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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Message from the Ascended Masters
Message from the Ascended Masters

News and Notes

First, I want to thank each of you who has ordered the book or the chakra-balancing jewelry through my website or through Amazon. It's nice to know that people are interested in these items. Ordering through this website is quick and easy. The website uses PayPal, but if you don't have a PayPal account, you can sign in as a guest and use whichever credit card appeals to you.

Second, I want to let you know that I will be set up at this Sunday's Psychic Fair at the Windmill Inn in Tucson, Arizona. The Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. The Windmill Inn is on the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue. I will have the book and the chakra-balancing jewelry with me, and there will be plenty of psychics available for readings. Please come chat!

Third, I am looking for new psychics to interview. If you have had a good experience with anyone in the Tucson area, in Sedona, or in southern California, please let me know their name and contact information and I will see if they are interested in being interviewed. My address is

Finally, I have a fascinating blog post for you. In my travels around the world-wide web, I often find interesting people and websites. Today, I would like to share the website for Expansion Publishing which has a newsletter containing information channeled from Ascended Masters. Channeling means that a person here on Earth has communicated directly with the Ascended Masters, heard this information, and written it down. Ascended Masters are spirits who have lived on Earth and have completed their lessons. They are guiding us from the other side.

This particular channeling came through Linda Stein-Luthke. After the message, I have provided information from the website about Linda. If you would like to read all of the messages, you can go to


           Trust Our Help in This Moment - and the Next

                By the Ascended Master El Morya Khan

Dear Friends,

Once again we thank you for allowing us this opportunity to be of service to you. We understand only too well the challenges that so many of you continue to experience while living on the Earth plane. When one looks at the overwhelming amounts of information regarding events that are unfolding on Earth, it might give one cause to wonder how you and your planet will survive all of these challenges.

And that is why we have come to you now. To offer you yet again another possible way to aid you in staying centered in balance and harmony as the powerful Light of Infinite Source flows through your forms.

You have heard quite frequently that it is crucial and useful to stay centered and "in the moment." We have also offered you guidance to penetrate each moment as fully as possible while this Light of Infinite Source flows through you. And yet we know how easy it is to give way to thoughts about the past or the future and lose the focus on the present moment that we've encouraged you to take.

We continue to send you a great deal of compassion and loving support for this predicament. We understand only too well how difficult this must be for you, and we are here now to aid you even further in aligning with your Light and trusting that this guidance can be useful for you now.

Trust, of course, is the first issue that must be discussed before we can be of further service to you. As your discomfort with life on Earth appears to be increasing, it seems more difficult, not less, to trust that the Light is aiding you. But trust is crucial, dear friends. Absolutely crucial.

What are we asking you trust?

First and foremost, you may trust that you are not now, nor ever have you been, "alone" at any time since you have been on Earth. Yes, you've had your Earthly companions, but we, on the higher planes have also been your companions to aid you in every way possible. This has always been true, in every lifetime that you have been on Earth. We have helped Leia and Manalus [Linda & Martin] to develop a publication, entitled "Angels and Other Beings of Light" that describes who we are and how we may help you. Now more than ever before, our help is more easily available. Because of the shift to higher frequencies of the Earth plane, when you call to us and ask for aid, you will most certainly have the opportunity to experience the help we have to offer.

Simply ask for help. Infinite Source and the Beings of Light will know how to aid you. But the most crucial point is that you must ask. We cannot come to you and aid you until you do ask. This is for two reasons. First, if you do not ask, then you will not be open to receiving what we can offer. Second, you do live on a plane of free will and therefore can choose what you wish to experience there in every moment. Even if some of your choices have led to uncomfortable consequences for you, they were still your choices and we honor them without judgment. The help we offer is always beneficent, but if you do not ask, we cannot help.

How do we help? We provide the additional support for you to open your hearts and allow the healing, omniscient Light of Infinite Source to fill your heart and your Being.

Once you've allowed this Light to fill you, you will receive the guidance from the Light that can aid you in knowing how to move through this time of profound transformation.

Therefore, the second most important function that you can perform to aid this process is to sit in a meditative state as you open your heart to your Light and then to allow your open heart to heal your soul and spirit.

Simply affirming that you allow this healing to occur is most powerful indeed. As the healing occurs, you will notice that you have stopped thinking about the past and the future, but are simply focusing on the moment. As this focus continues to strengthen within you, the moment can expand and you can allow yourself to begin to understand that you are not only cared for by the Light in this moment, but in every moment.

