting to occur.

In her book, Keala states, "The whole point of being here on this physical plane is to learn about unconditional love." She goes on to say, "Life is just a series of lessons teaching us about how we are all connected to the universe." We learn, we make mistakes, and we learn from our mistakes. She emphasizes that if we were already perfect, we wouldn't still be here. We would have learned our lessons and moved on to other realms.

In order to assist, our spirit guides are close at hand. On page 21, Keala writes:

"These spiritual guides are there to help you along your journey of life. They are usually flabbergasted that we take everything so seriously. Repeatedly, I have witnessed spirit guides telling a client to lighten up! They want the person to go have some fun! The light energies stress that you need to enjoy the great opportunity of having a human body. Spirits don't understand why we don't take advantage of all the joys the human experience allows us. We can taste and eat, watch a sunset, have sex, get our adrenaline going and laugh. Of course, all things in moderation but we have an infinite amount of wonderful delights right here before us every day. The angels are so envious of our humanness, the ability to live and love life. Yet, we humans are running around wearing hair shirts and hitting ourselves over the head with guilt. The insistence of perceiving things negatively is a great puzzle to them. We will have an eternity of time to exist without a human body. Life is truly for the living. Go have that glass of wine, enjoy your food, take the time to be awed by a sunrise. You are living in this plane, enjoy the physical life while you can. The spirit guides sure would, if they could." [I added the bold highlights.]

There is so much more to this little book! There is advice for living life, for forgiving others (and ourselves), and passages on how our lives are an illusion . . . and we get to choose every aspect of that illusion. Our thoughts and words create our lives, and the mantra we should all use is, "Everything is working out perfectly." Thoughts are like prayers that the universe responds to and "Everything is working out perfectly," allows the universe to align with this prayer. On the flip side, worry, fear and anger are like negative prayers. People whose thoughts are full of worry, may manifest the things they worry about.

Keala points that we don't always understand the "big picture" of our lives while we are living them. We may not know which life lessons we have chosen. Because of this, we tend to get caught up in things which don't really matter. We need to have our life challenges, learn our lessons, then move on and let those situations go. On page 108, she notes, "When we look back on a matter that we once were very upset about, we can see that with time and distance that that thing or situation wasn't really very important after all, except for the lesson that it hopefully taught us."

If you want to read Experiencing Life after Death, you can order it from For more information, check out or contact Rev. Keala Vai at

Rev. Keala Vai Noel is the founder of Aloha Healing Women in Hawaii and has assisted many women with their recovery from abuse, eating disorders, grief, and emotional and physical illnesses.

Now, go have some summer fun!!


5:35 pm mst

Ooops . . . I'm running late with today's blog post. Cool
10:24 am mst

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What do angels look like?

What do angels look like?

On May 24, I did a short interview with Mark Janssen and posted it on this blog. It was a great interview about Mark's ability to see angels and spirits wherever he goes. However, I didn't get to ask Mark my huge question: What do angels look like? So, today, I'm following up with Mark.

Mark, you see angels everywhere. What do angels look like?

Mark replies:

"Angels change what they look like according to our needs. Years ago I stopped seeing them only in human form. When I was young there were times when seeing them only as a ball of energy was not enough. I needed somebody who looked like us and who I could relate with while we communicated telepathically. Spirits of any sort do not speak as we do. They don't make a literal sound unless we are so deaf that that is the only way we can hear them. So, yes, because we anthropomorphize them, angels will change their form from pure energy to a human-like form. Sometimes they have wings, sometimes not.

"For example, when my Episcopal deacon friend Greg was giving the sermon at his wife's funeral, she showed up beside him as well as having their guardian angels behind them, and the sanctuary and church full of angels. I always used to tell Greg that whenever he read or gave the sermon, his guardian angel would show up. The angel was some nine or ten feet tall, brilliant white robes and wings that almost filled the front of the small church sanctuary.

