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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Proof of Patience?

Book publishing is a process of "hurry up and wait." Since October, My Psychic Search book has been close enough to "done" that I have had Preview Editions for sale. Since October, I have been working with my technology guy to get the manuscript into the correct format for printing. He does his work, sends the book to me, I proof-read it and find things which need to be re-worked, send it back, he make the corrections, sends it to me again and I proof it again. We went through four rounds of proofing and correcting. A process which I had thought would take about a month took three months.

Once I was happy with the book, he sent it to the printer so that they could print a single "proof" for me. This process should have taken 7-10 days . . . but it's already been two weeks and I don't have my copy. The book which I had hoped to have on January 1, 2012, doesn't yet have a proof copy and may take another month or so (who can guess?!) to be printed.

While waiting for my book, I have gone through periods of apprehension, anticipation, excitement, boredom, and demoralization. I like to keep things moving along so I know there must be a lesson for me in this period when nothing is happening.

In the meantime, I am catching up on lots of things which need to be done. I have printed my 2011 photos and put them in albums. I have finished my 2011 Quicken so I'm ready to do my taxes. I am cleaning out old magazines and art supplies. I'm not wasting time, but I'm not able to get the book to the people who are waiting to read it.

When I try to understand why things are going so slowly, two answers come to me: patience and purification. Perhaps the Universe is trying to teach me about patience. But I don't understand what patience is. Is patience a real attribute (something positive), or just the lack of a negative attitude? Is patience the intention not to let yourself get bored, angry or depressed when nothing is happening?

To me, the test of patience is waiting in the doctor's office with nothing to do; no TV, no magazine. Just sitting there and not stewing about how the doctor is running 40 minutes late. I'm not one to play on my phone (and I'm afraid to touch the germy magazines in the doctor's waiting room). I just sit there and try to think deep thoughts. When I have deep thoughts, this is fine. When I don't, I think I am wasting my time - why didn't I bring a magazine?

So, is patience making the most of a quiet period of time? Is that what I am doing when I clean my house and read blogs about how to sell books on the Internet? Or, am I completely missing the point about patience?

The other idea which came to me is "purification." Perhaps there is some sort of a purification process in place whereby I am letting go of old stuff so that new stuff can arrive; physically and mentally. I am physically cleaning out old magazines and art supplies to make room for boxes of books. I am also letting go of old dreams and hoping that life will bring me new adventures. Perhaps, I need a month to allow old ideas and stale energies to drop away. I am getting rid of unused stuff to unclog my flow of energy.

Or maybe, I am philosophizing and romanticizing the meaning of life when all that is happening is that the commercial printer is backed up and will get to my book when he gets to it. Period. I like to think that there is a reason for how things happen in our lives. I like to think that I am waiting for something good to happen because the Universe needs the time to click things into place. Perhaps, it takes a moment for the Universe to get everything aligned for success. I have a wish for success. However, just like the psychics tell me that they can't force anything to happen, they can only allow things to happen, I can't force the book to arrive in my mailbox. Okay, I'll take a deep breath, allow the Universe to do its work, and check my mail this afternoon hoping that the proof arrives.

Wait! I think I hear the mail truck! Gotta go! :)



2:42 pm mst

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Accessing Intuition

Nearly two years ago, on March 4, 2010, I wrote a blog entry answering the question: "What happens at a reading?" I was fascinated by the unique way that each psychic accesses clients' energy and information. You can read that entry by clicking here and scrolling down. All of the information in that blog post is still current. Today I want to add some new information.

The March 4, 2010 post explained that psychics and intuitives have many ways of connecting with clients. To begin a reading, some psychics may say a prayer, ask to hold hands or ask to read a person's palms. Some readers use Tarot cards, crystal balls, or other tools to open the energy. Once the reader has accessed the client's energy, information will come and the psychic will share the messages. Then, people can ask questions.

