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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fusion Fest and My Early Psychic Readings

This weekend, I am going to give my first presentation about My Psychic Search. I will be at Pima Community College's Fusion Fest and I will be speaking on Sunday, from noon until 12:45 p.m. After that, I will be signing and selling books. If you would like to chat with me, I would love to meet you. Fusion Fest is a new kind of fair. It will include arts, crafts, international dancers, musical performances and a kids play area. There will also be a Culinary Arts Pavilion, a Fashion Pavilion and an area for independent films. I'll be in the Literary Arts classroom. All of this activity will take place at Pima Community College's northwest campus near Ina and Shannon roads.

I'm a little nervous about public speaking, but as you know, we grow by facing our challenges, so I'm sucking it up and working on my speech.

When I began to think about my presentation, I wondered when I had started speaking with psychics. I thought I remembered things pretty clearly. However, when I pulled out my old notebooks, I discovered that I had had more psychic readings than I remembered. I had my first psychic reading in 1985 and it was fascinating to look through the notes and find out what had come true and what had not happened.

I started talking to psychics when I was in my mid-twenties. In 1985, I was living in Tucson and I was single. I wanted to know if I was ever going to meet a man, get married and have a family. I wanted to know about my future. So, I went to one psychic and asked her about my friends, my family, and my life. Just by looking at a photograph, or by writing down their birth date, she could tell me things about these people. Some of the people I asked about were shy, some were outgoing and some had health problems. She was able to describe these people accurately. I wondered how that was possible. She told me that 1986 would be my year for love.

I went back to see this psychic in 1986 and she told me that I was going to meet "Mr. Right" that year, but it didn't happen. I went back early in 1987 and she said that he was very close. Timing could be off, but he would be here soon. He arrived in my life on May 1, 1987. She also told me that I would have two children of the same sex, but that "Mr. Right" wasn't sure he wanted children. She was correct. When I met my future husband, this was our one area of disagreement. Fortunately for me (and our children), I won. We had our two children, both girls. Again, how could she know that they would be the same sex?

What about the other things she said? She correctly saw the health issues of my father, my mother, and my boss, although some of these issues didn't surface until years later. She predicted an important relationship for one my friends and it happened. She predicted that another one of my friends, who was already in a relationship, would not marry her guy, although they did get married. She told me that someone I knew (but can't name on this blog) would have a baby boy, but that never happened.

In my old notebooks, I found another reading which I had totally forgotten. In September 1986, I had talked to a palm reader at Tucson's Oktoberfest. She told me that all of my wishes would come true within a year. Turns out I met my future husband in 1987 and that was the beginning of having all of my dreams come true. This palm reader told me that I would have three children. I stopped at two (and some really wonderful dogs who I have loved like children). The first psychic had told me several times that I would only have two children and she was the one who saw my future most clearly.

Wow. Time is a friend. How interesting to look at psychic readings from 27 years ago and see if they were correct. Now, I'm going to have to go back and look at my readings from the 1990s. But, I'll save them for another blog post.

Look for me at Fusion Fest on Sunday at noon!


Comments? Questions? Send them to me at

2:27 pm mst

Monday, April 23, 2012


The winner of the drawing for a clear-quartz-crystal, chakra-balancing pendant is Brenda D.! Congratulations Brenda!

If you are not the winner, don't despair. I have similar pendants for sale on the Chakra Jewelry and Wands page of this website. Remember, each pendant is unique because it is a natural quartz crystal point. The one you order won't look exactly like the one in the photo, but it will be very similar.

If you find a pendant with a "Buy Now" button, you can buy it online. If you like a different one, send an e-mail to me and I'll put a "Buy Now" button next to the one you like. Oh, technology! I'm learning how to add the "Buy Now" buttons.

Oh yes, I also have a "Buy Now" button on The Book page so the book is easy to purchase on-line. Remember, you can use PayPal or you can log in as "A Guest" and use your preferred credit card.

If you are not certain why people wear chakra-balancing jewelry, let me explain. Chakras are the energy centers along the spinal cord which extend out of the physical body as energy portals. They bring in energy and stimulate consciousness. There are seven major chakras in the human body, as well as many smaller chakras. They rotate at different speeds and can become blocked or unbalanced.

The seven major chakras correspond with specific endocrine glands, colors and musical tones. Because the chakras correspond to colors, people often wear colored-gemstone chakra-balancing jewelry. The vibrational frequencies of the gemstones help the energy to flow through the chakras and the whole body.