"On a normal day when I walk out of the house there are two angels, one faces in and the other faces the street. Beyond them are a line of angels ringing the house, another ring around the property out into the street and rings around all of the houses in our neighborhood for some distance. I put them there. There were many unhappy spirits, ghosts and demons walking this old plantation when I moved here and I refused to tolerate them. I called on God and the archangels and demanded that the angels clean up this area and keep guard. There are angels now playing in the trees and bushes and lawns, along the rooftops--they're everywhere."


If you are as interested in Mark's experiences as I am, you can check out his new book, Reach for the Stars. The book was released last week at Right now, it is available as a paperback book, with an e-book to follow. Just go to and search for Reach for the Stars, or for "Mark Janssen."

Want to know more? The back cover reads:

"From earliest childhood I saw my guardian angels. I saw God and His Blessed Mother and the saints. I also saw Satan and the devils. I saw the Indians who had lived in the hills before the white men came and I saw the settlers on horses and walking the streets of our town. I loved being with my angel friends. Like other psychic children I was considered different, strange, and difficult by my own family. My Grandmother Moore had a firm and resolute belief that I ought to always see my guardian angel - and other helper angels and God and the saints - that nobody should ever attempt to prevent me from living with their love and protection. You saw your guardian angel. You saw your helper angels with your guardian angel. Maybe you saw God and the souls of saints, too, whatever spiritual tradition you were raised, or none. Your guardian angel is still with you at all times. Helper angels come as you need help to get through different situations in your life. You need do no more to see them than to reach for the stars. They are within you.

"This is the real story of my life. I am writing this memoir to tell other men and women and children - especially children - that it is all right to be a mystic. It is good to see spirits and angels, God and demons. It is fantastic to have that ability and hold on to it.

"Welcome to my story. I tell you my story so that you will discover more of your own spiritual story and spiritual abilities. Have courage. Dare to read it."

Mark J. Janssen

Thanks Mark! You can send your questions and comments to Mark, or to me at


10:28 am mst

Monday, June 18, 2012

Quote from a Psychic:

It is very rare that the future "is." The future is made up of all the minute choices we make in the moment. There might be four appointments in your lifetime which are predestined, but if you choose not to show up, they don't happen. I think that the future is very flexible and very fluid. It changes. The future which is set in concrete changes as soon as you get out of your car and decide to go a different way. A whole new time line opens up.

To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf

6:24 pm mst

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet a Gifted Astrologer: Rhonda Harford

News & Notes (just a few things before I get to today's psychic info):

1) On July 7, I will be presenting a Book Talk at New Moon Haven in Catalina, Arizona. A copy of my book is already in the shop so if you've been wanting to check it out, stop by New Moon Haven. During my book talk, I will share all that I have learned while working with psychics for the last four years. Books will be available for purchase.

2) Antigone Books on 4th Avenue in downtown Tucson has accepted my book. Right now, there is only one copy at the store. By the end of this weekend, there will be several additional copies. Support our local bookstore and pick up your copy ASAP.

3) I received the Copyright registration for my book. Good news.

4) This is the 4-year anniversary of this Project and blog. I've been sharing my journey with you since June 2008. We have come a long way!

5) To find out more about the book My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives, click here. You can order your copy through this website or through

Now, for a little psychic information. I interviewed Starlady Rhonda Harford as part of this Project. She shared her personal story, as well as her experiences working as an Astrologer.

Meet a Gifted Astrologer: Rhonda Harford

"Starlady" Rhonda Harford is a gifted astrologer. Working with the dates and times of a client's complete birth information, Rhonda can compile an astrological chart and provide a wealth of information for her client. Rhonda's main tool is the astrological chart but, because she is gifted, additional thoughts may pop into her head. Rhonda doesn't consider herself psychic because the additional information is not always available. She feels like the knowledge comes in at the right time and goes out at the right time. She prefers the term "gifted."

Rhonda has been working with astrology since she was 17 years old. Her first teacher discovered that she was gifted. Originally, Rhonda wrote the charts by hand, but now they can be generated by a computer.