As you allow this to occur, you will feel a sense of gratitude that in this expanded moment, you do feel comfortable -- even if you are not currently on what you consider to be your home base, and even if you have never felt comfortable with life on Earth.

You see, beloved friends, the same Light that you are allowing into your heart in this expanded moment, is the Light that you experienced in other lifetimes in other portions of the cosmos! The same Light is everywhere in everything on Earth and throughout all of Creation. It is the same Light.

And what you are now doing here on Earth is welcoming this ever more powerful radiance into this portion of Creation as well.

But first, we ask you to be still, penetrate the moment, and allow this awareness to expand within you.

We are here to help. Please allow us to do this.

Many Blessings of Love and Light,

El Morya Khan

* * * * *
A summarized bit of background from the Expansion Publishing Site:

Linda Stein-Luthke and Martin F. Luthke, Ph.D., DCEP

Linda has been an active student of metaphysics for the last 30 years. Linda has studied extensively with Master teachers in the fields of meditation, healing, herbology and nutrition, and Astrology. Linda has had many phenomenal experiences which have led her to develop gifts in written and oral channeling of higher vibrational frequencies. For the past 25 years she has channeled Higher Vibrational Beings -- most frequently the Ascended Masters El Morya Khan and St. Germain.

For the last 17 years, Linda has been working in collaboration with her husband and clinical psychologist, Dr. Martin Luthke, to develop an effective, comprehensive course of healing and spiritual awakening. In addition, they have written a number of books published by Expansion Publishing.

Martin is the founder and director of the Institute of Psychoenergetic Healing. He is a psychologist with many years of training and experience. Dr. Luthke has (co-)authored numerous scientific and metaphysical publications.

Comments or questions? Send an e-mail to me at


10:18 am mst

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quote from a Psychic:

Being psychic can be like singing. When you are born with perfect pitch you haven't done anything to get it, you just happen to have it. You can't do much to improve it and it won't ever go away. I think it is the same thing with psychic ability. Some people are born connected. They didn't do anything to make it happen and they will probably be able to use it quite easily. Then there are people, like those who take singing lessons, who start to sound good, but will never have perfect pitch. Just like psychic ability.

Jeff Sonnenburg

9:20 pm mst

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mark Janssen's Interview
Hello. I have two pieces of news, then I'll post today's fascinating interview.

First, I want to celebrate the fact that my book is on (yes, I'm still celebrating!). You can order the book through this website, or through Amazon. Right now, there is one review on Amazon so if you have read the book and want to be one of the first people to post a review, now is the time.

Second, the lovely chakra-balancing jewelry on this website continues to draw "oohs" and "ahs" at public events. I have added "Buy Now" buttons so all of my on-line shoppers can easily purchase whichever pendant they prefer.

Now, onto today's Internet Interview. It's a bit long, but this story is so unique that there wasn't anything to delete.

I met Mark Janssen on the "Linked In" social media site last month. After "chatting" back and forth, I thought he would be an interesting person to interview. I was right. My questions are in Italics. Here is our interview:

1) When you do your spiritual work, do you like to be called a psychic, or something else?

Regardless of what I am doing, I am always a mystic. My spiritual discipline aims at union with the Divine through meditation, contemplation and prayer. We all have access to realities beyond our perception.

2) What kinds of spiritual work do you do publicly?

In public and in private I pray, meditate, see angels everywhere I look, and I hear and speak with God, angels, spirits and ghosts. I speak (sometimes giving talks), I provide one-to-one spiritual coaching, and I work as a Medium. When directed by God, I work with angels and spirits to send ghosts and other lost souls to the Tunnel of Light and Home. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic. I see auras, heal, and channel energy. The best, totally the best, is being in the Divine Presence.

3) Were you born with your gifts, or did they develop during your lifetime?

These fantastic spiritual gifts have been mine all of my life. However, like everybody else, my talents had to be developed by a series of teachers, beginning with my grandmother who was a very practical mystic. So, too, were the school sisters in my Catholic grade school. To this day I am surrounded by teachers. My spiritual director (a real-life human advisor) for the last thirty years is a psychic. My spiritual twin (another real-life human) and I share complementary abilities. As spiritual twins, we are halves of the same soul, like the human zygote that splits to become two identical humans. The three of us work with others so, when a situation arises requiring a great concentration of energies, we have the resources to meet others' needs. We work together and we teach each other.