Let's keep all of that positive energy flowing. Check out the pendants on the Chakra Jewelry Page and see if one of them "speaks" to you.

Congratulations again to Brenda D.!


11:22 am mst

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chakra Pendant Drawing

Last chance to enter your name in the drawing for a chakra-balancing pendant!

Later today, I will pull names from a box and the lucky winner will receive a clear crystal pendant with chakra-balancing gemstones. If you want to be part of the drawing, send your name, phone number, and e-mail address to me today. I'll pull a winning name around dinnertime (7 or 8 hours from now).

Send your name, phone number and e-mail address to I'll also add you to my e-mail list so that you are notified whenever I post a major blog update.

This drawing is only for people in the United States. Overseas mailing is expensive! But, you can still send your e-mail address to me if you want to be on the mailing list. Smile

10:04 am mst

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Utopia on Earth?

A few days ago, I caught up with one of the psychics who has been telling me about the upcoming changes on Earth. She reiterated that the banks will fail, most money will become worthless, and everything will be fine. There is no need to panic when things fall apart. She said to stock up on four-to-six weeks of food and water just to get past the tough part. After that, a new monetary system will be created and everyone will have all of the money they need. There will be debt forgiveness. People won't owe money for mortgages, car payments, credit cards, or bills.

She noted that people who are in a comfortable situation right now will have a hard time accepting the financial collapse. If they are comfortable, they won't want things to change. But change is coming. Even people who are comfortable will feel better once they realize that they will be free and will no longer have to worry about bosses, money, or losing the money they have saved. People don't like change. They may say they want change, but they get scared when they don't know what is coming. She advised people to reject the fear. Be pro-active. Stock up on food and water. Everything will be fine.

She went on to say that after the changes, people will have enough money that they will no longer need to hold jobs which they don't enjoy. If they like their jobs, they can continue to work. If they don't like their jobs, they will be able to leave them and create the lives they enjoy. People will be able to follow their passions. For example, if they have always wanted to design clothes, they will finally have the time to do it. If they have always wanted to travel, they will have the time for travel.

In addition, this psychic believes that each of us will be healed and healthy. We will look like we looked when we were about 30 years old.

According to this psychic, everyone wants to be here right now because of this transition. We are going through something which other planets have not gone through. We woke up by ourselves. The Universe is marveling at us. They can't wait for us to experience what they already know: total peace, tranquility, delight and joy.

It sounds like Utopia. Her message to the world is that good things are coming; we just have to get through the rough period. She believes that things will be tough through July, then life will improve.

I hope she is correct!

Meanwhile, I talked to another person who also connects with unseen energies and entities, and she doesn't think that things will happen so quickly. Yes, the people of Earth are on the path to ascension and to a wonderful world, but it may take generations to get there. She believes that the key to this change will be each person's ability to hold Light (as energy and information). Individual bodies will have to hold more Light than they hold now. Then, brains will have to evolve to hold even more Light. This process of body and brain evolution could take hundreds of years.

How interesting to hear different perspectives. We are on the path to enlightenment. Things could happen at any moment . . . or they could take generations. However, I will say that several psychics, not just the one I saw last weekend, have told me that things are accelerating and that changes could happen at any moment.

Ways to prepare?

1) Stock up on food and water.

2) Be courageous. Think positive thoughts and put out your own positive energy.

3) Align yourself with the higher vibrations. Be kind to others. Be of assistance.

It is up to each of us to create the life we love. If we are not living in Utopia all of the time, we can live in it part of the time. Pursue an interest or a hobby you love. Focus on the joy of creation, the joy of watching old movies, or the joy of family. Whatever it is that brings you pleasure (and doesn't harm anyone else), should slowly become a larger and larger part of your life.

As Delphina Nova has said, "Love and Light are available to all people who seek with an open heart." Seek.

Let me know if you have any psychic insights about upcoming changes by contacting me at

Also, now that I have these nifty new "share" buttons (and I know how to use them!), feel free to share this post with your friends.


10:04 am mst

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Extraordinary things are happening

I'm starting to get some interesting feedback from people who are reading the book. Reading the book seems to heighten people's awareness of psychic connections. For example, one woman told me that since she has been reading the book, she's begun receiving messages from her deceased father.

In our daily lives, we are so busy that I don't think we pay attention to the messages we are receiving. When people start reading the book, it opens their awareness and they begin paying attention to subtle clues.

Wonderful readers, have you experienced anything unusual while reading the book or after reading a blog post? I would love to hear your experiences, as well as your comments on the book. When I have enough feedback, I'll start a web page for "Extraordinary things which happened while reading My Psychic Search."

