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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yesterday, I took my digital book files to a company which is going to help me self-publish the book. It's very exciting. It's very nerve-wracking. I've been writing and editing for more than a year. The book is "ripe" and ready to be published.

It will take about two months to go from "file submission" to "book for sale." So, the book should be out just in time for the bulk of the 2012 transitions.

The psychics have told me that the book is going to be a good one and that book sales will lead to other opportunities. I'm looking foward to the future, trusting that it will be a wonderful one. I hope you are excited about your future too!

12:17 pm mst

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Thoughts

Halloween is approaching and it is a time of year when people experiment with Ouija Boards, seances, and the idea of being a witch. Halloween is a lot of fun, but people need to be sure to protect themselves before they play with things which can open a portal to the unseen world. In this energetic universe, it is important only to attract positive energy into people's lives.

In the privacy of their own homes, many people try to communicate with the deceased using Ouija Boards. I have heard that people should be careful with Ouija Boards because when they open the energy to the unseen world, all kinds of spirits can come through. Most often, these are benevolent spirits who are sharing messages. However, if protection is not in place, negative entities may see an opening to come through to this side. People who are spiritually-aware and who live in a protective bubble of white light will only attract positive spirits. People who don't realize that they are opening an unprotected energy portal may have a different experience.

The same kind of thing happens whenever energy seals are breached. When psychics work with clients, protection must be set in place. The psychics with whom I spoke all work with the higher light energies and wouldn't normally attract negative energy or "bad" spirits when they do their work. However, when they do readings, they are careful to protect themselves. Psychic work is all about energy and when they tap into a client's energy, they can pick up negative issues. If a client is nervous or agitated, the psychic may feel jittery. If the client is hiding less-than-honorable activities, the psychic may feel these impressions. Even though the energy exchange is invisible, there can be a transference of the client's problems to the psychic. Psychics understand that when they do readings, they need to be protected from any negative energy which a client might bring to a reading or an energy session. This is especially important if the psychic is also empathic.

Psychics either live in a protective bubble all the time or they do certain things to increase their level of protection prior to readings. They surround themselves with white light. They pray for protection from negative energy and they ask their Spirit Guides to help them both by repelling other people's negative energy and by retaining their own positive energy.

Most psychics have set limits on what they are willing to see or experience. They don't want to see things which might scare them, such as murder scenes or dismembered body parts. Many psychics won't allow any sort of entity to enter their body to channel messages using their voice. They will happily relay messages from entities, but the entities are not allowed to enter their bodies.

Psychics open their energetic systems to connect with clients and provide information. After a reading, and in-between readings, it is very important for psychics to shake off negative energy. If the negative energy is not removed, the psychics may experience headaches or other physical symptoms. In addition, this negative energy can affect subsequent readings. Similarly, clients should clean out their energy fields, close their chakras, and bring in fresh light after a reading.

As long as we are careful in our work and play, we will be fine.

Have you had an interesting experience with a Ouija Board or seance? Let me know by sending an e-mail to

Book Publication

I am raising money to have My Psychic Search book commercially printed. If you have read this blog for a while, feel like it has enhanced your life, and would like to make a donation towards book publication, I would appreciate your support. Please send a check or cash to me at:

Gail Kushner
c/o Carefree Computer Services
4245 West Ina Road, Suite 103
Tucson, AZ 85741

Thanks in advance for your support!


10:36 am mst

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shaking things up at Psychic Explorers

Earlier this week, I attended my monthly Psychic Explorers meeting and had an interesting experience. Keep in mind, I live in Tucson, Arizona.

The Psychic Explorers group meets at a church which has a wide, dirt path to the front door. I arrived a bit early and was carrying a medium-sized box with my new books in it. I crossed the paved parking lot carrying the box of books on my hip. As I stepped up the curb and onto the dirt path, I saw a rattlesnake laying across the path, right in front of me! I froze. It was probably five feet away, three feet long, and laying right across the middle of the path. If I hadn't seen it over the box, I would have stepped on it! I flipped! Aaaaaa! I backed up a few feet and watched the rattlesnake slowly cross the path to the right side with its tail standing up like a flag. No one else was near me.

