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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 and Ascension

The year 2012 is nearly here and, according to most of the psychics, it will bring changes in the way we think and act. I have been told by Raquel Spencer, Gigi Sample, Delphina Nova, April Cunningham and other psychics, that we are already in the 2012 energy.

2012 will provide the opportunity for people to move forward in spiritual evolution. There are many things yet to accomplish in this physical realm, and there may also be the opportunity for ascension. Ascension is the concept of awakening to a higher level of consciousness. At the ascended level, people understand who they are and what they have been learning on Earth. Some people liken ascension to entering Heaven alive, with a body. Death is normally the end of life. Through ascension, people will no longer need to go through the pain and fear of death in order to reconnect with the spiritual world.

A few months ago, Cecilia Nemmers shared her thoughts on ascension with me and, today, I want to share this information with you. According to Cecilia, humanity is already in the ascension process and 2012 will accelerate this growth. Ascension will provide the opportunity to become conscious of who we are, what we are, why we are here, and how we can help other people.

Cecilia believes that:

"The ascension process is just a matter of going up into your Higher Self and opening yourself up to the higher realms. These realms give you all sorts of answers and memories, as well as the awareness of who you are. You started out as a magnificent Being, total love. You started out as a powerful Being who could manifest everything you wanted and needed at the time. Loving. Giving. Being."

She added:

"It's like you are an all-knowing Being and then you come into a body and you don't know anything. It's like you have a constant state of amnesia. We go though this life as we know it in an amnesiatic state. Once you leave the body, you come out of that state."

She explained that ascension provides the opportunity for people to understand who they are, without having to go through the difficulties of physical death. People just wake up and reconnect with greater realities.

On the other side, we understand that we are powerful, eternal, Beings. However, for generations, there has been a darkness held over this planet which has kept us from remembering who we are while we are here. We have lost contact with that reality. Now, with the help of Ascended Masters, angels, Archangels and spiritual Beings, the darkness will be lifting. With their help, we will find our way home.

Cecilia continued:

"The awakening process is the awareness that you are more than just a servant to be born, to work, and to die; just to exist. Our understanding that we are more powerful than that, more magnificent than that, and eking out an existence, doesn't make any sense. We are trying to make sense of this whole thing. In the process of looking for that answer, we have found out that we have been held at this low level, the lower vibration, for a long, long time and we have had to fight our way out of this lower vibrational level into the higher vibrations."

How will Ascension work?

Cecilia explained:

"You will go into another part of your Higher Self and that will take you into this knowledge of all of your past lives and everything you are and you will realize that there is no right or wrong, good or bad. It is all just experiences which have made you who you are. They are part of you. They are not part of your actual makeup, but they are part of the experiences that you carry with you and you relate to.
"We are all creators and we all create as we go. We create marvelous things as we go. We are linked to G-d. G-d is also the creator. Because we are all linked to G-d, we are all creators. It gets confusing, it gets involved. Just understand that the ascension process is to take you to a higher level of being, to where you are extremely ecstatic and euphoric all the time and your sole purpose of being is to help others. There are those of us who are going to help the people who are not quite ready to ascend yet. We will be there for them, as other Beings have been there for us, to help them through the ascension process."

At another point in our discussion Cecilia said that people who go through the ascension process will wake up, move up a level of consciousness and remember who they really are and the journey that they are on. The most gentle description she provided was that people could be sitting at a table talking to each other then, suddenly, they would wake up, realize that they were powerful, magnificent, spiritual beings, understand how all of their past lives worked together, then keep on talking. Alive, in a body, knowing things. After that, each person could lift into his or her Higher Self and decide where to go and if he or she wanted to take the body along. There would be choices. No one is quite certain what the ascension process will be, but it is nice to think it could be as easy as just waking up and knowing things.

According to Cecilia, we are already in the ascension process and people are waking up. This process is available to everyone and is not based on religious belief. People who are on a spiritual path and who are ready for ascension will go through the process first. People who are wondering about ascension, but who aren't quite ready, will have the opportunity to live on Earth and learn more about who they are and why they are here. They will have the time and choices they need to determine what they want to do. When they are ready, they will go through the ascension process.