A few months ago, Cecilia Nemmers provided a more-complete explanation of how she works with clients. She said:

"When I read for someone, I look at the person's palm and actually go into the person's energy stream. People have many streams of energy. Some are focused on home or jobs or life purpose. I generally ask the person I am reading to ask me a question. The question gives me a direction as to which energy stream to follow. This opens up other streams and doors and gets into that one energy that people are asking about. The energies are made up of feelings. It is my job, I feel, to disconnect my feelings from the person's feelings and just tell them what is there. I have had people call me when they are in crisis mode and I'm picking up on their energy. If I just shot back a quick answer, it would be wrong because it is connected to their fear. I have to pull myself away from their energy then, aha, I can see what is happening. The person in crisis mode is so involved in what is happening from their perspective that they can't see the whole picture. I try to give them the whole picture. I can do this by going into their energy stream. Nine times out of ten, when someone is looking for a psychic reading it is because they have a question which they cannot figure out themself. They want more clarity. When I talk to someone and they are panicking, they need to calm down so things can be discussed. People don't see the patterns in their life and what throws them into panic mode.

"During readings, I receive information through my Guides, the client's energy field, and the spirits for whom the client has questions. My gifts are multi-faceted. I can see, hear and feel any Beings who are around at the time of the reading. The information comes through clearly and the readings are never rushed."


During readings, psychics may connect to intermediaries such as Spirit Guides or connect directly to their client's energy. This direct connection allows the psychic to perceive the client's situation and access their information. The sense of separation between people dissolves. When psychics connect with the energy system of the person whom they are reading, their energies intertwine. The psychic knows what the client knows because they are in the same energy field.

There are many intriguing books about people with psychic abilities. One of these books is Extraordinary Knowing, by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph. D. (Bantam Books, NY, 2007). Dr. Mayer interviewed several psychics and asked how they accessed information. For those of you who are interested in how psychic ability works, Dr. Mayer's book provides detailed examples. Here are a few quotes from the book.

On page 52 of "Extraordinary Knowing," John Huddleston discussed his psychic readings and explained why he considered them to be "ordinary":

"For instance, an important key to this state of mind is ‘no effort.' And that's quite ordinary, because if you think of a time when you tried hard to remember something, you know the more you tried to remember it, the more you pushed it down within you. However, when you relaxed and allowed it to emerge, it bubbled right up. You accomplished that with no effort. That's how intuition works. Effortlessness. It's easier than you think. Doing a reading is as effortless as opening a garden gate and stepping into a new landscape. I simply observe the garden; I don't have to create it.

"Another state of mind is discrimination. A reading is like observing a huge, moving, transforming mural: the client's health, relationships, family, joys and challenges, future - they're all there. So discerning what's important among all that is essential. Think of it as talking to a friend at a noisy, crowded party. You're able to screen out fifty other voices and hear the voice that's important. How do you do it? Well you just do. On a deeper level, spiritual discrimination is also what allows a mother to sleep through noisy trucks rumbling past, but awaken when her baby cries in the next room."

He goes on to say (p. 68):

"It's ordinary because it's just there, all that information about the other person. All you have to do is get yourself out of the way. We're all connected, that's the point. We don't know it most of the time because we think we'd rather feel separate."

Helen Palmer (p. 53) was also interviewed for Extraordinary Knowing. She explained how she accessed intuitive information:

"Maybe 75% of the process lies in getting empty enough to watch the different inputs of my mind. I follow my abdominal breath until thoughts and feelings recede. The emptiness feels very nourishing, very soft and intimate. You lose awareness of the room, your body, your face. That all goes, but there's a separate awareness that stays. I need time to get empty, so I'm not anticipating, not resisting anything that wants to appear, before I focus on anything. Otherwise I get confused about where I am inside and can't tell the difference between an accurate impression and my own fantasy projections.

"Once you're internalized, you establish a focal object, not trying for anything. The focal object is an imagined representation of whatever you need to contact. It could be a meditation symbol that you want to unite with, or an inner picture of some real-world event. You focus, then wait. You doubt and you stay there anyway. You just keep shifting attention back to the focal object, until it starts to capture your attention. Then you're ready. The process is the same if you're focused on a ‘world' question or knowing about spiritual matters, but it takes very precise concentration for spiritual knowing."

She continued (p. 54):

"Meanwhile, you are so far removed from the room and yourself and the passage of time that you become whatever that focus is, so you know it from the inside. You participate with whatever you're reading in a certain sense. You read another person accurately because you are them; you know them from the inside because you've stopped being separate. Then the thing is to track how you yourself get in the way. You have to make sure your placements of attention are precise so you're not projecting. That's why my teaching is so focused on knowing yourself and what you're likely to project into a reading; that's the only way to get reliable with intuition.