Before meeting with clients, Rhonda has them fill out a form which asks about their birth date and time, and the birth dates and times of the people who are related to them. Appointments are scheduled. Rhonda runs their charts and asks if there is anything which they want to talk about. She records the sessions. She asks clients if they want to hear everything she has to say, good and bad. Most people ask about their life purpose, career and health. Rhonda has a gift for helping people understand their health. She is here to help people heal. Rhonda's first session with a client takes two hours and twenty minutes.

While working, the image of a man often comes though Rhonda's walls. Originally, she could see him, but she didn't know who he was. At one point, she went to a conference and a woman handed her a piece of paper with his image on it and said, "I am supposed to give this to you to let you know that he works through you." Rhonda discovered that his name is Djwal Khul and that he is a Buddhist who lived thousands of years ago. Djwal Khul, an Ascended Master, provides information beyond the astrological charts.

According to Rhonda, astrology provides all of the technical answers for her clients. She looks at the technical charts then paints a picture. If she uses the charts alone, she is 100% accurate. There are days when she doesn't receive intuitive insights. However, when she does receive intuitive information, she can sometimes see or hear people from the other side. If she looks at the wall and sees Djwal Khul, she can hear his voice providing messages. If she doesn't receive that kind of communication, she just works off of the charts.

At this time in her life, Rhonda is very pleased with her abilities. That feeling comes from age and experience. When she was about 35, Rhonda was in a very serious car accident and she walked through the Light. She was in a coma for five days. Walking through the Light was like trying to stare into the sun. When she walked through that Light, she met a woman who told her that she was going to be fine. There was a beautiful, peaceful brook. At the end of the experience, she told Rhonda that it was not her time and that Rhonda had to make a choice. She could stay or go back. The woman told Rhonda that she had not yet done her greatest work. When Rhonda asked about the other people who had been in the car accident, she was immediately "whooshed" back into her body. When she came back she was paralyzed. She had to learn to do things all over again, but she thinks that her psychic/intuitive gift became stronger.

One of the unique things which Rhonda prepares is a Solar return birthday chart which is based on both the location of a client's birth and where they are living now. People can change their destiny for one year by changing the location in which they celebrate their birthday. They can't change what they created at birth, stop the planets from rotating around their chart, or stop eclipses from bringing things into their lives, but they can change their year, for one year, by being in a certain latitude, longitude and time zone. It takes a lot of time to prepare a birthday chart and to discover the best place for someone to celebrate their birthday, but it can influence an entire year. It can bring in wonderful adventures. Many books have been written about these birthday trips, but Rhonda has her own ideas and hopes to write a book which includes several secrets from the ancients which have been shared with her.

Rhonda enjoys being an astrologer because she is able to travel and to meet phenomenal people. She loves to help people understand their struggles and to provide them with guidance and choices.

Rhonda says:

"Between the years 1000 - 1999, we were ruled by masculine energy. When we shifted to the 2000s, we moved to a feminine energy. This energy helps awaken men so they understand why women have intuition and know things ahead of them. Men need to open up to their feminine side. The 2's are also about couples (instead of single people) and about balancing masculine and feminine energy."

You can find out more about Rhonda Harford by contacting her at or by calling 520-320-7718.

Comments or questions? Send an e-mail to me at


P.S. Today's Refrain in my Brain is Jimmy Buffet's song "Good guys win every once in a while." Let's hope!

10:28 am mst

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Refrain in my Brain

Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. When I meditate, I hear this song's lyrics over and over. Today's song is, "And the Army goes marching along."

I think of these song lyrics as messages from my Guides. I often wake up with the refrain from the TV show Friends playing in my brain. The phrase I hear is, "I'll be there for you." I can accept that song as a message from my Guides, but "The Army goes marching along?" Too funny.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Here are other song phrases I've had in my head upon waking up and meditating. If I can remember who sang those songs, their names are in parenthesis. I apologize in advance if I get the lyrics wrong or if I can't remember the singers, but you'll get the general idea. As you read "the soundtrack of my life," you'll know exactly how old I am.

"I'm just sitting here loving you. Closing my eyes and loving you. I'm just sitting here, sitting here, loving you." (John Sebastian)

"Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be . . . " (The Beatles) Sometimes I get the variation, "Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go . . ."