Please send your stories, insights, reviews, and unique observations to me at When I post the information, I'll use only your first name. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


10:53 am mst

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is a quick test to see what happens when I update the blog and click on those icons above the blog. Oooo . . . I hope I can figure this out! :)

Curious about the result? Here's what happened. If I click on the Twitter bird, a screen opens up and I can "Tweet" the link. If I click on the Facebook icon, I can share on my Facebook page. The buttons work and they are easy to use, especially if the other programs are already open on my computer. This may sound obvious to you but, for me, it's a whole new mode of communication.

Please feel free to share this blog, and this site, with your Social Media networks.

4:30 pm mst

April 11, 2012

New Adventures: Card Reading, Tweeting, and Past Lives

I've been trying lots of new things.

First, I attended Gigi Sample's Angel Card reading class and tried reading cards for Gigi and her daughter. Angel cards are a type of Oracle Cards. They are similar to Tarot Cards, but are not as rigid as Tarot Cards. Tarot decks have 78 cards with images and symbols which are used for self-reflection and divination. Oracle cards are also used for inspiration, however, they have more-light-hearted images of angels, fairies, goddesses, and/or totems, and do not follow the traditional structure of Tarot decks.

At Gigi's class, we used Doreen Virtue's Angel Card deck. These cards had images of angels and words such as "Divine Order" meaning that everything was exactly as it should be. Having words on the cards made the readings much easier than just looking at images and trying to receive intuitive insights. To read the cards, we shuffled the deck then pulled four cards. The first card reflected the current moment, the second card showed what was about to happen (later that day or the next day), the third card was about what facilitated what was going to happen and the fourth card was the answer (the revelation).

So, when I tried reading for other people, I used the angel images and words as a starting point for what I said to them. Mostly, I just told them what I thought. I don't know if intuition was involved at all, or if these are things I would have said in normal conversation. All I know for sure is that is that I opened the door to the world of Oracle card reading.

We had lots of fun reading for each other. If you want to take one of Gigi's classes, check out her website at

Second, I have been experimenting with Social Media. Robert Lee Brewer has a blog entitled, "My Name is Not Bob (," and he is running a 30-Day Platform Building Challenge for Writers. A writer's platform is their communication network. For example, this website and blog, along with the Facebook page for My Psychic Search, are part of my platform. I am adding to my platform this week by learning to use Twitter and LinkedIn. Using these social media programs was part of the Challenge. As a beginner, I'm not certain about the value of Tweeting and being LinkedIn, but I'll let you know how these things work out.

If you would like to follow my Tweets, you can find me on Twitter as Gail Kushner. I think you'll recognize my photo.

Third, last night's Psychic Explorers meeting was about past lives. At one point, our group leader took us on a meditation where we were picked up by a sphere of light and dropped in a past life. I found myself in the middle of America in the 1800s. Very green and wooded. A small log cabin stood near me. We were asked how old we were so I looked down at my youthful hands and figured I was a teenager. I kept looking around and enjoying the beautiful green forest.

After the meditation, the leader asked what skill we had brought back with us. I had been looking around, observing the beauty of the place. I guess the skill I have is observation. I love to look at beautiful scenery and just take it in.

If you are in Tucson, you are welcome to join the Psychic Explorers group. It meets from 7-9 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at Unity Church (near Swan and River roads).

Fourth, yesterday I mailed copies of my book to the Library of Congress and the U.S. Copyright Office. So, my book is official! (Still working on getting it on Amazon.)

Finally, I want to thank the people who have taken the time to let me know that they enjoyed (or are enjoying) my book. Thanks to Betty, Pamela, Diane, Jackie, Delphina, etc. Betty e-mailed,

"Hi Gail, I loved your book. Since reading it I have made positive changes in my life....Thanks!"

E-mail like that makes my day!

More info on the book can be found on The Book page.

That's what is new with me. How about you? Let me know what you are up to by sending an e-mail to me at, by posting on the Facebook page for My Psychic Search, or by tweeting me. Oh, I'm so connected these days!!!


1:58 pm mst

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm in the middle of a 30-day Platform Building Challenge for Writers. Earlier today, I had to start using Twitter. So, if anyone is interested, you can find me as "Gail Kushner" on Twitter. If you are also on Twitter, let me know how to follow you, and I'll give that a try.


I also have a Facebook page for "My Psychic Search."