"Intuition operates from a different state than ordinary consciousness; quite decisively different from ordinary consciousness. If you don't know that, if you don't know how to shift back and forth between states, then you can start to feel very crazy, especially when you can't immediately verify what you know. You need a conceptual framework that keeps you feeling normal. That's essential. I did feel unstable early on, not about the states I went into, which were comforting actually, but I felt such a terrible loneliness. I felt like a freak. As I learned more, I realized the amazing thing was to be so located. My clairvoyance could locate people at a distance or at different points in time, so any accuracy on my part automatically located us both in a greater reality that people need to know is kindly and real. Clairvoyance isn't a mind-to-mind thing, like reading people's thoughts. It lets us see a much larger pattern of existence."

People with psychic ability report that even though our ego tells us that we are separate from each other, on a deeper level we are somehow connected.

In Dr. Mayer's book, Extraordinary Knowing, Deb Mangelus (p. 138) talked about moving between two states of awareness:

"Over time, as you go in and out of seeing the way I see, you get better at it. When I was a child, it was just natural; it just happened. I didn't work at it. But when you start calling on it in a way that's more disciplined, it's different. You have to begin recognizing what helps get you there and you have to deepen that. But while you can work at it; you can't overthink it. Thinking about it gets in the way. It's a funny balance, I have to let go of thinking while I'm seeing the way I see. Ordinary thinking, that is.

"So I actually forget the things I see - I mean, I'll forget in my regular life. In my regular life, I'll even be friends with people I've done sessions for. I'll be with them and I won't remember what I've seen about them. It's like it comes from somewhere else. But then if we have another session - even ten, fifteen years later - what I saw before comes back, vividly. My mind switches back."

According to these psychics, they switch between rational knowing and intuitive knowing. As they practice shifting between these states, the shift gets easier.

If you are intrigued by the information in Extraordinary Knowing (Bantam Books, NY, 2007), you can order the book on Amazon. I just bought a new copy!


Did you like this blog post or was it too detailed? Please let me know what you thought at



11:35 am mst

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quote from a Psychic:

Some people think that we manifest everything; that our thoughts create our reality. I know that that is true, but we also have a big picture. We came here to do certain things. Some people think that things are predestined, while other people think everything is a choice. I think it is a mixture of both.

Gigi Sample

10:59 am mst

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Exciting News - Book Winner

The big winner from January 5th's book drawing is (ta-da): J. Gilson. As soon as My Psychic Search book is available, I'll get one to her. Congratulations!!!!

Calm News - Aura Photography

Things are quiet around here. Sunday's Psychic Fair was fun, but quiet. It was held on the one-year anniversary of the shootings in Tucson and I think that there was a solemn/subdued energy at the fair. It just wasn't as crowded and lively as usual. However, I had some interesting experiences with several people who were set up at the Fair. In fact, I had aura photography done by April Kressley.

What is aura photography? People have subtle energy fields around, and through, their bodies. People who see auras are seeing these personal, subtle, energy fields. People who want to know what their aura looks like, but can't see it themselves, can have aura photography done. I don't know exactly how this process works, but when a person sits down in front of the camera and places their hand on a special machine, the machine reads body energy and translates it into a photograph. According to April's website (, "AURA photography simply measures your electro-magnetic field via the meridians, or energy pathways, in your hands." Even though I don't understand the photographic mechanics, I had a fascinating experience.

In July of 2011, I had an aura photograph taken and the colors were gold and green, signifying compassion, joyful teaching and healing. On Sunday, January 8, 2012, I had a second aura photo taken and it was surprising similar to the first photo. So, my aura is not a random thing: it is consistently green and yellow. That's good to know.

After I had the photograph taken, I sat at the Psychic Fair for an hour or so. There wasn't much happening at my table so I started playing with a clear quartz crystal pyramid. Ever since I began working on My Psychic Search, I have had pyramids appear in my meditations so I am drawn to them. I was moving this crystal from hand to hand, almost like rolling Play Dough. I wasn't thinking about much, but I was very calm.