"Raindrops keep falling on my head, but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red. Crying's not for me. No, I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining, but there's one thing I know. The blues they send to meet me won't defeat me. It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me. Because I'm free. Nothing's worrying me." (Burt Bacharach)

"Cheeseburger in Paradise" (Jimmy Buffet)

"Give me just a little more time and my love will surely grow." (Chairman of the Board)

"I write the words which make the whole world sing. I write the words of love and special things. I write the words, I write the words." (Adapted from Barry Manilow's, "I write the songs.")

"Deja, deja, deja vu. Believe it and it will come true. Deja, deja, deja, deja vu." (Jimmy Buffet)

"Get ready 'coz here I come (on my way). Get ready . . . (The Temptations)

"I've got your love to keep me warm."

"Mountain of Love, Mountain of Love, you should be ashamed. There used to be a mountain of love, but you just changed your name . . ." (Johnny Rivers)

"If ever you're in my arms again, next time I'll love you forever . . . (Peabo Bryson)

"Wishing you were, wishing you were here . . ."

"She loves her man and lets him know any way she can; soul on soul, hand in hand, together, together . . ." (Tommy James and the Shondells)

"On your mark, get set and go now. Got a dream and we both know now. We're gonna make our dreams come true. We're gonna do it our way, yes, our way. Making our dreams come true . . . (from the TV show Laverne & Shirley)

"There's going to be a party . . ." (Lionel Ritchie)

"I ran out before, but I won't do it anymore, 'cause I saw the light in your eyes, in your eyes . . . ." (Todd Rundgren)

"Que Sera, sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see, que sera, sera." (Doris Day)

"Band on the Run." (Paul McCartney)

"Count on my Love." (Jefferson Starship)

"Every day, it's a-gettin' stronger; every day it's a-gettin' longer. Come what may, do you ever long for, true love from me?" (James Taylor)

"Blue Moon, now I'm no longer alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own."

"Touch a man who can't walk upright, and that lame man, he gonna fly, and I fly. Holly, Holy Man . . ." (Neil Diamond)

"Slip-sliding away . . ." (Paul Simon)

Was this too personal to share? Does this happen to anyone else? Please let me know what you hear at 


12:17 pm mst

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Garden Gate

Coincidence? Synchronicity?

The Garden Gate. Here's an interesting "prequel" to Thursday's blog post by Mel Walsh Jones. One day last week, Mel sent her blog post to me and it contained several references to the garden which she often visited. As part of the post, Mel sent a photo of a Garden Gate.

Later that day, I met friends for lunch in Tucson. On the way to lunch, I was passed by a large white truck which had "The Garden Gate" and a gate sketch, very similar to the photo which Mel had sent, painted on its side. On the way back from lunch, I passed a business which I had never before seen, you guessed it, "The Garden Gate." Wow.

(Just so you know, I had to take Mel's photo out of her blog post because my web hosting site doesn't allow me to put photos in the blogs.)

10:10 am mst

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mel Walsh Jones, Revolution

I met Mel Walsh Jones in April when we were both part of a Writer's Platform-Building Challenge. Mel has had extraordinary life experiences and she writes about these memories in a beautiful, lyrical, way. This is her true story:


. . . How can people be so heartless, how can people be so cruel? It's easy, easy to be hard . . .

My family moved when I was eleven, not just to a new house, but also to a new town, a new school, a new life. We moved to a town that had contrasting communities, on the one hand, there were very wealthy families and on the other poor Portuguese fishermen's families. We were neither and it was an odd place to be.

There by the sea, I found an abandoned old house with a haven-like garden behind it. The house was just - old. Broken windows and rickety staircases were testaments to the years of neglect it had suffered in silence. But the garden - was a magical place!

For my birthday that fall I received my first radio, shiny silver tucked neatly into a sturdy leather case. With the simple flipping of a switch, I was no longer isolated. I was surrounded by the voices of people I'd never met, but they knew me. In my garden, I listened to music that would be forbidden at home. That was the year I discovered I was a Being, a spirit unto myself, separate from the rest of the world. But even then, I wasn't alone; a nameless force was guiding me: the Teacher (as I would later come to call him) was always with me. I could feel him on the edges of my consciousness, taking notes.

