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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Gratitude

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have been following my blog. This has been a delightful activity and I'm so pleased to see that people are interested in what I have to write. Thanksgiving reminds us of all the things we appreciate. I am so happy to be with my daughters who have come home from college, my adorable husband who supports this research and writing project, my mother who recently moved to Arizona to be near us, and my dog who recovered from a rattlesnake bite early this summer. This is a time of joy and it is always my wish that people around the world experience the same kind of joy in their lives that I am experiencing in mine. Spread the love.


10:15 am mst

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Self-Publishing: One Step at a Time

This blog entry is about book publishing. I am self-publishing My Psychic Search book. Ever wondered what it is like to self-publish?

The thing that I am seeing is that I have to take things one step at a time. I can't do everything which needs to be done at the same time. The first step is producing a physical book which I can sell at events and on my website. Then, there will be an e-book. Then, both books will be placed on Amazon. For those of you who have asked when the e-book will be available, I can only say, "After the physical book is available." I am working towards physical book publication by January 1, 2012 (I just love that date!), followed by the e-book release.

Here are some of the things which go into self-publishing a book:

First, you have to write the book. Then you have to edit, edit, edit, the book.

Second, you have to have the book published. I must admit that while I am managing things, I am not doing the technical work alone. I am working with a small company which helps authors publish their books. The guy who is working with me has the digital manuscript and is creating the layout. However, there are many decisions for me to make such as fonts, indents, and hyphens (oh my!)

Third, the book needs a good-looking cover. I spent the weekend working on potential covers; however, I was advised this morning that the book needs a professionally-created cover, not just one from my computer. Where did this advice come from? A book publicist who is very knowledgeable. So now, do I scrap my work and start over with a pro? Do I have my technical book guy create the cover? Or do I go with what I have?

Fourth, the publicist gave me so many good ideas!!! However, each of these ideas will take quite a bit of time. I need to get book reviews, be a guest blogger on other people's websites, arrange speaking engagements in stores and with professional groups, learn to Tweet, and promote, promote, promote.

So, when you read writers' blogs which say how easy it is to write and self-publish a book, do a reality check to see if those people inherently have all the skills they need. An author must be able to write well, be technically savvy, produce blogs and Tweets, be a marketing person, be a speaker, and have a business set up to facilitate sales. At this point, I can't even manage to put PayPal on my website! Oy! This is the most interesting, most confusing, most skill-requiring project I have worked on (well, only if I want it to be successful!)

However, as much as all of these things overwhelm me, I must remember the essence of the book I have written: It's all good. It's all happening so I can learn my life lessons. It will all work out just the way it is supposed to work out. Whew, that's a relief!

Back to the potential book covers: I am trying to put a few cover images on this page so you can let me know if you have a preference. So far, I haven't been able to put them up, but check back later today and you may be able to vote for your favorite.

Thanks for your help and support!


P.S. I have not been able to post the cover images on this blog. My attempts have crashed my computer . . . so, before I crash the entire Internet, I'm moving on to other things. Cool

10:13 am mst

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hidden Treasure

During the last two weeks, I traveled from Arizona to Maryland to help my mother move from Maryland to Arizona. We had so much work to do! We cleaned out her closets, donated things to charity, threw out mounds of trash, and packed the things she loved for the trip west.

As always, there is a gift when helping others. This is mine:

Back in 2007, I was talking to a psychic Medium. He was a great guy and we had a lot of fun. He connected with several people who I had known before they passed away and one of these people was my father. He told me about my father's black shoes and socks. He told me about how my father liked to make things with his hands and he mentioned a belt buckle which I had given to my father. At the time, I didn't remember any belt buckle I might have given as an Arizona gift. After all, if I had given a gift to him, it would have been in the late 1970s or early 1980s when I used to bring gifts home to my parents. That would have been 25 years before talking with this psychic.

Well guess what happened? I was helping my mother sort her things and I was working in what used to be my Dad's chest of drawers. Nestled among other treasures, I found an inlaid wooden belt buckle from Arizona. Okay . . . . it took my breath away for a moment. Then, I felt a wonderful connection to my deceased father. That was one of my gifts for helping my mom pack up her house. Thank you Universe!


Tonight is my Psychic Explorers meeting. If anything interesting happens (and it usually does!), I post it in the next few days.


P.S. If you would like to make a donation towards publication of my book about psychics, I would appreciate your support. Please send a check or cash to me at:

Gail Kushner
c/o Carefree Computer Services
4245 W. Ina Road, Suite 103
Tucson, AZ 85741

4:05 pm mst

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Time is it?

Now . . . always has been and always will be . . . 

If you just stay in the Now there is no Past to haunt you and no Future to worry about.

So . .  . what time is it???

Time to be aware of Now, time to be kind to yourself and others, time to be joyfully at Peace, and time to remember that you are loved.


Gary C. Kossmann



I have been away for the past 10 days, but I discovered a wonderful story which I will post early next week. Keep safe and warm.



9:48 am mst

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