I am also married to a Cherokee healer and mystic.

4) Can you tell me about the ghosts who you help cross to the other side? Do you find them or do they find you? How are you able to help them go to the Light?

It's always all about God. In some cases, God arranges for me to be taken to the soul. A few years ago I was taken by friends to where a young man had died two weeks earlier when he drove too fast up a steep sand dune and his buggy flipped. He landed on the back of his neck. It broke instantly. All of the air rushed out of him and he died immediately. The young man was found dead at the bottom in the marsh brush. I recounted this to my companions after seeing it and they verified it for me. I was told that the coroner's report agreed with what I saw.

An Episcopal priest and his wife were among this group. The priest's wife showed me the wooden cross someone had placed where the body had been found. Beside it sat the young man staring out to sea. Nothing about him moved. His hair and clothing were not buffeted by the incoming storm winds off of the Atlantic. As soon as I saw him, he turned and looked up at me in disbelief. He stood. I called upon the archangels and the Theotokas (Greek for "God-bearer," the Virgin Mary) to be with me and I opened the Tunnel of Light. I sent him home to Paradise with the holy angels. I told the landowner to tell the young man's family that the man was now with God in Paradise.

Later that evening, the young man showed up in my bedroom. He attempted to barter with me. He wanted two months, no make it three months, to return to say good-bye to his family. He wanted them to know he was okay and doing his job of getting Paradise ready for all of them when their times come. He mostly wanted them to know he loved them, even beyond death.

I had sent him out of this world at God's word. He came to me to negotiate since God was not giving in to his desires. The young man wanted to "appear" to his family for a few months to let them know he was okay. Ghosts can appear to people in dreams and can contact people who are awake. I gave the young man what God gave me to give him -- I gave him one day. He had until sundown the following evening. After that, God needed him more than any human. (Excerpted from my forthcoming book Reach For The Stars.)

Other times, spirits will come to me and ask for help crossing over. In fact, that's exactly what happened to me on Epiphany 2012. A spirit I was expecting would be ready to go Home in May or June came to me very distressed and asked for help to go Home. She was ready. The South is full of the ghosts of people who refuse to leave after their bodies die. They have a mistaken notion that their families and friends need them. Once those family members and friends are dead, the ghosts have nothing to do. They hang around and make trouble for themselves and others. They have made living here these last five years very busy.

Then there are surly ghosts, like the two I met when I came to my current home for the first time several years ago. The house had a thick, heavy, dark feel. I asked about the house and my future housemate told me that there was some sort of nasty spirit. He was pretty sure it was a woman. She used to drive him out of the den when he was reading or watching television. I went home, sat in my meditation chair and opened up to her spirit and the spirit with her. I told the female spirit that she could either leave the house and go to a nearby parking lot or she could be sent away. She immediately left the house. Later, she and her companion chose to go through the Tunnel during a mass spirit sending.

5) Can you tell me more about your work with angels?

Angels are totally cool. The first person I see every morning is my guardian angel. He is also the last person I see as I go to sleep. I have to remind myself each morning that when I open the bedroom door, the house will be full of angels and spirits. There have been times when I've forgotten, even after a lifetime of seeing them all day every day. Walking out into a party at full swing at 3:30AM can be somewhat daunting. I say "hello" to everybody in the house. They go on with their party and I begin my day.

Likewise, when I walk out the door there are angels everywhere. They are all around the yard, the bushes, and the trees. They are up and down the street. As I drive in the dark, I see them on the rivers and in the ocean. God has given his angels free rein to help us, to make our lives richer, fuller and more alive with Love. We are meant to be creatures of joy and happiness, just like the angels. That is why He sends them to guard us. We have tremendous teaching and helping angels always available to us. What so often stops us are our fears of God, of something new, of being happy.

There is an added dimension here. Until a few years ago I had lived alone most of my life. Now that I am married to another mystic who has very strong Native American spirituality, new doors are opening. Now, there are all sorts of wolves and pumas running around the house and yard. In addition to seeing and speaking with our own families and spirits, we see each other's spirits. The angels open new doors for us every day.

6) Is there anything that the angels want people to know?