. . . Bigger worlds can't help but make you more aware of what you see, afraid of what's beyond just eyesight keeps the worlds in harmony . . .

I can rebuild this garden in my mind's eye with exacting detail. The scent of the wild herbs captured me before I arrive at the faded black cast iron gate that was broken by the weight of unkempt ivy. Roses, now wild, blanketed most of the garden, but gave a respectful distance to the slate-blue pathway that led to the magnificent oak at the heart of the garden. Off in the distance was the whisper of waterfalls, the garden's source of life. Occasionally, I caught the Teacher watching me. I wondered if this was his garden. Was he a ghost, or an angel?

"What is it you want from me?" I asked. He didn't answer.

"Why are you always here?" He didn't answer.

"Is there something I can do for you? Are you trapped here?" I was beginning to think he was my punishment for skipped Hail Mary's or sins un-confessed. Some madness sent by a vengeful god to occupy my idle mind. He stood silent in the mists of the garden. He patiently waited for something or someone obviously unseen by me.

"What?" I implored. He didn't answer.

"Why are you haunting me?"

He smiled in an all-knowing kind of way that could easily become annoying. "Haunt you? Is that what you think? No, guide and perhaps teach. It is your own fears that haunt you, my dear."

"God, you're frustrating! First you say nothing, then that? That doesn't tell me anything!"

"God? Maybe, but only as much as you are, love," replied the Teacher in a serene manner that made what he was saying sound reasonable. "Frustrating? One must consider; we see in others reflections of the self that most often we do not wish to see in the mirror."

I decided I didn't like him. He was confusing and he was starting to make sense. I wasn't going to communicate with him again. Maybe it simply wasn't wise to talk to angels.

He smiled. There was a disquieting twinkle in his eye. He reminded me of a teacher on exam day, with answers to questions I couldn't even know yet.

"I'll wait then," he answered to something unasked.

. . . The child is grown the dream is gone and I have become comfortably numb. . .

None of us were surprised that cold September day that my sister-in-law Michelle disappeared. She had always been an outsider, troubled. The police questioned each of us in painful detail. Had we seen her? What was she wearing? Had she said anything? Where were we the night she disappeared? Perhaps she was running away from something, or to something to which she could feel connected, or so I hoped.

The phone rang mid-afternoon. The detective told me Michelle had been found. He believed it had been a drug-related murder. I was stunned. In 1977, the world was a safe place. People I knew weren't murdered!

Eons passed in the weeks that brought no answers. Our shattered family clung to the disconnected pieces of each other. Michelle's mother, my mother-in-law, seemed desperate in her sorrow, unreachable. Someone asked a Ouija board who had killed Michelle. Very surprisingly, it spelled out my name over and over.

They were convinced they had unmasked a killer!

After much discussion, it was decided that the recently deceased wanted to talk to me, not accuse me. I fell back on the imagined safety of my Catholic childhood; this was Satan's work, and I would have nothing to do with it! My mother-in-law's eyes haunted my dreams. She had no closure. Michelle cried in the background of my thoughts. This was no ending.

. . . Here I go . . . turn the page . . .

The family gathered in my dimly lit antique dining room. Candlelight danced off the rich mahogany table. Only in hushed tones were the timid questions asked. I reluctantly put my hands on the indicator that rested on the shiny brown board with its stark black letters. For the first time in years, I wandered into the garden in my mind. It was overgrown now, tainted by a bittersweet perception of reality.

The Teacher was watching from those shadows. Had he known all along this day would come? My world exploded into violent screams and scenes. Pain riveted through me. Angry men yelled at me - Michelle in my mind's eye. Massive hands grabbed me/her throwing ‘us' against the side of a van. I tasted the blood from a cut on . . . our lip. Knives caught the glimmer of the moon in their icy steel before plunging, again and again, sending us further into the blistering darkness . . .