April asked me if I wanted a second photo taken so I could look at my chakras and I said, "Sure!" When I sat down at her booth and placed my hand on the mechanism, I saw that my aura had turned from yellow/green to pink/purple. This is a completely different set of colors which indicate cosmic knowledge, meditation and spirituality. It seems that playing with the clear quartz crystal had increased my vibrational frequency and brought me to a much higher level. Psychics say that clear quartz crystals enhance meditation and connection. They change our frequency. And, here, I had physical evidence of this change.

At the time, I felt quite calm and content. I didn't feel like I was receiving intuitive messages, although a couple of songs kept going through my brain and I always listen to lyrics for my messages. I didn't have a lightning bolt of intuition, but I had a wonderful sense of calm . . . and my aura turned purple. You can see both of these photos at the top of this page.

If you are interested in having a photograph of your aura, search on-line for a place near you which provides this service. If you are going to be in Tucson January 28 - February 6, April will be providing aura photography at The Clarion Hotel at I-10 and 22nd Street. The huge international gem show is coming to Tucson at the end of January and April will be part of the Metaphysical Gem Show. You can check out her work at

That's all for today. Keep calm and centered. Breathe. Ah . . .

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them to me at


10:28 am mst

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome to the new year! Welcome to 2012!

We are in the new energies. What will 2012 bring? According to the psychics, the period of time around 2012 will bring a series of climate catastrophes, but will also bring a change in the way we think. We will have the opportunity to move forward while looking out for each other, or to move forward in self-centered ways which make life on Earth more difficult. Our choice.

I am choosing optimism. Why? As long as I have a choice, I might as well choose something which brings me happiness. How about you? I think that this will be one of the most-interesting years of my life. My book is about to be published and I am looking forward to offering the psychics' insights to the world. If the psychics are correct, the book will be successful and will change my life. I will travel, talk to new-to-me psychics, and sell books. If it doesn't sell well, I'll have to re-evaluate the last few years of my life to see if I missed a message somewhere or if "success" has more facets to it than just sales numbers. Of course, there's always "in between" - somewhat successful, but not as well-received as I am hoping. So there you go, lots of potential, personal, futures for me. Lots of potential energy for all of us!

If you want to know more about your personal future, come to this Sunday's Psychic Fair at the Windmill Inn. I'll be set up with my Wild Girl! pins and cards, chakra-balancing pendants, and Preview Editions of my book. I had hoped to have the formally-published book by now, but proof-reading (and more proof-reading and more proof-reading), has taken longer than I had thought it would take. However, I am still hoping that the book will be out by the end of January. I am really looking forward to having a book full of wisdom to share with you. In addition, there is still time to put your name in the drawing for a book. The drawing will be tomorrow, January 5. Just send your name, e-mail address and phone number to me at

The Psychic Fair will be held on Sunday, January 8, 2012 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Windmill Inn in Tucson, AZ. The Windmill Inn is on the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue.

Now, I'll share some quotes from the psychics with you. I hope these ideas help you look forward to 2012 and your own personal future.

Shirli Millmond says:

"You may not be born with it, but if you are experiencing life and are learning your lessons, and you have the right teachers and coaches, you can learn to be more intuitive.

"If you have the right person next you at the moment when you need it, your life can be different. People shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. When people talk to psychics, coaches or teachers, they need to listen to a different perspective. They don't have to change their lives right away, but if they listen with an open mind, the seeds can grow.

"People keep getting the same lessons in G-d's universe in order to give them the opportunity to change. If they don't change, they keep getting the same lessons. They have to stop for a second and try to get the lesson. If they can't get it on their own, they should get help. A reader can provide a different perspective on the situation."

And Cherie Fraine believes:

"There are a lot of things that you can do to change the future. You can turn situations around. You have freedom of choice. Everything you do is a choice which lays the groundwork for another choice."

Delphina Nova thinks that:

"People need to live in trust instead of living in fear. They need to see this beautiful world as a benevolent place. Be love on the path."

And Kat Riegel remarks:

"If I had one wish for humanity, I would wish that people could be more open-minded about things. It doesn't mean that people need to change what they do or how they act, but I would like them to be able to accept other people's ideas and think about them."

Have a wonderful new year full of peace and prosperity. Let's make 2012 a pivotal year for humanity.

Comments or questions? I love hearing from you at


10:37 am mst

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012! We're in it now and it's going to be a year of adventure!
4:30 pm mst

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