You can see your guardian angels whenever you wish. Listen to them. They are the voices telling you so many good and positive ways you can live. They are the ones reminding you that you can see and communicate with your Creator. You can make this world and all worlds better places to be. All you have to do is let go of the earth. Be lighter than air. Choose joy. Choose happiness.

Let go of here and now.

Let go of your body.

Go. Live in forever.


(Adapted from my forthcoming book Reach For The Stars.)

7) Is there anything else you want people to know about your work?

Everywhere I go, every time I blink my eyes, I see souls and spirits and angels of God. Having God guide my life with the love of His angels has been a gift beyond compare. It is all gift. It has not always been easy. There have been many difficult days. Yet, God is always present to me. As Dame Julian of Norwich said so many centuries ago, "In the end, all will be well." Together and on our own, we have only to choose to accept the gift that is God. All will be well.

If you want to know more about Mark and his work, you can contact him through Linked In, or by sending an e-mail to

If you have questions or comments for me, my e-mail address is

10:05 am mst

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quote from a Psychic:

Over the years, I have wondered if I was imagining information, but I would write it down and share it with people and I would get feedback that the information was correct. People confirmed the things which I told them. Finally, I started trusting the information. Sometimes I give a person a message and I tell them that I don't know what it means. Spirit told me that I don't have to understand the information, the client will know what it means.

Denise Singerline


9:00 am mst

Friday, May 18, 2012

In honor of My Psychic Search paperback book being available for purchase on, I am reviewing another book which is also available on

Book Review: I'm Over all That, by Shirley MacLaine

Over the past month, I read Shirley MacLaine's book, I'm Over all That. I have always liked Shirley MacLaine because, in addition to being a talented theatrical artist, she has spoken freely about her metaphysical experiences. Some of the earliest books I read about UFOs and reincarnation were, Out on a Limb, and Dancing in the Light, both by Shirley MacLaine.

This book is a mixture of Ms. MacLaine's opinions on politics, theater, life and metaphysics. She discusses things which she no longer cares about as well as things which she "is not over yet." She no longer worries about what other people think, but she retains her curiosity about life.

Ms. MacLaine talks about how politicians use fear, such as fear of terrorism, to control people and limit their thinking. She has traveled the world, but she is "over that" because airport security has turned into "security bullying." She says that, "Traveling for me is a constant reminder here and abroad that we are becoming afraid of ourselves and our neighbors, because fear is the most powerful weapon of mass destruction."

The book explores Ms. MacLaine's adventures in Hollywood and around the world. The parts which most-intrigued me were about the paranormal. She discussed a month-long walk across a famous trail in Spain where she remembered her past lives in many of the locations where she stopped.

In the course of discussing politics and her life, she mixes in UFOs, the idea of "president of the planet," karma, sexuality, reincarnation, 2012, Akashic Records, chakras, and the possible reversal of the Earth's energy field.

One of the predominant themes in the book is reincarnation. Ms. MacLaine has had many glimpses of her past lives on Earth and she believes that we learn lessons in each incarnation which help us in subsequent incarnations.

On page 37, she writes:

"I have developed an understanding that I am part of the web of God and light, and if I just let go and let God, I will tread the path of my own designated destiny. I am responsible for my life and destiny because I signed up for it before I came in. I chose my parents and all my relatives in order to learn some cosmic and spiritual life lessons this time around. With this understanding, I don't blame any of them for what happened in my childhood or what happens to me as an adult. I find myself always aided by a synchronicity of events and people. If I need to know something and don't know where to go, I find someone popping up in my life who informs me of that very thing."

She also discusses religion and how it relates to reincarnation. On page 99, she writes:

"Even Christian doctrine was not always in opposition to reincarnation, that is until the sixth century AD when Empress Theodora of Byzantium arranged an ecumenical council in Constantinople in the year 553. The Pope himself and many bishops boycotted the meeting because Theodora was planning an eradication of the understanding of soul reembodiment in the Gospels, replacing the idea of reincarnation with that of resurrection."

After that council, Christianity no longer recognized the concept of reincarnation. However, people still had experiences relating to their previous lives on Earth.

In a related part of the book Ms. MacLaine writes that, "One of the explanations for homosexuality and transgenderism could, I believe, be a profound identification with a recent incarnation as a member of the opposite sex."