The people who have no idea that there is a spiritual component to life, and who are not interested in spirituality, will have other opportunities to continue their lives and may not even be aware that things are changing.

As we move into the new year, I wish all of you peace, prosperity and freedom. These are exciting times to be alive. As Gigi Sample often reminds me, "This is the lifetime we have all been waiting for."

Happy New Year!


P.S. There is still time to pre-order My Psychic Search book at the reduced price. The price will go up on January 1. You can pre-order on The Book page of this website. I am trying to get a count so I know how many books to order. There is also still time to enter the January 5 drawing for a book. Just send your name, e-mail address and phone number to me and tell me that you want to be in the drawing.

11:07 am mst

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quote from a psychic:

"The thing that holds the Universe together is love. People think that love is a passive energy. Love is the most serious dynamic force on the planet."

To-Ree'-Nee' Wolf
2:14 pm mst

Monday, December 19, 2011

Quote from a Psychic:

"I realized that spiritual evolution doesn't always have to do with psychic phenomena. I think that some people are good at math, or running; I think it is like that with intuition. It doesn't say much about you as a human being, but some people just have the talent. And some spiritually-evolved people are not psychic; for example, they can't see the future or talk to the dead. They are just very evolved."

Leah Taylor

9:37 pm mst

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Reading with a Pet Psychic

In last week's blog, I said that I would share with you what happened when I talked to a pet psychic early in December. It was a wonderful reading. As an adult, I have had several dogs and cats. Right now, I have an adorable dog, Maggie, helping me with my work. Until last August, Pepper had also been by my side as I worked on My Psychic Search Project. However, he passed away last summer.

So, I went to see Kat Riegel at the Psychic Fair. I brought photos of both of my dogs so she could see who they were as she attempted to contact them. Interestingly, as I sat down (and before we started the reading) Kat had a flash of an orange/yellow dog with a message. She asked if one of the dogs in the photos was the color of an Irish Setter or a Yellow Lab? I said, "No." However, one of my first dogs had been a red Cocker Spaniel named Ginger. She was one of my beloved animals and had passed more than 15 years ago; right before Pepper came into my life. Kat said that we might come back to the mystery dog later.

Kat began the reading by looking at the dogs in the photos. She said that Maggie had a higher energy level than Pepper. I told her that Maggie was alive, but Pepper had passed last summer. That made sense to her. She started communicating with Maggie and she told me things about Maggie which were true, but which Kat wouldn't have known because she had never met my dogs. She told me that Maggie was an excited dog who never liked to sit still. She liked to be in the middle of things and to know what was going on. She loved going outside.

I told her that Maggie had slowed down since Pepper had died and Kat told me that Maggie was going through her own grieving process. She really missed Pepper. In addition, Maggie knew that her job had been to run out to the yard, keep track of things, then run into the house and inform Pepper. Now that Pepper was gone, she didn't need to keep running in and out of the house; there wasn't anyone to tell when something was going on. Kat also said that Maggie was healthy and that Maggie thought she was about 8 years old. Maggie said, "I'm not an old dog." Having adopted Maggie from a shelter, we don't know her exact age, but we know she is older than 6 ½, so 8 makes sense.

After talking to Maggie, Kat connected with Pepper and found him to be very contented in an energetic "holding space" above the Earth. She told me that he had loved his life and that, although dying had come as a surprise, he felt that he had accomplished all that he needed to do on Earth. He didn't have any regrets. In addition, his spirit was visiting Maggie and trying to help her bounce back.

Does this sound crazy to you? I've come a long way because it all makes perfect sense to me!

Finally, Kat connected with Ginger, my Cocker Spaniel who had died many years ago. Ginger was my dog in my single days so we were devoted to each other. In fact, Ginger had saved my life one time (but that's another story), so I had repaid her with snacks and love. Kat reported that Ginger was acting as a Spirit Guide for me, helping whenever I felt discouraged about writing the book. In those moments, Ginger was able to "bump" my thoughts to happy memories and remind me why I was working on this Project. In fact, there is a story in the book about how Ginger had helped me through a particularly stressful week in my life so Kat's message reinforced my feeling that Ginger was with me. What a wonderful connection we had!