Other group members began crossing the parking lot, approaching me and the rattlesnake. I pointed it out to them as it lay at the base of a nearby cholla cactus, then slithered off into a prickly pear cactus. After a few minutes, I walked gingerly to the meeting. I was rattled. I could barely think. I put my books on the table, but I couldn't talk about them yet. It was a small group, maybe 15 people. I said "hi" then sat in a chair. I needed to ground myself so I sent a cord down to Mother Earth. I focused on my breathing. I started to feel better.

The evening's exploration was "Automatic Writing." This is where you meditate while holding a paper and pen in your lap. Then you ask questions and wait to see if your hand writes the answers all by itself. In the past, I had tried this while sitting at my computer. When I had been at my computer, asked a question and waited for an answer, I had not been very successful. However, during the last few months, as I had been editing the book, I had run across awkward paragraphs and phrases which I didn't know how to fix. If I sat back and asked my Guides how to fix the wording, they helped me. Really, it's more like a conversation than automatic writing. I asked them how to fix a passage and they asked, "What are you trying to convey?" I told them what I wanted the book to say and they said, "Write that." It's a consultation which manifests in writing. In addition, there have been times when I have sat down to write and words have just flowed. I had phrases and wording which I wouldn't normally use. Automatic writing?

Eventually, our group leader led us in a meditation to connect to Spirit so we could experience automatic writing. I went into a meditative state. I started doodling with my right hand and tried writing my name, but nothing came through automatically. Then I tried with my left hand. We had talked about how the non-dominant hand can sometimes convey messages better than the dominant hand. Nothing. I moved back to my right hand and decided I needed to ask questions instead of just waiting for something to happen.

I asked, "How will my book get published?" and the answer was, "You already know that answer."

"Will my book be a success?" "You already know that answer."

I had to ask new questions. I asked "Why did I have that experience with the rattlesnake on the path tonight?" The answer: "It rattled you. It shook you up. Shaking up your life. Shaking. Shaking." I asked, "In a good way?" and heard, "Time for changing the status quo. Shaking it up is good. Rattlesnakes are an agent of change. Are you ready? Let's go." I asked, "Will you help me keep it under control so I don't panic?" "No. Got to let it go. It's got lots of energy behind it. It's going with, or without, you! Get your party hat on because it's gonna be a party!" (Isn't that funny? It cracked me up.)

I know everyone tells me that the book will be successful, but I don't know how I can know that before it happens. How can I integrate that knowing so that I have it too? How can I know in myself that it is a success before it happens? Answer: "Trust us to make it happen. Trust yourself. We will make it happen unless you get in the way by blocking it with your doubt. Doubt, out!!" Clear forceful mantra: Doubt, out!

After the meditation, we shared what we had received and it was soooo interesting. Everyone had received a unique message, including one person who had received a message in Spanish which had to be translated by another member of the group. You know information is coming from an outside source when it comes in a language that you don't quite understand.

When I am with my Psychic Explorers group, there is so much connected energy that it is getting easier and easier for me to pick up messages. I love that! When I started this project, I didn't think I was psychic. Now, I am experiencing richer meditations and receiving answers to some of my questions. It's very exciting.

Okay, now I have to get things packed for tomorrow's Project Graduation Crafts Fair and Car Show. The October 11 blog post (below) has all of the details. If you are in northwest Tucson, stop by CDO High School and pick up a Preview Edition of the book for only $30 (cash or check, please). It will change your life!


12:37 pm mst

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another opportunity to purchase the book

This Saturday, October 15, 2011, I will be set up at a Crafts Fair and Car Show in Oro Valley, Arizona. If you didn't pick up your Preview Edition of My Psychic Search book at the Psychic Fair last weekend, you can purchase your copy on Saturday. The Crafts Fair will run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Canyon Del Oro High School, 25 W. Calle Concordia, Oro Valley, Arizona. I will be there with my Wild Girl! pins and Preview Editions of the book. This event is a fundraiser for our local high schools' Project Graduation events so there is a $5 admission charge. 

If you can't make it to Saturday's event and you would like a book, send an e-mail to me at and we will figure out how to get a book to you.

See you on Saturday!