In her discussion of the many possible vibrational re-alignments coming in 2012, she says:

"Some of the new children being born are evidencing advanced mental and emotional capabilities that will probably be commonplace in all of humanity. I believe there will be widespread acceptance of spiritual intelligence which will include the recognition of past lives. I believe we will finally recognize nonphysical beings: angels and other celestial intelligences that are not embodied. In every culture on Earth there are stories of unusual experiences and enlightening contacts with beings that weren't physical."

This book is an easy read which covers a variety of topics. What I like about the book is the way in which Ms. MacLaine integrates spiritual understanding into her life stories. Reading this book, it all makes sense. Real life and spiritual life are not separate experiences. Spiritual concepts such as karma and reincarnation explain why things happen in our lives. Thanks Ms. MacLaine for presenting these concepts in such an integrated, straight-forward, way.

If you are interested in this book, the full title is: I'm Over All That And Other Confessions, by Shirley MacLaine, 2011, Atria Books, New York, NY. I am certain that you can find this book in the library, in your local bookstores and on

And, speaking of, My Psychic Search paperback book is now available for purchase on So, you can purchase the book on this website, or on Amazon. Either way, the books come from me.

Once you have read the book, and if you like it, I would appreciate it if you wrote a short review and put it on or on Perhaps, someday, my books will be as widely-read as those of Shirley MacLaine. Thanks!

Comments? Questions? Contact me at


12:09 pm mst

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"My Psychic Search" book is on

Big news today! The book is now on! You can go to and search for "My Psychic Search" or "Gail Kushner." Pretty exciting. So now there are two ways to purchase the book, you can go to The Book page of this website, or you can go to the listing on Whatever works for you, works for me.

10:07 am mst

Monday, May 14, 2012

Catching Up and How People Knew they were Psychic

It's been a while since I've blogged, so let me catch you up on things.

Earlier this month, I spent two days at the Body and Sol Expo at Casino del Sol and I sold a few books there. I was helping Patricia Kirkman, an Intuitive Numerologist, with her booth. While Patricia read for clients, I talked with the people who stopped at the table and asked about Patricia's work. Then, I helped them schedule short readings. For me, the most-fascinating part of this experience was that the Expo was not particularly well-attended, yet Patricia had people signed up for readings all day, for two days. I believe that she was the busiest person at this event. You can fill a room with jewelry, body lotion, spa services and products which appeal to women, yet what the women really want is a glimpse of their future or a way to understand their present circumstances. Based on what I saw, I think people were more interested in a life experience (a psychic reading), than a pampering product.

The following day, I was set up at our local Psychic Fair. I had a table with my books and chakra-balancing jewelry. At one point, I looked up to see a guy reading the book he had just purchased from me and, across the room, a woman was also engrossed in a copy of my book. I saw the book covers and I saw the intensity on their faces. For me, it was a heart-warming moment. People were reading the book and they looked like they were enjoying it. I am very grateful to be able to share what I have learned.

As an aside, I sold enough books at these events that I needed to order more books. Woo-hoo! Thanks to all of you who purchased books. I hope the material enriches your life. Additional books are being printed this week (if you are about to order a book, don't worry, I still have some in stock).

Early last week, I put my book on "GoodReads," a website for people who like to read. This is where people talk about the books they are reading and recommend books to each other. Now that My Psychic Search is on GoodReads, people can add reviews. I'm still working to put the book on Amazon.

Later last week, I turned from my psychic adventures back to "real life." I picked up my daughter from college and my family attended a couple of Graduation parties; hence, no blog updates. This week, it's back to blogging. What can you look forward to? I'm working on an interview with a gentleman who sees angels and who helps ghosts cross to the other side. Some people lead interesting lives! I'm also reading two books and there may be a book review. If you share what you know with me, I'll share what I know with you!

Feel free to contact me at

For those of you who would like more psychic information in today's blog, I am re-posting an entry from July 11, 2009:

People often ask me, "How did the psychics know they were psychic?" and "Can anyone develop psychic abilities?" Here are the answers:

Of the 21 people I have interviewed, four (19%) told me that they were born knowing they were psychic, another thirteen (62%) told me that they knew they were different from other children, but didn't know what they had until they figured it out somehow, and four (19%) told me that they were normal children and that they developed their gifts later in life. I think this means that the most-talented psychics were born with the gift, but that the rest of us can develop our abilities if we put in the time and effort.

If you are interested in knowing more, here are the details:

The four psychics who told me they came in "knowing" either remembered their past lives and how the Universe worked or remembered making an agreement before they were born to come to Earth and help other people. They had experiences in childhood which reinforced their "knowing." One psychic told me that when her class learned about World War II in second grade, she remembered the whole thing and couldn't get out of bed for a week.