I have a feeling that over the next 30 days, you are going to be able to find me on several other social media platforms. :)

11:53 am mst

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meet an Intuitive - Gina Stanfill

Good morning! Congratulations - if you are reading this blog, you and your computer made it through the "Mercury Retrograde" period just fine. I'm not convinced that this is the case, but the astrologers tell me that Mercury goes "retrograde" several times each year and that this affects communication, particularly technology. During these periods, people often have computer problems. So, we made it through. Woo-hoo.

I was set up at last Sunday's Psychic Fair and had a grand time. I met lots of people and sold several copies of the book My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives. I'm beginning to get some feedback that people like the book and I'm very happy to hear that. You can order your own copy through this website by going to The Book page. For more than a week, I've been trying to get the book up on Amazon, but I haven't figured out how to do it. Perhaps, now that the Mercury Retrograde is over, I'll have better luck with Amazon.

Here's something I heard at Sunday's Psychic Fair:

Cecilia Nemmers says that we are entering a period of economic and social uncertainty. She believes that our financial system will soon collapse. However, the economic collapse will be over in July and there will be a new monetary system. She suggests that people stock up now on canned goods and toilet paper to get through the upcoming rough period. After July, people will have all the money they need.

Personally, I just bought several cans of soup and tuna fish, and I purchased extra toilet paper. I figure that if I need them, I'll have them and, if I don't need them, I can make a generous donation to the Community Food Bank in January.

Okay, on to today's blog post. I haven't posted a "Meet a Psychic" entry in more than six months, so let's meet Gina Stanfill. Gina is one of the people who was interviewed for My Psychic Search Project.

Gina Stanfill - Intuitive, Reiki Master

As a child, Gina Stanfill knew she was different from other people. She spent most of her time in her bedroom because that was where she could deal with the realms and the spirits who came to visit. The spirits were her friends and she hung out with them. During the day, Gina went to school and functioned, then she immediately returned home and hid in her room. At night, she astral traveled. Although she was happy, she worried that she was crazy.

It wasn't until Gina was an adult that she found a mentor who explained that she wasn't crazy; she was intuitive. She can read a client's energy and tell them if their energy is going to help them get where they want to go. If it isn't, she can help the client understand how to change their energy in order to achieve their goals.

Gina reads Shustah Divination and Meditation cards which are similar to Tarot cards. The cards trigger something in her and she tells the client whatever comes to mind. Words pop out of her mouth. Along the way, Gina has learned to trust the information which comes to her. She likes it best when people are direct and ask specific questions. She pinpoints questions because the Universe answers general questions in a general way and detailed questions in a more-detailed way. Gina remarked, "If people don't take the time to figure out what they are asking, how can the Universe provide an answer?"

Gina doesn't hear voices or see images; words just come out of her mouth. People say things which trigger her response and, as they talk, people are helped. Gina finds that people don't trust their own feelings because their egos have led them down a stray path so many times that they are confused about what they feel or don't feel; what is good for them and what is not good for them. Ego confuses people. It wants to control people. Once people see that they have options which are not driven by their ego, they are free to make new choices.

According to Gina, there is no such thing as the future; there is only the "now." The past no longer exists and the future isn't here. People invent the future every time they take a breath and a step. The past provides wisdom which can be drawn upon, but it can't be allowed to dictate the future. People grow and change and just because something didn't work 20 years ago, doesn't mean it won't work today. When people make decisions based on who they used to be, they just repeat cycles and lessons at an older age. If they listen to who they are now, and make decisions based on who they are today, they make wise decisions. They move into the future. People are here to experience things and the sooner they experience them, the faster they move to the next thing they have the opportunity to experience. However, people spend a lot of time going in circles.

Gina is also a Reiki Master. She can guide energy into a client's body and help the energy move to wherever it needs to go. The energy flows through her. She calls it in and is a conduit for it, but the client has to be willing to accept the energy into the body for his or her highest good.

In addition to working as an intuitive reader and an energy worker, Gina also has a bookkeeping business. While working on business accounts, clients often talk to Gina and find that they benefit from her knowledge and insights. Teachers come in all guises - even as bookkeepers.

You can contact Gina at
(520) 850-3334

Any questions or comments? Send them to me at


1:34 pm mst

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quote from a Psychic:  

The clarity of a psychic's message is only as good as the vessel; the water is only going to be as good as the glass is clean. I look at a psychic's life and ask if they practice what they preach. How can they teach you about prosperity if you see they are barely getting by? How can they teach you about peace in life when their life is in an uproar? Live your truth. If the person they go to appears calm, that's fine. If they feel shady, don't go to them.

 Laurie Hays

9:35 pm mst

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