If you have pets, you know the joy of a life companion and the sorrow of losing your love. The idea that we can communicate in words with our living pets and re-connect with our deceased pets, is very comforting. Thank you Kat for being the connecting point for this wonderful experience!

If you want to know more about Kat and her work, I posted a "Meet a Psychic" blog about her on September 9, 2011. Check it out at (just scroll down the page). Her e-mail address is

Before I finish this post, I want to let you know that My Psychic Search book is coming along . . . slowly. I have created "The Book" page on this website and it has an image of the winning book cover from the contest. Thanks to all of you who voted on a book cover at the Tucson Museum of Art Show! The actual book should be available in January and it will sell for $24.95 (it's more than 350 pages!). If you pre-order a book by December 31, 2011, there's a $5 discount. I am encouraging pre-orders so that I know how many books to print. To pre-order, go "The Book" page and click on the "Buy Now" button. Yes, I finally have PayPal on my website! Woo-hoo!

That's all for now. Have you had a great pet/psychic experience? I love hearing about our pets! Send your story to me at Also, there's still time to enter your name in the January 5 drawing for one of the forthcoming books.


12:12 pm mst

Friday, December 9, 2011

What does it feel like when you connect to Spirit?

Last Sunday, I went to the psychic fair and had two wonderful readings. These readings brought through interesting information and also helped me understand what the connection to our Spirit Guides feels like.

Psychics tell me that when they work with Spirit Guides, there is a unique feeling to the information. They know that they are not imagining the information because of the unique energy associated with the thoughts which come to them.

Most mornings, I try to meditate and connect with my invisible helpers shortly after I wake up. I am in that state of being half-asleep and half-awake, just before the coffee kicks in. When I make a connection, it feels very calm. Like waves of calm. I communicate how much I appreciate the life I am living, then I ask questions and wait to see what happens. Often, I am filled with this lovely calm feeling, then answers come to me. Laurie Hays once told me that she knows she is receiving outside information when she hears things she couldn't imagine. I experience the same thing. Sometimes I have a thought which makes me laugh out loud. I know it's a message because it is not the way I think. Those Guides . . . they have a sense of humor!

So, what happens when you sit down across the table from a psychic hoping to get a reading? Years ago, when I rarely had readings, I was so excited I could barely contain myself. I wondered what would happen? What would I hear? In retrospect, I can see that my heightened energy (excitement mixed with skepticism), may have influenced the readings. Readers work in a world of energy connections and they pick up energy from the people whom they are reading. I used to get so excited about a reading that it was overwhelming. And if it overwhelmed me, it probably affected the psychic too.

Now when I sit down, I know to take a few deep breaths and release the excess energy, the excess excitement, of anticipating a reading. It's taken me a long time to get to the place where I can feel calm and warm and inviting during a reading. What I've found is that when I am in that calm space and the reader is making a clear connection, the energy moves between us. My openness allows the reader to make a clear connection and her connection helps me to remain open. It's an energetic orb encompassing her, our Guides and me. Whether or not the information is what I want to hear, there is an underlying calm. It feels great.

In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, do you ever have a quiet moment when you feel love in your heart? That's what it feels like to connect to Spirit. That warm glow in your heart is the same feeling you get when you and a psychic are connecting to your Spirit Guides and bringing through information for your highest good. At least, that's how it feels to me.

So, what happened at the readings last weekend? At the first one, I heard many things which I had already heard from my Guides. I'm always wondering if I really am hearing their subtle messages so it was empowering to hear the same messages from a psychic who was talking to my Guides. She repeated three things which I had thought I had heard, so it gave me confidence that the other 20 things I thought I had heard were also correct.

What about the second reading? We connected with my pets, including my recently deceased dog. It was wonderful to talk to my living dog, my deceased dog, and one of my dogs who had died many years ago and had been waiting for a chance to come through to me. I'll write more about that reading next week.