In addition to the four psychics who came in "knowing," thirteen people told me that they had childhood experiences which led them to believe that they were different from other children. For example, these people saw fairies, astral traveled, hung out with spirits, or knew things about other people which they had no logical way of knowing. At eight years old, one psychic told his mom that a neighborhood friend was pregnant before there were any indications that the woman was pregnant. Another psychic told me that she started seeing people's auras when she was eight years old. A third psychic told me that, at five years old, he had an out-of-body experience.

These thirteen children discovered that there was something different about them, but it took a while to put the pieces together. Four of them were confused until they found a teacher who was able to explain what was going on. Another four of them told me that once they began researching, studying and exploring metaphysics on their own, they figured out the gifts which they had and they were able to enhance their abilities. One person told me that she knew she was different as a child and that she had Spirit Guides who came to her and explained what was going on. Three people who knew they were different as children figured out that they were psychic when they either had a near-death experience (NDE) or medical issues which opened up their abilities. The other psychic figured things out on her own.

Four people told me that they didn't know they were gifted as children and that they developed their abilities as teens or adults. One of these people had an NDE which opened up her abilities and, afterwards, she began studying spirituality. The other three told me that they began exploring on their own (playing with Ouija boards or Tarot cards or taking classes) and were able to develop their abilities.

This should give us all hope that even if we were not born with psychic abilities, we can develop them through classes and experimentation. According to the psychics, intuition is a G-d given right.

* * *
Many interesting posts can be found on The Blog pages of this website. Check out the Blog Index to see what appeals to you.


12:04 pm mst

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quote from a Psychic:

 As a child, playing classical music for 4 or 5 hours a day was a meditative practice. I wasn't meditating, or praying, but the music linked me to the music of the spirits. Music was my first love. Through music, I was connected to planets and stars, to souls. I knew I wasn't just a body when I was playing music. Now, this is just starting to reveal itself. Music is going on constantly in the Universe. Music was a way for me to soothe my soul during dark times.

Delphina Nova

12:22 pm mst

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The 5-5-5 Portal

Lately, I've been posting a lot of information about myself, my book, and my journey. Today, I want to do something completely different and put up information about Light Codes and Source Energy. Are you ready?

Raquel Spencer is today's Guest Blogger. She wants us to understand the significance of the events which will take place this Saturday, May 5, 2012. This Blog Post was taken (with her permission) from her website at Raquel works with Light energies and she has a wonderful website. I know that we won't all understand this blog post, but I think we can get  the feeling that, "This is It!" Things are happening and each of us can choose how we move forward. If you have questions, send to them to Raquel via her website. Enjoy!

Raquel writes:

5-5-5 Portal of Light! Do you Hear the Call?

In numerology, the language of numbers and their symbolic meaning, numbers and dates are added together to obtain the true meaning or essence. For example the year of 2012 is 2+1+2 = 5 showing the overall essence of 2012 is the five energy. "May" being the fifth month and 2012 being a five year, the triple portal date of 5-5-5 IS significant. Take just a moment to reflect upon the number 5, which in numerology represents major change at the most primal meaning and translation.

Of course 2012 would be a 5 year! It makes perfect sense as we move into the next grand cycle under the Galactic Mayan Calendar. This entire year is about grand transformation.

May 5, 2012, also is a full moon, the Wesak moon to be exact, celebrating the birth and ‘enlightenment' of the Buddha. Again a very powerful and significant date. The Buddha energy and teachings are all about compassion and balance as we navigate this duality existence within the 3D reality of life. It is the Buddha, the Cosmic Councils of Light and many other councils who are communicating from the higher realms the importance of this date. So why aren't more talking about it?

The pure beauty of the symbology is magical. The first 5 within the triple portal date represents the Cosmic, the second the Divine Human as the vehicle, the third mother Gaia.* You can begin to see the balance and symmetry in the perfection of this date. Five, which represents major change, reflects what is happening within the grand design of our evolution, as we move into higher states of conscious awareness. As we come into alignment with the galactic center, new Light frequencies, information and emanations from the core of our solar system will be available. We have not been in this alignment for approximately 26,000 years. This triangulation, planetary position makes it possible to receive new spectrums of Light which have not been previously available.