11:57 am mst

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Psychic Search Book

I have big news! I will be selling Preview Editions of My Psychic Search book at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair this Sunday, October 9. The Preview Edition provides answers to questions about what it is like to be psychic, what psychics do, how they work with invisible partners, how this ability impacts their life, and what they know about life, death, and the universe in which we live. It also includes information on how to find a good psychic, how to get the most from a psychic reading, and what to do with the information heard at a reading. The book also contains a summary of each of the people who were interviewed for My Psychic Search Project.

My Psychic Search book answers all of the questions which people have asked about psychics for the last three years. These questions are answered by summarizing information from the psychics, then providing illustrative quotes. The format is similar to the question-and-answer blog updates and contains many new questions which have not yet been answered on the blog. I am very excited about this big, new book! I think that this book will change lives.

The Preview Editions of My Psychic Search book will be printed and bound locally and will give people a chance to review the book. By the beginning of 2012, I plan to have a commercially-printed book for sale. The big Preview Editions will cost around $35 each (depending on the cost of printing) and will be well-worth the price. These sales will require cash or checks (I can't accept credit cards yet). If you know for certain that you would like to purchase a book at this Sunday's Fair, please send an e-mail to me at and I will reserve a copy for you.

The Psychic Fair will be held on Sunday, October 9, 2011, at the Windmill Inn on the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue in Tucson, AZ. It will run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. There will be a wide variety of psychics available to answer your questions and help you explore your life. I hope to see you there!

Now, on to today's provocative post:

Fresh Thoughts on Ascension

My last blog post contained thoughts from various psychics regarding 2012 and the concept of ascension. Since then, I have had several discussions with one particular psychic regarding her ideas about ascension and I want to share them with you today. These thoughts are based on messages from her Spirit Guides. Although the information is not complete, it provides a window through which we can see upcoming possibilities.

Ascension is the concept of awakening to a higher level of consciousness. At the ascended level, people understand who they really are and what they have been learning on Earth. Some people liken ascension to entering Heaven alive, with a body. Death is normally the end of life. Through ascension, people no longer need to go through the pain and fear of death in order to return to the spiritual world. Eventually, everyone will go through the ascension process.

The psychic with whom I spoke noted that people who went through the ascension process would wake up, move up a level of consciousness and remember who they really were and the journey that they were on. The most gentle description she provided was that we could be sitting at the table talking to each other then, suddenly, one of us would wake up, realize that we were a powerful, magnificent, spiritual being, understand how all of our past lives worked together, then keep on talking. Alive, in a body, knowing things. After that, we could lift into our Higher Self and decide where we wanted to go and if we wanted to take our body with us. We would have choices. No one is quite certain what the ascension process will be, but I enjoyed thinking that we could just wake up and know things.

In past blog entries, I have relayed what the psychics have told me about reincarnation. We live, learn, die, leave our body behind, go to the other side, integrate what we have learned, and can choose to return to Earth to continue our education. People go around on what is known as the "Wheel of Incarnation." Once we have learned our lessons and had all of the experiences which we have sought, we graduate from the Wheel and move on to other realms, planets and dimensions. However, due to outside constraints, many people who have already learned their lessons have become stuck in the lower vibrations, are circling around on the Wheel of Incarnation and have not been able to break free and move on to the other realms. Ascension will give people the extra energetic push which allows them to break free from the Wheel. This energetic push will come from non-physical entities who are helping the people of Earth. Once a person has gone through the ascension process, they will realize that everyone is here to help each other and they will volunteer to help others go through this process.

According to the psychic with whom I spoke, we are already in the ascension process and people are waking up. This process will accelerate over the next few months and continue through 2012 and beyond. This process will be available to everyone and is not based on religious belief. People who are on a spiritual path and who are ready for ascension will go through the process first. People who are wondering about ascension, but aren't quite ready, will have the opportunity to live on Earth and learn more about who they are and why they are here. They will have the time and choices they need to determine what they want to do. When they are ready, they will go through the ascension process.

The people who have no idea that there is a spiritual component to life and who are not interested in spirituality, will have other opportunities to continue their lives and may not even be aware that things are changing. However, things will play out over the next five years or so and there will be huge changes on Earth. Eventually, most people will leave Earth but we will all have choices as to where to go. The Earth needs time to heal.

While the psychics' theories about 2012 and ascension sound like science fiction, we will know in just a few years what (if anything) actually happened.


2:05 pm mst

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