In the meantime, breathe in the calm, release the stress . . . repeat. Ah . . .


P.S. There's still time to enter the drawing for my book on January 5, 2012. Just e-mail your name, phone number and e-mail address to me and I'll put your name in the drawing. I'll also add you to the e-mail list so you will know when a new blog has been posted.


3:01 pm mst

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chatting and Learning at the Tucson Museum of Art Show

Welcome to December! Lots going on around here -- I am working on my book, selling artwork, and celebrating the holidays with my family and friends.

Two weekends ago, I was at the Holiday Art Market at the Tucson Museum of Art. The show was so much fun! I put up six potential covers for My Psychic Search book and had people vote on their favorites. It was a great opportunity to test-market the covers. I listened to everyone's comments, put aside my ego when people did not select the covers which I had personally created, and used their opinions to finalize the book cover. Interestingly, several people looked at the book cover choices and said, "If you were psychic, you would know which cover to use." This is my audience. These people don't really understand how psychic ability works and that it is not always so simple. They were quick to mock psychic ability (although I admit, I probably would have made the same joke!). I am writing about psychics, not claiming to be a professional psychic. I enjoy asking for opinions from potential readers.

I want to thank everyone who stopped at the Museum Show to talk to me about my artwork and My Psychic Search Project. It was a cross-section of America. I talked to people who had experiences with psychic phenomena, I talked to skeptics, and I talked to people who made a face when they saw my subject matter (yet still voted on a book cover!). It was so much fun to hear about people's psychic experiences.

Here's a contrast in conversation: I talked to one guy who was very nice, had interesting insights and was soft-spoken. However, something about our conversation sucked the energy out of my life. After he left, I felt completely deflated. A few minutes later, I talked to a woman who knew about psychic lives, was curious about my Project and helped me to remember why I was doing this work. She reminded me how lucky I was that this Project had been channeled to me. The Universe had taken the time to find a psychic to suggest this Project to me. That's how the Project had begun and that's why I have to keep focusing my energy on listening to people with psychic abilities and sharing their information. In talking to her, I told her that my goal was to interview psychics and bring their stories and truths to the public. I remembered that I wasn't working on this Project just to sell books. The book will share the psychics' wisdom with interested readers and it will be the financial vehicle which will allow me to continue my interview and writing work. The book is not the focus, it is the facilitating product. The focus is on what psychics do, what psychics know, and how all of us can benefit from their gifts.

This woman and I hugged and I felt completely renewed. The thing that struck me was the remarkable difference in talking to two people in a row: one who left me feeling deflated and one who left me feeling wonderful. All of us have the to opportunity to influence each other for good or for bad. Our choice. It is wonderful when we meet someone who leaves us feeling great!

In addition to chatting with everyone, lots of people signed up to follow this blog. Having new readers is very rewarding. If you are one of my new readers, "Welcome!"

In January, I will be giving away one of my soon-to-be-published books. If you would like to participate in the drawing, e-mail your name, phone number and e-mail address to me and I will make a slip of paper with the information so you can be entered into the drawing. In addition, if you are not already on the e-mail list for this blog, I'll add your name so you can receive an e-mail whenever I update the blog.

So, I've been writing about my book and the people I have met, but I haven't posted anything about psychics in a few weeks. This Sunday, I am going to the Psychic Fair so I can talk with psychics and have new insights to post next week. I'm also going to have a reading. I haven't talked to a psychic about my life for several months and I miss the fun. Along the same lines, I've been too busy working on the book to interview any new psychics and it leaves me wistful. I miss the interviews. I am looking forward to having the book in hand so I can start interviewing psychics again and sharing their worlds with you.

If you are also interested in meeting a psychic this weekend, the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be held on Sunday, December 4 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Windmill Inn in Tucson, Arizona (on the southeast corner of Campbell and River). I hope to see you there!

If you have any questions or comments, send an e-mail to me at I love hearing from you!


9:34 am mst

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