This is what makes this time in cosmic history so special.

These new spectrums of Light are information, technology and communication from the galactic core, which are designed to expand our understanding of ourselves and our place within the Solar System, Galactic family and Cosmic Heart and Mind. This portal of the 5-5-5 begins a new transmission of codes which more effectively communicate the concept of ‘As Above, So Below.' The understanding that ALL emanates from Original Source energy. That we are all part of the whole. That each manifestation is a pure mirror reflection of our thoughts, thus creating our reality. The new codes will amplify the knowledge and ability to understand the Light frequency, which creates the structure and manifests it into a physical expression within our world. It will bring through the next level of understanding that WE create our reality.

The 5-5-5 portal is paramount. New spectrums of Light will become available on this auspicious date from the Cosmic Galactic Core. These Light Codes and information will usher in the next stage of DNA activation and energy blueprint configuration to enable this expansion in human consciousness. We as the physical way showers, code carriers and Star seeds will be the "Portal" in which these codes anchor into our reality. As we stand upon Gaia, we will be the portal which grounds this Light into physical manifestation.

At the purest form, Light is Source Energy. Light codes are a pure form of communication from Source. They are a configuration of mathematical and frequency sequencing, the universal language of our universe, making distinct and precise ‘information packets,' which are recognized and translatable by the human energetic/physical structure. These packets work directly with the physical and multi-dimensional DNA to activate and trigger memory and conscious understanding.

Light codes work on many levels, a small sample of what they are designed to do is . . . They trigger physical memory for the body to hold, integrate and interpret Light to transform your cellular structure into a crystalline configuration. They activate your multi-dimensional memory to connect with your Higher Self/Soul Essence and remember who you are. They release and restore ancient wisdom from other star systems and Gaia herself. They also bring future technologies and knowledge into our conscious awareness on an individual and collective level. But ultimately they are designed to help humanity (all sentient beings) remember we are all part of Source energy and Divine.

The energy, Light codes will pulse from the Galactic core, through our physical bodies and into Gaia. Then Gaia, as our celestial host, will transmit through our physical portals, back to the Galactic Core/Source intelligence our level of Light quotient and our readiness to hold the next level of DNA Light codes. This pulsing between the Cosmic Core, the Physical Body/Blueprint and Gaia will continue throughout the day and across the globe as the light information downloads into the energy matrix of those able to anchor it into their systems. Are you ready?

As the codes anchor into the Light matrix of those holding sufficient Light quotient, the cellular structure and DNA will once again take a Quantum up-shift.

These codes will begin the activation within the DNA/RNA of the Star Seeds, Code Carriers and Light workers who signed up to be the forerunners to anchor this for humanity. Between the dates of May 5 and Dec. 12, 2012, those anchoring these codes will prepare the human blueprint/matrix to reconfigure and hold this level of awareness. The Light matrix has many components such as the Merkaba, Ka Body, the Light body, etc., but in its purest and most encompassing state, it is the structure which interprets the information from ‘Source Light' and makes it comprehensible to the human mind. Our promise and role is to prepare our Light Matrix to hold this light and information at a sufficient level, and in enough numbers, so the blueprint can be expanded into the planetary grids. Thus making it accessible to all of humanity. This level of Light within the Human Matrix will be necessary to prepare the masses for the influx of Light coming when the 144 Crystalline Grid structure fully comes on line 12-12-12.

This is a major preparatory assignment that many signed up for. Are you one of them? Our physical systems are reconfiguring at the cellular level to reconnect to the Cosmic Heart and Mind. To shift into a level of perception that allows for a clear understanding of ourselves as Divine Beings of Light and our existence within the Cosmic whole.

We ARE the portals of Light!

Gather together with other Light workers and anchor this Light as the Divine Human vehicle that you are. All places upon Gaia are sacred! However, if you can gather on the Power Places, on the Vortex's, on the significant ley lines of Gaia your ability to more fully anchor this energy will be enhanced.

The call is being sounded. We have all been working towards this assignment for years. We have continued to follow the promptings of Spirit to be in service to humanity. Gather with your soul family, celebrate the full moon energies of Wesak and the Buddha, dance, sing and honor your role as a multidimensional Master of Light.

When you add the numbers of 5-5-5 you get 15. 1+5= 6. The essence energy of a six is HOME and FAMILY.

We are part of the Cosmic Family of Light!