Ever so slowly, I climbed back to my garden sanctuary from the depths of that hell. Would I ever feel safe again? Then he was there. Was he part of me? Or maybe it was part of God. He was standing alone finally clear; the Teacher. He looked strong and secure. This stranger I had always known reached out hands, beckoning me into a new world.

The me that was . . . just a moment before . . . was no more as I took his hands.

. . . Then there was an old man, kind and wise with age, and he read me just like a book and he never missed a page . . .

I knew that I had grown, somehow expanded, but was left feeling defeated. My vision was inadmissible in court. It left me unfinished, in search of the why. There were no answers.

I studied the mysteries of the spirit; read all there was to read. I meditated, venturing daily to my garden. I learned the tarot and answered the questions of strangers. I learned astrology and put order in the universe. The Teacher was always at my side guiding me toward that evasive Oneness. Still it nagged at me. Why? What is the purpose of such pain?

. . . I listen to my words but they fall far below. I let my music take me where my heart wants to go . . .

A dreamy fog captured me that snowy morning my baby decided to be born. Cat Stevens was playing on the radio. I wasn't in any pain. I was floating with the song, thinking about the first time that I'd heard him. I drifted in and out of places peaceful and serene that we can only visit before we're completely awake.

With lights flashing, the ambulance rushed through the storm. What could possibly be wrong? Couldn't they feel this?

Men in starched blue uniforms, carrying a stretcher, came running. Where would they take me that could rescue me from heaven?

Sirens blared, demanding that traffic move aside.

Doctors came running, shouting brisk orders at the white clad nurses. I felt my baby move and my heart danced with the wonder of the miracle.

Doors slammed.

I was in the garden in my mind listening to the waterfall sing. Suddenly, I was - over there. The Teacher was joined by Beings who . . . I couldn't begin to describe. I moved into their serenity wondering how this place could feel familiar.

"Would you like to stay, my dear?" asked the Teacher.

"Of Course I would!" screamed my Spirit.

. . . Singing, Holy Toledo I can't see the Light anymore. All those Horizons that I used to guide me are gone. Darkness is driving me farther away from the shore . . .

Then there was darkness. Had I misunderstood?

I heard someone tell me my son would be fine. Massive amounts of blood were needed to replenish what I had lost. No one was there with me. No Teacher. No Light. I was back here alone, and slightly out of rhyme. I cried. The doctor said I was alive.

No. Surely, this is death.

. . . You're saying I'm fragile, I try not to be. I search only for something I can't see . . .

My roses were in full bloom when I had recovered enough to venture into the world. I went to see the movie Star Wars to be mindless for a little while. It had a strangely profound affect on me. Obe-Won was perfect a Soldier of the Light, alone in the Universe, the last of the Jedi knights. With his amazing focus he could see what others could not because he was part of the Force that connected us all together. He reminded me of the Teacher, and annoyed me. I left the theater trembling. It couldn't be this simple. It was only a movie! The Force reminded me of the Oneness of the garden. That Oneness that my studies had taught me to search for that . . . Force that drives the human spirit . . . I just couldn't do it. I turned the radio on and started to relax thoughtlessly into the words . . .

. . .You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope someday you will join us . . .

I flipped the station.

. . . The answer my friend is blowing in the wind . . .

I pulled off the road and waited in the shadows. I was sure the DJ's voice would be that of the Teacher. He was going to say, "You are now tuned to W-G-O-D." With a deep breath, my hand reached for the radio once again.

. . . You say you want a revolution. Well you know, we all want to change the world . . .

Yes, Mr. Lennon, yes. I knew this was what it meant to be alive. To be connected the songs, the movies. The Spirit. You. The Universe. Everything. Serenity: oneness as revolution.

. . . You say you got a real solution. Well you know, we'd all love to see the plan . . .

I smiled. We are the plan. Revolutions happen in the spirit.