Our place within it will be more fully realized as the new Light codes activate within our DNA and our memory of who we truly are comes into our awareness. 2012 is a transformational year! Live Your Light!


* Gaia refers to Mother Earth

About Raquel, from her website at I am a Multi-Dimensional Energy/Light Specialist, teacher and facilitator. I recalibrate and activate your energetic pathways to reawaken your body's innate ability to utilize Light. For years I have been spiritually trained and physically prepared to transmit energies which bypass the conscious mind and work directly with your energy matrix to trigger the Codes of Ascension.

 *  *  *  *  *

If you want to talk about this post (which I don't completely understand), come see me at this Sunday's Psychic Fair at the Windmill Inn in Tucson, Arizona.


5:07 pm mst

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My First Book Talk

On Sunday, I gave my first Book Talk. I did a presentation at Tucson's Fusion Fest. Overall, Fusion Fest was weakly attended; however, I had 14 people show up for my Book Talk. In fact, two people stopped at my table on Saturday to tell me that they would be at my talk on Sunday. I think that 14 people was a fine turn-out and I appreciated the fact that so many people came to hear me speak.

How did it go? Pretty well I think. I had a written speech, but I tried to use it as talking points and not read it. I knew the material so I only stumbled along a few times. I didn't faint from the stress of public speaking; whew!

The audience was mostly adult women. They were very nice and supportive. I saw heads nodding as I spoke. Even when I mentioned how people come to earth for multiple lifetimes, no one snickered. They seemed accepting.

I had them wait until the end to ask questions and they asked thoughtful, interesting questions. They asked me if I was psychic and if I did readings. When I said, "No," they asked me if my abilities had opened while working on this Project and I said, "Yes." One woman asked if I had been to LilyDale (a spiritualist community in New York). I said, "No," but told her I had visited Harmony Grove, a spiritualist community in southern California. Someday, I would like to go to LilyDale. After the talk, she gave me contact information for someone who works in LilyDale.

One woman asked if I was planning on interviewing more psychics and I said, "Yes." I told her that I wanted to sell enough books to afford to travel around the country interviewing psychics and sharing their information with the public.

The Book Talk was a good experience. It gave me a firm deadline for writing a presentation so now I am prepared for the next time I am invited to speak in front of a group. It gave me speaking experience, and it was interesting to see things from my side of the podium. I have to remember to speak slowly, breathe, and drink my water.

Before the presentation, I asked my Guides and my supportive energetic system to help me with the Book Talk and I think they helped. For one thing, the morning of my presentation, they reminded me to end the talk by saying something about what was in the book. I had been so excited to share what I had learned from the interviews, that I had nearly forgotten to mention that all of the information was in a book. Oops. I rewrote the end of the speech.

I asked my Guides to be with me when I presented and I felt like I was the front-person for the group. They had ideas and positive energy, but I was the one who had to stand in a physical body and share the information. I was the point-person. In my meditation after the event, I felt their excitement that things had gone well.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for my Book Talk. Do you think it went well? If you have any feedback, send an e-mail to me at

There's one more thing I want to mention and it is an addition to last week's post about my early psychic readings. In preparation for my Book Talk, I looked at the notes from my 1985, 1986 and 1987 psychic readings and, just yesterday, I saw something new in them. When I had asked the psychic how I would recognize "Mr. Right," she had said that all she got was that he would be a Libra. A Libra. Yesterday morning I realized that she must have been getting "Lee" and she interpreted it as "Libra." My husband's name is "Lee." This is an example of how psychic ability works. Yes, it is a real connection to information. However, it comes in bits and pieces and we don't always understand the messages. I might have thought that she was wrong because my husband is not a "Libra" . . . but he certainly is a "Lee."

If you want to chat about My Psychic Search Project or my early psychic readings, I will be set up at this Sunday's Psychic Fair (May 6) at the Windmill Inn in Tucson. I'll be at there from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and I will have books for sale. Come visit! I love hearing your stories.

Comments? Questions? E-mail them to me at or post something on My Psychic Search's Facebook page. Just go to Facebook and search for "My Psychic Search." Then, please remember to "Like" the page. I haven't done much with the page, but now that I've completed my Social Media Challenge, I will be working with the page more often. If you're not a Facebook member, don't worry. All of the information is right here on my website. Facebook just provides a place for a discussion.

That's all for now. Have a great day!


11:46 am mst

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