The Songs and Songwriters (in the order they appear):

Easy to be Hard. B. MacDermot
Richard Frost. Jimmy Buffett
Comfortably Numb. Roger Waters
Turn the Page. Bob Seger
In My Hour Of Darkness. Gram Parsons
The Wind. Cat Stevens
Shipwrecked in the Eighties. Kris Kristofferson
Leather & Lace. Stevie Nicks
Imagine. John Lennon
Blowing in the Wind. Bob Dylan
Revolution. Lennon & McCartney.

Here is Mel's bio (in her own words):

Mel Jones had her own poetry column in a local newspaper at fifteen and was determined that she would be the next Shakespeare or Tolkien. But then life intervened. She grew up and raised a family. Mel did her undergraduate work at The College of William and Mary, and graduate work at Virginia Commonwealth University and Antioch University, Los Angeles. She holds degrees in History, English, Rhetoric, Literature, and Creative Writing (Nonfiction). Yes, she's overeducated. She's done extensive genealogical research, edited a now defunct literary journal, and has taught children ranging from kindergarten through college. Mel writes on a small leisure farm west of Richmond, Virginia where she lives with her partner, parrots, and progeny. She recently had an epiphany: if she sent her work out more, she would be published more. She's working on that.

You can read more of Mel's work on her blog at

Comments or questions? Send an e-mail to me at And, please remember that I am looking for recommendations for psychics to interview in Sedona, Arizona, and in southern California.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

9:45 am mst

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Marianne Schloss, RN
Thinking about Dying

Last Friday, I went to a presentation by Marianne Schloss, RN, entitled, Illuminating the Threshold, Cooperating with Death's Natural Design. Marianne has worked with many dying patients and part of her work has been hospice care. When I had seen the notice for the talk, I had thought it was going to be about what patients experienced as they neared death. Turns out, the talk was more about preparing for our own deaths - I was not ready for that! I suddenly felt youthful.

Marianne said that we must let go of the concept of a "good death." We can't plan it. We don't know what will happen. We can't control it and we must let it unfold naturally. Whether it is our death, or another person's death, letting go frees us to allow things to unfold and to be compassionate towards others. We should welcome whatever arises during the dying process and be present for whatever happens.

One of things which she said that I really liked was that our past was framed by memories, while our future was framed by imagination. Our imaginations influence our futures.

Marianne mentioned that dying happens over time. It is a process, not an event. During the dying process, people often remember their regrets and their unresolved and unintegrated experiences. It's almost like the life review takes place before death, not after death.

When Marianne works with patients, she has to remember, "I can't fix anyone," and, "It's not about me." She must let the patient lead the process. However, she can tell them, "This is temporary. It's a phase you are passing through. It won't last forever."

During the talk, I wanted to hear about what Marianne's patients had seen and heard as they approached the threshold, but she didn't talk much about that. At the end of her talk, however, someone asked about the near-death experience which she had mentioned early in her presentation and that was a wonderful story. As best I can remember, she began to miscarry a pregnancy and went to the hospital. There, they gave her a medicine to which she was allergic and she went into anaphylactic shock. She saw the tunnel and the Light. She hovered above the bed and saw what was happening. She said that the people were scrambling around trying to help her, but they had no idea what to do. She could see that they were clueless, but that there was love in their hearts. After that, she crossed to the other side, but was told she should go back. She had a choice. She had not yet completed her work and they didn't want her to waste this lifetime. She didn't want to come back because it was so lovely on the other side. However, she woke up back in her body, gasping for breath. She no longer fears death.

The one thing which people who have had near-death experiences consistently say is that they are no longer afraid of death. Comforting.

* * *

According to the Institute for Noetic Sciences' (IONS) notification for this presentation, "Marianne Schloss is a Community Educator for Casa de la Luz Hospice with over 35 years experience in behavioral and home health, cardiac care, geriatrics and hospice. An ordained Interfaith Minister, she is certified as an advanced yoga instructor, and as a spiritual director, and is completing certification in the nationally acclaimed Integrative Restoration Program. Marianne provides self-care and end of life care education for professional, student, and lay audiences throughout Arizona. She is on the faculty of several yoga teacher training programs, as well as the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine."

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